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  1. Tai Chi: An Introduction Tai chi, which originated in China as a martial art, is a mind-body

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    Bandettini, Peter A.

    and relaxed, but focused manner. Use in the United States According to the 2007 National Health Interview forces within the body) and qi (a vital energy or life force). Practicing tai chi is said to support a healthy balance of yin and yang, thereby aiding the flow of qi. People practice tai chi by themselves

  2. Tai Yuan Solar Co Ltd | Open Energy Information

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  3. e[doxe ta'i aJlivai kaqa; kai; ta'i boula'i-ejpeidh; oiJ Erbitai'oi o{ka to; provteron ta;m

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    Abbondandolo, Alberto

    e[doxe ta'i aJlivai kaqa; kai; ta'i boula'i- ejpeidh; oiJ Ã?Erbitai'oi o{ka to; provteron taJma'i ta;" creiva" parischmevnwn. e[doxe ta'i aJlivai kaqa; kai; ta'i boula'i- ejpeidh; oiJ Ã?Erbitai'oi o'i povlei ta'i aJma'i ta;" creiva" parischmevnwn. e[doxe ta'i aJlivai kaqa; kai; ta'i boula'i- ejpeidh; oi

  4. Molecular responses of Jurkat T-cells to 1763 MHz radiofrequency TAI-QIN HUANG1

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    Zhang, Byoung-Tak

    Molecular responses of Jurkat T-cells to 1763 MHz radiofrequency radiation TAI-QIN HUANG1 , MIN SU emitted radiofrequency (RF) radiation are the subject of intense study, yet the hypothesis that RF was not detected upon 1763 MHz RF radiation under 10 W/kg SAR for 24 h to Jurkat T cells. Keywords: Radiofrequency

  5. Contributing to TAI with a Secondary Representation of the SI Second

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    Guéna, Jocelyne; Clairon, André; Bize, Sébastien


    We report the first contribution to the international atomic time (TAI) based on a secondary representation of the SI second. This work is done with the LNE-SYRTE FO2-Rb fountain frequency standard using the $^{87}$Rb ground state hyperfine transition. We describe FO2-Rb and how it is connected to local and international time scales. We report on local measurements of this frequency standard in the SI system, i.e. against primary frequency standards, down to a fractional uncertainty of $4.4\\times 10^{-16}$, and on the establishment of the recommended value for the $^{87}$Rb hyperfine transition by the CIPM. We also report on the process that led to the participation of the FO2-Rb frequency standard to $Circular~T$ and to the elaboration of TAI. This participation enables us to demonstrate absolute frequency measurement directly in terms of the SI second realized by the TAI ensemble with a statistical uncertainty of $1.1\\times 10^{-16}$, therefore at the limit allowed by the accuracy of primary frequency stand...


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    Raina, Ramesh

    wonderland, and explore the varied terrain of Nuku Hiva, from its black sand beaches to deep bays control supplying any services or providing any goods offered or included. GN and the sponsoring

  7. In A. Heyden, F. Kahl, C. Olsson, M. Oskarsson, X.-C. Tai (Eds.): Energy Minimization Methods in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.

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    compression. We present a new model for optimising the data used for the reconstruction by the underlying). A related approach can also be found in [8,9]. In this paper we present an energy-based approach to optimiseIn A. Heyden, F. Kahl, C. Olsson, M. Oskarsson, X.-C. Tai (Eds.): Energy Minimization Methods

  8. A model of lexical variation and the grammar with application to Tagalog nasal substitution

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    Zuraw, Kie


    trends, along with learning simulations. Section 5 presentsto carry out the learning simulations here. A model ofchange during learning. The simulation here ignores cases of

  9. Network Analysis of the Tahitian Ray (Himantura fai): Is There Social Structure to the Feeding Frenzy?

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    Furst, Emmanuelle A.


    D, James R. 2009. Animal Social Networks: An of a dolphin social network. Proc. R.Soc. Lond. BB, and Ernstson H. 2006. Social networks in natural resource

  10. Tai-Hsi Fan Andrei G. Fedorov

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    Fan, Tai-Hsi

    diminishing the energy efficiency of the glass melting process. Unlike the foams formed on the free surface for conventional glass foams 2,3 cannot be used for the batch foams, and thus prediction of the apparent radiative characteristics of batch foams is the subject of this paper. In addition to glass manufacturing, understanding

  11. Tianjin Tai Yang Photo electronic Technology Co Ltd | Open Energy

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  12. Yugang Sun | Argonne National Laboratory

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    (native), Tagalog (Filipino), Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish View All Experts Yugang Sun, Scientist Yugang Sun Scientist - Center for Nanoscale Materials Yugang Sun's research...


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    Tsao, Tsu-Chin

    based on frequency response data. A feedforward and Linear-Quadratic Regulator feedback controller of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering University of California at Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA 90095 ABSTRACT


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    Tsao, Tsu-Chin

    This paper addresses modeling analysis and the soft seating control of an electromagnetic actuator used above, in this paper we will present new modeling analyses that shed light to the adequate control consistent soft-seating motion control performance. 2. MODELING ANALYSIS An EMV system consists of two


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    Leow, Wee Kheng

    of Symmetry for the Femoral Head and Neck . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 #12;Contents 5 the first examination to screen out the easier cases, leaving a small number of difficult cases.2 Computing Orientation of the Femoral Shaft . . . . . . . . . . 38 4.3 Computing the Orientation

  16. The Application of Trend Following Strategies in Stock Market Trading Simon Fong, Jackie Tai

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    Fong, Chi Chiu "Simon"

    to be accurately analyzed [2]. The bubble burst of dot-com stocks by the hype of "new digital economy" is one

