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Title: The structural and magnetic phase transitions in Ca{sub 0.73}La{sub 0.27}FeAs{sub 2} with electron overdoped FeAs layers.

We report a study of the Ca0.73La0.27FeAs2 single crystals. We unravel a monoclinic to triclinic phase transition at 58 K, and a paramagnetic to stripe antiferromagnetic (AFM) phase transition at 54 K, below which spins order 45° away from the stripe direction. Furthermore, we demonstrate this material is substantially structurally untwinned at ambient pressure with the formation of spin rotation walls (S-walls). Finally, in addition to the central-hole and corner-electron Fermi pockets usually appearing in FPS, angle-resolved photoemission (ARPES) measurements resolve a Fermiology where an extra electron pocket of mainly As chain character exists at the Brillouin zone edge.
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Journal Article
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Journal Name: Physical Review, B: Condensed Matter; Journal Volume: 93; Journal Issue: 5
American Physical Society (APS)
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Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)
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USDOE Office of Science - Office of Basic Energy Sciences - Materials Sciences and Engineering Division; USDOE Office of Science - Office of Basic Energy Sciences; USDOE Office of Science - Office of Basic Energy Sciences - Scientific User Facilities Division; National Science Foundation (NSF)
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United States