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Crease Surfaces: From Theory to Extraction  

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) or a local minimum (valley) in a constrained space. Unlike isosurfaces, they are able to capture extremal structures in the data. Creases have a long tradition in image processing and computer vision, and have Height Crease, Ridge Surface, Valley Surface, Tensor Topology, DT-MRI Streamsurface #12;Contents 1



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...that is, the earth in beryl. At the close of Vauquelin's first paper the editors of the Annales added a note signed 'Redac-teur' in which they propose the name 'glu-cine.' It was of course well known that Guy-ton and Fourcroy were the editors...

Raymond Pearl



JGI - Notable Scientific Publications  

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Notable Scientific Publications Notable Scientific Publications May 5, 2013 Nonhybrid, finished microbial genome assemblies from long-read SMRT sequencing data. (Nature Methods.) We present a hierarchical genome-assembly process (HGAP) for high-quality de novo microbial genome assemblies using only a single, long-insert shotgun DNA library in conjunction with Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) DNA sequencing. Our method uses the longest reads as seeds to recruit all other reads for construction of highly accurate preassembled reads through a directed acyclic graph–based consensus procedure, which we follow with assembly using off-the-shelf long-read assemblers. March 24, 2013 The high-quality draft genome of peach (Prunus persica) identifies unique patterns of genetic diversity, domestication and genome evolution. (Nature


Comparative analysis of LMFBR licensing in the United States and other countries - notably France. Final report  

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This report presents an analysis of LMFBR licensing in the United States. It approaches this question broadly, examining first the system in the United States with the various sectors of the nuclear power economy, and the experience of that system in LWR licensing. It then examines the nature of LMFBR safety licensing questions - to the degree that they differ from those of LWR's - and surveys the experience of the United States and other countries in LMFBR safety licensing. Special attention is devoted to the case of France because of the technical leadership which the French program has provided, and because of the apparent efficiency with which French licensing is performed. The French licensing system and LWR licensing experience are examined, and conclusions drawn regarding the reasons for their effectiveness. Finally, a general comparison of the United States and foreign licensing systems is performed, proposals offered during the recent past for changes in the United States system are examined, and possibilities for future changes are suggested.

Golay, M.W.; Castillo, M.



11USDA Forest Service Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-166. 1998. Urban air basin produced oxidants, notably ozone, induce a decline in productivity in plants. This loss of productivity  

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11USDA Forest Service Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-166. 1998. Abstract Urban air basin produced oxidants, notably ozone, induce a decline in productivity in plants. This loss of productivity is manifested have been well-studied: increased production and more rapid turnover of antioxidant systems; production

Standiford, Richard B.


To the Board of Trustees of Northwestern University: In addition to the strong performance of the University's investments, fiscal year 2007 was notable for  

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, the University at the end of calendar year 2007 entered into a onetime sale of a portion of its royalty interest a portion of its royalty interest to Royalty Pharma for $700 million in cash. The net proceeds from the sale


The WVU Center for Neuroscience NOTABLE  

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deficits in health and disease can be ameliorated. Brain Mechanisms of Learning of Psychology and Neurology; the Director of the Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute

Mohaghegh, Shahab


A notable family of entire intrinsic minimal graph...  

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to C1(O). This notion of C2 surface obviously includes the entire intrinsic graphs ...... F. Serra Cassano, Surface measures in Carnot-Carathéodory spaces, Calc.



creasing Hg2 concentration. After correcting for the initial shift caused by the new environment,  

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- tical density 9 4). The HgCl2 was still detected through these highly absorptive media (Fig. 3D-SWNTs and inserted into whole blood and muscle tissue. The complex was added directly to a black dye solution (op). The near-IR fluorescence of DNA-SWNTs in the dye solution exhibited the same response as SWNTs in pure

Garzione, Carmala N.



U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) Indexed Site

9 Year in Review I nternational crude oil prices experienced notable in- creases during 1999, as fundamental market condi- tions changed significantly over the year. Throughout the...


Deforestationdeforestation One of the most notable processes by which humankind has affected the Earth's surface is via the conversion of  

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Deforestationdeforestation One of the most notable processes by which humankind has affected rates would mean the end of tropical forests within 50 years and therefore the elimination of an area

Lopez-Carr, David


Oblivious Buy-at-Bulk in Planar Graphs Srivathsan Srinivasagopalan, Costas Busch, and S.S. Iyengar  

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as the number of units purchased in- creases: c1/u1 > c2/u2 > . . . cj/uj. This property is the reason why

Busch, Konstantin "Costas"


Flow, Salts, and Trace Elements in the Rio Grande: A Review  

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must then focus on either in- creasing salt removal, minimizing salt inflow into the Rio Grande, or reducing evaporative losses of water, which concentrate salts. Although techniques to remove salts such as reverse os- mosis and electrodialysis exist...

Miyamoto, S.; Fenn, L. B.; Swietlik, D.



Reduced levels of transforming growth factor beta receptor type II in human prostate cancer: an immunohistochemical study.  

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...cancer increased (P 0.01, Kruskal-Wallis test). This immunohistochemical...cancer increased (P Kruskal-Wallis test). This immunohistochemical...cancer in-creased (P Kruskal-Wallis test). This immunohisto-chemical...

R H Williams; A M Stapleton; G Yang; L D Truong; E Rogers; T L Timme; T M Wheeler; P T Scardino; T C Thompson



The Northern Galpagos Province (NGP; Fig. 1) is notable for its high density of seamounts, which were recently mapped with EM122 mulFbeam and MR-1 sidescan  

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density of seamounts, which were recently mapped with EM122 mulFbeam and MR-1The Northern Galápagos Province (NGP; Fig. 1) is notable for its high are islands: Darwin, Wolf, Pinta, Marchena, and Genovesa (Fig. 1). We have merged

Geist, Dennis


New and Notable Teaching Old Coefficients New  

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transport of water through the membrane. Crystal structures showed that these protein pores have diameters be compa- rable to single channel patch clamp re- cordings on ion channels. Thus, if we want to understand microscopic theory for water transport across all the pore dimensions relevant for biology (1,2) it is clear

de Groot, Bert


From Pop-Up Cards to Coffee-Cup Caustics: The Knight's Visor  

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on the circle, where it joins there in a valley crease. These valley creases are straight segments produces a bowing that is small for long strips and gradually increases for the shorter strips. The result the valley crease where a rib meets C follows the contour of C, and is a straight segment crease, that crease

O'Rourke, Joseph


Abstract Conifers decrease the amount of biomass ap-portioned to leaves relative to sapwood in response to in-  

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in response to in- creasing atmospheric evaporative demand. We deter- mined how these climate-driven shifts shoot water potential and sapwood relative water content did not differ between environments. Desert in biomass allocation often occur in plants in response to variation in resource availability. Because

DeLucia, Evan H.


Enhanced Thermal Stability in Nanostructured Bainitic Steel  

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of Cambridge, U.K. bMaterials Engineering and Industrial Technologies, University of Trento, Italy c austenite can enhance the ductility and in- creases the work hardening rate, retarding plastic instability. Without modification, these temperatures are known to remove all of the retained austenite after 15

Cambridge, University of


In situ studies on N2 fixation using the acetylene reduction technique  

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...Mendota, Madison, Wisconsin, either offshore or in mid-lake; algal samples also were...the University of Wisconsin experimental farm, Arlington, Wisconsin. Gases.-Acetylene...crease in light intensity, and a change in wind direction on the day of sampling. Figure...

W D Stewart; G P Fitzgerald; R H Burris


Note: This page contains sample records for the topic "notable in creases" from the National Library of EnergyBeta (NLEBeta).
While these samples are representative of the content of NLEBeta,
they are not comprehensive nor are they the most current set.
We encourage you to perform a real-time search of NLEBeta
to obtain the most current and comprehensive results.


Dynamics of a Compound Vesicle in Shear Flow Shravan K. Veerapaneni,1  

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], similar to the symptoms caused by sickle cell anemia [13]. One of the main causes for the impaired RBC de sickle hemoglobin (in sickle cell anemia). A question naturally arises: Can we quantify the in- crease highlight the complex effects of internal cellular structures have on cell dynamics in micro- circulatory

Young, Yuan N.


Reduced Order Model Compensator Control of Species Transport in a CVD Reactor  

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Reduced Order Model Compensator Control of Species Transport in a CVD Reactor G.M. Kepler, H for computation of feedback controls and compensators in a high pressure chemical vapor deposition (HPCVD) reactor, through open­loop optimization [6, 21, 34]. However, because of process variability and the in­ creasing


Bioindication Potential of Carbonic Anhydrase Activity in Anemones  

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bioindication. While oysters and many other bivalves are predisposed to accumulate heavy metal pollutants from polluted vs pristine ®eld sites. CA activity was found to be de- creased with increase in metal. Keywords: carbonic anhydrase; metal pollution; anemo- nes; coral reefs; Panama. The activity of the zinc

Bermingham, Eldredge


Evolutionary constraints in variable environments, from proteins to  

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networks. At the most elementary level, genetic constraints in constant environments can be expressed a particular residue could increase resistance to antibiotics, but only if a second residue was mutated first, otherwise the resistance de- creased [4,17]. Such sign�epistatic interactions [5�7] can result from

Tans, Sander


Quantification of Bioturbation in Hemipelagic Sediments Via Thin-Section Image Analysis  

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...scheme should refine future paleoecological reconstruction...to in-crease their quantum efficiency. This reduces...surpass it in the near future. Because of susceptibility...com-puterized stepping motors position the spinning...zones is done by stepping motors rather than direct visual...

Pierre Francus


Multi-Agent Based Techniques for Coordinating the Distribution of Electricity in a Micro-Grid Environment  

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vehicles, to ultra-low carbon vehicles (ULCV) such as hybrids, electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell. 2 Background Research To reduce carbon emissions and ensure that the UK low car- bon emissions plan to the current national grid, the in- creasing demand for electricity will only result in more car- bon emissions

Southampton, University of


Highlighted article Metal levels in the bones and livers of globally threatened marbled teal  

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¨gen 18A, SE-752 36 Uppsala, Sweden d Institute of Maths, Natural and Computer Science, University of Ga and white-headed duck from El Hondo, Spain Mark A. Taggart a,e,�, Andy J. Green b , Rafael Mateo a , Fredrik). Further, the wetland has experienced periodic episodes where avian mortality has in- creased markedly

Green, Andy J.


Induction of a bystander mutagenic effect of alpha particles in mammalian cells  

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that the dele- terious effects of ionizing radiation such as mutation and carcino- genesis are attributable mainly to direct damage to DNA. Although evidence based on microdosimetric estimation in support pretreated with a 40 M dose of lindane, which inhibits cell­cell communication, significantly de- creased


This article appeared in a journal published by Elsevier. The attached copy is furnished to the author for internal non-commercial research  

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geophysical studies, and depleted in highly refractory elements, notably in Uranium and Thorium. © 2010

Kaminski, Edouard


State and Local Financial Relations in Texas.  

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, for the number of counties using such distribution ledgers has in- creased tremendously since the system was released. In a good many instances the counties have purchased distribution ledgers other than the one designed by the State, but ordinarily...-Collector's Association sponsors a business meeting at the State Capital. This meeting lasts two or three days and is designed to acquaint the newly elected officers with their jobs. Many of the officials who remain in office for several terms keep on attending...

Bradshaw, H. C.



Estimacion no parametrica de curvas notables para datos dependientes  

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Sea {X t :t?Z} una serie de tiempo estacionaria, con valores en ? p , verificando la condición de ser ?-mixing oL ...

J. M. Vilar Fernández



A comparison of the histamine production in fish packaged aerobically and anaerobically  

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seafood caught in favorable areas is shipped, either processed or unprocessed, to distant markets. Experience has shown that food-poisoning problems may arise when preservation procedures are instituted in preparing and storing foods. Thus when new... products are introduced, potential food- poisoning must be investigated. The citations on the following pages follow the style of the Journal of Food Science. Recent incidences of histamine poisoning in canned tuna have in- creased the awareness...

Lu, Shin



Commercial Fertilizers in 1931-32 and Their Uses.  

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TEXAS AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT s~"~~"ZI~~~~~' A. B. CONNER, DIRECTOR COLLEGE STATION, BRAZOS COUNTY, TEXAS BULLETIN NO. 460 OCTOBER, 1932 DIVISION OF CHEMISTRY COMMERCIAL FERTILIZERS IN 1931-32 AND THEIR USES AGJXICULTURAL AND MECHANICAL... per cent, and the use of fertilizer on cotton apparently de- creased much more than 40 per cent. Practically all the sales fif mixed fertilizers were confined to about 20 analyses. The Bulletin contains a discussio ! use of fertilize] nd...

Fraps, G. S. (George Stronach); Asbury, S. E. (Samuel E.)



Swine Investigations in Texas, 1888-1957.  

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- nl Ea~eriment Station on swine was a compar- 2 . n of the value of ear corn (in the shuck) with 2 mely ground ear corn (corn, cob and shuck 2 [ether) as a feed for hogs. Unground ear corn 2 .Iqe much better results. (TAES Ann. Report 3 $5.) 3 3... not in- crease its efficiency as a feed." The sorghum grain in these tests was self-fed, free choice, (Kan. Circ. 41-H-2.) Is it a good practice to feed fattening pigs whole I sorghum grain on the ground or dirt floor? 1 more time to chew the whole...

Patterson, C. M.; Sorensen, A. M. Jr.; Hale, Fred



Horticulture: Grapes in the Laboratory  

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... all at 15 C. Rhine Riesling was the most tolerant variety tested in a low light intensity, but Shiraz turned out to be notably intolerant.

Our Botany Correspondent



Production of 3-methylindole by rumen microbes in continuous culture  

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, and for the most part non-detectable levels of IAA and indole were observed for all trials. In Trial II, a reduction (P & . 05) in 3MI was observed as grain in- creased from 0/ to 90/. The 3MI levels were 7. 3, 2. 6, 0. 9 and &0. 1 pg/ml for the 0, 30, 60...) than for the hay with control buffer (6. 4 pg per milliliter). Trial IV demonstrated that as monensin increased from 0 to 88 ppm 3MI decreased from 9. 2 to 3. 8 pg per milliliter, respectively. In Trial V as pH's decreased from 7. 1 to 4. 6, 3MI...

Clark, A. Bruce



A numerical study of frictional entrainment in a cyclonic gulf stream ring  

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(km) Fig. 2. Cross sections of aT for Atlantis 38. 160 Gulf Stream (and thus a factor in the heat, salt and energy budgets of the Gulf Strean system). b. Post stuff ss Gu'f Stream rings were first reported by Iselin (1936). Their origin in tn... is in km and z in m. 28 th, . result is the field shown in Fig. 6. The scale of g~ is 3. 76 x 10 m /sec ror a K of 20 m /sec. Since the scale of is 2'K, H , the value of Q varies di. rcctly with both K and H n I. . cr easin~ K i creases...

Farrar, Paul Denton



Investigation of photoexcited parallel conduction in GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures in the quantum limit  

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', giving rise to the persistent photoconductivity (PPC). As the density of 2-DEG carriers in- creased the systematic shift of the quantum Hall plateaus and corresponding 40 12. 10. T = 75mK Iso= 500 nA 0 b cd c hl 6. Q. 0. 0. 0 1. 0 2. 0 3. 0 4... resistance between 0. 0 and 0. 3 T. 16, 2-DEG carrier density determined from SdH oscillations versus natural logarithm of photon dose at 75 mK. 17, (a) Deviation of the Hall resistance from quantized value at i = 4 plateau versus photon dose; (b...

Kobiela, Pawel Stanislaw



The effects of antimicrobial treatments and prepressing on the solubility of the protein in copra  

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with 0. 15K aqueous HC1 and NaOH and precipitated at pH 4. 5. The solubility properties of protein are impor- tant to protein isolation. For highest yield, the pro- tein must be extracted at highest solubility point and precipitated at lowest... in color. Nitro en Solubilit Profiles of Co ra Meals The nitrogen solubility of the copra meals over the aqueous pH range are given in Figures 5 and 6. Nitrogen solubility of all samples increased with in- creasing acidity and alkalinity from a minimum...

Verasestakul, Sukoncheun



The variation of efficiency with angle of expansion, exit area, and velocity in a square diffuser  

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tapered seotices. Ths ezit tapered section is called the diffuser. The purpose of the diffaser 1s to decelerate the fluid snd raise its statio precede. The difference in pressure betseen the inlet and the azit of the venturi uhieh is a measure... increases ar as ths aLse of the vsnturi tube is in- creased, If the speed of flow through a venturi is gradually increased to an abnormally high value~ the ov~ pressure drop will increase very rapidly after a definite speed has been attained. If...

Weber, Hugh Conrad


Note: This page contains sample records for the topic "notable in creases" from the National Library of EnergyBeta (NLEBeta).
While these samples are representative of the content of NLEBeta,
they are not comprehensive nor are they the most current set.
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Selected Factors Influenceing the Abundance of Banks Grass Mite in Sorghum.  

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to the physiological state of sorghum develop- ment. Prior to the boot stage of development ca. 1.2 mg sugar was present per 6 cmg leaf tissue; whereas, at boot stage, sugars increased to ca. 2.8 mg/6 cmg leaf tissue. This increase may have been caused by a... temporary de- crease in metabolic activity in the reproductive portion of the plant prior to blooming thereby removing less sugar from the leaves. Soluble leaf sugars decreased to ca. 1.3 mg/6 cms leaf tissue during the grain develop- ment stages. Data...

Kattes, David H.; Teetes, George L.



Study protocol for iQuit in Practice: a randomised controlled trial to assess the feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness of tailored web- and text-based facilitation of smoking cessation in primary care  

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to detect a true underlying difference of 5% as statistically significant and a larger trial would be needed to distinguish reliably a true in- crease from a Type 1 error. Importantly, if a 5% increase is observed, then an underlying population relative risk... -week follow-up questionnaire. Con- trol participants will not be sent any text messages. Audiotaping of consultations SCAs will be asked to audiotape a sample of interven- tion and control consultations. The tapes will be used to assess the fidelity...

Sutton, Stephen; Smith, Susan; Jamison, James; Boase, Sue; Mason, Dan; Prevost, A Toby; Brimicombe, James; Sloan, Melanie; Gilbert, Hazel; Naughton, Felix



A Critical Analysis of Technological Innovation and Economic Development in Southern California's Urban Water Reuse And Recycling Industry  

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patents, notably in water purification technologies (Foley &of water technology: water purification, reclamation andthe heart of the water purification process and the firms

Pilip-Florea, Shadrach Jay



A Meta-Analysis of Single-Family Deep Energy Retrofit Performance in the U.S.  

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not surprising, as cold climate projects are more stronglywere highest in Cold climate projects. The source energy use=8). Notably, Cold climate projects did not have the highest

Less, Brennan




Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

Colorado Division of Wildlife for monitoring salamander populations in western Colorado. Epibionts on zooplankton are thought to in- crease the visibility and ...




Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

Colorado Division of Wildlife for monitoring salamander populations in western Colorado. Epibionts on zooplankton are thought to in- crease the visibility and ...



An exploratory study of why customers resist the innovation of the electric motorcycles.  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

??Population in the world is creasing. When humans destroy the environment, problems like global warming and energy shortage occur. In order to solve these problems… (more)

Lee, Hsiao-Jung



Biophysical Journal Volume 85 July 2003 14 1 New and Notable  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

, 1998), or aggregate dynamics using the Folding@home community-wide megacluster for several hundred

Schlick, Tamar


E-Print Network 3.0 - antibody recognizing streptococcal Sample...  

Broader source: All U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office Webpages (Extended Search)

Summary: of antibodies against streptococcal M proteins; patients with TS and tic disorder have in- creased... . Antibodies against neural, nuclear, cytoskeletal, and...


Stable isotope response to lake eutrophication: Calibration of a high ...  

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from discrete laminae were measured at the ETH Stable Iso- tope Laboratory. .... TP reached a maximum in 1977 and then subsequently de- creased. Here, we ...




Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

Apr 2, 1985 ... energy lost due to the presence of an addi- tional trophic ..... crease in the concentration of alternative ..... Switching between herbivory and car-.



Download - American Society of Limnology and Oceanography  

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crease in the amount of deleterious high-energy UV photons and that creatures now .... The appointment is for 3 years and is renewable; compensation and the ...



Bright Ideas in Solar Energy  

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new approaches to solar energy production (Krisch, 2014).energy production. The most notable is simply that existing solarproduction of energy-rich hydrogen provides a good solution to energy storage problems in solar

Melville, Jo




Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update (EIA)

9 9 Year in Review I nternational crude oil prices experienced notable in- creases during 1999, as fundamental market condi- tions changed significantly over the year. Throughout the first two months of the year, prices languished as several factors including abundant stocks of both crude oil and finished products, slow demand, and warm winter temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere dominated market trends. Lackluster demand for all petroleum products in key markets helped sustain glutted inventories and prevented any meaningful re- covery for prices. Consequently, refining margins shrank to unprofitable levels and led to reduced refin- ery runs. The cutback in runs decreased draws on crude oil stocks, which in turn affected prices. Plentiful wellhead production, particularly in Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) nations, exac- erbated the effects of


431st Brookhaven Lecture  

ScienceCinema (OSTI)

Crease presents "Recombinant Science: The Birth of the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider," a lecture that follows on the 429th Brookhaven Lecture, in which Crease talked about the early history of BNL. Both lectures are part of the ongoing celebration of BNL's 60th anniversary year.

Robert Crease



Inference in Hybrid Bayesian Networks with Deterministic Variables  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

this relationship is shown in Figure 1. The joint CDF for {X,Y} is then given by F X,Y (x, y)=P[X ? x, Y ? y] = braceleftBigg F X (x)ifxin- creasing function of X. Then, the equiva- lent...

Cobb, Barry R.; Shenoy, Prakash P.



Role of CD9 in Sperm-Egg Fusion and Its General Role in Fusion Phenomena  

Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

In fertilization, two types of sex cells or gametes – a ... a new individual. Notably, the “membrane fusion” that occurs intercellularly between a sperm and ... that is delivered into the egg cytoplasm through fusion

Natsuko Kawano; Yuichiro Harada; Keiichi Yoshida; Mami Miyado; Kenji Miyado



Fact #769: March 4, 2013 Monthly Trend in Light Vehicle Sales, 2008-2012  

Broader source: Energy.gov [DOE]

Over the last five years, there have been peaks in light vehicle sales in the months of March, May, and December. There are two notable exceptions: in 2009, the Cash for Clunkers program caused a...


This Week In Petroleum Printer-Friendly Version  

Annual Energy Outlook 2013 [U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)]

country, most notably much of the East Coast and major cities in Texas. Changeover of tanks at terminals, the need for a more expensive gasoline blendstock to combine with...


Proteasome Inhibitors in Cancer Therapy: Lessons from the First Decade  

Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

...substrate, attached to a COOH terminal (Fig. 4). Notable warheads include boronic acids (9), such as bortezomib (10), and...stained with the cationic dye JC-1 (123). In cells with intact mitochondria, JC-1 accumulates inside the mitochondria as...

Robert Z. Orlowski and Deborah J. Kuhn


Note: This page contains sample records for the topic "notable in creases" from the National Library of EnergyBeta (NLEBeta).
While these samples are representative of the content of NLEBeta,
they are not comprehensive nor are they the most current set.
We encourage you to perform a real-time search of NLEBeta
to obtain the most current and comprehensive results.


Events of decadal thermocline variations in the South Pacific Ocean  

Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

The SODA data generated from a numerical model with data assimilation are used to study the decadal thermal anomalies in the thermocline of the South Pacific. Three notable events of decadal thermoclinc variation...

Jiang Hua; Wu Dexing; Wan Xiuquan



Native arsenic – realgar mineralization in marbles from Saualpe, Carinthia, Austria  

Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

The “Geochemical Atlas of Austria” shows a notable positive geochemical arsenic anomaly in stream sediments of the Saualpe, eastern Carinthia, Austria. Detailed investigation has shown that it is caused by an...

R. Göd; J. Zemann



Drivers of change in Brazil’s carbon dioxide emissions  

Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

Brazil’s economic development has been underpinned by a diverse and – in a global comparison – unusual set of energy carriers, notably hydroelectricity and ethanol from sugar cane. Its energy mix makes Brazil one...

Manfred Lenzen; Roberto Schaeffer; Jonas Karstensen; Glen P. Peters



Software reuse in defense electronics : a study of organization and architecture approaches in a challenging business and technical environment  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

Although large scale software reuse has been studied and practiced in industry for more than 20 years, there are some practice areas where it has presented both technical and business challenges. A sector notable for ...

Davis, Jeffrey (Jeffrey Ethan)



Understanding and managing leakage in forest–based greenhouse–gas–mitigation projects  

Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

...greenhouse-gas emissions in an area...only produce greenhouse-gas (GHG) bene...reduce GHG emissions. The leakage...mitigation (energy, transportation...emissions-reducing activities...be inversely related (notably in...




E-Print Network [OSTI]

Computer Self-Efficacy has been shown to be a critical construct in a number of research areas within the Information Systems literature, most notably training, technology adoption, and performance in computer-related tasks. Attention has been...

Aguirre Urreta, Miguel Ignacio



Detecting Dependence in the Sensitive Parameter Space of a Model Using Statistical Inference and Large Forecast Ensembles  

Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

This study looks for evidence of correlation among model physical parameters in the sensitive parameter space defined by those randomly sampled physical parameter vectors that induce the most notable response in some forecast metric. These “...

J. G. McLay; M. Liu



Variation and removal efficiency of assimilable organic carbon (AOC) in an advanced water treatment system  

Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

This study investigates the microorganism growth indicator and determines the assimilable organic carbon (AOC) content at the Cheng-Ching Lake Advanced ... (CCLAWTP) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Notably, AOC is associat...

Jie-Chung Lou; Bi-Hsiang Chen; Ting-Wei Chang…



The Archaeology of Poverty and Human Dignity: Charity and the Work Ethic in a 1930s Depression Era Itinerant’s Camp on the Toowoomba Range Escarpment, Queensland  

Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

Notable archaeological work focussing on charity or relief institutions includes Sherene Baugher’s study (2001) of the 18th century English Almshouse in NYC, and that of...2001) on the Dutch colonial almshouse in...

Bryce Barker; Lara Lamb



Oceanography Vol. 19, No. 1, Mar. 200622 A DVA N C E S I N CO M P U TAT I O N A L O C E A N O G R A PH Y  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

of capabilities in marine modeling, supported by in- creased computer power and technical innovation in ocean, there is growing recognition that management of marine resources and assessment of human perturbations must

Follows, Mick


factsheetexpandingthebioeconomy withwoodybiomass  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

during tree harvest. The emerging bioenergy sector has in- creased interest in extracting logging Finnish) markets are too small to support commercial produc- tion. Co-development of the harvesting


Implications of geographic diversity for short-term variability and predictability of solar power.  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

expe- rience with large PV plants, however, demonstratesrapid changes in the output of PV plants are possible. Earlyis rapidly in- creasing. PV plants as large as 60 MW are

Mills, Andrew



16 Bulletin of the American Academy Winter 2007 Projects and Studies Universal Basic and  

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population growth. Panaceas come in three varieties: a bigger pie, fewer forks, and better man- ners. A better pie means let's in- crease productive capacity. Let's use technology to make more of what we want

Cohen, Joel E.


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to fouling from slag and fly ash deposition. Slagging... of steam. In creased boiler size is associated with increased air flow, fuel, and ash transport rates which... of fuel...


Serum Fragment of Cytokeratin Subunit 19 Measured by CYFRA 21-1 Immunoradiometric Assay as a Marker of Lung Cancer  

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...cancer increased (P 0.01, Kruskal-Wallis test). This immunohistochemical...cancer increased (P Kruskal-Wallis test). This immunohistochemical...cancer in-creased (P Kruskal-Wallis test). This immunohisto-chemical...

Jean-Louis Pujol; Jean Grenier; Jean-Pierre Daurès; Alain Daver; Henri Pujol; François-Bernard Michel



Altered Swimming Performance of a Benthic Fish (Erimyzon sucetta) Exposed to Contaminated Sediments  

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morphology, we hypothesize that physiological disruptions (e.g., increased energy demands, de- creased oxygen, 1998). In sup- port of this contention, studies on fish from ash-impacted sites have documented

Hopkins, William A.


Dr. Googin and his early days at Y-12, part 8 -- Googin made...  

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modified with a settling tank and a continuous filter to in- crease the throughput of the process. The filter washed and dewatered much better than the continuous centrifuge, and...


Bacterial Vesicles in Marine Ecosystems  

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...oligotrophic waters (Sargasso Sea...coastal surface water and Sargasso Sea samples...of production, consumption, decay, and...distribution within the water column, the...text). Lipids make up a notable component of...adaptations that reduce its phosphorus...vesicle-associated DNA pool in natural seawater...

Steven J. Biller; Florence Schubotz; Sara E. Roggensack; Anne W. Thompson; Roger E. Summons; Sallie W. Chisholm



An Examination of Avoided Costs in Utah  

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Other Notable Provisions • Fuel Price Index: Pacificorp has20-year QF contract). Other Notable Provisions • Fuel PriceIndex: Fuel price assumptions are based on the Northwest

Bolinger, Mark; Wiser, Ryan



Fraud Detection in Telecommunications: History and Lessons Learned  

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Fraud Detection in Telecommunications: History and Lessons Learned Richard A. BECKER, Chris, fraud matured in the area of transac- tional businesses, most notably in the telecommunications of the telecommunications business, "social engineering" was used to convince telephone operators to give access to lines

Volinsky, Chris

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Social Perceptions of Drinking Water Quality in South Texas  

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quality in the Lower Rio Grande Valley were examined, notably trying to assess the gap in social perceptions between key water managers and the colonia residents. A semi-structured interview methodology was used upon the key water managers in order...

Garcia, Victor



Anthropogenic lead dynamics in the terrestrial and marine environment  

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...production oil combustion 0.9{3.9 refuse...206Pb/207Pb ratios (notably Missouri ores), whereas European nations...lead and sulfur in southeast Missouri. In Genesis of strati- form...of the Northern Hemisphere by heavy metals as docu- mented in central...




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security 1. PROBLEM STATEMENT Software engineers used standard software engineering processes to develop of software are annoying, but delays of an hour are not catastrophic. But in certain environments (notably to use techniques, and--more importantly--how to analyze social, political, and cultural environments


Assessing what to address in science communication  

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...Case Studies Two notable projects highlight how insights from interviews...15 Gentner D ( 2002 ) in International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral...methodology and an application to radon . J Soc Issues 48 ( 4 ): 85...climate change policies: International survey findings . Glob Environ...

Wändi Bruine de Bruin; Ann Bostrom



March 31, 2008 15:11 WSPC -Proceedings Trim Size: 9in x 6in mirrorstat Mirror modes observed with Cluster in the Earth's  

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events with solar wind parameters and Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) orientation. We notably reveal ubiquitousness : in environments of the Earth,1,2 Jupiter,4­6 Saturn,7 Io wake,8 the comet Halley,9 solar wind,10 with Cluster in the Earth's magnetosheath : statistical study and IMF/solar wind dependence V. G´enot*, E

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


deux bandes non absorbes, dont l'une commence dans le bleu notablement en de de G et se termine dans la rgion ultra-  

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termine dans la région ultra- violette. L'autre bande comprend le spectre infra-rouge et le spectre Daniell. CH. GOMIEN. C. BAUR. 2014 Die Strahlung des Steinsalzes bei verschiedenen Temperaturen (Ra

Boyer, Edmond



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, it caused severe damage to the infrastructure of the Houston/Galveston region of Texas. A large number IN THE HOUSTON/GALVESTON REGION Matthew Stearns1 , Jamie E. Padgett2 * ABSTRACT The storm surge, wind and waves produced by Hurricane Ike in 2008 caused notable damage to the transportation infrastructure in the Houston/Galveston

Padgett, Jamie Ellen


BMW in South Carolina: The Economic Impact of a Leading  

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's output was shipped to foreign markets. The vast majority of the exports use the South Carolina port development metrics--to enhancing the state's innovative capacity, notably through the Clemson University. To support that effort and help build innovative capacity in South Carolina, BMW has established

Almor, Amit


Single-molecule imaging in live bacteria cells  

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...0.10 mum2 s1. In the absence of the laser trap, no long-range motion was observed...Notably, Elmore et al. [30] used a GFP fusion to the Lac repressor to bind the DNA near...MW, Lippincott-Schwartz, J, Hess, HF. 2006 Imaging intracellular fluorescent...



The role of small RNAs in C4 photosynthesis  

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of the candidate C4 genes showed a high level of sRNA read alignment. In C. gynandra plants expressing p19 photosynthesis was compromised and transcripts of several genes (most notably RbcS and RCA) were upregulated. These data were complemented by examining...

Gage, Ewan



Characterization of Mg/Ca distributions in planktonic foraminifera species by electron microprobe mapping  

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Characterization of Mg/Ca distributions in planktonic foraminifera species by electron microprobe] The distribution of Mg/Ca within the tests of eight modern planktonic foraminifer species has been characterized variations in Mg/Ca composition within individual tests. However, the pattern of Mg/Ca variation is notably


Charge fluctuations in nano-scale capacitors David T. Limmer1  

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rarely exploited, with the notable exceptions of electrochemical noise analysis to in- fer redox reaction in dielectric or electrochemical double layer capacitors [1], electrochem- istry, water purification rates and information on corrosion pro- cesses [5, 6] or more recently electrochemical correlation

Boyer, Edmond


Renewable and alteRnative eneRgy Fact Sheet Using Biodiesel Fuel in Your Engine  

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speaking, this usually means combining vegetable oil with methanol in the presence of a cata- lyst (usually for a number of reasons, the most notable one being its lower viscosity. Many large and small producers have begun producing biodiesel, and the fuel can now be found in many parts of Pennsylvania and beyond either

Boyer, Elizabeth W.


Current Undergraduate Research in Progress, Spring 2011 Several Afro-American Studies majors have senior thesis projects under way and are enrolled in 496Y, a research seminar that asks  

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of Gods and Earths: Traces of the Five Percenters in the Wu-Tang Clan" an Undergraduate Senior Thesis an unsolved homicide, his message lived on. His most notable followers include hip-hop's Wu Tang Clan. Its on the influence of the Nation of Gods in the music, movement, and lives of those members of the Wu-Tang Clan

Massachusetts at Amherst, University of


Preprint of the article published in Crop Protection 27 (2008) 1269 1276 Effectiveness and chemical pest control of Bt-cotton  

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and chemical pest control of Bt-cotton in the Yangtze River Valley, China 1 2 3 14 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 . Introduction In China, genetically modified cotton (GMC) was first marketed in 1997, with varieties integrating Bt genes (Bt-cotton) to control some cotton pests, notably Helicoverpa

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Using polarization to find a source in a turbid Julia Clark,1  

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, fog, and rain, for example. The scalar approximation of the radiative transport equation is used often been some notable works done of inverse problems for the vector radiative transport equation. Siewert of partially polarized light using the theory of radiative transport. In particular, we study the light

Kim, Arnold D.