  17. By Lin Miao-Hsiang and Hsieh Yu-Tai Date July 31, 2006

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    Huang, Su-Yun

    and equating settings (Petersen, Kolen, and Hoover,1989; Kolen, 1988; Kolen1991; Kolen and Brennan, 1995; von

  18. Micromachined Fluidic Couplers Ellis Meng, Shuyun Wu, and Yu-Chong Tai

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    Meng, Ellis

    of Technology, Caltech Micromachining Laboratory, 136-93, Pasadena, CA 91126 Abstract A family of self with our new approach is demonstrated on thermopneumatic valves from [5] in Figure 1. Micromachined fluidic by anisotropic etching, drilling, or DRIE (deep reactive ion etching). The geometries associated

  19. Soft Color Segmentation and Its Applications Yu-Wing Tai, Student Member, IEEE Computer Society, Jiaya Jia, Member, IEEE Computer Society,

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    Kim, Dae-Shik

    to that of traditional segmentation approaches. In this paper, we evaluate and compare our automatic method with k-means to converge to a good optimal solution. We perform extensive evaluation and comparison and demonstrate

  20. BIOTROPICA 37(4): 631640 2005 10.1111/j.1744-7429.2005.00080.x Factors Influencing Tree Phenology in Tai National Park, C^ote d'Ivoire1

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    in Ta¨i National Park, C^ote d'Ivoire1 Dean P. Anderson2,6, Erik. V. Nordheim3, Timothy C. Moermond2 leaf phenology for 797 trees from 38 species in the Ta¨i National Park, C^ote d'Ivoire. We determined nouvelles feuilles pour 797 arbres de 38 esp`eces dans le Parc National de Ta¨i, C^ote d'Ivoire. Nous avons

  1. CX-000571: Categorical Exclusion Determination | Department of...

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    Categorical Exclusion Determination CX-000571: Categorical Exclusion Determination Photovoltaic Panel Installation (Building 833, TA-I) CX(s) Applied: B5.1 Date: 12102009...


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    Botea, Adi

    1 ANU STAFF WELLBEING 2012 QI-GONG STRETCHING EXERCISE COURSES The ANU Staff Wellbeing Program sponsors stretching exercises for ANU staff. Qi- gong is a Chinese stretching exercise similar to Tai Chi. Qi-gong has been practiced in China for nearly 30 years. It originated from Tai Chi and Chinese

  3. abnormalities drug-induced: Topics by E-print Network

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    for cultured NIH 3T3 cells. The occurrence of the abnormality was mediated by the formation of focal adhesions. H. -a. Pan; C. -w. Su; S. -m. Tai; F. -h. Ko; G. Steve...

  4. Dean's List, Fall 2013 Daniel Abarbanel

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    Dellaire, Graham

    -Ann Broom Amanda Brown Charlotte Brown Aleah Brown Kristin Bunyan Jasmin Burchell Kathleen Cairns Angus Campbell Niamh Campbell Emma Carline Brittany Carter Elizabeth Castle Gabrielle Chan Tai-Yu Chao Leanne

  5. The Transformation in State and Elite Responses to Popular Religious Beliefs

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    Kim, Hanshin


    possible large-scale land reclamation in many areas of theperiods were large-scale land reclamation and the growth of268 The massive land reclamation of the Lake Tai basin and

  6. The J-20 Fighter Aircraft and the State of China's Defense Science, Technology, and Innovation Potential

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    CHEUNG, Tai Ming


    on the Study of Innovation and Technology in China (SITC),The Study of Innovation and Technology in China (SITC) is as Defense Science, Technology, and Innovation Potential Tai

  7. Issues in Chinese Functionalism: An Interview with Sandra A. Thompson

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    Huang, Chiung-chih


    Benjamins. Li, C. N. & Thompson, S. A. (1976). Subject andpp. 457-489). Li, C. N. & Thompson, S. A. (1981). Mandarinrefer to Biq, Tai & Thompson (To appear). REFERENCES Biq,

  8. ICSE-18 Window on the World Editor-in-Chief: Bashar Nuseibeh

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    Nuseibeh, Bashar

    : Boris Bokowski (FU Berlin) Steve Easterbrook (NASA/WVU) Wolfgang Emmerich (City Univ, London) Christian Easterbrook Wolfgang Emmerich Christian Kanele Jyrki Stefan Tai Will Tracz Keng Ng Sabine Lembke Lutz Friedel

  9. Traumatic brain injury with particular reference to diffuse traumatic axonal injury subpopulations 

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    Al-Hasani, Omer Hussain


    Traumatic brain injury (TBI) remains an important cause of morbidity and mortality within society. TBI may result in both focal and diffuse brain injury. Diffuse traumatic axonal injury (TAI) is an important pathological substrate of TBI, and can...

  10. Performance Analysis of XCPC Powered Solar Cooling Demonstration Project

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    Widyolar, Bennett


    and Applied Mechanics by Bennett K. Widyolar Committee inYanbao Ma Spring 2013 Copyright Bennett K. Widyolar,rights reserved The Thesis of Bennett Kuang Tai Widyolar is

  11. Design of switched-resistor monolithic filters using NMOS technology

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    Ngo, Dinh Tai


    DESIGN OF SWITCHED-RESISTOR MONOLITHIC FILTERS USING NMOS TECHNOLOGY A Thesis by DINH TAI NGO Submitted to the Graduate College of Texas A&M University in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE December... 1981 Major Subject: Electrical Engineering DESIGN OF SWITCHED-RESISTOR MONOLITHIC FILTERS USING NMOS TECHNOLOGY A Thesis by DINH TAI NGO Approved as to style and content by J+ (' ll ( (C airman of Comm'it tee) (Member) (Member) ( d of De...

