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Title: Development of a Knowledgebase to Integrate, Analyze, Distribute, and Visualize Microbial Community Systems Biology Data

We have developed a flexible knowledgebase system, ggKbase, (, to enable effective data analysis and knowledge generation from samples from which metagenomic and other ‘omics’ data are obtained. Within ggKbase, data can be interpreted, integrated and linked to other databases and services. Sequence information from complex metagenomic samples can be quickly and effectively resolved into genomes and biologically meaningful investigations of an organism’s metabolic potential can then be conducted. Critical features make analyses efficient, allowing analysis of hundreds of genomes at a time. The system is being used to support research in multiple DOE-relevant systems, including the LBNL SFA subsurface science biogeochemical cycling research at Rifle, Colorado. ggKbase is supporting the research of a rapidly growing group of users. It has enabled studies of carbon cycling in acid mine drainage ecosystems, biologically-mediated transformations in deep subsurface biomes sampled from mines and the north slope of Alaska, to study the human microbiome and for laboratory bioreactor-based remediation investigations.
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Technical Report
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The Regents of the University of California
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United States