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Focus in Ecuadorian Quechua  

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), the adverb utkata, “quickly,” is unfocused. In (4), it is focused. (3) njuka utkata at?ku-ta kati-rka-ni. 1sg quickly dog-ACC chase-PAST-1sg “I quickly chased the dog.” (4) njuka utkata-mi at?ku-ta kati-rka-ni. 1sg quickly-FOC dog...-ACC chase-PAST-1sg “I quickly chased the dog.” 1 I would like to acknowledge our Quechua consultant Rosa-Maria Masaquiza along with Dr. Harold Torrence and our Field Methods class in the spring...

Shireman, Joshua



The Historical-comparative Classification of Colombian Inga (Quechua)  

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Colombian Inga is of particular interest to the Quechuanist because it is the northernmost member of the Quechuan language family spoken in modern times. In the present work the relationship of Colombian Inga to other ...

Parks, Roger



Past tense forms and their functions in South Conchucos Quechua:  

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Chafe, Wallace L. and Jane Danielewicz. 1987. Properties of1985, 1994, Chafe and Danielewicz 1987, and Biber 1988).

Hintz, Diane



Academic Year and/or Summer Foreign Language & Area Studies  

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Kurdish Kyrgyz Modern Hebrew Mongolian Pashto (Pushto) Persian Polish Portuguese Quechua Romanian Russian

Indiana University


University Graduate School Academic Bulletin  

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Persian Polish Portuguese Quechua Romanian Russian Sami (Lappish) Sanskrit Serbian Shona Sioux (Lakota

Indiana University


The hill and the hole : from apu to resource in the post-industrial Andean landscape  

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This thesis takes as a starting point two images: on the one hand I use the old, historically and symbolically loaded image of the apu, which in Quechua means the spirit of the sacred mountain and the home of the ancestors. ...

Castagnola Chaparro, Giacomo Bruno



Yuyachkani y su trayectoria dramática en Perú: Entrevista a Ana Correa y Augusto Casafranca  

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cantar en quechua, a tocar instrumentos, a ser mucho más rigurosos en el vestuario y el uso de las máscaras. Felizmente los espectadores han ido acompañándonos y nos han obligado a profundizar mucho más. ¿Y cuáles son las obras de esta primera etapa... una línea de trabajo que ha ido reconociendo aportes de la cultura universal. Tratamos de hacer un esfuerzo central respetando sus principios, que ponemos a nuestro servicio. CORREA: Este cimiento del que habla Augusto es sumamente importante...

Rojas-Trempe, Lady