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  1. Basic ReseaRch DiRections

    National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)

    Basic ReseaRch DiRections for User Science at the National Ignition Facility Report on the National Nuclear Security Administration - Office of Science Workshop on Basic Research Directions on User Science at the National Ignition Facility BASIC RESEARCH DIRECTIONS FOR USER SCIENCE AT THE NATIONAL IGNITION FACILITY Report on the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) - Office of Science (SC) Workshop on Basic Research Directions on User Science at the National Ignition Facility Chairs:

  2. EEN Hellas | Open Energy Information

    Open Energy Info (EERE)

    Place: Greece Product: EEN Hellas subsidiary of EDF Energies Nouvelles. It develops, finances and operates energy projects in Greece. References: EEN Hellas1 This article is a...

  3. Basic ReseaRch DiRections

    National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)

    ... Multiple shocks are tuned to lower the entropy of the fuel for ignition implosions Us 2 ... provide fundamental information on the effect of electron screening of the coulomb ...

  4. NMMSS Newsletter, March 2009

    National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)

    R e p o rtin g M o n th T ra n s a c tio ns D u e In ve n to ry D u e Ja n ua ry 2 0 0 9 F e b ru a ry 1 0 F e b ru a ry 1 6 F e b ru a ry 2 0 09 M a rch 1 1 M a rch 1 6 M a rch 2 00 9 A p ril 1 0 A p ril 1 5 A p ril 2 0 09 M a y 1 2 M a y 1 5 M a y 2 0 0 9 Ju n e 1 0 Ju n e 1 5

  5. Kbarconnections ppotlight

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    Kbarconnections ppotlight clorid~ fntern~tion~l rniversity oese~rchers oepresented in the b-print ketwork oese~rcherLoese~rch fnstitution te p~ge Araújo, Márcio S. - Marine Sciences Program, Department of Biological Sciences, Florida International University Chen, Shu-Ching - School of Computer Science, Florida International University Edward, Julian - Department of Mathematics, Florida International

  6. F LI

    Office of Legacy Management (LM)

    >"- -- F LI c ------- RADIATION SURVEY REPORT OF THE M IDDLESEX LANDFILL SITE RADIATION SURVEY REPORT OF THE ~IDDLESEX LfiMDFI.LL S I:TE it%RCH 25 - AFRiL 4, 1374 ;)UNE 27, 1974 T.!BLE OF CONTENTS Introduction and Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Conclusions. . . . . . w . . . . . . , . . . , . . . . 2 Histohcal Background0 . . . . . . . . . . . . b (I . . 2 Description of Area Surveyed . . . . . . . . I . . . * 3 Survey Findings. * *,. a . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Surface

  7. I

    Office of Legacy Management (LM)

    ' .1 cc: 1. 1. Yalom oy SA ~.. I . . ..I, II 0Pmm10lis: y/q457 ,\-,. - :. L...' I .' : .~. , I / Ae" York, Neil York 1. - -_--- -. -. P. J. Sz' tb. ,r., c!,' vc. Dprraz,,nm Sr.rch. ?me"crloa "'~' .,' ,o, >*m P. v. xnl0oe. ON.*. r,.cr.anne. Cub-orrte. : I 33 _I ..;.>;r

  8. Seismic Design Expectations Report

    Office of Environmental Management (EM)

    ldg. 3019 60% rned from this r ule. ) Post Ope design review review have be eration w as part een Standard Review Plan, 2 nd Edition, March 2010 i FOREWORD The Standard Review...

  9. Nitroaliphatic difluoroformals

    DOE Patents [OSTI]

    Peters, Howard M.; Simon, Jr., Robert L.


    Nitroaliphatic difluoroformals of the formula RCH.sub.2 OCF.sub.2 OCH.sub.2 R' wherein R = FC(NO.sub.2).sub.2 -- and R' = F.sub.2 C(NO.sub.2)-- or CF.sub.3 --; or R = R' = CF.sub.3 OCH.sub.2 C(NO.sub.2).sub.2 --. The compounds are prepared in accordance with the following reaction: ##STR1## carried out at temperatures of from about C to about C. The compounds are especially useful as energetic plasticizers in explosive compositions.

