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Title Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: From Energy Applications to Advanced Medical Therapies
Speaker/Author Tijana Rajh
Publication Date2009 Oct 14
OSTI Identifier987373
Other Number(s)Other: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology From Energy Applications to Advanced Medical Therapies
Resource TypeOther
Specific TypeMultimedia Presentation
Description/AbstractDr. Rajh will present a general talk on nanotechnology – an overview of why nanotechnology is important and how it is useful in various fields. The specific focus will be on Solar energy conversion, environmental applications and advanced medical therapies. She has broad expertise in synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials that are used in nanotechnology including novel hybrid systems connecting semiconductors to biological molecules like DNA and antibodies. This technology could lead to new gene therapy procedures, cancer treatments and other medical applications. She will also discuss technologies made possible by organizing small semiconductor particles called quantum dots, materials that exhibit a rich variety of phenomena that are size and shape dependent. Development of these new materials that harnesses the unique properties of materials at the 1-100 nanometer scale resulted in the new field of nanotechnology that currently affects many applications in technological and medical fields.
PublisherFermilab Colloquia Online: 2000 to the Present Videos of Science Lecture and Presentations from the Colloquium Program at Fermi National Laboratory
Country of PublicationUS
FormatMedium: AV
System Entry Date2010 Oct 27

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