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  1. Dialogue based Question Answering System in Telugu A dialogue based Question Answering

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    in some natural language. RDQA has a long history, beginning with sys- tems working over databases (e domain portability), with different underlying Database Management System (DBMS) (DBMS portability

  2. Reprinted/rom "Jou.rnal of the Computer Society of India", Vol. 7 No.1, December 1976 Computer Recognition of Telugu Vowel Sounds

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    Pal, Sankar Kumar

    Technology, the general problem of designing an cation in speech and speaker recognition. The use consonants. Recognition et ai, 1958, Sakai et ai, 1963, and Suzuki et ai, 1967). criteria considered are some nuclear position of a selected commonly used of different phonemes in isolation and in connected vocabula

  3. Atlas of Japan (East) Sea hydrographic properties in summer, 1999

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    Talley, Lynne D.

    to the Okhotsk Sea by two even shallower straits ­ Soya (La Perouse) between Hokkaido and Sakhalin, and Tatar, between Sakhalin and the continent. In June through August, 1999, a hydrographic survey of the Japan (East

  4. International Influences in Transition Societies: The Effect of UNHCR and Other IOs on Citizenship Policies in Ukraine

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    Shevel, Oxana

    This paper analyzes the effects of international organizations on Ukrainian citizenship policies in the post-1991 period. As over 250,000 Crimean Tatars repatriated to Ukraine in the late 1980s and early 1990s after being ...

  5. 656 JOURNAL OF MICROELECTROMECHANICAL SYSTEMS, VOL. 21, NO. 3, JUNE 2012 Quadrature-Error Compensation and Corresponding

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    Akin, Tayfun

    Editor F. Ayazi. E. Tatar and S. E. Alper are with the Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems; T. Akin is with the Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems Research and Ap- plications

  6. Subduction tractions and vertical axis rotations in the Zagros–Makran transition zone, SE Iran: the 2013 May 11 Mw 6.1 Minab earthquake

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    Penney, Camilla; Copley, Alex; Oveisi, Behnam


    , E., Elliott, J., Jackson, J. & Parsons, B., 2010. The vertical separation of mainshock rupture and microseismicity at Qeshm island in the Zagros fold-and-thrust belt, Iran, Earth planet. Sci. Lett., 296(3–4), 181–194. Nissen, E., Tatar, M., Jackson...

  7. The vertical separation of mainshock rupture and microseismicity at Qeshm island in the Zagros fold-and-thrust belt, Iran

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    Elliott, John

    -and-thrust belt, Iran E. Nissen a, , F. Yamini-Fard b , M. Tatar b , A. Gholamzadeh b,1 , E. Bergman c , J Engineering and Seismology, PO Box 19395-3913, Tehran, Iran c Department of Physics, University of Colorado rights reserved. 1. Introduction The Zagros mountains in south-western Iran are one of the most rapidly

  8. Shear-wave splitting, lithospheric anisotropy, and mantle deformation beneath the ArabiaEurasia collision zone in Iran

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    Hatzfeld, Denis

    ­Eurasia collision zone in Iran Ayoub Kaviani a,b,c , Denis Hatzfeld c, , Anne Paul c , Mohammad Tatar b , Keith Priestley d a Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, P.O. Box 45195-1159, Zanjan, Iran b International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology, P.O. Box 19395-3913, Tehran, Iran c