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Office of Legacy Management (LM)

RADIoLOGICALsURvEY RADIoLOGICALsURvEY AT 1411 CENTRAL AVENUE DETROIT, MICHIGAN Prepared by M.R. LANDIS Environmental Survey and Site Assessment Program Energy/Environment Systems Division Oak Ridge Associated Universities Oak Ridge, TN 37831-0117 Project Staff J.D. Berger H.J. Laudeman C.H. Searcy T.J. Sowell D.A. Gibson E.A. Powell S.M. Shanmugan C.F. Weaver Prepared for U.S. Department of Energy as part of the Formerly Utilized Sites - Remedial Action Program FINAL REPORT FEBRUARY 1990 This report is based on work performed under contract number DE-AC05-760R00033 with the U.S. Department of Energy. TABLE OF CONTENTS ListofFigures .......................... List of Tables. ........................... Introduction ............................ Facility Description. ........................


Hadronic contributions to the muon anomalous magnetic moment Workshop. $(g-2)_?$: Quo vadis? Workshop. Mini proceedings  

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We present the mini-proceedings of the workshops Hadronic contributions to the muon anomalous magnetic moment: strategies for improvements of the accuracy of the theoretical prediction and $(g-2)_{\\mu}$: Quo vadis?, both held in Mainz from April 1$^{\\rm rst}$ to 5$^{\\rm th}$ and from April 7$^{\\rm th}$ to 10$^{\\rm th}$, 2014, respectively.

Maurice Benayoun; Johan Bijnens; Tom Blum; Irinel Caprini; Gilberto Colangelo; Henryk Czy?; Achim Denig; Cesareo A. Dominguez; Simon Eidelman; Christian S. Fischer; Paolo Gauzzi; Yuping Guo; Andreas Hafner; Masashi Hayakawa; Gregorio Herdoiza; Martin Hoferichter; Guangshun Huang; Karl Jansen; Fred Jegerlehner; Benedikt Kloss; Bastian Kubis; Zhiqing Liu; William Marciano; Pere Masjuan; Harvey B. Meyer; Tsutomu Mibe; Andreas Nyffeler; Vladimir Pascalutsa; Vladyslav Pauk; Michael R. Pennington; Santiago Peris; Christoph F. Redmer; Pablo Sanchez-Puertas; Boris Shwartz; Evgeny Solodov; Dominik Stoeckinger; Thomas Teubner; Marc Unverzagt; Marc Vanderhaeghen; Magnus Wolke



Quo Vadis Quantum Mechanics?  

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Quantum mechanics is one of the most successful theoretical structures in all of science. Developed between 1925-26 to explain the optical spectrum of atoms, the theory over the succeeding 80 years has been extended, first to quantum field theories, gauge field theories, and now even string theory. It is used every day by thousands of physicists to calculate physical phenomena to exquisite precision, with no ambiguity in the results. To claim that this is a theory which is not understood by those physicists is absurd. And yet, as eminent a physicist as Richard Feynman, who did as much as anyone else to extend quantum theory to field theories and was a master at producing those exquisite calculations, could say that anyone who claimed they understood quantum theory clearly did not understand quantum theory. One hundred years ago Einstein postulated one of the most unsettling features of the theory, the wave-particle duality, with his particulate explanation for light of the photoelectric effect, and an explanation which was in direct conflict with Maxwell's brilliant development of a wave, or field, theory of light. Einstein believed that the particulate nature would ultimately be explainable by some sort of non-linear theory of electromagnetism, and was outraged by the acceptance of the community of the probabilistic quantum theory. His programme was of course dealt a (near?) fatal blow by Bell's discovery that the three desiderata - a theory which agrees with experiment, a theory which is local in its effects, and a theory in which nature, at its heart, is not probabilistic - are incompatible. That discomfort felt by Einstein and by Feynman is felt by numerous other people as well. This discomfort is heightened by the fact that the theory of gravity, another of Einstein's great achievements, has resisted all efforts at reconciliation with quantum mechanics. This book explores that discomfort, and tries to pin down what the locus of that discomfort is. For many, the locus is in the probabilistic nature at the heart of the theory. Nature should surely, at some fundamental level, know what it is doing. The photon, despite our inability to measure it, should know where it is and how fast it is going. The papers by t'Hooft, Hiley, and Smolin fall into this camp. Some suspect that the macroscopic world of our immediate sense experiences, and the microscopic world of quantum phenomena, are genuinely different, that the fundamental conceptual nature of physics changes from one to the other, with some unknown boundary between them. Penrose, in his preface alludes to his speculations on this, as does Leggett to his own speculations in his paper. And a number of articles (e.g., by Hartle, Rovelli, and others) opine that if only everyone looked at quantum mechanics in the right way (their way), it would lose its mystery, and be as natural as Newton's world view. (I myself tend to this position, which is however somewhat tempered by the realization that the clarity and naturalness of my viewpoint is not shared by the others who believe equally firmly in their own natural, clear, but radically different, viewpoint). A number of articles simply examine the counterintuitive nature of quantum theory in general, using it to make sense of time travel (Greenberger and Svozil) and demonstrating the unusual features of induction about the past from present observations within quantum theory (Aharonov and Dolev). The book is not free from rather overblown titles (e.g., 'Liberation and Purification from Classical Prejudice', or 'A Quantum Theory of the Human Person') but those articles nevertheless contain at least amusing speculations. In quantum gravity, the incompatibilities between the two masterstrokes of the twentieth century are highlighted. There is a strong suspicion amongst many in this field that progress in understanding quantum gravity demands a deeper understanding of the great mystery of quantum theory which this book explores. This book is a useful and, at times, fascinating introduction to the flounderings which are taking pla

W G Unruh



Beam-Foil Spectroscopy - Quo Vadis?  

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Beam-foil spectroscopy after 45 years: what has been realized of the promises, what is the state of the art, what is the status of the field, what present atomic physics problems should the technique be applied to, where can it be done? Will it be done? Beam-foil spectroscopy and its sibling techniques have been outstandingly productive tools of atomic physics, providing both important data and insight. For some forty years, the developments have led to improvements in working range and reliability, and catalogues of desirable further measurements can be formulated. However, most of the key persons who have carried out and directed much of the development effort are nearing retirement, and with them the leading facilities. it is thus not likely that many of the desirable BFS projects discussed will presently be pursued. High-Z element, high-charge state spectroscopy and some specific long-lived level lifetime measurements will, however, be taken over by electron beam ion traps, and heavy-ion storage rings will contribute some important benchmark measurements on electric-dipole forbidden or hyperfine-induced transitions. Beam-foil spectroscopy can still be expected to solve a number of interesting atomic physics questions, but as a technique, at present, it has dropped from fashion and support.

Trabert, E



An MPD Code with Anomalous Transport , E.Y. Choueiri  

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resistivity and ion heating rate models derived by Choueiri[1] based on the non-linear saturation of the lower electromagnetic stream function k Boltzmann's constant, heat transfer coefficient m mass e elementary charge µo

Choueiri, Edgar


The Biology of Chameleons Edited by Krystal a. tollEy and anthony hErrEl  

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Anthony Herrel 3.1 Neurophysiology 57 3.2 Muscle Physiology 59 3.3 Metabolism, Salt, and Water Balance 60 5 4 3 2 1 The paper used in this publication meets the minimum requirements of ansi/niso Z39

Anderson, Christopher V.


Inclusive Jet Production in ?p and ?? Processes: Direct and Resolved Photon Cross Sections in Next-To-Leading Order QCD  

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The production of jets in low Q 2 ep scattering (photoproduction) and in low Q 2 ey + ey ? scatterin...

M. Klasen; T. Kleinwort; G. Kramer



Adamic, L and Glance, N. 2005. e Political Blogosphere and the 2004 US Election: Divided ey Blog, Proceedings of the 3rd international workshop on Link discovery  

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Disagreement is Good for Democratic Deliberation? e CaliforniaSpeaks Health Care Reform Experiment. Working

Munson, Sean A.


FNAL Users Meeting ...  

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Morgan Wascko 3 June, 2004 LSU Slide 1 Quo Vadis, MiniBooNE? Context oscillation landscape LSND Implications What if the signal is confirmed? Latest MiniBooNE news Beam and...


E-mail: {vanno,k-hase,ki}@cvl.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp 5pBgJ*BN$N3 !857Au7WB,$G$O!$%/%l!%s$d%X%j%3%W%?Ey$rMxMQ$7$?6uCf$+$i$N%9%-%c%s$,8z2LE*$JJK!$N1 $D$H  

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%s%H$J$IB?$/$NJ,Ln$GI,MW$H$5$l!$$^$?GH5Z8z2L$,4-- BT$G$-$k!% $=$NCf$G$b!$5pBgJ82=0d;:$N%b%G%k%j%s%0$O$b$C$H$b =EMW$G!$Jq3g!%$^$:!$%b%G%k2=$r$*$3$J$&$3$H $G!$J82=0d;:$N7A¿u$r%G%8%?%k2=$5$l$?%G!¡%?$H$7$F!$ %"!¡%+%$%V2=$9$k$3$H

Tokyo, University of



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Vadis" by Robert B. Bradford 45 "Fifty Years of Energy Development in Southern California" by William R, atomic energy planning, and research and de- velopment. He is presently a Consultant for Edison and other on Professional Ethics, Committee on Board Organization, and National Director, District 11t ASCE. He was elected

Stenstrom, Michael K.


