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  1. 4fIELD wORK By Kristen Coyne

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    Weston, Ken

    related research in all areas of science and engineering. The Magnet Lab is supported by the National the lab's high-performance magnet systems ­ most often engineered and built in-house ­ are cherished#12;4fIELD wORK By Kristen Coyne Magnet research push goes global. In This Issue Volume 2: Issue 1

  2. Acta Cryst. (1976). A32, 281 Application of Multivariate Distribution Theory to Phase Extension for a Crystalline Protein

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    Yonath, Ada E.


    were calculated in the range from 3"3 to 2.5 A (2000 phases) using as a starting set the phases out of usefulness in structure determination. Predictions with the two different starting sets were studied using to protein structures (Reeke & Lipscomb, 1969; Weinzierl, Eisenberg & Dickerson, 1969; Coulter & Dewar, 1971

  3. BULLETIN OF THE UNITED STATES FISH COMMISSION. 125 With reference to the quantity packed in.the maritime provinces an-

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    consists of water carrying in suspension a dark oily ~ubstance,which passes iiito Rock (;reek either of such discharges in afi'ectingunfavorably the conditions of life in the water. 1 1 beg, respectfully, to report into usoful matter. (E) The establishment engaged in the conversion of the cod tar pro. duct from the ~`~Shi

  4. BARNETT SHALE MODEL-1: Study develops decline analysis,

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    Patzek, Tadeusz W. . Study approach The BEG study examines production data f rom all individual wells drilled 1995 to be drilled under various economic scenarios. The result is an unprecedented, comprehensive view of the f ield

  5. Optimizing Cooling Tower Performance- Refrigeration Systems, Chemical Plants, and Power Plants all Have A Resource Quietly Awaiting Exploitation-Cold Water!!

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    Burger, R.

    -Kellogg was awarded a cont~act to double the capacity of the Alkylation Umt and determined quite early in the engineering phase of the program that the cooling tower ~as Indeed a weak link in the process. To yIeld the projected quantity of increased p~oduct. 10...

  6. Research on Rice Production in Texas.

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    Reynolds, E. B.


    of phosphoric acid per acre (80-40-0) gave better than other fertilizers on Beaumont clay, Lake Charles clay and Lake Charles clay loam, and ommended for these soils. The use of 40-40-20 is recommended for Katy fine sandy loam. could h !-ield. he app... Pa el .......................................................... Lake Charles Clay 17 .............................................. Lake Charles Clay Loam 17 ................................................ Katy Fine Sandy Loam 17...

  7. The trees, shrubs, vines and ground covers of Austin, Texas: a study of the cultivated plant materials in a central Texas landscape

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    Cole, Deborah Elaine


    of new or existing nursery sites might be evaluated for f'ield or container grown plants by referring to edaphic or climatological data. Landscape planners and park managers might utilize the data obtained to develop more diverse, more stable... Physiograohy nf the Study Area The late B. C. Tharp, botanist, once remarked, "Austin occupies a i7ost strategic position in being situated on a line where eastern and western floras meet" (96). while this statement refers to. natural vegetation...

  8. Newsfront 19-25 February 2007, Issue 4

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    Ghimire, Yubaraj

    is in the process of being resolved, there are serious problems looming large, mainly contributed by the quantity and nature of the wastes that the capital produces every day. It accounts for 400 tonnes of solid wastes a day, with no culture of recycling industries... and deer of the forest stray and vagrant things? What of the old serpent who cannot shed his skin, and calls all others naked and shameless? And of him who comes early to the wedding- feast, and when over-fed and tired goes his way saying that all feasts...

  9. Geology of an area between Bluff and Honey Creeks, Mason County, Texas

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    Fritz, Joseph Francis


    , the proWambrian rooks oonaist ef two metsmorphio unite y tho mar'bl o and the gneiss y an4 'two tnt rus i vs bodies ~ the ooareo~rainsd granite and the fino~ained granite. The Cambrian reeks aro 4ivido4 into tho Riley snd Nil borne formations... of the marble outcrop are 1} in- trusive caxtacts with precambrian granites, 8) overlap by basal Palsoso1c bede, snd 5) fault ccntacts with lower Paleosoic beds. There are two different precambrian granites which have intrusive contaots w1th ths marble unit...

  10. Littoral processes and sediments of the inner continental shelf of the southern bay of Campeche 

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    Yanez, Amado


    ?and criticisms, bo&h in writing the rcport and during the f'ield The assistance of. the per. . onnel of the Institvfo de Geologia is gratefully acknowledged. Ing. Rodo3 fo Cruz, Biologist Armando Ortega. , Oceano3 ogisi Armando Lecuanda and Mr. Antonio.... Lu ' s Burgos, Mr, d s ri er Osornio and Mr. Esteban Monroy of the Departm-. !&t of C. r- tography of the Inst. itvto de Geologia, for drafting ass. istance Thanks are fvrt'her extended to Mlles. Susana Benav'des an 1 L ta Flame, . dez for typing...

  11. Correcting Iron Deficiencies in Grain Sorghum

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    Livingston, Stephen; Coffman, Cloyce G.; Unruh, L. G.


    tial for chlorosis when grown on high- ese hybrids lack the ability to fully specif_ied and the iron should be determined by atomic absorption or a method that best indicates available iron in production f_ields. The ICAP (Inductive Coupled Argon Plasma...) method of analysis is prone to evaluate some of the iron on the clay structure as well as suspended iron. Therefore, adequate (but false) values are sometimes reported. One way to avoid this problem is to air-dry the samples instead of oven-drying them...

