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  1. Energy Storage Management for VG Integration (Presentation), NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

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  2. Novel Photo-Aligned Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Cell D.D. Huang, V.M. Kozenkov, V.G. Chigrinov, H.S. Kwok

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    Novel Photo-Aligned Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Cell D.D. Huang, V.M. Kozenkov, V.G. Chigrinov Novel photo-aligned twisted nematic liquid crystal (LC) cell based on one- step illumination azo-dye layer in comparison with the upper one. Thus the photo-alignment of azo-dye layer

  3. Sandia VG Template

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  4. Energy Storage Management for VG Integration (Presentation)

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    Kirby, B.


    This presentation describes how you economically manage integration costs of storage and variable generation.


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    van Vliet, Lucas J.

    , an intermediate layer (thin insulating film) is deposited on one of the two glass wafers. The channel is then defined, with one photo-patterning step, in the intermediate layer. In our approach, a 33 nm thick amorphous silicon layer (deposited by LPCVD) was used as an intermediate layer. The depth of the channel

  6. Postadress Besksadress Tel. Fax E-post Box 7013 Johan Brauners vg 3 018-67 17 46 018-67 35 02

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    and Applications, 15 hp FÖ0362, Production Economics, 15 hp FÖ0328, Strategic Management, 15 hp FÖ0380*, Management, Environmental and Social Responsibility Marketing Management, 15 hp FÖ0271, Quantitative Finance ­ Theory Risk Management and Assessment, 5 hp FÖ0398, Research Methods ­ Master Level FÖ0379*, Management

  7. Independent Sets in Regular Hypergraphs and Multi-Dimensional Runlength-Limited Constraints

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    Roth, Ronny

    in VG let NG(v) denote the set of vertices that are adjacent to v in G, namely, NG(v) = n v0 2 VG nfvg

  8. 1 (, 4/14/00), LBNL and NASA Ames Research Center Computational, Data, and

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    , the DoE Diesel Combustion Collaboratory [5] aims to reduce geographical barriers to information transfer

  9. Equations semi-gostrophiques pour la frontogense -Cas bidimensionnel

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    Legras, Bernard

    ) Puisque fzvg = xb, on obtient alors en utilisant (1) fZvg = Xb . 7. On introduit aussi D = + ugX + vgY ainsi Dt = + 1 f tvgX + u f + vgY + vg 1 f yvgX + wZ + w f zvgX = D + 1 f {tvg + u - fug + vgyvg

  10. Lect 12: Evolution at multiple loci Evolution at multiple loci

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    variation VP = VG + VE Heritability = Vp VG Measures proportion of VP due to VG "Broad sense heritability · Continuous variation, polygenic control, small effect of each Mendelian locus · Models of natural selection.06 S = 10.06 - 9.47 S = 0.59 nonbreeders breeders Fig. 8.15 Evolutionary response? #12;Phenotypic variation


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    Novaga, Matteo

    of a directed graph G = (VG, EG) (with set of edges EG VG × VG), is a measurable function X : 2EG where = (, A, µ) is a probability space, and 2EG is the powerset of EG, identified with the set of all functions from EG to {0, 1} (with the product topology and the -algebra of its Borel sets). For each x , we

  12. Postadress Box 118 Besksadress John Ericssons vg 3 Telefon dir INT-46-46-222 3423, vxel INT-46-46-222 00 00 Telefax INT-46-46-222 4531 E-post Internet

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    Förbränningsmotorlaboratoriet på Institutionen för Energiteknik. Motivering: Maria Henningsson har arbetat med att förbättra

  13. Postadress Box 118 Besksadress John Ericssons vg 3 Telefon dir INT-46-46-222 3423, vxel INT-46-46-222 00 00 Telefax INT-46-46-222 4531 E-post Internet

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    . Lars Samuelsson i Hall of Fame Prof Lars Samuelsson är den första svensken som tar plats i Cleantech Scandinavia Hall of Fame. Utmärkelsen förärades honom under Cleantech Venture Day i Malmö. Lars Samuelsson

  14. On Set Intersection Representations of Graphs The intersection dimension of a bipartite graph with respect to a type L is the smallest

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    Jukna, Stasys

    associate with each vertex x V(G) the set of labels Ax = {i | x V(Gi)}. For the threshold-1 dimension

  15. Highly linear low noise amplifier 

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    Ganesan, Sivakumar


    VgVgVgi (4) Where gm1 is its transconductance, gm2 represents its second order non-linearity obtained by the second order derivative of FET transfer characteristics (Id-Vgs) and gm3 is its third order non-linearity obtained by the third order... for the above mentioned currents are given below. 3 3213 2 21211 3 3 3 3 2 21 *),,(*),(*)( xxxBAout BbB AaAaAaA VsssCVssCVsCiii Vgi VgVgVgi ++=+= = ++= (14) Where g1a represents the transconductance of the main amplifier and g2a and g3a represent the second...

  16. 2006 Long Range Development Plan Final Environmental Impact Report

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    Philliber, Jeff


    locations. V.G.2 Impacts Environmental effects at the hillThis EIR IV. Environmental Setting, Impacts, and Mitigationsafety hazards, environmental impacts, and aesthetic impacts

  17. On the Inclusion of Energy-Shifting Demand Response in Production...

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    a case study of aggregated supermarket refrigeration systems providing balancing energy reserves in real-time markets at different levels of variable generation (VG). This DR...

  18. Changes in the Economic Value of Variable Generation at High Penetration Levels: A Pilot Case Study of California

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    Mills, Andrew


    4.9 Ancillary Service Requirements . . . . . . . Life 5TES WECC WREZ WWSIS VG VOLL Ancillary services Californiaprices for energy and ancillary services. The day-ahead

  19. Importance of Decision Support Implementation in Emergency Department Vancomycin Dosing

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    Faine, Brett; Mohr, Nicholas; Harland, Kari K.; Rolfes, Kathryn; Porter, Blake; Fuller, Brian M.


    4. Sakoulas G, Eliopoulos GM, Moellering RC, Jr. , et al.38. 5. Sakoulas G, Eliopoulos GM, Fowler VG, Jr. , et al.

  20. A Constructive Approach for the Lower Bounds

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    Radziszowski, Stanislaw P.

    by a subset of vertices S VG. We will use notation NG(v) for the Supported in part by RIT/FEAD grant, 2002[VG - NG(v) - {v}]. For positive integers s and t, an (s, t)-graph is a graph F without a subgraph

  1. Molecular and Colloidal Sizes of DOM

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    volume can be estimated knowing the structure of the molecule Example: Glucose (C6H12O6) VG,b= 166.2 [cm3/g] VG,b=(614.8)+(123.7)+(57.4) + (111) - 15 6.0 , 42 )2.166(1048.1]/[ bGCw scmD 6.0 , 42 1048

  2. Khesbn no. 79-80 - April 1975 - Journal

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    Admin, LAYCC


    p>teaag pD ngDpX-Tyi n»Ti VgB 1D PX g"T,/ /Pgr tpgT pa px /fopgnìyaovlg; px oy ya^yv ps : VgB f Iìx oiya^w sn^T » y^x

  3. Laser Physics, Vol. 15, No. 10, 2005, pp. 14321438. Original Text Copyright 2005 by Astro, Ltd.

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    Boyd, Robert W.

    ) Garrison and Chiao [2] have recently discussed the implications of these forms for the photon momentum is quan- tized (see, e.g., Eq. (42) below). Garrison and Chiao discuss the fact that the results ×= PM D B.×= pc n ( ) /c,= pA vg ( ) /c 2 ,= pM vg ( )n 2 ( ) /c 2 = As discussed by Garrison and Chiao

  4. Systematic Comparison of Operating Reserve Methodologies: Preprint

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    Ibanez, E.; Krad, I.; Ela, E.


    Operating reserve requirements are a key component of modern power systems, and they contribute to maintaining reliable operations with minimum economic impact. No universal method exists for determining reserve requirements, thus there is a need for a thorough study and performance comparison of the different existing methodologies. Increasing penetrations of variable generation (VG) on electric power systems are posed to increase system uncertainty and variability, thus the need for additional reserve also increases. This paper presents background information on operating reserve and its relationship to VG. A consistent comparison of three methodologies to calculate regulating and flexibility reserve in systems with VG is performed.

