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  1. Dialogue based Question Answering System in Telugu A dialogue based Question Answering

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    in some natural language. RDQA has a long history, beginning with sys- tems working over databases (e domain portability), with different underlying Database Management System (DBMS) (DBMS portability

  2. Saving Languages with Statistics Kevin Scannell

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    Scannell, Kevin Patrick

    languages in the world have no written tradition For many others, limited literacy, or no electricity let (Somalia) Songhay (Mali) Tagalog (Philippines) Tetum (East Timor) Turkmen (Turkmenistan) Welsh (Wales

  3. Reprinted/rom "Jou.rnal of the Computer Society of India", Vol. 7 No.1, December 1976 Computer Recognition of Telugu Vowel Sounds

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    Pal, Sankar Kumar

    Technology, the general problem of designing an cation in speech and speaker recognition. The use consonants. Recognition et ai, 1958, Sakai et ai, 1963, and Suzuki et ai, 1967). criteria considered are some nuclear position of a selected commonly used of different phonemes in isolation and in connected vocabula