  12. Transcatheter Arterial Infusion Therapy in the Treatment of Advanced Pancreatic Cancer: A Feasibility Study

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    Shibuya, Keiko; Nagata, Yasushi [Department of Radiology, Kyoto University Hospital, 54 Kawahara-cho, Shogoin, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8507 (Japan); Itoh, Tuyoshi; Okajima, Kaoru [Department of Radiology, Kyoto National Hospital, 1-1 Mukaihata-cho, Fukakusa, Hushimi-ku, Kyoto 612-0861 (Japan); Murata, Rumi; Takagi, Takehisa; Hiraoka, Masahiro [Department of Radiology, Kyoto University Hospital, 54 Kawahara-cho, Shogoin, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8507 (Japan)


    Purpose: To evaluate the effects of transcatheter arterial infusion (TAI) therapy in 18 patients with advanced pancreatic cancer. Methods: The drugs infused were epirubicin 60 mg, mitomycin C 20 mg, and 5-fluorouracil 500 mg. The efficacy of TAI was evaluated by a tumor marker (CA19-9), computed tomography (CT) findings, and postoperative histopathological specimens. Results: In 10 of 15 cases, the tumor marker level was decreased after TAI therapy. In 6 of 14 cases, CT showed a decrease in the tumor size, and in 1 case, the tumor disappeared completely. In 6 cases the tumor could be resected. Necrosis, fibrosis, and degeneration of cancer cells were seen in 3 of 4 cases for whom a histopathological evaluation was done. The median survival was 11 months. In 17 patients back pain was the chief complaint, and was reduced to a self-controlled level in 10 patients following TAI therapy. No major complications were encountered. Conclusion: TAI appears to be an effective palliative treatment for advanced pancreatic cancer.


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    Operations ODP/TAI Timothy J.G. Francis Deputy Director ODP/TAMU May 1991 #12;This informal report Ocean Drilling Program, which is managed by Joint Oceanographic Institutions, Inc., under contract Environment Research Council (United Kingdom) Ocean Research Institute of the University of Tokyo (Japan) Any

  14. 20 21division of engineering & applied science ENGenious ISSUE 8 2011 PROGRESS REPORT

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    of surgically implanted electrode arrays and as- sociated computer algorithms. Eight years ago, my group started electrode arrays that can interface computers to damaged nervous sys- tems. For nearly a decade, my group, we engaged Profes- sor Yu-Chong Tai's group to develop miniature micro-fabricated electrode array

  15. Direct Speech as a Rhetorical Style in Chantyal

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    Noonan, Michael


    do nothing to you. ”’ na-ra pir-si pin-o I-DAT let+loose-ANTclosed khor-g¼m na phiri pir-si trap-ABL I outsideSEQ thÙw¼ " ab¼ they now pir-ye; ta-i " leave-HOR become-

  16. letters to nature 484 NATURE |VOL 404 |30 MARCH 2000 |

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    Vincent, Warwick F.

    of polymer light-emitting diodes with polyaniline anodes. Synth. Met. 80, 111±117 (1996). 4. Carter, J. C. et, M. F. Enhancement of light emitting diodes based on self-assembled heterostructures of poly and electroluminescence ef®ciency in polymer light-emitting diodes. Adv. Mater. 10, 769±774 (1998). 8. Tai, K., Yang, L

  17. An Object-Based Audio Rendering System using Spatial Parameters

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    Chang, Pao-Chi

    An Object-Based Audio Rendering System using Spatial Parameters Kuo-Lun Huang, Tai-Ming Chang rendering system, in which the audio signal of each object is distributed to multi-channel systems by spatial parameters. The operation of the rendering system is based on the sound localization theories

  18. Technical Design Update to Proposal for a Large Area

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    Llope, William J.

    , A. Tai University of California - Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 90095 Hongfang Chen, Xin Dong, Cheng.1.1 Overview . . . . . . . . . . 56 6.1.2 New PMT bases for the start detector . . . . . . . . . . . 57 6 of the Run-5 Data 68 7.1 Analysis Details . . . . . . . . . . . 68 7.2 Basic Results

  19. Inverted-Rib Chalcogenide Waveguides by Solution Process Yunlai Zha,,

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    Arnold, Craig B.

    Inverted-Rib Chalcogenide Waveguides by Solution Process Yunlai Zha,, Pao Tai Lin,,§ Lionel by a microtrench filling method. In this process, channels are etched on substrates and backfilled with solution for making reliable and low-loss arsenic sulfide waveguides based on a microtrench filling method. Channels

  20. CX-004729: Categorical Exclusion Determination

    Broader source: [DOE]

    Bio-Response Operational Testing and Evaluation (BOTE) Project (TA-I, TA-III, and Offsite at Idaho National Laboratory)CX(s) Applied: B3.12Date: 10/12/2010Location(s): IdahoOffice(s): Sandia Site Office

  1. 85R.A. Calvo and S.K. D'Mello (eds.), New Perspectives on Affect and Learning Technologies, Explorations in the Learning Sciences, Instructional Systems and Performance Technologies 3,

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    Young, R. Michael

    85R.A. Calvo and S.K. D'Mello (eds.), New Perspectives on Affect and Learning Technologies to which he or she is motivated to continue with the learning process (Kort, Reilly, & Picard, 2001; Picard work (Arroyo, Woolf, Royer, & Tai, 2009; Chaffar & Frasson, 2004; D'Mello et al., 2008; Forbes- Riley