Carbon Monoxide Pollution Promotes Cardiac Remodeling and Ventricular Arrhythmia in Healthy Rats  

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worldwide by outdoor air pollution caused by vehicles and industrial emissions (http://www.who.int; http:// www.infoforhealth.org). Notably, air pollution increases the risk of mortality from cardiovascular investigating the effects of urban air pollution in humans are mainly restricted to epide- miological studies

Boyer, Edmond


Recombinant Science: The Birth of the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (431st Brookhaven Lecture)  

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As part of the celebration of Brookhaven Lab's 60th anniversary, Robert P. Crease, the Chair of the Philosophy Department at Stony Brook University and BNL's historian, will present the second of two talks on the Lab's history. In "Recombinant Science: The Birth of the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider," Dr. Crease will focus on the creation of the world's most powerful colliding accelerator for nuclear physics. Known as RHIC, the collider, as Dr. Crease will recount, was formally proposed in 1984, received initial construction funding from the U.S. Department of Energy in 1991, and started operating in 2000. In 2005, the discovery at RHIC of the world's most perfect liquid, a state of matter that last existed just moments after the Big Bang, was announced, and, since then, this perfect liquid of quarks and gluons has been the subject of intense study.

Crease, Robert P. (Ph.D, Department of Philosophy, Stony Brook University) [Ph.D, Department of Philosophy, Stony Brook University



Reductive Alkylation of Thioamides with Grignard Reagents in the Presence of Ti(OiPr)4: Insight and Extension  

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The reductive alkylation of thioamides by Grignard reagents in the presence of Ti(OiPr)4 is the subject of a study involving 20 different substrates. The influence of various parameters has been evaluated, showing notably that the yields of this ...

Fabien Hermant; Ewelina Urba?ska; Sarah Seizilles de Mazancourt; Thomas Maubert; Emmanuel Nicolas; Yvan Six



Effect of an Oxygen-Tolerant Bifurcating Butyryl Coenzyme A Dehydrogenase/Electron-Transferring Flavoprotein Complex from Clostridium difficile on Butyrate Production in Escherichia coli  

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...intentionally introduced in order to remove a natural LguI recognition site by a silent mutation...Notably, the organism produces little gas. Rather, acetate formation at a much...Holroyd, K Jagels, S Moule, K Mungall, C Price, E Rabbinowitsch, S Sharp, M Simmonds...

El-Hussiny Aboulnaga; Olaf Pinkenburg; Johannes Schiffels; Ahmed El-Refai; Wolfgang Buckel; Thorsten Selmer


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J. Phys. B AL Mol. Opt Phys. 26 (1993) 1569-1578. Printed in the UK Pure and mixed state calculationsof the laser-induced  

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, altemative methods for separating the elements of uranium are being studied, notably the use of lasers of the isotopes of uranium has major commercial importance in the nuclear fuel industry. As is well known to induce preferential ionization of 23sU(see Greenland 1991 for a review). Laser isotope separation relies

Ford, Ian


Reversed Doppler effect in double negative metamaterials  

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Doppler shifts in double negative metamaterials have never been observed. This Rapid Communication presents experimental results on Doppler effect in a double negative acoustic metamaterial. We observed that frequency was downshifted when the source was approaching and upshifted when receding. Notably, while in ordinary media wavelengths corresponding to downshifted frequencies are longer, we demonstrate that in double negative metamaterials wavelengths increase as the frequencies increase. Consequently even though the frequencies were downshifted in front of the moving source, the wavelengths became shorter.

Sam Hyeon Lee; Choon Mahn Park; Yong Mun Seo; Chul Koo Kim



Predicting market power in wholesale electricity markets  

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Predicting market power in wholesale electricity markets#3; David M Newbery Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge August 26, 2008 Abstract The traditional measure of market power is the HHI, which gives implausible results given the low... elasticity of demand in electricity spot markets, unless it is adapted to take account of contracting. In its place the Residual Supply Index has been proposed as a more suitable index to measure potential market power in electricity markets, notably...

Newbery, David


Ecological Applications, 15(3), 2005, pp. 10091018 2005 by the Ecological Society of America  

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ECOHYDROLOGY IN A COLORADO RIVER RIPARIAN FOREST: IMPLICATIONS FOR THE DECLINE OF POPULUS FREMONTII D. E competition, reduced flooding frequency, and in- creased salinity have been implicated in the widespread examined ecological processes in a control stand of P. fremontii along the Colorado River in Utah, USA

Ehleringer, Jim


Environmental Impacts of Products in China  

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These fuels include natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and, particularly, coal, which is still being widely and intensively used in the rural China for household cooking and heating as well as for generating electricity. ... Above all, it is notable that the economic growth of China depends substantially on investment and export. ... Also, the European economy is more balanced with almost equal exports and imports. ...

Yi Yang; Sangwon Suh



Algorithms for MIS Vector Generation and Pruning Kenneth S. Stevens  

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one input, as demonstrated in Figure 1. If in2 switches long before inl, the delay from inl to the output remains constant. However, as the separation between inl and in2 approaches zero, the delay from inl to the output can in- crease substantially. Figure 1 presents the maximum delay as a percentage

Stevens, Ken


Economists' Voice www.bepress.com/ev January, 2009 The Berkeley Electronic Press Eurozone: The High Cost of Complacency  

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indicators (in- flation, interest rates, fiscal balance) and far better real ones (GDP per capita growth, un- employment, labour productivity). GDP per capita growth has actually de- creased in Eurozone countries in the Eurozone, as it does more generally in the European Union. The reason it absorbs so much time and energy

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


A Taxonomy-Driven Approach to Visually Prototyping Pervasive Computing Applications  

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environments are be- ing deployed in an increasing number of areas including healthcare, home automation it for applications in various pervasive com- puting areas, such as home automation and building management. Key words environments are being deployed in an in- creasing number of areas including heathcare [1], home automation [2

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Optical spectroscopy of jet-cooled NiSi Ned F. Lindholm, Dale J. Brugh, Gretchen K. Rothschopf, Shane M. Sickafoose,  

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metal silicides has in- creased greatly in the last 30 years. Like the related transition metal carbides and nitrides, transition metal silicides possess many desirable physical properties, including high melting interest in nickel and other transition metal sili- cides is in their potential applications

Morse, Michael D.


Proton and electron precipitation over Svalbard -first results from a new Imaging Spectrograph (HiTIES)  

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eV to perhaps a few keV energy, a conjecture corroborated by near- coincident (in time and space was measured in the solar wind by the ACE and WIND spacecraft, which detected sharp in- creases in proton, with its centre close to the north coast of Norway. Super-imposed on this image is the track of the DMSP F

Mendillo, Michael


FEBRUARY 1999 119O ' C O N N O R E T A L . Forecast Verification for Eta Model Winds Using Lake Erie  

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. The in- crease in computer power in recent years and advances in numerical mesoscale models of both ocean September 1998) ABSTRACT This article has two purposes. The first is to describe how the Great Lakes Coastal. This includes the numerical Princeton Ocean Model (POM), observed winds from surface meteorological stations


Microphysical Structure of the Marine Boundary Layer under Strong Wind and Spray Formation as Seen from Simulations Using a 2D Explicit  

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in the vertical profiles of wind speed occurring with in- creasing wind speeds were attributed to a decrease generation is de- termined by a source function depending on the background wind speed assumed in the surface roughness and the drag coefficient for wind speeds exceeding about 33 m s21 . This decrease

Mark, Pinsky



Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

...illustrative purposes down- wind travel is considered in three...deposition begins. (Mean wind speed, 10 miles/hr.) creases inversely as a power of the downwind distance from...is 0.996. A reduction in wind speed results in a propor...

William A. Perkins; L. M. Vaughan



An Integrated Cathodoluminescence Video-Capture Microsampling System  

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...to increase their quantum efficiency. This...surpass it in the near future. Because of susceptibility...computerized stepping motors position the spinning...in-crease their quantum efficiency. This...surpass it in the near future. Because of susceptibility...com-puterized stepping motors position the spinning...

Bruce W. Fouke; John Rakovan


Book Reviews  

Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

...liber-ty." The role of energy in the history of mankind is...question of whether we have enough energy re-sources on earth to support...also in-crease and their storage may eventual-ly tax our technological...a breakthrough in producing energy by nuclear fusion, but then...



Salicidation process using NiSi and its device application R. A. Johnson, P. M. Asbeck, and S. S. Lau  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

temperature window. In this article, the formation of nickel mono-silicide NiSi using rapid thermal annealing. In the recent past, there have been concerns related to the in- crease of TiSi2 film resistivity on submicron resistivity C54 phase.5,6 The TiSi2 process- ing temperature window is relatively narrow due to the high

Asbeck, Peter M.


Transportation Fuels Policy Since the OPEC Embargo: Paved with Good Intentions  

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. Knittel By the end of 1972, things were great for oil. Prices were on a steady downward trend, falling prices coincides with increases in US oil consumption. Consumption in- creased dramatically from 0 by the end of 1973. World oil prices rose sharply to an average of $52.85 (in 2011 dollars) dur- ing 1974

Rothman, Daniel


A Mobility Model For UAV Ad hoc Network Ouns Bouachir, Alinoe Abrassart, Fabien Garcia, Nicolas Larrieu  

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A Mobility Model For UAV Ad hoc Network Ouns Bouachir, Alinoe Abrassart, Fabien Garcia, Nicolas, there is an in- creasing attention on micro-UAVs in the military area as well as in the civilian domain. They are used as swarm (several UAVs) forming a UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) since they are relatively cheap

Boyer, Edmond


Heart Rate Dynamics Before Spontaneous Onset of Ventricular  

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Heart Rate Dynamics Before Spontaneous Onset of Ventricular Fibrillation in Patients With Healed V. Huikuri, MD The traditional methods of analyzing heart rate (HR) variability have failed myocardial infarction has been shown to be in- creased in patients with reduced heart rate (HR) vari- ability



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...reported at the meetings last year that green manure in- creased the bacteria in soils...taken through the layer of decomposing green manure. In the work reported here two...unlimed (pH 4.6) were treated with green vetch as green manure. This was placed...


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Financial Development, Entrepreneurship, and Job Satisfaction  

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of their job. For example, entrepreneurs may derive utility from being their own boss.4 In line Forthcoming in The Review of Economics and Statistics Abstract This paper shows that utility di matching between individual motivation and occupation, thereby in- creasing entrepreneurial utility despite

Paris-Sud XI, Université de



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...major role in in-creasing the efficiency of incandescent lighting to more than six times what it was when our laboratory was...effect of x-rays on plants may yet be of as-sistance in horticulture or agriculture. It is true that the field of interest of...




IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER DELIVERY, VOL. 17, NO. 4, OCTOBER 2002 1113 A Benchmark System for Digital Time-Domain  

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of power electronic-based apparatus at various voltage levels in electric energy systems is becoming in- creasingly widespread due to rapid progress in power electronic technology. The static synchronous that is well above the fundamental frequency of the ac supply. The capacitor voltage is at least equal

Lehn, Peter W.


Extracting Hydrogen Electricity from  

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. In the United States, energy security motivates the de- velopment of previously untapped sources of oil as well & TECHNOLOGY 161A C oncerns about climate change, in- creased global demand for finite oil and natural gas reserves, and national en- ergy security, among other factors, are driving the search for alternatives


Attention-modulated Alpha-band Oscillations Protect against Intrusion of Irrelevant Information  

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after a cue to attend to that hand, but shows in- creased power after a cue to attend to the foot alpha power. However, the alpha-band modulation was not simply locked to the cue offset. The tem- poral in the sequence, peri- stimulus alpha power predicted the degree to which that irrel- evant stimulus distorted

Sekuler, Robert


Effect of Mica on Particle-Size Analyses Using the Laser Diffraction Technique  

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...scheme should refine future paleoecological reconstruction...to in-crease their quantum efficiency. This reduces...surpass it in the near future. Because of susceptibility...com-puterized stepping motors position the spinning...zones is done by stepping motors rather than direct visual...

Shaun Hayton; Campbell S. Nelson; Brian D. Ricketts; Steve Cooke; Maurice W. Wedd


429th Brookhaven Lecture  

ScienceCinema (OSTI)

Robert P. Crease, historian for Brookhaven National Laboratory and Chair of the Philosophy Department at Stony Brook University, presents "How Big Science Came to Long Island: The Birth of Brookhaven Lab," covering the founding of the Laboratory, the key figures involved in starting BNL, and the many problems that had to be overcome in creating and designing its first big machines.

Robert P. Crease



Open Archive Toulouse Archive Ouverte (OATAO) OATAO is an open access repository that collects the work of Toulouse researchers  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

the work of Toulouse researchers and makes it freely available over the web where possible dedicated to imaging are presented through the analysis of the dark current behavior in pixel arrays and isolated photodiodes. The mean dark current in- crease and the dark current nonuniformity are investigated

Mailhes, Corinne


429th Brookhaven Lecture  

SciTech Connect (OSTI)

Robert P. Crease, historian for Brookhaven National Laboratory and Chair of the Philosophy Department at Stony Brook University, presents "How Big Science Came to Long Island: The Birth of Brookhaven Lab," covering the founding of the Laboratory, the key figures involved in starting BNL, and the many problems that had to be overcome in creating and designing its first big machines.

Robert P. Crease




Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

...conditions results in in-creasing costs to the users. A representative...28 D)ec.) ^\\ rarticerI-bs\\rsed)SCJith Sitereases JC...28 I)ec.) l-l itl eX2d bs Rosed,ith SiterCIS es. lit...Programiis (29 Dec.) II-ace bs/IaIs sskes. Iili (. C (t...



Energy for Remote Areas  

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...withstand thermal and me-chanical...the mission specifications for the launch...re-quired for power generation...in-crease in power and an improvement...alteration of the thermal conductivity of the insulation. SNAP 7A, designed to power a Coast Guard...

J. G. Morse



InsideIllinoisDec. 7, 2006 Vol. 26, No. 11  

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Illinois prod- ucts to the public, to promote the Allerton name and in- crease food service (at the re, food service administrator; and Eric Larson, pastry chef in the Housing Division, were among 20 Dog tile, an Allerton T-shirt and hat, and other items, and the Allerton Label Food Basket contains

Lewis, Jennifer


draft paper Refactoring Functional Programs  

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manipulations involved in refactoring. Similarly to other program transformations, refactor- ings are based transformations for program restructuring emphasises a different kind of transformation from the more tradi design improve- ments finally became attractive and feasible because: (a) the in- creasing pressure

Kent, University of


What can industrial inspection models learn from medical analogues? determining the optimum screening Policy for breast cancer  

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......tend to unity as tumour size in- creases. To ensure compatibility with other knowledge, it has been constrained not to ex- ceed 0.95. The average sensitivity for tumours of less than 10 m is then 0.61 for tumours in the data sample. This compares......




National Environmental Research Institute Ministry of the Environment . Denmark  

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Illerup Department: Department of Policy Analysis Serial title and no.: Research Notes from NERI No. 229 are described. The pollutants con- sidered are SO2 , NOX , NMVOC, CH4 , CO, CO2 , N2 O, particulate matter, heavy metals, dioxins and PAH. Since 1990 the fuel consumption in stationary combustion has in- creased


I . . . . . Comp. Biochem. Physiol. Vol. 75A, No. 3, pp. 397-400, 1983  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

at the same temperature (Fish, 1979) and faster swimming speeds would necessitate in- creased convective heat by a platic grid in con- junction with a 5cm wide grid of plastic straws, both of which removed turbulence electric grid which stimulated swimming by the muskrat. Wires attached to the grid ran along the floor

Fish, Frank


Decomposing Linear Programs for Parallel Solution?  

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Decomposing Linear Programs for Parallel Solution? Ali P nar, Umit V. Catalyurek, Cevdet Aykanat in the solution of Linear Programming (LP) problems with block angular constraint matrices has been exploited industrial applications and the advent of powerful computers have in- creased the users' ability to formulate

�atalyürek, �mit V.


Decomposing Linear Programs for Parallel Solution ?  

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Decomposing Linear Programs for Parallel Solution ? Ali Pinar, ¨ Umit V. C¸ ataly¨urek, Cevdet in the solution of Linear Programming (LP) problems with block angular constraint matrices has been exploited with successful industrial applications and the advent of powerful computers have in­ creased the users' ability

�atalyürek, �mit V.


INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS PUBLISHING SUPERCONDUCTOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Supercond. Sci. Technol. 19 (2006) 968979 doi:10.1088/0953-2048/19/9/013  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

magnetic energy storage, and power transmission lines [1]. An obvious route to high Ic is to in- crease current density in strong-pinning ex situ metal­organic-deposition-route YBa2Cu3O7-x coated conductors S I Jc values are produced by strong three-dimensional vortex pinning which subdivides vortex lines

Song, Xueyan


Viet Nam: Wood Industry Short of Raw Material, Sound Policies The Secretary General of the Viet Nam Timber and Forestry Products Association, Nguyen Ton Quyen, talked with  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

Viet Nam: Wood Industry Short of Raw Material, Sound Policies The Secretary General of the Viet Nam (Vietnam Economic Times) about Viet Nam's export of wood products. The year 2005 marks an in-crease in wood explain this increase? The State allows 150,000 cu.m of wood from natural forests and 1.2 million cu

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Fatality Due to Acute ?-Methyltryptamine Intoxication  

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......availability ofAMTfor purchase via the Internet prior to April 2003 (3...Unfortunately,the use and abuse of AMTis expectedto in- crease...alpha-Methyltryptamine revisited via easy Internet access. Vet. Hum. Toxicol...emergenceof FOXY and AMT as drugs of abuse. Drug Intelligence Report......

Diane M. Boland; Wilmo Andollo; George W. Hime; W. Lee Hearn



IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES, VOL. 53, NO. 2, FEBRUARY 2006 235 De-Embedding Transmission Line Measurements for  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

of parasitic structures from transmission line measurements is presented and applied to microstrip lines technologies, integrated circuits, interconnect, losses, microstrip lines, slotted ground planes, transmission comparable to on-chip component dimensions. Hence, transmission lines play an in- creasingly vital role

Voinigescu, Sorin Petre


Cherish every Joule: Maximizing throughput with an eye on network-wide energy consumption  

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Cherish every Joule: Maximizing throughput with an eye on network-wide energy consumption Canming: {jcm, yshi, thou, wjlou}@vt.edu Abstract Conserving network-wide energy consumption is becoming of wireless networks, the concern of energy consumption is becoming in- creasingly important for network

Hou, Y. Thomas


Modeling of a detonation driven, linear electric generator facility  

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Modeling of a detonation driven, linear electric generator facility E.M. Braun, E. Baydar, and F.K. Lu 1 Introduction The pulsed detonation engine (PDE) has been developed over several decades due must consider if the unique properties of the detonation wave can be utilized to in- crease efficiency

Texas at Arlington, University of


Privacy-Preserving Top-N Recommendation on Horizontally Partitioned Data Huseyin Polat and Wenliang Du  

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for recommendation purposes might be split between different parties. To provide better referrals and in- crease while preserving data owners' privacy. If data owners want to produce referrals using the combined data users do not. To provide referrals, data collected from many users is used. Some online vendors

Du, Wenliang "Kevin"


Modeling the Exchanges of Energy, Water, and Carbon Between Continents and the Atmosphere  

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Modeling the Exchanges of Energy, Water, and Carbon Between Continents and the Atmosphere P. J, water vapor, and momentum across the land-atmosphere interface to be specified. These fluxes and the climate system to global change, for example, in- creasing atmospheric CO2 (1�3). Three generations

Collett Jr., Jeffrey L.


Role of global warming on the statistics of recordbreaking temperatures S. Redner 1, * and Mark R. Petersen 2,+  

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Role of global warming on the statistics of record­breaking temperatures S. Redner 1, * and Mark R of global warming, where the mean temperature systematically in­ creases with time. Over the 126­year time question arises: is global warming the cause of such heat waves or are they merely statistical fluctuations

Redner, Sidney


Patination of Cultural Flints  

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...fossiliferous carbonate rocks, and outlines...in-creased porosity. This over-all...fossiliferous rock. Silica has...ii) its permeability; (iii) the...fossiliferoL'S rock (see text...of flint, its permeability, and the kind...might serve as reservoirs or intermediate...

Vernon J. Hurst; A. R. Kelly



CPR: Composable Performance Regression for Scalable Multiprocessor Models Benjamin C. Lee  

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utilization cycle by cycle to estimate performance. Multiprocessor simulators, however, must account for synchronization events that in- crease the cost of every cycle simulated and shared resource contention that increases the total number of cycles simulated. These effects cause multiprocessor simulation times to scale

Lee, Benjamin C.


Engineering for a ChangingWorld A Roadmap to the Future of  

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commodities, discarding them when their skills become obsolete or replaceable by cheaper engineering services from abroad. There are concerns that the in- creasing trends of outsourcing engineering servicesEngineering for a ChangingWorld A Roadmap to the Future of Engineering Practice, Research


Molecular Designing of Materials  

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...in-crease, and randomizing thermal agita-tion subsides...emerge from the sea of thermal noise and enforce special...instantaneous explosion or thermal hys-teresis of nanosecond...orders the world of plants, but no more informative...originate as macroscopic specifications for the performance...

Arthur R. von Hippel




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...from aeronautical engines without in-creased...probably reduced fuel consumption is a future development...cylinders of safety fuel that will not detonate...use of two-cycle engines. It was pre-dicted...fuel economy of the diesel engine (about...



JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH, VOL. ???, XXXX, DOI:10.1029/, Smoluchowski Coagulation Models Of Sea Ice Thickness1  

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and insulating properties. Inclusion of a dynamic sea-ice component in General25 Circulation Models (GCMs Of Sea Ice Thickness1 Distribution Dynamics2 D. Godlovitch,1 R. Illner,2 and A. Monahan,1 D. Godlovitch ICE Abstract. Sea ice thickness distributions display a ubiquitous exponential de-3 crease

Illner, Reinhard


Declaration on Prevention of Nuclear War  

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...Hebert, Plant Physi-ol...Annu. Rev. Plant Physiol...Prevention of Nuclear War On 24...major nuclear attack or that devastation...ofexplosive power from the...tension. The risk is very great...of nuclear powers. * The proliferation of nuclear weap-ons...in-creases the risk of nuclear...to nuclear terrorism. * The current...



Plants as Sources of Airborne Bacteria, Including Ice Nucleation-Active Bacteria  

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...allowed much greater exposure of the soil to wind than the dense, 0.9- m-high wheat canopy. Since wind speeds de- crease rapidly with depth in a dense plant cano- py, very little wind energy, if any, would have been available to...

Julianne Lindemann; Helen A. Constantinidou; William R. Barchet; Christen D. Upper



Responses of Magnocellular Neurons to Osmotic Stimulation Involves Coactivation of Excitatory and Inhibitory Input: An  

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of normal rats respond to intra- venous infusions of hypertonic saline with gradual, linear in- creases response to such infusions. We show that a simple computational model can reproduce these responses well, but only if it is assumed that hypertonic infusions coacti- vate excitatory and inhibitory synaptic inputs

Feng, Jianfeng


J. Dairy Sci. 84:241255 American Dairy Science Association, 2001.  

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or AA (65 g/d) was infused i.v. for 7.5 d, and, beginning on d 5, goats were subjected to a hyperinsuli-like growth factor-1 by 27%, and euglycemia was maintained by the infusion of glucose. Arterial, mammary continuously by probes. Insulin and insulin plus AA infusions in- creased the yields of milk by 13 to 18

Bequette, Brian J.


Whole-genome random sequencing and assembly of Haemophilus influenzae Rd  

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...in-creased to 34 cm when standard sequencing plates were used...1045 anaerobic DMSO RDase C (dmsC)58 0644 cytochrome C-type...chain reaction (PCR), both standard and long range (XL) (28...Genomics 10, 985 (1991). 28. Standard amplification by polymerase...

RD Fleischmann; MD Adams; O White; RA Clayton; EF Kirkness; AR Kerlavage; CJ Bult; JF Tomb; BA Dougherty; JM Merrick; et al.



Genetic information and insurance: some ethical issues  

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...differentiating risk pools in- creases...results. Would it be acceptable, for example for...more when all other risk factors are constant...it be ethically acceptable to dis- criminate...supposed) individual risk level. It is worth...could hardly be acceptable for insurance companies...



Atmos. Chem. Phys., 8, 40274048, 2008 www.atmos-chem-phys.net/8/4027/2008/  

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the MILAGRO campaign P. F. DeCarlo1,2,*, E. J. Dunlea1, J. R. Kimmel1, A. C. Aiken1,3, D. Sueper1, J. Crounse4 al. (2006) and Klein- man et al. (2008). The stability of the OA/CO while O/C in- creases

Meskhidze, Nicholas

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Liquid piston gas compression James D. Van de Ven a,*, Perry Y. Li b,1  

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. As the compressed gas cools at constant pressure in a storage reservoir, the potential energy of the gas de- creases process and enables efficient energy storage through gas compression. Current applications involving piston Gas compression Air compressor Compression efficiency a b s t r a c t A liquid piston concept

Li, Perry Y.


ZUMA: A Platform for Smart-Home Environments The Case for Infrastructure*  

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the potential to control peak power consumption, and in- crease energy efficiency [13]. These systems use from the end devices to the system core. The paper spells out ZUMA, or functions that a UCR should communication systems, developed from a single line to a cluster of cordless de- vices connected to a central

Wawrzynek, John


1 INTRODUCTION Many anthropogenic actions and natural events,  

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such as lateral cavities at the banks can in- crease the flow resistance and the natural retention capacity configurations have been investigated. The surge wave experiments confirmed the applicabil- ity of the elementary celerity is due to the increased flow resistance and lays between 5% and 30% for both, positive

Floreano, Dario


Journal of Wine Economics, Volume 4, Issue 1, Spring 2009, Pages 65-83 Wine Taxes, Production, Aging and Quality*  

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the impact of taxes on the quantity and quality produced by a competitive firm of goods, such as wine retail tax collected at sale increases quality, so that the basic Alchian- Allen effect holds. However, an increase in the volumetric storage tax collected each period de- creases quality, as does an increase

LaFrance, Jeffrey T.


Towards a Fundamental Understanding of the Stability and Delay of  

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EPONs. We consider two re- porting strategies: immediate reporting, whereby the report is immediately ONU-to-OLT transmissions; see, e.g., [1­12]. However, growing bandwidth demand in- creasingly of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering, Arizona State University, Goldwater Center, MC 5706, Tempe

Reisslein, Martin


Rapid Separation of Petroleum Fuels by Hydrocarbon Type  

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......various fuels such as gasoline and jet fuel into...cleaning solvent and straight-run distillate have...various fuels such as gasoline and jet fuel into...cleaning solvent and straight-run distillate have...aromatic content of gasoline usually in- creases......

Robert Stevenson



How Big Science Came to Long Island: the Birth of Brookhaven Lab (429th Brookhaven Lecture)  

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Robert P. Crease, historian for the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory and Chair of the Philosophy Department at Stony Brook University, will give two talks on the Laboratory's history on October 31 and December 12. Crease's October 31 talk, titled "How Big Science Came to Long Island: The Birth of Brookhaven Lab," will cover the founding of the Laboratory soon after World War II as a peacetime facility to construct and maintain basic research facilities, such as nuclear reactors and particle accelerators, that were too large for single institutions to build and operate. He will discuss the key figures involved in starting the Laboratory, including Nobel laureates I.I. Rabi and Norman Ramsey, as well as Donald Dexter Van Slyke, one of the most renowned medical researchers in American history. Crease also will focus on the many problems that had to be overcome in creating the Laboratory and designing its first big machines, as well as the evolving relations of the Laboratory with the surrounding Long Island community and news media. Throughout his talk, Crease will tell fascinating stories about Brookhaven's scientists and their research.

Crease, Robert P. (Ph.D., Stony Brook University, Department of Philosophy) [Ph.D., Stony Brook University, Department of Philosophy



Record External Quantum Efficiency in Blue OLED Device  

Broader source: Energy.gov [DOE]

Scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have created a blue organic light emitting diode (OLED) with an external quantum efficiency (EQE) of 11% at 800 cd/m2, exceeding their previous record EQE of 8%. The EQE of blue OLEDs is a major challenge in OLED technology development. This achievement is particularly notable since it was accomplished at a much lower operating voltage (6.2V) than previous demonstrations using similar structures, revealing the potential for much higher power efficiencies.


Energy and the economy: Soaring development in Thailand  

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Thailand's economy is one of the fastest growing in the world. Spectacular economic growth has brought a number of growing pains, energy being one of the many notables. Thailand's growth campaign has been fueled by oil, and as the economy shows little sign of slowing, energy use continues to grow. The government must balance a surging economy while scrambling to maintain sufficient energy supplies and infrastructure.

Not Available



Advanced regenerator testing in the Raytheon dual-use cryocoolerr  

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Significant progress has been made on the Raytheon low cost space cryocooler called the Dual-Use Cryocooler (DUC). Most notably, the DUC has been integrated and tested with an advanced regenerator. The advanced regenerator is a drop-in replacement for stainless steel screens and has shown significant thermodynamic performance improvements. This paper will compare the performance of two different regenerators and explain the benefits of the advanced regenerator.

Schaefer, B. R.; Bellis, L.; Ellis, M. J.; Conrad, T. J. [Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems 2000 E. El Segundo Blvd., El Segundo, CA 90245 (United States)



Operation Rescue rhetoric and the rhetorical goading to violence in the abortion controversy  

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communication literature, emphasizing the rhetorical dimensions of social movements, has also addressed (to a limited extent) the phenomenon of social movement violence. In an article discussing the militant wing of the Black Power move- ment, Robert L. Scott... explores some aspects of the "rhetoric of violence" (99) particular to this militant wing. Most notably, this rhetoric is grounded in a violent "scene" (in which the violence against Blacks is highlighted), is "justiifiicator" (portrays Black violence...

Steiner, Mark Allan



Thermal Fatigue of Polycrystalline Copper in CLIC Accelerating Structures: Surface Roughening and Hardening as a Function of Grain Orientation  

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The ac­cel­er­at­ing struc­tures of CLIC will be sub­mit­ted to 2 x 1010 ther­mal-me­chan­i­cal fa­tigue cy­cles, aris­ing from Radio Fre­quen­cy (RF) in­duced eddy cur­rents, caus­ing local su­per­fi­cial cyclic heat­ing. In order to as­sess the ef­fects of su­per­fi­cial fa­tigue, high tem­per­a­ture an­nealed OFE Cop­per sam­ples were ther­mal­ly fa­tigued with the help of pulsed laser ir­ra­di­a­tion. They un­der­went post­mortem Elec­tron Backscat­tered Diffrac­tion (EBSD) mea­sure­ments and?hard­ness ob­ser­va­tions. Pre­vi­ous work has con­firmed that sur­face rough­en­ing de­pends on the ori­en­ta­tion of near-sur­face grains*,**. It is clear­ly ob­served that, through ther­mal cy­cling, the in­crease of hard­ness of a crys­tal­lo­graph­ic di­rec­tion is re­lat­ed to the amount of sur­face rough­en­ing in­duced by fa­tigue. Near-sur­face grains, ori­ent­ed [1 0 0] with re­spect to the sur­face, ex­hibit­ing ver...

Aicheler, M



Detailed analysis of the 1962 Columbus Day windstorm in Oregon and Washington  

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The most destructive windstorm of recorded history in the Pacific Northwest occurred on October 12, 1962. With a method between that of mesoanalysis and ordinary synoptic analysis, detailed reanalysis was made of the structure of the storm over Oregon and Washington, including isobaric patterns and frontal positions at 1-hr. intervals. The significant features of the storm are described. Comparison is made with other notable windstorms in the region. The pressure pattern is used to determine location and magnitude of maximum winds. I.

Robert E. Lynott; O Wen P. Cramer



A bibliography of the Frank E. Melvin collection of pamphlets of the French Revolution in the University of Kansas Libraries  

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the years in placing most of the standard books necessary for serious scholarship in the revolutionary period. It is right and proper that this collection should bear his name. The pamphlets here listed, provide basic material for the study of the period..., deal with the period of the Directory (1795-1799). The early years of the Consulate, which brought Napoleon to power, are represented only in relatively few miscellaneous pamphlets. The impact of the Revolution on various localities, notably...

Saricks, Ambrose



The Farmer Looks at His Economic Security: A Study of Provisions Made for Old Age by Farm Families in Wharton County, Texas.  

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in kind) were notably deficient in financial assets. Thirteen percent had no assets and the main type of property owned by the others was an auto- mobile or motor truck. Forty-seven percent had a life or burial insurance policy; the latter was especially... of their life insurance; wives often were better informed than their husbands as to the type and amount of in- surance owned by the family head. Information was obtained on burial, life and sickness...

Motheral, Joe R.; Adkins, William G.



Strategies to promote renewable energy in Brazil  

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The present study is the result of recent research that has been developed in Brazil in cooperation with international research centers. The aim is to analyze the best strategies for maintaining the high share of renewable sources in Brazil's electric power generation system. The results show that, for the time horizon considered, the country still has plentiful energy resources available, notably its hydroelectric potential, and that the introduction of mitigation measures in the electricity sector has only a small impact on the price of electricity. The study also shows that the country has made a significant contribution to the struggle against global warming.

Amaro Olimpio Pereira Jr.; André Santos Pereira; Emilio Lèbre La Rovere; Martha Macedo de Lima Barata; Sandra de Castro Villar; Silvia Helena Pires



The Feasibility of Processing Wool and Mohair in Texas.  

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, the industry in Texas is small, although notable progress was made in scouring facilities in 1954 and 1955. Scouring capacity has been doubled, and there are now six scouring trains capable of scouring about 30 million pounds of grease wool annually. World... has been confined largely to the New England States. Since raw wool con- / \\ tains 50 to 70 percent extraneous matter that is , lost in scouring and the finished goods must be , back-hauled to consumers in the West, process- ing wool near...

Taylor, Jack B.



Asymptotic freedom in Horava-Lifshitz gravity  

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We use the Wetterich equation for foliated spacetimes to study the RG flow of projectable Horava-Lifshitz gravity coupled to n Lifshitz scalars. Using novel results for anisotropic heat kernels, the matter-induced beta functions for the gravitational couplings are computed explicitly. The RG flow exhibits an UV attractive anisotropic Gaussian fixed point where Newton's constant vanishes and the extra scalar mode decouples. This fixed point ensures that the theory is asymptotically free in the large-n expansion, indicating that projectable Horava-Lifshitz gravity is perturbatively renormalizable. Notably, the fundamental fixed point action does not obey detailed balance.

D'Odorico, Giulio; Schutten, Marrit



Asymptotic freedom in Horava-Lifshitz gravity  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

We use the Wetterich equation for foliated spacetimes to study the RG flow of projectable Horava-Lifshitz gravity coupled to n Lifshitz scalars. Using novel results for anisotropic heat kernels, the matter-induced beta functions for the gravitational couplings are computed explicitly. The RG flow exhibits an UV attractive anisotropic Gaussian fixed point where Newton's constant vanishes and the extra scalar mode decouples. This fixed point ensures that the theory is asymptotically free in the large-n expansion, indicating that projectable Horava-Lifshitz gravity is perturbatively renormalizable. Notably, the fundamental fixed point action does not obey detailed balance.

