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  1. On the Motivation and Structure of a Strengthening Process in Tswana

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    Schaefer, Ronald P.


    A synchronic morphophonemic pattern of alternation constituting a single phonological process in Tswana, a Southeastern Bantu language, is examined.2 In order to account tentatively for this process, a discussion of its motivation and structure...

  2. Graduate School of Education UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS LOWELL

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    Massachusetts at Lowell, University of

    is an experiential history center where students learn about the American Industrial Revolution through hands. The Tsongas Industrial History Center and Office of School Partnerships also provide students with opportunities for observation and research. TSONGAS INDUSTRIAL HISTORY CENTER The Tsongas Center

  3. Etching of Si(111)-(7 7) and Si(100)-(2 1) surfaces by atomic hydrogen Yi Wei, Lian Li, and I. S. T. Tsonga)

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    Li, Lian

    a leak valve at partial pressures ranging from 1 10 8 to 1 10 5 Torr. Atomic hydrogen was produced by passing the hydrogen gas over a tungsten filament heated to 1800 C positioned at about 7 cm away from

  4. Artful Adventures Arts of Africa

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    Rowley, Clarence W.

    Artful Adventures Arts of Africa #12;sculpture AfricA, one of the oldest inhabited areas on earth;Headrests Tsonga artist (South Africa or Mozambique), Double headrest with snuff containers (isigqiki), late Africa. People rested their heads on them to protect their elaborate hairstyles while they slept