  2. FISHES OF THE GULF OF MAINE 57 Oolor.-Described as dark gray, olive or brown

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    sharks, and the modification of the posterior edges of the pelvic fins into rodlike semitubular claspers dorsal fins on the taiL Torpedo, p. 58 There is no distinct caudal fin; the dorsal fins, if any, are very specimen of this little known shark came ashore at Provincetown in December 1878. This and one taken near

  3. Parylene Coated Silicon Probes for Neural Prosthesis Ray Huang1*

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    Andersen, Richard

    Parylene Coated Silicon Probes for Neural Prosthesis Ray Huang1* , Changlin Pang1 , Yu-Chong Tai1 electrodes. Keywords - parylene cable; neural prosthesis; silicon probe I. INTRODUCTION An important component of silicon neural prosthesis is the electrode array capable of recording neural activity from

  4. Radio broadcasting and the politics of mass culture in transwar Japan

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    Jung, Ji Hee


    natta senjika no h?s? ken’etsu. ” H?s? kenky? to ch?sa 52,ni natta senjika no h?s? ken’etsu,” H?s? kenky? to ch?sa 52,see Kogo, “Tai-Nichi ken’etsu seisaku no keisei katei to

  5. The Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) at the American University of Beirut (AUB) is of-

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    Shihadeh, Alan

    the Executive Master in Health Care Leadership (EMHCL): an innovative aca- demic program to enhance the knowledge and skills of current and future generations of health care leaders. The program is tai- lored to the needs of the health care sectors in the MENA region, with the goal of ad- vancing public health

  6. UBC Social Ecological Economic Development Studies (SEEDS) Student Report Agricultural Science 450 Fence Report

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    UBC Social Ecological Economic Development Studies (SEEDS) Student Report Agricultural Science 450 University of British Columbia AGSC 450 April 10, 2009 Disclaimer: "UBC SEEDS provides students Science 450 Fence Report Group 2 Alexander Changfoot Stephanie Chung Shawn Johnston Stephanie Tai Brian Wu

  7. Ban Bi Thng cho Bi thng cho nhn vin l g?

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    vic. Ví d: au lng khi b té ngã, b bng do hóa cht bn vào da, b thng trong tai nn xe hi khi i giao hàng làm vic: Chi tr nu vic quý v không c hng lng do chn thng ngn cn quý v làm công vic thông thng trong

  8. Topological Insulator in the Presence of Spatially Correlated Disorder Adrian Girschik,1

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    Rotter, Stefan

    Topological Insulator in the Presence of Spatially Correlated Disorder Adrian Girschik,1 Florian-dimensional topological insulators and on the quantum spin Hall effect which the helical edge states in these systems give can induce a non-trivial phase called the topological Anderson insulator (TAI). In extension

  9. Topological Insulator in the Presence of Spatially Correlated Disorder Adrian Girschik, 1 Florian Libisch, 2 and Stefan Rotter 1

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    Florian, Libisch

    Topological Insulator in the Presence of Spatially Correlated Disorder Adrian Girschik, 1 Florian­dimensional topological insulators and on the quantum spin Hall e#ect which the helical edge states in these systems give can induce a non­trivial phase called the topological Anderson insulator (TAI). In extension

  10. A Study of Some of the 17th and 18th Century Dramatic Versions of the Oedipus Legend in French and English with some Reference to Spanish

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    Malott, Anne C.


    was but nineteen. Like Corneille, Voltaire intended to compose hi® 'OEdipe% "presque sans amour." But he says, "Les Comediennes se mocquerent de moi, quand elles virent qu'il n 'y aveit point de role pour l'Aflfoureuse Je g&tai ma Pilce pour leur plaire, en...


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    Winther, Ragnar

    . When # = 0 the first equation in (1.1) has the form of Darcy's law for flow in a homogeneous porousA ROBUST FINITE ELEMENT METHOD FOR DARCY--STOKES FLOW KENT ANDRE MARDAL, XUE--CHENG TAI, AND RAGNAR the perturbation parameter is large, while it degenerates to a mixed formulation of Poisson's equation

  12. AQU 04 Portable Algae Flow Cytometer Team Members

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    California at Los Angeles, University of

    AQU 04 Portable Algae Flow Cytometer Team Members · David Caron, Faculty · Han-Chieh Chang · Yu-Chong Tai, Faculty, PI* * Primary Contact Overview The portable algae flow cytometer is a project that aims to expedite research in algae biology using microfluid-based and state-of-the-art detection


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    Davoodi, Azadeh

    assignment phase. Candidate routes spanning all the metal layers are generated using a linear programming: Global Routing via Integer Programming Tai-Hsuan Wu, Student Member, IEEE, Azadeh Davoodi, Member, IEEE programming. GRIP optimizes wirelength and via cost directly without going through a traditional layer

  14. May 2 6, 2011 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

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    Temple, Blake

    May 2 ­ 6, 2011 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI Young Researchers and Grad Students of Michigan, Chair, Craig Evans ­ Univ of California, Berkeley, Tai-Ping Liu ­ Stanford, Craig Tracy ­ Univ, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications-University of Minnesota, Department of Mathematics-University

  15. Heavy-quark probes of the quark-gluon plasma and interpretation of recent data taken at the BNL Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider

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    van Hees, H.; Greco, V.; Rapp, Ralf.


