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  1. Incised marks on Late Helladic and Late Minoan III pottery 

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    Hirschfeld, Nicolle Elise


    was very short. 'sBased on published descriptions or photos, those vases marked "No Date (ND)" on my chart probably also can be assigned to a LH/LM III, but the separate category is maintained until this assumption can be justified in detail. t4Enk. T. 7... MeB T. VI. Equivalencies for the Ugarit levels are as follows: Ugarit Recent 2 = 1450-1365 = LC IIA = LH/LM IIIA1 Ugarit Recent 3 = 1365-1185 = LC IIB-IIIA1 = LH IIIA2- LH IIIC1 early = LM lIIA2 ? LMIIIC J. -C. Courtois, "Ugarit grid, strata...

  2. Friction stir welding and processing has come a long way since the heady days of the pioneering work done at TWI in Cambridge some two decades ago. The FSWP 2010 conference held in Lille,

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    Cambridge, University of

    Editorial Friction stir welding and processing has come a long way since the heady days dealt with welding are included in this special issue of STWJ. All of these papers went through assessment,3 it was emphasised that there is a difficulty in defining what constitutes a good weld when

  3. Dialect materials in the Estonian Etymological Dictionary

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    Metsmä gi, Iris


    ) tävy, täy, täty id. Veps ?ävu id. Erzya ?ev’e?av id. Moksha ?evlav id. Udmurt ti? id. Komi ti? id. Nenets ??w?k id. Enets ??ji id. Nganasan ?iein?a id. Selkup t?mäktä id. Kamassian tu id. (The Erzya, Moksha, Nenets, Enets and Nganasan equivalents...

  4. The Phoenician Trade Network: Tracing a Mediterranean Exchange System 

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    Puckett, Neil 1983-


    evidence exists that Phoenicians used warships such as the Pentecontor for colonization, this chapter concentrates on the merchant ship as the primary vessel for exchange.44 Lastly, the chapter addresses navigation, both with regard to technologies... that the 43 For instance, a 200-ton ships has been purported as part of the Ugarit fleet (Aubet 1994, 172- 5). 44 CPG, 5-10 1 8 Phoenicians had the potential to develop in order to successfully navigate during their voyages are discussed...

  5. Masatsu kakuhan setsugo "Friction Stir Welding Complete aspects of FSW" Japan Welding Society

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    Cambridge, University of

    Masatsu kakuhan setsugo ­ "Friction Stir Welding ­ Complete aspects of FSW" Japan Welding Society years ago that the Friction Stir Welding (FSW) method was proposed by TWI. Because FSW is a solid state welding method, the peak temperature reached during FSW welding is lower than the traditional welding

  6. 2306 JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES Chaotic Trajectories of Tidally Perturbed Inertial Oscillations

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    Boss, Emmanuel S.

    2306 JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES Chaotic Trajectories of Tidally Perturbed Inertial ABSTRACT It is shown that tidal perturbations of a geopotential height in an inviscid, barot~opic atmos formulation of both ~he free, inertial, and the tidally forced problems permitted the application o~ the twi


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    MULTIGRID METHODS FOR FULLY IMPLICIT OIL RESERVOIR SIMULATION J. Molenaar TWI, Delft University and water in reservoir rock. This displacement process is modeled by two basic equations (see e.g. [1, and a hyperbolic (or parabolic) saturation equation. In the IMPES approach the pressure equation is first solved

  8. Block Copolymer Patterning of Functional Materials

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    Crossland, Edward


    consumption of 13 TWi. Technological development and population growth will drive our future energy demands still higher, more than doubling to 30 TW by 2050, even if we learn to use energy more efficientlyii. Our energy hungry society is currently driven... almost entirely (80 to 85%) by non renewable energy sources such as combustible fossil fuels and nuclear fission. Even if the planet could tolerate the harmful side effects of pollutants and climatic change caused by atmospheric emissions, we are now...

  9. The relative basicity and reactivity of D-mannosamine 

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    Carlo, Michael John


    tho cher, ", etics of the altexna- CIve conformations which are available to the py anooc rinr;. . 2 absence of mutoro'Catioxx ha novt. v boon sbtisfoctolily explained, but iCo existenc~. . hae been con. 'irmed several times recen'C years ~ + s...~~ctions of ioxiic s'Creizf'& (I'it, urE' 1 ) TWI'iicIz %Jere ezxtrapoloted Co sero ionic etrcn~tIz to yiold tlie thernodynaaic valuos, o pE ~ pzosonted in Table l. a I(UTA. -KTAzzQII (Table 2) of 0-mannosxLsine ~as deteriiiined in an aqueous solution...

  10. Growth of sheets in 3D confinements - a model for the C-S-H meso 2 structure

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    Etzold, Merlin A.; McDonald, Peter J.; Routh, Alexander F.


    C-S-H [1]. However,158 we note that the sheet orientation in fibrillar micrographs appears orthogonal to that in the simulation.159 The closing of larger pores as seen in the sequence Figure 3a-b can mechanistically explain the densi-160 fication... .20 2.0 0 02 5 6 8 P0 rog resVaVNeoml i eet al. di al TmVGl Tewt Vhl eRWwWDml di al TmVGl Tewt Vhl eWi RWwWDml rhVaal TWi f ehI TRl en h p022ei ewt Al Tl Figure 6: Example scattering curves obtained for structure (h) in Figure 3 together with small...