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  1. The structure of Tagalog : specificity, voice, and the distribution of arguments

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    Rackowski, Andrea


    This thesis examines the syntax of Tagalog with a particular focus on argument structure and its implications for clause structure. Through cross-linguistic comparison I show that Tagalog syntax is not as exotic as is often ...

  2. Tai Yuan Solar Co Ltd | Open Energy Information

    Open Energy Info (EERE)

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  3. e[doxe ta'i aJlivai kaqa; kai; ta'i boula'i-ejpeidh; oiJ Erbitai'oi o{ka to; provteron ta;m

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    Abbondandolo, Alberto

    e[doxe ta'i aJlivai kaqa; kai; ta'i boula'i- ejpeidh; oiJ Ã?Erbitai'oi o{ka to; provteron taJma'i ta;" creiva" parischmevnwn. e[doxe ta'i aJlivai kaqa; kai; ta'i boula'i- ejpeidh; oiJ Ã?Erbitai'oi o'i povlei ta'i aJma'i ta;" creiva" parischmevnwn. e[doxe ta'i aJlivai kaqa; kai; ta'i boula'i- ejpeidh; oi


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    Raina, Ramesh

    wonderland, and explore the varied terrain of Nuku Hiva, from its black sand beaches to deep bays control supplying any services or providing any goods offered or included. GN and the sponsoring

  5. Molecular responses of Jurkat T-cells to 1763 MHz radiofrequency TAI-QIN HUANG1

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    Zhang, Byoung-Tak

    Molecular responses of Jurkat T-cells to 1763 MHz radiofrequency radiation TAI-QIN HUANG1 , MIN SU emitted radiofrequency (RF) radiation are the subject of intense study, yet the hypothesis that RF was not detected upon 1763 MHz RF radiation under 10 W/kg SAR for 24 h to Jurkat T cells. Keywords: Radiofrequency


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    Tsao, Tsu-Chin

    CONTROL OF AN ELECTROMECHANICAL CAMLESS VALVE ACTUATOR Chun Tai, Tsu-Chin Tsao 1 Department shaping alone cannot render repeatable valve closing and seating motion. Closed loop feedback control is evaluated in terms of closing time, valve seating velocity and seating tail- length, armature crossing

  7. In A. Heyden, F. Kahl, C. Olsson, M. Oskarsson, X.-C. Tai (Eds.): Energy Minimization Methods in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.

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    compression. We present a new model for optimising the data used for the reconstruction by the underlying). A related approach can also be found in [8,9]. In this paper we present an energy-based approach to optimiseIn A. Heyden, F. Kahl, C. Olsson, M. Oskarsson, X.-C. Tai (Eds.): Energy Minimization Methods

  8. Network Analysis of the Tahitian Ray (Himantura fai): Is There Social Structure to the Feeding Frenzy?

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    Furst, Emmanuelle A.


    D, James R. 2009. Animal Social Networks: An of a dolphin social network. Proc. R.Soc. Lond. BB, and Ernstson H. 2006. Social networks in natural resource


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    Su, Xiao

    Modeling of Underground Coal Gasification," 1985 · Guoguan Chen "Creep Crack Growth under Cyclic Loading

  10. Tianjin Tai Yang Photo electronic Technology Co Ltd | Open Energy

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  11. By Lin Miao-Hsiang and Hsieh Yu-Tai Date July 31, 2006

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    Huang, Su-Yun

    and equating settings (Petersen, Kolen, and Hoover,1989; Kolen, 1988; Kolen1991; Kolen and Brennan, 1995; von


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    Tsao, Tsu-Chin

    based on frequency response data. A feedforward and Linear-Quadratic Regulator feedback controller of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering University of California at Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA 90095 ABSTRACT


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    Leow, Wee Kheng

    on measuring the neck-shaft angle of the femur. The accuracy of using the neck-shaft angle for determining femur fractures is also tested. Keywords: Neck-shaft angle, femur fractures, active contour #12 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 3.4 Combining Snake with GVF . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 4 Measuring Neck-Shaft Angle

  14. Dynamical mechanisms underlying contrast gain control in single neurons Yuguo Yu and Tai Sing Lee

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    Lee, Tai Sing

    to be adaptive to changes in the statistics of stimuli, in terms of both the average light intensity level see 3, they are adaptive to the contrast or the variance of time- varying input stimuli, exhibiting a contrast gain control threshold is shown to be a key factor underlying the adaptation of frequency tuning and amplitude gain

  15. Materials Data on TaI2O (SG:12) by Materials Project

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    Kristin Persson


    Computed materials data using density functional theory calculations. These calculations determine the electronic structure of bulk materials by solving approximations to the Schrodinger equation. For more information, see

  16. AutoCor: A Query Based Automatic Acquisition of Corpora of Closely-related Languages *

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    Builder are actually documents in other closely-related Philippine languages. AutoCor used the query generation method of closely-related Philippine languages and Tagalog. The performance of the system using with and without) like Tagalog and other Philippine languages. Unfortunately, to manually collect and organize a language

  17. A critical dictionary of Herman Melville's Polynesian terms 

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    Christodoulou, Constantine


    . Melville?s Polynesian ?wad of old patches? (White-Jacket 4) incorporates not only cultural elements from various Polynesian groups, such as the Marquesans, the Tahitians, the Hawaiians, and the Tonga and Maori, several of which critics like Charles R... the Marquesan, including the Tonga, Maori, Tahitian, and Hawaiian, affects both the format and the content of the dictionary?s entries, and suggests that the interpretative ?fluidity? of Melville?s texts is linguistic as much as it is editorial or literary...