  10. WIPP Update 5_15_14

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    WIPP e vent b ioassay t esting program c omes t o a c lose Final b ioassay r esults f rom t he F ebruary 1 4 r adiological e vent h ave b een r eported. T he m aximum lifetime...

  11. FY 2008 Annual Performance Report

    Energy Savers [EERE]

    Hyd rog en Tan k Res earc h, LLN L PH EN IX Ex pe rim en t, BN L Fu el Ce ll Re sea rch , AN L Ca rb on Se qu es tra tio n Re se ar ch , PN NL Hi gh Ex pl os iv es Ap pl ic at io ns Fa ci lit y, LL NL Com put er Sim ulat ion The ater , LAN L Al ga e Re se ar ch , NR EL Ad va nc ed Bio fue ls Re se arc h, LB NL T ra in in g Nuc lear Mat eria ls Sto rag e, SRS C o a l G a s if ic a ti o n R e s e a rc h , P N N L Cli ma te Mo de lin g, OR NL AnnuAl PerformAnce rePort fY 2008 Table of Contents

  12. NERSC Climate PIs Telecon!

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    NERSC Systems Update NERSC Systems Early 2015 2 x 10 Gb 1 x 100 Gb So#ware D efined N etworking Data---Intensive S ystems Carver, P DSF, J GI,KBASE,HEP 1 4x Q DR Vis & A naly3cs D ata T ransfer N odes Adv. A rch. Testbeds S cience G ateways Global Scratch 3.6 PB 5 x S FA12KE /project 5 PB DDN9900 & NexSAN /home 250 TB NetApp 5 460 50 P B s tored, 2 40 PB c apacity, 2 0 years o f community d ata HPSS 80 GB/s 50 GB/s 5 GB/s 12 GB/s 16 x Q DR I B 2.2 PB Local Scratch 70 G B/s Hopper: 1

  13. DOE/EIS-0132-F United States Department of Energy

    Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Indexed Site

    132-F United States Department of Energy Final Environmental Impact Statement REMEDIAL ACTIONS AT THE FORMER UNION CARBIDE CORPORATION U RANIUM MILL SITES RIFLE, GARFIELD COUNTY, COLORADO VOLUME I: TEXT MARCH 1990 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY R emed i a l A c t i o n s a t t h e Fo rme r U n i on C a rb i d e C o rporat i on U ra n i um M i l l S i t e s R i f l e , Ga r f i e l d C o u n t y , C o l o ra d o F i n a l Ma rch 1 9 9 0 U . s . Depa rtmen t o f E n e rgy UMTRA P roj e c t O f f i c e


    Office of Legacy Management (LM)

    S I T E NAME: ALTERNATE caNAM=----i-------------m C I T Y : ~ w - A - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - STATE : -&!t- d-e---- TYPE O!= OPERATION ------'---------- 0 Res&rch & Development 0 P r o d u c t i o n s c a l e t e s t i n g Cl +ilot S c a l e 0 Blench Scale Process 0 ?heoretical S t u d i e s 0 !i:ample & A n a l y s i s cl Facility Type g M a n u f a c t u r i n g 0 U n i v e r s i t y 0 Research Organization 0 G o v e r n m e n t Sponsored Faci 1 i ty 0 O t h e


    Office of Legacy Management (LM)

    OEVELOPMENTADhllNlSTRATiON ALBUQUERQUE OPERATIONS OFFICE P.O. eox 14cc ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO 87115 P. C. Leahy, Chief, Real Estate & Maintenance Management Br., BRA0 .-- x*' L-l--- IUDIOACTIVE COlTlIA2~~TION CLEARAXE REPORT FOR THE BBRLIXGTOIU ERRA F.ACILTTY The follok,g information is furnished in response to your verbal request. 1. 2. 3. 4. Measureme2+s for ionizing rad5atLon and radioactive contamina- . . tron ha-~ _ 3een made In all Burlington E,R?M FacLlity buildings where

  16. Geophex Airborne Unmanned Survey System

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Won, I.L.; Keiswetter, D.