Tutorial Counting and Tracking -Useful Examples from Digital Image Processing  

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Jakob Søndergaard Jensen, DTU, Lyngby 45 15 16 -17 Optimal Reactor Concepts for Plantwide Process -17 Quo Vadis EAM 30 00 17 -19 Dinner 00 45 19 -19 Multi-scale Optimization for Integrated Design 30 00 15 -16 Coffee Break Focal Topic IV Optimization of Periodic Structures Carolin Körner, E

Sanderson, Yasmine



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Apr 29, 1994 ... Ocean Sciences, University of Wales at Bangor, Menai Bridge,. Gwynedd LL59 5EY ... gratory to a migratory mode very quickly (h) upon.


Download Full-text PDF  

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School of Ocean Sciences, University of Wales Bangor, LL595EY Menai Bridge, U.K.. Carlos M. .... h, collecting samples for dissolved oxygen and DOC at the.



Graduation Day  

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Graduation Day Tevatron Impact Symposium Keynote Lisa Randall Graduation * graduation * graj-oo-ey-shuhn * noun 1. an act of graduating; the state of being graduated. * 2....



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Dec 18, 1979 ... IBP Handbook 17. Blackwell. SILVER ... Handbook 23. Blackwell. WEBSTER ... ed by DOE contract EY-76-S-20-3278. Stross and Pemrick...



DEPARTMENT OF STATISTICS University of Wisconsin  

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University of Wisconsin, Madison Grace Wahba1 Department of Statistics, Department of Computer Sciences in part by NIH Grant EY09946, NSF Grant DMS-0604572, NSF Grant DMS-0906818 and ONR Grant N0014-09-1-0655. 2 Supported in part by NIH Grant EY06594, and by the Research to Prevent Blindness Senior Scientific

Liblit, Ben


Curriculum Vitae Assistant Professor  

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.S., Chemical Engineering, 2001 Thesis Advisors: Theodore W. Randolph and John F. Carpenter Thesis: Protein, University of California at Berkeley (1994 -1998) PUBLICATIONS 1. EY Chi, SL Frey, J Majewski, K Kjaer, KYC containing ganglioside GM1, manuscript in preparation 2. EY Chi, A Winans, SL Frey, J Majewski, G Wu, K Kjaer

Lee, Ka Yee C.


NEWS & VIEWS 516 nature physics | VOL 4 | JULY 2008 | www.nature.com/naturephysics  

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theoretical efforts have produced algorithms that harness the potential power of quantum computing1 . Despite 0Ey E Figure 1 the attosecond stopwatch. a, temporal evolution of the electrical-field vector, electric field E(t ) = Ex 2 (t) + Ey 2 (t) of the laser pulse. c, principle of attosecond angular streaking

Loss, Daniel


Conserved role for the Dachshund protein with Drosophila Pax6 homolog Eyeless in insulin expression  

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...UAS-mCD8-GFP, UAS-Dcr-2, ey 2 , ey R (from Bloomington Stock Center). Details...1300 . 7 Rulifson EJ Kim SK Nusse R ( 2002 ) Ablation of insulin-producing neurons...1662 1673 . 16 Ashery-Padan R ( 2004 ) Conditional inactivation of...Rev Genet 2 : 846 857 . 19 Pappu KS Mardon G ( 2004 ) Genetic control...

Naoki Okamoto; Yuka Nishimori; Takashi Nishimura


Note: This page contains sample records for the topic "vadis stanl ey" from the National Library of EnergyBeta (NLEBeta).
While these samples are representative of the content of NLEBeta,
they are not comprehensive nor are they the most current set.
We encourage you to perform a real-time search of NLEBeta
to obtain the most current and comprehensive results.


Wall-plug (AC) power consumption of a very high energy e+/e- storage ring collider  

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Estimated AC power consumption ranges from ~280 MW (1) to 416 MW (2) for a 350 GeV E_cm 80 km circumference colliding beam storage ring complex with parameters given in (1). The difference between the two estimates is from differing assumptions concerning heat removal, cryo-plant efficiency, klystron operation etc. The purpose of this note is to list and explain these. (1) Mike Koratzinos, et al, IPAC13 (2) Marc Ross, Higgs Quo Vadis Workshop, March 2013.

Ross, Marc C



Scenario Planning for Southern Company Renewable Energy Research and Innovation at the Erb Institute  

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of the Smart Grid for Vermont Energy Investment Corporation. Written for electric utilities, legislators and environmen- tal sectors. EmIlIA SIBlEy (Erb `14) will work on solar photovoltaics for commercial rooftops structures for solar

Edwards, Paul N.


Mehryar Mohri Speech Recognition  

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.105 4dance:D/0.162 8data:D/0.693 12 data:D/0.693 16 date:D/0.162 19 day:D/0.105 2eps:r/0 5eps:ae/0 9 eps:ae/0 13 eps:ey/0 17 eps:ey/0 20/0 eps:ey/0 3/0eps:ey/0 6eps:n/0 7/0eps:s/0 10 eps:T/0 11/0 eps:ax/0 14 eps:T/0 15/0 eps:ax/0 18/0 eps:T/0 Figure 1: Pronounciation transducer. B. Weighted Grammars Here

Mohri, Mehryar


Modeling the resolution of inexpensive, novel non-seismic geophysical monitoring tools to monitor CO2 injection into coal beds  

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of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects showed them to bestudy of proposed CO 2 EOR/sequestration of the SchraderAbbreviations CBM CO 2 Ex Ey EM EOR Im ?Gal NIST Re Rx S Tx

Gasperikova, E.



E-Print Network 3.0 - astrograph catalog ucac3 Sample Search...  

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to possible systematic errors). Analysis of systematic... of six constant was used for reduction. Error unit of weight (Ex(1),Ey(1)) is 120 to 180 mas. ... Source: Ecole...


BPA-2011-01257-FOIA Request  

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RECEWV EY BPA FOIA O> TH DATE: DUE DATE: (0q I LOG F 06012011 03:41 206-285-1099 PAGE 01 COLUMBIA RESEARCH CORPORATION P. O- Box 99249 * Seattle, Washington 98139 * Phone...


Harvey Wasserman! Large Scale Computing and Storage Requirements...  

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a nd reach a greement o n k ey fi ndings Expectations: Final Report * Final r eports f rom 2 009---2011 w orkshops ( Target: 2014) on web - h%p:www.nersc.govscience...


Distributionally Robust Convex Optimization - Optimization Online  

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1Imperial College Business School, Imperial College London, United Kingdom. 2College .... to biased optimization results with poor out-of-sample performance. ...... Question. Is there a vector y ? {0,1}. P such that Ey ? f and g y ? ?? ...... (



A review of "The Life of Anthony Wood In His Own Words" edited by Nicholas Kiessling  

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of Edward Hyde, #14;rst Earl of Clarendon. ey were a ?third defence of his life,? Kiessling claims, having the same purpose as the published note ?To the Reader? inserted into copies of Athenae , and A Vindication of the Historiographer... of Edward Hyde, #14;rst Earl of Clarendon. ey were a ?third defence of his life,? Kiessling claims, having the same purpose as the published note ?To the Reader? inserted into copies of Athenae , and A Vindication of the Historiographer...

Paleit, Edward



Bayesian Inference for the Causal Effect of M. J. Daniels  

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)). The natural direct effect is defined by NDE = E(Y1,M0 - Y0,M0 ). This quantifies the effect - NDE = E(Y1,M1 - Y1,M0 ). Alternatively, one can define the controlled direct effect of the mediator is redundant (Imai et al. 2010). Here, the proposed TE is 3 + 2, the NDE effect is 3 and the NIE is 2

Daniels, Michael J.


(M, L) C h : M M L(hv) = L(v), v TpM (p M)  

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.t. Inon t = dI d = 0. Inon n M = R3n mi ri R3 (i = 1, 2, . . . , n) L = T - U, T n i=1 mi 2 ri, ri, U U(r), r (r1, r2, . . . , rn). ri L(ri, ri) = n i=1 mi ri x, y, z ex, ey, ez R3 ri = xiex + yiey(ri) ds s=0 = n i=1 mi ri, ex = n i=1 mi xi Px. x x hs : ri xiex + (yi cos s - zi sin s)ey + (yi sin

Ishii, Hitoshi


Microsoft Word - DE-AC26-99BC15210 Final Report.doc  

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Augmenting a Microbial Selective Plugging Technique with Polymer Augmenting a Microbial Selective Plugging Technique with Polymer Flooding to Increase the Efficiency of Oil Recovery -A Search for Synergy Final Report Project Start Date: 1 June 1999 Project End Date: 31 May 2002 By Lewis R. Brown Charles U. Pittman, Jr. F. Leo Lynch A. Alex Vadie W. Todd French June 2002 DE-AC26-99BC15210 Prepared by Mississippi State University P.O. Drawer GY Mississippi State, Mississippi 39762 ii DISCLAIMER This report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by an agency of the United States Government. Neither the United States Government nor any agency thereof, nor any of their employees, make any warrant, expressed or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe privately


More Missions, More Myths Issue 3  

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. The two 'lulcans ?laced their hands on eac.~ other's faces and locked mir.ds. For a mcment t..1.ey concentrated, then started. Both pairs of eyes O'pened simultaneously. Their ?Upils '..;ere dilated in fear. '!'he strange Spcc.tc staggered backward...

Multiple Contributors



Financing Sustainable EnergyFinancing Sustainable Energy City of Berkeley  

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directly with solar installer P R i tProgram Requirements ­ California Solar Initiative Rebate requirementq Smart Solar Programg Berkeley FIRST ­ solar financinge e ey S so a a c g #12;Berkeley Solar #12;Solar Goals for 2020 Solar PV & thermal to meet 11% of the GHG Reduction Goal in Climate Action Plan

Kammen, Daniel M.