  18. Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Asian Language Resources, pages 29, Chiang Mai, Thailand, November 12 and 13, 2011.

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    the notation of Language Tool. The expressive power of Language Tool's notation is analyzed and checked if Tagalog linguistic phenomena are captured or not. The system was tested using a collection of sentences, an error message is shown to the user. Currently, LanguageTool supports Belaru- sian, Catalan, Danish

  19. Lesser victories: a study of the Philippine Constabulary and Haitian Gendarmerie 

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    Mihara, Robert Yoshio


    insurgents, brigands and guerrillas dominated the towns by intimidation, propaganda, and securing the cooperation of the landed elite or principales in spite of the U.S. conventional victory. Initially, the Army high command did not recognize... balanced civic and military campaign to end the insurrection and lawlessness. 20 Substantial antagonism towards the U.S. occupation persisted amongst the Tagalog elite in Luzon, and banditry, mixed with religious fanaticism, sustained 19. George Y...

  20. Sandia National Laboratories: News: Publications: Lab News

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    and former Sandian TaiWen Ko evaluate adaptable telemetry hardware components as they build up the telemetry system to be used to test the Mark 21 replacement fuze. TaiWen is...

  1. The Chinese Defense Economy’s Long March from Imitation to Innovation

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    Cheung, Tai Ming


    However, this indigenous innovation will likely occur at theand architectural types of innovation. Tai Ming CHEUNG is anproject on the Study of Innovation and Technology in China (

  2. The Human Dimension in Chinese Defense Science, Technology, and Innovation: An Overview

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    CHEUNG, Tai Ming


    STUDY OF INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY IN CHINA RESEARCH BRIEFScience, Technology, and Innovation: An Overview Tai Mingscience, technology, and innovation (STI). While this may

  3. Thermoacoustic imaging over large field of view for three-dimensional breast tumor localization: A phantom study

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    Fu, Yong; Ji, Zhong; Ding, Wenzheng; Ye, Fanghao; Lou, Cunguang, E-mail: [MOE Key Laboratory of Laser Life Science and Institute of Laser Life Science, South China Normal University, Guangzhou 510631 (China)


    Purpose: Previous studies demonstrated that thermoacoustic imaging (TAI) has great potential for breast tumor detection. However, large field of view (FOV) imaging remains a long-standing challenge for three-dimensional (3D) breast tumor localization. Here, the authors propose a practical TAI system for noninvasive 3D localization of breast tumors with large FOV through the use of ultrashort microwave pulse (USMP). Methods: A USMP generator was employed for TAI. The energy density required for quality imaging and the corresponding microwave-to-acoustic conversion efficiency were compared with that of conventional TAI. The microwave energy distribution, imaging depth, resolution, and 3D imaging capabilities were then investigated. Finally, a breast phantom embedded with a laboratory-grown tumor was imaged to evaluate the FOV performance of the USMP TAI system, under a simulated clinical situation. Results: A radiation energy density equivalent to just 1.6%–2.2% of that for conventional submicrosecond microwave TAI was sufficient to obtain a thermoacoustic signal with the required signal-to-noise ratio. This result clearly demonstrated a significantly higher microwave-to-acoustic conversion efficiency of USMP TAI compared to that of conventional TAI. The USMP TAI system achieved 61 mm imaging depth and 12 × 12 cm{sup 2} microwave radiation area. The volumetric image of a copper target measured at depth of 4–6 cm matched well with the actual shape and the resolution reaches 230 ?m. The TAI of the breast phantom was precisely localized to an accuracy of 0.1 cm over an 8 × 8 cm{sup 2} FOV. Conclusions: The experimental results demonstrated that the USMP TAI system offered significant potential for noninvasive clinical detection and 3D localization of deep breast tumors, with low microwave radiation dose and high spatial resolution over a sufficiently large FOV.


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    Botea, Adi

    1 ANU STAFF WELLBEING 2012 QI-GONG STRETCHING EXERCISE COURSES The ANU Staff Wellbeing Program sponsors stretching exercises for ANU staff. Qi- gong is a Chinese stretching exercise similar to Tai Chi. Qi-gong has been practiced in China for nearly 30 years. It originated from Tai Chi and Chinese


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    Hexsel, Roberto A

    Souza #12;Conte´udo 1 Introdu¸c~ao 1 2 Ambiente de Simula¸c~ao 3 2.1 Simple o projeto de sistemas embarcados, tais como consumo de energia, tamanho do circuito integrado

  6. A MEMS Thin Film AlN Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Valve

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    Chen, Ya-Mei


    D. P. Bame, and T. K. Tang, “MEMS micro-valve for spaceof the fabricated thermal MEMS valve by Kim et al. [Y. -C. Tai, and C-M. Ho, “A MEMS thermopneumatic silicone