  12. Use of oil-emulsion mud in the Sivells Bend Field: Gas and gas condensate operations for the independent producer. 

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    Echols, Walter Harlan


    of Deyartnsnh or Stndszk kdriser) LIBRARY A A M COLLESE OF TEXAS USE OF OIL EHULSICM 1%D Ig THE SIVELL8 HEEB FIEKB GAS AHD Gkg COHDENSkTE OPERATIOES FOR THE IEMPEMDEHT PRODUCER Prior Pah1Leatione Accepted in Id. su of Thesis HALTER HARLAN ECHOLS I I I..., Iuc, printed in USA 2 USE OP OIL-EMULSION MUD IN THE SIVELLS BEND I&IELD sand fields in North Texas indicate that they are rather consistently of the dis- solved gas-drive type, resulting in short flowing lives, comparatively long pumping lives...

  13. A finite element analysis of shrinkage stress fields in two-phase materials

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    Hall, Frank


    expansion were determined as constants. A simple finite element model was then analyzed to verify the suit- ability of the code for prediction of restrained shrinkage stress fields. Cree Com lienee Test A series of constant load isothermal creep tests... was judged to be suitable for prediction of shrinkage stress f ields. 0 m ~/0 ? Q ? Beam Bending Theory ? O ? Finite Element Method U o m m a 40 60 Time, min eo 100 120 Figure 8. Vertical deflection at midspan of four point bending test...

  14. Optimization of well rates under gas coning conditions

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    Urbanczyk, Christopher Henry


    production rates under gas caning conditions. This new method applies to an oil reservoir overlain by a large gas cap containing multiple wells. The cases consider have a limit on the maximum field production rate for both oil and gas. It was found... that the optimal p~ion rates are achieved when Eq. 1 is satisfied for any pair of wells i and j: ) I = constant i = 1, . . . , n dqo This condition minimizes the f ield gas production rate when the maximum field production rate for oil is met, and maximizes...

  15. The incidence and survival of streptococcus fecalis in milk

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    Mannan, A. K. M. Abdul


    (BAGG) 'broth of Hajna (16); the Ethyl Violet Sodium Azide (EVA) medium of Litsky, Nallmann and Fii'ield (22); the Thallous Acetate broth of' Barnes (7); and. KF streptococcus (KF) broth (21). Solid, media include the enterococcus confirmatory (EC.... They stated that these compounds were not produced by E. coli. EXPZR~ PBOCEDUBE 1. (a) The KF Streptococcus (KF) broth oi' Kenner et al. (21), the confirmatory Ethyl violet Aside (EVA) broth of Litsky et al. (22) and KF agar oi' (21) were used f' or i...

  16. A study to determine the feasibility of diverting a portion of the Red River into the Trinity, Neches and Sabine River basins

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    Cook, John Henry


    General descri tion 14 Rainfall and eva oration Ground water Surface water Runoff Floods ~ua I i t Surface water reservoirs 15 15 15 15 16 17 18 ~ti t td 20 Com uter ro rams 22 Partial duration - inde endent low flow events ro ram 22 Data... cards Card I Card 11 Card 111 and 111. 1 Flow data cards Bod of the ro ram 23 24 24 25 25 25 25 30 Reservoir ield ro ram 34 t d t 4O VI Bod of the ro ram 41 ~ft t 46 Red River Basin 47 General descri tion 47 Rainfall and eva oration...

  17. Evaluation of powdered elemental iron as a plant nutrient in Texas soils

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    Schneider, Russell Paul


    experiment was conducted on a Clareville sandy clay loam soi. l at Beeville, Texas, to determine if various Fe materials would alleviate the chlorosis induced by severe Fe deficiency and increase the yield of grain sorghum. The chlorosi. s in the grain... sorghum was reduced. by the soil applied chelate and eliminatod by 3p FeSO, spray. Yields were increased by these treatments, although the increases were not great enough to show a stati sticai significance. A second i. 'ield experiment was conducted...

  18. The influence of nitrogen rate and source on plant and soil properties

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    Fisher, Flake Leroy


    . Anhydrous ammonia caused the lea s t a lteration of pH in the su r face , but it caused the greatest acid ity in the subso i l . The lev e ls of nitrates in the so il w ere exp re s sed by quadratic equa? tions with co rre la t ion coe ff ic... , and and are the annual rate of nitrogen in pounds p er a c r e app lied as ammonium nitrate and anhydrous ammonia, r e sp e c t iv e ly . P red ic ted maximum y ields com pared favorab ly with the actual m aximum y ie lds o f 1 9 , 9 9 0 and 15, 850 pounds...

  19. A Generic Model for the Resuspension of Multilayer Aerosol Deposits by Turbulent Flow

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    Friess, H.; Yadigaroglu, G. [Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Switzerland)


    An idealized lattice structure is considered of multilayer aerosol deposits, where every particle at the deposit surface is associated with a resuspension rate constant depending on a statistically distributed particle parameter and on flow conditions. The response of this generic model is represented by a set of integrodifferential equations. As a first application of the general formalism, the behavior of Fromentin's multilayer model is analyzed, and the model parameters are adapted to experimental data. In addition, improved relations between model parameters and physical input parameters are proposed. As a second application, a method is proposed for building multilayer models by using resuspension rate constants of existing monolayer models. The method is illustrated by a sample of monolayer data resulting from the model of Reeks, Reed, and Hall. Also discussed is the error to be expected if a monolayer resuspension model, which works well for thin aerosol deposits, is applied to thick deposits under the classical monolayer assumption that all deposited particles interact with the fluid at all times.