  5. Firing-rate response of a neuron receiving excitatory and inhibitory synaptic shot noise

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    Richardson, Magnus

    ) = 1 and fi0 =0. The second set vg0 = 0 vge0 = -ge0/ae + Re0(ge0 + gi0 - g0)/v vgi0 = -gi0/ai + Ri0(ge0

  6. Simple Constructive Weak Factorization - Purdue University

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    Vgi as the union of open subschemes Vgi. = Ugi . The algebra. K[Vgi ]? = K[V ]? gi. = K[U]gi the localization of K[V ] so there is an open inclu- sion Vg/? ? U/? ...

  7. Spherical Carbon with Unique Architectures and Properties

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    Spherical Carbon with Unique Architectures and Properties V.G. Pol, K.C. Lau, L.A. Curtiss, J.G. Wen, D.J. Miller, and M.M. Thackeray, Argonne National Laboratory Carbon atoms can...

  8. cDNA cloning and transcriptional regulation of the vitellogenin receptor from the imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta Buren (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) 

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    Chen, Mei-Er


    Receptors that transport vitellogenin into oocytes are of vital importance to egg-laying species because they promote oocyte development. In this study, we describe the cloning of the first hymenopteran vitellogenin receptor (VgR) cDNA. Using...

  9. NREL: Energy Systems Integration - NREL Assesses Costs of Adding...

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    to Existing Power Systems September 29, 2015 Much effort has been made to assess the costs associated with integrating variable generation (VG) such as wind and solar into an...

  10. Strategies for Mitigating the Reduction in Economic Value of Variable Generation with Increasing Penetration Levels

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Mills, Andrew; Wiser, Ryan


    In this report, we evaluate individual options that have the potential to stem the decline in the marginal value of variable generation (VG) with increasing penetration levels. We focus only on the effectiveness of mitigation measures for wind and PV.

  11. Root Water Uptake and Soil Water Dynamics in a Karst Savanna on the Edwards Plateau, TX 

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    Tokumoto, Ieyasu


    soils by slowing upward movement of water, thereby maintaining capillary connectivity to the surface for a longer period of time. Two simulation models, van Genuchten (VG) and Durner, were compared with the data from evaporation experiments. Results...

  12. Changes in the Economic Value of Variable Generation at High Penetration Levels: A Pilot Case Study of California

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    Mills, Andrew


    based on solar trough or parabolic dish technology) to PV astechnologies: wind, single-axis tracking photovoltaics (PV), 1 concentrating solarTechnology High Penetration of VG Single-Axis PV CSP w/ 6hr TES Wind Solar

  13. Corrections needed for Environmental Transport Processes First Printing (Prior to 21-January-2001), Updated 21-February-2003

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    replace DAw with Dcw. p. 70 First line below eq. 3-39, change subscript from A to G or VA,b to VG,b Eq. 3

  14. 2015 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 444-235 (ENTO-108NP) Spruce Spider Mite

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    Liskiewicz, Maciej

    as horticultural oil and Superior oil. There are other versions as well, but all share petroleum oil as the active, N.Y. 1988. Marshall, V.G. Spruce spider mite in British Columbia. Canadian Forest Service, Forest

  15. Vitellogenin Receptor and Neuropeptide Receptors Involved in Reproduction of the Red Imported Fire Ant (Solenopsis invicta Buren) 

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    Lu, Hsiao Ling


    Social insects have complex forms of social organization. Molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of their reproduction are not fully understood. This dissertation investigated the vitellogenin receptor (VgR), ...

  16. Doug Brutlag Professor Emeritus

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    -Waterman ­ O(N*M) time and O(N*M) space #12;S(i, j) Max S(i 1, j 1) s(i, j) S(i 1, j) GP S(i, j 1) GP VG(i score at location i-1, j VG(i-2,j) = accumulated score of gap extending to i-1,j HG(i,j-2) = accumulated

  17. Switching power converter Figure 1(a): Switching DC-DC converter with analog voltage-mode control

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    + ­ RC L Vg 1 2 i + v _ Vref + _ Gc(s) VM = 1 PWM u c Switching power converter H v dTs H = 1 design of digital compensators. I. INTRODUCTION Discrete-time modeling of dc-dc switching converters has IEEE. #12;+ ­ R C L Vg 1 2 i + v _ Vref + _ Gc(z) VM = 1 DPWM u c Switching power converter H v dTs H

  18. Sex-specific vitellogenin production in immature rainbow trout

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Carlson, D.B.; Williams, D.E.


    Many xenobiotics interact with hormone systems of animals, potentially leading to a phenomenon commonly called endocrine disruption. Much attention has focused on steroid hormone systems and corresponding receptor proteins, particularly estrogens. Vitellogenin (Vg) was measured in sexually immature rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) exposed to 17{beta}-estradiol (E{sub 2}) in the diet. Mixed-sex populations of trout aged 3, 6, 12, or 18 months were maintained separately and fed E{sub 2} at 0.05 or 2.5 mg/kg for 7d. Females fed E{sub 2} at 0.05 mg/kg consistently produced three- to fourfold greater amounts of Vg than similarly aged males. Age- and sex-matched fish fed E{sub 2} at 2.5 mg/kg produced equivalent amounts of Vg. Sex differences in Vg production were apparent only at a dose of E{sub 2} (0.05 mg/kg) that results in submaximal Vg induction. Their results document the importance of considering the sex of juvenile fish when using Vg production as a marker of xenoestrogen exposure.

  19. Impact of Wind and Solar on the Value of Energy Storage

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Denholm, P.; Jorgenson, J.; Hummon, M.; Palchak, D.; Kirby, B.; Ma, O.; O'Malley, M.


    This analysis evaluates how the value of energy storage changes when adding variable generation (VG) renewable energy resources to the grid. A series of VG energy penetration scenarios from 16% to 55% were generated for a utility system in the western United States. This operational value of storage (measured by its ability to reduce system production costs) was estimated in each VG scenario, considering provision of different services and with several sensitivities to fuel price and generation mix. Overall, the results found that the presence of VG increases the value of energy storage by lowering off-peak energy prices more than on-peak prices, leading to a greater opportunity to arbitrage this price difference. However, significant charging from renewables, and consequently a net reduction in carbon emissions, did not occur until VG penetration was in the range of 40%-50%. Increased penetration of VG also increases the potential value of storage when providing reserves, mainly by increasing the amount of reserves required by the system. Despite this increase in value, storage may face challenges in capturing the full benefits it provides. Due to suppression of on-/off-peak price differentials, reserve prices, and incomplete capture of certain system benefits (such as the cost of power plant starts), the revenue obtained by storage in a market setting appears to be substantially less than the net benefit (reduction in production costs) provided to the system. Furthermore, it is unclear how storage will actually incentivize large-scale deployment of renewables needed to substantially increase VG penetration. This demonstrates some of the additional challenges for storage deployed in restructured energy markets.

  20. Probabilistic Approach to Quantifying the Contribution of Variable Generation and Transmission to System Reliability: Preprint

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Ibanez, E.; Milligan, M.


    The increasing electrical load served by variable generation (VG), such as wind and solar energy, in the United States and many other countries has stimulated an interesting line of research to better quantify the capacity value of these resources. Methods applied traditionally to thermal units based on their average outage rates do not apply to VG because of their uncertain and non-dispatchable nature. The North American Electric Reliability Corporation's Integration of Variable Generation Task Force recently released a report that highlighted the need to develop and benchmark underlying loss-of-load expectation and related metrics that reasonably and fairly calculate the contribution to planning reserves, or capacity value, of solar and wind power. As the fraction of generation coming from VG becomes more significant, their estimated capacity value will have a larger impact on system planning. In this paper, we provide a method to include VG in traditional probabilistic-based adequacy methods. This method has been implemented in the Renewable Energy Probabilistic Resource Assessment tool developed at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Through an example based on the U.S. Western Interconnection, this method is applied to assess the effect that transmission can have on resource adequacy. We also analyze the interactions between available transmission and capacity value for VG.