  7. Issues in Chinese Functionalism: An Interview with Sandra A. Thompson

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    Huang, Chiung-chih


    Benjamins. Li, C. N. & Thompson, S. A. (1976). Subject andpp. 457-489). Li, C. N. & Thompson, S. A. (1981). Mandarinrefer to Biq, Tai & Thompson (To appear). REFERENCES Biq,

  8. Um Sistema Computacional integrando Suporte `a Decis~ao na Area de Reproduc ~ao Humana

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    Baranauskas, José Augusto

    desenvolvimento de um sistema computacional que a implementa. Tais elementos permitem informatizar os processos e¸ ~ao. Palavras-chaves: Reproduc¸ ~ao Assistida, Sistemas de Suporte `a Decis~ao, Aprendizado de M´aquina

  9. Control of new follicular wave emergence and rate of follicular maturation in bos indicus-influenced cattle with estradiol benzoate, temporary calf removal and progesterone 

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    Pack, Julie Diane


    Objectives were to determine: 1) whether estradiol benzoate (EB) provides a superior alternative to GnRH for synchronizing emergence, growth and maturation of a new follicular wave for fixed timed AI (TAI) in Bos ...

  10. Ovarian and hormonal events during synchronization of ovulation and timed appointment breeding of Bos indicus-influenced cattle using intravaginal progesterone, GnRH and prostaglandin F2(alpha) 

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    Saldarriaga Lopez, Juan Pablo


    Objectives were to 1) evaluate the use of the CO-Synch + CIDR (COS-C) protocol for synchronization of ovulation and timed AI (TAI) in Bos indicus-influenced cattle, 2) compare cumulative pregnancy rates after COS-C ...

  11. Traumatic brain injury with particular reference to diffuse traumatic axonal injury subpopulations 

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    Al-Hasani, Omer Hussain


    Traumatic brain injury (TBI) remains an important cause of morbidity and mortality within society. TBI may result in both focal and diffuse brain injury. Diffuse traumatic axonal injury (TAI) is an important pathological substrate of TBI, and can...

  12. Alex Wheatcroft's Account of the 2006 Follow the Grain Class Visiting Taiwan with the follow the grain delegation provided me with many new experiences.

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    Maxwell, Bruce D.

    that the process has more human workers than automation, this was because workers were cheaper than automation get more. While in Taipei we got to see the world's tallest building and the jade market. In Tai Chung

  13. The Transformation in State and Elite Responses to Popular Religious Beliefs

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    Kim, Hanshin


    possible large-scale land reclamation in many areas of theperiods were large-scale land reclamation and the growth of268 The massive land reclamation of the Lake Tai basin and

  14. Design of switched-resistor monolithic filters using NMOS technology

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    Ngo, Dinh Tai


    DESIGN OF SWITCHED-RESISTOR MONOLITHIC FILTERS USING NMOS TECHNOLOGY A Thesis by DINH TAI NGO Submitted to the Graduate College of Texas A&M University in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE December... 1981 Major Subject: Electrical Engineering DESIGN OF SWITCHED-RESISTOR MONOLITHIC FILTERS USING NMOS TECHNOLOGY A Thesis by DINH TAI NGO Approved as to style and content by J+ (' ll ( (C airman of Comm'it tee) (Member) (Member) ( d of De...

  15. Transcatheter Arterial Infusion Therapy in the Treatment of Advanced Pancreatic Cancer: A Feasibility Study

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    Shibuya, Keiko; Nagata, Yasushi [Department of Radiology, Kyoto University Hospital, 54 Kawahara-cho, Shogoin, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8507 (Japan); Itoh, Tuyoshi; Okajima, Kaoru [Department of Radiology, Kyoto National Hospital, 1-1 Mukaihata-cho, Fukakusa, Hushimi-ku, Kyoto 612-0861 (Japan); Murata, Rumi; Takagi, Takehisa; Hiraoka, Masahiro [Department of Radiology, Kyoto University Hospital, 54 Kawahara-cho, Shogoin, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8507 (Japan)


    Purpose: To evaluate the effects of transcatheter arterial infusion (TAI) therapy in 18 patients with advanced pancreatic cancer. Methods: The drugs infused were epirubicin 60 mg, mitomycin C 20 mg, and 5-fluorouracil 500 mg. The efficacy of TAI was evaluated by a tumor marker (CA19-9), computed tomography (CT) findings, and postoperative histopathological specimens. Results: In 10 of 15 cases, the tumor marker level was decreased after TAI therapy. In 6 of 14 cases, CT showed a decrease in the tumor size, and in 1 case, the tumor disappeared completely. In 6 cases the tumor could be resected. Necrosis, fibrosis, and degeneration of cancer cells were seen in 3 of 4 cases for whom a histopathological evaluation was done. The median survival was 11 months. In 17 patients back pain was the chief complaint, and was reduced to a self-controlled level in 10 patients following TAI therapy. No major complications were encountered. Conclusion: TAI appears to be an effective palliative treatment for advanced pancreatic cancer.