    . Tai et al. (STAR Collaboration), J. Phys. G 30, S809 (2004). [34] J. Dunkel and P. Ha?nggi, Phys. Rev. E 71, 016124 (2005). [35] P. Arnold, Phys. Rev. E 61, 6099 (2000). [36] X. Dong et al., Phys. Lett. B597, 328 (2004). [37] V. Greco, C. M. Ko...

  16. ISDA 2010, Montpellier, June 28-30, 2010 1 HOUSEHOLDS' RISK MANAGEMENT STRAGIES

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    Boyer, Edmond

    TO POVERTY IN RURAL CHINA Tai Xiujun* , Li Shuzhuo**, Feldman W. Marcus***, Gretchen C. Daily **** *School and vulnerability to poverty, we propose a new model based on qualitative data analysis and test it using, precautionary financial saving, and informal social supports are major risk management strategies, which can

  17. Research Article Brazilian Journal of Geophysics, Vol. 17(2,3), 1999

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    Santerre, Rock

    nos sinais GPS provocado por esta refração. Tais modelos foram desenvolvidos usando dados, Saastamoinen, Herring e Lanyi. Dados GPS coletados pela Rede Brasileira de Monitoramento Contínuo de Sistema país, foram estabelecidas três linhas de base configuradas de acordo com a região climática em que se

  18. Programa Integrado de Monitoria Remota de Fragmentos Florestais e

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    pontos para alimentar a base de dados do projeto. � valido destacar que tais tabelas foram geradas nas-se as favelas a partir da base de dados disponíveis pelo Instituto Pereira Passos do ano de 1999. Assim, o de Campo e Pós-processamento dos Dados Ao longo dos meses de Julho e Agosto a equipe do INEA realizou

  19. Resoluo de Conflitos em Documentos XML Frantchesco Cecchin1

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    Hara, Carmem Satie

    base única para as técnicas de análise de dados existentes atualmente, tais como mineração de dados e Resumo. Melhorar a qualidade dos dados provenientes de diferentes fontes é uma tarefa complexa. Os dados importados destas fontes podem estar "sujos" e estruturados de formas distintas. Além disso, dados que se

  20. Image Segmentation Based on GrabCut Framework Integrating Multi-scale Nonlinear Structure Tensor

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    Soatto, Stefano

    Shoudong Han, Wenbing Tao, Desheng Wang Xue-cheng Tai, Xianglin Wu ABSTRACT In this paper, we propose contained in images and their unpredictable complexity, manual segmentation is tedious and time consuming automatically or semi-automatically with minimal user input. Existing image segmentation algorithms can

  1. Gametic incompatibilities between races of Drosophila melanogaster

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    Palumbi, Stephen

    ; Drosophila melanogaster; incipient speciation 1. INTRODUCTION The isolating mechanisms driving speciation-female lines Two races of D. melanogaster were used in this study; these were the cosmopolitan (M lines) and Zimbabwe (Z lines) races. Five standard M lines (Fr, Hg, OR, GF(Id)-5E and Tai) and two standard Z lines (Z


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    what he calls "self-healing materials," poly- mer mixtures in which one critical component moves of biologically dynamic materials that can be used for improved implants and antimicrobial agents. Imagine a hip replacement made of materials so tai- lored that only a thin layer on the outer surfacethe part in contact

  3. Molecular Dynamics Study of a Surfactant-Mediated Decane-Water Interface: Effect of Molecular Architecture of Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate

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    Goddard III, William A.

    Architecture of Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate Seung Soon Jang, Shiang-Tai Lin, Prabal K. Maiti, Mario Blanco the attachment position of benzene sulfonate on the hexadecane backbone, at the decane-water interface benzene sulfonates, denoted by m-C16, indicating a benzene sulfonate group attached to the mth carbon

  4. SOLA, 2009, Vol. 5, 117 120, doi:10.2151/sola.2009 030 In the period from June 2006 to December 2008, we

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    al. 2007). In particular, the People's Republic of China has augmented coal combustion in power-Axis Differential Opti- cal Absorption Spectroscopy (MAX-DOAS) at an urban site in China (Tai'an) and three sites. Assuming that these results are valid for OMI data taken over China, we find an increasing trend

  5. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 12, 1132911337, 2012

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    Meskhidze, Nicholas

    then use the local PM2.5-to- period sensitivity (dPM2.5/dT) from the 1999­2010 observa- tions to project PM ventilation, and a likely de- crease albeit with greater inter-GCM variability in the Pa- cific Northwest due- lutant ventilation in the eastern US (Cooper et al., 2001; Li et al., 2005). Tai et al. (2012) found

  6. Physical transformations between quantum states

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    Zejun Huang; Chi-Kwong Li; Edward Poon; Nung-Sing Sze


    Given two sets of quantum states {A_1, ..., A_k} and {B_1, ..., B_k}, represented as sets of density matrices, necessary and sufficient conditions are obtained for the existence of a physical transformation T, represented as a trace-preserving completely positive map, such that T(A_i) = B_i for i = 1, ..., k. General completely positive maps without the trace-preserving requirement, and unital completely positive maps transforming the states are also considered.

  7. Biphase Turbine Tests on Process Fluids

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    Helgeson, N. L.; Maddox, J. P.



