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Inner Sphere Trees Rene Weller and Gabriel Zachmann  

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Inner Sphere Trees Rene Weller and Gabriel Zachmann IfI Technical Report Series IfI-08-09 #12 Science) Prof. Dr. Gabriel Zachmann (Computer Graphics) #12;Inner Sphere Trees Rene Weller and Gabriel Zachmann Figure 1: Our Inner Sphere Trees are based on sphere packings of arbitrary polygonal objects (left

Zachmann, Gabriel


SpRING: Sparse Reconstruction of Images using the Nullspace method and GRAPPA D. S. Weller1  

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SpRING: Sparse Reconstruction of Images using the Nullspace method and GRAPPA D. S. Weller1 , J. R across coil sensitivities to undo coherent aliasing in undersampled data, at the expense of noise presented in [5] is improved using the mixed 1/2-norm simultaneous sparsity (over P coils) penalty function

Goyal, Vivek K


EAOG Sville The fate of organic matter in mangrove sediments  

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EAOG Séville The fate of organic matter in mangrove sediments subject to variable environmental twinned sedimentary cores from both the mangroves and the unvegetated sediments, and various vascular diagenetic processes present in brackish to hypersaline mangrove sediments characterised by great changes

Boyer, Edmond


MHK Projects/Deadman Cove | Open Energy Information  

Open Energy Info (EERE)

AFDC Printable Version Share this resource Send a link to EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page to someone by E-mail Share EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Facebook Tweet about EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Twitter Bookmark EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Google Bookmark EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home5b9fcbce19 No revision hasInformation Earth's Heat JumpIncMAK Technologies Jump to:BW2 Tidal <CETOCohanseyHubNotnac,


Economic Diversification in the North by Geoffrey Weller  

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use of the local natural resource within the region before shipping it out. Secondly, developing resource related employment such as tourism, including eco-tourism and indigenous peoples tourism. Thirdly

Northern British Columbia, University of


Greater Acceleration through Sparsity-Promoting GRAPPA Kernel Calibration Daniel S Weller1  

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, Boston, MA, United States, 4 Dept. of Image Analytics and Informatics, Siemens Corporate Research,2, where N is the total number of fits, is a tuning parameter, is the DWT sparsifying transform, F-1 resolution), requiring 8 minutes in a Siemens Trio 3 T scanner with a vendor-supplied 32-channel head array

Goyal, Vivek K


Blanc, I., Peuportier, B., "Eco-design of buildings and comparison of materials", In Proceedings of the 1 international seminar on Society & materials, SAM1, [CD ROM], 6-7 mars 2007, Sville, Spain, European  

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of the buildings including the dominant use phase. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) applied to buildings is enlarging assessment for the building materials not only at the process stage but over the whole life cycle simulation tool with a building thermal simulation. The life cycle inventory database Ecoin- vent is used

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Diplomanden-und Doktorandenseminar des Instituts fr Informatik  

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. Weller and Zachmann [2010] introduced a novel algorithm, called Protosphere, to compute polydisperse

Zachmann, Gabriel


Compound and Elemental Analysis At Northern Basin & Range Region...  

Open Energy Info (EERE)

Usefulness not indicated DOE-funding Unknown Notes Wstern Utah hot springs: Antelope, Fish (Deadman), Fish (Wilson), Twin Peak, Cudahy, Laverkin, Grantsville, Crystal Prison,...