    Ground-based surveys place personnel at risk due to the proximity of buried unexploded ordnance (UXO) items or by exposure to radioactive materials and hazardous chemicals. The purpose of this effort is to design, construct, and evaluate a portable, remotely-piloted, airborne, geophysical survey system. This non-intrusive system will provide stand-off capability to conduct surveys and detect buried objects, structures, and conditions of interest at hazardous locations. During a survey, the operators remain remote from, but within visual distance of, the site. The sensor system never contacts the Earth, but can be positioned near the ground so that weak geophysical anomalies can be detected. The Geophex Airborne Unmanned Survey System (GAUSS) is designed to detect and locate small-scale anomalies at hazardous sites using magnetic and electromagnetic survey techniques. The system consists of a remotely-piloted, radio-controlled, model helicopter (RCH) with flight computer, light-weight geophysical sensors, an electronic positioning system, a data telemetry system, and a computer base-station. The report describes GAUSS and its test results.

  17. Catalytic Combustion for Ultra-Low NOx Hydrogen Turbines

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Etemad, Shahrokh; Baird, Benjamin; Alavandi, Sandeep


    Precision Combustion, Inc., (PCI) in close collaboration with Solar Turbines, Incorporated, has developed and demonstrated a combustion system for hydrogen fueled turbines that reduces NOx to low single digit level while maintaining or improving current levels of efficiency and eliminating emissions of carbon dioxide. Full scale Rich Catalytic Hydrogen (RCH1) injector was developed and successfully tested at Solar Turbines, Incorporated high pressure test facility demonstrating low single digit NOx emissions for hydrogen fuel in the range of 2200F-2750F. This development work was based on initial subscale development for faster turnaround and reduced cost. Subscale testing provided promising results for 42% and 52% H2 with NOx emissions of less than 2 ppm with improved flame stability. In addition, catalytic reactor element testing for substrate oxidation, thermal cyclic injector testing to simulate start-stop operation in a gas turbine environment, and steady state 15 atm. operation testing were performed successfully. The testing demonstrated stable and robust catalytic element component life for gas turbine conditions. The benefit of the catalytic hydrogen combustor technology includes capability of delivering near-zero NOx without costly post-combustion controls and without requirement for added sulfur control. In addition, reduced acoustics increase gas turbine component life. These advantages advances Department of Energy (DOEs) objectives for achievement of low single digit NOx emissions, improvement in efficiency vs. postcombustion controls, fuel flexibility, a significant net reduction in Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) system net capital and operating costs, and a route to commercialization across the power generation field from micro turbines to industrial and utility turbines.

  18. APS2013_Koniges.pptx

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    Number o f C ores Speedup The P IC c ode W arp s cales w ell o n H opper a nd E dison with E dison b eing ~ 2X f aster t han H opper Warp h as b een s hown t o scale t o 1 28k o n H opper Plasma P hysics S imulaAons o n N ext G eneraAon P laEorms A. K oniges, R . G erber, D . S kinner, Y . Y ao, Y . H e, D . G rote, J ---L V ay, H . K aiser, a nd T . S terling APS D ivision o f P lasma P hysics A nnual M eeOng, D enver, C O, N ovember 2 013 --- M ore t han 5 00 c ores --- O pAmized f or S IMD (

  19. Microsoft Word - WIPP Update 12.9.14.doc

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    December 9 , 2 014 WIPP e mployees e ncounter o dor w hile m onitoring w aste c ontainers Late l ast w eek, f our w aste h andling t echnicians a t t he W aste I solation P ilot P lant ( WIPP) w ere p erforming s urface temperature m easurements o n t ransuranic w aste c ontainers i n t he W aste H andling B ay w hen t hey e ncountered an a bnormal o dor. T he o dor w as d escribed a s a " cleaning s olution---like" o dor, s imilar t o o dors t hat h ave b een detected i n t he p ast w