Giulio D'Odorico; Frank Saueressig; Marrit Schutten



Unconventional Integer Quantum Hall effect in graphene  

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Monolayer graphite films, or graphene, have quasiparticle excitations that can be described by 2+1 dimensional Dirac theory. We demonstrate that this produces an unconventional form of the quantized Hall conductivity $\\sigma_{xy} = - (2 e^2/h)(2n+1)$ with $n=0,1,...$, that notably distinguishes graphene from other materials where the integer quantum Hall effect was observed. This unconventional quantization is caused by the quantum anomaly of the $n=0$ Landau level and was discovered in recent experiments on ultrathin graphite films.

V. P. Gusynin; S. G. Sharapov


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Algorithmic techniques for nanometer VLSI design and manufacturing closure  

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to the traditional circuit design without handling variations. With in- creasing design complexity, innovative efiective and e–cient algorithmic techniques are needed to compute a high quality design in terms of both timing and power. After that, variation... OF PHILOSOPHY May 2008 Major Subject: Computer Engineering ALGORITHMIC TECHNIQUES FOR NANOMETER VLSI DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING CLOSURE A Dissertation by SHIYAN HU Submitted to the O–ce of Graduate Studies of Texas A&M University in partial fulflllment...

Hu, Shiyan



The effect of varying oven temperatures and residence times on thermal desorption of n-hexane and 1-hexene from diffusive organic vapor dosimeters  

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of suitable adsorbent medium, such as activated charcoal or silica gel. This method proved highly reliable, in that a relatively constant sampling flowrate could be held for as long as eight hours. However, the method also presented The citations used... referred to as thermal desorption has gained in- creased attention. This method consists of heating the ad- sorbent medium in an oven to release the adsorbed com- pounds from the collection medium. A carrier gas is passed through the heated tube...

Steele, Kenneth Garnett



Taking Complexity in Food Systems Seriously: An Interdisciplinary Analysis  

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Summary Motivated by donor interest in innovative thinking on food security, we conducted an interdisciplinary, triangulation analysis of four divergent conceptual frameworks, each relevant to diagnosing food insecurity in developing countries. We found notable tensions as well as synergistic interactions between agroecology, agricultural innovation systems, social–ecological systems, and political ecology. Cross-framework interactions enhance our understanding of how sectoral and macro-economic development strategies impact on livelihoods, availability, and access. Re-invigorated, more profound dialog between divergent conceptual frameworks enables diagnosis of complex food insecurity problems, and context-specific interventions and innovations. Informed use of divergent approaches constitutes a new ambition for research and practice.

Tira Foran; James R.A. Butler; Liana J. Williams; Wolf J. Wanjura; Andy Hall; Lucy Carter; Peter S. Carberry



Linear and nonlinear instabilities in unified dark energy models  

SciTech Connect (OSTI)

We revisit the paradigm of unified dark energy discussing in detail the averaging problem in this type of scenario, highlighting the need for a full nonlinear treatment. We also address the question of if and how models with one or several dark fluids can be observationally distinguished. Simpler and physically clearer derivations of some key results, most notably on the relation between the generalized Chaplygin gas and the standard ({lambda}CDM) 'concordance' model and on a Jeans-type small-scale instability of some coupled dark energy/dark matter models are presented.

Avelino, P. P.; Beca, L. M. G. [Centro de Fisica do Porto, Rua do Campo Alegre 687, 4169-007 Porto (Portugal); Departamento de Fisica da Faculdade de Ciencias da Universidade do Porto, Rua do Campo Alegre 687, 4169-007 Porto (Portugal); Martins, C. J. A. P. [Centro de Fisica do Porto, Rua do Campo Alegre 687, 4169-007 Porto (Portugal); Centro de Astrofisica, Universidade do Porto, Rua das Estrelas s/n, 4150-762 Porto (Portugal); Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge CB3 0WA (United Kingdom)



Life history consequences of social complexity: a comparative study of ground-dwelling sciurids  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

in the aggregations. Generally, animal* are hypothesized to aggregate to reduce predation risk and/or because of the distribution of critical resources (Alexander, 1974). Social structure and social behaviors may further in- crease the benefits of aggregation... and Bhimstein and Ar- mitage, 1997). We ask the following six life-history questions: Does social complexity influence (1) die percentage of adult females who breed, (2) the time to first reproduction, (3) gestation time, (4) average litter size, (5) lactation...

Armitage, Kenneth



Determination of performance characteristics of a one-cylinder diesel engine modified to burn low-Btu (lignite) gas  

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d = standard deviation INTRODUCTION The United States' vast lignite reserves' energy po- tential, while not commanding the public interest as much as the more "exotic" forms of energy conversion (solar, geothermal, wave energy, etc. ), has been... viewed with in- creasing interest by the technical community. Although a tremendous amount of energy is totalled in this country' s lignite coal reserves (Texas deposits alone are estimated at 100 billion tons [1] ), the energy is low-grade; i. e...

Blacksmith, James Richard



Nucleon Form Factors in Point-Form Spectator-Model Constructions  

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We discuss electromagnetic currents in the point-form formulation of relativistic quantum mechanics. The construction is along a spectator model and implies that only one quark is explicitly coupled to the photon, but nevertheless many-body contributions are present in the current operator. Such effects are unavoidable in relativistic constructions and resulting ambiguities are notably reduced by imposing charge normalization and time-reversal invariance. The residual theoretical indetermination introduces small but sizeable changes in the nucleon form-factors, particularly at higher Q-squared values, with the data generally centered in the middle of the theoretical band.

T. Melde



The influence of johnsongrass rhizome density on the efficacy of fluridone and trifluralin  

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treatment with 0. 1 ppm fluridone showed a significant de- crease in foliar chlorosis as rhizome density increased. Soil analysis by gas chromatography revealed no significant trends which would link rhizome density with fluridone residue levels. At all... made 12 days after treat- ment. . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . 28 CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Johnsongrass (Sor hum hale ense L. ) was introduced into the U. S. from North Africa around 1830 (15). It was originally intended to be a quality forage...

Cornell, Paul Curtis



ATP is released from guinea pig ureter epithelium on distension  

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ATP is released from guinea pig ureter epithelium on distension G. E. KNIGHT,1 P. BODIN,1 W. C. DE Knight, G. E., P. Bodin, W. C. De Groat, and G. Burn- stock. ATP is released from guinea pig ureter.2001.--Distension of the perfused guinea pig ureter at pressures from 20 to 700 cmH2O in- creased the amount of ATP

Burnstock, Geoffrey


The land around typical Darfur refugee camps is cleared of all wood 2 T H E T R O U B L E W I T H C O O K I N Gthe impact of biomass-burning on health & enviornment and what we are doing about it  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

O O K I N Gthe impact of biomass-burning on health & enviornment and what we are doing about it H fire By 2030, biomass use for cooking is projected to in- crease by an addi- tional 30%13 References [1-Darfur Stove World Population 3B 7B 3B 4B Biomass Users Non-Biomass Users 2 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0deaths annually

Eisen, Michael


Electrical stimulation of beef carcasses  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

and S. ouifer, 1978; Hs. llund and Bendall, 1965). The results from this research suggest that elect. "ical stimulation in- creases the rate of postmortem pH decline and hastens the onset of rigor mortis, a. s well as improving some of the pal...- atability characteristics (particularly tenderness). The mechanism by whicn electrical stimulation imprcves tendezness is no+ well understood. It has 'oeen suggested +nat rapid postmortem glycolysis hastens the onset of rigor mortis, and thus reduces...

McKeith, Floyd Kenneth



Redox instability, mechanical deformation, and heterogeneous damage accumulation in solid oxide fuel cell anodes  

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Mechanical integrity and damage tolerance represent two key challenges in the design of solid oxide fuel cells(SOFCs). In particular reduction and oxidation(redox) cycles and the associated large transformation strains have a notable impact on the mechanical stability and failure mode of SOFCanodes. In this study the deformation behavior under redox cycling is investigated computationally with an approach that provides a detailed microstructurally based view of heterogeneous damage accumulation behavior within an experimentally obtained nickel/yttria stabilized zirconia SOFCanode microstructure. Simulation results underscore the critical role that the microstructure plays in the mechanical deformation behavior of and failure within such materials.

F. Abdeljawad; G. J. Nelson; W. K. S. Chiu; M. Haataja



Self-assembly of synthetic and biological components in water using cucurbit[8]uril  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

. Current technology can successfully build assemblies from the bottom up, assembling complex architectures using such building blocks as DNA,14,24–26 peptides,27,28 saccharides,29,30 lipids,31–33 as well as synthetic polymer com- ponents.34–37 1900 1950... nature of an aqueous envir- onment are still being explored, and some notable examples are provided in Fig. 1.3. 3 Chapter 1 Introduction It is worthy of note that in each case, multiple non-covalent interactions work in concert, as is the case in nature...

Zayed, Jameel Majed



New Australia-Tasmania Submarine Cable  

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... THE new submarine cable which was successfully laid across the Bass Strait last November marks a notable advance in ... across the Bass Strait last November marks a notable advance in the technique of submarine cable transmission. Before laying this ...



Selection of Equipment for Farms in the Texas High Plains.  

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of $2.:: ;:,! characteristics of tractors were obtained primarily from the hour or above. Nebraska Tractor Tests and the operating characteristics of implements from published data and local estimates. Farm enterprise organization was determined from... tractors and eight-row implements. .it wage rate of $1.75 per hour and high draft arrurnrt~. 1 an optimum eight-row equipment system had annul! -I\\ of $8,755.86. An optimum six-row equipment systcr 1 creased costs by $93.93 per year and an optimum four...

Barrick, W. C.; Osborn, J. E.



Small Particles in Cirrus  

Broader source: All U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office Webpages (Extended Search)

Particles in Cirrus Particles in Cirrus Because the reflective properties of ice crystals in cirrus clouds can greatly influence the amount of solar energy that reaches the Earth, scientists use information about the shape and size of ice crystals as input to climate models. These data are obtained by satellite instruments, ground-based sensors, and research aircraft equipped with probes. However, notable discrepancies among these measurements have led to considerable uncertainty in how to represent these properties in climate models. From December 2009 through April 2010, the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Climate Research Facility will sponsor the use of an instrumented aircraft to obtain the most comprehensive set of measurements of ice crystals in cirrus clouds yet obtained. In conjunction with


McCormick and the Reaping Machine  

Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

... IN NATURE of December 26, p. 1088, a note appears referring to twelve notable American inventions. Among these ...




Final scientific and technical report for grant DE-AI02-93ER40784: Fundamental Physics with Cold Neutrons  

SciTech Connect (OSTI)

There have been a growing number of notable results in fundamental neutron physics, which are briefly summarized.

Dewey, Maynard, S.



Recent contributions of glaciers and ice caps to sea level rise  

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... rivers originating in portions of HMA do not reach the sea. Most notable are the Amu ...Darya and Syr ...

Thomas Jacob; John Wahr; W. Tad Pfeffer; Sean Swenson



Rudolf Diesel, 1858–1913  

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... that has in recent years seen spectacular changes) was the advent of the compression-ignition engine as a prime mover with its notable promoter, Rudolf ... as a prime mover with its notable promoter, Rudolf Diesel. ...



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Potential of Thin Films for use in Charged Particle Tracking Detectors  

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Thin Film technology has widespread applications in everyday electronics, notably Liquid Crystal Display screens, solar cells, and organic light emitting diodes. We explore the potential of this technology as charged particle radiation tracking detectors for use in High Energy Physics experiments such as those at the Large Hadron Collider or the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider. Through modern fabrication techniques, a host of semiconductor materials are available to construct thin, flexible detectors with integrated electronics with pixel sizes on the order of a few microns. We review the material properties of promising candidates, discuss the potential benefits and challenges associated with this technology, and review previously demonstrated applicability as a neutron detector.

Metcalfe, J; Murphy, J; Quevedo, M; Smith, L; Alvarado, J; Gnade, B; Takai, H



The role of energy efficiency and renewable energies in the future world energy market  

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The world population is rising rapidly, notably in the developing countries. Historical trends suggest that increased annual energy use per capita is a good surrogate for the standard of living factors which promote a decrease in population growth rate. If these trends continue, stabilization of the world`s population will require the increased use of all sources of energy as cheap oil and gas are depleted. Improved efficiency of energy use and renewable energy sources will be essential to stabilizing population,while providing a decent standard all over the world.

Sheffield, J.



Potential of Thin Films for use in Charged Particle Tracking Detectors  

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Thin Film technology has widespread applications in everyday electronics, notably Liquid Crystal Display screens, solar cells, and organic light emitting diodes. We explore the potential of this technology as charged particle radiation tracking detectors for use in High Energy Physics experiments such as those at the Large Hadron Collider or the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider. Through modern fabrication techniques, a host of semiconductor materials are available to construct thin, flexible detectors with integrated electronics with pixel sizes on the order of a few microns. We review the material properties of promising candidates, discuss the potential benefits and challenges associated with this technology, and review previously demonstrated applicability as a neutron detector.

J. Metcalfe; I. Mejia; J. Murphy; M. Quevedo; L. Smith; J. Alvarado; B. Gnade; H. Takai



Passive solar energy in Washington: results of the Washington passive solar design/build competition  

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The Washington Passive Solar Design/Build Competition was held in an effort to encourage the design, construction, and marketing of moderately priced passive solar homes in Washington state. Four categories were established, including single and multi-family, new design and remodel. A number of commonly made thermal mistakes are discussed. Eight winning entries are presented along with four notable entries, for each of which is given an overview of the design, energy conservation measures, passive heating and cooling features, system operation, and thermal performance. (LEW)

Not Available



Trends in stationary energy  

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Trends in stationary energy Trends in stationary energy Colin McCormick Senior Advisor for R&D Office of the Under Secretary US Department of Energy Building Technologies Office Peer Review 2013 April 2013 2 Under Secretary of Energy * Oversee the applied energy programs * Efficiency & Renewables * Electric grid * Fossil energy * Nuclear energy * Indian energy * Support interactions with Office of Science, ARPA-E * Support cross-cutting topics in energy systems * Energy systems interaction * Water-energy nexus * Bulk energy storage * Energy finance * International Lab engagement * Quadrennial Technology Review (QTR) 3 2013: Already a busy year for energy 4 Some notable trends in stationary energy The water-energy nexus The rise of natural gas Global trends New models for the grid


Trends in stationary energy  

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Trends in stationary energy Trends in stationary energy Colin McCormick Senior Advisor for R&D Office of the Under Secretary US Department of Energy Building Technologies Office Peer Review 2013 April 2013 2 Under Secretary of Energy * Oversee the applied energy programs * Efficiency & Renewables * Electric grid * Fossil energy * Nuclear energy * Indian energy * Support interactions with Office of Science, ARPA-E * Support cross-cutting topics in energy systems * Energy systems interaction * Water-energy nexus * Bulk energy storage * Energy finance * International Lab engagement * Quadrennial Technology Review (QTR) 3 2013: Already a busy year for energy 4 Some notable trends in stationary energy The water-energy nexus The rise of natural gas Global trends New models for the grid


In defense of the gypsy lawyer: an analysis of doxastic justification  

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that it is, indeed, a causal notion. Two such notable attempts to defend causal formulations of the basing relation in light of the gypsy lawyer case are provided by Marshall Swain' and Robert Audi. " Audi provides a sustained defense of the claim..., is consistent with our intuitions concerning the gypsy lawyer case, and it also avoids the many problems facing Lehrer's analysis of the basing relation. On Foley's account, S's belief that p is based on reasons, q, if (1) S believes she has a good argument...

Mittag, Daniel Marlin



Origins of Chevron Rollovers in Non-Two-State Protein Folding Kinetics  

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Chevron rollovers of some proteins imply that their logarithmic folding rates are nonlinear in native stability. This is predicted by lattice and continuum G\\=o models to arise from diminished accessibilities of the ground state from transiently populated compact conformations under strongly native conditions. Despite these models' native-centric interactions, the slowdown is due partly to kinetic trapping caused by some of the folding intermediates' nonnative topologies. Notably, simple two-state folding kinetics of small single-domain proteins are not reproduced by common G\\=o-like schemes.

Huseyin Kaya; Hue Sun Chan



Role of reversibility in viral capsid growth: A paradigm for self-assembly  

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Self-assembly at submicroscopic scales is an important but little understood phenomenon. A prominent example is virus capsid growth, whose underlying behavior can be modeled using simple particles that assemble into polyhedral shells. Molecular dynamics simulation of shell formation in the presence of an atomistic solvent provides new insight into the self-assembly mechanism, notably that growth proceeds via a cascade of strongly reversible steps and, despite the large variety of possible intermediates, only a small fraction of highly bonded forms appear on the pathway.

D. C. Rapaport



Growth rate of the major phylogenetic bacterial groups in the ...  

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ABSTRACT: The phylogenetic composition of bacterial communities varies along the salinity gradient of estuaries, one notable pattern being the prevalence of ...


Drowning in swimming pools  

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Abstract Although fatal drowning rarely occurs in swimming pools, this event has a very grave impact on the swimming pool employees, notably when they have been directly involved in the rescue and resuscitation. At the same time, very little data is available on the incidence, causes and outcome of pool drowning. It is important that pool lifeguards understand that a cardiac arrest after drowning is different from the primary cardiac arrest due to an infarction or ventricular fibrillation and that oxygen is the most vital aspect of the resuscitation measures. The use of a pool safety plan and the implementation of a checklist, training in realistic pool-related resuscitation scenarios and record keeping of accidents and near-accidents may be helpful to be better prepared for a drowning incident.

Joost Bierens; Andrea Scapigliati



Magnetic-field dependence of tunneling conductance spectra of La0.67Sr0.33MnO3/YBa2Cu3O7?? junctions in ultra-low temperatures  

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We precisely measured conductance spectra near the zero-bias conductance peak (ZBCP) in La0.67Sr0.33MnO3/YBa2Cu3O7?? junctions, which reflects the formation of the surface bound states in the d-wave superconductors. When the conductance spectra of the junctions were measured at ultra-low temperatures (mK), very sharp \\{ZBCPs\\} were observed. We found the notable features of the magnetic field response of the ZBCP, i.e., the coexistence of spin-dependent and spin-independent components in the ZBCP and the apparent absence of the Zeeman splitting.

A. Sawa; S. Kashiwaya; H. Kashiwaya; H. Obara; H. Yamasaki; M. Koyanagi; I. Kurosawa; Y. Tanaka



Evaluation of the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for antibody activity to Anaplasma marginale, Babesia bovis and Babesia bigemina in cattle sera  

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this thesis and all the time spent on it to the one person without whom it would not have been possible, my de- voted wife, Noemi. She has supported me wholeheartedly and unselfishly through these many months of long hours, separations and missed vaca..., and the sonicated material (Fig 10b) had a peak ratio of 5. 3 at the I:200 dilution. Separation ra- tios of both preparations decreased as the antigen concentrations de- creased. fh AB~BI ' * Ig f I I d d *' ~ d I h BVBLA~il Ig . Big ll h h I b 1*d 36 Antigen...

Long, Ray Francis



Patterns in Illinois Educational School Data  

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We examine Illinois educational data from standardized exams and analyze primary factors affecting the achievement of public school students. We focus on the simplest possible models: representation of data through visualizations and regressions on single variables. Exam scores are shown to depend on school type, location, and poverty concentration. For most schools in Illinois, student test scores decline linearly with poverty concentration. However Chicago must be treated separately. Selective schools in Chicago, as well as some traditional and charter schools, deviate from this pattern based on poverty. For any poverty level, Chicago schools perform better than those in the rest of Illinois. Selective programs for gifted students show high performance at each grade level, most notably at the high school level, when compared to other Illinois school types. The case of Chicago charter schools is more complex. In the last six years, their students' scores overtook those of students in traditional Chicago high...

Stevens, Cacey S; Nagel, Sidney R



Multiplexity-facilitated cascades in networks  

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Elements of networks interact in many ways, so modeling them with graphs requires multiple types of edges (or network layers). Here we show that such multiplex networks are generically more vulnerable to global cascades than simplex networks. We generalize the threshold cascade model [Watts, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 99, 5766 (2002)] to multiplex networks, in which a node activates if a sufficiently large fraction of neighbors in any layer are active. We show that both combining layers (i.e., realizing other interactions play a role) and splitting a network into layers (i.e., recognizing distinct kinds of interactions) facilitate cascades. Notably, layers unsusceptible to global cascades can cooperatively achieve them if coupled. On one hand, this suggests fundamental limitations on predicting cascades without full knowledge of a system's multiplexity; on the other hand, it offers feasible means to control cascades by introducing or removing sparse layers in an existing network.

Charles D. Brummitt; Kyu-Min Lee; K.-I. Goh



CO2 Mineral Sequestration Studies in US  

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Mineral Sequestration Studies in US Mineral Sequestration Studies in US Philip Goldberg 1 , Zhong-Ying Chen 2 , William O'Connor 3 , Richard Walters 3 , and Hans Ziock 4 1 National Energy Technology Laboratory, P.O. Box 10940, Pittsburgh, PA 15236, goldberg@netl.doe.gov, (412)386-5806 2 Science Applications International Corporation, 1710 Goodridge Dr. McLean, VA, zhong- ying.chen@saic.com, (703)676-7328 3 Albany Research Center, Albany, OR oconner@arc.doe.gov, walters@alrc.doe, (541)967-5834 4 Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM, ksl@lanl.gov, ziock@lanl.gov, (505)667- 7265 Abstract Carbon sequestration by reacting naturally occurring Mg and Ca containing minerals with CO 2 to form carbonates has many unique advantages. Most notably is the fact that carbonates have a lower energy state than CO


EM's December Newsletter Recaps Cold War Cleanup Accomplishments in 2013  

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EM's December Newsletter Recaps Cold War Cleanup Accomplishments EM's December Newsletter Recaps Cold War Cleanup Accomplishments in 2013 EM's December Newsletter Recaps Cold War Cleanup Accomplishments in 2013 December 24, 2013 - 12:00pm Addthis WASHINGTON, D.C. - On Dec. 19, EM completed demolition of the 4.8 million-square-foot Building K-25 at Oak Ridge, a milestone that capped a busy and successful 2013 for the Cold War cleanup program. The demolition was one of EM's most significant achievements this year, and it is captured in this newsletter issue along with dozens of other notable accomplishments across the EM complex. Read about EM's productive year, including cleanup of buildings and waste sites along the Columbia River in Washington state, progress in the disposition of transuranic waste at Idaho and other sites and preparations for a major demolition at the West Valley


Trust, control and confidence in logistics outsourcing decisions  

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A number of theoretical constructs and models exist for framing logistics outsourcing decisions. In transaction cost economics, it is argued that the dimensions of transactions, notably asset specificity, are the main criteria to consider in outsourcing situations. Resource-based approaches focus on the company's assets and capabilities that should be protected and developed while non-core activities should be outsourced. Behaviourally oriented theories explore the human and social factors facilitating outsourcing decisions. In this paper, the model of Das and Teng (1998) is used to examine the role of trust and control as facilitators creating confidence in outsourcing when relationship specific investments are present in the outsourcing relationship. A conceptual model is developed and tested with structural equation modelling using survey data from Finnish industrial companies. The results show that confidence is positively associated with the propensity to outsource logistics when the outsourcing relationship is disposed to specific investments.

Jari Juga; Jouni Juntunen



Appropriability mechanisms in internationalisation: possibilities to safeguard innovations  

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The internationalisation of innovation has become increasingly common. With this change, the significance of managing and safeguarding innovations and intellectual property in international environment has risen to new levels, yet challenges are notable as well. Firms face the pressure to find, obtain, and use tools and mechanisms that would enable them to protect their innovations and intangibles against undesirable imitation and, consequently, create better appropriation conditions for themselves. This study examines appropriation of innovations in respect to internationalisation. The objective of the article is to find out: a) how individual safeguarding/appropriability mechanisms are perceived by internationalising and internationalised firms; b) how these mechanisms relate to succeeding in international markets. The findings from the examination of 299 Finnish firms indicate that not all mechanisms are equally relevant considering the tendency of the firm to internationalise, and that different mechanisms yield different results in terms of international performance.

Pia Hurmelinna-Laukkanen; Kaisu Puumalainen; Sami Saarenketo



Reducing Concurrency Bottlenecks in Parallel I/O Workloads  

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To enable high performance parallel checkpointing we introduced the Parallel Log Structured File System (PLFS). PLFS is middleware interposed on the file system stack to transform concurrent writing of one application file into many non-concurrently written component files. The promising effectiveness of PLFS makes it important to examine its performance for workloads other than checkpoint capture, notably the different ways that state snapshots may be later read, to make the case for using PLFS in the Exascale I/O stack. Reading a PLFS file involved reading each of its component files. In this paper we identify performance limitations on broader workloads in an early version of PLFS, specifically the need to build and distribute an index for the overall file, and the pressure on the underlying parallel file system's metadata server, and show how PLFS's decomposed components architecture can be exploited to alleviate bottlenecks in the underlying parallel file system.

Manzanares, Adam C. [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Bent, John M. [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Wingate, Meghan [Los Alamos National Laboratory


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Essays on the Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth and Welfare: The Case of Sub-Saharan Africa  

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restrictions on cross border capital flows, and reaching record levels in the 2000s when it averaged US$ 20,266.6 million. In the last three years, 2010-2012, FDI flows averaged nearly US$ 38 million with annual flows topping US$ 40 millions in 2011 and 2012... industry level data from 29 countries for the period 1985-2000, find that FDI in- creases growth when we account for the “quality” of FDI, adding that FDI at the industry level contributes to higher growth. Again the issue of the quality of FDI raises...

Kamara, Yusufu Unisa



Heat Recovery From Arc Furnaces Using Water Cooled Panels  

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to maintain a constant cooling water supply temperature in the cold well. The cooling tower fans can be manually reversed on slow speed for de-icing the cooling tower in winter to remove ice buildup on the slats. Level controller LL-2 shuts down pumps PI...HEAT RECOVERY FROM ARC FURNACES USING WATER COOLED PANELS D. F. Darby Deere & Company Moline, Illinois ABSTRACT In 1980-81, the John Deere Foundry at East Moline underwent an expansion program that in creased its capacity by over 60...

Darby, D. F.


Some non-precipitation radar echoes as observed by CPS-9 radar  

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's curvature, which caused the cell to lie below the radar bean. The decelerating gust line passed the radar station at 2304Z; its position at 2322Z is shown in (Figure ld, 5 mi markers). A wind-direction change of 60 deg and a wind speed in- 35 crease... markers) formed behind the second. The parent cell moved some 10 mi during the hour of its life cycle, and the gust lines dissipated before reaching the radar. At 0240Z the aerovane (not shown) showed a 55 deg shift in wind direction with a speed of 5...

Luckenbach, Guenther Edward



Gris Gris  

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.... " Rafe shook himself briskly, as though someone had just doused him with ice water. "How'd I manage that?" "Must be those suits you been wearin' for the last few months," Brown teased. "She must dig guys in three-piece and tie." Joel pur on a hurt... reached up with his free hand, yanked at the knot in his tie and twisted the top button free. His brow creased in pain. "When?" he managed to ask. "Yesterday afternoon. Right before supper. She was gone before the ambulance could get to her. They say...

Alexander, TM



Italy Revisited: The Encyclopedia  

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chests for the in- creasingly lavish gifts and counter-gifts that accompanied mar- riages between wealthy Italian families. Paul F. Watson’s essay evokes the social importance of these boxes, which is a feat since so few of the early ones have survived... discourse. Less defensible is an entry on Albertus Magnus, a German scholastic who never taught in Italy, with a wasteful illustration, again the ti- tle page of an early printed text. Although he was read in Italy, and was one of Thomas Aquinas’ teachers...

Epstein, Steven A.



Addressing Energy Demand through Demand Response: International Experiences and Practices  

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Council of Texas forward capacity market U.S. Federal Energyseen in the wholesale capacity markets, most notably in theparticipates in the capacity market. Capacity markets are

Shen, Bo



Surface Crystallization in a Liquid AuSi Alloy  

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X-ray measurements reveal a crystalline monolayer at the surface of the eutectic liquid Au{sub 82}Si{sub 18}, at temperatures above the alloy's melting point. Surface-induced atomic layering, the hallmark of liquid metals, is also found below the crystalline monolayer. The layering depth, however, is threefold greater than that of all liquid metals studied to date. The crystallinity of the surface monolayer is notable, considering that AuSi does not form stable bulk crystalline phases at any concentration and temperature and that no crystalline surface phase has been detected thus far in any pure liquid metal or nondilute alloy. These results are discussed in relation to recently suggested models of amorphous alloys.

Shpyrko,O.; Streitel, R.; Balagurusamy, V.; Grigoriev, A.; Deutsch, M.; Ocko, B.; Meron, M.; Lin, B.; Pershan, P.



Operational limits in the National Spherical Torus Experiment  

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The National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX) is a proof-of-principle scale device whose mission is to establish the physics basis of low aspect configurations most notably in the areas of plasma stability, transport and non-inductive current drive. The first series of physics experiments was conducted during the period from Sept. 1999 through Jan. 2000. Among the first experiments was a study to map out and characterize the operational density and q-limits. Density limits have typically been associated with enhanced radiated power due to overfuelling or impurity influx, although ion neoclassical transport may impose a density limit at very high densities in ohmic, gas-fueled plasmas. q-limits have typically been manifestations of destabilization of m=2/n=1 kink or tearing modes that lead to a sudden discharge termination.

S.M. Kaye; M. G. Bell; R. E. Bell; D. Gates; R. Maingi; E. Mazzucato; J. Menard; D. Mueller; W. Park; S. Paul; S. Sabbagh; D. Stutman



Characteristics and Feasibility of Marketing Texas Grease Wool on a Known Quality Basis.  

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Characteristics and Fe ::il'lity of Marketing ?::I "ease Wool 011 : %own Qu-"ty Basis Summarv The domestic wool industry is faced with in- creased competition from well-prepared foreign wools and man-made fibers. The per capita consumption... of wool has remained fairly constant during the past 25 to 30 years, but the per capita consumption of man-made fibers increased from 1 pound in the late 1920's to more than 10 pounds by 1957. Wool generally has been sold, and is still sold to a large...

Davis, Stanley P.; Hunt, Robert L.; Holland, Robert L.



The production of activated silica with carbon dioxide gas  

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the titratable alkalinity is not reduced. The by-product of the reaction is ammonium hydroxI. de which keeps the alkalinity of the sol the same as that of the starting diluted sodium silicate. The usual method for producing N-Sol A Is to mix dI. lute sodium... safely at about twice the safe storage concen- tration of the Baylis sol. This permits a twofold de- crease in the capaci. ty of the storage tanks (10). Hay also has done a great deal of development wozk 10 in which he has suggested the use of carbon...

Hayes, William Bell



Angleton Grass.  

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.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 BOLLETIN NO. '342. ~ I i ANGLETON GRASS Angleton grass was received at Texas Substation No. 3, Angleton, Texas, April 9, 1915, from the Office of Forage-Crop Investigations, United States Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C... Houston has planted about 12 acres and wants to in- crease the area to 30 acres as soon as possible. Many other smaller areas have been planted. In February, 1925, some of the grass was sent to each of eleven of the Texas substations, which are located...

Hafner, V.E.



Origami-enabled deformable silicon solar cells  

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Deformable electronics have found various applications and elastomeric materials have been widely used to reach flexibility and stretchability. In this Letter, we report an alternative approach to enable deformability through origami. In this approach, the deformability is achieved through folding and unfolding at the creases while the functional devices do not experience strain. We have demonstrated an example of origami-enabled silicon solar cells and showed that this solar cell can reach up to 644% areal compactness while maintaining reasonable good performance upon cyclic folding/unfolding. This approach opens an alternative direction of producing flexible, stretchable, and deformable electronics.

Tang, Rui; Huang, Hai; Liang, Hanshuang; Liang, Mengbing [School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona 85287 (United States); Tu, Hongen; Xu, Yong [Electrical and Computer Engineering, Wayne State University, 5050 Anthony Wayne Dr., Detroit, Michigan 48202 (United States); Song, Zeming; Jiang, Hanqing, E-mail: hanqing.jiang@asu.edu [School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona 85287 (United States); Yu, Hongyu, E-mail: hongyu.yu@asu.edu [School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona 85287 (United States); School of Earth and Space Exploration, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona 85287 (United States)



Design criteria for centripeter aerosol samplers  

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- lection efficiency. The Stokes number corresponding to the particle size for which collection efficiency of the sampler is 50K, (Stk0 5), ranged from 0. 388 to 0, 398 for the three nozzle shapes tested. An increase in acceleration nozzle to collection... nozzle spacing ratio from 0. 033 to 0. 867 decreased the value of Stk0 5 from 0. 187 to 0. 388. As the collection nozzle to acceleration nozzle size ratio was in- creased from 1. 00 to 1. 74, the value of Stk0 5 decreased from 0. 493 to 0. 375...

King, Connie Hazel



The gross morphology of two rice varieties and their F2 progeny grown at different spacings  

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highest yield. a s?g ~vtng date cf plantings variety and spacing in Xndia& ~~, Sen acd Sair (5) reported that ~ syecLng varied vlth 4ete cf planting With 6 inch spacing &ate of ylsnt4ng sboul4 be in the second half of Jbly an& with 9 inch ~ it sboul4... of syacings was significant. As syace per p'tant de|creased, the duration of tillering decreased. All spacings differed significantly froe each other except tbe 4" and 6" spacings, between which no significant differe-ice was shown. Wgcses 1, 2 and 3...

Butschek, Robert James



U.S. Continues to Lead the World in Wind Power Growth | Department of  

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29, 2008 - 12:32pm 29, 2008 - 12:32pm Addthis DOE Report Shows Rapidly Growing U.S. Wind Power Market WASHINGTON - The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today released the 2007 edition of its Annual Report on U.S. Wind Power Installation, Cost, and Performance Trends, which provides a comprehensive overview of developments in the rapidly evolving U.S. wind power market. Notably, the report finds that U.S. wind power capacity increased by 46 percent in 2007, with $9 billion invested in U.S. wind plants in 2007 alone, making the U.S. the fastest-growing wind power market in the world for the third straight year. The report also showed that wind is on a path to becoming a significant contributor to the U.S. power mix-wind projects accounted for 35 percent of all new U.S. electric generating capacity in 2007, and


Nutational damping times in solids of revolution  

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......solar-system bodies (asteroids and comets) has improved dramatically over...despite a small sample - several comets, most notably Halley, exhibit...benefits may be substantial now as landings on comets (Rosetta) and asteroids (Muses......

Ishan Sharma; Joseph A. Burns; C.-Y. Hui



State of the Climate in 2005  

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The State of the Climate 2005 report summarizes global and regional climate conditions and places them, where possible, into the context of historical records. Descriptions and analyses of notable climatic anomalies, both global and regional, ...

K. A. Shein



Sandia National Laboratories: Solar Energy  

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On April 4, 2012, in Current activates have built upon past efforts, most notably the Solar American Cities (now Communities) program in recent years. Solar American Cities...


Velocity determination from velocity spectra  

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. Lithologic and structural information can bc inferred from the interval velocities and thicknesses. Actual seismic exploration data (which are twelvefold sub- surface coverage data taken at Niller County, Arkansas) were used to make the actual velocity...) with decreasing increment of normal incidence time and rms velocity, 2) with in- creasing interval between the initial and final values of time and TRACE NO. & SHOT-GEOPHONE DISTANCE l 2 3 4 3 6 X, X X 4 Xs X~ RMS VELOCITY V ca Jo M A tD M NNO = J o) y...