Simulation of the unsteady turbulent Ekman layer B.C. BARR,a  

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Engineering, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL 33431 AGU Fall Meeting 2002 Poster OS52D-0258 of the measured data (see,e. g., Price, Weller, & Schudlich 1987, Chereskin & Roemmich 1991, Gnanadesikan & Weller

Slinn, Donald


This article was downloaded by:[Univ of N Carolina Chapel Hill] On: 29 July 2008  

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Entwislea , Stephen J. Walsha , Li Anc , Nathan Badenochd , Daniel G. Brownd , Peter Deadmane , Tom P and comparisons Ronald R. Rindfuss ab ; Barbara Entwisle a ; Stephen J. Walsh a ; Li An c ; Nathan Badenoch d ; Daniel G. Brown d ; Peter Deadman e ; Tom P. Evans f ; Jefferson Fox b ; Jacqueline Geoghegan g ; Myron


This article was downloaded by:[Indiana University Libraries] On: 26 July 2008  

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Entwislea , Stephen J. Walsha , Li Anc , Nathan Badenochd , Daniel G. Brownd , Peter Deadmane , Tom P and comparisons Ronald R. Rindfuss ab ; Barbara Entwisle a ; Stephen J. Walsh a ; Li An c ; Nathan Badenoch d ; Daniel G. Brown d ; Peter Deadman e ; Tom P. Evans f ; Jefferson Fox b ; Jacqueline Geoghegan g ; Myron

Evans, Tom


Version finale avant publication. Publie in Weller Jean-Marc, Comment ranger son bureau ? Le fonctionnaire, l'agriculteur, le droit et l'argent , Rseaux, 2012/1 n 171, p. 67-101. DOI  

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, croulant sous d'improbables piles de papiers mais jurant qu'il ne faut rien toucher à ce désordre, sous prétexte qu'il dissimulerait, en vérité, un ordonnancement délicat ? La question du rangement peut paraître incroyable phénomène qu'est l'invention du « bureau moderne ». Né au tournant du siècle dernier, il s

Boyer, Edmond



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#12;BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY GEOLOGY STUDIES Volume 33, Part 1 CONTENTS Tertiary Geologic History Geology of the Deadman Canyon 7112-Minute Quadrangle, Carbon County, Utah, Utah. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .James Douglas Smith 135 Geology

Seamons, Kent E.


Level 2 Diagnosis and Project Inventory, Lower Snake Tributaries Prepared by: Mobrand Biometrics, Inc.  

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Level 2 Diagnosis and Project Inventory, Lower Snake Tributaries Prepared by: Mobrand Biometrics for Almota steelhead, and Figure 2 is a combined Level 2 Diagnosis/Project Inventory for Deadman Creek


E-Print Network 3.0 - antisense morpholino oligomers Sample Search...  

Broader source: All U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office Webpages (Extended Search)

(1996). Resistance of morpholino phosphorodiamidate oligomers to enzymatic... 96, 1593-1603. Summerton J & Weller D (1997). Morpholino antisense oligmers: design, preparation......


Dating relationships under threat: an adult attachment perspective  

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manner during distressing events (Kobak & Hazan, 1991; Mikulincer, Florian, &. Weller, 1993); and they display less anger and remain more constructive when trying to resolve difficult relationship-based problems with their partners (Kobak, Cole, Ferenz...

Stevens, Jami Grich



Adult attachment and selective information seeking  

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experiences accompanied by overwhelming emotions (Kobak & Sceery, 1988; Mikulincer & Tolmacz, 1990; Mikulincer, Florian, &, Weller, 1993; Shaver & Hazan, 1994). When their fears are confirmed by negative or unsupportive behaviors exhibited by their partners...

Tran, Sisi



Vectorial mapping of exchange anisotropy in IrMnFeCo multilayers using the reversible susceptibility tensor  

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'' University, Iasi 6600, Romania Y. Kubota, G. Ju, and D. Weller Seagate Research, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania- net AFM .1 There is renewed interest in AFM/FM exchange coupling in recent years because of its

Spinu, Leonard


Mathematical modelings of smart materials and structures  

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Mathematical modelings of smart materials and structures Christian Licht , Thibaut Weller mathematical models of smart materials and smart structures. Smart materials are materials which present perturbations methods, asymptotic analysis, plates and rods models. 1 Introduction Smart materials present

Paris-Sud XI, Université de

Note: This page contains sample records for the topic "weller sville deadman" from the National Library of EnergyBeta (NLEBeta).
While these samples are representative of the content of NLEBeta,
they are not comprehensive nor are they the most current set.
We encourage you to perform a real-time search of NLEBeta
to obtain the most current and comprehensive results.