  16. ISDA 2010, Montpellier, June 28-30, 2010 1 HOUSEHOLDS' RISK MANAGEMENT STRAGIES

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    Boyer, Edmond

    TO POVERTY IN RURAL CHINA Tai Xiujun* , Li Shuzhuo**, Feldman W. Marcus***, Gretchen C. Daily **** *School and vulnerability to poverty, we propose a new model based on qualitative data analysis and test it using, precautionary financial saving, and informal social supports are major risk management strategies, which can

  17. Technical Design Update to Proposal for a Large Area

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    Llope, William J.

    , A. Tai University of California - Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 90095 Hongfang Chen, Xin Dong, Cheng.1.1 Overview . . . . . . . . . . 56 6.1.2 New PMT bases for the start detector . . . . . . . . . . . 57 6 of the Run-5 Data 68 7.1 Analysis Details . . . . . . . . . . . 68 7.2 Basic Results

  18. Heavy-quark probes of the quark-gluon plasma and interpretation of recent data taken at the BNL Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider

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    van Hees, H.; Greco, V.; Rapp, Ralf.


    . Tai et al. (STAR Collaboration), J. Phys. G 30, S809 (2004). [34] J. Dunkel and P. Ha?nggi, Phys. Rev. E 71, 016124 (2005). [35] P. Arnold, Phys. Rev. E 61, 6099 (2000). [36] X. Dong et al., Phys. Lett. B597, 328 (2004). [37] V. Greco, C. M. Ko...

  19. Novos algoritmos de Lagrangeano aumentado com penalidade quadratica aplicados a problemas de otimizac~ao com restric~oes de igualdade

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    Paraná, Universidade Federal do

    Novos algoritmos de Lagrangeano aumentado com penalidade quadr´atica aplicados a problemas de novos algoritmos de Lagrangeano aumen- tado aplicados na resolu¸c~ao de problemas de programa¸c~ao n~ao linear com restri¸c~oes de igual- dade. Tais algoritmos foram inspirados em m´etodos de Lagrangeano

  20. 20 21division of engineering & applied science ENGenious ISSUE 8 2011 PROGRESS REPORT

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    of surgically implanted electrode arrays and as- sociated computer algorithms. Eight years ago, my group started electrode arrays that can interface computers to damaged nervous sys- tems. For nearly a decade, my group, we engaged Profes- sor Yu-Chong Tai's group to develop miniature micro-fabricated electrode array

  1. Pre- and post-synchronization methodologies to enhance the efficiency of fixed timed artificial insemination in pharmacologically-controlled breeding systems with Bos indicus-influenced cattle 

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    Zuluaga Velez, Juan Federico


    Objectives were to: 1) Evaluate the effectiveness of presynchronization with GnRH before the CO�Synch + CIDR protocol with timed AI (TAI) at 66 h in Bos indicus�influenced cattle; 2) Characterize ovarian events associated...

  2. On the Completion of Workflows , Indrakshi Ray1

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    Ray, Indrakshi

    On the Completion of Workflows Tai Xin1 , Indrakshi Ray1 , Parvathi Chundi2 , and Sopak Chaichana tasks are needed for the workflow to complete ­ we refer to this set as the completion set. Since with multiple completion sets. Incorrect specification of completion sets may prohibit some workflow from

  3. Inverted-Rib Chalcogenide Waveguides by Solution Process Yunlai Zha,,

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    Arnold, Craig B.

    Inverted-Rib Chalcogenide Waveguides by Solution Process Yunlai Zha,, Pao Tai Lin,,§ Lionel by a microtrench filling method. In this process, channels are etched on substrates and backfilled with solution for making reliable and low-loss arsenic sulfide waveguides based on a microtrench filling method. Channels

  4. Supplement 17, Part 1, Authors: A To Z 

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    Edwards, Shirley J.; Kirby, Margie D.; Segal, Dorothy B.; Humphrey, Judith M.


    Objectives were to: 1) Evaluate the effectiveness of presynchronization with GnRH before the CO�Synch + CIDR protocol with timed AI (TAI) at 66 h in Bos indicus�influenced cattle; 2) Characterize ovarian events ...


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    Ferreira, Paulo J.

    aspectos de vida humana, tais como a saúde, o ambiente, a energia, os transportes, a tecnologia de europeus, EUA e Japão. A Alemanha, por exemplo, estabeleceu 6 centros de nanotecnologia que ligam empresas e universidades em 6 areas distintas. Um dos centros engloba 20 empresas, 10 universidades e 15

  6. Autonomous Local Path-Planning for a Mobile Robot Using a Genetic Algorithm

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    Wainwright, Roger L.