Yang, Sung Jin



Test of Faith  

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in the shadows. "1 need ... to think, Starsk. You under­ stand?" Hutch lifted his hands a little at the disappointment and fear that suddenly creased his partner's strong featul"es. 'Tm not saying " Hutch's attempt at reassurance cut off as he realized he... and once again informed him of his rights. "Do you und; rstand your rights as I've read them to you?" Starsky said. Harry nod­ ded again and Starsky suppressed a sigh of exasperation. "Nod out loud for the tape recorder, Harry," he said. Hutch made...

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U.S. Continues to Lead the World in Wind Power Growth | Department of  

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31, 2007 - 1:25pm 31, 2007 - 1:25pm Addthis DOE Report Shows Growing U.S. Wind Power Market WASHINGTON, DC - The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today released its first Annual Report on U.S. Wind Power Installation, Cost, and Performance Trends: 2006, which provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of development and trends in the U.S. wind power market. Most notably, the Report concludes that U.S. wind power capacity increased by 27 percent in 2006; and that the U.S. had the fastest growing wind power capacity in the world in 2005 and 2006. More than 61 percent of the U.S.'s total wind capacity - over 7,300 Megawatts (MW) - has been installed since President Bush took office in 2001. "As we work to implement President Bush's Advanced Energy Initiative by increasing the use of home-grown, clean, affordable and renewable energy,


Comparision of neoclassical rotation theory with experiment under a variety of conditions in DIII-D  

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A neoclassical theory of gyroviscous radial momentum transport and poloidal and toroidal rotation has been compared with experiment in DIII-D [Luxon Anderson Batty et al. Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion Research 1986 (IAEA Vienna 1987) Vol. 1 p. 159] discharges in different confinement regimes with a range of neutral beam powers and with co- and counter-injection and with various types of dominant impurity species present. Calculated central toroidal rotation velocities and momentum confinement times agreed with experiment over a wide range of these conditions with one notable exception in which a drift correction may be needed to reduce the gyroviscous toroidal force. Radial distributions of toroidal and poloidal rotation velocities and radial electric field calculated using the radial distribution of toroidalangular momentum input density agreed with measured distributions for the one time in an L-mode discharge that was examined in detail.

W. M. Stacey; J. Mandrekas



Self-consistent solution for proximity effect and Josephson current in ballistic graphene SNS Josephson junctions  

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We use a tight-binding Bogoliubov-de Gennes (BdG) formalism to self-consistently calculate the proximity effect, Josephson current, and local density of states in ballistic graphene SNS Josephson junctions. Both short and long junctions, with respect to the superconducting coherence length, are considered, as well as different doping levels of the graphene. We show that self-consistency does not notably change the current-phase relationship derived earlier for short junctions using the non-selfconsistent Dirac-BdG formalism but predict a significantly increased critical current with a stronger junction length dependence. In addition, we show that in junctions with no Fermi level mismatch between the N and S regions superconductivity persists even in the longest junctions we can investigate, indicating a diverging Ginzburg-Landau superconducting coherence length in the normal region.

Black-Schaffer, Annica M.



Heat transfer to a horizontal cylinder in a shallow bubble column  

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Abstract Heat transfer coefficient correlations for tall bubble columns are unable to predict heat transfer in shallow bubble columns, which have unique geometry and fluid dynamics. In this work, the heat transfer coefficient is measured on the surface of a horizontal cylinder immersed in a shallow air–water bubble column. Superficial velocity, liquid depth, and cylinder height and horizontal position with respect to the sparger orifices are varied. The heat transfer coefficient is found to increase with height until reaching a critical height, and a dimensionless, semi-theoretical correlation is developed that incorporates superficial velocity, liquid properties, and height. Additionally, the more minor effects of flow regime, column region, and bubble impact are discussed. Notably, the heat transfer coefficient can be as high in the region of bubble coalescence as in the bulk of the column, but only if bubbles impact the cylinder. The correlation and discussion provide a framework for modeling and designing shallow, coil-cooled bubble columns.

Emily W. Tow; John H. Lienhard V



E-Print Network 3.0 - anthropometry bia ct Sample Search Results  

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to Finnish growth charts. Preg- nancy... characteristics and, notably, no differences in birth weight, birth anthropometry, or gestation length (Table 1 Source: Bergstrom, Carl T....


How Can China Lighten Up? Urbanization, Industrialization and Energy Demand Scenarios  

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as firewood, stalks and biogas continues to dominate ruralwith notable growth in biogas and stalks consumption (Consumption Firewood Stalks Biogas kgce per capita Source:

Aden, Nathaniel T.



The Savage Visit  

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E. Evans, “Notable Persons in Cherokee History: Ostenaco,”Journal of Cherokee Studies, vol. 1, no. 1 (1976).of 1777 into which most Cherokee were virtually forced.

Fullagar, Kate



ARM - Events Article  

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among groups from different disciplines to improve understanding of southern South America (notably Patagonia) and its role in influencing the pastpresent climate and...


Sandia National Laboratories: Energy Efficiency  

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Coatings (SAMOC) with "Outstanding and Notable Technology ... SSLS Scientist Andy Armstrong Receives 2013 Employee Recognition Award On September 9, 2013, in EC, Energy, Energy...


E-Print Network 3.0 - analysis phase ecological Sample Search...  

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pp. 7382 2005 Edward Arnold (Publishers) Ltd 10.11910309132505ph530pr Summary: of political ecology. Notably, research in this first phase of political ecology remained...


Weider, Lawrence J., Karen L. Glenn, Marcia Kyle, and James J ...  

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Lawrence J. Weider1 and Karen L. Glenn .... RNA allocation demand high rates of RNA production, and ..... SULLENDER, B. W., AND T. J. CREASE. 2001.



HECKY, R. E., AND P. KILHAM. Nutrient limitation of phytoplankton ...  

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creasing one or more of the loss terms. Con- sequently ...... added matched that of sewage entering Nar- ragansett ..... by a search for the best management ap-.




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VS510 software. .... creasing the photosynthetically active radiation from 48 to ..... Environ. Safety 20: 167-l 74. LIZIIMAN, J. T., AND C. D. SANDGREN. 1985.



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(1) space, (2) pore-water oxygen, and (3) “food.” Space limitation due to physical contact has been observed to de- crease the time spent foraging by various ...


Response to ''Comment on 'Heating of ions by low-frequency Alfven waves in partially ionized plasmas''' [Phys. Plasmas 18, 084703 (2011)  

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The calculation of temperature in a plasma system that is not in thermal equilibrium remains a topic of debate. In our article [Dong and Paty, Phys. Plasmas 18, 030702 (2011)] we use the average kinetic energy to calculate the ''kinetic temperature'' in a non-equilibrium system to quantify the heating of ions by low-frequency Alfven waves in a partially ionized plasma (i.e., where collisions with neutrals can not be ignored). We implement a method previously used by Wang, Wu and Yoon [Wang, Wu and Yoon, Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 125001 (2006)] and several others studying the effects of low frequency Alfven waves in collisionless plasmas. This method is appropriate for several reasons discussed in this response. Most notably, we implement it to investigate heating of the plasma population since the bulk velocity of the particle ensemble perpendicular to the ambient magnetic field remains zero during the numerical experiment.

Dong Chuanfei [Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109 (United States); Paty, Carol S. [School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia 30332 (United States)



Sensitivity of low degree oscillations to the change in solar abundances  

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Context. The most recent determination of the solar chemical composition, using a time-dependent, 3D hydrodynamical model of the solar atmosphere, exhibits a significant decrease of C, N, O abundances compared to their previous values. Solar models that use these new abundances are not consistent with helioseismological determinations of the sound speed profile, the surface helium abundance and the convection zone depth. Aims. We investigate the effect of changes of solar abundances on low degree p-mode and g-mode characteristics which are strong constraints of the solar core. We consider particularly the increase of neon abundance in the new solar mixture in order to reduce the discrepancy between models using new abundances and helioseismology. Methods. The observational determinations of solar frequencies from the GOLF instrument are used to test solar models computed with different chemical compositions. We consider in particular the normalized small frequency spacings in the low degree p-mode frequency range. Results. Low-degree small frequency spacings are very sensitive to changes in the heavy-element abundances, notably neon. We show that by considering all the seismic constraints, including the small frequency spacings, a rather large increase of neon abundance by about (0.5 +/- 0.05)dex can be a good solution to the discrepancy between solar models that use new abundances and low degree helioseismology, subject to adjusting slightly the solar age and the highest abundances. We also show that the change in solar abundances, notably neon, considerably affects g-mode frequencies, with relative frequency differences between the old and the new models higher than 1.5%

A. Zaatri; J. Provost; G. Berthomieu; P. Morel; T. Corbard



Nonlinear Photoemission Electron Micrographs of Plasmonic Nanoholes in Gold Thin Films  

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Nonlinear photoemission electron microscopy of isolated nanoholes in gold thin films map propagating surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) launched from the lithographically patterned plasmonic structures. A damped sinusoidal elongated ring-like photoemission beat pattern is observed from the nanoholes, following low angle of incidence irradiation of these structures with sub-15 fs 780 nm laser pulses. A notable agreement between finite difference time domain simulations and experiment corroborates our assignment of the observed photoemission patterns to SPPs launched from isolated nanoholes and probed through nonlinear photoemission. We also demonstrate how the efficiency of coupling light waves into isolated plasmonic holes can be tuned by varying hole diameter. In this regard, a simple intuitive geometrical model, which accounts for the observed and simulated diameter dependent plasmonic response, is proposed. Overall, this study paves the way for designing nanohole assemblies where optical coupling and subsequent plasmon propagation can be rationally controlled through 2D SPP interferometry

Gong, Yu; Joly, Alan G.; El-Khoury, Patrick Z.; Hess, Wayne P.



Standard Model Predictions and New Physics Sensitivity in B->DD Decays  

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An extensive model-independent analysis of B->DD decays is carried out employing SU(3) flavour symmetry, including symmetry-breaking corrections. Several theoretically clean observables are identified which allow for testing the Standard Model. These include the known time-dependent CP asymmetries, the penguin pollution of which can be controlled in this framework, but notably also quasi-isospin relations which are experimentally well accessible and unaffected by symmetry-breaking corrections. Theoretical assumptions can be kept to a minimum and controlled by additional sum rules. Available data are used in global fits to predict the branching ratio for the B0->DsDs decay as well as several CP asymmetries which have not been measured so far, and future prospects are analyzed.

Jung, Martin



Enhancement of induced V polarization due to rough interfaces in polycrystalline V/Fe/V trilayers  

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The effect of interface roughness on the induced polarization of V in polycrystalline V/Fe/V trilayers was investigated with x-ray magnetic circular dichroism, x-ray resonant magnetic scattering, and polarized neutron reflectometry. Trilayer samples were sputter deposited onto Si substrates at room temperature to minimize interdiffusion. The films were polycrystalline and exhibited an average 0.5 nm root-mean-square interfacial roughness at the Fe/V interfaces. The induced polarization found in V was constrained to the Fe/V interface extending approximately up to 2-3 monolayers into the V and exhibited antiferromagnetic alignment to the Fe layer. A magnetic moment for V ranging between -0.46 and -0.86 {micro}{sub B}/V atom is consistent with the neutron and resonant x-ray data. Notably, this value for structurally rough interfaces is significantly larger than that reported for samples with atomically flat Fe/V interfaces.

Clavero, C.; Sanchez-Hanke, C.; Skuza, R.; Choi,Y.; Loloee,R.; Zhernenkov, M.; Fitzsimmons, M.R.; Lukaszew, R.A



Substrate-induced microstructure effects on the dynamics of the photo-induced Metal-insulator transition in VO$_2$ thin films  

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We investigate the differences in the dynamics of the ultrafast photo-induced metal-insulator transition (MIT) of two VO$_2$ thin films deposited on different substrates, TiO$_2$ and Al$_2$O$_3$, and in particular the temperature dependence of the threshold laser fluence values required to induce various MIT stages in a wide range of sample temperatures (150 K - 320 K). We identified that, although the general pattern of MIT evolution was similar for the two samples, there were several differences. Most notably, the threshold values of laser fluence required to reach the transition to a fully metallic phase in the VO$_2$ film on the TiO$_2$ substrate were nearly constant in the range of temperatures considered, whereas the VO$_2$/Al$_2$O$_3$ sample showed clear temperature dependence. Our analysis qualitatively connects such behavior to the structural differences in the two VO$_2$ films.

Radue, E; Kittiwatanakul, S; Lu, J; Wolf, S A; Rossi, E; Lukaszew, R A; Novikova, I


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Control of the stability and soliton formation of dipole moments in a nonlinear plasmonic finite nanoparticle array  

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We perform numerical analysis of a finite nanoparticle array, in which the transversal dipolar polarizations are excited by a homogenous optical field. Considering the linearly long-range dipole-dipole interaction and the cubic dipole nonlinearity of particle, the characteristics of stability of a finite number nanoparticle array should be revised, compared with that of an infinite number nanoparticle array. A critical point in the low branch of the bistable curve is found, beyond which the low branch becomes unstable for a finite number of nanoparticles. The influence of the external field intensities and detuning frequencies on this critical point are investigated in detail. When the total number of particles approaches infinity, our results become similar to that of an infinity number particle system [cf. Ref.32]. Notably, with appropriate external optical field, a dark dipole soliton is formed. Moreover, when the scaled detuning is set to an appropriate value, a double monopole dark soliton (DMDS) consist...

Mai, Zhijie; Li, Yongyao; Zhu, Xing; Liu, Yikun; Li, Juntao



This Week In Petroleum Printer-Friendly Version  

Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update (EIA)

retail gasoline prices are driven by a number of factors (see the EIA brochure A Primer on Gasoline Prices), most notably, global crude oil prices and the balance between...


Studying High $p_T$ Muons in Cosmic-Ray Air Showers  

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Most cosmic-ray air shower arrays have focused on detecting electromagnetic shower particles and low energy muons. A few groups (most notably MACRO + EASTOP and SPASE + AMANDA) have studied the high energy muon component of showers. However, these experiments had small solid angles, and did not study muons far from the core. The IceTop + IceCube combination, with its 1 km$^2$ muon detection area can study muons far from the shower core. IceCube can measure their energy loss ($dE/dx$), and hence their energy. With the energy, and the known distribution of production heights, the transverse momentum ($p_T$) spectrum of high $p_T$ muons can be determined. The production of these muons is calculable in perturbative QCD, so the measured muon spectra can be used to probe the composition of incident cosmic-rays.

Spencer R. Klein



Nanodopant-Induced Band Modulation in AgPbmSbTe2+m-Type Nanocomposites  

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We elucidate the fundamental physics of nanoscale dopants in narrow band-gap thermoelectric nanocomposites XPbmYTe2+m (X=Ag,Na; Y=Sb,Bi) using first-principles calculations. Our re- sults unveil distinct band-structure modulations, most notably a sizable band-gap widening driven by nanodopant-induced lattice strain and a band split-off at the conduction band minimum caused by the spin-orbit interaction of the dopant Sb or Bi atoms. Boltzmann transport calculations demon- strate that these band modulations have significant but competing effects on high-temperature elec- tron transport behavior. These results offer insights for understanding recent experimental findings and suggest principles for optimizing thermoelectric properties of narrow band-gap semiconductors.

Zhang, Yi [University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Ke, Xuezhi [University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Chen, Changfeng [University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Yang, Jihui [General Motors Corporation-R& D; Kent, Paul R [ORNL



Pressure tuning of competing magnetic interactions in intermetallic CeFe2  

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We use high-pressure magnetic x-ray diffraction and numerical simulation to determine the low-temperature magnetic phase diagram of stoichiometric CeFe2. Near 1.5 GPa we find a transition from ferromagnetism to antiferromagnetism, accompanied by a rhombohedral distortion of the cubic Laves crystal lattice. By comparing pressure and chemical substitution we find that the phase transition is controlled by a shift of magnetic frustration from the Ce-Ce to the Fe-Fe sublattice. Notably the dominant Ce-Fe magnetic interaction, which sets the temperature scale for the onset of long-range order, remains satisfied throughout the phase diagram but does not determine the magnetic ground state. Our results illustrate the complexity of a system with multiple competing magnetic energy scales and lead to a general model for magnetism in cubic Laves phase intermetallic compounds.

Wang, Jiyang; Feng, Yejun; Jaramillo, R.; van Wezel, Jasper; Canfield, Paul C.; Rosenbaum, T.F.



Systematic and statistical errors in a Bayesian approach to the estimation of the neutron-star equation of state using advanced gravitational wave detectors  

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Advanced ground-based gravitational-wave detectors are capable of measuring tidal influences in binary neutron-star systems. In this work, we report on the statistical uncertainties in measuring tidal deformability with a full Bayesian parameter estimation implementation. We show how simultaneous measurements of chirp mass and tidal deformability can be used to constrain the neutron-star equation of state. We also study the effects of waveform modeling bias and individual instances of detector noise on these measurements. We notably find that systematic error between post-Newtonian waveform families can significantly bias the estimation of tidal parameters, thus motivating the continued development of waveform models that are more reliable at high frequencies.

Leslie Wade; Jolien D.?E. Creighton; Evan Ochsner; Benjamin D. Lackey; Benjamin F. Farr; Tyson B. Littenberg; Vivien Raymond



Systematic and statistical errors in a bayesian approach to the estimation of the neutron-star equation of state using advanced gravitational wave detectors  

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Advanced ground-based gravitational-wave detectors are capable of measuring tidal influences in binary neutron-star systems. In this work, we report on the statistical uncertainties in measuring tidal deformability with a full Bayesian parameter estimation implementation. We show how simultaneous measurements of chirp mass and tidal deformability can be used to constrain the neutron-star equation of state. We also study the effects of waveform modeling bias and individual instances of detector noise on these measurements. We notably find that systematic error between post-Newtonian waveform families can significantly bias the estimation of tidal parameters, thus motivating the continued development of waveform models that are more reliable at high frequencies.

Wade, Leslie; Ochsner, Evan; Lackey, Benjamin D; Farr, Benjamin F; Littenberg, Tyson B; Raymond, Vivien



Systematic and statistical errors in a bayesian approach to the estimation of the neutron-star equation of state using advanced gravitational wave detectors  

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Advanced ground-based gravitational-wave detectors are capable of measuring tidal influences in binary neutron-star systems. In this work, we report on the statistical uncertainties in measuring tidal deformability with a full Bayesian parameter estimation implementation. We show how simultaneous measurements of chirp mass and tidal deformability can be used to constrain the neutron-star equation of state. We also study the effects of waveform modeling bias and individual instances of detector noise on these measurements. We notably find that systematic error between post-Newtonian waveform families can significantly bias the estimation of tidal parameters, thus motivating the continued development of waveform models that are more reliable at high frequencies.

Leslie Wade; Jolien D. E. Creighton; Evan Ochsner; Benjamin D. Lackey; Benjamin F. Farr; Tyson B. Littenberg; Vivien Raymond




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Beryllium plays important roles in nuclear facilities. Its neutron multiplication capability and low atomic weight make it very useful as a reflector in fission reactors. Its low atomic number and high chemical affinity for oxygen have led to its consideration as a plasma-facing material in fusion reactors. In both applications, the beryllium and the impurities in it become activated by neutrons, transmuting them to radionuclides, some of which are long-lived and difficult to dispose of. Also, gas production, notably helium and tritium, results in swelling, embrittlement, and cracking, which means that the beryllium must be replaced periodically, especially in fission reactors where dimensional tolerances must be maintained. It has long been known that neutron activation of inherent iron and cobalt in the beryllium results in significant {sup 60}Co activity. In 2001, it was discovered that activation of naturally occurring contaminants in the beryllium creates sufficient {sup 14}C and {sup 94}Nb to render the irradiated beryllium 'Greater-Than-Class-C' for disposal in U.S. radioactive waste facilities. It was further found that there was sufficient uranium impurity in beryllium that had been used in fission reactors up to that time that the irradiated beryllium had become transuranic in character, making it even more difficult to dispose of. In this paper we review the extent of the disposal issue, processes that have been investigated or considered for improving the disposability of irradiated beryllium, and approaches for recycling.

R. Rohe; T. N. Tranter



Soft-linking energy systems and GIS models to investigate spatial hydrogen infrastructure development in a low-carbon UK energy system  

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This paper describes an innovative modelling approach focusing on linking spatial (GIS) modelling of hydrogen (H2) supply, demands and infrastructures, anchored within a economy-wide energy systems model (MARKAL). The UK government is legislating a groundbreaking climate change mitigation target for a 60% CO2 reduction by 2050, and has identified H2 infrastructures and technologies as potentially playing a major role, notably in the transport sector. An exploratory set of linked GIS–MARKAL model scenarios generate a range of nuanced insights including spatial matching of supply and demand for optimal zero-carbon H2 deployment, a crucial finding on successive clustering of demand centres to enable economies of scale in H2 supply and distribution, the competitiveness of imported liquid H2 and of liquid H2 distribution, and sectoral competition for coal with carbon sequestration between electricity and H2 production under economy-wide CO2 constraints.

Neil Strachan; Nazmiye Balta-Ozkan; David Joffe; Kate McGeevor; Nick Hughes



Nature's objects : geology, aesthetics, and the understanding of materiality in eighteenth-century Britain and France  

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Explorations of aesthetic design and scientific experimentation have traditionally relied upon the natural world as a source of inspiration. Notably absent from previous studies of the eighteenth century is the dynamic ...

Ferng, Jennifer Hsiao-Mei



Ethanol discrimination in the rat: lack of modulation by restraint stress and memantine  

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There is a large body of experimental evidence that both stress and N...-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonists may alter acute behavioural effects of ethanol. Notably, an uncompetitive, low-affinity NMDA...

Eliza Koros; Wojciech Kostowski…



Interaction between the eui gene and thermo-sensitive genic male sterility in rice  

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Panicle enclosure is a typical phenotype of almost all male-sterile rice lines. An elongated uppermost internode (eui) mutant exhibited notably rapid elongation of the uppermost internode at the heading stage; th...

Manzhong Liang; Lixi Deng; Junfei Liu; Anna He; Liangbi Chen



Earth system models of intermediate complexity: closing the gap in the spectrum of climate system models  

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...We propose a new perspective on the hierarchy of climate models which goes beyond the "classical" climate modeling pyramid that is restricted mainly to atmospheric processes. Most notably, we introduce a new i...

M. Claussen; L. Mysak; A. Weaver; M. Crucifix; T. Fichefet…



POPULATION ECOLOGY -ORIGINAL PAPER Fitness consequences of individual specialisation in resource  

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their fitness, notably by optimising energy acquisition, and where food resources are scarce, this can drive can lead to the exploitation of different trophic and habitat resources and the production

Cucherousset, Julien


Enhancement of induced V polarization due to rough interfaces in polycrystalline V/Fe/V trilayers  

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, and polarized neutron reflectometry. Trilayer samples were sputter deposited onto Si substrates at room with the neutron and resonant x-ray data. Notably, this value for structurally rough interfaces is significantly

Haskel, Daniel


A Critical Analysis of the Viability and Impacts of Solar Energy Carve-Outs in Renewable Portfolio Standards  

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Numerous states have implemented legislation to advance the use of specific renewable energy resources, most notably solar. However, solar energy is accompanied by several deficiencies – including high costs, limited geographic applicability...

Anderson, Aaron D.



Fluid velocity fluctuations in a collision of a sphere with a wall J. Rafael Pacheco,1,a)  

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. Coal-based energy systems such as pulverized coal boilers and gasifiers are of current interest) are scarce. There are notable exceptions, e.g., the case of bubbly liquids at high Reynolds and at low Weber

Pacheco, Jose Rafael


The occurrence, habitat use, and behavior of sharks and rays associating with topographic highs in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico  

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, an array of topographic highs comprising submerged hard-banks and reefs, and offshore petroleum platforms are notable. Among these features are the Flower Garden Banks, the northernmost coral reef communities on the North American continental shelf, where...

Childs, Jeffrey Nathaniel



Oil and gas developments in central and southern Africa in 1982  

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Exploratory activity in central and southern Africa continued to be strong during 1982. Seismic operations decreased, but there was a marked increase in the amount of aeromagnetic control obtained. Oil production continued the drop which began in 1981 due to the world oversupply. There were few new concessions taken by the international oil companies. Several small projects required the acquisition of relatively small amounts of land. A notable exception was in Gabon where Tenneco and Amoco have gained strong land positions. The east African countries are preparing for increased land acquisition. Seismic activity declined from 365 party-months in 1981 to 296 party-months in 1982. The amount of control obtained, however, increased substantially to 127,518 km. The acquisition of 3-D control increased by about 50% during the year as this technique was being used more commonly to delineate structures prior to development drilling. Forty-eight new-field wildcats resulted in discoveries, compared with 44 the previous year. There were 281 development wells. In all, 464 wells were drilled to account for 3.6 million ft of hole. Oil production was 662,871,768 bbl, a decrease of 5.8% from 1981. Cumulative production has now exceeded 11 billion bbl.

McGrew, H.J.


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Packing frustration in dense confined fluids  

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Packing frustration for confined fluids, i.e., the incompatibility between the preferred packing of the fluid particles and the packing constraints imposed by the confining surfaces, is studied for a dense hard-sphere fluid confined between planar hard surfaces at short separations. The detailed mechanism for the frustration is investigated via an analysis of the anisotropic pair distributions of the confined fluid, as obtained from integral equation theory for inhomogeneous fluids at pair correlation level within the anisotropic Percus-Yevick approximation. By examining the mean forces that arise from interparticle collisions around the periphery of each particle in the slit, we calculate the principal components of the mean force for the density profile - each component being the sum of collisional forces on a particle's hemisphere facing either surface. The variations of these components with the slit width give rise to rather intricate changes in the layer structure between the surfaces, but, as shown in this paper, the basis of these variations can be easily understood qualitatively and often also semi-quantitatively. It is found that the ordering of the fluid is in essence governed locally by the packing constraints at each single solid-fluid interface. A simple superposition of forces due to the presence of each surface gives surprisingly good estimates of the density profiles, but there remain nontrivial confinement effects that cannot be explained by superposition, most notably the magnitude of the excess adsorption of particles in the slit relative to bulk.

Kim Nygård; Sten Sarman; Roland Kjellander



Essential ingredients in core-collapse supernovae  

SciTech Connect (OSTI)

Carrying 10{sup 44} joules of kinetic energy and a rich mix of newly synthesized atomic nuclei, core-collapse supernovae are the preeminent foundries of the nuclear species which make up our solar system and ourselves. Signaling the inevitable death of a massive star, and the birth of a neutron star or black hole, core-collapse supernovae combine physics over a wide range in spatial scales, from kilometer-sized hydrodynamic motions (eventually growing to gigameter scale) down to femtometer-scale nuclear reactions. We will discuss our emerging understanding of the convectively-unstable, neutrino-driven explosion mechanism, based on increasingly realistic neutrino radiation hydrodynamic simulations that include progressively better nuclear and particle physics. Multi-dimensional models with spectral neutrino transport from several research groups, which slowly develop successful explosions for a range of progenitors, have recently motivated changes in our understanding of the neutrino reheating mechanism. In a similar fashion, improvements in nuclear physics, most notably explorations of weak interactions on nuclei and the nuclear equation of state, continue to refine our understanding of the births of neutron stars and the supernovae that result. Recent progress on both the macroscopic and microscopic effects that affect core-collapse supernovae are discussed.

Hix, W. Raphael [Physics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge TN 37831-6354 (United States) [Physics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge TN 37831-6354 (United States); Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996-1200 (United States); Lentz, Eric J.; Chertkow, M. Austin; Harris, J. Austin [Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996-1200 (United States)] [Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996-1200 (United States); Endeve, Eirik [Computer Science and Mathematics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge TN 37831-6008 (United States)] [Computer Science and Mathematics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge TN 37831-6008 (United States); Baird, Mark [Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge TN 37831-6003 (United States)] [Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge TN 37831-6003 (United States); Messer, O. E. Bronson [Physics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge TN 37831-6354 (United States) [Physics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge TN 37831-6354 (United States); Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996-1200 (United States); Center for Computational Sciences, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge TN 37831-6008 (United States); Mezzacappa, Anthony [Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996-1200 (United States) [Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996-1200 (United States); Joint Institute for Computational Sciences, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-6173 (United States); Bruenn, Stephen [Department of Physics, Florida Atlantic University, 777 W Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431-0991 (United States)] [Department of Physics, Florida Atlantic University, 777 W Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431-0991 (United States); Blondin, John [Department of Physics, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 27695-8202 (United States)] [Department of Physics, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 27695-8202 (United States)



Many-body energy localization transition in periodically driven systems  

SciTech Connect (OSTI)

According to the second law of thermodynamics the total entropy of a system is increased during almost any dynamical process. The positivity of the specific heat implies that the entropy increase is associated with heating. This is generally true both at the single particle level, like in the Fermi acceleration mechanism of charged particles reflected by magnetic mirrors, and for complex systems in everyday devices. Notable exceptions are known in noninteracting systems of particles moving in periodic potentials. Here the phenomenon of dynamical localization can prevent heating beyond certain threshold. The dynamical localization is known to occur both at classical (Fermi–Ulam model) and at quantum levels (kicked rotor). However, it was believed that driven ergodic systems will always heat without bound. Here, on the contrary, we report strong evidence of dynamical localization transition in both classical and quantum periodically driven ergodic systems in the thermodynamic limit. This phenomenon is reminiscent of many-body localization in energy space. -- Highlights: •A dynamical localization transition in periodically driven ergodic systems is found. •This phenomenon is reminiscent of many-body localization in energy space. •Our results are valid for classical and quantum systems in the thermodynamic limit. •At critical frequency, the short time expansion for the evolution operator breaks down. •The transition is associated to a divergent time scale.

D’Alessio, Luca, E-mail: dalessio@buphy.bu.edu [Physics Department, Boston University, Boston, MA 02215 (United States) [Physics Department, Boston University, Boston, MA 02215 (United States); Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106 (United States); Polkovnikov, Anatoli, E-mail: asp@bu.edu [Physics Department, Boston University, Boston, MA 02215 (United States)] [Physics Department, Boston University, Boston, MA 02215 (United States)



Issues in acoustic field testing of quiet modular classrooms  

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Modular classrooms are important to American education: About 300 000 modular classrooms are currently in use by public school systems here. Good acoustical conditions for learning are no less vital for students in modular classrooms than stick?built classrooms. In an effort to promote good acoustics in modular classrooms ANSI S12 Working Group 46 is seeking to standardize acoustic field testing. Their efforts are in response to key acoustical issues of modular classrooms: Excessive noise from HVAC (heating ventilating and air conditioning) systems and poor airborne sound insulation from exterior noise sources. In a recent and notable advance an HVAC system provider reported good progress in modular HVACnoise reduction: A ducted wall mounted system was used instead of the usual free blowing system with exposed fans. HVACnoise in the unoccupied room was near the maximum 35 dB level required by ANSI S12.60. Interior noise levels were so low that efforts to confirm their values were confounded by noise contamination from exterior sources. The relatively high interior ambient noise levels were due to poor airborne sound insulation. Lessons learned from recent field testing will be discussed. Results of airborne sound insulation tests now in planning stages will be reported if available.

David Lubman; Louis C. Sutherland



Exome sequencing identifies recurrent somatic RAC1 mutations in melanoma  

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We characterized the mutational landscape of melanoma, the form of skin cancer with the highest mortality rate, by sequencing the exomes of 147 melanomas. Sun-exposed melanomas had markedly more ultraviolet (UV)-like C>T somatic mutations compared to sun-shielded acral, mucosal and uveal melanomas. Among the newly identified cancer genes was PPP6C, encoding a serine/threonine phosphatase, which harbored mutations that clustered in the active site in 12% of sun-exposed melanomas, exclusively in tumors with mutations in BRAF or NRAS. Notably, we identified a recurrent UV-signature, an activating mutation in RAC1 in 9.2% of sun-exposed melanomas. This activating mutation, the third most frequent in our cohort of sun-exposed melanoma after those of BRAF and NRAS, changes Pro29 to serine (RAC1{sup P29S}) in the highly conserved switch I domain. Crystal structures, and biochemical and functional studies of RAC1{sup P29S} showed that the alteration releases the conformational restraint conferred by the conserved proline, causes an increased binding of the protein to downstream effectors, and promotes melanocyte proliferation and migration. These findings raise the possibility that pharmacological inhibition of downstream effectors of RAC1 signaling could be of therapeutic benefit.

Krauthammer, Michael; Kong, Yong; Ha, Byung Hak; Evans, Perry; Bacchiocchi, Antonella; McCusker, James P.; Cheng, Elaine; Davis, Matthew J.; Goh, Gerald; Choi, Murim; Ariyan, Stephan; Narayan, Deepak; Dutton-Regester, Ken; Capatana, Ana; Holman, Edna C.; Bosenberg, Marcus; Sznol, Mario; Kluger, Harriet M.; Brash, Douglas E.; Stern, David F.; Materin, Miguel A.; Lo, Roger S.; Mane, Shrikant; Ma, Shuangge; Kidd, Kenneth K.; Hayward, Nicholas K.; Lifton, Richard P.; Schlessinger, Joseph; Boggon, Titus J.; Halaban, Ruth (Yale-MED); (UCLA); (Queens)



Measurement of the ambient in relocateable modular classrooms.  

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The ambient in a classroom consists of noises internal to the classroom (e.g. HVAC lighting IT equipment refrigerators and fish tank pumps) and noises external to the classroom (e.g. street traffic aircraft children in the playground and adjacent classroomnoise). Currently ANSI S12.60 Classroom Acoustics requires that the A?weighted ambient level unoccupied be less than 35 dB at the noisiest position in the classroom. A basic reasonable procedure to implement the required measurements has been developed and tested. The authors find that the procedures developed can be readily used by inexperience but technically oriented individuals. The procedure separates the measurement of internal and external noises into two measurements typically at different positions. Because the two noises are variable unrelated in position and uncorrelated in time it does not make sense to combine them in any fashion. Rather in the procedure to be recommended by WG 68 the two measurements are to be reported and evaluated separately against the 35 dB criterion. Other notable changes are expansion of the measurement hours to include busy traffic periods (high environmental noise periods) prior to and after school and on Saturdays and implementation of HVAC duty cycles to better estimate a typical A?weighted hourly equivalent level from HVAC equipment (the subject of a companion paper).



Integrable Aspects of Universal Quantum Transport in Chaotic Cavities  

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The Painlev\\'e transcendents discovered at the turn of the XX century by pure mathematical reasoning, have later made their surprising appearance -- much in the way of Wigner's "miracle of appropriateness" -- in various problems of theoretical physics. The notable examples include the two-dimensional Ising model, one-dimensional impenetrable Bose gas, corner and polynuclear growth models, one dimensional directed polymers, string theory, two dimensional quantum gravity, and spectral distributions of random matrices. In the present contribution, ideas of integrability are utilized to advocate emergence of an one-dimensional Toda Lattice and the fifth Painlev\\'e transcendent in the paradigmatic problem of conductance fluctuations in quantum chaotic cavities coupled to the external world via ballistic point contacts. Specifically, the cumulants of the Landauer conductance of a cavity with broken time-reversal symmetry are proven to be furnished by the coefficients of a Taylor-expanded Painlev\\'e V function. Further, the relevance of the fifth Painlev\\'e transcendent for a closely related problem of sample-to-sample fluctuations of the noise power is discussed. Finally, it is demonstrated that inclusion of tunneling effects inherent in realistic point contacts does not destroy the integrability: in this case, conductance fluctuations are shown to be governed by a two-dimensional Toda Lattice.