  1. The structure and evolution of breast cancer genomes

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    Newman, Scott


    ogaoiv girgbivdiredge ssgdhn vg1Bdirtsgarbglasbavxg Ppp9wcg8 Ua“,og7y vdi,rgyrb onirrirtgfo avdgeare ogesavvimieadi,rgivg.A dA ogdA gbimm o rdg vyfdhn vgb,g irb bgaoiv gmo,Ugbimm o rdgvd Uge ssvg ,oge,UUyd bgno,t rid,ovg ,og imgdA g U,s eysaogA d o,t r... ,mgdA g2Pgt r vg. o gno ui,yvshgib rdimi bgavg earbibad geare ogt r vgb veoif bgfhgT,,bg dgascg1Ppp9wcgMA gaydA,ovge,resyb bgfhg6cccg no bied‘irt’gdAadgdA gG hgm adyo vg,mgdAivgsarbvean >agm .gt r gU,yrdairvgird ovn ov bg .idAgUarhgt r gAissv>.issgno,u gd...

  2. Strong Room-temperature Negative Transconductance In An Axial Si/Ge Hetero-nanowire Tunneling Field-effect Transistor

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Zhang, Peng; Le, Son T.; Hou, Xiaoxiao; Zaslavsky, A.; Perea, Daniel E.; Dayeh, Shadi A.; Picraux, Samuel T.


    We report on room-temperature negative transconductance (NTC) in axial Si/Ge hetero-nanowire tunneling field-effect transistors (TFETs). The NTC produces a current peak-to-valley ratio > 45, a high value for a Si-based device. We characterize the NTC characteristics over a range of gate VG and drain VD voltages, finding that NTC persists down to VD = –50 mV. The physical mechanism responsible for the NTC is the VG-induced depletion in the p-Ge section that eventually reduces the maximum electric field that triggers the tunneling ID, as confirmed via three-dimensional TCAD simulations.

  3. The design of the IEEE 802.12 coding scheme Simon E.C. Crouch James A. Davis Jonathan Jedwab

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    Jedwab, Jonathan

    transmission at 100- Mbit/s using the Demand Priority network access protocol. 100VG-AnyLAN products conforming Ether- net. Also in 1995, an alternative proposal using the new Demand Priority MAC protocol [1 could be a twisted pair of copper telephone wiring originally intended for voice use. Although IEEE 802

  4. Project Sponsors:UCI Combustion Laboratory

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    Mease, Kenneth D.

    .S. Department of Energy RECENT PUBLICATION E. Sullivan-Lewis, and V.G. McDonell, Flameholding Tendencies, Düsseldorf Germany, June 16- 20, 2014. (accepted for publication, ASME J. Engr Gas Turb and Power MOTIVATION Interest in renewable fuel sources has led to increased attention to high hydrogen content fuels. One

  5. Al-Hamdan, M. Z.; Crosson, W. L.; Limaye, A. S.; Rickman, D. L.; Quattrochi, D. A.; Estes, M.

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    pollution of particulate matter 2.5 in 51 coun- ties, USA. Public Health Reports. 122(5):626- 633; Sept Public Health Management Practice, 2008, 14(6), 507­514. · Charleston AE, Banerjee A, Carande-Kulis VG. J Public Health Management Practice, 2008, 14(6), 600-604. · Conti, L., Kearney, G, Whitehead

  6. Rapidly mixing Markov chains for dismantleable constraint graphs

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    Dyer, Martin

    Rapidly mixing Markov chains for dismantleable constraint graphs Martin Dyer Mark Jerrum Eric adjacency. Brightwell and Winkler introduced the notion of dismantleable constraint graph to characterize proportional to vVG ((v)). We prove, for each dismantleable H, that there exist positive constant fugacities

  7. Droplet motion with phase change in a temperature gradient Akira Onuki and Kentaro Kanatani

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    2005 We examine the droplet motion in one-component fluids in a small temperature gradient by solving changes the hydro- dynamic flow around the droplet. As a result, the temperature becomes almost the Reynolds number Re=vgR/ gR3 1- / / 2 is small. Here = / is the exterior kinematic viscosity. As another


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    Adler, Isolde

    , · linklessly/knotlessly embeddable graphs · C, D minor ideals C D, C D minor ideals · C minor ideal Capex minor ideal Capex := {G | v V(G) such that G \\ v C} ISOLDE ADLER COMPUTING EXCLUDED MINORS 5/18 #12 graphs · C, D minor ideals C D, C D minor ideals · C minor ideal Capex minor ideal Capex := {G | v

  9. Biology 4250 Evolutionary Genetics

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    Innes, David J.

    ) proportion of total phenotypic variation (VP) that is due to genetic variation (VG) #12;3 Therefore two: - to understand the impact that evolutionary processes have on the patterns of genetic variation within and among populations or species - to understand the consequences of these patterns of genetic variation for various

  10. Influence of maturity and weathering on IVDMD and various agronomic characteristics of sudan type forage sorghums 

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    Gomez Gonzalez, Fernando


    HS MATURITY HEADS 60 C! ) 50 40 VA VB BT FL ML SD HD HS MATURITY Figure 3. Znfluence of maturitY on Z ZVDMD of Plant components of several forage sorghums. 35 80 70 80 ca ) $0 40 ~r~ w KQW KANDY HAY GRAZER LEAVES 80 70 VA Vg BT...

  11. Faculty of Mechanical Science and Engineering At the Institute of Materials Science, Chair of Materials Science and Nanotechnology

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    Schubart, Christoph

    of Materials Science and Nanotechnology (Prof. G. Cuniberti), is open to work in the field of biomaterials and / or biologically inspired nanotechnology the position of a Senior Lecturer and Research Group leader (max. E 14 TV (Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz ­ WissZeitVG). The scientific activities of the Chair of Materials Science and Nanotechnology

  12. A crosslinguistic investigation of palatalization

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    Bateman, Nicoleta


    er (Va?lcea) fk?er (Oltenia) p?ept mn?el vg?espar (Oltenia)g?espar (Oltenia) alb?in? (Muntenia) v?itsel (Va?lcea) lup?skin ?er iron k?ept n?el ?espar chest lamb wasp hive alg?

  13. Ontology-based cross-species integration and analysis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae phenotypes

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    Gkoutos, Georgios V.; Hoehndorf, Robert


    /quality- based logical definitions for the human skeletal phenome using PATO. Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 2009, 2009:7069-7072. 16. Mabee MP, Ashburner M, Cronk Q, Gkoutos VG, Haendel M, Segerdell E, Mungall C, Westerfield M: Phenotype ontologies: the bridge...

  14. Engineering Challenges of the Target Station Solenoid System

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    McDonald, Kirk

    to be generated by a superconducting magnet ­ 6 Tesla to be generated using a resistive insert magnet #12/VG Mar2009 Splash Mitigator · Objective is a 20 Tesla solenoid field in the target region: ­ 14 Tesla of present superconductor technology (14 Tesla in a 1.3 m bore) 2. Harsh radiation environment ­ Heat loads


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    Storici, Francesca

    Domains of Life." Petrov AS, Bernier CR, Gulen B, Waterbury CC, Hershkovits E, Hsiao C, Harvey SC, Hud NV, Stepanov VG, Gaucher EA, Grover MA, Harvey SC, Hud NV, Wartell RM, Fox GE, Williams LD. Nucleic Acids. Okafor, E. B. O'Neill, S. S. Athavale, A. S. Petrov, N. V. Hud, R. M. Wartell, S. C. Harvey and L

  16. Report to Congress on Server and Data Center Energy Efficiency

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    LBNL-363E Report to Congress on Server and Data Center Energy Efficiency: Public Law 109 to Congress on Server and Data Center Energy Efficiency: Public Law 109-431 Author: Brown, Richard Publication:// Keywords: data centers, computers, Energy Star, information technology, servers, energy

  17. A DualDisk File System: ext4 Mihai Budiu

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    Budiu, Mihai

    Characteristic Vocabulary ¥B©E5¡$§§£¦¥FGrt0¡j6¥£4F¡¥1§£8&WV¢ iFf$hgfUf6gi E0vgU5¡$§ )&§¡$¨§5¤&W©B! e9f$gIhi £¦¥b

  18. 1 Managed by UT-Battelle for the U.S. Department of Energy MERIT Videoconference 11 Mar 2009

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    McDonald, Kirk

    1 Managed by UT-Battelle for the U.S. Department of Energy MERIT Videoconference 11 Mar 2009 · Containment encompasses nozzle tip #12;3 Managed by UT-Battelle for the U.S. Department of Energy MERIT Concept ORNL/VG Mar2009 Splash Mitigator #12;4 Managed by UT-Battelle for the U.S. Department of Energy

  19. Successful transduction of liver in hemophilia by AAV-Factor IX and limitations imposed by the host

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    Kay, Mark A.

    infusion of a recombinant adeno-associated viral vector (rAAV) expressing canine Factor IX (F.IX) resultedAAV-2 vector expressing human F.IX was infused through the hepatic artery into seven subjects. The data show that: (i) vector infusion at doses up to 2 Â 1012 vg/kg was not associated with acute or long

  20. Behavioural Brain Research 95 (1998) 219226 Research report

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    O'Toole, Alice J.