Small-vocabulary speech recognition using surface electromyography  

Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

......firefighting turnout jacket, a fire-retardant hood, and a Survivair Panther SCBA unit as shown in Fig. 1. The SCBA was pressurized per...Consonants Words ax ago b big ay bite ch chin uh book k cut aa car d dig ah cut f fork ey day zh genre ao dog g gut iy feel hh......

Bradley J. Betts; Kim Binsted; Charles Jorgensen



Collier, K.J., B.D. Clarkson, B.M.T.A. Aldridge, and B.J. Hicks. 2008. Can urban streams be restored? Linking vegetation restoration with urban  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

be restored? Linking vegetation restoration with urban stormwater mitigation. Proceedings of the NZWWA.collier@ew.govt.nz ABSTRACT Urban streams globally are characterised by degraded habitat conditions and low aquatic comprehensive fishing surv ey of the City's streams. Brenda is currently employed as an Environmental Consultant

Waikato, University of


Novel Adeno-Associated Virus Serotypes Efficiently Transduce Murine Photoreceptors  

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...ocular albinism (52), and RP and LCA due to MERTK and RPE65 gene deficiencies...mutations in the RPE65 gene, a model of LCA (1, 2, 32a,35, 39). RPE65 gene...1R01EY015136-01, and the Italian Ministry of Agriculture grant D.M.589/7303/04. REFERENCES...

Mariacarmela Allocca; Claudio Mussolino; Maria Garcia-Hoyos; Daniela Sanges; Carolina Iodice; Marco Petrillo; Luk H. Vandenberghe; James M. Wilson; Valeria Marigo; Enrico M. Surace; Alberto Auricchio



Generalized Linear Modeling (GLM) Approach to Stochastic Weather Generators RICHARD W. KATZ Institute for Study of Society and Environment, NCAR, rwk@ucar.edu EVA M. FURRER Institute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences, NCAR, eva@ucar.edu  

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) with a transformed conditional mean expressed as a linear function of covariates X1,...,Xp: g E(Y |X1,...,Xp) = 0 +1X. · Markov chain assumption for precipitation occurrence, Jt = 1 if tth day wet, Jt = 0 if tth day dry variables: (Chandler WRR 2002, Env 2005) · Includes geophysical covariates (e.g., NAO) to Stern & Coe-type

Katz, Richard


public EvEnts APRIL to JuLy 2011  

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Ey (bEc (socsc) '01) Head of Sustainability and Responsible Investment at Colonial First State When 14 Hans C Freeman lecture 15 Sydney Science Forums 16 Architecture, Design and Planning 18 university sustainability. NB: this lecture commences at 5.30pm. sydney.edu.au/china_studies_centre tuesday 29 March Theatre

Du, Jie


Renaissance-Variables, symbols and curves Key philosophical changes: Descartes "Cogito ergo sum"  

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, awareness of importance of variables. Read 94 · Vi´ete (1540-1603) used consonants for constant and vowels. For example ax2 + bxy + cy2 + dx + ey = 0 is a conic section, and depending of parameters an ellipse

Junge, Marius

Note: This page contains sample records for the topic "vadis stanl ey" from the National Library of EnergyBeta (NLEBeta).
While these samples are representative of the content of NLEBeta,
they are not comprehensive nor are they the most current set.
We encourage you to perform a real-time search of NLEBeta
to obtain the most current and comprehensive results.


CPM's 20th Anniversary: A Statistical Retrospective Elena Yavorska Harris1  

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CPM's 20th Anniversary: A Statistical Retrospective Elena Yavorska Harris1 , Thierry Lecroq2, Lille and J.-V.Poncelet Lab, Moscow) and INRIA Lille ­ Nord Europe 1 Introduction This year the Annual, pp. 1­11, 2009. c Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2009 #12;2 E.Y. Harris et al. Table 1. Locations

Lonardi, Stefano


The Oculomotor System of Decapod Cephalopods: Eye Muscles, Eye Muscle Nerves, and the Oculomotor Neurons in the Central Nervous System  

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...brachio-palliovisceral connective and run perhaps as far as the palliovisceral lobe. | Marine Biomedical Institute, Galveston, Texas. | Journal Article Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't Research Support, U.S. Gov't, P.H.S. | EY...



FirstOrder CarnegieMellon  

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the order of universal quantifiers does not change the meaning: (Ax)(Ay)P(x,y) is logically equivalent of universals and existentials does change meaning: -- Everyone likes someone: (Ax)(Ey)likes(x,y) -- SomeoneFirst­Order Logic (FOL) aka. predicate calculus Tuomas Sandholm CarnegieMellon University Computer

Sandholm, Tuomas W.


Limits to Value in Electronic Commerce-Related IT Investments  

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This paper extends the limits-to-value model of Davern and Kauffman to explore market and process-level factors that impact value flows to firms for their information technology (IT) investments. We characterize IT value in terms of potential value and ... Keywords: Business Value Case Study Corporate Travel Industry Ey Words And Phrases Conversion Barriers Electronic Commerce Information Technology Investments Valuation Barriers

Alina M. Chircu; Robert J. Kauffman



Energy Resources Available to the United States, 1985 to 2000  

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...a point, we can substitute mon-ey in the...4 a ton, and natural gas at /$0.16 a...world petroleum and gas produc-tion has...Btu's); and Syngas he United States...Btu's. Alaskan natural gas will cost $4 to...

Earl T. Hayes



Preparation of Narrow Size Distribution Silica Particles Using Microemulsions  

Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

Departament de Tecnologia de Tensioactius, CID/CSIC, Jordi Girona, 18-26, 08034 Barcelona, Spain, and Zeneca Agrochemicals, Jealott's Hill Research Station, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 6EY, U.K. ... The most appropriate compositions for sols (when individual particles could be obtained), are those with a composition below 2.5 wt % of water or below 7 wt % of TEOS. ...

J. Esquena; Th. F. Tadros; K. Kostarelos; C. Solans



S. H. Kim  

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AT EX 2.00 AND BY 2. 00 HORIZONTAL AXiS:BX, VERTICAL AXIS:EV PLOT IS NORMALIZED WITH 4PIE*PIE*EX*EY 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 11J 11 12 13 14 i5 i6 17 18 19 20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12...


High order Magnus methods for the numerical solution of the Sturm-Liouville  

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the physics of a vibrating elastic string. · Eigenvalues: Ek = (k + 1)2, k = 0, 1, 2, . . . . · Eigenfunctions has exactly k zeros on (a, b). · A higher eigenfunction is oscillating `more rapidly' than a lower eigenfunction. #12;Oscillatory character of the eigenfunctions Harmonic oscillator y = (x2 - E)y, Ek = 2k + 1

Ledoux, Veerle


K DOE/ER/72018~9  

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.^ay^4l.« XlUU..,^!^.:.^ .^ay^4l.« XlUU..,^!^.:.^ K DOE/ER/72018~9 DE92 007472 Ninth Progress Report for the Division of Basic Energy Sciences Department of Energy, Contract DOE EY 76-S-03-0034, P.A. 218 (includes results of the last three years) MULTIHETEROMACROCYCLES THAT COMPLEX METAL IONS PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: INSTITUTIONAL AFFILIATION: REPORTING PERIOD: DATE OF THIS REPORT: Donald J. Cram, Professor of Chemistry Department of Chemistry University of California at Los Angeles 405 Hilgard Avenue Los Angeles, California 90024 1 May 1980-30 April 1983 15 September 1982 Prepared for the Department of Energy, Division of Basic Energy Sciences, under Contract No. DOE EY 76 5 03 0Q3/I, P.A. 218, A^^S '7Ce/K 'i^c:,f 5?, DISTRlBUTIOfSi OF THIS DOCUMENT \B UNuiMiTED DISCLAIMER



Office of Legacy Management (LM)

F F O R THE NEVADA TEST SITE ' i A N D OTHER TEST AREAS USED FOR UNDERGROUND NUCLEAR DETONATIONS January through December 1978 Nuclear Radiation Assessment D i v i s i o n Environmental Monitoring Systems Laboratory U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY Las Vegas, Nevada 89114 October 1979 This work performed under a Memorandum o f Understanding No. EY-76-A-08-0539 for t h e U.S. DEPARTMENT O F ENERGY OFF-SITE ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING REPORT F O R THE NEVADA TEST SITE A N D OTHER TEST AREAS USED F O R UNDERGROUND NUCLEAR DETONATIONS January through December 1978 by R. F. Grossman Nuclear Radi a t i o n Assessment D i v i s i o n Environmental Monitoring Systems Laboratory U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY Las Vegas, Nevada 89114 This work performed under a Memorandum o f Understanding No. EY-76-A-08-0539


Ooe/^g Progress Report  

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Ooe/^g Ooe/^g Progress Report Department of Energy EY-76-S-03-0034 DOE/ER/70126-Tl DE87 007544 IfL 7^^-^^ RESEARCH IN CHEMICAL KINETICS DeparLuicuL ul CliemisLiy University of California Irvine, California 92717 Progress Report on work carried out during the contract period from: January 1, 1978 - September 30, 1978 PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR F. S. Rowland A44Srf ^ DISTnSLTiOfi n^ '^V< r ' r.rk^ !' J':";.']lfE5 » Progress Report Contract No. EY-76-S-03-003A, P. A. #126 "Research in Chemical Kinetics" F. S. Rowland, Principal Investigator Stratospheric Chemistry of Chlorinated Molecules 1 Atmospheric Chemistry of Methane 17 Atmospheric Chemistry of Cosmogenic Tritium ^9 Reactions of Energetic and Thermal Radioactive Atoms 21 18 A. Atomic F Chemistry 21


Effects of implantation of Synovex (progesterone-estradiol) and castration in Holstein and Brown Swiss bull calves for beef production  

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~ caLG care+". ~iaa Be~a~ . ". a ~mLL~;~ii Uhoy' SaLCQ GLoaLakma phmp5ace A~~ZQ==' Za& ~~ ee e~W chic. "~ ~ eaa eaaeecbsd a@8 Rent FG~ eel @4PgelN4'aoL sc&mmcaLll' aa ecgisLhLc4 Haal@sssmaca. II@ -':~~ w4~ and 4ia@e- ~ eel 44~XRy -- whee eiii4...~~~~~ QF XL~%M'~JISM GP GV~i: ~ (K~%'~~HG-8SVRPPEfQ AGO CKS~ZXKl m mmmm . m n'-zz kaae wu. e. ~~ms sm ~ ewm~~ Ey F~QQ de t'A760 ~ L: irk ' 5 ~Qe4 4e Ae skate Oellega et che 'Zemi PAR Snivel, ey 4o ~roast aaaueeac oe m i;~us:. ~re xor...