Eugene Kanzieper



Fu Manchu versus Dr Livingstone in the Dark Continent? Representing China, Africa and the West in British broadsheet newspapers  

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In recent years diplomatic and economic relations between China and many African countries have deepened. This has been driven largely by China's remarkable economic growth, which has increased demand for energy and commodities, thus encouraging trade and investment with different African countries. Additionally, China is playing a key role in the emerging challenge to the unequal architecture of global trade and governance, for which it seeks political allies. For Africa, the impacts of these deepening relationships are mixed. Rising commodity prices, direct investment, aid, and cheap consumer goods can be beneficial; but China also threatens to undercut local manufacturing sectors and compete for export markets, notably in textiles. China also has a history of support for authoritarian and corrupt regimes, and its (stated) insistence on non-interference in sovereign affairs may undermine more progressive efforts towards accountability, transparency, conflict reduction, and environmental and social protection. This paper explores how UK broadsheet newspapers represent China's complex relations in Africa, and in doing so, how they reflect on the West's own role(s) in Africa. The paper concludes by debating the importance of these media images at a time when China's rise is being anxiously observed by western publics and policy communities.

Emma Mawdsley



TGF-? signaling plays an important role in resisting ?-irradiation  

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Transforming growth factor-?1 (TGF-?1) regulates various biological processes, including differentiation, bone remodeling and angiogenesis, and is particularly important as a regulator of homeostasis and cell growth in normal tissue. Interestingly, some studies have reported that TGF-?1 induces apoptosis through induction of specific genes, whereas others suggest that TGF-?1 inhibits apoptosis and facilitates cell survival. Resolving these discrepancies, which may reflect differences in cellular context, is an important research priority. Here, using the parental mink lung epithelial cell line, Mv1Lu, and its derivatives, R1B and DR26, lacking TGF-? receptors, we investigated the involvement of TGF-? signaling in the effects of ?-irradiation. We found that canonical TGF-? signaling played an important role in protecting cells from ?-irradiation. Introduction of functional TGF-? receptors or constitutively active Smads into R1B and DR26 cell lines reduced DNA fragmentation, Caspase-3 cleavage and ?-H2AX foci formation in ?-irradiated cells. Notably, we also found that de novo protein synthesis was required for the radio-resistant effects of TGF-?1. Our data thus indicate that TGF-?1 protected against ?-irradiation, decreasing DNA damage and reducing apoptosis, and thereby enhanced cell survival. - Highlights: ? TGF-?1 pretreatment inhibits ?-irradiation-induced apoptosis. ? TGF-? signaling reduces ?-irradiation-induced ?-H2AX foci formation. ? de novo protein synthesis is necessary for TGF-?1-induced radio-resistance.

An, You Sun; Kim, Mi-Ra [Division of Radiation Effects, Korea Institute of Radiation and Medical Sciences, Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Lee, Seung-Sook [Laboratory of Experimental Pathology, Korea Institute of Radiation and Medical Sciences, Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Lee, Yun-Sil [College of Pharmacy and Division of Life Science and Pharmaceuticals, Ewha Womans University, Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Chung, Eunkyung [Department of Genetic Engineering, College of Life Science, Kyung-Hee University, Yongin, Gyeonggi-do (Korea, Republic of); Song, Jie-Young [Division of Radiation Cancer Research, Korea Institute of Radiation and Medical Sciences, Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Lee, Jeeyong, E-mail: jeeyongl@gmail.com [Division of Radiation Effects, Korea Institute of Radiation and Medical Sciences, Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Yi, Jae Youn, E-mail: yjy_71@kcch.re.kr [Division of Radiation Effects, Korea Institute of Radiation and Medical Sciences, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)




Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update (EIA)

1 1 Overview The natural gas industry and markets experienced a num- ber of key changes during 2001. After two years of in- crease, consumption declined in 2001 in all sectors except electric power. Production and net imports increased by 716 Bcf, but much of this supply was added to storage. Prices were generally higher in 2001 compared with previ- ous years. The average wellhead price was $4.02 per thousand cubic feet (Mcf), which is 9 percent above the 2000 level and 84 percent above the 1999 level. However, wellhead prices declined throughout the year. Beyond the changes in market activities, the 2001 data re- flect recent changes in the industry accounting employed by the Energy Information Administration (EIA). EIA has reclassified gas use in the electricity sector to reflect to- day's less regulated energy market. Regulatory reform in both natural gas and electricity markets during


An adaptive incremental approach to constructing ensemble classifiers: Application in an information-theoretic computer-aided decision system for detection of masses in mammograms  

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Ensemble classifiers have been shown efficient in multiple applications. In this article, the authors explore the effectiveness of ensemble classifiers in a case-based computer-aided diagnosis system for detection of masses in mammograms. They evaluate two general ways of constructing subclassifiers by resampling of the available development dataset: Random division and random selection. Furthermore, they discuss the problem of selecting the ensemble size and propose two adaptive incremental techniques that automatically select the size for the problem at hand. All the techniques are evaluated with respect to a previously proposed information-theoretic CAD system (IT-CAD). The experimental results show that the examined ensemble techniques provide a statistically significant improvement (AUC=0.905{+-}0.024) in performance as compared to the original IT-CAD system (AUC=0.865{+-}0.029). Some of the techniques allow for a notable reduction in the total number of examples stored in the case base (to 1.3% of the original size), which, in turn, results in lower storage requirements and a shorter response time of the system. Among the methods examined in this article, the two proposed adaptive techniques are by far the most effective for this purpose. Furthermore, the authors provide some discussion and guidance for choosing the ensemble parameters.

Mazurowski, Maciej A.; Zurada, Jacek M.; Tourassi, Georgia D. [Department of Radiology, Carl E. Ravin Advanced Imaging Laboratories, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina 27705 (United States); Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computational Intelligence Laboratory, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky 40292 (United States); Department of Radiology, Carl E. Ravin Advanced Imaging Laboratories, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina 27705 (United States)



General Relativistic Flux Modulations from Disk Instabilities in Sagittarius A*  

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Near-IR and X-ray flares have been detected from the supermassive black hole Sgr A* at the center of our Galaxy with a (quasi)-period of ~17-20 minutes, suggesting an emission region only a few Schwarzschild radii above the event horizon. The latest X-ray flare, detected with XMM-Newton, is notable for its detailed lightcurve, yielding not only the highest quality period thus far, but also important structure reflecting the geometry of the emitting region. Recent MHD simulations of Sgr A*'s disk have demonstrated the growth of a Rossby wave instability, that enhances the accretion rate for several hours, possibly accounting for the observed flares. In this Letter, we carry out ray-tracing calculations in a Schwarzschild metric to determine as accurately as possible the lightcurve produced by general relativistic effects during such a disruption. We find that the Rossby wave induced spiral pattern in the disk is an excellent fit to the data, implying a disk inclination angle of ~77 deg. Note, however, that if this association is correct, the observed period is not due to the underlying Keplerian motion but, rather, to the pattern speed. The favorable comparison between the observed and simulated lightcurves provides important additional evidence that the flares are produced in Sgr A*'s inner disk.

Maurizio Falanga; Fulvio Melia; Michel Tagger; Andrea Goldwurm; Guillaume Belanger



Assessment of depleted uranium in South-Western Iran  

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Abstract Depleted uranium (DU) has been used in a number of conflicts most notably during the Gulf War in Iraq and existence of it has been reported in Kuwait by IAEA experts. Due to heavy sand storms prevailing into the direction to South West of Iran transporting sand originating from Iraq, the probability that DU could be moved is considered high. Therefore it was decided to take some air and soil samples near border line and some nearest cities. The study was focused on finding DU in air and soil of these south-west provinces. 22 air samples and 20 soil samples were collected and analyzed on their contents of uranium isotopes by alpha, beta and gamma spectrometry. The air and soil samples have been measured by use of an alpha-beta counter and by a gamma spectrometer, respectively. Results showed that there is no radiation impact from DU and so no DU has been transported via sand storms since all results were obtained below the detection limit.

Hossein Yousefi; Abdullah Najafi



Quantum information and information loss in General Relativity  

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When it comes to performing thought experiments with black holes, Einstein-Bohr like discussions have to be re-opened. For instance one can ask what happens to the quantum state of a black hole when the wave function of a single ingoing particle is replaced by an other one that is orthogonal to the first, while keeping the total energy and momentum unaffected. Observers at $t\\rightarrow\\infty$ will not notice any difference, or so it seems in certain calculational schemes. If one argues that this cannot be correct for the complete theory because a black hole should behave in accordance with conventional quantum mechanics, implying a unitary evolution, one is forced to believe that local quantum field theory near the black hole horizon is very different from what had hitherto been accepted. This would give us very valuable information concerning physics in the Planck length region, notably a mathematical structure very close to that of super string theory, but it does lead to conceptual difficulties. An approach that is somewhat related to this is to suspect a breakdown of General Relativity for quantum mechanical systems. It is to some extent unavoidable that Hilbert space is not invariant under general coordinate transformations because such transformations add and remove some states. Finally the cosmological constant problem also suggests that flat space-time has some special significance in a quantum theory. We suggest that a new causality principle could lead to further clues on how to handle this problem.

G. 't Hooft



EIA - Future role of the United States in world coal trade  

Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update (EIA)

Future role of the United States in world coal trade Future role of the United States in world coal trade International Energy Outlook 2010 Future role of the United States in world coal trade U.S. coal exports increased each year from 2002 to 2008 at an average annual rate of 12.8 percent, to 82 million tons in 2008. Some analysts have viewed the sharp increase in U.S. exports as an indication of the growing importance of the United States as a world coal supplier. There has also been speculation that China's growing demand for coal will support this trend in the future. However, U.S. coal is a relatively high-cost supply source when shipped to Asian markets, and in the long term U.S. coal will be competing in the Chinese market with lower cost suppliers, notably Australia and Indonesia among others. U.S. exports compete most strongly in European markets and then only when less expensive options are unavailable. In IEO2010, the United States remains a marginal coal supplier over the long term, responding to short-term disruptions or spikes in demand rather than significantly expanding its market share of world coal trade.


Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies FY14 Budget At-a-Glance  

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HYDROGEN AND FUEL CELL TECHNOLOGIES FY14 BUDGET AT-A-GLANCE Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technologies develops fuel cells to be cost-competitive in diverse applications, including light-duty vehicles (at $30/kW) and stationary power (at less than $1,500/kW), and renewable hydrogen (from diverse resources) to be cost-competitive with gasoline ($2 to $4 per gallon gasoline equivalent [gge], delivered and dispensed). What We Do To achieve its goals, Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technologies employs a comprehensive strategy that addresses both technical and non-technical barriers to commercialization and aims to catalyze domestic growth in this emerging in- dustry:  Research and Development: Investing in R&D to in- crease the durability and reduce the cost of fuel cells,


Project EARTH-13-MDB1: Survival and extinction at the dawn of the Cambrian explosion: the evidence from Brazil and beyond  

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from Brazil and beyond Supervisors: Martin Brasier, Paul Smith, David Pyle (University of Oxford recently deeper water siliciclastics and volcaniclastics in Brazil containing Corumbella, as well in South America, notably in Corumba, Brazil in collaboration with Thomas Fairchild, Paulo Boggiani

Henderson, Gideon


The chemical composition of the Earth: Enstatite chondrite models , E. Kaminski a,  

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studies, and depleted in highly refractory elements, notably in Uranium and Thorium. © 2010 Elsevier B that is enriched in iron and depleted in silicium. Thus, current geophysical data cannot provide a precise estimate


Chapter 32 - Cellular Signaling in Dentin Repair and Regeneration  

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Abstract Injury to the dentin-pulp complex results in a variety of cellular responses that determine tooth vitality and survival. Initially, these responses center on the odontoblasts as the first line of defense and environmental sensors, but will subsequently encompass other cells in the pulp with a complex interplay being seen between regenerative responses involving odontoblasts and the inflammation associated with pulpal responses to injury. Local degradation of dentin matrix following injury will release bioactive molecules contributing to cellular signaling. While tissue repair and regeneration will likely occur only when infection and inflammation are under control, low-level cytokine stimulation during the earlier stages of dental disease, and possibly as resolution of inflammation ensues, may facilitate and promote reparative events. Whether odontoblasts survive the injurious challenge will determine if reactionary or reparative dentinogenesis occurs during repair and regeneration in the dentin-pulp complex. Notably the complexity of cellular responses is significantly greater for reparative dentinogenesis where stem/progenitor cell recruitment and induction of differentiation are required prior to up-regulation of cellular secretion of new matrix. Angiogeneic and neurogenic signaling are also important events during repair and regeneration. Improved understanding of cellular signaling following tooth injury helps underpin our approaches to diagnosis and treatment planning, as well as driving novel strategies for translation of new clinical therapeutic approaches.

Anthony (Tony) J. Smith; Paul R. Cooper



Regulatory Response to Carbon Starvation in Caulobacter crescentus  

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Bacteria adapt to shifts from rapid to slow growth, and have developed strategies for long-term survival during prolonged starvation and stress conditions. We report the regulatory response of C. crescentus to carbon starvation, based on combined high-throughput proteome and transcriptome analyses. Our results identify cell cycle changes in gene expression in response to carbon starvation that involve the prominent role of the FixK FNR/CAP family transcription factor and the CtrA cell cycle regulator. Notably, the SigT ECF sigma factor mediates the carbon starvation-induced degradation of CtrA, while activating a core set of general starvation-stress genes that respond to carbon starvation, osmotic stress, and exposure to heavy metals. Comparison of the response of swarmer cells and stalked cells to carbon starvation revealed four groups of genes that exhibit different expression profiles. Also, cell pole morphogenesis and initiation of chromosome replication normally occurring at the swarmer-to-stalked cell transition are uncoupled in carbon-starved cells.

Britos, Leticia C.; Abeliuk, Eduardo; Taverner, Thomas; Lipton, Mary S.; McAdams, Harley; Shapiro, Lucy


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Most of the leading explosion scenarios for Type Ia supernovae involve the nuclear incineration of a white dwarf star through a detonation wave. Several scenarios have been proposed as to how this detonation may actually occur, but the exact mechanism and environment in which it takes place remain unknown. We explore the effects of an off-center initiated detonation on the spatial distribution of the nucleosynthetic yield products in a toy model-a pre-expanded near Chandrasekhar-mass white dwarf. We find that a single-point near edge-lit detonation results in asymmetries in the density and thermal profiles, notably the expansion timescale, throughout the supernova ejecta. We demonstrate that this asymmetry of the thermodynamic trajectories should be common to off-center detonations where a small amount of the star is burned prior to detonation. The sensitivity of the yields on the expansion timescale results in an asymmetric distribution of the elements synthesized as reaction products. We tabulate the shift in the center of mass of the various elements produced in our model supernova and find an odd-even pattern for elements past silicon. Our calculations show that off-center single-point detonations in carbon-oxygen white dwarfs are marked by significant composition asymmetries in their remnants which bear potentially observable signatures in both velocity and coordinate space, including an elemental nickel mass fraction that varies by a factor of 2-3 from one side of the remnant to the other.

Chamulak, David A.; Truran, James W. [Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL (United States); Meakin, Casey A. [Steward Observatory, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ (United States); Seitenzahl, Ivo R., E-mail: dchamulak@anl.gov [Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Garching (Germany)




Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update (EIA)

· · Twelve of the 23 States and the District of Colum- bia with residential "customer choice" programs added transportation-only customers. The increase in transportation customers exceeded the in- crease in traditional sales customers by more than 40 percent, with some States' programs (e.g., Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, and Ohio) recording remarkable gains. Georgia had the largest number of transportation-only residential customers, at 1,430,673, and the highest participation rate at 82 percent. · The number of transportation-only commercial customers actually increased, by 50,720, even though natural gas deliveries for these customers de- clined by almost 10 percent in 2001. · Industrial use of natural gas declined by 779 Bcf (9.6 percent) from 2000 to 2001, reflecting a weak national economy and high natural gas prices (Fig- ure 3). Illustrative



Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update (EIA)

Principally Principally natural gas flows from the pro- ducing areas in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and offshore areas of the Gulf of Mexico toward the northeast and mid- west. Imports, primarily from Canada have continued to provide significant contributions, helping the United States to meet its continuing increase in consumption. Imports and Exports During 1997, net imports rose for the 11th consecutive year, representing 13 percent of U.S. natural gas consumption. Canada continued its role as the major supplier of natural gas imported into the United States. However, the growth rate of U.S. imports of Canadian gas was minimal because pipeline capacity utilization remained near its maximum level and capacity expanded very little during the year. In- creases in pipeline capacity are under development and oth- ers have been proposed for the next several years. Crossborder trade with Mexico


Regeneration of mixed conifer forests under group tree selection harvest management in western Bhutan Himalayas  

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Group selection tree harvest has been proposed as an ecologically sustainable silvicultural technique in mixed conifer forests of the western Bhutan Himalayas. To evaluate this silvicultural technique, we studied the ecological consequences of a group selection tree harvest in mixed conifer forests by assessing 127 circular plots (71 in logged and 56 in unlogged stands) in two forest management units (FMUs). Tree species composition and diversity were similar between logged and unlogged stands. Seedling density and height growth vary by species and were influenced by logging and microsites, with generally taller seedlings found in the logged versus unlogged stands. Early successional shade-intolerant species colonized logged stands. Seedlings growing on bare soil scarified by harvesting had medium vigour while seedlings growing on bryophyte mats showed good vigour in both logged and unlogged stands. Moist sites with a northerly aspect supported profuse conifer seedling regeneration, compared to sites with a dry southerly aspect. Damage to conifer seedlings from herbivore browsing was minimal. Conifer seedling density and height growth was negatively affected by competition from herbaceous vegetation, most notably Salvia officinalis. Group selection tree harvest in southern dry exposures in spruce-dominated stands is silviculturally unsuitable because it alters tree succession.

Mani Ram Moktan; Georg Gratzer; William H. Richards; Tek Bahadur Rai; Dawa Dukpa; Kinley Tenzin




Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update (EIA)

Principally, Principally, natural gas flows from the pro- ducing areas in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and offshore areas of the Gulf of Mexico toward the northeast and mid- west. Imports, primarily from Canada, have continued to provide significant contributions, helping the United States meet increasing demand for natural gas. Imports and Exports During 1997, net imports rose for the 11th consecutive year, representing 13 percent of U.S. natural gas consumption. Canada continued its role as the major supplier of natural gas imported into the United States. However, the growth rate of U.S. imports of Canadian gas was minimal because pipeline capacity utilization remained near its maximum level and capacity expanded very little during the year. In- creases in pipeline capacity are under development and oth- ers have been proposed for the next several years. Crossborder trade with Mexico also


The Bulletin - BNL's Weekly Newspaper  

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Arie van Steenbergen Arie van Steenbergen A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z In Memoriam Home | Bulletin Home Posted: March 23, 2009 Arie van Steenbergen, a former NSLS Deputy Department Chairman who helped bring the facility to fruition, died on January 2, 2009. He was 81. Van Steenbergen was born in 1928 in The Netherlands and attended Delft Technological University, with intentions to become an engineer. According to Brookhaven Historian Bob Crease, while at the university's library one day, van Steenbergen came across an issue of the Review of Scientific Instruments devoted to Brookhaven's Cosmotron and became so fascinated by the machine that he bought a personal copy of the issue that he kept for years to come.


E-Print Network 3.0 - african clade-a gp160 Sample Search Results  

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in most of sub-Saharan Africa, clade E (A... conservation of the novel epitopes in HIV-1 sequences classified as having been African in origin is notable... to the gag, nef,...


Synergization of air handling units for high energy efficiency in office buildings: The theory and analysis  

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An air handling unit (AHU) along with its downstream terminals is considered as the primary independent thermal processing and air distribution system in buildings. The outside air intake, supply air temperature control, and fan modulation are performed within the individual AHU for an associated region to integrally achieve the energy efficiency and indoor air quality (IAQ). The conventional zoning and AHU operation strategy in office buildings lowers the energy waste probability due to the heating and cooling mode compromising among the zones. However, this AHU oriented practice limits the utilization of heat surplus in building regions and operation difference across the AHUs. To break the frame and bring in synergization among them in office buildings, an integrated AHU (IAHU) control is proposed in this study. The theory is revealed in three steps: (1) the critical ventilation constraints of the new control are quantitatively defined; (2) the supervisory decision making schema for optimum energy efficiency are provided analytically; (3) the parameters are briefly discussed in terms of their influences on the system performance. This innovative operation of IAHU could notably improve the building level energy efficiency through significant heat gain transferring, and sensible and latent load decoupling.

Yuebin Yu; Mingsheng Liu; Haorong Li; Daihong Yu; Vivian Loftness



Towards a phoenix phase in aeolian research: shifting geophysical perspectives from fluvial dominance  

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Aeolian processes are a fundamental driver of earth surface dynamics, yet the importance of aeolian processes in a broader geosciences context may be overshadowed by an unbalanced emphasis on fluvial processes. Here we wish to highlight that aeolian and fluvial processes need to be considered in concert relative to total erosion and to potential interactions, that relative dominance and sensitivity to disturbance vary with mean annual precipitation, and that there are important scale-dependencies associated with aeolian-fluvial interactions. We build on previous literature to present relevant conceptual syntheses highlighting these issues. We then highlight the relative investments that have been made in aeolian research on dust emission and management relative to that in fluvial research on sediment production. Literature searches highlight that aeolian processes are greatly understudied relative to fluvial processes when considering total erosion in different environmental settings. Notably, within the USA, aeolian research was triggered by the Dust Bowl catastrophe of the 1930s, but the resultant research agencies have shifted to almost completely focusing on fluvial processes, based on number of remaining research stations and on monetary investments in control measures. However, numerous research issues associated with intensification of land use and climate change impacts require a rapid ramping up in aeolian research that improves information about aeolian processes relative to fluvial processes, which could herald a post-Dust Bowl Phoenix phase in which aeolian processes are recognized as broadly critical to geo- and environmental sciences.

Whicker, Jeffrey J [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Field, Jason P [UNIV OF ARIZONA; Breshears, David D [UNIV OF ARIZONA



Microsoft PowerPoint - eLens status Anerella 021511.pptx  

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February 15 2011 February 15 2011 February 15, 2011 1 Outline Corrector coils Main solenoid coils Anti-Fringe field, Fringe Field coils Schedule 2 Corrector coils * aluminum tube machining: * Sent back to CS for re- f machining of lead slots, 1 st complete * Winding table complete g mp * Coil insulation started * Coil winding travelers released released * Assembly Drawings, parts, in progress d K t N * creased Kapton, Nomex parts are being made * OVEN! (AM/MA) 3 Main Solenoid Coils * Gantry tested ready to use Gantry tested, ready to use * Main support tube received and inspected * CS Machining in process, completion ~ 2/23 g p , p * Insulated Superconductor shipped to BNL (partial qty) * Assembly drawing, parts drawings - underway (LR) * Parts work order released to CS 4 AFF, FF Solenoid coils * AFF conductor is "drop-offs"


Digest of United States Practice in International Law 2002 | Data.gov  

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2 2 Research Menu Data/Tools Apps Resources Let's Talk Research Alpha You are here Data.gov » Communities » Research » Data Digest of United States Practice in International Law 2002 Dataset Summary Description The Office of the Legal Adviser publishes the annual Digest of United States Practice in International Law to provide the public with a historical record of the views and practice of the Government of the United States in public and private international law. "In his introduction to the 2002 volume, then Legal Adviser William H. Taft IV stated in part: "Calendar year 2002 gave rise to a broad range of significant and sometimes novel issues of international law. Many developments again highlighted the need to protect our national security against a different kind of enemy through the use of force in self-defense, non-proliferation and arms control efforts, the detention of unlawful enemy combatants and establishment of military commissions, continued counter-terrorism efforts, the imposition of sanctions, and the freezing of governmental assets, sometimes made available for payment of claims by individuals against terrorist states. At the same time, there were notable developments in non-confrontational contexts, including the fields of human rights, trade and investment, law of the sea, international claims and state responsibility, treaty practice, and international crime. . . ."


Accelerated Evolution of Conserved Noncoding Sequences in theHuman Genome  

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Genomic comparisons between human and distant, non-primatemammals are commonly used to identify cis-regulatory elements based onconstrained sequence evolution. However, these methods fail to detect"cryptic" functional elements, which are too weakly conserved amongmammals to distinguish from nonfunctional DNA. To address this problem,we explored the potential of deep intra-primate sequence comparisons. Wesequenced the orthologs of 558 kb of human genomic sequence, coveringmultiple loci involved in cholesterol homeostasis, in 6 nonhumanprimates. Our analysis identified 6 noncoding DNA elements displayingsignificant conservation among primates, but undetectable in more distantcomparisons. In vitro and in vivo tests revealed that at least three ofthese 6 elements have regulatory function. Notably, the mouse orthologsof these three functional human sequences had regulatory activity despitetheir lack of significant sequence conservation, indicating that they arecryptic ancestral cis-regulatory elements. These regulatory elementscould still be detected in a smaller set of three primate speciesincluding human, rhesus and marmoset. Since the human and rhesus genomesequences are already available, and the marmoset genome is activelybeing sequenced, the primate-specific conservation analysis describedhere can be applied in the near future on a whole-genome scale, tocomplement the annotation provided by more distant speciescomparisons.

Prambhakar, Shyam; Noonan, James P.; Paabo, Svante; Rubin, EdwardM.



The Kronecker product in terms of Hubbard operators and the Clebsch–Gordan decomposition of SU(2)×SU(2)  

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We review the properties of the Kronecker (direct, or tensor) product of square matrices A?B?C? in terms of Hubbard operators. In its simplest form, a Hubbard operator X{sub n}{sup i,j} can be expressed as the n-square matrix which has entry 1 in position (i,j) and zero in all other entries. The algebra and group properties of the observables that define a multipartite quantum system are notably straightforward in such a framework. In particular, we use the Kronecker product in Hubbard notation to get the Clebsch–Gordan decomposition of the product group SU(2)×SU(2). Finally, the n-dimensional irreducible representations so obtained are used to derive closed forms of the Clebsch–Gordan coefficients that rule the addition of angular momenta. Our results can be further developed in many different directions. -- Highlights: •The Kronecker product is studied in terms of Hubbard operators. •Complicated calculations involving large matrices are reduced to simple relations of subscripts. •The algebraic properties of the quantum observables of multipartite systems are studied. •The Clebsch–Gordan coefficients are given in terms of hypergeometric {sub 3}F{sub 2} functions. •The results can be further developed in many different directions.

Enríquez, Marco; Rosas-Ortiz, Oscar, E-mail: orosas@fis.cinvestav.mx



South African Archaeological Bulletin 64 (189): 1332, 2009 13 Research Article  

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-mail: acpeba@mega.bw 3 Kalamazoo Valley Community College, 6767 West `O' Avenue, P.O. Box 4070, Kalamazoo, MI adaptations during the Holocene, most notably in the East African Rift Valley (Robbins 2006). In southern


An architecture for intelligent sensors and fuzzy inputs for fuzzy logic controllers  

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Many papers have shown that fuzzy logic can be successfully applied to problems that are nonlinear in nature. Specifically in the area of control, many fuzzy logic controllers (FLCS) have been shown to be excellent means of control, most notably...

Gillespie, Charles Wayne



Fuzzy Learning and Applications  

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From the Book:The resurgence of interest in fuzzy logic over the past few decades has opened many new avenues in its applications. The most notable examples include autofocus cameras, automobile transmissions, air conditioners, aerospace, subway systems, ...

Marco Russo; Lakhmi C. Jain



Nanotechnology-mediated targeting of tumor angiogenesis  

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Abstract Angiogenesis is disregulated in many diseased states, most notably in cancer. An emerging strategy for the development of therapies targeting tumor-associated angiogenesis is to harness the potential of nanotechnology ...

Banerjee, Deboshri


Evolution of Titan and implications for its hydrocarbon cycle  

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...TK), in which gas molecules have very low solubility, and so potentially very large amounts of gas compounds, notably...ammonia has a high solubility in water, so that most of...then converted into nitrogen. Most of the methane...



Two-dimensional dam break flooding simulation: a GIS-embedded approach  

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In the twenty-first century, around 200 notable dam and reservoir failures happened worldwide causing massive fatalities and economic costs. In order to reduce the losses, managers usually define mitigation st...

Massimiliano Cannata; Roberto Marzocchi



New Songdo City and the value of flexibility : a case study of implementation and analysis of a mega-scale project  

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In the modern real estate industry, mega-scale developments have been a notable feature. The distinctiveness of these projects is that they are enormous in scale and thus require many years to develop. Unlike regular sized ...

Lee, Junho (Junho Justin)


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Identification of the Parasitic Chemical Reactions during AlGaN OMVPE  

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Identification of the Parasitic Chemical Reactions during AlGaN OMVPE Identification of the Parasitic Chemical Reactions during AlGaN OMVPE by J. R. Creighton, M. E. Coltrin, and W. G. Breiland Motivation-GaN and AlGaN alloys are ex- tremely important materials with widespread applications for optoelectronics (e.g. solid state lighting) and high power electronics. Or- ganometallic vapor phase epitaxy (OMVPE) is the primary deposition methodology, but it suf- fers from several growth chemistry anomalies. Growth rate and alloy composition are often a sensitive function of temperature and other reac- tor variables. These factors make the AlGaN OMVPE process difficult to control and in- crease the cost of the material. Conventional wisdom has been that the non-ideal OMVPE behavior is due to parasitic "pre-reactions" be-


Offshore wind energy development in China: Current status and future perspective  

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Year 2010 is the significant year of offshore wind power development in China. The first national offshore wind power project is connected to the grid, and the first round of concession projects marks the strong support from central government. It is foreseeable that offshore wind power capacity in China will expand rapidly, and play a notable role in the transition to a sustainable energy system, therefore, the understanding pattern of it is crucial for analyzing the overall wind market in China and global offshore wind power development. This paper firstly provides an overview of global offshore wind power development, then in China, including historical installation, potential of resources, demonstration and concession projects, and target of development. Furthermore, a comprehensive overview of advantages and challenges for developing offshore wind in China is presented. Based on this, analysis on current policies related to offshore wind power and their implementation, current wind farm developers and turbine manufacturers as well as technology transfer and development of China's offshore wind industry is done. All the previous analysis generates complete evaluation of current status and future perspectives of China offshore wind power development, based on which some policy recommendations for sustainable development of offshore wind power are made.

Zhang Da; Zhang Xiliang; He Jiankun; Chai Qimin



A post-entry role for CD63 in early HIV-1 replication  

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Macrophages and CD4{sup +} lymphocytes are the major reservoirs for HIV-1 infection. CD63 is a tetraspanin transmembrane protein, which has been shown to play an essential role during HIV-1 replication in macrophages. In this study, we further confirm the requirement of CD63 in early HIV-1 replication events in both macrophages and a CD4{sup +} cell line. Further analysis revealed that viral attachment and cell-cell fusion were unaffected by CD63 silencing. However, CD63-depleted macrophages showed a significant decrease in the initiation and completion of HIV-1 reverse transcription, affecting subsequent events of the HIV-1 life cycle. Integration of HIV-1 cDNA as well as the formation of 2-LTR circles was notably reduced. Reporter assays showed that CD63 down regulation reduced production of the early HIV protein Tat. In agreement, CD63 silencing also inhibited production of the late protein p24. These findings suggest that CD63 plays an early post-entry role prior to or at the reverse transcription step.

Li Guangyu; Dziuba, Natallia; Friedrich, Brian [Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TX 77555-0435 (United States); Murray, James L. [Zirus, Inc., 1384 Buford Business Boulevard, Suite 700, Buford, GA 30518 (United States); Ferguson, Monique R., E-mail: mrfergus@utmb.ed [Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TX 77555-0435 (United States)



Possible phase separation and weak localization in the absence of a charge-density wave in single-phase 1T-VS2  

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We report on a systematic study of the structural, magnetic, and transport properties of high-purity 1T-VS2 powder samples prepared under high pressure. The results differ notably from those previously obtained by deintercalating Li from LiVS2. First, no charge-density wave (CDW) is found by transmission electron microscopy down to 94 K, though ab initio phonon calculations unveil a latent CDW instability driven by an acoustic phonon softening at the wave vector qCDW?(0.21,0.21,0) previously reported in deintercalated samples. A further indication of latent lattice instability is given by an anomalous expansion of the V-S bond distance at low temperature. Second, infrared optical absorption and electrical resistivity measurements give evidence of nonmetallic properties, consistent with the observation of no CDW phase. On the other hand, magnetic susceptibility and NMR data suggest the coexistence of localized moments with metallic carriers, in agreement with ab initio band structure calculations. This discrepancy is reconciled by a picture of electron localization induced by disorder or electronic correlations leading to a phase separation of metallic and nonmetallic domains in the nm scale. We conclude that 1T-VS2 is at the verge of a CDW transition and suggest that residual electronic doping in Li deintercalated samples stabilizes a uniform CDW phase with metallic properties.

A. Gauzzi; A. Sellam; G. Rousse; Y. Klein; D. Taverna; P. Giura; M. Calandra; G. Loupias; F. Gozzo; E. Gilioli; F. Bolzoni; G. Allodi; R. De Renzi; G. L. Calestani; P. Roy



Kepler White Paper: Asteroseismology of Solar-Like Oscillators in a 2-Wheel Mission  

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We comment on the potential for continuing asteroseismology of solar-type and red-giant stars in a 2-wheel Kepler Mission. Our main conclusion is that by targeting stars in the ecliptic it should be possible to perform high-quality asteroseismology, as long as favorable scenarios for 2-wheel pointing performance are met. Targeting the ecliptic would potentially facilitate unique science that was not possible in the nominal Mission, notably from the study of clusters that are significantly brighter than those in the Kepler field. Our conclusions are based on predictions of 2-wheel observations made by a space photometry simulator, with information provided by the Kepler Project used as input to describe the degraded pointing scenarios. We find that elevated levels of frequency-dependent noise, consistent with the above scenarios, would have a significant negative impact on our ability to continue asteroseismic studies of solar-like oscillators in the Kepler field. However, the situation may be much more optimi...

