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Recommendations and Justifications To Remove Use Restrictions Established under the U.S. Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration Nevada Field Office Federal Facility Agreement and Consent Order, Revision 0  

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This document is part of an effort to reevaluate 37 FFACO and Administrative URs against the current Soils Risk-Based Corrective Action Evaluation Process. After reviewing 37 existing FFACO and Administrative URs, 3 URs addressed in this document have sufficient information to determine that these current URs may be removed, based on the RBCA criteria. This document presents recommendations on modifications to existing URs that will be consistent with the RBCA criteria.

Birney, Cathleen; Krauss, Mark J



A serially concatenated BCH-Turbo code scheme over an Additive White Gaussion Noise channel  

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, ;q(s', s) P(sls')p(yr-Is' s) 21 DE- INTERLEA VER. e L21 Ip Y MAP DECODER I e 12 N-BIT INTERLEAVER. MAP DECODER 2. e y N-BIT INTERLEAVER. 2p y Fig. 5. Turbo code rlecoder P(uI )p(yk ur) (3. 27) where P() stands for the probability... 3 4 7 9 12 16 17 20 25 25 25 27 29 33 33 35 38 REFERENCES APPENDIX A 41 VITA LIST OF TABLES TABLE Page I Berlckamp-Massey algorithm , 'l l LIST OF FIGURES FIGURE Page Convolui, ional encoder for s, (2, 1, 2) convolutional...

Ovalekar, Sameer V.



Measurement of the work function of filament-evaporated M?g???[?subscript -x]A?u?[?subscript x] films  

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) Roland E. Allen (Member) Mi Lu ( Member) J. W. Howze (Head of Department) December Igg0 ABSTRACT Measurement of the Work Function of Filament-Evaporated Mgr, Au Films. (December 1990) Dong Li, M. S. , Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy... energy hv I = AT'(W, ? hv) '~'f( ) hT (1. 2) where A is a constant independent of v, T and P. W, is the surface potential and and f(x) 1 )u+1 n2 u=r 2 2 cd ? uz ? + ? ? 2 (-I)"" 6 2 ?, nr (z & 0) (& -0) (1. 3) Journal model is IEEE Transactions...

Li, Dong



A consumer panel test of Texas fortified red grapefruit juice  

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'. ?ET iCTEi TIAL FCF T"XAS FOFTIFIN R&X 38 67 CiiAPTER X B IHL IOGRAP HY AH '-'IX GiiAFEFRUIT JUICE CO', ~LUCIO". '. S. 74 80 Figure ', ''o. Page l. 2 ~ 3. Relationship between Index of Fading, Visual Color, and Lycopene and Carotene pie... of 1'58. Two taste . !-n. lo . !ere us?i' ? an oxf crt fin& non-evi srt taste 2! nel. The iix?ort fan?!1 ?nnioted ci' cix i?ricul+ur 3 an' ' ech!inicfll ollege of TeXaa SmplOyc . ;!!lc !lad OX?O"S" VO t&. at(~?" eX; erf enCe O"8 were Cap ?le Of' c...

Price, Carter