Vergara, Francisco de Patino



Vibration-Induced E1ectron Ejection in Mo1ec~ula~r P. Acharya, R. Kendall and Jack Simons  

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-l) allow us to estimate that 5-50 photons (or 0.6-6 eY of energy) are absorbed by a typical .anion prior Department of Chemis~ry University of Utah Salt Lake City. Utah' 84112 (~SA) ABSTRACT Ful1y ab initio,ronic motion of molecu1ar anions have been, performed. 'These calcu1ations are aimed at int~rpreting data

Simons, Jack


Rice consumption in China  

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RICE CONSUMPTION IN CHINA A Thesis by JIN LAN Submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies of Texas ASM University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE August 1989 Major Subject: Agricultural... Economics RICE CONSUMPTION IN CHINA A Thesis by JIN LAN Approved as to style and content by: E, We ey F. Peterson (Chair of Committee) James E. Christiansen (Member) Carl Shaf (Member) Daniel I. Padberg (Head of Department) August 1989...

Lan, Jin



Estimation and specification tests of count data recreation demand functions  

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in the truncated and untruncated Poisson models, suggesting that the negative binomial family of distributions are more appropriate models. The results also demonstrate that using the seemingly unrelated Poisson regression estimator with event count data instead...- parameter distribution with mean and variance of Yi equal to Xt. This distribution can be extended to a count regression model by letting the expected count, E(Y; ) =? X&, to vary according to (II. 2) 4 = exp(q'P), where x; and P are, respectively...

Gomez, Irma Adriana



A critical study of the four major novels of William Carlos Williams  

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to Pa an and White Mule. Yet the dialogue is readily distinguishable, and the text progresses smoothly from narration to dialogue to narration, Williams handles characterization in several ways but predominantly through characters' dialogue...), analysis of th" other three novels (Chapter III), and the 1 ' ?. " (Ci ~ i t" I') . ~ vov?~tP *. , +i first novel, is treated separately as it differs considerably in subject matte" from the other three novels. White iijle, In the I'io: ey, and The Huz...

Ottmers, Bette Jan



A study of freeway off-ramp design and operation  

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. Affected Through Versus Non-Affected Through Ve hie les. Raft Versus Non-Affected Through Vehicles . gait Versus Affected Through Vehicles . Qeneral Observations. Acceleration Noise ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 26 30 32 34 36 37 IVo ANALTSIS QF QPP...?ey Pilning Locatioes. 5. Reit 4 (Telephone Off-Reap) . S. Rxit 7 (Myrtle Off Reap) Saainary Of f-Rasp S. Acceleration Noise Locations. 9. Woodridge Of f-gasp. 10. Typical Pr~s Proc yiha Study. 11. Speed Recorder . . ~ . ~ . . ~ . . ~ 12. Vehicle...

Carvell, James Demus



JOURNAL DE PHYSIQUE Colloque C6, suppldment au n06, tome 40, juin 1979, page (26-169 PHOTOPLASTIC EFFECT I N CdTe  

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EFFECT I N CdTe E.Y. ~utmanas" and P. ~aasen'" 'Department of Materials Engineering, Techion t du dopage sur les parametres de l ' e f f e t photoplastique (PPE) ont St6 etudieespour l e CdTe. Un modele de l ' e f f e t PPE du CdTe est discut6. Abstract.- The influence o f p l a s t i c deformation

Boyer, Edmond


Subcellular localisations of the CPTI collection of YFP-tagged proteins in Drosophila embryos  

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the tagged proteins are expressed at endogenous levels, we used spinning disk confocal microscopy coupled with an EM-CCD camera to increase the sensitivity of detection. This paper systematically identifies the subcellular localisation of hundreds... are over eyD. We recorded whether the balancer was still present in 5 all, some or none of the flies: this is shown in Tables S1-4 as the insertion being lethal, viable (floating balancer), or viable, respectively. Embryo collection and imaging...

Lye, Claire M.; Naylor, Huw W.; Sanson, Bndicte



A review of "Ireland and the War at Sea: 1641-1653" by Elaine Murphy  

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450 and 1,900 prizes (Scots and Dutch vessels, as well as primarily English ones), their interest was pro#15;t #15;rst, followed by economically destabilizing their opponents. #14;ey avoided all involvement with military operations. In contrast... of defeating their enemies in Ireland that would be achieved by the implementation of local activities (whether blockading ports, convoying supplies and men, cruising for prizes and privateers, and supporting campaigns ashore). #14;e reliance on privateers...

Furgol, Edward M.


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txH20: Volume 6, Number 3 (Complete)  

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and drought. For example, angelonia, petunia, vinca, ornamental peppers, and blue plumbago are moderately tolerant to salt stress. #29;ey can be safely irrigated with municipal reclaimed water without any foliar damage, although plants would become a li... Dr. Genhua Niu of El Paso is identifying drought, salt, and heat-tolerant landscape plants more suitable for El Paso?s environment in her research. The hot, dry climate and saltier water of El Paso can be a landscaper?s nightmare...

Wythe, Kathy



As the nation's health care system is transformed, the way OHSU educates new health care professionals is changing, too. We are  

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Oregon's future health care workforce excels in this new era. HeAltH refOrm And edUcAtiOn THE fu 0 INTErProfESSIoNAL EDucATIoN IS kEY Health care reform will bring big changes to the systems that provide care. Ore- gon's Coordinated Care Organizations are one example of how health care reform

Chapman, Michael S.


Nutrition for Older Adults.  

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, syrups, hon- ey, fruits and milk. Starches are provided in cereals, flour, potatoes and other vegetables. :3 .. 4 - >- -. : * - . .7? - ' I - - + . :r - A . I; 1 '>- - Cellulose or fiber is a nondigestible carbohy- substitiit88... grain cereals, dried legumes, Med fruits and nuts. There is no reason to add extra fiber to foods unless recommended by your physician. Water is an important part of all body cells. It hetps regulate body temperature and the re- moval of waste...

Sweeten, Mary K.; Ryan-Crowe, V. Cass



Development of high efficiency Versatile Arc Discharge Ion Source at CERN ISOLDE  

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We report here recent developments of Forced Electron Beam Induced Arc Discharge (FEBIAD) ion sources at the ISOLDE radioactive ion beam facility, hosted at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). As a result of the propositions to improve the ionization efficiency, two FEBIAD prototypes have been produced and successfully tested in 2008. Off-line studies showed that the 1+ ionization efficiencies for noble gases are 5-20 times larger than with the standard ISOLDE FEBIAD ion sources and reach 60% for radon, which allowed the identification at ISOLDE of {sup 229}Rn, an isotope that had never previously been observed in the laboratory. A factor of 3 increase is also expected for the ionization efficiency of the other elements. The experimental and theoretical methodology is presented. The theoretical model, which gives precise insights on the processes affecting the ionization, is used to design optimal sources (grouped under the name of VADIS - Versatile Arc Discharge Ion Source) for the different chemical classes of the produced isotopes, as already demonstrated for the noble gases.

Penescu, L.; Catherall, R.; Lettry, J.; Stora, T. [CERN, CH-1211, Geneva 23 (Switzerland)



Brief history for the search and discovery of the Higgs particle - A personal perspective  

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In 1964, a new particle was proposed by several groups to answer the question of where the masses of elementary particles come from; this particle is usually referred to as the Higgs particle or the Higgs boson. In July 2012, this Higgs particle was finally found experimentally, a feat accomplished by the ATLAS Collaboration and the CMS Collaboration using the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. It is the purpose of this review to give my personal perspective on a brief history of the experimental search for this particle since the '80s and finally its discovery in 2012. Besides the early searches, those at the LEP collider at CERN, the Tevatron Collider at Fermilab, and the Large Hadron Collider at CERN are described in some detail. This experimental discovery of the Higgs boson is often considered to be the most important advance in particle physics in the last half a century, and some of the possible implications are briefly discussed. This review is partially based on a talk presented by the author at the conference ``Higgs Quo Vadis,'' Aspen Center for Physics, Aspen, CO, USA, March 10-15, 2013.