Chaplin, W J; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J; Gilliland, R L; Kawaler, S D; Basu, S; De Ridder, J; Huber, D; Arentoft, T; Schou, J; Garcia, R A; Metcalfe, T S; Brogaard, K; Campante, T L; Elsworth, Y; Miglio, A; Appourchaux, T; Bedding, T R; Hekker, S; Houdek, G; Karoff, C; Molenda-Zakowicz, J; Monteiro, M J P F G; Aguirre, V Silva; Stello, D; Ball, W; Beck, P G; Birch, A C; Buzasi, D L; Casagrande, L; Cellier, T; Corsaro, E; Creevey, O L; Davies, G R; Deheuvels, S; Dogan, G; Gizon, L; Grundahl, F; Guzik, J; Handberg, R; Jimenez, A; Kallinger, T; Lund, M N; Lundkvist, M; Mathis, S; Mathur, S; Mazumdar, A; Mosser, B; Neiner, C; Nielsen, M B; Palle, P L; Pinsonneault, M H; Salabert, D; Serenelli, A M; Shunker, H; White, T R



Observation of Spin Coulomb Drag in a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas  

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An electron propagating through a solid carries spin angular momentum in addition to its mass and charge. Of late there has been considerable interest in developing electronic devices based on the transport of spin, which offer potential advantages in dissipation, size, and speed over charge-based devices. However, these advantages bring with them additional complexity. Because each electron carries a single, fixed value (-e) of charge, the electrical current carried by a gas of electrons is simply proportional to its total momentum. A fundamental consequence is that the charge current is not affected by interactions that conserve total momentum, notably collisions among the electrons themselves. In contrast, the electron's spin along a given spatial direction can take on two values, {+-} {h_bar}/2 (conventionally {up_arrow}, {down_arrow}), so that the spin current and momentum need not be proportional. Although the transport of spin polarization is not protected by momentum conservation, it has been widely assumed that, like the charge current, spin current is unaffected by electron-electron (e-e) interactions. Here we demonstrate experimentally not only that this assumption is invalid, but that over a broad range of temperature and electron density, the flow of spin polarization in a two-dimensional gas of electrons is controlled by the rate of e-e collisions.

Weber, C.P.



Stoichiometry effect on the irradiation response in the microstructure of zirconium carbides  

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Zone-refined ultra high pure ZrC with five C/Zr ratios ranging from 0.84 to 1.17 was irradiated using a 2 MeV proton beam at 1125 C. The stoichiometry effect on the irradiation response of ZrC microstructure was examined using transmission electron microscopy following the irradiation. The irradiated microstructures generally feature a high density of perfect dislocation loops particularly at away from the graphite precipitates, and the C/Zr ratio shows a notable effect on the size and density of dislocation loops. The dislocation loops are identified as interstitial type perfect loops, and it was indirectly proved that the dislocation loop core likely consists of carbon atoms. Graphite precipitates that form with excess carbon in the super-stoichiometric ZrC are detrimental, and the dramatic increases in the size of and density of dislocation loops in the vicinity of graphite precipitates in ZrC phase were observed. Irradiationinduced faceted voids were only observed in ZrC0.95, which is attributed to the pre-existing dislocation lines as biased sinks for vacancies.

Young Yang; Wei-Yang Lo; Clayton Dickerson; Todd R. Allen



The origin and development of instabilities in radiatively-driven stellar winds  

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The numerous observational indicators of instability in the radiatively-driven winds of hot stars are review briefly, followed by a summary of the present theoretical understanding of the linear instability of such winds. This provides the motivation for the hydrodynamic simulation, the major thrust of the paper. A serious approximation that must be made in order to reduce the cost of the simulations to a reasonable level--the absorption approximation for the radiation force--is discussed in some detail. The hydrodynamic methods are described briefly, and then the computational results for winds models computed in the absorption approximation are discussed. The most notable results pertain to the critical nature of the ratio v{sub th}/a of the intrinsic line width to the sound speed. When this ratio is large, only a negligible wind results; when the ratio is small, the wind executes permanent self-excited oscillations; in an intermediate range the wind is globally stable, but acts as a powerful wave amplifier. The morphology of the oscillations--strong rarefactions and reverse shocks--is described and related to Abbott's linear theory, and the possible connection to observations is mentioned. 30 refs.

Castor, J.I.



Surface Decontamination of System Components in Uranium Conversion Plant at KAERI  

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A chemical decontamination process using nitric acid solution was selected as in-situ technology for recycle or release with authorization of a large amount of metallic waste including process system components such as tanks, piping, etc., which is generated by dismantling a retired uranium conversion plant at Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI). The applicability of nitric acid solution for surface decontamination of metallic wastes contaminated with uranium compounds was evaluated through the basic research on the dissolution of UO2 and ammonium uranyl carbonate (AUC) powder. Decontamination performance was verified by using the specimens contaminated with such uranium compounds as UO2 and AUC taken from the uranium conversion plant. Dissolution rate of UO2 powder is notably enhanced by the addition of H2O2 as an oxidant even in the condition of a low concentration of nitric acid and low temperature compared with those in a nitric acid solution without H2O2. AUC powders dissolve easily in nitric acid solutions until the solution pH attains about 2.5 {approx} 3. Above that solution pH, however, the uranium concentration in the solution is lowered drastically by precipitation as a form of U3(NH3)4O9 . 5H2O. Decontamination performance tests for the specimens contaminated with UO2 and AUC were quite successful with the application of decontamination conditions obtained through the basic studies on the dissolution of UO2 and AUC powders.

Choi, W. K.; Kim, K. N.; Won, H. J.; Jung, C. H.; Oh, W. Z.



Results from Tight and Loose Coupled Multiphysics in Nuclear Fuels Performance Simulations using BISON  

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The behavior of nuclear fuel in the reactor environment is affected by multiple physics, most notably heat conduction and solid mechanics, which can have a strong influence on each other. To provide credible solutions, a fuel performance simulation code must have the ability to obtain solutions for each of the physics, including coupling between them. Solution strategies for solving systems of coupled equations can be categorized as loosely-coupled, where the individual physics are solved separately, keeping the solutions for the other physics fixed at each iteration, or tightly coupled, where the nonlinear solver simultaneously drives down the residual for each physics, taking into account the coupling between the physics in each nonlinear iteration. In this paper, we compare the performance of loosely and tightly coupled solution algorithms for thermomechanical problems involving coupled thermal and mechanical contact, which is a primary source of interdependence between thermal and mechanical solutions in fuel performance models. The results indicate that loosely-coupled simulations require significantly more nonlinear iterations, and may lead to convergence trouble when the thermal conductivity of the gap is too small. We also apply the tightly coupled solution strategy to a nuclear fuel simulation of an experiment in a test reactor. Studying the results from these simulations indicates that perhaps convergence for either approach may be problem dependent, i.e., there may be problems for which a loose coupled approach converges, where tightly coupled won’t converge and vice versa.

S. R. Novascone; B. W. Spencer; D. Andrs; R. L. Williamson; J. D. Hales; D. M. Perez



Beam quality corrections for parallel-plate ion chambers in electron reference dosimetry  

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Current dosimetry protocols (AAPM, IAEA, IPEM, DIN) recommend parallel-plate ionization chambers for dose measurements in clinical electron beams. This study presents detailed Monte Carlo simulations of beam quality correction factors for four different types of parallel-plate chambers: NACP-02, Markus, Advanced Markus and Roos. These chambers differ in constructive details which should have notable impact on the resulting perturbation corrections, hence on the beam quality corrections. The results reveal deviations to the recommended beam quality corrections given in the IAEA TRS-398 protocol in the range of 0%–2% depending on energy and chamber type. For well-guarded chambers, these deviations could be traced back to a non-unity and energy-dependent wall perturbation correction. In the case of the guardless Markus chamber, a nearly energy-independent beam quality correction is resulting as the effects of wall and cavity perturbation compensate each other. For this chamber, the deviations to the recommended values are the largest and may exceed 2%. From calculations of type-B uncertainties including effects due to uncertainties of the underlying cross-sectional data as well as uncertainties due to the chamber material composition and chamber geometry, the overall uncertainty of calculated beam quality correction factors was estimated to be

K Zink; J Wulff



Trends in emissions of acidifying species in Asia, 1985-1997.  

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Acid deposition is a serious problem throughout much of Asia. Emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO{sub 2}) and nitrogen oxides (NO{sub x}) have been increasing steadily, as nations strive to increase their levels of economic development. Coal and fuel oil have been the main choices for powering industrial development; and, until recently, only a few countries (notably Japan and Taiwan) had taken significant steps to avert the atmospheric emissions that accompany fuel combustion. This paper discusses trends in emissions of SO{sub 2} and NO{sub x} that have occurred in Asian countries in the period 1985--1997, using results from the RAINS-ASIA computer model and energy-use trends from the IEA Energy Statistics and Balances database. Emissions of SO{sub 2} in Asia grew from 26.6 Tg in 1985 to 33.7 Tg in 1990 and to 39.2 Tg in 1997. Though SO{sub 2} emissions used to grow as fast as fossil-fuel use, recent limitations on the sulfur content of coal and oil have slowed the growth. The annual-average emissions growth between 1990 and 1997 was only 1.1%, considerably less than the economic growth rate. Emissions of NO{sub x}, on the other hand, continue to grow rapidly, from 14.1 Tg in 1985 to 18.7 Tg in 1990 and 28.5 Tg in 1997, with no signs of abating. Thus, though SO{sub 2} remains the major contributor to acidifying emissions in Asia, the role of NO{sub x}, will become more and more important in the future.

Streets, D. G.; Tsai, N. Y.; Akimoto, H.; Oka, K.



Seismicity in the Vicinity of Yucca Mountain, Nevada, for the Period October 1, 2004 to September 30, 2006  

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This report describes earthquake activity within approximately 65 km of Yucca Mountain site during the October 1, 2004 to September 30, 2006 time period (FY05-06). The FY05-06 earthquake activity will be compared with the historical and more recent period of seismic activity in the Yucca Mountain region. The relationship between the distribution of seismicity and active faults, historical patterns of activity, and rates of earthquakes (number of events and their magnitudes) are important components in the assessment of the seismic hazard for the Yucca Mountain site. Since October 1992 the University of Nevada has compiled a catalog of earthquakes in the Yucca Mountain area. Seismicity reports have identified notable earthquake activity, provided interpretations of the seismotectonics of the region, and documented changes in the character of earthquake activity based on nearly 30 years of site-characterization monitoring. Data from stations in the seismic network in the vicinity of Yucca Mountain is collected and managed at the Nevada Seismological Laboratory (NSL) at the University of Nevada Reno (UNR). Earthquake events are systematically identified and cataloged under Implementing Procedures developed in compliance with the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Quality Assurance Program. The earthquake catalog for FY05-06 in the Yucca Mountain region submitted to the Yucca Mountain Technical Data Management System (TDMS) forms the basis of this report.

Smith, Ken



Design study of a new antenna system for steering microwave beam in electron cyclotron heating/current drive system  

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The reflector driven in the linear motion to steer the microwave beam for electron cyclotron heating/current drive system, which has considerable merits, especially for reactor environments, has been studied in design. In a typical design, a microwave beam launched from the end of a waveguide is reflected at a concave mirror following a fixed flat mirror. The injection angle can be changed by varying a point of reflection on the concave mirror because of the transition of the normal angle of the concave mirror. The point of reflection is easily controlled by the linear motion of the concave mirror. It is notable that mirror rotation is not required, and the inside of a robust driving shaft can be used to supply the coolant to the mirror. This indicates that the antenna can be designed without a rotation axis, bearings, and a flexible cooling tube close to the plasma which may require frequent maintenance or replacement in a highly radioactive environment. This study shows that the antenna driven in the linear motion has a potential to meet certain specifications, especially with regard to antenna size, steerable range of the beam angle, and beam quality for experiments in tokamaks and for fusion reactors. In the preliminary design trial for the ITER equatorial antenna, the concaved mirror of 0.3 m in length having 1 m curvature and stroke of 0.2 m enables beam angle range of 20–40° with beam radius of 0.06 m at the EC resonance.

S. Moriyama; M. Seki; T. Fujii



Elise - the next step in development of induction heavy ion drivers for inertial fusion energy  

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LBL, with the participation of LLNL and industry, proposes to build Elise, an electric-focused accelerator as the next logical step towards the eventual goal of a heavy-ion induction linac powerful enough to implode or {open_quotes}drive{close_quotes} inertial-confinement fusion targets. Elise will be at full driver scale in several important parameters-most notably line charge density (a function of beam size), which was not explored in earlier experiments. Elise will be capable of accelerating and electrostatically focusing four parallel, full-scale ion beams and will be designed to be extendible, by successive future construction projects, to meet the goal of the USA DOE Inertial Fusion Energy program (IFE). This goal is to address all remaining issues in heavy-ion IFE except target physics, which is currently the responsibility of DOE Defense Programs, and the target chamber. Thus Elise is the first step of a program that will provide a solid foundation of data for further progress toward a driver, as called for in the National Energy Strategy and National Energy Policy Act.

Lee, E.; Bangerter, R.O.; Celata, C.; Faltens, A.; Fessenden, T.; Peters, C.; Pickrell, J.; Reginato, L.; Seidl, P.; Yu, S. [and others



Proteomic Analysis of Saliva in HIV-positive Heroin Addicts Reveals Proteins Correlated with Cognition  

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The prevalence of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND) remains high despite effective antiretroviral therapies. Multiple etiologies have been proposed over the last few years to account for this phenomenon, including the neurotoxic effects of antiretrovirals and co-morbid substance abuse. However, no underlying molecular mechanism has been identified. Emerging evidence in several fields has linked the gut to brain diseases, but the effect of the gut on the brain during HIV infection has not been explored. Saliva is the most accessible gut biofluid, and is therefore of great scientific interest for diagnostic and prognostic purposes. This study presents a longitudinal, liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry-based quantitative proteomics study investigating saliva samples taken from 8 HIV-positive (HIV+) and 11 -negative (HIV-) heroin addicts. In the HIV+ group, 58 proteins were identified that show significant correlations with cognitive scores and that implicate disruption of protein quality control pathways by HIV. Notably, no proteins from the HIV- heroin addict cohort showed significant correlations with cognitive scores. In addition, the majority of correlated proteins have been shown to be associated with exosomes, allowing us to propose that the salivary glands and/or oral epithelium may modulate brain function during HIV infection through the release of discrete packets of proteins in the form of exosomes.

Dominy, Stephen; Brown, Joseph N.; Ryder, Mark I.; Gritsenko, Marina A.; Jacobs, Jon M.; Smith, Richard D.



Novel small molecule induces p53-dependent apoptosis in human colon cancer cells  

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Using high-throughput screening with small-molecule libraries, we identified a compound, KCG165 [(2-(3-(2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)ethoxy)-1,10b-dihydro-[1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-c] quinazolin-5(6H)-one)], which strongly activated p53-mediated transcriptional activity. KCG165-induced phosphorylations of p53 at Ser{sup 6}, Ser{sup 15}, and Ser{sup 20}, which are all key residues involved in the activation and stabilization of p53. Consistent with these findings, KCG165 increased level of p53 protein and led to the accumulation of transcriptionally active p53 in the nucleus with the increased occupancy of p53 in the endogenous promoter region of its downstream target gene, p21{sup WAF1/CIP}. Notably, KCG165-induced p53-dependent apoptosis in cancer cells. Furthermore, we suggested topoisomerase II as the molecular target of KCG165. Together, these results indicate that KCG165 may have potential applications as an antitumor agent.

Park, Sang Eun [Drug Discovery Division, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, 100 Jang-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-600 (Korea, Republic of); Min, Yong Ki [Drug Discovery Division, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, 100 Jang-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-600 (Korea, Republic of); Ha, Jae Du [Drug Discovery Division, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, 100 Jang-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-600 (Korea, Republic of); Kim, Bum Tae [Drug Discovery Division, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, 100 Jang-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-600 (Korea, Republic of); Lee, Woo Ghil [Drug Discovery Division, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, 100 Jang-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-600 (Korea, Republic of)]. E-mail: bigguy@krict.re.kr



One- and two-particle effects in the electronic and optical spectra of barium fluoride  

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One- and two-particle effects in the electronic and optical spectra of the fluoride compound BaF2 are determined using density functional theory and a many-body perturbation scheme. A wide energy range has been considered, including the visible and all the ultraviolet region. The GW approximation for the electronic self-energy has been used to tackle the one-particle excitations problem, enabling us to determine the electronic energy bands and densities of states of this fluoride. For the optical properties, the two-particle effects calculated with the Bethe–Salpeter scheme turn out to play a fundamental role. A bound exciton positioned at about 1.5 eV below the one-particle gap is forecasted. The optical absorption and the electron energy loss spectra together with other optical functions are in good agreement with the experimental results up to 15 eV. In fact, for this part of the spectrum a self-consistent one-particle scheme along with the Bethe–Salpeter approach produces notable results. Less satisfactory results for the higher energy region in the spectra have been produced with the proposed method. Possible causes of these discrepancies are fully discussed.

Emiliano Cadelano; Jürgen Furthmüller; Giancarlo Cappellini; Friedhelm Bechstedt



Cosmic neutrino background absorption line in the neutrino spectrum at IceCube  

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The IceCube experiment has recently reported a high energy neutrino spectrum between the TeV and PeV scales. The observed neutrino flux can be as a whole well fitted by a simple power law of the neutrino energy E?, E???? (???2). As a notable feature of the spectrum, however, it has a gap between 500 TeV and 1 PeV. Although the existence of the gap in the neutrino spectrum is not statistically significant at this point, it is very enticing to ask whether it might hint at some physics beyond the Standard Model. In this paper, we investigate a possibility that the gap can be interpreted as an absorption line in the power-law spectrum by the cosmic neutrino background through a new resonance in the MeV range. We also show that the absorption line has rich information about not only the MeV scale new particle but also the neutrino masses as well as the distances to the astrophysical sources of the high energy neutrinos. Viable models to achieve this possibility are also discussed.

Masahiro Ibe and Kunio Kaneta



F – Goldschmidt Abstracts 2012  

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...being isotopically heavier than Zn malate and phosphate in the aerial parts. They also explain the heavy Zn isotope compositions...hazardous radionuclide 137 Cs at a number of sites, notably: Fukushima, Japan; Chernobyl, Ukraine; Hanford, USA and Sellafield...

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Synthetic Approaches to Skeletally Diverse Sultams Using Vinyl- and ?-Halo Benzenesulfonamides  

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of the corresponding benzothiazepine (n = 1)/benzothiazocine (n = 2) 1,1-dioxides as governing factors in this notable thermodynamic equilibration of atropdiastereomers. Current efforts are focused on the computational calculation for the energy barrier between two...

Jeon, KyuOk



AMPAC 9. Semichem, 12456 W, 62nd Terrace, Suite D, Shawnee, KS 66216. www.semichem.com. See Web site  

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Dewar published his seminal book The Molecular Orbital Theory of Organic Chemistry, and today AMPAC initio and density functional computations. Most notably, PM6 provides higher accuracy in the modeling

Glaser, Rainer


Continuing after Columbia  

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......Such melting could generate sufficient water to erode gullies in about 5000 years...how the Sun affects the ozone layer, atmospheric circulation, clouds, and oceans ( lasp...advanced radioisotope thermoelectric generator). Another notable addition is $130......

Peter Bond



A review of the relevance of demography to Australian water planning  

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Australia is in the process of implementing a new and comprehensive agenda of water policy reform, notably under the National Water Initiative (NWI). National, regional and local water plans are crucial compon...

Leonardo Carroll



The future of scientific ballooning  

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...the ground. Hence he concluded that radiation with a great penetrating power is entering...completely in the following decades on safety grounds. The only notable exceptions...increasing the capability of the existing software to compute rotationally symmetric structures...



2010 | U.S. DOE Office of Science (SC)  

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science, and his notable contributions in energy and public policy." Click to enlarge photo. Enlarge Photo Ken ShippDOE Photo Fermi Award winner Burton Richter with Secretary of...


John Podesta  

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 John Podesta is Chair of the Center for American Progress and the Center for American Progress Action Fund. Under his leadership American Progress has become a notable leader in the...


Kolm’s Tax, Tax Credit, and the Flat Tax  

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In several of his recent contributions, most notably Kolm (2004), Serge-Christophe Kolm has developed a solution to the macro-justice problem which he calls Equal Labor Income Equalization (ELIE). It consists ...

Marc Fleurbaey; François Maniquet



COLLOQUIUM: The Chorus of the Magnetosphere | Princeton Plasma...  

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roles: as the origin of plasmaspheric hiss, as the driver of the pulsating aurora and its utility in observational field-line mapping. Most notably and of particular current...



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notable difference: the use of e-beam evaporated silicon oxide as the nanotaper cladding in place of SU-8. A tunable infrared laser was connected to a tapered fibre lens via an erbium-doped-fibre-amplifier (EDFA

Erickson, David


Caribbean Coasts, Panama to Belize  

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The continental divide in Central America is generally closer to the Pacific, so that the longer streams drain to the Caribbean Sea. A high rainfall (5–6 m/year), notably during hurricanes, yields a large river d...

Anja Scheffers; Tony Browne



Antitrust Policy During the Clinton Administration  

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in rare cases (notably the Boeing-McDonnell Douglas and thereviewed by the FTC was Boeing’s acquisition of McDonnelldespite the fact that Boeing’s share of the market for large

Litan, Robert E.; Shapiro, Carl



News and Notes  

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...researches in three different fields of medical science, physiological...between enzymiiology and other fields, notably genetics, physiology...E. Carter, Unixversity of Illinois; see., Philip Handler...Armour Research Foundation of Illinois Institute of Technology, 35...



Microbial Electrosynthesis: Feeding Microbes Electricity To Convert Carbon Dioxide and Water to Multicarbon Extracellular Organic Compounds  

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...photosynthesis that might convert solar energy to organic products more effectively...nature of renewable sources of energy, most notably solar and wind, is leading to a search for strategies to capture the electrical energy produced from these sources in...

Kelly P. Nevin; Trevor L. Woodard; Ashley E. Franks; Zarath M. Summers; Derek R. Lovley



Intellectual property and the commercialization of research and development  

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Concern about the commercialization of research is rising, notably in testing ... forth a more complex three phase RT&D process, involving Scientific Research (R), Technological ... Product Development (D) or the...

Vincent di Norcia




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researchers; notably by Rosenbrock from John Brown in the UK (e.g., Rosenbrock, 1962a­d), and by Rademaker. The book by Rademaker et al. (1975) con­ ta

Skogestad, Sigurd


Early Animals  

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...Vendia). This treatment has been challenged recently by some workers, notably Adolf Sei-lacher, who argue that many of the Edia-carian fossils have characteristics, such as "quilted" morphologies, that pre-clude their inclusion in extant phyla...




Recovery Act Investment Moves EM Past Milestone of 100 Project Completions  

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The Office of Environmental Management's (EM) American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Program recently paused to observe a notable achievement: completion of more than 100 projects in its $6 billion...


Modernization Magnitude: An Interval Measure Applicable to Post- and Pre-Industrial Societies  

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to reflect. Qatar, and several other oil producing nations,X in oil producing countries such as Qatar and Bahrain. (NoTable 8. Oil producing countries such as Qatar and Bahrain

Denton, Trevor D.



Southwest MN IPM STUFF All the pestilence that's fit to print  

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not planted to a rootworm hybrid. I looked at a couple of Redwood County fields with notable populations plants in this field. These fields were not planted to a rootworm hybrid this year or two years ago

Amin, S. Massoud

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Concentrations of /sup 207/Bi and /sup 210/Pb-/sup 210/Bi-/sup 210/Po disequilibrium in fish  

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Radioactive /sup 207/Bi, produced during nuclear testing at the Pacific Proving Grounds, concentrates in the muscle tissue and organs of goatfish and certain pelagic lagoon fish from Bikini and Enewetak Atolls. It is reasonable to expect that fish capable of accumulating /sup 207/Bi could also be efficient accumulators of other bismuth isotopes - namely /sup 210/Bi, the daughter of naturally occurring /sup 210/Pb. Therefore, /sup 210/Bi and consequently /sup 210/Po, the decay product of /sup 210/Bi, would be expected in notable excess over the precursor /sup 210/Pb in specific tissues. To test this assumption, we compared concentrations of /sup 210/Pb, /sup 210/Bi, and /sup 210/Po in muscle, liver, and bone separated from some reef species from the Marshall Islands. Concentrations of /sup 210/Bi in muscle and liver were found to exceed those of its precursor by factors of 2 to 15. The excess /sup 210/Bi in some species, however, is not from the environmental sources (either food or water) from which /sup 207/Bi is derived. The data suggest that the excess /sup 210/Bi may be translocated to muscle and liver tissue following the decay of /sup 210/Pb in bone.

Noshkin, V.E.; Wong, K.M.; Eagle, R.J.; Jokela, T.A.



A Distributed Usage Monitoring System  

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Gray,P. McLeod,I. Draper,S. Crease,M. Thomas,R. CADUI 2004 (Jacob, R., Limbourg, Q. and Vanderdonckt, J., Eds.) (Madeira, Portugal) pp 121-132 Kluwer

Gray, P.; McLeod, I.; Draper, S.; Crease, M.; Thomas, R.; CADUI 2004 (Jacob, R., Limbourg, Q.; and Vanderdonckt, J., Eds.) (Madeira, Portugal) pp 121-132 Kluwer [More Details



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May 14, 2006 ... ior is affected by long-term effects and how ..... crease the chances to re-enter the patch (Ti- .... search and that downward diving was a mi-.



Atmos. Chem. Phys., 11, 1269712713, 2011 www.atmos-chem-phys.net/11/12697/2011/  

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- creasingly important cause of air quality problems since it has become a popular source of alternative energy on the filter samples. Based on its low correlation with CO and the low car traffic, the HOA factor

Meskhidze, Nicholas


Education in Safeguards and Security Technology Meeting Challenges with Technology and Experience  

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Education and hands-on experience are crucial to ensuring a workforce of safeguards and security professionals who can meet the challenges currently faced in global nuclear safeguards and security. Global demand for nuclear energy and technology, the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), and the cleanup of Cold War facilities have resulted in an increased need for trained safeguards and security personnel. At the same time, the global community is facing a growing shortage of experienced workers with hands-on knowledge of nuclear material processing. Limited access to operating facilities has dramatically reduced the opportunities for next-generation practitioners to obtain hands-on training experience. To address these needs, the Safeguards Technology Integration Center (STIC) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory was created as a Department of Energy User Facility to provide access both to the latest technology and to field-experienced professionals. The STIC provides real-world conditions, process equipment mock-ups, and controlled access to encapsulated radioactive materials (including highly enriched uranium and plutonium) for training and technology evaluation encompassing various techniques and skills, such as Radiation Inspection Systems, Containment and Surveillance Systems, Nondestructive Assay, Security System Performance Testing, and System Design and Analysis. The STIC facilities, laboratories, test beds, and training facilities are described along with the more notable aspects of the training program, which has included more than 1000 participants in the last four years.

Paschal, Linda J [ORNL; Chapman, Jeffrey Allen [ORNL; Rowe, Nathan C [ORNL; Stinson, Brad J [ORNL



Natural equilibria in steady-state neutron diffusion with temperature feedback  

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The critical diffusion equation with feedback is investigated within the context of steady-state multiphysics. It is proposed that for critical configurations there is no need to include the multiplication factor k in the formulation of the diffusion equation. This is notable because exclusion of k from the coupled system of equations precludes the mathematically tenuous notion of a nonlinear eigenvalue problem. On the other hand, it is shown that if the factor k is retained in the diffusion equation, as is currently common practice, then the resulting problem is equivalent to the constrained minimization of a functional representing the critical equilibrium of neutron and temperature distributions. The unconstrained solution corresponding to k = 1 represents the natural equilibrium of a critical system at steady-state. Computational methods for solving the constrained problem (with k) are briefly reviewed from the literature and a method for the unconstrained problem (without k) is outlined. A numerical example is studied to examine the effects of the constraint in the nonlinear system. (authors)

Pounders, J. M.; Ingram, R. [Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, P.O. Box 79, West Mifflin, PA 15122-0079 (United States)



Temperature dependence of thermal conductivities of coupled rotator lattice and the momentum diffusion in standard map  

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In contrary to other 1D momentum-conserving lattices such as the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam $\\beta$ (FPU-$\\beta$) lattice, the 1D coupled rotator lattice is a notable exception which conserves total momentum while exhibits normal heat conduction behavior. The temperature behavior of the thermal conductivities of 1D coupled rotator lattice had been studied in previous works trying to reveal the underlying physical mechanism for normal heat conduction. However, two different temperature behaviors of thermal conductivities have been claimed for the same coupled rotator lattice. These different temperature behaviors also intrigue the debate whether there is a phase transition of thermal conductivities as the function of temperature. In this work, we will revisit the temperature dependent thermal conductivities for the 1D coupled rotator lattice. We find that the temperature dependence follows a power law behavior which is different with the previously found temperature behaviors. Our results also support the claim that there is no phase transition for 1D coupled rotator lattice. We also give some discussion about the similarity of diffusion behaviors between the 1D coupled rotator lattice and the single kicked rotator also called the Chirikov standard map.

Yunyun Li; Nianbei Li; Baowen Li



Selective adsorption of tert-butylmercaptan and tetrahydrothiophene on modified activated carbons for fuel processing in fuel cell applications  

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Abstract The effects of surface oxidation and KOH impregnation on activated carbon for the selective adsorption of tert-butylmercaptan (TBM) and tetrahydrothiophene (THT) present in natural fuel gas were studied. Physicochemical properties of the adsorbents were characterized by N2 adsorption, X-ray diffraction (XRD), temperature programmed desorption (TPD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and surface pH measurements. Oxidation treatments by HNO3 or H2O2 gave rise to considerable increases in both TBM and THT adsorption capacity, about a threefold enhancement from those on pristine activated carbon. Notably, it was found that the oxidative modifications led to an enhancement in THT adsorption selectivity, whereas KOH impregnation led to a marked increase in TBM adsorption selectivity. The properties of the adsorption sites and the adsorption strength of TBM and THT on the sites were characterized. These results agree well with the experimental sulfur adsorption capacities of the samples and can be explained by an adsorption model proposed in this work.

Phuoc Hoang Ho; So-Yun Lee; Doohwan Lee; Hee-Chul Woo



In Situ MTBE Biodegradation Supported by Diffusive Oxygen Release  

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Noted on the figure are the locations of some of the monitoring conducted as part of our project, notably transects A?C. ... Selected VOC samples were sent to Turtle Bayou Laboratories (Liberty, TX) for TBA analyses via GC/MS (estimated detection limit 1 ?g/L). ...

Ryan D. Wilson; Douglas M. Mackay; Kate M. Scow



Industrialization in the late 19th Century --up through WWII  

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· Caribbean ~ 38 m · Central America (with Mexico) ~ 144 m · Mexico ~ 105 m · South America (with Brazil ~ 358 America (including Mexico) ~ 2.4% · Mexico ~ 2.4 % · South America (including Brazil) ~ 1.5% Brazil ~ 1 (including Mexico) ~ 2.8 · Mexico ~ 2.6 · South America (including Brazil) ~ 2.5 · Notable extremes

Lopez-Carr, David


Scalable and Robust Data Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks  

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. For this purpose, we also propose a novel zone flooding scheme, essentially a combination of geometric routing and flooding techniques. Our scheme features low overhead, high reliability, good scalability, and notable flexibility. Simulation studies are carried out to validate the effectiveness and efficiency of our scheme. I

Latchman, Haniph A.


Analysis of 2009 International Energy Conservation Code Requirements for Residential Buildings in Mesa, Arizona  

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The 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) contains several major improvements in energy efficiency over the 2006 IECC and the 2003 IECC. The notable changes are: (1) Improved duct sealing verified by testing the duct system; (2) Increased duct insulation; (3) Improvement of window U-factors from 0.40 to 0.35; and (4) Efficient lighting requirements. An analysis of these changes resulted in estimated annual energy cost savings of $145 a year for an average new house compared to the 2003 IECC. This energy cost saving decreases to $125 a year for the 2009 IECC compared to the 2006 IECC. Construction cost increases (per home) for complying with the 2009 IECC are estimated at $1256 relative to the 2003 IECC and $800 for 2006 IECC. Home owners will experience an annual cost savings of about $80 a year by complying with the 2009 IECC because reduction to energy bills will more than compensate for increased mortgage payments and other costs.

Lucas, Robert G.



Searching for Dark Matter Annihilation in the Smith High-Velocity Cloud  

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Recent observations suggest that some high-velocity clouds may be confined by massive dark matter halos. In particular, the proximity and proposed dark matter content of the Smith Cloud make it a tempting target for the indirect detection of dark matter annihilation. We argue that the Smith Cloud may be a better target than some Milky Way dwarf spheroidal satellite galaxies and use gamma-ray observations from the Fermi Large Area Telescope to search for a dark matter annihilation signal. No significant gamma-ray excess is found coincident with the Smith Cloud, and we set strong limits on the dark matter annihilation cross section assuming a spatially-extended dark matter profile consistent with dynamical modeling of the Smith Cloud. Notably, these limits exclude the canonical thermal relic cross section ($\\sim 3\\times10^{-26}{\\rm cm}^{3}{\\rm s}^{-1}$) for dark matter masses $\\lesssim 30$ GeV annihilating via the $b \\bar b$ or $\\tau^{+}\\tau^{-}$ channels for certain assumptions of the dark matter density profile; however, uncertainties in the dark matter content of the Smith Cloud may significantly weaken these constraints.

Alex Drlica-Wagner; German A. Gomez-Vargas; John W. Hewitt; Tim Linden; Luigi Tibaldo



Exploring motorcycle red-light violation in response to pedestrian green signal countdown device  

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Abstract Literature has suggested that angle/rear-end collisions would arise from the reality that motorists and motorcyclists tended to accelerate aggressively in response to the remaining seconds of green signal countdown device (GSCD). One safety concern, while GSCD has gradually been removed for safety in Taiwan, is pedestrian green signal countdown device (PGSCD) that is used by approaching motorists and motorcyclists that may adopt the information to travel aggressively – an unintended consequence that is detrimental to safety. Research has reported that there appeared no negative effect of PGSCD on motorist behaviours but the effect on motorcyclists’ behaviours has been rarely investigated. Using video/speed cameras, the current research investigates motorcyclists’ RLV (red-light violation) behaviours. The descriptive analyses indicate that the percentage of RLV at PGSCD intersection is higher than that at typical intersection, and the violating motorcycles appear to have higher travelling speeds at PGSCD intersection. Several interaction terms were examined with the binary logit framework, and the results reveal that several factors are associated with RLV, notably male/young riders, moped/large motorcycle users, higher approaching speeds of motorcycles, those with tropical helmets, and lower traffic volume. Similar determinants of early-start behaviours (for those waiting at reds and could view the \\{PGSCDs\\} for the crossing pedestrians at the same time) were identified. Implications of the research findings, the concluding remarks, and recommendations for future research are finally provided.

Ping-Ling Chen; Chih-Wei Pai; Rong-Chang Jou; Wafaa Saleh; Ming-Shin Kuo



Poisoning of a silica-supported cobalt catalyst due to presence of sulfur impurities in syngas during Fischer-Tropsch: Effects of chelating agent  

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The effects of sulfur impurities on the performance of cobalt-based Fischer?Tropsch catalysts are evaluated under industrially relevant operating conditions of temperature, pressure, and impurity levels. Chelating agents (CAs) were used to modify the SiO2 support, and the performances of the CA-modified catalysts are compared with conventional Co/SiO2 catalysts. For both the Co/SiO2 and CA-modified catalysts, the presence of sulfur in the inlet syngas results in a notable drop in the CO conversion, an undesired shift in the hydrocarbon selectivity toward short-chain hydrocarbons, more olefins in the products, and lower product yields. In the post-poisoning stage, i.e., after termination of sulfur introduction in the inlet syngas, the CA-modified catalysts recover activity and selectivity (to some extent at least), whereas such trends are not observed for the base-case, i.e., unmodified Co/SiO2 catalyst. The improved performance of the CA-modified catalysts in the presence of sulfur is attributed to higher densities of active sites.