    Behavioural Brain Research 95 (1998) 219­226 Research report Intra-amygdala infusions received bilateral intra-amygdala infusions of the muscarinic receptor antagonist, scopolamine (SCOP; 5 vg/0.5 vl) or vehicle. On a retention test 24 h later, unoperated and vehicle-infused rats

  1. PHYS 626 --Fundamentals of Plasma Physics --Section 6.4-6.5 1. Using the ideal MHD equation of motion, an energy equation can be derived. It is

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    Ng, Chung-Sang

    ). The energy of the wave is propagating along ^z, with group velocity vg = VA ^z. 4. The other two modes of motion, an energy equation can be derived. It is simply the continuity equation of energy density, which is the sum of kinetic energy density mU2 /2, magnetic energy density B2 /2µ0, and the internal energy

  2. Superplastic deformation and energy dissipation mechanism in surface-bonded carbon nanofibers

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    Sansoz, Frederic

    that tensile strength and ductile fracture energy in carbon nanofibers rise dramatically by more than 65 amounts of VG-CNFs in polymer matrix composite mate- rials enhance failure strength and fracture toughness 12 December 2014 Accepted 20 December 2014 Keywords: Carbon nanofibers Superplasticity Fracture

  3. Science of Earthquake Prediction: SCEC-USGS ... - Purdue University

    E-Print Network [OSTI]


    Feb 20, 2004 ... This intermediate-term earthquake prediction method was designed by ...... representing the prediction power of the algorithm based on the data set chosen. .... [KKS90] V.G. Kossobokov, V.I. Keilis-Borok, and S.W. Smith.

  4. Fabrication and characterization of modulation-doped-field-effect-transistors with antidot-patterned passivation layers

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Hwang, Sung Woo

    , and S. K. Min Semiconductor Materials Research Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, P. O nano-fabrication technology has been utilized successfully in fabricating new concept devices depletion layers extending underneath the polymer can pinch off the whole channel at a similar VG

  5. JOURNAL DE PHYSIQUE Colloque C4, supplement au n09, Tome 49, septembre 1988

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Boyer, Edmond

    or by extrapolatingthe linearId(Vg) curve. The transconductance reduction rate AGm = (Gmo-G&/Gmo and threshold voltage shift AVt = Vt-Vto occuring after one hour stress is presented in Fig. 1.Here Gmo and Vto denote pre

  6. The effect of benzene hexachloride-DDT spray on the insect population and the cotton plant 

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Lloyd, Edwin Phillips


    , ~ xm ' QV78 SDT 9@ ee Vg @C 30$ ce 9' ee a% eo @g oe ~ $86( SIC ~~ SR @8Dg T~ ?@Sf Hg +VV/ KC ?66Tp SA ~ RC 46"/g QK gN ea p3g ee g@ oe a%68 K+ gag HHQ @op T~ ?~? 9% gVQCg %Pl Q$g IPZ +9 eo /LE ae QX$ ey - P5%4S N ISP %F8 Ns $C, ~ ER Zoma..., q~p SR ~, ~ B% ?6'ggf SET Q+jp RE ~69tjp SKC' ?667$ KSF S~ $6, 8BG / K' F~tkaa 8 8 ? $6, 8~ EST Wee 6 1~ $6, SEC $ EST FcemQetkan Q mm xx (covz. ) Qg CO Qg CQ 9Q, C5 P9W 8@ iNOg BR ?498@@ +4998 $6' . O'Vg ~ ~ Ce RV$' ee 96$ ea A4@ @+ ?WSP...

  7. Market-Based Indian Grid Integration Study Options: Preprint

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Stoltenberg, B.; Clark, K.; Negi, S. K.


    The Indian state of Gujarat is forecasting solar and wind generation expansion from 16% to 32% of installed generation capacity by 2015. Some states in India are already experiencing heavy wind power curtailment. Understanding how to integrate variable generation (VG) into the grid is of great interest to local transmission companies and India's Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. This paper describes the nature of a market-based integration study and how this approach, while new to Indian grid operation and planning, is necessary to understand how to operate and expand the grid to best accommodate the expansion of VG. Second, it discusses options in defining a study's scope, such as data granularity, generation modeling, and geographic scope. The paper also explores how Gujarat's method of grid operation and current system reliability will affect how an integration study can be performed.

  8. 100 nm Ti Au/(a) (b)

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Kastner, Marc A.

    f (kHz) RVb C in n CA (a) (b) (c) #12;#12;#12;20 10 0 GM(µS) 6420 VG (Volts) 0.4 0.2 0.0 GM(e 2 /h) Wide MOSFET Narrow MOSFET #12;#12;#12;#12;EF Ec Ev eVG xt Et 0.2 0.0 GM(µS) time (s) 1.0 0Si(V) 210 time (s) 3.5 3.0 2.5 GM(µS) (c) 10 8 GM(µS) 151050 time (s) GM-aSi GM-Au (d) a-Si:H Gate 200 nm

  9. Lokaratna, Volume 2

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    Mishra, Mahendra Kumar


    g 8mg setmudumtmi0Cg gSrLm’mujgm’megLhslmgthmgmetuvgdrsetgOrugpeplvysygsyg thm gokakrg thmgdpdmug isya yymygthmglsec sytsajgmarerfsagpeigdrlstsaplgisfmeysreygrOgthmgduramyygrOgmnahpecm0g xreymM metlvjgthmgdpdmugirmygertgfmumlvgaretus8 tmgtrgthmgyt... LsygdlpvmigregisOOmumetgraapysreyjgs0m0jgfpuuspcmyjgimpthgamumfresmy0g SrLm’mugthsygymu’samgsyg tslskmig8vgthmg‘usvpgapytmygpeigem’mug8vgthmgUpeihpjgLhrgtp-mgdusimg segthmsugrLegf ysaplgtupistsrey0gThmg?k??k gpdputgOurfgtupisecg’mcmtp8lmyjgOu styjglmetslyg,Lhsahg thmvg8 vg...