Sau Lan Wu




Office of Legacy Management (LM)

MEMORANDUM MEMORANDUM I TO: FILE DATE -----_-_- FaOM: ~~,~hkcid!,~- ' ALTERNATE CITY: I\ptw)a.yk --~---_--___-~--~---______ STATE: I current: ------------_------_-~~~~~ if yes, date contacted ____ TYPE OF OPERATION -_---_---------__ 0 Research & Development 6 Facility Type 0 Production scale testing 0 Pilat Scale 0 Bench Scale Process 0 Theoretical Studies Sample $ rraductian & Analysis a Manufacturing I 0 University I (1 Research Organization 0 Government Sponao&ed Facility 0 Cither I ----e------y-------- 0 Disposal/Storage TYPE OF CONTRACT --~_----~__~~~-- ' 0 Prime q Subcontract& q Purchase Order cl Other informatian (i.e., cost + fixed fee, unit pri'ce, time & material, qtc) ------- --------------------~------ Contract/Purchase Order #


Measurement and modeling thermal conductivity of baked products  

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the intercept with the y-sxis (dp) and the error term (e), and adds variables one at a time until a. stopping criterion is satisfied, 0. 1 6 Q 0. 14 8 3 0. 12 g 0. 10 O V 0. 08 0. 06 + + + +y++++ ++ ~ +est~ ~ 4. + ~ c ~ + ~ f ~f, ?, , ey ~ ~ p... FOR DEPENDENT VARIABLE K STATISTICS FOR ENTRY: STEP 1 DF 1. 80 MODEL VARIABLE TOLERANCE R* 2 F PROB&F W 0 POR 1 0. 0373 3. 0995 1 0. 2539 27. 2194 1 0. 0099 0. 8006 0. 0821 0. 0001 0. 3736 STEP 1 VARIABLE D ENTERED R SQUARE = 0. 25386619 C(P) = 2...

Islas Rubio, Alma Rosa



The effect of age, bird density and dietary phosphorus on the reproductive performance of turkey hens  

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THE EFFECT OF AGE, IIIHD DENSTTY ?YND DlETAPY PHOSPHOR?US ON THE I. FPHODUCTIVE PERI'OR-'44&CE OF TURF?EY HENS A Thesis by Celioa Por!. al Su!&vitted to ti?e Graduate College of Texas &&l! University in partial fr ~ FI1?asent... aa to a & y!; ? &&d ool'&toot b? {C!la' . &". :i OZ Co&BL?(f' toa) '/ ? {". b& r? ABSTRACT The Effect of Age, Bird Density and Dietary Phosphorus on the Reproductive Performance of Turkey kIens. (Nay 1972) Celina Portal, Agriculture Engineer...

Portal, Celina



Studies on harpacticoid copepod populations of two transects across the south Texas outer continental shelf  

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. , xipodopapi'. lus spp. ) at two offshore stat1ons indi- cated t, hat the standard sed1ment analysis procedure that wa ' used probably is not approprial:e for deter;, iining the effective sediirent tex- ture with respect to the meiofauna, Thc large number... re provided by the United Stat s Geological Survey, working independently but. concurrently (Berryhi11, 1976, l977a), In tiie fo'ilowing description of ihe I;ey ervironmental parameters of the study area, much information is drawn from the pub...

Venn, Cynthia



Delamination fracture toughness of a unidirectional graphite/epoxy composite  

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DELAMINATION FRACTURE TOUGHNESS OF A UNIDIRECTIONAL GRAPHITE/EPOXY COMPOS ITE A Thesis by ROY CHARLES HULSEY Submitted to the Graduate College of Texas A8M University in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of MASTER... OF SCIENCE December 1980 Major Subject: Mechanical Engineering DELAMINA. ION FRACTURE TOUGHNESS OF A UNIDIRECTIONAL GRAPHITE/EPOXY COMPOSITE A Thesis by ROY CHARLES HULSEY Approved as to sty1e and content by: +alter L. Brad1ey, C airman TR. A. S p...

Hulsey, Roy Charles



A study of the identification of regions in squall lines where severe storms develop  

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Meteorology Section of the Department of Oceanography and MeteoroloEy is also recognised: Mrs. Shirley W1lson who per- formed some of the drafting; Mrs. Charlotte Brown who plotted the severe weather reports~ and to Mr, &ames Sullivan who per formed...) and 20th Air Division (Defense) whose radar stations exnosed the ori inal films ~ Financial support was made possible by the Air Force under Contract No, AF 19 (60$)-573; and the U. S ~ Weather Bureau under Contract No. Cwb g716. 111 TASL?. QP GO...

Bigler, Stuart G



Determination of the linkage relationships and the gene-centromere genetic distances for endopeptidase structural genes in hexaploid wheat  

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357307 contribute to band 4 Calculation of gene-centromere genet 'c distance for 7BI. using region I (RI) recombinant progeny Genetic distance bet~~een EP-Bly and Ep-Blz and the frequency of region II (RII) cro. over progeny LIST OF FIGURES... ram Phenot e Total ChrolQo some Co~st. it ut ion 42 43 41 41+telo 42+telo 40+telo and/or not ~f ~1* 8 IU VI IX Chromosome ?BL 42. 17 Centromere ~Ey-El Kp-Blz Chromosome 7AL K -Alz 6. 67 3 90 RII ~E-Alx l0. 67 Figure 8. Linkage...

McMillin, David Edwin



Bioavailable organic carbon in wetland soils across a broad climogeographic area  

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for the degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE Approved as to style and content by; David A. Zuberer (Co-Chair of Committee) Larry P. Wilding (Co-Chair of Committee) Thomas W. Boutton (Member) Mark A s ey (Head of Department) May 2002 Major Subject: Soil Science... ABSTRACT Bioavailable Organic Carbon in Wetland Soils Across a Broad Climogeographic Area. (May 2002) Andrew Dwight Baker, B. S. , Texas A&M University Co-Chairs of Advisory Committee. Dr. David A. Zuberer Dr. Larry P. Wilding Soils from a broad...

Baker, Andrew Dwight



PIE inheritance and word-formational innovation in Slavic motion verbs in i  

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chapter 4 PIE inheritance and word-formational innovation in Slavic motion verbs in -i- Marc L. Greenberg University of Kansas The unprefixed imperfective verbs of motion with present tense in -i (such as Russian vodit, vozit, beat), most...-of-motion (indeterminate), e.g., R idti to go (on foot), xodit walk, walk around. While the determinate verb OCS iti go has widely attested cognates across the Indo-European family (PIE *h1ey- > Hi ?t go!, Sk ti go, Gr e??mi I go, Lt e?, ?re I go, to go...

Greenberg, Marc L.



Capacitance extraction in arbitrarily diffused junction  

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including the carrier terms. d2$ ? = ? -[&d(z) ? &-(z) + p(~ ) ? n(d ). ;dz' (3. 1) where t'ai: Electrostatic potential from reference (reference is the position, z, where the quasi Fermi level and intrinsic Fermi level are crossed in Fig. 8... concentration (electron) The carrier terms, p and n, can be represented as a exponential fiinction of Fermi energy level in the doped semi-conductor[6I. sr ? E, n = n;el (3. '2 ) where E, : Intrinsic Fermi energy level Ey . Fermi energy level n...

Chung, Tae-Song




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MEDICIhF ARD RADIATION BIOLOGY MEDICIhF ARD RADIATION BIOLOGY . - UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORMA 90024 Ah" DEPARTXENT OF RADIOLOGY UCLA SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90024 This work was p a r t i a l l y supported by ERDA Contract gEY-76-C-03-0012 and N I H g r a n t 7-R01-GM-24839-01. Prepared for U.S. Energy Research and Development Administrat ion under C o n t r a c t gEY-76-C-03-0012 ECAT: A New Computerized Tomographic Imaging System for Positron-Emitting Michael E. Phelps, Edward J . Hoffman Sung-Cheng Huang and David E . Kuhl Radiopharmaceuticals DISCLAIMER This report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by an agency of the United States Government. Neither the United States Government nor any agency Thereof, nor any of their employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal


Contribution to the ecology of bobwhite quail in the Post Oak Region of Texas  

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Parmalee, Paul W.




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0 0 hltps:llwww.eere-pmc.energy.govINEPNNcpa_ef2a.aspx?K ey-6890 u.s. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY EERE PROJECT MANAGEMENT CENTER NEPA DETERMINATION RECIPIENT:lndie Energy Systems Company. LLC ST ATE: IL ~ROJECT TITLE Retrofit of the Local 150 of International Union of Operating Engineers Headquarters Campus Funding Opportunity Announcement Number DE-FOA-EEOOOO116 Procurement Instrument Number OE-EEOOO2818 NEPA Control Number cm Number GFO-10-298 2818 Based on my ~,";ew of the information concerning the proposed action. as NEPA Compliance Officer (authorized under DOE Order 4Sl.IA), I have made the following determination: ex, EA, EIS APPENDIX AND NUMBER: Description: A9 information gathenng (including, but not limited to, literature surveys. Inventories, audits). data analYSIS (including



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eX-00049 Rev. 1 eX-00049 Rev. 1 I. Project Title: Washington River Protection Solutions LLe -Proposed Actions For eY 2013 Scheduled To Take Place Under ex B1.15, "Support Buildings" II. Project Description and Location (including Time Period over which proposed action will occur and Project Dimensions ·e.g., acres displaced/disturbed, excavation length/depth, area/location/number of buildings, etc.): Washington River Protection Solutions LLe (WRPS) will site, construct, operate small scale support buildings & structures, & undertake small-scale modifications of existing buildings & structures during CY 2013. WRPS will perform all activities in accordance with the categorical exclusion (CX) limitations set forth in 10 CFR 1021, Appendices A, B to Subpart