Bambal, Ashish S. [WVU; Guggilla, Vidya S. [WVU; Kugler, Edwin L. [WVU; Gardner, Todd H. [U.S. DOE; Dadyburjor, Dady B. [WVU



Seasonal variability and north–south asymmetry of internal tides in the deep basin west of the Luzon Strait  

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Abstract Temporal and spatial variability of internal tides (ITs) in the deep basin west of the Luzon Strait were examined, based on two 9-month mooring current observations from autumn 2008 to summer 2009. The baroclinic current measurements exhibited north–south asymmetry and temporal variation. At the southern site (19.5°N), the kinetic energy of diurnal IT was dominant over that of semidiurnal IT by a factor of 3 to 4, whereas at the northern site (~ 21°N), the diurnal energy was comparable to or a little larger than semidiurnal energy. At both sites, the motions of semidiurnal IT were recognized as seasonally invariant, while diurnal IT showed notable seasonal variation, namely, stronger in summer and winter but weaker in spring and autumn. The seasonal variation was mainly modulated by the astronomical tides in the Luzon Strait rather than by the seasonal thermocline. Both diurnal and semidiurnal \\{ITs\\} contained stronger coherent signals than incoherent counterparts at two sites, but the IT at the southern site was more coherent than that at the northern site. Diurnal IT is more coherent than the semidiurnal IT at each site. The spatial–temporal variations were probably due to IT interferences from various sources within the Luzon Strait and modulation by varying background conditions.

Zhenhua Xu; Baoshu Yin; Yijun Hou; Antony K. Liu



A joint x-ray and neutron study on amicyanin reveals the role of protein dynamics in electron transfer  

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The joint x-ray/neutron diffraction model of the Type I copper protein, amicyanin from Paracoccus denitrificans was determined at 1.8 {angstrom} resolution. The protein was crystallized using reagents prepared in D{sub 2}O. About 86% of the amide hydrogen atoms are either partially or fully exchanged, which correlates well with the atomic depth of the amide nitrogen atom and the secondary structure type, but with notable exceptions. Each of the four residues that provide copper ligands is partially deuterated. The model reveals the dynamic nature of the protein, especially around the copper-binding site. A detailed analysis of the presence of deuterated water molecules near the exchange sites indicates that amide hydrogen exchange is primarily due to the flexibility of the protein. Analysis of the electron transfer path through the protein shows that residues in that region are highly dynamic, as judged by hydrogen/deuterium exchange. This could increase the rate of electron transfer by transiently shortening through-space jumps in pathways or by increasing the atomic packing density. Analysis of C-H{hor_ellipsis}X bonding reveals previously undefined roles of these relatively weak H bonds, which, when present in sufficient number can collectively influence the structure, redox, and electron transfer properties of amicyanin.

Sukumar, N.; Mathews, F.S.; Langan, P.; Davidson, V.L. (Cornell); (UMMC); (WU-MED); (LANL)



Simultaneous knockdown of BRAF and expression of INK4A in melanoma cells leads to potent growth inhibition and apoptosis  

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Abnormal BRAF and p16INK4A co-exist in 60% of melanomas. BRAF mutation also occurs in 80% of benign nevi where it turns-on p16INK4A resulting in proliferative senescence; loss of p16INK4A removes the inhibitory block leading to melanoma development. Since only melanomas with wild-type BRAF have amplified CDK4 and cyclin D1 genes, p16INK4A-CDK4/6-cyclin D pathway is viewed as linearly downstream of BRAF. Thus, co-occurrence of aberrant BRAF and INK4A may be remnant of changes during melanoma formation without functional significance. To explore this notion, we simultaneously knocked down BRAF (via siRNA) and expressed INK4A cDNA in melanoma cells and observed enhanced growth inhibition. Notably, although each alone had no statistically significant effect on apoptosis, co-expression of BRAF siRNA and INK4A cDNA caused potent apoptosis, which was associated with up-regulation of BIM and down-regulation of BCL2. Our results suggest that aberrant BRAF and INK4A cooperate to promote proliferation and survival of melanoma cells.

Zhao Yanhua; Zhang Yan; Yang Zhen; Li, Albert [Department of Pathology, Sealy Center for Cancer Cell Biology, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, 301 University Boulevard, Galveston, TX 77555-0743 (United States); Dong Jianli [Department of Pathology, Sealy Center for Cancer Cell Biology, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, 301 University Boulevard, Galveston, TX 77555-0743 (United States)], E-mail: jidong@utmb.edu



X-ray Studies of Regenerated Cellulose Fibers Wet Spun from Cotton Linter Pulp in NaOH/Thiourea Aqueous Solutions  

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Regenerated cellulose fibers were fabricated by dissolution of cotton linter pulp in NaOH (9.5 wt%) and thiourea (4.5 wt%) aqueous solution followed by wet-spinning and multi-roller drawing. The multi-roller drawing process involved three stages: coagulation (I), coagulation (II) and post-treatment (III). The crystalline structure and morphology of regenerated cellulose fiber was investigated by synchrotron wide-angle X-ray diffraction (WAXD) and small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) techniques. Results indicated that only the cellulose II crystal structure was found in regenerated cellulose fibers, proving that the cellulose crystals were completely transformed from cellulose I to II structure during spinning from NaOH/thiourea aqueous solution. The crystallinity, orientation and crystal size at each stage were determined from the WAXD analysis. Drawing of cellulose fibers in the coagulation (II) bath (H{sub 2}SO{sub 4}/H{sub 2}O) was found to generate higher orientation and crystallinity than drawing in the post-treatment (III). Although the post-treatment process also increased crystal orientation, it led to a decrease in crystallinity with notable reduction in the anisotropic fraction. Compared with commercial rayon fibers fabricated by the viscose process, the regenerated cellulose fibers exhibited higher crystallinity but lower crystal orientation. SAXS results revealed a clear scattering maximum along the meridian direction in all regenerated cellulose fibers, indicating the formation of lamellar structure during spinning.

Chen,X.; Burger, C.; Fang, D.; Ruan, D.; Zhang, L.; Hsiao, B.; Chu, B.



Bioenergy in Energy Transformation and Climate Management  

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Unlike fossil fuels, biomass is a renewable resource that can sequester carbon during growth, be converted to energy, and then re-grown. Biomass is also a flexible fuel that can service many end-uses. This paper explores the importance of bioenergy to potential future energy transformation and climate change management. Using a model comparison of fifteen models, we characterize and analyze future dependence on, and the value of, bioenergy in achieving potential long-run climate objectives—reducing radiative forcing to 3.7 and 2.8 W/m2 in 2100 (approximately 550 and 450 ppm carbon dioxide equivalent atmospheric concentrations). Model scenarios project, by 2050, bioenergy growth of 2 to 10% per annum reaching 5 to 35 percent of global primary energy, and by 2100, bioenergy becoming 15 to 50 percent of global primary energy. Non-OECD regions are projected to be the dominant suppliers of biomass, as well as consumers, with up to 35 percent of regional electricity from biopower by 2050, and up to 70 percent of regional liquid fuels from biofuels by 2050. Bioenergy is found to be valuable to many models with significant implications for mitigation costs and world consumption. The availability of bioenergy, in particular biomass with carbon dioxide capture and storage (BECCS), notably affects the cost-effective global emissions trajectory for climate management by accommodating prolonged near-term use of fossil fuels. We also find that models cost-effectively trade-off land carbon and nitrous oxide emissions for the long-run climate change management benefits of bioenergy. Overall, further evaluation of the viability of global large-scale bioenergy is merited.

Rose, Steven K.; Kriegler, Elmar; Bibas, Ruben; Calvin, Katherine V.; Popp, Alexander; van Vuuren, Detlef; Weyant, John


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8 - Personal Care Products in the Aquatic Environment: A Case Study on the Effects of Triclosan in Fish  

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Pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) are widely used by individuals for health or cosmetic reasons, or by industries such as agrifood and business to promote growth or protect the health of production animals. These chemicals include a huge variety of therapeutic drugs for humans, veterinary drugs, fragrances, and cosmetics. Among these and the focus of this chapter are chemicals used for preventing the growth of bacteria and other pathogens. Here, as a case study, we consider triclosan (TCS), a chlorinated phenoxy phenol that is a potent antibacterial and antifungal chemical. TCS is used in many personal care products, including shampoos, toothpaste, deodorants, and liquid soaps, in textiles used for sport clothing, as well as in plastic and polymers for medical uses. It is considered relatively safe to humans, although there are emerging concerns about the development of bacterial resistance and heightened sensitivity to allergens. In this chapter we consider its no-target effects on fishes. Similar to other personal care products, TCS enters municipal waste and, although the majority of the TCS is removed from the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) effluents, some TCS enters surface waters. TCS has the potential to bioaccumulate in aquatic organisms and exert adverse physiological effects. Algae are extremely sensitive to TCS, with growth inhibition occurring at concentrations measured in surface waters. Fish are similarly negatively affected by TCS, with notable reproductive and developmental effects, including lower hatchability of eggs, delayed time to hatching, and reduction in swim performance being reported. Some of the TCS effects occur through disruption of the thyroid axis. Even though the effects in fish generally occur at TCS concentrations higher than those measured in the environment, the concern is that the potential for increasing environmental concentrations of TCS is significant because it is still used in many products worldwide. Indeed, the use of TCS is being reevaluated in several OECD countries because of growing evidence concerning its potential to exert adverse effects on fish and other aquatic organisms.

Alice Hontela; Hamid R. Habibi



Full-scale tests of sulfur polymer cement and non-radioactive waste in heated and unheated prototypical containers  

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Sulfur polymer cement has been demonstrated to be superior to portland cement in the stabilization of numerous troublesome low- level radioactive wastes, notably mixed waste fly ash, which contains heavy metals. EG G Idaho, Inc. conducted full-scale, waste-stabilization tests with a mixture of sulfur polymer cement and nonradioactive incinerator ash poured over simulated steel and ash wastes. The container used to contain the simulated waste for the pour was a thin-walled, rectangular, steel container with no appendages. The variable in the tests was that one container and its contents were at 65{degree}F (18{degree}C) at the beginning of the pour, while the other was preheated to 275{degree}F (135{degree}C) and was insulated before the pour. The primary goal was to determine the procedures and equipment deemed operationally acceptable and capable of providing the best probability of passing the only remaining governmental test for sulfur polymer cement, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's full-scale test. The secondary goal was to analyze the ability of the molten cement and ash mixture to fill different size pipes and thus eliminate voids in the resultant 24 ft{sup 3} monolith.

Darnell, G.R.; Aldrich, W.C.; Logan, J.A.



Full-scale tests of sulfur polymer cement and non-radioactive waste in heated and unheated prototypical containers  

SciTech Connect (OSTI)

Sulfur polymer cement has been demonstrated to be superior to portland cement in the stabilization of numerous troublesome low- level radioactive wastes, notably mixed waste fly ash, which contains heavy metals. EG&G Idaho, Inc. conducted full-scale, waste-stabilization tests with a mixture of sulfur polymer cement and nonradioactive incinerator ash poured over simulated steel and ash wastes. The container used to contain the simulated waste for the pour was a thin-walled, rectangular, steel container with no appendages. The variable in the tests was that one container and its contents were at 65{degree}F (18{degree}C) at the beginning of the pour, while the other was preheated to 275{degree}F (135{degree}C) and was insulated before the pour. The primary goal was to determine the procedures and equipment deemed operationally acceptable and capable of providing the best probability of passing the only remaining governmental test for sulfur polymer cement, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission`s full-scale test. The secondary goal was to analyze the ability of the molten cement and ash mixture to fill different size pipes and thus eliminate voids in the resultant 24 ft{sup 3} monolith.

Darnell, G.R.; Aldrich, W.C.; Logan, J.A.



Sowing the seeds of massive black holes in small galaxies: Young clusters as the building blocks of Ultra-Compact-Dwarf Galaxies  

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Interacting galaxies often have complexes of hundreds of young stellar clusters of individual masses $\\sim 10^{4-6}~M_\\odot$ in regions that are a few hundred parsecs across. These cluster complexes interact dynamically, and their coalescence is a candidate for the origin of some ultracompact dwarf galaxies (UCDs). Individual clusters with short relaxation times are candidates for the production of intermediate-mass black holes of a few hundred solar masses, via runaway stellar collisions prior to the first supernovae in a cluster. It is therefore possible that a cluster complex hosts multiple intermediate-mass black holes that may be ejected from their individual clusters due to mergers or binary processes, but bound to the complex as a whole. Here we explore the dynamical interaction between initially free-flying massive black holes and clusters in an evolving cluster complex. We find that, after hitting some clusters, it is plausible that the massive black hole will be captured in an ultracompact dwarf forming near the center of the complex. In the process, the hole typically triggers electromagnetic flares via stellar disruptions, and is also likely to be a prominent source of gravitational radiation for the advanced ground-based detectors LIGO and VIRGO. We also discuss other implications of this scenario, notably that the central black hole could be considerably larger than expected in other formation scenarios for ultracompact dwarfs.

Pau Amaro-Seoane; Symeon Konstantinidis; Marc Dewi Freitag; M. Coleman Miller; Frederic A. Rasio



No evidence for acid-catalyzed secondary organic aerosol formation in power plant plumes over metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia - article no. L06801  

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Aircraft-based measurements of the water-soluble fraction of fine PM organic carbon (WSOC) and inorganic salt composition in the Atlanta, GA region were conducted in the summer of 2004. Five notable plumes of SO{sub 2}, apparently from coal-fired power plants, were intercepted, and had NH{sub 4}{sup +}/SO4{sup 2-} molar ratios ranging from approximately 0.8 to 1.4 compared to molar ratios near 2 outside of the plumes. Sulfate aerosol concentrations increased from a regional background of 5 - 8 {mu} g m{sup -3} to as high as 19.5 {mu} g m{sup -3} within these plumes. No increase in WSOC concentrations was observed in plumes compared to out-of-plumes within a WSOC measurement uncertainty of 8%. These measurements suggest that secondary organic aerosol formation via heterogeneous acid-catalyzed reactions within power plant plumes are not likely a significant contributor to the ambient aerosol mass loading in Atlanta and the surrounding region. Because this region is rich in both biogenic and anthropogenic volatile organic carbon (VOC), the results may be widely applicable.

Peltier, R.E.; Sullivan, A.P.; Weber, R.J.; Wollny, A.G.; Holloway, J.S.; Brock, C.A.; de Gouw, J.A.; Atlas, E.L. [Georgia Institute for Technology, Atlanta, GA (United States). School for Earth and Atmospheric Science



Light-ion production in the interaction of 175 MeV quasi-mono-energetic neutrons with iron and with bismuth  

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Nuclear data for neutron-induced reactions in the intermediate energy range of 20 to 200 MeV are of great importance for the development of nuclear reaction codes since little data exist in that range. Also several different applications benefit from such data, notably accelerator-driven incineration of nuclear waste. The Medley setup was used for a series of measurements of p, d, t, $^3$He and $\\alpha$-particle production by 175 MeV quasi-mono-energetic neutrons on various target nuclei. The measurements were performed at the The Svedberg Laboratory in Uppsala, Sweden. Eight detector telescopes placed at angles between 20$^\\circ$ and 160$^\\circ$ were used. Medley uses the $\\Delta E$-$\\Delta E$-$E$ technique to discriminate among the particle types and is able to measure double-differential cross sections over a wide range of particle energies. This paper briefly describes the experimental setup, summarizes the data analysis and reports on recent changes in the previously reported preliminary data set on bismuth. Experimental data are compared with INCL4.5-Abla07, MCNP6 using CEM03.03, TALYS and PHITS model calculations as well as with nuclear data evaluations. The models agree fairly well overall but in some cases systematic differences are found.

R. Bevilacqua; K. Jansson; S. Pomp; P. Andersson; J. Blomgren; C. Gustavsson; A. Hjalmarsson; V. D. Simutkin; M. Österlund; A. J. Koning; A. V. Prokofiev; M. Hayashi; S. Hirayama; Y. Naitou; Y. Watanabe; U. Tippawan; S. G. Mashnik; L. M. Kerby; F. -R. Lecolley; N. Marie; J. -C. David; S. Leray



Saturated critical heat flux in a multi-microchannel heat sink fed by a split flow system  

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An extensive experimental campaign has been carried out for the measurement of saturated critical heat flux in a multi-microchannel copper heat sink. The heat sink was formed by 29 parallel channels that were 199 {mu}m wide and 756 {mu}m deep. In order to increase the critical heat flux and reduce the two-phase pressure drop, a split flow system was implemented with one central inlet at the middle of the channels and two outlets at either end. The base critical heat flux was measured using three HFC Refrigerants (R134a, R236fa and R245fa) for mass fluxes ranging from 250 to 1500 kg/m{sup 2} s, inlet subcoolings from -25 to -5 K and saturation temperatures from 20 to 50 C. The parametric effects of mass velocity, saturation temperature and inlet subcooling were investigated. The analysis showed that significantly higher CHF was obtainable with the split flow system (one inlet-two outlets) compared to the single inlet-single outlet system, providing also a much lower pressure drop. Notably several existing predictive methods matched the experimental data quite well and quantitatively predicted the benefit of higher CHF of the split flow. (author)

Mauro, A.W.; Toto, D. [Department of Energetics, Applied Thermofluidynamics and Air Conditioning Systems, FEDERICO II University, p.le Tecchio 80, 80125 Napoli (Italy); Thome, J.R. [Laboratory of Heat and Mass Transfer (LTCM), Faculty of Engineering (STI), Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Station 9, Lausanne CH-1015 (Switzerland); Vanoli, G.P. [Engineering Department, Sannio University, Corso Garibaldi 107, Palazzo dell'Aquila Bosco Lucarelli, 82100 Benevento (Italy)



Centennial black carbon turnover observed in a Russia steppe soil  

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Black carbon (BC), from incomplete combustion of fuels and biomass, has been considered highly recalcitrant and a substantial sink for carbon dioxide. Recent studies have shown that BC can be degraded in soils. We use two soils with very low spatial variability sampled 100 years apart in a Russian steppe preserve to generate the first whole-profile estimate of BC stocks and turnover in the field. Quantities of fire residues in soil changed significantly over a century. Black carbon stock was 2.5 kg m{sup -2}, or about 7-10% of total organic C in 1900. With cessation of biomass burning, BC stocks decreased 25% over a century, which translates into a centennial soil BC turnover (293 years best estimate; range 182-541 years), much faster than so-called inert or passive carbon in ecosystem models. The turnover time presented here is for loss by all processes, namely decomposition, leaching, and erosion, although the latter two were probably insignificant in this case. Notably, at both time points, the peak BC stock was below 30 cm, a depth interval, which is not typically accounted for. Also, the quality of the fire residues changed with time, as indicated by the use benzene poly carboxylic acids (BPCA) as molecular markers. The proportions of less-condensed (and thus more easily degradable) BC structures decreased, whereas the highly condensed (and more recalcitrant) BC structures survived unchanged over the 100-year period. Our results show that BC cannot be assumed chemically recalcitrant in all soils, and other explanations for very old soil carbon are needed.

Hammes, K.; Torn, M.S.; Lapenas, A.G.; Schmidt, M.W.I.



Light-ion production in the interaction of 175 MeV quasi-mono-energetic neutrons with iron and with bismuth  

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Nuclear data for neutron-induced reactions in the intermediate energy range of 20 to 200 MeV are of great importance for the development of nuclear reaction codes since little data exist in that range. Also several different applications benefit from such data, notably accelerator-driven incineration of nuclear waste. The Medley setup was used for a series of measurements of p, d, t, $^3$He and $\\alpha$-particle production by 175 MeV quasi-mono-energetic neutrons on various target nuclei. The measurements were performed at the The Svedberg Laboratory in Uppsala, Sweden. Eight detector telescopes placed at angles between 20$^\\circ$ and 160$^\\circ$ were used. Medley uses the $\\Delta E$-$\\Delta E$-$E$ technique to discriminate among the particle types and is able to measure double-differential cross sections over a wide range of particle energies. This paper briefly describes the experimental setup, summarizes the data analysis and reports on recent changes in the previously reported preliminary data set on bism...

Bevilacqua, R; Pomp, S; Andersson, P; Blomgren, J; Gustavsson, C; Hjalmarsson, A; Simutkin, V D; Österlund, M; Koning, A J; Prokofiev, A V; Hayashi, M; Hirayama, S; Naitou, Y; Watanabe, Y; Tippawan, U; Mashnik, S G; Kerby, L M; Lecolley, F -R; Marie, N; David, J -C; Leray, S



Distinct kinetics of human DNA ligases I, IIIalpha, IIIbeta, and IV reveal direct DNA sensing ability and differential physiological functions in DNA repair  

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The three human LIG genes encode polypeptides that catalyze phosphodiester bond formation during DNA replication, recombination and repair. While numerous studies have identified protein partners of the human DNA ligases (hLigs), there has been little characterization of the catalytic properties of these enzymes. In this study, we developed and optimized a fluorescence-based DNA ligation assay to characterize the activities of purified hLigs. Although hLigI joins DNA nicks, it has no detectable activity on linear duplex DNA substrates with short, cohesive single-strand ends. By contrast, hLigIII{beta} and the hLigIII{alpha}/XRCC1 and hLigIV/XRCC4 complexes are active on both nicked and linear duplex DNA substrates. Surprisingly, hLigIV/XRCC4, which is a key component of the major non-homologous end joining (NHEJ) pathway, is significantly less active than hLigIII on a linear duplex DNA substrate. Notably, hLigIV/XRCC4 molecules only catalyze a single ligation event in the absence or presence of ATP. The failure to catalyze subsequent ligation events reflects a defect in the enzyme-adenylation step of the next ligation reaction and suggests that, unless there is an in vivo mechanism to reactivate DNA ligase IV/XRCC4 following phosphodiester bond formation, the cellular NHEJ capacity will be determined by the number of adenylated DNA ligaseIV/XRCC4 molecules.

Chen, Xi; Ballin, Jeff D.; Della-Maria, Julie; Tsai, Miaw-Sheue; White, Elizabeth J.; Tomkinson, Alan E.; Wilson, Gerald M.



Paternal occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields and neuroblastoma in offspring  

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Investigators in Texas have reported an association between paternal employment in jobs linked with exposure to electromagnetic fields and risk of neuroblastoma in offspring. In an attempt to replicate this finding, the authors conducted a case-control study in Ohio. A total of 101 incident cases of neuroblastoma were identified through the Columbus (Ohio) Children's Hospital Tumor Registry. All cases were born sometime during the period 1942-1967. From a statewide roster of birth certificates, four controls were selected for each case, with individual matching on the case's year of birth, race, and sex, and the mother's county of residence at the time of the (index) child's birth. Multiple definitions were employed to infer the potential for paternal occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields from the industry/occupation statements on the birth certificates. Case-control comparisons revealed adjusted odds ratios ranging in magnitude from 0.5 to 1.9. For two of the exposure definitions employed--both of which are similar to one used by the Texas investigators--the corresponding odds ratios were modestly elevated (odds ratios = 1.6 and 1.9). Notably, the magnitude of these odds ratios is not inconsistent with the Texas findings, where the exposure definition referred to yielded an odds ratio of 2.1. Because the point estimates in this study are imprecise, and because the biologic plausibility of the association is uncertain, the results reported here must be interpreted cautiously. However, the apparent consistency between two independent studies suggests that future evaluation of the association is warranted.

Wilkins, J.R. 3d.; Hundley, V.D. (Ohio State Univ., Columbus (USA))



Temperature dependence of structural parameters in oxide-ion-conducting Nd{sub 9.33}(SiO{sub 4}){sub 6}O{sub 2}: single crystal X-ray studies from 295 to 900K  

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Crystallographic space group, structural parameters and their thermal changes in oxide-ion-conducting Nd{sub 9.33}(SiO{sub 4}){sub 6}O{sub 2} were investigated using high-temperature single-crystal X-ray diffraction experiments in the temperature range of 295=notable structural change occurred over the temperature range examined. Observed anisotropy in thermal motions of oxide ions which belong to SiO{sub 4} tetrahedron indicated high rigidity of the tetrahedron in the structure, indicating that they form sp3 hybrid orbitals and the ligand oxygens do not take part in oxide-ion conductivity. Virtually full occupation of the 6h Nd site and highly anisotropic displacements of oxide ion inside the hexagonal channel were maintained over the temperature range examined. This result confirms that oxide-ion transport inside the hexagonal channel is the dominant process of conduction in the title compound.

Okudera, Hiroki [Max-Planck-Institut fuer Festkoerperforschung, Heisenbergstrasse 1, DE-70569 Stuttgart (Germany)]. E-mail: h.okudera@fkf.mpg.de; Yoshiasa, Akira [Department of Earth and Space Science, Graduate School of Science, Osaka University, 1-1 Machikaneyama-cho, Toyonaka, Osaka 560-0043 (Japan); Masubuchi, Yuuji [Material Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University, N13, W8, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-8628 (Japan); Higuchi, Mikio [Material Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University, N13, W8, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-8628 (Japan); Kikkawa, Shinichi [Material Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University, N13, W8, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-8628 (Japan)



Investigation of residential central air conditioning load shapes in NEMS  

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This memo explains what Berkeley Lab has learned about how the residential central air-conditioning (CAC) end use is represented in the National Energy Modeling System (NEMS). NEMS is an energy model maintained by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) that is routinely used in analysis of energy efficiency standards for residential appliances. As part of analyzing utility and environmental impacts related to the federal rulemaking for residential CAC, lower-than-expected peak utility results prompted Berkeley Lab to investigate the input load shapes that characterize the peaky CAC end use and the submodule that treats load demand response. Investigations enabled a through understanding of the methodology by which hourly load profiles are input to the model and how the model is structured to respond to peak demand. Notably, it was discovered that NEMS was using an October-peaking load shape to represent residential space cooling, which suppressed peak effects to levels lower than expected. An apparent scaling down of the annual load within the load-demand submodule was found, another significant suppressor of the peak impacts. EIA promptly responded to Berkeley Lab's discoveries by updating numerous load shapes for the AEO2002 version of NEMS; EIA is still studying the scaling issue. As a result of this work, it was concluded that Berkeley Lab's customary end-use decrement approach was the most defensible way for Berkeley Lab to perform the recent CAC utility impact analysis. This approach was applied in conjunction with the updated AEO2002 load shapes to perform last year's published rulemaking analysis. Berkeley Lab experimented with several alternative approaches, including modifying the CAC efficiency level, but determined that these did not sufficiently improve the robustness of the method or results to warrant their implementation. Work in this area will continue in preparation for upcoming rulemakings for the other peak coincident end uses, commercial air conditioning and distribution transformers.

Hamachi LaCommare, Kristina; Marnay, Chris; Gumerman, Etan; Chan, Peter; Rosenquist, Greg; Osborn, Julie



Electron cyclotron heating scenario and experimental results in LHD  

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A large helical device (LHD) experiment began at the end of March 1998. Fundamental and second harmonic electron cyclotron heating (ECH) are used as a plasma production and heating method with six gyrotrons whose frequencies are 82.6/84 and 168 GHz, respectively. Up to 0.9 MW power has been injected in LHD with long distance corrugated waveguide transmission systems. The maximum pulse width is achieved to 3.0 s/240 kW for the LHD experiments. Six antenna systems have been prepared at the horizontally and vertically elongated poloidal sections. The maximum stored energy using all six gyrotrons is 70 kJ at the averaged density of n?e=4×1018 m?3. The maximum central electron temperature Te0=3.5 keV is achieved at n?e=3×1018 m?3. The magnetic field structure in heliotron type devices like LHD, notably near the coil, is complicated. For this oblique injection, a wave is launched from the antenna, and then crosses the plasma in the complex field structure near the coil. The polarization ellipse of the wave is changed along the ray-path. The wave propagation in heliotron type devices has been analyzed in an ideal case that the magnetic field component along the propagation direction can be neglected. Even for perpendicular injection with our antenna systems, the field component along the propagation direction is not so small. Another treatment of the wave-propagation is introduced. Some calculations for the heating scenario with this treatment are shown.

H Idei; S Kubo; T Shimozuma; M Sato; K Ohkubo; Y Yoshimura; Y Takita; S Kobayashi; S Ito; Y Mizuno; K Tsumori; K Ikeda; T Notake; T Watari; O Kaneko; A Komori; H Yamada; P.C de Vries; M Goto; K Ida; S Inagaki; S Kado; K Kawahata; T Kobuchi; T Minami; J Miyazawa; T Morisaki; S Morita; S Murakami; S Muto; Y Nagayama; H Nakanishi; K Narihara; B.J Peterson; S Sakakibara; H Sasao; K Sato; K Tanaka; Y Takeiri; K.Y Watanabe; I Yamada; O Motojima; M Fujiwara



Strong reduction of V{sup 4+} amount in vanadium oxide/hexadecylamine nanotubes by doping with Co{sup 2+} and Ni{sup 2+} ions: Electron paramagnetic resonance and magnetic studies  

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In this work we present a complete characterization and magnetic study of vanadium oxide/hexadecylamine nanotubes (VO{sub x}/Hexa NT's) doped with Co{sup 2+} and Ni{sup 2+} ions. The morphology of the NT's has been characterized by transmission electron microscopy, while the metallic elements have been quantified by the instrumental neutron activation analysis technique. The static and dynamic magnetic properties were studied by collecting data of magnetization as a function of magnetic field and temperature and by electron paramagnetic resonance. At difference of the majority reports in the literature, we do not observe magnetic dimers in vanadium oxide nanotubes. Also, we observed that the incorporation of metallic ions (Co{sup 2+}, S = 3/2 and Ni{sup 2+}, S = 1) decreases notably the amount of V{sup 4+} ions in the system, from 14-16% (nondoped case) to 2%-4%, with respect to the total vanadium atoms (fact corroborated by XPS experiments) anyway preserving the tubular nanostructure. The method to decrease the amount of V{sup 4+} in the nanotubes improves considerably their potential technological applications as Li-ion batteries cathodes.

Saleta, M. E.; Troiani, H. E.; Ribeiro Guevara, S.; Ruano, G.; Sanchez, R. D. [Centro Atomico Bariloche, CNEA, (8400) S. C. de Bariloche (Argentina); Malta, M. [Depto. de Cs. Exatas e da Terra, Univ. do Estado da Bahia, Cabula Salvador CP 2555 (Brazil); Torresi, R. M. [Instituto de Quimica, Universidad de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo CP 26077, 05513-970 (Brazil)



Climate policies in a second-best world a case study on India Sandrine Mathya,*  

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to cut carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by a notable margin by 2020 from the 2005 level [...] We - A case study on India', Energy Policy 38:3, 1519-1528. Abstract The aim of this article is to analyze on the power sector sub- optimalities. To do so, we use IMACLIM-R, a dynamic recursive energy-economy model

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Disease-associated changes in the expression of ion channels, ion receptors, ion exchangers and Ca{sup 2+}-handling proteins in heart hypertrophy  

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The molecular pathology of cardiac hypertrophy is multifactorial with transcript regulation of ion channels, ion exchangers and Ca{sup 2+}-handling proteins being speculative. We therefore investigated disease-associated changes in gene expression of various ion channels and their receptors as well as ion exchangers, cytoskeletal proteins and Ca{sup 2+}-handling proteins in normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive (SHR) rats. We also compared experimental findings with results from hypertrophic human hearts, previously published (Borlak, J., and Thum, T., 2003. Hallmarks of ion channel gene expression in end-stage heart failure. FASEB J. 17, 1592-1608). We observed significant (P < 0.05) induction in transcript level of ATP-driven ion exchangers (Atp1A1, NCX-1, SERCA2a), ion channels (L-type Ca{sup 2+}-channel, K{sub ir}3.4, Na{sub v}1.5) and RyR-2 in hypertrophic hearts, while gene expression was repressed in diseased human hearts. Further, the genes coding for calreticulin and calmodulin, PMCA 1 and 4 as well as {alpha}-skeletal actin were significantly (P < 0.05) changed in hypertrophic human heart, but were unchanged in hypertrophic left ventricles of the rat heart. Notably, transcript level of {alpha}- and {beta}-MHC, calsequestrin, K{sub ir}6.1 (in the right ventricle only), phospholamban as well as troponin T were repressed in both diseased human and rat hearts. Our study enabled an identification of disease-associated candidate genes. Their regulation is likely to be the result of an imbalance between pressure load/stretch force and vascular tonus and the observed changes may provide a rational for the rhythm disturbances observed in patients with cardiac hypertrophy.

Zwadlo, Carolin [Fraunhofer Institute of Toxicology and Experimental Medicine, Center for Drug Research and Medical Biotechnology, Hannover (Germany); Borlak, Juergen [Fraunhofer Institute of Toxicology and Experimental Medicine, Center for Drug Research and Medical Biotechnology, Hannover (Germany)]. E-mail: borlak@item.fraunhofer.de



Stochastic Acceleration in the Galactic Center HESS Source  

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Stochastic acceleration of electrons interacting resonantly with a turbulent magnetic field in a small accretion torus appears to be the likely mechanism responsible for much of Sagittarius A*'s millimeter and shorter wavelength spectrum. The longer wavelength radiation is produced at larger radii by electrons either diffusing from smaller scales or accelerated in situ. An important prediction of this model is the ejection of a significant flux of relativistic protons from a magnetic-field-dominated acceleration site into the wind-shocked medium surrounding the black hole. Recently, several air Cerenkov telescopes, notably HESS, have detected TeV emission from the Galactic center, with characteristics hinting at a p-p-induced pion decay process for the \\gamma-ray emission. Given (1) the size of this acceleration region measured in the radio band and (2) the wind-injected ISM mapped with Chandra using the diffuse X-rays, it is feasible to test the idea that protons accelerated within \\~20 Schwarzschild radii of the black hole produce the TeV emission farther out. We show a fraction of TeV protons scattering about once within ~3 pc of Sagittarius A* and the proton power (~10^37 erg s^-1) produced in concert with the 7 mm radio emission matches the TeV luminosity well. This model explains why the TeV source does not vary on a timescale of a year or less. The particle cascade generated by the p-p scatterings also produces bremsstrahlung, inverse Compton, and synchrotron emission at longer wavelengths from secondary particles. We compare these with current measurements and demonstrate that GLAST will detect this source during its one-year all-sky survey.

Siming Liu; Fulvio Melia; Vahe Petrosian; Marco Fatuzzo



Alternative materials to cadmium for neutron absorbers in safeguards applications  

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Cadmium is increasingly difficult to use in safeguards applications because of rising cost and increased safety regulations. This work examines the properties of two materials produced by Ceradyne, inc. that present alternatives to cadmium for neutron shielding. The first is an aluminum metal doped with boron and the second is a boron carbide powder, compressed into a ceramic. Both are enriched in the {sup 10}B isotope. Two sheets of boron doped aluminum (1.1 mm and 5.2mm thick) and one sheet of boron carbide (8.5mm thick) were provided by Ceradyne for testing. An experiment was designed to test the neutron absorption capabilities of these three sheets against two different thicknesses of cadmium (0.6mm and 1.6mm thick). The thinner piece of aluminum boron alloy (1.1mm) performed as well as the cadmium pieces at absorbing neutrons. The thicker aluminum-boron plate provided more shielding than the cadmium sheets and the boron carbide performed best by a relatively large margin. Monte Carlo N-Particle eXtended (MCNPX) transport code modeling of the experiment was performed to provide validaLed computational tools for predicting the behavior of systems in which these materials may be incorporated as alternatives to cadmium. MCNPX calculations predict that approximately 0.17mm of the boron carbide is equivalent to 0.6mm of cadmium. There are drawbacks to these materials that need to be noted when considering using them as replacements for cadmium. Notably, they may need to be thicker than cadmium, and are not malleable, requiring machining to fit any curved forms.

