ScienceCinema allows users to search for specific words and phrases spoken within video files. Users can then easily access the precise point in the video where the word was spoken. There are two search options within ScienceCinema, the default "Audio Search" and "Fielded Search."

Audio Search

Audio Search allows the user to enter a term or phrase (place phrase in "double quotes") to search for specific words spoken during the video.

  • Enter the term or phrase in the box and click on the Find button. Once the search results list appears, the search term(s) will be highlighted in the Results section.
  • Click on the highlighted snippet to start playing the video at the exact segment where the search term was spoken. Upon clicking on the snippet, the video will begin to play in the thumbnail box. To see more snippets, click on the Show More link.
  • Stop/start the video and control the volume by using the controls within the video window.
  • Click on the Play arrow within the video window (without using the search term snippets) to watch the entire video.
  • Double click on the video to view it in full screen mode.
  • To view closed captioning (where available), click on the CC button.
  • Click on the Title of the video to view the full bibliographic record.
  • Click on the Prev/Next arrows at the top or bottom of the results list to move to the next page of search results.

Fielded Search

Fielded Search provides the user with the option to search the bibliographic data fields rather than the audio index for the videos. Data fields include All Fields, Creator/Author, Title, Publication Date, Subject, Identifier Numbers, Description/Abstract, Research Org., Sponsoring Org., and System Entry Date.

  • Enter search criteria in the fields as desired (using "double quotes" for phrases), and click Find to obtain search results.
  • Sort results by Relevance or Date.
  • Click on the Title for the record of interest to view the full bibliographic record.
  • Click on the video icon to bring up the full record along with the option to play the entire video.

Technical Specifics

The audio indexing technology for ScienceCinema is provided by GreenButton™ and Microsoft Research as part of their Microsoft Research Audio Video Indexing System (MAVIS) project. MAVIS is a set of software components that use speech recognition technology to enable searching of digitized spoken content. More information about MAVIS and the technology can be viewed at the MAVIS project page ( Playing of video files in Internet Explorer requires the Silverlight plug-in to be installed. Other browsers do not require plug-ins to play these video files. See for more information.

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