  10. Photo-patterned e-wave polarizer W.C. Yip*, H.S. Kwok, V.M. Kozenkov1

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Photo-patterned e-wave polarizer W.C. Yip*, H.S. Kwok, V.M. Kozenkov1 , V.G. Chigrinov Center's Republic of China Abstract In this paper, we report our development in the photo-patterned e-wave polarizer and demonstrate two novel fabrication methods to both photo-align and photo-pattern these e-wave polarizers

  11. A Note on Ramsey Size-Linear Graphs

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Simonovits, Miklós

    A Note on Ramsey Size-Linear Graphs P.N. Balister,1 R.H. Schelp,1 and M. Simonovits1,2 1 DEPARTMENT is a Ramsey size-linear graph and x,y 2 V(G ) then if we add a sufficiently long path between x and y we obtain a new Ramsey size-linear graph. As a consequence we show that if G is any graph such that every

  12. THE VALUE OF THE RAMSEY NUMBER R(3, 8) Brendan D. McKay

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    McKay, Brendan

    , then NG (v) d* *enotes the set of neighbours of v in G, and N~G(v) denotes VG - NG (v) - {v}. If W in G of the vertices in ~NG(v). Then, clear* *ly ffi(n-ffi-1) D (t - 1)(n - ffi - 1). Similarly, if E is the number of edges in G between * *NG (v) and N~G(v), then ffi(ffi - 1) E ffi(t - 2

  13. A comparison of the nutrition of home-prepared and commercial diets for dogs 

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    Streiff, Erin Leigh


    and Macronutrient Analyses. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Dietary Macromineral and Serum Parathyroid Hormone Analyses 24 Dietary Mineral Analyses. 29 Dietary Fat Soluble Vitamins and Serum Vitamin A Analyses. . . . . 31 Nutritional Adequacy... consisted of 11 puppies and 38 adults, and the CD-fed group had 16 puppies and 29 adults. Dietary Energy and Macronutri ent Analyses With respect to energy content (kcaVg dry matter (DM)), there were no differences between any of the diets (Table 1...

  14. Wave Patterns and Southern Hemisphere Convergence Zones 

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    Ramotowski, Michelle R.


    for his unwavering support. v NOMENCLATURE CLAUS Cloud Archive User Service ECMWF European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting ENSO El Nino Southern Oscillation GPCP Global Precipitation Climatology Project MJO Madden...-Julian Oscillation P Pressure PV Potential Vorticity t Time T Temperature Tb Brightness temperature u zonal component of wind v meridional component of wind V Total wind velocity Vg Geostrophic wind ? Potential temperature ? Vertical motion vi...

  15. Investigation of vortex generators for augmentation of wind turbine power performance

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Griffin, D.A. [Lynette (R.) and Associates, Seattle, WA (United States)


    This study focuses on the use of vortex generators (VGs) for performance augmentation of the stall-regulated AWT-26 wind turbine. The goal was to design a VG array which would increase annual energy production (AEP) by increasing power output at moderate wind speeds, without adversely affecting the loads or stall-regulation performance of the turbine. Wind tunnel experiments were conducted at the University of Washington to evaluate the effect of VGs on the AWT-26 blade, which is lofted from National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) S-series airfoils. Based on wind-tunnel results and analysis, a VG array was designed and then tested on the AWT-26 prototype, designated P1. Performance and loads data were measured for P1, both with and without VGs installed. the turbine performance with VGs met most of the design requirements; power output was increased at moderate wind speeds with a negligible effect on peak power. However, VG drag penalties caused a loss in power output for low wind speeds, such that performance with VGs resulted in a net decrease in AEP for sites having annual average wind speeds up to 8.5 m/s. While the present work did not lead to improved AEP for the AWT-2 turbine, it does provide insight into performance augmentation of wind turbines with VGs. The safe design of a VG array for a stall-regulated turbine has been demonstrated, and several issues involving optimal performance with VGs have been identified and addressed. 15 refs., 34 figs., 10 tabs.

  16. Mass Market Demand Response and Variable Generation Integration Issues: A Scoping Study

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Cappers, Peter; Mills, Andrew; Goldman, Charles; Wiser, Ryan; Eto, Joseph H.


    This scoping study focuses on the policy issues inherent in the claims made by some Smart Grid proponents that the demand response potential of mass market customers which is enabled by widespread implementation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) through the Smart Grid could be the “silver bullet” for mitigating variable generation integration issues. In terms of approach, we will: identify key issues associated with integrating large amounts of variable generation into the bulk power system; identify demand response opportunities made more readily available to mass market customers through widespread deployment of AMI systems and how they can affect the bulk power system; assess the extent to which these mass market Demand Response (DR) opportunities can mitigate Variable Generation (VG) integration issues in the near-term and what electricity market structures and regulatory practices could be changed to further expand the ability for DR to mitigate VG integration issues over the long term; and provide a qualitative comparison of DR and other approaches to mitigate VG integration issues.

  17. Renewable Electricity Futures:  Operational Analysis of the Western Interconnection at Very High Renewable Penetrations

    Broader source: [DOE]

    The goal of this work was to perform a detailed, sub-hourly analysis of very high penetration scenarios for a single interconnection (the Western Interconnection). The scenarios analyzed for this study included a variety of generation infrastructure buildouts and power system operational assumptions, with three different portfolios of renewable generators. The High scenario had approximately 82% renewable generation after curtailment, which included 41% of its generation coming from variable generation (VG) sources like wind and solar photovoltaics (PV). The remaining renewable generation came from hydropower, geothermal, and concentrating solar power (CSP). The Higher Baseload scenario adds CSP and geothermal to the High scenario to make 88% renewable generation. This study also included a Higher VG scenario with added wind and solar PV generation to get to 86% renewable generation. Both Higher scenarios added the same amount of possible generation, but the Higher VG scenario showed more curtailment from the incremental generation, leading to lower penetration levels after curtailment. The primary conclusion of this study is that sub-hourly operation of the grid is possible with renewable generation levels between 80% and 90%. Dynamic studies will need to be done to understand any impacts on reliability during contingencies and transient events.

  18. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Resorcinol-Formaldehyde Aerogels

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Moudrakovski, Igor L.; Ratcliffe, C I.; Ripmeester, J A.; Wang, Li Q.; Exarhos, Gregory J.; Baumann, T; Satcher, J H.


    In this article we report a detailed study of resorcinol-formaldehyde (RF) aerogels prepared under different processing conditions, [resorcinol]/[catalyst] (R/C) ratios in the starting sol-gel solutions, using continuous flow hyperpolarized 129Xe NMR in combination with solid-state 13C and two-dimensional wide-line separation (2D-WISE) NMR techniques. The degree of polymerization and the mobility of the cross-linking functional groups in RF aerogels are examined and correlated with the R/C ratios. The origin of different adsorption regions is evaluated using both co-adsorption of chloroform and 2D EXSY 129Xe NMR. A hierarchical set of Xe exchange processes in RF aerogels is found using 2D EXSY 129Xe NMR. The exchange of Xe gas follows the sequence (from fastest to slowest): mesopores with free gas, gas in meso- and micro-pores, free gas with micropores, and, finally, among micropore sites. The volume-to-surface-area (Vg/S) ratios for aerogels are measured for the first time without the use of geometric models. The Vg/S parameter, which is related both to the geometry and the interconnectivity of the pore space, has been found to correlate strongly with the R/C ratio and exhibits an unusually large span: an increase in the R/C ratio from 50 to 500 results in about a 5-fold rise in Vg/S.

  19. Thermoelectric transport through strongly correlated quantum dots

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    T. A. Costi; V. Zlatic


    The thermoelectric properties of strongly correlated quantum dots, described by a single level Anderson model coupled to conduction electron leads, is investigated using Wilson's numerical renormalization group method. We calculate the electronic contribution, $K_{\\rm e}$, to the thermal conductance, the thermopower, $S$, and the electrical conductance, $G$, of a quantum dot as a function of both temperature, $T$, and gate voltage, ${\\rm v}_g$, for strong, intermediate and weak Coulomb correlations, $U$, on the dot. For strong correlations and in the Kondo regime, we find that the thermopower exhibits two sign changes, at temperatures $T_{1}({\\rm v}_g)$ and $T_{2}({\\rm v}_g)$ with $T_{1}< T_{2}$. Such sign changes in $S(T)$ are particularly sensitive signatures of strong correlations and Kondo physics. The relevance of this to recent thermopower measurements of Kondo correlated quantum dots is discussed. We discuss the figure of merit, power factor and the degree of violation of the Wiedemann-Franz law in quantum dots. The extent of temperature scaling in the thermopower and thermal conductance of quantum dots in the Kondo regime is also assessed.

