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Title: Assignment of the Fundamental Modes of Hydroxyacetone Using Gas-Phase Infrared, Far-Infrared, Raman and ab Initio Methods: Band Strengths for Atmospheric Measurements

Hydroxyacetone (acetol) is a simple organic molecule of interest in both the astrophysical and atmospheric communities, having recently been observed in biomass burning events, as well as a known degradation product of isoprene oxidation. However, its vibrational assignment has never been fully completed, and few quantitative data are available for its detection via infrared spectroscopy. Our recent acquisition of both the pressure-broadened gas-phase data and the far-IR spectra now allow for unambiguous assignment of several (new) bands. In particular, the observed C-type bands of several fundamentals (particularly in the far-infrared) and a few combination bands demonstrate that the monomer is in a planar (Cs) conformation, at least a majority of the time. As suggested by other researchers, the monomer is a cis-cis conformer stabilized by an intramolecular O—H···O=C hydrogen bond forming a five-membered planar ring structure. Band assignments in the Cs point group are justified (at least for a good fraction of the molecules in the ensemble) by the presence of the C-type bands. The results and band assignments are well confirmed by both ab initio MP2-ccpvtz calculations as well as GAMESS (B3LYP) theoretical calculations. In addition, using vetted methods for quantitative measurements, we report the first IR absorption bandmore » strengths of acetol (also in electronic format) that can be used for atmospheric monitoring and other applications.« less
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Journal Article
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Journal Name: Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 120(30):5993-3003
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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Richland, WA (US)
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United States