  8. Ramas de conocimiento curso 2014-15 ARTES Y HUMANIDADES

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad

    -Historia (Vicálvaro) Fotografía (TAI) Fundamentos de la Arquitectura-Diseño Integral y Gestión de la Imagen (Fuenlabrada) Fundamentos de la Arquitectura-Diseño Integral y Gestión de la Imagen (Fuenlabrada) Historia Ocupacional (Alcorcón) #12;INGENIERÍA Y ARQUITECTURA Diseno y Desarrollo de Videojuegos-Ingeniería de

  9. Suppression of automotive radio frequency interference

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    McLaughlin, Cleon Crosby


    . e manu fac i ur ers began putt: i ng re. ! '= t o '. '' o!& " . '1 s . ance &v'xi &'- i nto Lhe 1g?1 tao & sys tc. ", &'' they found I&ha L- suf F i ?i = . . . i& sup&!ze =, sion was ob tai ned Lo mc?t i&i!e sp&!&! i f i ?etio?s = nd r equi...

  10. T. J. Brukilacchio, Ph.D. Thesis 2003 Characterization and Noise Performance of a Time-Domain Breast

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    at 850 nm, resulting in proportionally lower power when the intensity is integrated over wavelength/GS thermal detector which was also calibrated to NIST traceable Figure 6.1 The relative power and spectral between 750 and 850 nm. Relative Power of Time Domain Ti:Sapphire Mai-Tai Spectra 0.0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1

  11. Microviscometric studies on thermal diffusion 

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Reyna, Eddie


    for its improvement. This in~estigation was supported in part by the Convsir Division of General Dynamics Corporation. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter III INTRODUCTION EXPERINENTAL NETHODS AND PROCEDUPJIS Thermal Diffusion Column Viscosity Measurements.... The main interest of 6 tais work was the molecular weight dependence of the thermal diffusion coefficient and the suitability of thermal diffusion as a method of frac- tionation of polymers. Since the work of Debye and Bueche, applications of thermal...


    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad

    Comunicações (sinal e processamento de dados, eletrônica, propagação eletromagnética, os fundamentos de de processamento de informação (compressão codificação dos dados), a transmissão de tais informações que obtiverem a Licenciatura em Sistemas de Telecomunicações será no futuro uma base necessária para o

  13. Explorando a Tecnica de Indexac~ao de Conjuntos Candidatos na Minerac~ao de Conjuntos Frequentes

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Antwerpen, Universiteit

    suportes baixos s~ao considerados sobre bases de dados es- parsas. A fim de aprimorar seu desempenho, neste suporte m´inimo) das transac¸~oes em uma base de dados. A extrac¸~ao de tais conjuntos representa a fase t~ao eficiente quando valores baixos de suporte m´inimo s~ao considerados sobre bases de dados


    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Ferreira, Paulo J.

    esteja ainda na sua infância, já é possível demonstrar que esta área terá um impacto tremendo nos vários aspectos de vida humana, tais como a saúde, o ambiente, a energia, os transportes, a tecnologia de nanotecnologia deste tipo. Qual vai ser então o impacto económico da nanotecnologia? As primeiras estimativas

  15. Modeling Successful Inclusive STEM High Schools: An Analysis of Students’ College Entry Indicators in Texas

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Erdogan, Niyazi


    , and Technology (SMT) schools” (Olszewski-Kubilius, 2010; Subotnik, Tai, Rickoff, & Almarode, 2010; Thomas & Williams, 2010). The very first examples of these schools were founded in New York City during the early part of the 20th century. The Beginning... of Specialized STEM Schools In 1904, Stuyvesant High School became the first specialized SMT school (Thomas & Williams, 2010). This “manual training school for boys” was established for the development of talent in science, mathematics, and technology. In 1969...

  16. The inheritance of resistance to Periconia circinata (Mang.) Sacc. in Sorghum vulgare Pers

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    Tai Yai-po


    of MASTER OF SCIENCE May 1966 Major Subject: Genetics THE INHERITANCE OF RESISTANCE TO PERICONIA CZRCINATA (MANG. ) SACC. ZN SORGHUM VULGARE PERH. A Thesis by Yai-po Tai Approved as to style and content by: (Chairman of Committee) (Head... E. Mutation to resistance III. MATERIALS AND METHODS A. Materials B. Procedures IV. EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS A. Parental cultivars B. F1 generation C. F2 generation 1. Resistant x resistant 2. Resistant x susceptible 10 1O 10 12 12 12 19...

  17. Curved finite elements by the method of initial strains

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    Leick, Roger Dale


    Bw) yz By Bz P (By Bz By Bz + By Bz/ Bx ~ Bw I/(Bu Bu Bv Bv Bw Bw) 'zx Bz+ Bx+P QBz Bx+ Bz Bx+ Bz Bx/ (3 I lj) For tais development e , c , and s are zero from the discrete zP yzl zx Kirchhoff hypothesis and hence need not be considered further... this research. Thanks is also expressed to the other two committee members who contributed to this thesis, Dr. W. E. Haisler and Dr. W. L. Perry. This research was supported by Sandia Corporation contract No. 829005. DEDICATION This thesis is dedicated...

  18. DOE A9024 Final Report Functional and Nanoscale Materials Systems: Frontier Programs of Science at the Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Lewis, Jennifer A.


    The scientific programs of the FSMRL supported under the DOE A9024 Grant consisted of four interdisciplinary research clusters, as described. The clusters were led by Professors Tai Chiang (Physics), Jeffrey Moore (Chemistry), Paul Goldbart (Physics), and Steven Granick (Materials Science and Engineering). The completed work followed a dominant theme--Nanoscale Materials Systems--and emphasized studies of complex phenomena involving surfaces, interfaces, complex materials, dynamics, energetics, and structures and their transformations. A summary of our key accomplishments is provided for each cluster.

