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    Gudmundsson, Jon Steinar

    ci 0`-1- ci4o0ci) 0OOci) (1 ti2-pbQj pIcFG)0-- o)fli pci)o>-,G)·dII0U)-r1C() -I F1r1-t)flciO tcg0P1-` P01.4 cclcE-cii'i+1 c'j0-1s--.$-i p 4 -ri-i-)lOci-1·Hli) !.(DCIS 00)OrI -1'ici.);)cjo(1) ciWd`c.4 ci))ci 4)·,-10'p4-.'3)crp:pi s_ri P4Ilc (i) ci 0 #12;cI1r''r') TC' The literature revealed that paraffin

  2. Social cohesion as a factor in the successful reintroduction of collared peccaries

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    Litondo, Franklin Roosevelt


    female linea e Treatment 2 Short-term female lines e Treatment 3 Unrelated females LTT LT2 ST1 ST2 UR1 UR2 Deaths 14 Biiths ilies'Ing Totals weeks within/ iiesr release site 12 10 12 12 1 number of weeks at least three peccaries were located...

  3. Effectively Visualizing Multi-Valued Flow Data using Color and Texture Timothy Urness1

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    Marusic, Ivan

    .3 [Computer Graphics]: Picture/Image Generation; I.3.7 [Computer Graphics]: Three-Dimensional Graphics have a major impact on many industries including aerospace, transportation, energy, and chemical

  4. Journal of Low Temperature Physics, Vol. 17, Nos. 1/2, 1974 t-Matrix Calculation of the Ground-State Energies of

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    Fridlind, Ann

    ~o)qs(r) (3) where U(1) + U(2) = U(r) + U(R) U(R) = rncoZ[R - (R1 + R2)] 2 U(r) = 2U(0) + mco2(r - A)2

  5. Artus Mustermann Co Au Tor A New Method For

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    Chemnitz, Technische Universität

    . Preprint SPC 95 20, TU Chemnitz-Zwickau, Juni 1995. [8] D. Lohse. Ein Standard-File f¨ur 3D SFB393/04-44 Preprintreihe des Chemnitzer SFB 393 ISSN 1619-7178 (Print) ISSN 1619-7186 (Internet) SFB perturbed problem on anisotropic finite element meshes. January 2001. 01-02 G. Kunert. A note on the energy


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    Pérez, Mario

    supported by grants PB96-0120-C03-02 of the DGES and API-98/B12 of the UR. 1 #12;2 ´O. CIAURRI, J. J(x) C f Lp(x), f Lp (x ) for 1 p 2, where q denotes, here and in the rest of the paper, the conjugate


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    Klein, M.


    ED SCI ENCE DIVISION ZINC/AIR BATTERY R&D C-.J(~ur.1":! rfSAC03-76SF00098 LBL-22661 ZINC/AIR BATTERY R&D RESEARCH ANDanalysis of the zinc-air battery system at one of the

  8. Artus Mustermann Co Au Tor A New Method For

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    Chemnitz, Technische Universität

    . Preprint SPC 95 20, TU Chemnitz­Zwickau, Juni 1995. [8] D. Lohse. Ein Standard­File f?ur 3D Preprint SFB393/04­44 Preprintreihe des Chemnitzer SFB 393 ISSN 1619­7178 (Print) ISSN 1619­7186 (Internet on the energy norm for a singularly perturbed model problem. January 2001. 01­03 U.­J. G?orke, A. Bucher, R

  9. Recommendations and Justifications To Remove Use Restrictions Established under the U.S. Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration Nevada Field Office Federal Facility Agreement and Consent Order, Revision 0

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    Birney, Cathleen; Krauss, Mark J


    This document is part of an effort to reevaluate 37 FFACO and Administrative URs against the current Soils Risk-Based Corrective Action Evaluation Process. After reviewing 37 existing FFACO and Administrative URs, 3 URs addressed in this document have sufficient information to determine that these current URs may be removed, based on the RBCA criteria. This document presents recommendations on modifications to existing URs that will be consistent with the RBCA criteria.

  10. A consumer panel test of Texas fortified red grapefruit juice

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    Price, Carter


    '. ?ET iCTEi TIAL FCF T"XAS FOFTIFIN R&X 38 67 CiiAPTER X B IHL IOGRAP HY AH '-'IX GiiAFEFRUIT JUICE CO', ~LUCIO". '. S. 74 80 Figure ', ''o. Page l. 2 ~ 3. Relationship between Index of Fading, Visual Color, and Lycopene and Carotene pie... of 1'58. Two taste . !-n. lo . !ere us?i' ? an oxf crt fin& non-evi srt taste 2! nel. The iix?ort fan?!1 ?nnioted ci' cix i?ricul+ur 3 an' ' ech!inicfll ollege of TeXaa SmplOyc . ;!!lc !lad OX?O"S" VO t&. at(~?" eX; erf enCe O"8 were Cap ?le Of' c...