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Computer code in support of the manuscript "Phase field model for coupled displacive and diffusive microstructural processes under thermal loading"  

E-Print Network (OSTI)

_steps=10000, \\ T_ref=1.2, T_ext=0.3, delta = 1.0e-4, num_cells=64) case7 = dict(tag="case_7", dt0=2.5e-4, num_steps=10000, T_ref=1.2, T_ext=0.3, delta = 5.0e-2, num_cells=128) case8 = dict(tag="case_8", dt0=5.0e-4, num_steps=10000, \\ T_ref=1.2, T_ext=0.3... , delta = 5.0e-3, num_cells=128) case9 = dict(tag="case_9", dt0=2.0e-3, num_steps=10000, \\ T_ref=1.2, T_ext=0.3, delta = 1.0e-3, num_cells=128) case10 = dict(tag="case_10", dt0=5.0e-4, num_steps=10000, \\ T_ref=1.2, T_ext=0.3, delta = 2.0e-3, num_cells=64...

Wells, G N; Maraldi, Mirko