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Title Statistics and Discoveries at the LHC (4/4)
Publication Date2010 Jun 14
OSTI Identifier1026292
Other Number(s)Other: CERN FILE ID: 20111005465
Resource TypeOther
Specific TypeMultimedia Presentation
Description/AbstractThe lectures will give an introduction to statistics as applied in particle physics and will provide all the necessary basics for data analysis at the LHC. Special emphasis will be placed on the the problems and questions that arise when searching for new phenomena, including p-values, discovery significance, limit setting procedures, treatment of small signals in the presence of large backgrounds. Specific issues that will be addressed include the advantages and drawbacks of different statistical test procedures (cut-based, likelihood-ratio, etc.), the look-elsewhere effect and treatment of systematic uncertainties.
Country of PublicationXC
FormatMedium: AV; Size: 4075 Seconds
System Entry Date2011 Oct 07

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