To: Bill Burt Cape Cod Cooperative Extension  

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5 2.3.3 Cages/Netting - Over-wintering 6 2.4 Distribution to flats 6 3. Cost Estimates 7 3.1 Seed-out Methods Used Figure 4 - Initial Up-weller Capital Cost Figure 5 - Total Up-weller Costs Figure 6 - Over Barnstable, MA 02630-0367 Costs of Quahog Seeding on Cape Cod December 21, 2000 Submitted by: David T. Damery

Schweik, Charles M.


Development and assessment issues in the diagnosis of early-onset bipolar disorder  

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diagnosis, it is important to rule out neurological disorders, drug use, and other metabolic conditions (Sanchez, Hagino, Weller, & Weller, 1999). These conditions can mimic psychological disorders. Many psychological disorders also have features similar...; both ADHD and conduct disorder are felt to co-exist with bipolar disorder (Sanchez, et al., 1999). Several studies link these disorders together (Carlson, 1998; Giedd, 2000; Kovacs & Pollack, 1995; Sachs, Baldassano, Truman, & Guille, 2000...

George, Carrie Anne



The effects of fish density on wading bird use of sediment ponds on an East Texas coal mine  

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in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE Approved as to style and content by: R. D glas Slack (Chair of Committee) Milton W. Weller (Member) Brian . Murp y (Member) Robert K. Knight (Member) Robert D. ro n... and for his support throughout my research. I thank my committee members, Drs. Brian R. Murphy, Milton W. Weller, and Robert K. Knight for their input and review of my research proposal and thesis. Special thanks go to Dr. Murphy for his help...

Renfrow, Donna Hubbard



Generated using version 3.0 of the official AMS LATEX template Voronoi, Delaunay and Block Structured Mesh Refinement for  

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Structured Mesh Refinement for Solution of the Shallow Water Equations on the Sphere HILARY WELLER NCAS meshes of the sphere and adaptive mesh refinement could be immensely beneficial for weather and climate forecasts but it is not clear how mesh refinement should be achieved. A finite-volume model which solves

Weller, Hilary Spencer


An Ethnographer among Street-Level Bureaucrats and New Public Management  

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An Ethnographer among Street-Level Bureaucrats and New Public Management Jean-Marc Weller CNRS experiencing new public management measures. With an ethnographic approach based on French Administration cases administration, new public management CEB Working Paper N° 12/033 2012 Université Libre de Bruxelles - Solvay

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Distributed Control of Residential Energy Systems using a Market Maker  

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, in particular reverse power flow during daytime periods of peak generation coupled with low residential load distribution networks and shave peak demand without large-scale capital costs for feeder replacement.weller}@newcastle.edu.au) Abstract: The recent rapid uptake of residential solar photovoltaic (PV) installations provides many



-We sampled three replicated chambers with floating collars  

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, such as nitrous oxide (N2O), methane (CH4), and carbon dioxide (CO2). - Constructed treatment wetland systems (CWS 2003, Holland et al. 1999). Trace gas fluxes from The Tres Rios Wetlands Project in Phoenix, AZ Introduction Site Description Jorge Ramos Jr.1, Eric J. Chapman1, Nicholas A. Weller2, Dan L. Childers2 Wetland

Hall, Sharon J.


Adult attachment and self-construal: a cross-cultural analysis  

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has detailed that insecure individuals seek less support from their partners. A number of studies indicate that secure individuals report seeking more social support than their non-secure counterparts (e.g. Berant, Mikulincer, & Florian, 2001...; Florian, Mikulincer, & Bucholtz, 1995; Mikulincer, Florian, & Weller, 1993; Priel & Shamai, 1995). Behavioral studies have indicated that attachment 8 insecurity is related to perceptions of less support, particularly in stressful situations (Collins...