  20. Geology of the Doss-North area, Mason and Gillespie Counties, Texas 

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Coughran, Theodore


    !. ', . &. Jjf"'5". ~ 4;:0 +SJ~ -'0 f. ~~'6 +J~. N. "&'~:1$ '(?: ~':c~ t?)dan, C:" J 'Q O' '0 I ''I j 1' P PnvgZOagAP!T CLZ"A~. P~ V:G". Api G The Peso-, forth aron lies within thc semiarid Llano regioni Tho average rain "all is apprcxi. iately 22.... Uluff ci San Saba limestone member VIll. i'ig. Conformable Cambrian-Ordovici"n contact i31uff oi Thrsadglll limestone member 38 IX. I ig. 1: I ig. 2i Unconformable Ordovician-Cretaceous contact Lange's gill conglomerate 6 X. icnssive Cretaceous...

  1. The sensitivity of rock mechanical properties to the method by which the clay volume is determined 

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    Ivey, Henry Alexander


    Relationship Poisson's ratio Shear modulus 2 0. 5(At /At ) - 1 s c (At /At ) -1 8 c &e e 1. 34x10 p /At s Young's modulus 2. 0xGx(1. 0+g) Bulk modulus 1 34~10 p I - x ] 10 2 At At c s Bulk Cb compressibility 1/K routinely measured until... s Poisson's ratio: . (2) w 1 - G 2 3xK . . (3) Young's modulus: E 2(1+v)G [ ] psi . . (4) Bulk compressibility: Cb ~ 1/K [ j psi . (5) When the three logging values, p , At , At , are directly measured, the c s elastic constants can be accurately...

  2. Role of Concentrating Solar Power in Integrating Solar and Wind Energy: Preprint

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Denholm, P.; Mehos, M.


    As wind and solar photovoltaics (PV) increase in penetration it is increasingly important to examine enabling technologies that can help integrate these resources at large scale. Concentrating solar power (CSP) when deployed with thermal energy storage (TES) can provide multiple services that can help integrate variable generation (VG) resources such as wind and PV. CSP with TES can provide firm, highly flexible capacity, reducing minimum generation constraints which limit penetration and results in curtailment. By acting as an enabling technology, CSP can complement PV and wind, substantially increasing their penetration in locations with adequate solar resource.

  3. Amorphous silicon thin film transistor as nonvolatile device. 

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    Nominanda, Helinda


    have been measured. The gamma-ray irradiation damaged bulk films and interfaces and caused the shift of the transfer characteristics to the positive voltage direction. The field effect mobility, on/off current ratio, and interface state density... accumulation layer, and (2) the gate, the gate dielectric, and the channel are viewed as a capacitor,25 i.e., the gate voltage, Vg, controls the mobile charge in the channel. The current observed at the drain, Id, ( ) dtgeffSiNd VVVLWCI x ?= µ (1) where...

  4. Emission properties of radiative chiral nematic liquid crystals

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Mavrogordatos, Themistoklis


    the fluorescence characteristics from a † I.P. Il'chishin, E.A. Tikhonov, V.G. Tishchenko and M.T. Shpak, Generation of a tunable radiation by impurity cholesteric liquid crystals, JETP Lett., Vol. 32, 24-27 (1980). x xi dye-doped chiral nematic LC in the region... nematic crystal is determined by the specification of the director n alongside the usual quantities (mass density ?, pressure p and velocity v) for a liquid. In equi- librium, a nematic liquid crystal at rest under no external forces (including the forces...

  5. Physical and biological evaluations of an encapsulated diet for rearing predaceous insects 

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    Martin, Paul Bain


    in- star larvae consumed less food when confined with en- capsulated diet than when confined with insect eggs. Second and 3rd instar Chrys~o a larvae had little dif- ficulty in utilizing the encapsulated diet. Prelimir ary studies with lady.... 0 "ca sule-equivalents consumed- 'll c/ Capsules 1. 4a 54. 6a 200. 0a Heliothis eggs 6. 7b 39 ' 3a 157. 3a ~s't I eggs 47. 8a 150. 8a a/ Lot no. 4-982, 4-995, 5-010, 5-026. b/ &vg consumed by 13-17 insects on each food source. The 1st instar...

  6. Energy Storage | Argonne National Laboratory

    Broader source: All U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office Webpages (Extended Search)

    AFDC Printable Version Share this resource Send a link to EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page to someone by E-mail Share EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Facebook Tweet about EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Twitter Bookmark EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Homesum_a_epg0_fpd_mmcf_m.xls" ,"Available from WebQuantityBonneville Power Administration would like submitKansasCommunities EnergyU.S. DOEEnergy Storage Management for VG

  7. An economic analysis of the income of rural families in the low income farm area of Northeast Texas 

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Wright, Richard Hill


    " -. 39 V: . 22~9 . . $2~Q: IvO. Q . 56 l. '' 2Qe9 . ', ' 19oQ . '. : Xtl+9 - ' - k$al '1QQeQ 9~7: . : ?:-:&+1, -: . @ 3. . . . ' Q' Q 1~% Q 62 1Q+Q. '- -'. , g'~$ -", '1(@+Q. 95~5 ';- ';':, RzjQ:;" 39ig::". '", ?$';. 1QQ~Q::$7:~";:":: ', , 'I ''2 6...'Qoc~~s' to iL?n klux'$1 D8-'?eiQQT??alt Pz'+, , e~ '~? 2g'ZkpQ ~+~~@~: ~+ion& 99? f&QM8e;k~, ~~~+/?, 1~. '&7+ . , 80958@?' Geke? INES -Ai'L&ate@&m 9~Vg ~A ~3r~~~a yf' ~tz iQ&w~~vm' 'q'~g &~q x'ig@1t~g . '-'ypng%n~~ 8'49tio?? 40118ge tgtegioo? . '~@Me...

  8. Energy balance of the atmosphere over the Gulf of Mexico 

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    Reiss, Nathan Morris


    on the right side of (21), m y be neglected. Thus, (21) becomes dH V 'j7- qV3 ( ? + gz + c T) - ~V3 ' F dt 2 (22) Integrating (22) over a volume, of, , which extends vertically from he sea surface to the top of the atmosphere, we obtain s dII V C = Vg p... A, such as that of the Gulf of Mexico, yields 1 ?1 Q((w) 7. (~V) dA + ? ? dA = O A Qz (3) The first term of (3) may be transformed into a line integral th. ough use of Gzeen's theorem in the plane, as given by Kreyszig (1967). Thc second Cern...

  9. Measurement of solubility, viscosity, and density of R-410A refrigerant/lubricant mixtures

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Cavestri, R.C.; Schafer, W.R.


    Measurements of the refrigerant vapor/liquid lubricant equilibrium viscosity reduction of four polyolester lubricants, viscosity grades 32 and 68 ISO VG, with the refrigerant R-410A were taken between {minus}13 F and 257 F and up to 700 psia. A high and low miscibility grade polyolester was analyzed for each viscosity. The viscosity, density, and composition of the solubilized gas mixture in solution with the lubricant was obtained with constant gas vapor composition in the viscometer head space. This refrigerant has a very small temperature glide but is considered a zeotropic blend nonetheless. The fractionation data presented were obtained from individual isothermal measurements. The isotherm for each temperature detailed the composition of the equilibrium gas fractionation of R-32 and R-125 in the lubricant, mixed vapor pressure, concentration of the total mixed blend (percent by weight) in the lubricant, and viscosity in centipoise (cP) and centistokes (cSt).

  10. Subdominant pseudoultrametric on graphs

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Dovgoshei, A A; Petrov, E A


    Let (G,w) be a weighted graph. We find necessary and sufficient conditions under which the weight w:E(G)?R{sup +} can be extended to a pseudoultrametric on V(G), and establish a criterion for the uniqueness of such an extension. We demonstrate that (G,w) is a complete k-partite graph, for k?2, if and only if for any weight that can be extended to a pseudoultrametric, among all such extensions one can find the least pseudoultrametric consistent with w. We give a structural characterization of graphs for which the subdominant pseudoultrametric is an ultrametric for any strictly positive weight that can be extended to a pseudoultrametric. Bibliography: 14 titles.

