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  1. Focus in Ecuadorian Quechua

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    Shireman, Joshua


    ), the adverb utkata, “quickly,” is unfocused. In (4), it is focused. (3) njuka utkata at?ku-ta kati-rka-ni. 1sg quickly dog-ACC chase-PAST-1sg “I quickly chased the dog.” (4) njuka utkata-mi at?ku-ta kati-rka-ni. 1sg quickly-FOC dog...-ACC chase-PAST-1sg “I quickly chased the dog.” 1 I would like to acknowledge our Quechua consultant Rosa-Maria Masaquiza along with Dr. Harold Torrence and our Field Methods class in the spring...

  2. The hill and the hole : from apu to resource in the post-industrial Andean landscape

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    Castagnola Chaparro, Giacomo Bruno


    This thesis takes as a starting point two images: on the one hand I use the old, historically and symbolically loaded image of the apu, which in Quechua means the spirit of the sacred mountain and the home of the ancestors. ...