    , Kaveh Ashenayi, Theodore W. Manikas, Roger L. Wainwright, Heng-Ming Tai Electrical Engineering of everyday life. Recently, robots have become a major part of this trend. Therefore, autonomously navigating of a genetic algorithm based path-planning software. The algorithm uses an improved, modified version

  7. SOLA, 2009, Vol. 5, 117 120, doi:10.2151/sola.2009 030 In the period from June 2006 to December 2008, we

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    al. 2007). In particular, the People's Republic of China has augmented coal combustion in power-Axis Differential Opti- cal Absorption Spectroscopy (MAX-DOAS) at an urban site in China (Tai'an) and three sites. Assuming that these results are valid for OMI data taken over China, we find an increasing trend

  8. Image Segmentation Based on GrabCut Framework Integrating Multi-scale Nonlinear Structure Tensor

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    Soatto, Stefano

    Shoudong Han, Wenbing Tao, Desheng Wang Xue-cheng Tai, Xianglin Wu ABSTRACT In this paper, we propose contained in images and their unpredictable complexity, manual segmentation is tedious and time consuming automatically or semi-automatically with minimal user input. Existing image segmentation algorithms can

  9. Computing Neck-Shaft Angle of Femur for X-Ray Fracture Detection

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    Leow, Wee Kheng

    Computing Neck-Shaft Angle of Femur for X-Ray Fracture Detection Tai Peng Tian1 , Ying Chen1 , Wee and 13% of men suffer from osteoporotic fractures of the bone, particularly the older people. Doctors in the hospitals need to manually inspect a large number of x-ray im- ages to identify the fracture cases

  10. Kheshbn No. 100- Fall 1982 - Journal

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    T*X O S T px ia^xnya »x o^n inox Dyn px o^poon ynox n osn poOÍJII ,yiixsi-n m paypiyr one inox P>Ö y ? » »r TX T Ö i nT ;mixo-ia oynxiisya ,o^aio inox nTaiO po yaytay oaiy? :S8io

  11. Gametic incompatibilities between races of Drosophila melanogaster

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    Palumbi, Stephen

    ; Drosophila melanogaster; incipient speciation 1. INTRODUCTION The isolating mechanisms driving speciation-female lines Two races of D. melanogaster were used in this study; these were the cosmopolitan (M lines) and Zimbabwe (Z lines) races. Five standard M lines (Fr, Hg, OR, GF(Id)-5E and Tai) and two standard Z lines (Z

  12. Image-Based Modeling and Rendering Techniques: A Survey Manuel M. Oliveira1

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    Oliveira, Manuel M.

    denominadas modelagem e rendering baseados em imagens (MRBI). Modelagem baseada em imagens se refere ao processo de utilização de imagens para reconstrução de modelos geométricos 3D. Rendering baseado em imagens tarefa de modelagem, através do uso de imagens como primitivas de modelagem e rendering. Tais abordagens

  13. Molecular Dynamics Study of a Surfactant-Mediated Decane-Water Interface: Effect of Molecular Architecture of Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate

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    Goddard III, William A.

    Architecture of Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate Seung Soon Jang, Shiang-Tai Lin, Prabal K. Maiti, Mario Blanco the attachment position of benzene sulfonate on the hexadecane backbone, at the decane-water interface benzene sulfonates, denoted by m-C16, indicating a benzene sulfonate group attached to the mth carbon

  14. Molten Salt Breeder Reactors Academia Sinica, ITRI, NTHU

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    Wang, Ming-Jye

    ) Use 1%, discard 99% Waste storage: 240,000 yr Proliferation risk 3 day reprieve Turbine electricity. Tai, S. J. Zheng #12;Outline of Talk · Overview: ­ Gen III+ LWR & Gen IV MSBR ­ Energy, Economics scenario for the future of world energy · Nuclear Reactors without Nuclear Reactions: ­ Thermal, Chemical


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    Davoodi, Azadeh

    assignment phase. Candidate routes spanning all the metal layers are generated using a linear programming: Global Routing via Integer Programming Tai-Hsuan Wu, Student Member, IEEE, Azadeh Davoodi, Member, IEEE programming. GRIP optimizes wirelength and via cost directly without going through a traditional layer

  16. letters to nature 484 NATURE |VOL 404 |30 MARCH 2000 |

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    Vincent, Warwick F.

    of polymer light-emitting diodes with polyaniline anodes. Synth. Met. 80, 111±117 (1996). 4. Carter, J. C. et, M. F. Enhancement of light emitting diodes based on self-assembled heterostructures of poly and electroluminescence ef®ciency in polymer light-emitting diodes. Adv. Mater. 10, 769±774 (1998). 8. Tai, K., Yang, L

  17. FISHES OF THE GULF OF MAINE 57 Oolor.-Described as dark gray, olive or brown

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    sharks, and the modification of the posterior edges of the pelvic fins into rodlike semitubular claspers dorsal fins on the taiL Torpedo, p. 58 There is no distinct caudal fin; the dorsal fins, if any, are very specimen of this little known shark came ashore at Provincetown in December 1878. This and one taken near

  18. Radio broadcasting and the politics of mass culture in transwar Japan

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    Jung, Ji Hee


    natta senjika no h?s? ken’etsu. ” H?s? kenky? to ch?sa 52,ni natta senjika no h?s? ken’etsu,” H?s? kenky? to ch?sa 52,see Kogo, “Tai-Nichi ken’etsu seisaku no keisei katei to


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    Winther, Ragnar

    . When # = 0 the first equation in (1.1) has the form of Darcy's law for flow in a homogeneous porousA ROBUST FINITE ELEMENT METHOD FOR DARCY--STOKES FLOW KENT ANDRE MARDAL, XUE--CHENG TAI, AND RAGNAR the perturbation parameter is large, while it degenerates to a mixed formulation of Poisson's equation

  20. AQU 04 Portable Algae Flow Cytometer Team Members

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    California at Los Angeles, University of

