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  1. Case in Uyghur and beyond

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    Asarina, Alevtina


    The focus of this dissertation is the syntax and morphology of case, and how case interacts with A-movement and agreement. In chapter 1, I argue on the basis of novel data from Uyghur that noun phrases bearing structural ...

  2. Greetings from the Teklimakan: a handbook of Modern Uyghur

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    Engesæ th, Tarjei; Yakup, Mahire; Dwyer, Arienne M.


    An introductory textbook of the modern standard Uyghur language with exercises and extensive grammatical analysis. With the accompanying audio, the textbook is designed for self-study or a one-year classroom course.


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    Yakup, Mahire


    Some syllables are louder, longer and stronger than other syllables at the lexical level. These prominent prosodic characteristics of certain syllables are captured by suprasegmental features including fundamental frequency, ...

  4. Muslim Women at a Crossroads: Gender and Development in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China

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    Huang, Cindy


    8    Yr 2000  Yr 2008  Kyrgyzstan  Uzbekistan  Pakistan China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan, the

  5. Incised marks on Late Helladic and Late Minoan III pottery 

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    Hirschfeld, Nicolle Elise


    was very short. 'sBased on published descriptions or photos, those vases marked "No Date (ND)" on my chart probably also can be assigned to a LH/LM III, but the separate category is maintained until this assumption can be justified in detail. t4Enk. T. 7... MeB T. VI. Equivalencies for the Ugarit levels are as follows: Ugarit Recent 2 = 1450-1365 = LC IIA = LH/LM IIIA1 Ugarit Recent 3 = 1365-1185 = LC IIB-IIIA1 = LH IIIA2- LH IIIC1 early = LM lIIA2 ? LMIIIC J. -C. Courtois, "Ugarit grid, strata...

  6. Our 'messy' mother tongue: Language attitudes among urban Uyghurs and desires for 'purity' in the public sphere

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    Thompson, Ashley Claire


    ‘Chinglish’ expressions such as “I wish you a happy everyday.” She once spent an entire weekend making a replica of the Eiffel Tower out of popsicle sticks. M’s mother, G, whom I befriended almost instantaneously upon my arrival in Ürümchi, worries constantly...

  7. United States--Habeas Corpus Supreme Court Cites Changed Facts,

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    Huang, Jianyu

    effective remedy.'' The gov- ernment had declined to return the detainees to China for fear that they may brought on behalf of 17 ethnic Uighurs from China who are or were being held at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base

  8. The Phoenician Trade Network: Tracing a Mediterranean Exchange System 

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    Puckett, Neil 1983-


    evidence exists that Phoenicians used warships such as the Pentecontor for colonization, this chapter concentrates on the merchant ship as the primary vessel for exchange.44 Lastly, the chapter addresses navigation, both with regard to technologies... that the 43 For instance, a 200-ton ships has been purported as part of the Ugarit fleet (Aubet 1994, 172- 5). 44 CPG, 5-10 1 8 Phoenicians had the potential to develop in order to successfully navigate during their voyages are discussed...

  9. Language Contact in Qumul

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    Dwyer, Arienne M.


    ’, [a:ri-] ‘to be painful’, [ja:liq] ‘(hand)kerchief’, cf. Std. Uy. µa[™]la-, a[™]ri-, ja[™]liq. Word-initially, however, Qumul Uyghur and Chinese diverge: Qumul Chinese has increased its inventory of CV(X) syllables by consonant prothesis; Qumul... Uyghur shows contradictory trends (both diachronic C-deletion and C-prothesis initially.) Qumul Chinese has prothesis of the semi-vowels (i.e. semi-consonants) [j], [^] and [¹] (all are strongly spirantized)12 before initial high vowels, corresponding...

  10. Central Eurasian Studies (CEUS) Uzbek Coffee & Conversation Hour

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    Robeson, Scott M.

    (314 E. Kirkwood Avenue) Finnish Coffee & Conversation Hour WEDNESDAYS, 5:30-6:30 pm, IMU Starbucks, IMU Starbucks Tibetan Tea & Conversation Hour THURSDAYS, 6:00-7:00 pm, Anyetsang's Little Tibet Restaurant (415 E. 4th Street) Turkish Coffee & Conversation Hour FRIDAYS, 1:00-2:00 pm, IMU Starbucks Uyghur