  11. Measurement of the coefficients of coupling between a critical reactor and a subcritical lattice 

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Chandler, Ekillis Momon


    3 '- ) COI' G ' vd . , ' Gtl Ovd) 9 ~ t '0 ? C) t ~ O ) -' GSVlv' TlV'. ". - vGO2ICO DOVC VG "C=) " ' . 6-C9GO (19')). 'I l ~ 'vv"01C ' CO v - - ' 'vC 12. 30 1'' -J, '8 jp -". OBC " ' '~1VJv ' - -'. . -"- ? C O. - (-'5' 5) 1O i ? i...". Ct Y c IOX 19II VALUE 0 I LII'ij I I&'I' 2=V-V& r &, I nx 17Hr&EVr/cTrnX& SQLIAP&ED&ZXZ& DO B 1=-1 eN YY( I &c ? /!'. (X(I )'-clJ) '5 D&r&=vv(r&-Y(I) D S0 & I ) = D ( I ) -"-. &&2 B CONTINUE I'/PI I'E (6o7) (IeXCI&elcY&I)c& '(I)oD(I)eD 0(I)el'- 7...

  12. The mammals of the Mexican state of Morelos 

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Russell, Robert Julian


    . , glhgsi onto bough?tbo ~ lkisi? de1, Sag iA aNNsoca Ilasne'ence tice of thee aa4aLQioa ia naeiao eafmao4hag the ie44 ocngLttiona yf tho noainn ~ ~ ano ~eeet iaaf ?aL thoenp' gelg 4y niter ~ oa ~ea oe !e 4' eenpceoo owa oegnyioL + the osggga ~ ~@gee... aa Iette 101 length ef bine foots xgj eo~jQMAk lengthen lpga) yapatgjL lengthy ~Ay ereauu breadth, 2, Vg ~Nbitol hroedtha ygi iieet:Lliey breagtho gpss length af ~uy tenth yew& 61ilii Oaaparwl with goree ~ye~i which ie aeaooiatoe with g? ~gjigni...

  13. STAG UK Newsletter Issue 32 

    E-Print Network [OSTI]


    Viajel Bnrrett, William Shatner, Jamefl Doohan, George Takei, Susan Sacl(ett, Grace Lee Whitney 1 Ann :;::!cCaffrey, Anne Pngo. *?X??;f?********?***?>t?x-* DUES U.K~ ;l~1.50 per yO~lr. Europe ?2 J!rint.ecl r9,+'0, ?3.50 8i:rmail let.?~Br r2t.~1. U.,S.1\\.. ?6... that the fil'" we shot so far is defini tely SIJ.Y~R TREK. We I VG had that 831',18 comr.l0nt from 0veryone v/h~)f s looked at it, that the}' rc happily surprised to SOG it is indeGd t~10 sar

  14. A study of changes in expressed attitudes in the realm of Negro-White relations of Texas A. & M. freshmen 

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Ketch, Clarence Willard


    'Irrcu~Ce Q t9 g o o e +v wo Nct 0 bled 5 o'0 Bio m a e & ~ R'0 Act 0 8'0 n gb oe v vm V vg e 3L' Experimental: Church A Church B Church C Church D Church E Total Experimental Total Control 49 27 7 -- 15 13 2 1 -- 10 34 6 8 1 1 - 6... not on the questionnaire given the respondents. LIBRARY A A m COLLEGE OF TEXAS HOW WOULD YOU REACT TV THE POLLOWINO: (1ndioate by entering an x 1n the proper space) I" M + P Pyj 51ii ~5 5mIN l, 2 ~ 3 ~ $ ~ 6. 7 ~ 8 ~ 9. 10, 12 ' 1$ 14. The attempt...

  15. Fertilizer Statistics for Texas, 1926-1938. 

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Fraps, G. S. (George Stronach); Ogier, T. L. (Thomas Louis)


    4-84 8107 8758 6995 8384 6-10-7 4901 4671 5109 6009 ........... 6-8-4 4597 2920 6-12-6 3643 3664 4029 4766 Super- pllosphate, 18% 3516 2743 3408 3249 Soper- phosphate, 20VG 3377 2642 2517 1416 3-10-3 2961 4150 3500 3450 Sulphate of ammonia... 2548 1610 1588 1139 4-10-0 2137 2132 2040 1003 16-20-0 1606 1637 692 570 11-48-0 1585 1361 773 670 5-15-5 1525 1133 928 1420 Bone meal 1Y42 1095 1283 1232 6-9-3 1056 1221 751 598 Nitrate of soda. 15YG and 16r0 1048 1314 1080 1146 Lawn...

  16. Pauli equation for a charged spin particle on a curved surface in an electric and magnetic field

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Yong-Long Wang; Long Du; Chang-Tan Xu; Xiao-Jun Liu; Hong-Shi Zong


    We derive the Pauli equation for a charged spin particle confined to move on a spatially curved surface $\\mathcal{S}$ in an electromagnetic field. Using the thin-layer quantization scheme to constrain the particle on $\\mathcal{S}$, and in the transformed spinor representations, we obtain the well-known geometric potential $V_g$ and the presence of $e^{-i\\varphi}$, which can generate additive spin connection geometric potentials by the curvilinear coordinate derivatives, and we find that the two fundamental evidences in the literature [Giulio Ferrari and Giampaolo Cuoghi, Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 230403 (2008).] are still valid in the present system without source current perpendicular to $\\mathcal{S}$. Finally, we apply the surface Pauli equation to spherical, cylindrical, and toroidal surfaces, in which we obtain expectantly the geometric potentials and new spin connection geometric potentials, and find that only the normal Pauli matrix appears in these equations.

  17. Perturbative photon flux generated by high-frequency relic gravitational waves and utilization of them for their detection

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Fangyu Li; R. M. L. Baker, Jr.; Zhenya Chen


    There exist corresponding metric perturbations of the relic gravitational waves (GWs) in the region of approximately h~10^(-30)-10^(-32)in the GHz band. A detector for these GWs is described in which we measure the perturbative photon flux (PPF) or signal generated by such high-frequency relic GWs (HFRGWs) via a coupling system of fractal membranes and a Gaussian beam (GB) passing through a static magnetic field. It is found that under the synchro-resonance condition in which the frequency of the GB is set equal to the frequency of the expected HFRGWs (h~2.00*10^(-31), v_g=10^10Hz in the quintessential inflationary models (QIM) and h~6.32*10^(-31), v_g=10^10Hz in the pre-big bang scenario (PBBS) may produce the PPFs of ~4.04*10^2/s and ~1.27*10^3/s in a surface of 100cm^2 area at the waist of the GB, respectively. The relatively weak first-order PPF, directed at right angles to the expected HFRGWs, is reflected by fractal membrane and the resulting reflected PPF (signal) exhibits a very small decay in transit to the detector (tunable microwave receiver) compared with the much stronger background photon flux, which allows for detection of the reflected PPF with signal to background noise ratios greater than one at the distance of the detector. We also discuss the selection capability of system and directional sensitivity for the resonance components from the stochastic relic GW background. The resolution of tiny difference between the PPFs generated by the relic GWs in the QIM and in the PBBS may be established and will be of cosmological significance. PACS numbers: 04.30.Nk, 04.30.Db, and 98.80.Cq.

  18. Advanced Nanomaterials for High-Efficiency Solar Cells

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Chen, Junhong


    Energy supply has arguably become one of the most important problems facing humankind. The exponential demand for energy is evidenced by dwindling fossil fuel supplies and record-high oil and gas prices due to global population growth and economic development. This energy shortage has significant implications to the future of our society, in addition to the greenhouse gas emission burden due to consumption of fossil fuels. Solar energy seems to be the most viable choice to meet our clean energy demand given its large scale and clean/renewable nature. However, existing methods to convert sun light into electricity are not efficient enough to become a practical alternative to fossil fuels. This DOE project aims to develop advanced hybrid nanomaterials consisting of semiconductor nanoparticles (quantum dots or QDs) supported on graphene for cost-effective solar cells with improved conversion efficiency for harvesting abundant, renewable, clean solar energy to relieve our global energy challenge. Expected outcomes of the project include new methods for low-cost manufacturing of hybrid nanostructures, systematic understanding of their properties that can be tailored for desired applications, and novel photovoltaic cells. Through this project, we have successfully synthesized a number of novel nanomaterials, including vertically-oriented graphene (VG) sheets, three-dimensional (3D) carbon nanostructures comprising few-layer graphene (FLG) sheets inherently connected with CNTs through sp{sup 2} carbons, crumpled graphene (CG)-nanocrystal hybrids, CdSe nanoparticles (NPs), CdS NPs, nanohybrids of metal nitride decorated on nitrogen-doped graphene (NG), QD-carbon nanotube (CNT) and QD-VG-CNT structures, TiO{sub 2}-CdS NPs, and reduced graphene oxide (RGO)-SnO{sub 2} NPs. We further assembled CdSe NPs onto graphene sheets and investigated physical and electronic interactions between CdSe NPs and the graphene. Finally we have demonstrated various applications of these nanomaterials in solar cells (both as photoanodes and counter electrodes), gas sensors, and energy storage devices. This research is potentially transformative since the availability of affordable hybrid nanostructures and their fundamental properties will enable various innovative applications of the multifunctional hybrid nanostructures and thus will accelerate new discoveries and inventions in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

  19. In situ radiation measurements at the former Soviet Nuclear Test Site

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Tipton, W.J.


