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Vicente Raquel lvarez Guerra Environmental Sciences and Ecology Websites Summary: fracking Tcnica del Fracking Riesgos e impactos de la tcnica Consumo elevado de agua...



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Shale Tract C-b: Materials (Ashland Feb, 1976). orado, 3. T.Geological Survey and by Ashland Oil, Inc, and Shell Oilbe relatively impermeable. Ashland/Shell found three aquifer

Hall, W.G.



Refined coconut oil as a source of dietary fat in a milk replacer for dairy calves  

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Barsales, Petronilo Bringuel



Methodology for Residential Building Energy Simulations Implemented in the International Code Compliance Calculator (IC3)  

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.6 4.7 6.8 4.7 11.4 13.7 11.7 14 11.7 14 74.4 76.9 57.7 60.4 59.9 60.4 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Natural Gas?(U1) Natural Gas?(C) Heat?Pump (U1) Heat?Pump (C) Electric Resistance (U1) Heat?Pump (C) MM B t t u / y r Cooling Heating DHW Other....1 15.5 13.1 15.5 76.5 79.8 59.5 62.5 61.8 62.5 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Natural Gas?(U1) Natural Gas?(C) Heat?Pump (U1) Heat?Pump (C) Electric Resistance (U1) Heat?Pump (C) M M B ttu /y r Cooling Heating DHW Other Figure 6: Comparison...

Liu, Z.; Mukhopadhyay, J.; Malhotra, M.; Haberl, J.; Gilman, D.; Montgomery, C.; McKelvey, K.; Culp, C.; Yazdani, B.