Friedman, Michael David



Scalarituba missouriensis and its stratigraphic distribution  

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ranges of interscalar EXPLANATION OF PLATE 2 SCALARITUBA MISSOURIENSIS Weller, Lower Mississippian [All measurements approximate] FIGURE FIGURE I. Siltstone slab from Edwardsville Formation near New 7. Albany, southern Indiana (loc. 5), unoriented view..., Tamaulipas, Mexico (loc. 1), prob- ably upper surface of hard argillitc with several burrows nearly parallel to bedding; burrows filled with darker sediment (KUMIP 500498), X0.5. Siltstone slab from Brodhead Formation (Carwood Member) near New Albany, Indiana...

Conkin, J. E.; Conkin, B. M.



A study on the flow of molten iron in the hearth of blast furnace  

SciTech Connect (OSTI)

The flow of molten iron in the hearth of blast furnace was investigated by using a water model test and a numerical simulation. The water model apparatus was set up in order to evaluate the effects of coke size, coke bed structure, drain rate, and coke free space on the fluidity of molten iron through measurement of residence time and visualization of flow pattern. In addition, the flow was calculated by solving momentum equation in porous media using finite element method. The residence time increased with the coke size decrease, but decreased with the drain rate increase. If small coke was placed in the center of deadman, peripheral flow was enhanced. The flow path was changed due to the coke free space.

Suh, Y.K.; Lee, Y.J.; Baik, C.Y. [Pohang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (Korea, Republic of). Technical Research Labs.



Operational results for high pulverized coal injection rate at Kimitsu No. 3 blast furnace  

SciTech Connect (OSTI)

In order to further develop the technology for high-rate pulverized coal injection (PCI), namely over 200 kg/t-pig, Nippon Steel performed a high injection rate test at the Kimitsu No. 3 blast furnace in November, 1993. The paper describes PCI equipment; the operational design of the test, including blast conditions, reducibility of sinter, coke strength and burden distribution; and test results. These results include a discussion of the transition of operation, burden distribution control, replacement ratio of coke, permeability at upper and lower parts of the furnace, reducibility at lower part of the furnace, accumulation of fines in the deadman, and generation and accumulation of unburnt char. Stable operation was achieved at a PCI rate of 190 kg/t-pig. With injection rates between 200--300 kg/t-pig, the problem becomes how to improve the reduction-meltdown behavior in the lower part of the furnace.

Ueno, Hiromitsu; Matsunaga, Shin`ichi; Kakuichi, Kazumoto; Amano, Shigeru; Yamaguchi, Kazuyoshi



Mobile health for cancer in low to middle income countries: priorities for research and development  

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for Population Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh Medical School Teviot Place, Edinburgh UK EH8 9AG David Weller, MBMS, MPH, FRCGP, FRCPE, PhD James MacKenzie Professor of General Practice Centre for Population Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh... communication, 17 Suppl 1(May 2012), pp.105–117. Lester, R.T. et al., 2010. Effects of a mobile phone short message service on antiretroviral treatment adherence in Kenya (WelTel Kenya1): a randomised trial. Lancet, 376(9755), pp.1838–1845. Mahmud, N., Rodriguez...

Holeman, Isaac; Evans, Jay; Kane, Dianna; Grant, Liz; Pagliari, Claudia; Weller, David



Habitat-related activities and body mass of wintering redhead ducks on coastal ponds in south Texas  

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and content by: Milton W. Wailer (Co-Chair of Committee) William H. Riel, Jr. (Co-Chair of Committee) Nova J. Silvy (Member) James W. Webb, Jr. (Member) D id J. Schmid y (Head of Depart nt) August 1991 ABSTRACT Habitat-Related Activities and Body Mass... of Wintering Redhead Ducks on Coastal Ponds in South Texas. (August 1991) Joseph Lane Moore, B. S. F. R. , University of Georgia, Athens Co-Chairs of Advisory Committee: Dr. Milton W. Weller William H. Riel, Jr. Time-activity budgets of individually...