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35965 HIFAN 668 EDWIN M. McMILLAN, A BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH E D W D J. LOFGREN, Associate Director Emeritus LAWRENCE BERKELEY LABORATORY BERKEL;EY, CALIFORNIA 94720 Presented at the International Symposium. The 50th Anniversary of the Phase Stability Principle Moscow/Dubna, Russia 12-15 July 1994 ABSTRACT. Edwin M. McMillan was one of the great scientists of the middle years of this century. He made notable contributions to nuclear, and particle physics, the chemis- try of transuranic elements, and accelerator physics. * T h i s work supported by the Director, Office of Energy Research, Office of Fusion Energy, U.S. Department of Energy under contract No. DE-AC03-76SF00098. k 9 1 OiSlRBUTtON OF THIS DOCUMENT IS UNLIMITED Edwin McMillan was born on Septem-

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G I-  

Office of Legacy Management (LM)

-- I- i&ntargy Measuremems b-roup ,A: ' ,.<,, *,, SUMMARY REPORT AERIAL RADIOLOGIC& SURVEY LAKE ONTARIO ORDNANCE WORKS LEWISTON, NEW YORK I~ DATE OF SURVEY: OCTOBER 1978 WAMD-006 February 15, 1979 APPROVED FOR DISTRIBUTION: /A&dz4?& Richard H. Beers, EGEG. Inc. krbert F. Hahn, Department of Energy PERFORMED BY EG&G, INC UNDER CONTRACT NO. EY-76-c-06-1183 WITH THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY ., &&: 1 r t The Aerial Measurements System, operated by EG&G, Inc. for the 1 United States Department of Energy, was used to conduct an aerial 1 radiological survey over the Lake Ontario Ordnance Works (LOOW) near Lewiston, New York. This survey was conducted during October 1978 1 1 to determine if materials from the radioactive waste storage loca-



Office of Legacy Management (LM)

S. R. Gustaxson,, Chief, SF Materials Accounta- DATE: w 20: 195% S. R. Gustaxson,, Chief, SF Materials Accounta- DATE: w 20: 195% bility Branch, Prcduction Division, Nem York Operations Office FROM : Y AL-a&-- V went Vespe, Chief, SF Idaterials Accountability Branch Technical Services Division, Chicago Operations Office =JsJ-: REQUEST FCR UfMNItiL4 COZPWNDS FOR PRATT &?7HIn,EY AIRCPSL"T Itwfilbe ippreciateci if arrangements are maiie to supply Pratt & V&itney with the followi?g material: Uranium hydride 500 gr~am3 Uranium dioxide < .,,500 grass (less than 200 mesh) fT!fT!?! @any1 nitrate, CP 2.50 grams Sl? accountzbility should be transferred to Station EVA, Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, East Hartford 8, Connecticut, C. R. Milliken, ztccountability Representative. : Shipment should be made, to the following address:


Evaluation of the Emission, Transport, and Deposition of Mercury, Arsenic, and Fine Particulate Matter From Coal-Based Power Plants in the Ohio River Valley  

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Kevin crist Kevin crist Principal Investigator Ohio University Research and Technology Center Athens, OH 45701 740-593-4751 cristk@ohiou.edu Environmental and Water Resources Evaluation of thE Emission, transport, and dEposition of mErcury, arsEnic, and finE particulatE mattEr from coal-BasEd powEr plants in thE ohio rivEr vallEy rEgion Background The U.S. Department of Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has established an aggressive research initiative to address the technical and scientific issues surrounding the impact of coal-based power systems on ambient levels of fine particulate matter (PM 2.5 ), nitrogen oxides (NO X ), mercury/air toxics, and acid gases. Regulatory drivers such as the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments, the 1997 revised National Ambient Air Quality Standards, and the 2005 Clean Air



Office of Legacy Management (LM)

INCOMING DOCUMENT CONTROL FORM DOCUMENT DESCRIPTION ORGANIZATIO )ATE COMPLETED: ACTION NUMBER: I ! I I DOCUMENT CONTROL DATE INITIALS DATA BASE: ACTION LOG: FILED: To : Doug Tonkay, OTS Decen From: MIchele Landis, dRW Subject: Draft report ~ Result= of the Radiologic; Former Ore Storage Site, Palmerton, Pennsylvania Attached is one copy of the draft report. PIE provide your comments to me by January 16, 1990. tlichele Landis ,9, 1989 "ey at the review and Results of the Radiological SJrvey at the Former Ore S&age Site, Palmerton, PennsylvLnia (PPOOI) J. L Quikd J. W. Cdchdr W. D. &rei ! I : HEALTH AND t5UEI-Y RESEARCH DMSi Waste Management Research and Development Prc (Activity No. AH 10 05 00 0; NEAHOOl) RESULTS OF 'I-HE RADIOLOGICAL SURV



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Fossil Fuels Fossil Fuels Fossil Energy Study Guide: Fossil Fuels C ontrary to what many people believe, fossil fuels are not the remains of dead dinosaurs. In fact, most of the fossil fuels found today were formed millions of years before the fi rst dinosaurs. Fossil fuels, however, were once alive. Th ey were formed from prehistoric plants and animals that lived hundreds of millions of years ago. Th ink about what the Earth must have looked like 300 million years or so ago. Th e land masses we live on today were just forming. Th ere were swamps and bogs everywhere. Th e climate was warmer. Trees and plants grew everywhere. Strange looking animals walked on the land, and just as weird looking fi sh swam in the rivers and seas. Tiny one-celled organisms called protoplankton fl


US COALBED METHANE The Past: Production The Present: Reserves  

U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) Indexed Site

Panel 2 of 2 Panel 2 of 2 US COALBED METHANE The Past: Production The Present: Reserves The Future: Resources Annual coalbed methane gas production data through 12/31/2006 was obtained from 17 state oil & gas regulatory entities or geological surv eys and one producing company. Data for 2006 were not yet av ailable for West Virginia and Pennsy lvania so the 2005 v olumes were assumed to repeat in 2006. Produced CBM gas v olumes from each state were clas sified by basin. The cumulative production pie chart to the left shows the sum of all reported CBM gas volumes by basin through 2006. The San Juan Bas in dominates the chart. The only other bas in to ex ceed 10% is the Pow der River Basin (12%). Relative cumulative production volumes by basin are spatially depicted in the c



Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI)

f f - r h COO-405 1 -44 COMPOUND H Y B R I D GEOTHERMAL-FOSSIL POWER PLANTS BY Ronald DiPippo MASTER Eileen M. Avelar June 1979 Work Performed Under Contract No. EY-76-S-02-4051 Division of Engineering Brown University Providence, Rhode Island U. S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Geothermal Energy DISCLAIMER This report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by an agency of the United States Government. Neither the United States Government nor any agency Thereof, nor any of their employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe privately owned rights. Reference herein to any specific commercial product,


Dear Mayor Riley: I  

Office of Legacy Management (LM)

~. ~. Washington, DC 20585 ' . . aaAq 3 .A , Tbs %z;y;bl& &r& Ri!ey !llll Brookshire Avenue Downey, California 90247 ' Dear Mayor Riley: I Secretary of.Energy Hazel O!.Leary has announced a new approach, to openness in the Department of Energy (DOE) and its communications with the pubTic. In support of this initiative, we are pleased to forward the enclosed 'info'rmation related to:the former North American Aviation site in your jurisdiction that performed work for DOE or its predecessor agencies. This information is provided foryour information, use, and retention. \ DOE's Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial,Action Program is responsible for identification of sites used by DOE's predecessor agencies, determining their current radiological condition and, where it has authority, performing


Characterization of enzymes suitable as endpoint temperature indicators in turkey muscle  

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'Advisciry Committee: Dr. , (immy T. Keeton Tv, enty ? six et&clog?nc&us enzym?s iii unhc;itcd, saline extr;ters from Pectr&raiis major and Sartariris rurl ey miisclcs rir 24 - 72 hr postusorrem were evaluated using standard analytical mcthods (B?rgl11?y?r, 1974...). Eighteen enzymes v;ith activity of 100 ? 1000 U/Kg inuscl?. (higlil or 10 ? 1(KI U/K? riiuscle (medium) activity level, were tested to detcrmin? los c&r';rcrrvrr) betw?cn 6S" and 75'C. Six enzyme activities, LDH, MDH, C&O'I'. Gl'I'. TI'I;&riel ICDI I, v...

Hsu, Yih-Chih



Collecting and analyzing deep-sea sediments from central Gulf of Mexico  

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COLLECTING AiJD APsQ YFING DERP~EA SFIKIFGTG FRO. '4 CPATRQ BU F OF MK. l:CO A Toesis by WILLIAM ARTHUR bUi?V! Submittc8 to tbe Gr? us, e Coilore pf Texas Alii Universe ty 9n partial fulfil sent of the requirements for tbs de@ eo of v...ASTER OF SCIEi'iCE~ January lg'70 'ia, "', or Sub ject: G clerical Ooea". ogr apby COTM&TI?G PAD AEPLZ71liC . "iK" F--B0 SPEXYPiEIS FPOEE CE ~Tr'?K (iJLF OF i&~CO Thesis WILLIM AEGIS'BJR EyJElS Apu. evm3 ae to style a. "8 content by& hairman of Committee...

