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Title: To bioethanol through genomics of microbial synergies

To bioethanol through genomics of microbial synergies The strategic goal of this project was to advance our understanding of activities and interactions of microorganisms through the advancement of microbial cultivation approaches. In this project we aimed to develop, advance, and use both culture-dependent techniques to address our main hypothesis: “uncultivable” microorganisms and their consortia represent a untapped source of novel species for efficient production of bioethanol. This project has two specific goals: 1. To develop and optimize a high throughput diffusion chamber cultivation approach to isolation of novel environmental bacteria relevant to DOE missions. 2. To use the optimized method to identify and cultivate novel microbial species and their consortia that synergistically hydrolyze various substrates and ferment the sugars to ethanol.
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OSTI Identifier:1091298
Report Number(s):DOE/FG02-07ER64507
DOE Contract Number:FG02-07ER64507
Resource Type:Technical Report
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Research Org:Northeastern University
Sponsoring Org:USDOE
Country of Publication:United States