    A team from the Remote Sensing Laboratory conducted a series of in situ radiological measurements at the former Soviet Nuclear Test Site near Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan, during the period of July 21-30, 1994. The survey team measured the terrestrial gamma radiation at selected areas on the site to determine the levels of natural and man-made radiation. The survey was part of a cooperative effort between the United States team and teams of radiation scientists from the National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia. In addition to in situ radiation measurements made by the United States and Russian teams, soil samples were collected and analyzed by the Russian and Kazakhstani teams. All teams conducted their measurements at ten locations within the test site. The United States team also made a number of additional measurements to locate and verify the positions of three potential fallout plumes containing plutonium contamination from nonnuclear tests. In addition, the United States team made several measurements in Kurchatov City, the housing area used by personnel and their families who work(ed) at the test sites. Comparisons between the United States and Russian in situ measurements and the soil sample results are presented as well as comparisons with a Soviet aerial survey conducted in 1990-1991. The agreement between the different types of measurements made by all three countries was quite good.

  20. Systematic Approach to Better Understanding Integration Costs: Preprint

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Stark, Gregory B.


    When someone mentions integration costs, thoughts of the costs of integrating renewable generation into an existing system come to mind. We think about how variability and uncertainty can increase power system cycling costs as increasing amounts of wind or solar generation are incorporated into the generation mix. However, seldom do we think about what happens to system costs when new baseload generation is added to an existing system or when generation self-schedules. What happens when a highly flexible combined-cycle plant is added? Do system costs go up, or do they go down? Are other, non-cycling, maintenance costs impacted? In this paper we investigate six technologies and operating practices--including VG, baseload generation, generation mix, gas prices, self-scheduling, and fast-start generation--and how changes in these areas can impact a system's operating costs. This paper provides a working definition of integration costs and four components of variable costs. It describes the study approach and how a production cost modeling-based method was used to determine the cost effects, and, as a part of the study approach section, it describes the test system and data used for the comparisons. Finally, it presents the research findings, and, in closing, suggests three areas for future work.

  1. Study of fractionation of refrigerant blends in contact with lubricants and measurement of the solubility, density, and viscosity

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Cavestri, R.C.; Falconi, E.A.


    The fractionation of two refrigerant blends was studied using the gas equilibrium method. The amount of fractionation was measured by maintaining a constant composition of the refrigerant gas vapor over the lubricant, which was equal in composition to the liquid refrigerant gas blend introduced into the viscometer. Specifically, the concentration of the dissolved refrigerant gas in the lubricant ranges from 0.6% to 78% by weight in the specified temperature range of {minus}25 C to 125 C and within the highest test pressure of 500 psia (3.45 MPa). The polyolester chosen for this study was a 32 ISO VG complex branched acid pentaerythritol product. Smoothed graphical data presented were obtained from individual isothermal measurements. These individual isothermal measurement temperatures detail the composition of the equilibrium gas fractionation of R-32 and R-134a in the lubricant, mixed vapor pressure, concentration of the total mixed blend as percent by weight in the lubricant and viscosity in centipoise (cP) and centistokes (cSt). The raw data are presented in a smoothed graphical form based on a fixed vapor composition.

  2. Certain aspects of shear stresses in tapered cantilever beams as revealed through photoelasticity 

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Perry, John Vivian


    ~p~ + Yg JpJg)6 +P) + Ah o ~~gg~r~o ~ooy Cm) 8 Smaze FZFwrZnr7 dpcvpnp or ~ ~wSF/C' ~ooy cohFgws peur s g 8A'/sr g QT pp' oA' g+~ p' &g/s o+ &h4 I gP I 6'+o4 DEFdk'AWE' THF pdw7$ ISSPhtd AS/TAWS Jf 7 0/ A Q AAfo c' +Fsp~7/k wc y~ o ' APE/wc& r...-?-~~~) P' s p/vg ~ ( Op -~Pp) r ore mum's ZnW~rz srWArM i 4d& &WC+ g~ %jag p a( ( ) 8$ rNb w 7+F cpn/pg Fr gA' r1 y Eg 4rgTlp A/ = ~ L~ ? e(c ~ -?~~) ~ ?, (g mc?)7 rr 8 w~ ~I 9p 8p L~g 2 p~& p Hl/w~j ~& 3 ('~ ~~)~ 8 (' ~~) / ) 8g + dr PF4Fn...

  3. Probing the Geometry and Interconnectivity of Pores in Organic Aerogels Using Hyperpolarized 129Xe NMR Spectroscopy

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Moudrakovski, Igor L.; Wang, Li Q.; Baumann, T.; Satcher, J. H.; Exarhos, Gregory J.; Ratcliffe, C. I.; Ripmeester, J. A.


    Aerogels represent a class of novel open-pore materials with high surface area and nanometer pore sizes. They exhibit extremely low mass densities, low thermal conductivity, good acoustic insulation, and low dielectric constants. These materials have potential applications in catalysis, advanced separation techniques, energy storage, environmental remediation, and as insulating materials. Organic aerogels are stiffer and stronger than silica aerogels and are better insulators with higher thermal resistance. Resorcinol-Formaldehyde (RF) aerogels are typically prepared through the base-catalyzed sol-gel polymerization of resorcinol with formaldehyde in aqueous solution to produce gels, which are then dried in supercritical CO2.1,2 The [resorcinol]/ [catalyst] (R/C) ratio of the starting sol-gel solution has been determined to be the dominant factor that affects the properties of RF aerogels. Since the unique microstructures of aerogels are responsible for their unusual properties, characterizing the detailed porous structures and correlating them with the processing parameters are vital to establish rational design principles for novel organic aerogels with tailored properties. In this communication we report the first use of hyperpolarized (HP) 129Xe NMR to probe the geometry and interconnectivity of pores in RF aerogels and to correlate these with synthetic conditions. Our work demonstrates that HP 129Xe NMR is so far the only method for accurately measuring the free volume-to-surface-area (Vg/S) ratios for soft mesoporous materials without using any geometric models.

  4. Abundances for p-process nucleosynthesis

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    De Laeter, John R.


    An important constraint in developing models of p-process nucleosynthesis is that the abundances of many of the p-process nuclides are not well known. A recent review of the p-process has identified six p-process nuclides that are of particular significance to p-process theorists [M. Arnould and S. Goriely, Phys. Rep. 384, 1 (2003)]. These nuclides are {sup 92,94}Mo, {sup 96,98}Ru, {sup 138}La, and {sup 180}Ta{sup m}. The absence of accurate abundances for these isotopes is due to the fact that the isotopic composition of the elements concerned have not been corrected for isotope fractionation induced by the thermal ionization mass spectrometric instruments used to measure them. To remedy this deficiency, a VG 354 mass spectrometer was calibrated using gravimetric mixtures of enriched isotopes to enable the absolute isotopic compositions of these elements to be obtained. Although the isotopic abundances of {sup 92,94}Mo, {sup 138}La, and {sup 180}Ta{sup m} have previously been reported, the absolute abundances of {sup 96,98}Ru are reported for the first time in this article, with a significant reduction in the magnitude of the values as compared to existing abundances.