Burns, William Arthur



Analysis of Stripping to Quasibound Levels in Sc-41  

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.8-7.1 MeV, while Rich26 has ob- served one E = 4 level at 7.563 MeV with S =0.042. If all of these are attributed to the g,~2 shell, only 25% of the strength is accounted for by known lev- els below 8.3 MeV. If the 5.413-MeV I = 2 level has spin &3... with Union Caxbide Corporation. lC. M. Percy, F. G. Pex'ey, J. K. Dickens, and B. J. Silva, Phys. Bev. 175, 1460 (1968). 2J. K. Dickens, F. G. Pexey, and B. J. Silva, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Report No. OBNL-4182, 1967 (unpublished) . 3F. G. Percy...

Youngblood, David H.; Kozub, R. L.; Kenefick, R. A.; Hiebert, John C.



Rotational excitation of CH+ by electron impact  

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of the radial matrix elements M .i f III. ROTATIONAL EXCITATION INDUCED BY DIPOLAR INTERACTION where 32m4 e2 7f f) ]) 9 (e2&&( 1)(e2&ey 1) "(-X.) I +( fn-~ny, 1, Xo) I (19) For the case of dipole transitions, X =1, the matrix element in Eq. (11) is equivalent... relation' F( i', -+I, i'&,-1; Xo) (1 Xo) "& ' "y F(i', , gq&+I, 1; Xo), we arrive at the formula f,(rl, , t;) =- 9 1I ((I/ri, )F('g, , i71, , 1 'g; 1/X, )32m gg gg 1 x [F(1ig, , iq, ,-1++; 1/Xo) + e' eF(l iq~, i'~, 1-g; I/Xo)] + q, =g~ j, (22) where p...

Chu, Shih-I; Dalgarno, A.



The effect of benzene hexachloride-DDT spray on the insect population and the cotton plant  

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~ ~ent to ecucs hgarg, fa e@ge tests eceibcote6 ip Rgb sml QrLug (X$) Pl@ was shcegn to be ~ the teGaccaa bat less tcoge to tbe baL1 veerQ, Gc6nes en6 Qaia f'I), Rveuotsc ~ ea6 Evkng QV) sino wepcetc6 that the g ~ %If ~ ecc4gc41e6 tbe bc6lacecc... , ~ xm ' QV78 SDT 9@ ee Vg @C 30$ ce 9' ee a% eo @g oe ~ $86( SIC ~~ SR @8Dg T~ ?@Sf Hg +VV/ KC ?66Tp SA ~ RC 46"/g QK gN ea p3g ee g@ oe a%68 K+ gag HHQ @op T~ ?~? 9% gVQCg %Pl Q$g IPZ +9 eo /LE ae QX$ ey - P5%4S N ISP %F8 Ns $C, ~ ER Zoma...

Lloyd, Edwin Phillips




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a a d for this agency in to the disposition of its records and that the records roposed for disposal on the attadred P now needed for the business of this agency or wii no: be needed after :he retention written concurrence from the General Accounting Office, under the provisions o for Guidance of Federal Agencies, I I REQUEST FOR RECORDS DISPOSITION AUTHORITY (See lnstrucrions on r e v o n e ) NATIONAL ARCHIVES and RECORDS ADMWISTUTION (NIR) WASHINGTON, DC 20408 1. F R O M A g e n c y or sta 11 m e n t U. S . bepartmen? oP %erg$ 2. M N O R SUBDIVISI N San Francisco Field O f f i c e 3. MINOR SUBDIVISION Lawrence Berkel ey Laboratory, E n ~ i r o n m e n t ~ , ~ $ q ~ t h ~ 8 ~ qi is not required; is attached; or a has been requested. TITLE " / Y 7 . I 9. GRS OR 10. ACTION ITEM 8. DESCRIPTION OF ITEM AND POSED OlSPOSlTlON S



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:; / 2. ' :; / 2. ' b-:-"y .",...4 * .-.a 2 IL !< :. 34 --' -, ' ' < I ,-. g Tvo"l r . . .-i- :- " .1-. . . . . NC0 /L ' J,, ' ;.' , -_I( + ? CENTRAL FILES c -&' { ' c;$y ;;j*' E ,J): ' i' Z, 1; p -^ r-raL-r.nuzT".Fn., , ,..-y - -' -ie .". iJ.&:~e!ct.;;' sf ' ;;i_is ,trip ' JG,' go f-Jj;~ey~ 2123 -:s Cc::!<:\.& a k,ea 1:1,:r a;::: zzft:k-~ .sl.x"fe:; an:: , I to a&-isc 2n tiie g Tc;t?z ~,;~~~,;;'


Behavior of Spent Nuclear Fuel in Water Pool Storage  

Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI)

Behavior of Spent Nuclear Behavior of Spent Nuclear Fuel in Water Pool Storage A. 0; Johnson, jr. , I ..: . Prepared Cor the Energy Research and Development Administration under Contract EY-76-C-06-1830 ---- Pat t i ~ < N ~ ~ r ~ t b w t ~ - ! I , ~ I ~ ~ ~ I . I I ~ ) ~ I I ~ ~ N O T I C E T€& - was prepad pnpn4. m w n t of w k spon-d by the Unitd S t . & ) C a u n m ~ (*WU ij*. M t e d $tam w the Wqy R e s e w & a d Ohrsropmcnt ~dmhirmlion, nor m y d thair ewhew,,nq Pny @fw a n t r ~ ~ t 0 ~ 1 , s ~ k m r i t r i l t t q r , ~ , m r tWf ernpfQw, r(tLltm any wartany, s x p r e s or kWld,= w w aAql -9 . o r r w p a m l ~ ~ t y for e~ o r uodruincvr of any infomutim, 9 F p d + d - , or repratants that -would nat 1 d - e privately owned rfghas. ,i PAQFIC NORTHWEST UBORATORY operated b ;"' SArnLLE ' fw the E M R m RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ADMINISTRAT1QN Wk.Cwfraa rv-76c-ts-is38



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LWR NUCLEAR FUEL BUNDLE DATA FOR LWR NUCLEAR FUEL BUNDLE DATA FOR USE IN FUEL BUNDLE HANDLING TOPICAL REPORT W. 8. Weihermilfer C. S. Allison Septem bet 1979 Work Performed, Under Contract EY-76-C- M - 1 8 3 0 Form 189 Number 210.1 BAlTELLE PACIFIC NORTHWEST LABORATORY RICHLAND, WA 99352 BASE TECHNOLOGY N O T I C E T h i s report was prepard n an account of work sponrored by the UAed States Govcmmenr. Neither tht Unltcd S t a t e nor !he k p n m c n t of Energy, not any of their ernploylecs, nw any of theb ccmtnctotr, hontncton. or their employper. maka any warranty. expms or Implied, or m u m any legal liability or rcrponrlbllity for the accuracy, c o m p l c r e ~ s or ulefulnm of m y information. -ratus, prodm or p r e di~1Oltd. or represents that Its u w ? would not infringe privateiy o w d rights. The views, opinions and ccnclusionr contained in this report a



U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) Indexed Site




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~nstructions on reverse) ~nstructions on reverse) G E N E R A L SERVICES A D M I N I S T R A T I O N N A T I O N A L ARCHIVES A N D RECORDS SERVICE, WASHINGTON, D C 20408 1. F R O M (Agency or ertablishment) L E A V E B L A N K JOB NO. di-%3%-fF / C D A T E R E C E I V E D flzg)~? NOTIFICATION TO AGENCY n t n f F n e r a v - Sari Francisco Operations Office . 3. M I N O R S U B D I V I S I O N b ~ s ~ ~ 5 ? % 5 2 5 Lawrence Berkel ey Laboratory 4. N A M E O F PERSON W I T H W H O M T O CONFER IS. TELEPHONE EXT. I hereby certify that I am authorized to act for this agency in matters pertaining to the disposal of the agency's records; that the records proposed for disposal in this Request of 1 page(s) are not now needed for the business of this agency or will not be needed after the retention periods specified; and that written concurrence from the General Accounting Office, if required under the provisions of Title 8 of the GAO Manual for Guidance of Federal Agencies, is


Overview of the ALCF Early Science Program  

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ALCF Early Science Program ALCF Early Science Program Timothy J . W illiams Argonne L eadership C ompu2ng F acility 2013 M iraCon W orkshop Wednesday 3 /4/2013 Session: 3 :45---4:30pm 2 § 16 projects - Large t arget a lloca-ons - Postdoc § Proposed r uns b etween M ira a cceptance a nd start of producCon § 2 billion core---hours to burn in a few months First in Mira Queue: Early Science Program h3p://esp.alcf.anl.gov 3 § MoCvaCons f or E SP: - Prepare k ey a pplica-ons f or t he a rchitecture a nd s cale o f M ira - Solidify l ibraries a nd i nfrastructure - Iden-fy s ystem p roblems § 16 Early Science projects were chosen based on computaConal and scienCfic reviews. § The p rojects h ave a r unning s tart f or d elivery o f e xciCng n ew s cience - Postdocs w ere a ssigned t o t he p rojects - ALCF

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Series A.  