  19. Taihan Techren Co Ltd | Open Energy Information

    Open Energy Info (EERE)

    AFDC Printable Version Share this resource Send a link to EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page to someone by E-mail Share EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Facebook Tweet about EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Twitter Bookmark EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page onYou are now leaving You are now leaving YouKizildere IRaghuraji Agro Industries PvtStratosolar Jump to:Holdings Co08.0 -TEEMP Jump to:TIAXFlorida: EnergyTai

  20. Experimental development of the predictive relations for the eddy exchange coefficients for momentum and heat in the atmospheric boundary layer

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    Jensen, Paul Alfred


    . 3 &ii. t' i' 1i~:. . ;at of: t'ai. , : -. . '. ; r. ;. ;. r, ': i r:;. - ~ leer-. . - . :. . . , , . ;: o i r ". pc i' FC:"1;', );, 1')7p EXPERIYENT'L Dj. 'VELOPkjENT OF THE PRFDICTZFF. RETATIONS 1'OR T13E Fl)DY E1CH'NGF CO1'FFZCZENTS I'OR 3j...ONENTDF! 1'ND kicAT 13, Tl!E ATk!OSPkjERIC EcjUNDj!PY Ll TER A Thesi. s by PAUL ALFRED JENSEN APProved as to sty]e encl content by; (Cbairman of Cocami tree. ) ll!ead o= Departs nnl. , 'I' (t; /jc jJ. '~' (Member) l'jec em. bor ID; p c& rra Ai...

  1. Ohio Klingon War Journal Issue 2

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    ifthe linehouse h.s acknowledqed the varrior. hovever lhe comm.nder can recommend th.t the linehouse recognize the v!rrior. Honorifics begond tai- are tr.ditionallg gr.nted there:fier onlg bU the elders of the line or bU the epetai (Patriarch... took lst plEce \\Yith the OHIO Klingons l{ar Journdl- Kemik tEi-D'RokhE was yeru close ss o runner up- ThEnks to Ell of gou tYho p Erti ci pated- Ve had a loi of letters :nd phone calls from the folks in Ney/ .Jerreg, .nd Nev/ York. lt seems...

  2. Bulletin of Tibetology: Volume 10 Number 1 : Full issue

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    Namgyal Institute of Tibetology

    , by Tsche Ching, 730 A.D. F T 2157 Cheng Yuan Hsin Ting Che Chiao Mu Lu, by Y~n Chao, 7th century -1- G T 2034 Li Tai San Pao Chi, by Fei Chang-fang, S97 A.D. T 2149 Ta Tang Nei Tien Lu, by Tao Hauan, 7th century T 2 I 3 I Fan I Ming I Chi, by Fa Yun... . 60 In the North the Sutras became separated and could no~ be united and then the old arrangement was adhered to. 3. Pu~sha nei chiai china (Sutra on the internal rules of a Bodhi­ sattva, Nj 1082). This is in the above catalogue. 4. Yu-po-sha wu...

  3. Gunavarman (367-431): A Comparative Analysis of the Biographies found in the Chinese Tripitaka

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    Stache-Rosen, Valentina

    Chiao Lu, by Tsche Ching, 730 A.D. F T 2157 Cheng Yuan Hsin Ting Che Chiao Mu Lu, by Y~n Chao, 7th century -1- G T 2034 Li Tai San Pao Chi, by Fei Chang-fang, S97 A.D. T 2149 Ta Tang Nei Tien Lu, by Tao Hauan, 7th century T 2 I 3 I Fan I Ming I Chi... . 60 In the North the Sutras became separated and could no~ be united and then the old arrangement was adhered to. 3. Pu~sha nei chiai china (Sutra on the internal rules of a Bodhi­ sattva, Nj 1082). This is in the above catalogue. 4. Yu-po-sha wu...

  4. Integration of Dye Lasers and Microfluidics for Biochemical Analysis

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Yan Chen; Yan Chen; Teresa Emery; Lin Zhu; David Henry; Michael Shearn; Uday Khankhoje; Guangxi Wang; Ting Hong; Jingqing Huang


    The six years at Caltech have been the most memorable time in my life so far, I owe many thanks for my experience here. First of all, I would like to thank my advisor, Prof. Axel Scherer, for providing me with the opportunity and resources to complete my Ph.D. at Caltech. I am grateful to his guidance and support through all these years. His broad perspective, valuable advice, and sincere mentorship have always been a source of inspiration and motivation. I would also like to thank my committee members: Prof. Changhuei Yang, Prof. Oskar Painter, Prof. Yu-Chong Tai, and Prof. Chin-Lin Guo, and other members in my candidacy

  5. FRAPCON-2: A Computer Code for the Calculation of Steady State Thermal-Mechanical Behavior of Oxide Fuel Rods

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Berna, G. A; Bohn, M. P.; Rausch, W. N.; Williford, R. E.; Lanning, D. D.


    FRAPCON-2 is a FORTRAN IV computer code that calculates the steady state response of light Mater reactor fuel rods during long-term burnup. The code calculates the temperature, pressure, deformation, and tai lure histories of a fuel rod as functions of time-dependent fuel rod power and coolant boundary conditions. The phenomena modeled by the code include (a) heat conduction through the fuel and cladding, (b) cladding elastic and plastic deformation, (c) fuel-cladding mechanical interaction, (d) fission gas release, (e} fuel rod internal gas pressure, (f) heat transfer between fuel and cladding, (g) cladding oxidation, and (h) heat transfer from cladding to coolant. The code contains necessary material properties, water properties, and heat transfer correlations. FRAPCON-2 is programmed for use on the CDC Cyber 175 and 176 computers. The FRAPCON-2 code Is designed to generate initial conditions for transient fuel rod analysis by either the FRAP-T6 computer code or the thermal-hydraulic code, RELAP4/MOD7 Version 2.