    AQU 04 Portable Algae Flow Cytometer Team Members · David Caron, Faculty · Han-Chieh Chang · Yu-Chong Tai, Faculty, PI* * Primary Contact Overview The portable algae flow cytometer is a project that aims to expedite research in algae biology using microfluid-based and state-of-the-art detection

  1. Ban Bi Thng cho Bi thng cho nhn vin l g?

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    vic. Ví d: au lng khi b té ngã, b bng do hóa cht bn vào da, b thng trong tai nn xe hi khi i giao hàng làm vic: Chi tr nu vic quý v không c hng lng do chn thng ngn cn quý v làm công vic thông thng trong

  2. Intermittent optical frequency measurements to reduce the dead time uncertainty of frequency link

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    Hachisu, Hidekazu


    The absolute frequency of the $^{87}{\\rm Sr}$ lattice clock transition was evaluated with an uncertainty of $1.1\\times 10^{-15}$ using a frequency link to the international atomic time (TAI). The frequency uncertainty of a hydrogen maser used as a transfer oscillator was reduced by homogeneously distributed intermittent measurement over a five-day grid of TAI. Three sets of four or five days measurements as well as systematic uncertainty of the clock at $8.6\\times 10^{-17}$ have resulted in an absolute frequency of $^{87}{\\rm Sr}\\ {}^1S_0 - {}^3P_0$ clock transition to be 429 228 004 229 872.85 (47) Hz.

  3. Physical transformations between quantum states

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    Zejun Huang; Chi-Kwong Li; Edward Poon; Nung-Sing Sze


    Given two sets of quantum states {A_1, ..., A_k} and {B_1, ..., B_k}, represented as sets of density matrices, necessary and sufficient conditions are obtained for the existence of a physical transformation T, represented as a trace-preserving completely positive map, such that T(A_i) = B_i for i = 1, ..., k. General completely positive maps without the trace-preserving requirement, and unital completely positive maps transforming the states are also considered.

  4. Microviscometric studies on thermal diffusion 

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Reyna, Eddie


    for its improvement. This in~estigation was supported in part by the Convsir Division of General Dynamics Corporation. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter III INTRODUCTION EXPERINENTAL NETHODS AND PROCEDUPJIS Thermal Diffusion Column Viscosity Measurements.... The main interest of 6 tais work was the molecular weight dependence of the thermal diffusion coefficient and the suitability of thermal diffusion as a method of frac- tionation of polymers. Since the work of Debye and Bueche, applications of thermal...

  5. XXIX SIMP OSIO BRASILEIRO DE TELECOMUNICAC ~OES -SBrT'11, 02-05 DE OUTUBRO DE 2011, CURITIBA, PR Propagac~ao de Qualidade para Sequ^encias de Video

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    de Queiroz, Ricardo L.

    baixo ou m´edio movimento. S~ao propostos dois algoritmos de baixa complexidade para selec¸~ao do modo de codificac¸~ao do macrobloco e para o passo de quantizac¸~ao. Tais algoritmos foram implementados computacional. Entre essas melhorias, estima-se que os algoritmos de estimac¸~ao movimento inteira e sub-pixel s

  6. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 12, 1132911337, 2012

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Meskhidze, Nicholas

    then use the local PM2.5-to- period sensitivity (dPM2.5/dT) from the 1999­2010 observa- tions to project PM ventilation, and a likely de- crease albeit with greater inter-GCM variability in the Pa- cific Northwest due- lutant ventilation in the eastern US (Cooper et al., 2001; Li et al., 2005). Tai et al. (2012) found

  7. Suppression of automotive radio frequency interference

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    McLaughlin, Cleon Crosby


    . e manu fac i ur ers began putt: i ng re. ! '= t o '. '' o!& " . '1 s . ance &v'xi &'- i nto Lhe 1g?1 tao & sys tc. ", &'' they found I&ha L- suf F i ?i = . . . i& sup&!ze =, sion was ob tai ned Lo mc?t i&i!e sp&!&! i f i ?etio?s = nd r equi...

  8. Ultrastructural study of thecal morphology and asexual reproduction of the "caudata" group of the marine dinoflagellate Dinophysis 

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    Stamman, Elaine


    , the morphology of the sulcal plates, and the internal topography of the plates are new data for the species. The topography of cell division in both species is studied using the SEN. In preparation for fission, the cell increases its girth by depositing a..., Ornithocercus. He (1973) also describes the topography of cell division in this ornate tropical species. Tai and Skogsberg (1934) describe asexual reproduction in ~pino sis as hi ary fission. Loehlich (1969) lists the sensual dirision of ~nina h sis as his...

  9. Fractionation studies on the unidentified growth factor(s) in distillers dried solubles 

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    Dannenburg, Warren Nathaniel


    "rltrr ro?v toJ oy itunler urr- . r. roan i ')1, in wn'ch aport it;~ ue. on tr, ited t. iuu whole liver anu dried bre er= yeast ai ?cured to oe . ", o~d s . urces oi tai- l'aCtOr Wnile dried Wiiej, di tiller= dried ~ui Oie-, nid ter. ontat. on s... c: ?ein . ilu . ~@i allan , irotein u' tne, rotein - dice; ? iid . o?cd that it le?t two i'ctur- . . ere required bg tiie cuici. &or og, . imum?io, t i . . )ne factor . ; suyfilied bg liver z ictiun= iii uriod oie, ers yea. . t, while t?= ot...