Office of Legacy Management (LM)

.WGJPH-146 ' .WGJPH-146 ' 3 .P' , p3 ."J$i v-e- \. Cont&ning 3 pages Consisting of 0 figuree. Copy No. &of-G copies Series A. , / October 19, 1943 I:. ;I, ' , r;l ?" I ' I' 0 : J. Chipman r'rcro: John P. Howe In Re: Trip to ClYveland, Ohio, October 11, I.943 Thie is to report on the conference held on October 11th in which the pro+. 'g'.*rSs of the coating pork at the Cirasselli Labara*torios ores reviewed. lh05e pToSs;lt were: A. S. I?;ey,uendt; J, C. !'ioodhouse; M. T. Goebel; L. R. kstbrook; .4. Ii. Gray; J. P. Howe; Z. Ft. Keller. YI.,XTFXIP~UTIN~ - A, G. Grcv --- Gray summar ized the progress j;n ,elactropkti:~y, much as is givan ic Yr:e : &.$. .:r : -3 reports of the !l'whnicriL Division. ,. .I c.. , lhe.main points were: ~~'orit i< f:c~!--



Office of Legacy Management (LM)

FOR THE NEVADA TEST SITE FOR THE NEVADA TEST SITE AND OTHER TEST AREAS USED FOR UNDERGROUND NUCLEAR DETONATIONS January through December 1977 Monitoring Operations Division Environmental Monitoring and Support Laboratory U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY Las Vegas, Nevada 89114 July 1978 This work performed under a Memorandum of Understanding No. EY-76-A-08-0539 for the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY O F F - S I T E ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING REPORT FOR THE NEVADA T E S T S I T E AND OTHER T E S T AREAS USED F O R UNDERGROUND NUCLEAR DETONATIONS J a n u a r y through December 1977 by R, F . G r o s s m a n M o n i t o r i n g O p e r a t i o n s D i v i s i o n E n v i r o n m e n t a l M o n i t o r i n g and Support Laboratory U, S . ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY Las V e g a s , N e v a d a 89114 J u l y 1978 T h i s w o r k p e r f o r m e d under a M e m o r a n d u m of U n d e r



Office of Legacy Management (LM)

OFFSITE ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING REPORT F OFFSITE ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING REPORT F O R THE NEVADA TEST SITE A N D OTHER TEST AREAS USED F O R UNDERGROUND NUCLEAR DETONATIONS January through December 1979 Nuclear R a d i a t i o n Assessment D i v i s i o n Environmental M o n i t o r i n g Systems Laboratory U. S. Envi ronmental P r o t e c t i o n Agency Las Vegas, Nevada 89114 A p r i l 1980 T h i s work performed under Memorandum o f ' Understanding No. EY-76-A-08-0539 f o r t h e U.S. Department o f Energy This page intentionally left blank OFFSITE ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING REPORT FOR THE NEVADA TEST SITE AND OTHER TEST AREAS USED FOR UNDERGROUND NUCLEAR DETONATIONS January through December 1979 G. D. P o t t e r , R. F. Grossman, W. A. B l i s s , D. J . Tlom6 Nuclear Radiation Assessment Division Environmental Monitoring Systems Laboratory U. S. Envi ronmental P



Office of Legacy Management (LM)

;;;. plf. t& ;;;. plf. t& -b ,,::";:,I. , P- ^' ' I- $ : / 7 ! I T,f , - . -.. .._...__ _ ___. ___ yL." j";;e,.i.--ey- g-- .._ ___...._ fi' B res ~...: j w CWies, Series-, __.__ CtASlfKATION MAi%- TO: NOT ClAsUFlED huCsuso u 1944 -1, ,- ,ciiT 7 t-ff hi .A a To: c. I?. Daniel8 T-7 In m3: <&dit y n&u-d\mre CorIpeqly Aftax ounmroation xlth Dr. Stona, it %Z3S d85Li0d t!lUt WX!TJdQtO tar;~inul phyolaul sx~?~inations x-ill not be IIeOasaWX'y On la:tirldtiti who had wrked less tha E months m the oblnning~ pmoeas dona by this 5Cic.~culy, The exoe;:tion was nwle that any indirJdusl who wrked in the 81~: ;.mqhrtition ram ak0ul.d recreive a aoxqlate ten-.inhl py:+lod ' ?.LU!i izi?itlon. 1t '


ESS 2012 Peer Review - Engineered Gate Oxides for Wide Bandgap Semiconductor MOSFETs - Jon Ihlefeld, SNL  

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-5 -5 10 -4 10 -3 10 -2 10 -1 10 0 10 1 -6 -4 -2 0 2 4 6 8 10 |J Leakage | (A-cm -2 ) Semiconductor Voltage (V) Engineered Gate Oxides for Wide Bandgap S emiconductor M OSFETs* Jon I hlefeld, M ichael B rumbach, S andeepan D asGupta, and Stanley AtciEy Sandia NaGonal Laboratories *Sponsored b y t he U .S. D epartment o f E nergy's O ffice o f E lectricity E nergy S torage Systems P rogram jihlefe@sandia.gov, 505---844---3162; s atciE@sandia.gov, 505---284---2701 Sandia National Laboratories is a multi-program laboratory managed and operated by Sandia Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation, for the U.S. Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration under contract DE-AC04-94AL85000. SAND No. 2011-XXXXP Cooling Power electronics Energy storage Energy storage -V gate Low defect oxide Metal gate Wide



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Demonstra*on/Integra*on Demonstra*on/Integra*on Breakout S ession Grid T echnologies C ollabora*ve Conference 10 June 2013 Breakout s ession o verview * External p ar*cipants i ncluded r epresenta*ves f rom NRECA, K eyLogic, U TRC, P JM, G ridTech, D OE ( Pat Hoffman s pent c onsiderable * me i n o ur s ession). * Morning b reakout: 1 h our s pent o n t he N avy Y ard s ite (there w as a L OT o f Q &A o n t he s ite's c apabili*es), 1 hour s pent o n t he r ole o f d emonstra*on i n t he p roduct life c ycle. * A\ernoon b reakout: M ost o f t he * me s pent d iscussing what o utcomes i ndustry w ould l ike t o s ee f rom a ny demonstra*on a nd w hat t he p oten*al u nique contribu*ons o f G TC w ould b e. Breakout s ession d iscussion t opics 1. At w hat p oint i n t echnology d evelopment d o we n eed t o m ove f rom t he s tand t o t he demonstra*on



Office of Legacy Management (LM)

. * . * @.+<, .-- v 7, -e -5 u i' ;. - - : ,.:,, 4-.1M-4. a". : ' - l-1 &dp d 3-m 3jPr5Py DEPXRTMEKT OF ENV]RO~:MENTAL F'ROTECTION DlVklOh OF ~NVIR0N~Eh~A.L OUR' tiIn - . BUREAU OF R&DllmcN t=ROTE~lOH ' 1 ,_ jBD 5cOTCH ROAD. ~R~%~obi. fd. 1. 08628 .' - ._ -_ _ . . : S=_srterrjer 27, 1977 - ,. _ :.- ,_..I \ L . x=- a-. JEC): f' eust C--l L-9 ,c:c- -*r 2ze E&f&y _3=iz=Et=g cr;i\' ==Siq ' ---res"LE;, c2iiIps - de- ~-z7~~to3, Bew --d Jersey DE540 3ez' -- . w- Tecsk: i 25, 1577, A&=!= --t' -jD,r= of ey cf CETZES 7-b . zrezs of p2.aer Lz3oSEto~. fbe h2Llx2ys of tke 'LJasene-,- floor 2z-Z : =ocz were rocks 115 tk~u.@i 132 exclrrive of tie stor2s'e


Elements of Greek tragedy in three Eugene O'Neill plays  

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Z f@5e P~~ ~3. etre eg ~ Ibex@ ea ~ ~ ~~eo ~ ~ ~"~ ~!'~ ~y~ mern]g C~~ime~ M, g ~r'S'e (CXyh~ehm); Grin~ k:Xg ~ (Qv~)~ ~ ~M~~ Ma ~~ (M&8C~)~ ~~ CX5%~$ QE C4G @CK9Bo 4am, ea G~kle~ 6eecWbea X4 9, e ~ (~em M Ve play& 3, $ Q~ O~~y Q4QC@6 90 GQ3. 4y...JKB~ 2. gag) y pg "g 0 ~ ~~ ~ CeeE~ ~ Sam eZ m ~~~ ~ey ~ gQVQ, Co XQ QQ~ ~~ ~@~ G~~~ o . LQQ QX) ~~GAS &t@VQ Q MVQ~~ 49 8~~ Q~~v e became eZ tkeM tcmV. y ~~~~a~ Re ee . k~. 9&Ne~ ~~?m3. y ~ ~Key f. ". 13. ~ @~mix ~ep' 40 MA@P MLV8 ~ C ~&6 ~ %4~4Ck...

Koinm, Albert Julius



Seed production of crimson clover as affected by fertilizers, boron and honey bees  

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~z&4~ Xe~e~i Mm m4:~~ ; - ', 5K4X~C~ fk@Mp CX' +~ Kg, 4~ i&e' Abt ~j~ q~ 5~ 1. @SR~ C15V'~~ Q&~~af ~~ ~X" ~&~~~ $) g3' ~~%%+V' ~~iQO Q@AB55$3 9 QG P~~~~L8~21JpZQl XCQQ~Q 878 PC~~Tsii itic X~O9 ~~Mfa R5 5%15 B ~A, l9-~5~pQ. @X ~'q~v&~%6B, QSB ~QG...~&~ ' -4~@e~y ~~w3 4e Xe. 3y, "~c~ i~~~ mnm0e aC 'lxr. 'o~. Ne Vm ' $p~pka'@ CIX~~QQ ~~?"' W 946. ~ XWF R~ 4LCA~. ?~~~%5 69) 2-ee M=z~ M aaqQ +@M anB e ceo 8g&~~able. @~we ?~ ~g '18 C8 ~~+ 8CV CgVC &~+" 884~ p, (99) '5QvSSKk i/8 ~Cfog: ggg'p~~ 9' ?&~~0...

Ford, Robert Norton