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All thermocouples functioned throughout the AGC-3 experiment. There was one interval between Dec 18, 2012 and Dec 20, 2012 where 10 NULL values were reported for various thermocouples. These NULL values were deleted from the database. All temperature data are Qualified. During Oct and Nov 2013, 135,849 helium and argon gas flow values were below 0. These negative gas flow values are not correct and are Failed. The remaining argon, helium, and total gas flow data are within expected ranges and are Qualified. Total gas flow was approximately 50 sccm through the capsule. Helium gas flow was briefly increased to 100 sccm during reactor shutdowns. At the start of the experiment, moisture in the outflow gas line was stuck at a constant value of 335.6174 ppmv for the first cycle. When the capsule was reinstalled in the reactor for Cycle 154B, a new moisture filter was installed. Moisture data from Cycle 152B are Failed. All moisture data from the final three cycles are Qualified. Graphite creep specimens were subjected to one of two loads, 393 lbf or 589 lbf. The experiment plan included three loads, but problems with gas leaks in the rams applying the load to the stacks resultedmore » in lower loads being applied to some of the stacks. While the loads applied are not the loads in the plan, the loads were consistently applied throughout the experiment. Therefore the reported loads are accurate and can be used in analysis of graphite creep. Loads were consistently within 5% of the specified values throughout the experiment. Stack displacement increased consistently throughout the experiment with total displacement ranging from 1 to 1.25 inches. No anomalous values were identified. During reactor outages, a set of pneumatic rams was used to raise the stacks of graphite creep specimens to ensure the specimens had not become stuck within the test train. This stack raising was performed three times; all stacks were raised successfully each time. The load and displacement data are Qualified.« less
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Technical Report
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Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID (United States)
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USDOE Office of Nuclear Energy (NE)
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United States
Graphite Creep Irradiation AGC VHTR