  10. Curved finite elements by the method of initial strains

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    Leick, Roger Dale


    Bw) yz By Bz P (By Bz By Bz + By Bz/ Bx ~ Bw I/(Bu Bu Bv Bv Bw Bw) 'zx Bz+ Bx+P QBz Bx+ Bz Bx+ Bz Bx/ (3 I lj) For tais development e , c , and s are zero from the discrete zP yzl zx Kirchhoff hypothesis and hence need not be considered further... this research. Thanks is also expressed to the other two committee members who contributed to this thesis, Dr. W. E. Haisler and Dr. W. L. Perry. This research was supported by Sandia Corporation contract No. 829005. DEDICATION This thesis is dedicated...

  11. Interferon-Stimulated Genes in the Pregnant Mouse Uterus 

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    Tilford, Sarah


    (7034):772-777. 44. Colina R, Costa-Mattioli M, Dowling RJO, Jaramillo M, Tai L-H, Breitbach CJ, Martineau Y, Larsson O, Rong L, Svitkin YV et al: Translational control of the innate immune response through IRF-7. Nature 2008. 45. Bratton DL, Fadok VA, Richter DA... in the maintenance of pregnancy [23]. 11 2'-5' oligoadenylate synthetase 2 (Oas2) Oas2 has an important role in viral RNA degradation, namely OAS2 cleaves viral mRNA from rRNA [55]. Other cellular roles include apoptosis induction and growth...

  12. Field Notebook and Specimen Catalog, Numbers 1101-1707 [2468] (1935-1936) 

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    Davis, William B.


    S Hendricks Bopt. FS, TAI5U :olle -q Sta? TX 7784& /New 6 R epea t ? C o lo r No . 990 S tamp ing : F o l low E n c lo s e d X e ro x C opy o f Sp in e o r T is sue R u b ? LBI S t a n d a rd i z e d P o s i t io n ? S tam p in W... Reithrodontomys m. longicaudus 145-76-I6-JJU Didelphis virginiana 780-330-70-59 Wild Cat Canyon, Contra Costa Co., Calif, Mar. 2. Coll. by Peterson, Peromyscus californicus 241-131*28-26 " . maniculatus 163-73-20-15 (315) Wild Cat Canyon, Contra Costa Co...

  13. The effect of population on the performance of sweet corn hybrids 

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    Appadurai, Reginald Rajakulasingham


    Ixlfllhaent of the ~eights fax' the CogseL Of NAILED 0|I' SC1E JIB August 1/$6 llagor Sub+ots Agroucey THE ~' QP FOPOQlTIQJ Om THE PERFORMANCE PF @WEST CORE HK3RXDS Ap~+4 +s to eQXe anal oontaat lg s 11SL RI1 spit%' oP tu ~ v goy Aug@. st I95$ TAIsLR OP CGi...&TEMTS' ACKRCKDQFZ1?-S e e e s s ~ ~ ~ e e s ~, ~ ~ 4 e s s s ~ DTBWfJCiXOM e e e e e s 'I +Vga', 0 O$' LTTII . ~T'lBR ~ e ~ e ~ ~ e 4 0, s s' e e ~ ~ s e e e e R&P%%. P'PAY& ~BOCCIE e ~ e ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ e e ~ ~ ~ e e EX(I(RIi'Wi'. ~iQi RKSIffJPS e e e e ~ g...

  14. Ohio Klingon War Journal Issue 2

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    ifthe linehouse h.s acknowledqed the varrior. hovever lhe comm.nder can recommend th.t the linehouse recognize the v!rrior. Honorifics begond tai- are tr.ditionallg gr.nted there:fier onlg bU the elders of the line or bU the epetai (Patriarch... took lst plEce \\Yith the OHIO Klingons l{ar Journdl- Kemik tEi-D'RokhE was yeru close ss o runner up- ThEnks to Ell of gou tYho p Erti ci pated- Ve had a loi of letters :nd phone calls from the folks in Ney/ .Jerreg, .nd Nev/ York. lt seems...

  15. A floristic study of Karnes County, Texas 

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    Johnson, Joe Chilton


    eeatribstLon this wash nsr sdd to ths flame sf 2&as is ~ thaLra, Icy eLI~eah Qlggeiattans swo e?tonlled t0 Qx ~ 4oba Jy gynarchy Osai~ of ~ oon ~ Lttasb for h1s Qleosraga~t %cd sonstrttire gcidasso fran ths bsgisccing to the ocsplotiaa of tais washy Qr... duns 6. 04 9, 63 1, 52 . o7 5. 19 1, 19 4ugmA Septsnbsr October Morenbsr Dsoeubsr Totals . 00 5, "/6 1. 96 9. 93 3. 34 1, 21 4. 20 1, 85 4, 81 ~ 27 2, 69 1. 63 28, "g 28, 92 18. 98 Oeoasionaily in the paste md sore frequently during tbs...

