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Regional Foundations for Internationalism in the Ancient Near East: The Case of Canaan  

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Sumerian civilizations. 15 Egypt had compelling trade323. Donald B Redford, Egypt, Canaan, and Israel in Ancientempires). (1979). James, Alan, “Egypt and her Vassals: The

Irvin, Aaron



Version pre-print Paru dans Amerindia 2001 n26-27 / Langues de Guyane  

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okanisi tongo1 , est l'un des créoles de base lexicale anglaise originaire du Surinam, parlé par les Santi), frontière naturelle avec le Surinam, et dans les communes de l'Ouest guyanais (à Saint-Laurent). Le ndjuka fait partie du groupe linguistique des créoles de base lexicale anglaise du Surinam, qui

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Effects of morphine and naloxone on evoked multuple-unit activity in the caudate nucleus and central grey of rats  

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increased NUA in the central grey 21 5. Changes in voltage thresholds due to placebo treatments 23 6. Changes in the voltage threshold of sciatic nerve stimulation needed to evoke increased MUA in the caudate nucleus 24 7. Changes in voltage threshold... more potent that codeine and is twenty times more concentrated in opium than is codeine (Goodman and Gilman, 1970). Opium was probably used by the Sumerians in Mesopotamia before AOOO B. C. and was mentioned in the writings of Theophrastus...

Palmer, Michael Rule