Moore, Joseph Lane



Dofasco`s No. 4 blast furnace hearth breakout, repair and rescue  

SciTech Connect (OSTI)

On May 5, 1994, after producing 9.5 million metric tons of iron, Dofasco`s No. 4 Blast Furnace experienced a hearth breakout 250 millimeters below the west taphole. The hot metal spill caused a fire resulting in severe damage and 33 days of lost production. During a 26-day period, electrical wiring, water drainage systems and both tapholes were repaired. Recovery from an unprepared furnace stop of this length, with the deadman depleted is difficult. To aid with the rescue Hoogovens-designed oxygen/fuel lances were commissioned. The furnace recovery began with a lance in each taphole and all tuyeres plugged. Six days after startup the furnace was casting into torpedo cars, and after nine days operation had returned to normal. This incident prompted Dofasco to expand the hearth monitoring system to detect and prevent similar occurrences. During the repair, 203 new thermocouples were installed in the hearth, concentrating on the tapholes and elephant foot areas. These thermocouples were installed at various depths and locations to allow heat flux calculations. This hearth monitoring system has already identified other problem areas and provided valuable information about hearth drainage patterns. This information has allowed them to develop control strategies to manage localized problem areas.

Donaldson, R.J.; Fischer, A.J.; Sharp, R.M.; Stothart, D.W. [Dofasco Inc., Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)



Compilation of data on strippable Fort Union coals in the northern Rocky Mountains and Great Plains region: A CD-ROM presentation  

SciTech Connect (OSTI)

The Fort Union Formation and equivalent formations of Paleocene age in the northern Rocky Mountains and Great Plains region contain 14 strippable coals that yielded more than 30 percent of the 1.03 billion short tons produced in the United States in 1996. These thick, low contaminant, compliant coals, which are utilized by electric power plants in 28 States, are being assessed by the US Geological Survey. The minable coals occur in the Powder River Basin in Wyoming and Montana, Hanna, Carbon and Greater Green River Basins in Wyoming, and Williston Basin in North Dakota. Production during the past 25 years of thick, high quality Fort Union and equivalent coal beds and zones in the region increased from 40 to more than 340 million short tons. The Powder River Basin is projected to produce 416 million short tons of coal in 2015. Major production in the Powder River Basin is from the Wyodak-Anderson, Anderson-Dietz, and Rosebud coal deposits. Producing Fort Union coals in the Williston Basin include the Beulah-Zap, Hagel, and Harmon coal deposits. Producing Fort Union coals in the Greater Green River Basin are in five beds of the Deadman coal zone. Coal production in the Hanna Basin is from eight beds in the Ferris and Hanna Formations. Coals in the Powder River Basin and Williston Basin contain much less sulfur and ash than coals produced in other regions in the conterminous US. When sulfur values are compared as pounds of SO{sub 2} per million Btu (as received basis), Powder River Basin and Williston Basin coals have the lowest amounts of any coals in the conterminous US.

Flores, R.M.; Bader, L.R.; Cavaroc, V.V. [Geological Survey, Denver, CO (United States)] [and others



Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of the Operation of a Flame Ionization Sensor  

SciTech Connect (OSTI)

The sensors and controls research group at the United States Department of Energy (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) is continuing to develop the Combustion Control and Diagnostics Sensor (CCADS) for gas turbine applications. CCADS uses the electrical conduction of the charged species generated during the combustion process to detect combustion instabilities and monitor equivalence ratio. As part of this effort, combustion models are being developed which include the interaction between the electric field and the transport of charged species. The primary combustion process is computed using a flame wrinkling model (Weller et. al. 1998) which is a component of the OpenFOAM toolkit (Jasak et. al. 2004). A sub-model for the transport of charged species is attached to this model. The formulation of the charged-species model similar that applied by Penderson and Brown (1993) for the simulation of laminar flames. The sub-model consists of an additional flux due to the electric field (drift flux) added to the equations for the charged species concentrations and the solution the electric potential from the resolved charge density. The subgrid interactions between the electric field and charged species transport have been neglected. Using the above procedure, numerical simulations are performed and the results compared with several recent CCADS experiments.