  6. Immunosuppression prior to marrow transplantation for sensitized aplastic anemia patients: comparison of TLI with TBI

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Shank, B.; Brochstein, J.A.; Castro-Malaspina, H.; Yahalom, J.; Bonfiglio, P.; O'Reilly, R.J.


    From May 1980 through July 1986, 26 patients with severe aplastic anemia, sensitized with multiple transfusions of blood products, were treated on either of two immunosuppressive regimens in preparation for bone marrow transplantation from a matched donor. There were 10 patients treated with total body irradiation (TBI), 200 cGy/fraction X 4 daily fractions (800 cGy total dose), followed by cyclophosphamide, 60 mg/kg/d X 2 d. An additional 16 patients were treated with total lymphoid irradiation (TLI) (or, if they were infants, a modified TLI or thoracoabdominal irradiation (TAI)), 100 cGy/fraction, 3 fractions/d X 2 d (600 cGy total dose), followed by cyclophosphamide, 40 mg/kg/d X 4 d. The extent of immunosuppression was similar in both groups as measured by peripheral blood lymphocyte depression at the completion of the course of irradiation (5% of initial concentration for TBI and 24% for TLI), neutrophil engraftment (10/10 for TBI and 15/16 for TLI), and time to neutrophil engraftment (median of 22 d for TBI and 17 d for TLI). Marrow and peripheral blood cytogenetic analysis for assessment of percent donor cells was also compared in those patients in whom it was available. 2/2 patients studied with TBI had 100% donor cells, whereas 6/11 with TLI had 100% donor cells. Of the five who did not, three were stable mixed chimeras with greater than or equal to 70% donor cells, one became a mixed chimera with about 50% donor cells, but became aplastic again after Cyclosporine A cessation 5 mo post-transplant, and the fifth reverted to all host cells by d. 18 post-transplant. Overall actuarial survival at 2 years was 56% in the TLI group compared with 30% in the TBI group although this was not statistically significant. No survival decrement has been seen after 2 years in either group.

  7. New maturity indicators based on spectral fluorescence of alginite and bitumen, Monterey Formation, California

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Lee, Chungi; Kennicutt, M.C. II (Texas A and M Univ., College Station (United States)); Lo, H.B. (Exxon Production Research Co., Houston, TX (United States))


    Conventional assessment of maturation level in the Monterey has been problematic, since sporinite and vitrinite are rare or absent. Organic matter is largely alginite and amorphous material, and reliable vitrinite reflectance (R{sub o}%) and Thermal Alteration Index (TAI) are difficult to obtain. Large amounts of bitumen often imbedded in the highly fractured Monterey shales cause a suppression of T{sub max} and low values of S{sub 1}S{sub 1} + S{sub 2}. It is often difficult to determine whether bitumen is indigenous or migrated from other more mature strata. Spectral fluorescence measurements of alginite and bitumen have proved useful in assessing the maturity of the Monterey. A maturity scale based on red/green quotient (Q{sub v}) measured as the fluorescence of alginite B when excited by violet-light has been developed and applied to the Monterey. Alginite B is common in the Monterey, and accurate fluorescent measurements can be readily obtained given the highly fluorescent character of alginite B. A total scanning fluorescence technique was used to develop a maturity scale based on bitumen aromatic content and composition. The maturity parameter (R{sub 1}) developed in this study uses the intensity of fluorescence emitted at 360 nm ratioed to that at 320 nm when the solvent-dissolved bitumen is excited at the 270 nm. These parameters allow for the evaluation of the thermal maturity of algal organic matter and bitumen from the Monterey with R{sub o}% {lt} 1. Indigenous bitumen is also indicated by a comparison of maturity based on Q{sub v} (the solid phase) and bitumen maturity (the liquid phase) based on R{sub 1}.

  8. Former presence of thick post-Devonian strata in northern Appalachian basin: Evidence from fluid-inclusion studies

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Sarwar, G.; Friedman, G.M. (Brooklyn College of the City Univ. of New York, NY (USA))


    Along an 80-km long belt south of Syracuse, New York, the maximum fluid-inclusion homogenization temperatures (T{sub max}) of late-stage cements of the lower Middle Devonian Onondaga Limestone show a local high of 150{degree}-160{degree}C in central New York. T{sub max} decreases both west and east of this area reaching about 100{degree}C in outcrops near Buffalo and Albany, respectively. Southward from Albany, along the western margin of the Hudson Valley, T{sub max} again rises sharply to 170{degree}-180{degree}C in the Kingston area. The thermal alteration index (TAI) and vitrinite reflectance of the overlying Marcellus-Bakoven (Middle Devonian) black shales in central and eastern New York show a comparable trend. The east-west profile of T{sub max} of the Onondaga rocks as well as thermal maturity of the black shales show excellent correlation with similar profiles of authigenic magnetite in the Onondaga Limestone and of clay diagenesis and fission-track ages of the Middle Devonian Tioga Metabentonite Bed, as reported by others. The T{sub max} of the Onondaga Limestone is believed to have been attained during maximum burial, the extent of which can not be accounted for by the present thickness of post-Onondaga strata. As a result of an inferred late Paleozoic uplift, in western and eastern New York, 2-3 km of post-Devonian strata were removed, in central New York 4-5 km, and in southeastern New York 5-6 km were removed. The north-south variation in maximum burial along the Hudson Valley may be explained by additional impact of tectonic loading in the south.