  16. The list of tantalum lines for wavelengths calibration of the Hamilton echelle-spectrograph

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    Pakhomov, Yu V


    We present solution of the problem of wavelength calibration for Hamilton Echelle spectrograph using hollow cathode lamp, which was operated at Lick Observatory Shane telescope before June 9, 2011. The spectrum of the lamp claimed to be thorium-argon, contains, in addition to the lines of thorium and argon, a number of the unrecognized lines identified by us with tantalum. Using atomic data for measured lines of tantalum and thorium, we estimated the temperature of the gas in the lamp as T=3120+/-60 K. From the atomic line database VALD3 we selected all lines of TaI and TaII which can be seen in the spectrum of the lamp and compiled a list for the use in the processing of spectral observations. We note a limitation of the accuracy of calibration due to the influence of the hyperfine line splitting.

  17. Bulletin of Tibetology: Volume 10 Number 1 : Full issue

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    Namgyal Institute of Tibetology

    , by Tsche Ching, 730 A.D. F T 2157 Cheng Yuan Hsin Ting Che Chiao Mu Lu, by Y~n Chao, 7th century -1- G T 2034 Li Tai San Pao Chi, by Fei Chang-fang, S97 A.D. T 2149 Ta Tang Nei Tien Lu, by Tao Hauan, 7th century T 2 I 3 I Fan I Ming I Chi, by Fa Yun... . 60 In the North the Sutras became separated and could no~ be united and then the old arrangement was adhered to. 3. Pu~sha nei chiai china (Sutra on the internal rules of a Bodhi­ sattva, Nj 1082). This is in the above catalogue. 4. Yu-po-sha wu...

  18. Gunavarman (367-431): A Comparative Analysis of the Biographies found in the Chinese Tripitaka

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    Stache-Rosen, Valentina

    Chiao Lu, by Tsche Ching, 730 A.D. F T 2157 Cheng Yuan Hsin Ting Che Chiao Mu Lu, by Y~n Chao, 7th century -1- G T 2034 Li Tai San Pao Chi, by Fei Chang-fang, S97 A.D. T 2149 Ta Tang Nei Tien Lu, by Tao Hauan, 7th century T 2 I 3 I Fan I Ming I Chi... . 60 In the North the Sutras became separated and could no~ be united and then the old arrangement was adhered to. 3. Pu~sha nei chiai china (Sutra on the internal rules of a Bodhi­ sattva, Nj 1082). This is in the above catalogue. 4. Yu-po-sha wu...

  19. Experimental development of the predictive relations for the eddy exchange coefficients for momentum and heat in the atmospheric boundary layer 

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    Jensen, Paul Alfred


    . 3 &ii. t' i' 1i~:. . ;at of: t'ai. , : -. . '. ; r. ;. ;. r, ': i r:;. - ~ leer-. . - . :. . . , , . ;: o i r ". pc i' FC:"1;', );, 1')7p EXPERIYENT'L Dj. 'VELOPkjENT OF THE PRFDICTZFF. RETATIONS 1'OR T13E Fl)DY E1CH'NGF CO1'FFZCZENTS I'OR 3j... m~. 'rir g scheme 44 V. TROCRSSINO i!RAN Dz&T4 VI. ANAIULSIS I'ROCRDURL 49 51 VII. RDDT ILXCDWCR CO. II'ICIRNl ICR NONRNTI!N (i) Sel ec L" on og for'ms occ Z m (Li ) Besu l ls (i'i) Discusscon 60 v2 p, p rf I I, "7)i r', ?'. 'XCIIAir...

  20. Former presence of thick post-Devonian strata in northern Appalachian basin: Evidence from fluid-inclusion studies

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Sarwar, G.; Friedman, G.M. (Brooklyn College of the City Univ. of New York, NY (USA))


    Along an 80-km long belt south of Syracuse, New York, the maximum fluid-inclusion homogenization temperatures (T{sub max}) of late-stage cements of the lower Middle Devonian Onondaga Limestone show a local high of 150{degree}-160{degree}C in central New York. T{sub max} decreases both west and east of this area reaching about 100{degree}C in outcrops near Buffalo and Albany, respectively. Southward from Albany, along the western margin of the Hudson Valley, T{sub max} again rises sharply to 170{degree}-180{degree}C in the Kingston area. The thermal alteration index (TAI) and vitrinite reflectance of the overlying Marcellus-Bakoven (Middle Devonian) black shales in central and eastern New York show a comparable trend. The east-west profile of T{sub max} of the Onondaga rocks as well as thermal maturity of the black shales show excellent correlation with similar profiles of authigenic magnetite in the Onondaga Limestone and of clay diagenesis and fission-track ages of the Middle Devonian Tioga Metabentonite Bed, as reported by others. The T{sub max} of the Onondaga Limestone is believed to have been attained during maximum burial, the extent of which can not be accounted for by the present thickness of post-Onondaga strata. As a result of an inferred late Paleozoic uplift, in western and eastern New York, 2-3 km of post-Devonian strata were removed, in central New York 4-5 km, and in southeastern New York 5-6 km were removed. The north-south variation in maximum burial along the Hudson Valley may be explained by additional impact of tectonic loading in the south.