Huckaby, E.D.; Chorpening, B.T.; Thornton, J.D.



Fort Union coals of the northern Rockies and Great Plains: A linchpin toward a new approach to national coal resource assessment  

SciTech Connect (OSTI)

The U.S. Geological Survey recently initiated a 5-year program to assess the Nation`s coal resources, which emphasizes a new approach relating coal quantity and quality. One assessment region includes the northern Rocky Mountains and Great Plains of Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota, which contains a vast expanse of Paleocene Fort Union coal-bearing rocks that yielded about 30% (>299 million short tons) of the total coal produced (1.03 billion short tons) in the U.S. for 1994. Production is from 14 coal beds/zones (Wyodak-Anderson, Anderson-Dietz, Rosebud, Beulah-Zap, Hagel, Harmon, Ferris Nos. 23, 24, 25, 31, 38, 39, Hanna No. 80, and Deadman seams) mined in the Hanna, Green River, Powder River, and Williston Basins. About 254 million short tons produced from 25 mines are from the Wyodak-Anderson, Anderson-Dietz, and Rosebud coal beds/zones in the Powder River Basin (PRB). These coals are considered as clean and low contaminant compliance coals containing less sulfur and ash (arithmetic mean for sulfur is 0.58% and ash is 7%, as-received basis) than coals produced from other regions in the conterminous U.S. Preliminary elemental analysis of coal samples from the PRB for those hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) named in the Amendments to the 1990 Clean Air Act (including Sb, As, Be, Cd, Cr, Co, Pb, Mn, Hg, Ni, Se, and U), indicates that PRB coals are lower in HAPs contents than other coals from within the region and also other regions in the U.S. Arithmetic means of HAPs contents of these coals are: Sb=0.35, As=3.4, Be=0.6, Cd=0.08, Cr=6.1, Co=1.6, Pb=3.6, Mn=23.5, Hg=0.09, Ni=4.6, Se=0.9, and U=1.1 (in ppm, as-received, and on a whole-coal basis). These coal-quality parameters will be used to delineate coal quantity of the 14 Fort Union coal beds/zones defined in the resource assessment for expanded utilization of coals into the next several decades as controlled by present and future environmental constraints.

Flores, R.M.; Stricker, G.D. [Geological Survey, Denver, CO (United States)



Hydrothermal calcite in the Elephant Moraine  

SciTech Connect (OSTI)

In the course of geologic mapping of the Elephant Moraine on the east antarctic ice sheet, Faure and Taylor (1985) collected several specimens of black botryoidal calcite, composed of radiating acicular crystals that resemble stromatolites. Calcite from this and other specimens is significantly enriched in strontium-87 (the strontium-87/strontium-86 ratio equals 0.71417 +/- 0.00002), carbon-12 (delta carbon-13 equals -22.9 parts per thousand, PDB standard) and oxygen-16 (delta oxygen-18 equals -21.1 parts per thousand, standard mean ocean water) compared with calcite of marine origin. The enrichment in carbon-12 is similar to that of calcite associated with coal in the Allan Hills. The enrichment in oxygen-16 indicates that the calcite from the Elephant Moraine could only have precipitated in isotopic equilibrium with glacial melt water. Therefore, the temperature at which the black calcite precipitated from water of that isotope composition was about 85/sup 0/C. A temperature of this magnitude implies that the black calcite formed as a result of volcanic activity under the east antarctic ice sheet. The enrichment of the black calcite in carbon-12 suggests that it formed in part from carbon dioxide derived from the coal seams of the Weller Formation in the Beacon Supergroup. The isotopic composition of strontium in the black calcite is similar to that of carbonate beds and concretions in the Beacon rocks of southern Victoria Land. A volcanic-hydrothermal origin is also consistent with the very low total organic carbon content of 0.15% in the calcite.

Faure, G.; Taylor, K.S.; Jones, L.M.