Freeman, Corey R [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Geist, William H [Los Alamos National Laboratory; West, James D [Los Alamos National Laboratory



Radar range measurements in the atmosphere.  

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The earth's atmosphere affects the velocity of propagation of microwave signals. This imparts a range error to radar range measurements that assume the typical simplistic model for propagation velocity. This range error is a function of atmospheric constituents, such as water vapor, as well as the geometry of the radar data collection, notably altitude and range. Models are presented for calculating atmospheric effects on radar range measurements, and compared against more elaborate atmospheric models.

Doerry, Armin Walter


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Employee and job attributes as predictors of absenteeism in a national sample of workers: The importance of health and dangerous working conditions  

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This study reports on research which looks for employee and job characteristics which correlate with absenteeism. A large cross-sectional national probability sample of workers employed for at least 20 hr per week is analyzed (n = 1308). The dependent variable is the number of self-reported absences during the past 14 days. Thirty-seven independent variables are considered. Ordinary Least Squares (multiple regressions), two-limit Tobits, and two-part models are used to assess the statistical and practical significance of possible covariates. Statistically significant predictors included health variables such as being overweight, complaining of insomnia, and hazardous working conditions; job characteristics such as inflexible house; and personal variables such as being a mother with small children. Variables reflecting dangerous working conditions appear to be the strongest correlates of absenteeism. Notable variables which do not predict absenteeism include age, race, wages, and job satisfaction. Future research should direct attention toward workers' health and working conditions as covariates of absenteeism, since they are strongly significant in this study and have been neglected by most absenteeism investigators.

J.Paul Leigh



Genomics and molecular breeding in lesser explored pulse crops: Current trends and future opportunities  

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Abstract Pulses are multipurpose crops for providing income, employment and food security in the underprivileged regions, notably the FAO-defined low-income food-deficit countries. Owing to their intrinsic ability to endure environmental adversities and the least input/management requirements, these crops remain central to subsistence farming. Given their pivotal role in rain-fed agriculture, substantial research has been invested to boost the productivity of these pulse crops. To this end, genomic tools and technologies have appeared as the compelling supplement to the conventional breeding. However, the progress in minor pulse crops including dry beans (Vigna spp.), lupins, lablab, lathyrus and vetches has remained unsatisfactory, hence these crops are often labeled as low profile or lesser researched. Nevertheless, recent scientific and technological breakthroughs particularly the next generation sequencing (NGS) are radically transforming the scenario of genomics and molecular breeding in these minor crops. NGS techniques have allowed de novo assembly of whole genomes in these orphan crops. Moreover, the availability of a reference genome sequence would promote re-sequencing of diverse genotypes to unlock allelic diversity at a genome-wide scale. In parallel, NGS has offered high-resolution genetic maps or more precisely, a robust genetic framework to implement whole-genome strategies for crop improvement. As has already been demonstrated in lupin, sequencing-based genotyping of the representative sample provided access to a number of functionally-relevant markers that could be deployed straight away in crop breeding programs. This article attempts to outline the recent progress made in genomics of these lesser explored pulse crops, and examines the prospects of genomics assisted integrated breeding to enhance and stabilize crop yields.

Abhishek Bohra; Uday Chand Jha; P.B. Kavi Kishor; Shailesh Pandey; Narendra P. Singh



Quasiparticle band structure and density-functional theory: Single-particle excitations and band gaps in lattice models  

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ARTICLES Quasiparticle band structure and density-functional theory: Single-particle excitations-particle eigenvalues. Without rigorous basis even for the exact density-functional theory , these are often taken, eigenvalues obtained from density-functional theory DFT , and those from a corresponding LDA. Notable among

Hess, Daryl W.


nature nanotechnology | VOL 2 | JANUARY 2007 | www.nature.com/naturenanotechnology 1 Towards an in vivo biologically  

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@cmu.edu, mswong@rice.edu Nanotechnology is having a major impact on medicine and the treatment of disease, notably for a `pseudo-cell factory' that might enable a high-impact new approach to medicine. Nanotechnology researchCOMMENTARY nature nanotechnology | VOL 2 | JANUARY 2007 | www.nature.com/naturenanotechnology 1

Rubloff, Gary W.


Two-dimensional nonlinear advection?diffusion in a model of surfactant spreading on a thin liquid film  

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......Grotberg, 1994; Halpern et al., 1998), notably as a vehicle for drug delivery. + Present address: Department of Biomedical...mathematical model for the transport and spreading of oil slicks. Ecological Model. 22, 325 - 339. O ' B RIEN, S. B. G. M 1993 On......

H. A. R. Williams; O. E. Jensen



Colloquium: Majorana Fermions in nuclear, particle and solid-state physics  

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Ettore Majorana (1906-1938) disappeared while traveling by ship from Palermo to Naples in 1938. His fate has never been fully resolved and several articles have been written that explore the mystery itself. His demise intrigues us still today because of his seminal work, published the previous year, that established symmetric solutions to the Dirac equation that describe a fermionic particle that is its own anti-particle. This work has long had a significant impact in neutrino physics, where this fundamental question regarding the particle remains unanswered. But the formalism he developed has found many uses as there are now a number of candidate spin-1/2 neutral particles that may be truly neutral with no quantum number to distinguish them from their anti-particles. If such particles exist, they will influence many areas of nuclear and particle physics. Most notably the process of neutrinoless double beta decay can only exist if neutrinos are massive Majorana particles. Hence, many efforts to search for this process are underway. Majorana's influence doesn't stop with particle physics, however, even though that was his original consideration. The equations he derived also arise in solid state physics where they describe electronic states in materials with superconducting order. Of special interest here is the class of solutions of the Majorana equation in one and two spatial dimensions at exactly zero energy. These Majorana zero modes are endowed with some remarkable physical properties that may lead to advances in quantum computing and, in fact, there is evidence that they have been experimentally observed. This review first summarizes the basics of Majorana's theory and its implications. It then provides an overview of the rich experimental programs trying to find a fermion that is its own anti-particle in nuclear, particle, and solid state physics.

S. R. Elliott; M. Franz



Estimating future global per capita water availability based on changes in climate and population  

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Human populations are profoundly affected by water stress, or the lack of sufficient per capita available freshwater. Water stress can result from overuse of available freshwater resources or from a reduction in the amount of available water due to decreases in rainfall and stored water supplies. Analyzing the interrelationship between human populations and water availability is complicated by the uncertainties associated with climate change projections and population projections. We present a simple methodology developed to integrate disparate climate and population data sources and develop first-order per capita water availability projections at the global scale. Simulations from the coupled land-ocean-atmosphere Community Climate System Model version 3 (CCSM3) forced with a range of hypothetical greenhouse gas emissions scenarios are used to project grid-based changes in precipitation minus evapotranspiration as proxies for changes in runoff, or fresh water supply. Population growth changes according to several Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) storylines are used as proxies for changes in fresh water demand by 2025, 2050 and 2100. These freshwater supply and demand projections are then combined to yield estimates of per capita water availability aggregated by watershed and political unit. Results suggest that important insights might be extracted from the use of the process developed here, notably including the identification of the globe s most vulnerable regions in need of more detailed analysis and the relative importance of population growth versus climate change in in altering future freshwater supplies. However, these are only exemplary insights and, as such, could be considered hypotheses that should be rigorously tested with multiple climate models, multiple observational climate datasets, and more comprehensive population change storylines.

Parish, Esther S [ORNL; Kodra, Evan [Northeastern University; Ganguly, Auroop R [Northeastern University; Steinhaeuser, Karsten [University of Minnesota




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In supernova (SN) spectroscopy relatively little attention has been given to the properties of optically thick spectral lines in epochs following the photosphere's recession. Most treatments and analyses of post-photospheric optical spectra of SNe assume that forbidden-line emission comprises most if not all spectral features. However, evidence exists that suggests that some spectra exhibit line profiles formed via optically thick resonance-scattering even months or years after the SN explosion. To explore this possibility, we present a geometrical approach to SN spectrum formation based on the 'Elementary Supernova' model, wherein we investigate the characteristics of resonance-scattering in optically thick lines while replacing the photosphere with a transparent central core emitting non-blackbody continuum radiation, akin to the optical continuum provided by decaying {sup 56}Co formed during the explosion. We develop the mathematical framework necessary for solving the radiative transfer equation under these conditions and calculate spectra for both isolated and blended lines. Our comparisons with analogous results from the Elementary Supernova code SYNOW reveal several marked differences in line formation. Most notably, resonance lines in these conditions form P Cygni-like profiles, but the emission peaks and absorption troughs shift redward and blueward, respectively, from the line's rest wavelength by a significant amount, despite the spherically symmetric distribution of the line optical depth in the ejecta. These properties and others that we find in this work could lead to misidentification of lines or misattribution of properties of line-forming material at post-photospheric times in SN optical spectra.

Friesen, Brian; Baron, E.; Branch, David; Chen Bin [Homer L. Dodge Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Oklahoma, 440 W. Brooks St., Rm. 100, Norman, OK 73019 (United States); Parrent, Jerod T. [6127 Wilder Lab, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 03755 (United States); Thomas, R. C. [Computational Cosmology Center, Computational Research Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, MS 50B-4206, 1 Cyclotron Road, CA 94720 (United States)



Self- and zinc diffusion in gallium antimonide  

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The technological age has in large part been driven by the applications of semiconductors, and most notably by silicon. Our lives have been thoroughly changed by devices using the broad range of semiconductor technology developed over the past forty years. Much of the technological development has its foundation in research carried out on the different semiconductors whose properties can be exploited to make transistors, lasers, and many other devices. While the technological focus has largely been on silicon, many other semiconductor systems have applications in industry and offer formidable academic challenges. Diffusion studies belong to the most basic studies in semiconductors, important from both an application as well as research standpoint. Diffusion processes govern the junctions formed for device applications. As the device dimensions are decreased and the dopant concentrations increased, keeping pace with Moore's Law, a deeper understanding of diffusion is necessary to establish and maintain the sharp dopant profiles engineered for optimal device performance. From an academic viewpoint, diffusion in semiconductors allows for the study of point defects. Very few techniques exist which allow for the extraction of as much information of their properties. This study focuses on diffusion in the semiconductor gallium antimonide (GaSb). As will become clear, this compound semiconductor proves to be a powerful one for investigating both self- and foreign atom diffusion. While the results have direct applications for work on GaSb devices, the results should also be taken in the broader context of III-V semiconductors. Results here can be compared and contrasted to results in systems such as GaAs and even GaN, indicating trends within this common group of semiconductors. The results also have direct importance for ternary and quaternary semiconductor systems used in devices such as high speed InP/GaAsSb/InP double heterojunction bipolar transistors (DHBT) [Dvorak, (2001)]. Many of the findings which will be reported here were previously published in three journal articles. Hartmut Bracht was the lead author on two articles on self-diffusion studies in GaSb [Bracht, (2001), (2000)], while this report's author was the lead author on Zn diffusion results [Nicols, (2001)]. Much of the information contained herein can be found in those articles, but a more detailed treatment is presented here.

Nicols, Samuel Piers



Climatic response to large summertime injections of smoke into the atmosphere: changes in precipitation and the Hadley circulation  

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An atmospheric general circulation model (AGCM) has been initialized with a 150 Tg summertime injection of smoke from post-war fires over Europe, Asia and North America. The smoke is subject to large-scale and convectice transport, dry deposition, coagulation and precipitation scavenging. The Hadley circulation is shown to respond in three stages. In the first stage, which lasts about one week depending on initial conditions, the Hadley circulation doubles in intensity. As the smoke spreads across the equator, and as the troposphere becomes more stable, the Hadley cell then weakens until it becomes actually weaker than in the control climate. In the final stage, as the smoke is removed, the Hadley cell gradually returns towards the control. Surface precipitation generally decreases as a result of the smoke. By the fourth week following the injection, zonal-mean surface precipitation in the tropics and summer hemisphere midlatitudes are about half of those in the control climate. The decrease is most notable over land, ocean precipitation being reduced only in the tropics. Penetrating convective precipitation is greatly reduced at all latitudes; large-scale precipitation is enhanced, becoming the dominant mode of precipitation in the simulation. Precipitation scavenging is shown to be the dominant removal process for particles larger than one micron in diameter. As a result, the lifetime of large particles increases several-fold due to the reduction in precipitation and the ''self-lofting'' of the smoke. For particles smaller than one micron in diameter, precipitation scavenging is found to be a much less efficient removal mechanism than both coagulation, which is important during the first week following the injection, and dry deposition at later times. 16 refs., 23 figs.

Ghan, S.J.; MacCracken, M.C.; Walton, J.J.



New Mexico's energy resources '81. Annual report of Bureau of Geology in the Mining and Minerals Division of New Mexico Energy and Minerals Department  

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Although production of U/sub 3/O/sub 8/ declined only slightly in 1980, New Mexico's share of domestic production has declined from 48% in 1976 to 35% in 1980. Production projections indicate a continued decline in 1981 and lower production until at least 1984. New Mexico has 41% of total domestic reserves producible in the $50-per-lb cost category. In keeping with the anticipated steady depletion of reserves, production of crude oil in New Mexico was 69.9 million bls, a 6.3% decline in production from 1979. Condensate production of 5.4 million bbls in 1980, however, represented an increase of 7% from 1979 production. Although natural gas production was the lowest since 1970 and declined by 2.6% from 1979 production, 1980 was the 15th year that production exceeded 1 trillion cu ft. Despite declines in production, the valuation of oil and gas production has increased significantly with oil sales doubling from the previous year and gas sales increasing by $409 million because of higher prices. Reserves have been estimated to be 959 million bbls of crude oil and 17.667 trillion cu ft of natural gas. Production of 19.5 million short tons of coal in 1980 represented a 33% increase over 1979 production and an increase of 157% since 1970. Coal resources in New Mexico are estimated to be 180.79 billion short tons, and production is projected to incease to 39.61 million tons in 1985 and 67.53 million tons in 1990. The most notable developments in geothermal energy have been in technical advances in drilling, testing, and applications, especially in the area of hot dry rock systems. The US Bureau of Land Management has issued 113 geothermal leases that remain active. Recent geothermal exploration activity has been detailed for 21 companies.

Arnold, E.C.; Hill, J.M. (comps.)



Holocene vegetation and land-use dynamics in the karstic environment of Inis O??rr, Aran Islands, western Ireland: pollen analytical evidence evaluated in light of the archaeological record  

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A detailed Holocene pollen record, elaborated in the project TIMECHS, is presented from An Loch Mór, a deep lake at the north-eastern end of Inis O??rr, Aran Islands, western Ireland. Woodland development in the early Holocene is broadly comparable, as regards the general sequence of tree spread and overall woodland composition, to that known from mainland sites in the nearby Burren and Connemara. The main trees in the early Holocene woodlands were Quercus, Pinus and Ulmus. Corylus and a variety of tall shrubs including Betula, Juniperus, Rhamnus catharticus, Ilex, Viburnum opulus and Sorbus had an important role. Taxus expanded and attained dominance for a short period in the later Neolithic and then persisted in small numbers until at least the beginning of the early Medieval period (late 6th century AD). Other notable features included substantial opening-up of woodland cover prior to the Elm Decline, a well-defined Landnam in the early Neolithic (after the Elm Decline), considerable though varying human impact throughout the Bronze Age and continuing into the Iron Age, a distinct regeneration phase that involved regeneration of woody plants—mainly Juniperus, Corylus and Taxus—in the late Iron Age, i.e. the so-called Late Iron Age Lull, and renewed farming activity in the early Medieval period with Secale being introduced in the early 8th century AD. The final demise of woodlands took place between the 13th and the beginning of the 16th centuries though minor amounts of woody vegetation probably persisted on Inis O??rr until at least the late 18th century. The palynological record is discussed in the light of the available archaeological and historical information, and with particular reference to the recently completed archaeological excavations at Dún Aonghasa, the largest stone fort on the Aran Islands.

Karen Molloy; Michael O’Connell



Quantification of total mercury in liver and heart tissue of Harbor Seals (Phoca vitulina) from Alaska USA  

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This study quantified the Hg levels in the liver (n=98) and heart (n=43) tissues of Harbor Seals (Phoca vitulina) (n=102) harvested from Prince William Sound and Kodiak Island Alaska. Mercury tissue dry weight (dw) concentrations in the liver ranged from 1.7 to 393 ppm dw, and in the heart from 0.19 to 4.99 ppm dw. Results of this study indicate liver and heart tissues' Hg ppm dw concentrations significantly increase with age. Male Harbor Seals bioaccumulated Hg in both their liver and heart tissues at a significantly faster rate than females. The liver Hg bioaccumulation rates between the harvest locations Kodiak Island and Prince William Sound were not found to be significantly different. On adsorption Hg is transported throughout the Harbor Seal's body with the partition coefficient higher for the liver than the heart. No significant differences in the bio-distribution (liver:heart Hg ppm dw ratios (n=38)) values were found with respect to either age, sex or geographic harvest location. In this study the age at which Hg liver and heart bioaccumulation levels become significantly distinct in male and female Harbor Seals were identified through a Tukey's analysis. Of notably concern to human health was a male Harbor Seal's liver tissue harvested from Kodiak Island region. Mercury accumulation in this sample tissue was determined through a Q-test to be an outlier, having far higher Hg concentrarion (liver 392 Hg ppm dw) than the general population sampled. - Highlights: Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Mercury accumulation in the liver and heart of seals exceed food safety guidelines. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Accumulation rate is greater in males than females with age. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Liver mercury accumulation is greater than in the heart tissues. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Mercury determination by USA EPA Method 7473 using thermal decomposition.

Marino, Kady B. [Department of Chemistry, Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI 02809 (United States)] [Department of Chemistry, Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI 02809 (United States); Hoover-Miller, Anne; Conlon, Suzanne; Prewitt, Jill [Alaska SeaLife Center, City of Seward, AK (United States)] [Alaska SeaLife Center, City of Seward, AK (United States); O'Shea, Stephen K., E-mail: soshea@rwu.edu [Department of Chemistry, Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI 02809 (United States)



Recent Improvements in Interface Management for Hanford's Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant - 13263  

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The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Office of River Protection (ORP) is responsible for management and completion of the River Protection Project (RPP) mission, which includes the Hanford Site tank farms operations and the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP). The RPP mission is to store, retrieve and treat Hanford's tank waste; store and dispose of treated wastes; and close the tank farm waste management areas and treatment facilities by 2047. The WTP is currently being designed and constructed by Bechtel National Inc. (BNI) for DOE-ORP. BNI relies on a number of technical services from other Hanford contractors for WTP's construction and commissioning. These same services will be required of the future WTP operations contractor. Partly in response to a DNFSB recommendation, the WTP interface management process managing these technical services has recently been improved through changes in organization and issue management. The changes are documented in an Interface Management Plan. The organizational improvement is embodied in the One System Integrated Project Team that was formed by integrating WTP and tank farms staff representing interfacing functional areas into a single organization. A number of improvements were made to the issue management process but most notable was the formal appointment of technical, regulatory and safety subject matter experts to ensure accurate identification of issues and open items. Ten of the thirteen active WTP Interface Control Documents have been revised in 2012 using the improved process with the remaining three in progress. The value of the process improvements is reflected by the ability to issue these documents on schedule and accurately identify technical, regulatory and safety issues and open items. (authors)

Arm, Stuart T.; Van Meighem, Jeffery S. [Washington River Protection Solutions, P.O. Box 850, Richland, Washington, 99352 (United States)] [Washington River Protection Solutions, P.O. Box 850, Richland, Washington, 99352 (United States); Duncan, Garth M.; Pell, Michael J. [Bechtel National Inc., 2435 Stevens Center Place, Richland, Washington, 99352 (United States)] [Bechtel National Inc., 2435 Stevens Center Place, Richland, Washington, 99352 (United States); Harrington, Christopher C. [Department of Energy - Office of River Protection, 2440 Stevens Center Place, Richland, Washington, 99352 (United States)] [Department of Energy - Office of River Protection, 2440 Stevens Center Place, Richland, Washington, 99352 (United States)



Identification of human metapneumovirus-induced gene networks in airway epithelial cells by microarray analysis  

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Human metapneumovirus (hMPV) is a major cause of lower respiratory tract infections in infants, elderly and immunocompromised patients. Little is known about the response to hMPV infection of airway epithelial cells, which play a pivotal role in initiating and shaping innate and adaptive immune responses. In this study, we analyzed the transcriptional profiles of airway epithelial cells infected with hMPV using high-density oligonucleotide microarrays. Of the 47,400 transcripts and variants represented on the Affimetrix GeneChip Human Genome HG-U133 plus 2 array, 1601 genes were significantly altered following hMPV infection. Altered genes were then assigned to functional categories and mapped to signaling pathways. Many up-regulated genes are involved in the initiation of pro-inflammatory and antiviral immune responses, including chemokines, cytokines, type I interferon and interferon-inducible proteins. Other important functional classes up-regulated by hMPV infection include cellular signaling, gene transcription and apoptosis. Notably, genes associated with antioxidant and membrane transport activity, several metabolic pathways and cell proliferation were down-regulated in response to hMPV infection. Real-time PCR and Western blot assays were used to confirm the expression of genes related to several of these functional groups. The overall result of this study provides novel information on host gene expression upon infection with hMPV and also serves as a foundation for future investigations of genes and pathways involved in the pathogenesis of this important viral infection. Furthermore, it can facilitate a comparative analysis of other paramyxoviral infections to determine the transcriptional changes that are conserved versus the one that are specific to individual pathogens.

Bao, X. [Department of Pediatrics, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas (United States); Sinha, M. [Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas (United States)]|[UTMB Bioinformatics Program, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas (United States); Liu, T.; Hong, C. [Department of Pediatrics, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas (United States); Luxon, B.A. [Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas (United States)]|[UTMB Bioinformatics Program, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas (United States); Garofalo, R.P. [Department of Pediatrics, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas (United States)]|[Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas (United States)]|[Sealy Center for Vaccine Development, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas (United States); Casola, A. [Department of Pediatrics, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas (United States)]|[Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas (United States)]|[Sealy Center for Vaccine Development, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas (United States)], E-mail: ancasola@utmb.edu



A phenomenological approach to normal form modeling: a case study in laser induced nematodynamics  

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An experimental setting for the polarimetric study of optically induced dynamical behavior in nematic liquid crystal films has allowed to identify most notably some behavior which was recognized as gluing bifurcations leading to chaos. This analysis of the data used a comparison with a model for the transition to chaos via gluing bifurcations in optically excited nematic liquid crystals previously proposed by G. Demeter and L. Kramer. The model of these last authors, proposed about twenty years before, does not have the central symmetry which one would expect for minimal dimensional models for chaos in nematics in view of the time series. What we show here is that the simplest truncated normal forms for gluing, with the appropriate symmetry and minimal dimension, do exhibit time signals that are embarrassingly similar to the ones found using the above mentioned experimental settings. The gluing bifurcation scenario itself is only visible in limited parameter ranges and substantial aspect of the chaos that can be observed is due to other factors. First, out of the immediate neighborhood of the homoclinic curve, nonlinearity can produce expansion leading to chaos when combined with the recurrence induced by the homoclinic behavior. Also, pairs of symmetric homoclinic orbits create extreme sensitivity to noise, so that when the noiseless approach contains a rich behavior, minute noise can transform the complex damping into sustained chaos. Leonid Shil'nikov taught us that combining global considerations and local spectral analysis near critical points is crucial to understand the phenomenology associated to homoclinic bifurcations. Here this helps us construct a phenomenological approach to modeling experiments in nonlinear dissipative contexts.

C. Toniolo; G. Russo; S. Residori; C. Tresser




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High resolution X-ray spectroscopy of the warm absorber in a nearby quasar, MR 2251-178 (z = 0.06398), is presented. The observations were carried out in 2011 using the Chandra High Energy Transmission Grating (HETG) and the XMM-Newton Reflection Grating Spectrometer, with net exposure times of approximately 400 ks each. A multitude of absorption lines from C to Fe are detected, revealing at least three warm absorbing components ranging in ionization parameter from log (?/erg cm s{sup –1}) = 1-3 with outflow velocities ?< 500 km s{sup –1}. The lowest ionization absorber appears to vary between the Chandra and XMM-Newton observations, which implies a radial distance of between 9 and 17 pc from the black hole. Several broad soft X-ray emission lines are strongly detected, most notably from He-like oxygen, with FWHM velocity widths of up to 10,000 km s{sup –1}, consistent with an origin from broad-line region (BLR) clouds. In addition to the warm absorber, gas partially covering the line of sight to the quasar appears to be present, with a typical column density of N{sub H} = 10{sup 23} cm{sup –2}. We suggest that the partial covering absorber may arise from the same BLR clouds responsible for the broad soft X-ray emission lines. Finally, the presence of a highly ionized outflow in the iron K band from both the 2002 and 2011 Chandra HETG observations appears to be confirmed, which has an outflow velocity of –15600 ± 2400 km s{sup –1}. However, a partial covering origin for the iron K absorption cannot be excluded, resulting from low ionization material with little or no outflow velocity.

Reeves, J. N.; Gofford, J.; Nardini, E. [Astrophysics Group, School of Physical and Geographical Sciences, Keele University, Keele, Staffordshire, ST5 5BG (United Kingdom); Porquet, D. [Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg, Université de Strasbourg, CNRS, UMR 7550, 11 rue de l'Université, F-67000 Strasbourg (France); Braito, V. [INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, Via Bianchi 46 I-23807 Merate (Italy); Turner, T. J. [Center for Space Science and Technology, University of Maryland Baltimore County, 1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, MD 21250 (United States); Crenshaw, D. M. [Department of Physics and Astronomy, Georgia State University, Astronomy Offices, One Park Place South SE, Suite 700, Atlanta, GA 30303 (United States); Kraemer, S. B., E-mail: j.n.reeves@keele.ac.uk [Institute for Astrophysics and Computational Sciences, Department of Physics, The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC 20064 (United States)



The ends of uncertainty: Air quality science and planning in Central California  

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Air quality planning in Central California is complicated and controversial despite millions of dollars invested to improve scientific understanding. This research describes and critiques the use of photochemical air quality simulation modeling studies in planning to attain standards for ground-level ozone in the San Francisco Bay Area and the San Joaquin Valley during the 1990's. Data are gathered through documents and interviews with planners, modelers, and policy-makers at public agencies and with representatives from the regulated and environmental communities. Interactions amongst organizations are diagramed to identify significant nodes of interaction. Dominant policy coalitions are described through narratives distinguished by their uses of and responses to uncertainty, their exposures to risks, and their responses to the principles of conservatism, civil duty, and caution. Policy narratives are delineated using aggregated respondent statements to describe and understand advocacy coalitions. I found that models impacted the planning process significantly, but were used not purely for their scientific capabilities. Modeling results provided justification for decisions based on other constraints and political considerations. Uncertainties were utilized opportunistically by stakeholders instead of managed explicitly. Ultimately, the process supported the partisan views of those in control of the modeling. Based on these findings, as well as a review of model uncertainty analysis capabilities, I recommend modifying the planning process to allow for the development and incorporation of uncertainty information, while addressing the need for inclusive and meaningful public participation. By documenting an actual air quality planning process these findings provide insights about the potential for using new scientific information and understanding to achieve environmental goals, most notably the analysis of uncertainties in modeling applications. Concurrently, needed uncertainty information is identified and capabilities to produce it are assessed. Practices to facilitate incorporation of uncertainty information are suggested based on research findings, as well as theory from the literatures of the policy sciences, decision sciences, science and technology studies, consensus-based and communicative planning, and modeling.

Fine, James



Stratigraphy and depositional environments of Fox Hills Formation in Williston basin  

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The Fox Hills Formation (Maestrichtian), representing part of a regressive wedge deposited during the withdrawal of the sea from the Western Interior at the close of the Cretaceous, consists of marginal marine strata transitional between the offshore deposits of the underlying Pierre Shale and the terrestrial deltaic and coastal deposits of the overlying Hell Creek Formation. An investigation of outcrops of the Fox Hills Formation along the western and southern flanks of the Williston basin and study of over 300 oil and gas well logs from the central part of the basin indicate that the formation can be divided both stratigraphically and areally. Stratigraphically, the Fox Hills can be divided into lower and upper sequences; the lower includes the Trail City and Timber Lake Members, and the upper sequence includes the Colgate Member in the west and the Iron Lightning and Linton Members in the east. Areally, the formation can be divided into a northeastern and western part, where the strata are 30-45 m thick and are dominated by the lower sequence, and into a southeastern area where both the lower and upper sequences are well developed in a section 80-130 m thick. Typically, the lower Fox Hills consists of upward-coarsening shoreface or delta-front sequences containing hummocky bedding and a limited suite of trace fossils, most notably Ophiomorpha. In the southeast, however, these strata are dominated by bar complexes, oriented northeast-southwest, composed of cross-bedded medium to very fine-grained sand with abundant trace and body fossils. The upper Fox Hills represents a variety of shoreface, deltaic, and channel environments. The strata of the Fox Hills Formation exhibit facies similar to those reported for Upper Cretaceous gas reservoirs in the northern Great Plains.

Daly, D.J.



Trajectories of change in sagebrush steppe vegetation communities in relation to multiple wildfires  

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Repeated perturbations, both biotic and abiotic, can lead to fundamental changes in the nature of ecosystems including changes in state. Sagebrush-steppe communities provide important habitat for wildlife and grazing for livestock. Fire is an integral part of these systems, but there is concern that increased ignition frequencies and invasive species are fundamentally altering these systems. Despite these issues, the majority of studies of fire effects in Artemisia tridentata wyomingensis-dominated systems have focused on the effects of single burns. The Arid Lands Ecology Reserve (ALE), in south-central Washington (U.S.A.), was one of the largest areas of continuous shrub-steppe habitat in the state until large wildfires burnt the majority of it in 2000 and 2007. We analysed data from permanent vegetation transects established in 1996 and resampled in 2002 and 2009. Our objective was to describe how the fires, and subsequent post-fire restoration efforts, affected communities successional pathways. Plant communities differed in response to repeated fire and restoration; these differences could largely be ascribed to the functional traits of the dominant species. Low elevation communities, previously dominated by obligate seeders, moved farthest from their initial composition and were dominated by weedy, early successional species in 2009. Higher elevation sites with resprouting shrubs, native bunchgrasses and few invasive species were generally more resilient to the effects of repeated disturbances. Shrub cover has been almost entirely removed from ALE, though there is evidence of recovery where communities were dominated by re-sprouters. Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) dominance was reduced by herbicide application in areas where it was previously abundant but increased significantly in untreated areas. Several re-sprouting species, notably Phlox longifolia and Poa secunda, expanded remarkably following competitive release from shrub canopies and/or abundant cheatgrass. Our results suggest that community dynamics can be understood through a state-and-transition model with two axes (shrub/grass and native/invasive abundance), though such models also need to account for differences in plant functional traits and disturbance regimes. We use our results to develop an illustrative model that will be expanded with further research.

Davies, G. M.; Bakker, J. D.; Dettweiler-Robinson, E.; Dunwiddie, Peter W.; Hall, S. A.; Downs, Janelle L.; Evans, J.


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Laboratory measurements of the n = 3 to n = 3 emission from M-shell iron ions are presented and compared to synthetic spectra from the CHIANTI spectral model. The measurements cover the range 170-290 Angstrom-Sign and are made at an electron density of about 10{sup 11} cm{sup -3}. Emission from Fe VIII through Fe XVI has been identified. Excellent agreement with CHIANTI predictions is found for most lines. Twenty weaker features are noted in the laboratory data that are either absent in CHIANTI or have recently been added and correspond to lines that have not been verified by experimental measurements. A few of these lines may have already been observed (but not yet identified) in the Sun. The features are attributed to emission from various charge states of iron, notably Fe IX and Fe XIII, and two features have been identified as transitions in Fe VIII, i.e., the 3p{sup 6}3d {sup 2}D{sub 5/2}-3p {sup 5}3d{sup 2} {sup 2}P{sub 3/2} and the 3p {sup 6}3d {sup 2}D{sub 3/2}-3p {sup 5}3d{sup 2} {sup 2}P{sub 1/2} transitions at 225.25 {+-} 0.12 and 226.35 {+-} 0.10 Angstrom-Sign , respectively. Seven lines in Fe XI, Fe XII, and Fe XIII between 200 and 205 Angstrom-Sign are noted for which the wavelengths in the CHIANTI database disagree with those in the current database of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Our measurements of five of these lines appear to agree with the assignments used in CHIANTI.

Beiersdorfer, P.; Lepson, J. K. [Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, CA 96720 (United States)



Lentiviral-mediated transfer of CDNF promotes nerve regeneration and functional recovery after sciatic nerve injury in adult rats  

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Highlights: •CDNF was successfully transfected by a lentiviral vector into the distal sciatic nerve. •CDNF improved S-100, NF200 expression and nerve regeneration after sciatic injury. •CDNF improved the remyelination and thickness of the regenerated sciatic nerve. •CDNF improved gastrocnemius muscle weight and sciatic functional recovery. -- Abstract: Peripheral nerve injury is often followed by incomplete and unsatisfactory functional recovery and may be associated with sensory and motor impairment of the affected limb. Therefore, a novel method is needed to improve the speed of recovery and the final functional outcome after peripheral nerve injuries. This report investigates the effect of lentiviral-mediated transfer of conserved dopamine neurotrophic factor (CDNF) on regeneration of the rat peripheral nerve in a transection model in vivo. We observed notable overexpression of CDNF protein in the distal sciatic nerve after recombinant CDNF lentiviral vector application. We evaluated sciatic nerve regeneration after surgery using light and electron microscopy and the functional recovery using the sciatic functional index and target muscle weight. HE staining revealed better ordered structured in the CDNF-treated group at 8 weeks post-surgery. Quantitative analysis of immunohistochemistry of NF200 and S-100 in the CDNF group revealed significant improvement of axonal and Schwann cell regeneration compared with the control groups at 4 weeks and 8 weeks after injury. The thickness of the myelination around the axons in the CDNF group was significantly higher than in the control groups at 8 weeks post-surgery. The CDNF group displayed higher muscle weights and significantly increased sciatic nerve index values. Our findings suggest that CDNF gene therapy could provide durable and stable CDNF protein concentration and has the potential to enhance peripheral nerve regeneration, morphological and functional recovery following nerve injury, which suggests a promising strategy for peripheral nerve repair.

Cheng, Lei; Liu, Yi; Zhao, Hua; Zhang, Wen; Guo, Ying-Jun; Nie, Lin, E-mail: chengleiyx@126.com



Seismic Absorption and Modulus Measurements in Porous Rocks Under Fluid and Gas Flow-Physical and Chemical Effects: a Laboratory Study  

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This paper describes the culmination of a research project in which we investigated the complex modulus change in partially fluid saturated porous rocks. The investigation started with simple flow experiments over ''clean'' and ''contaminated'' surfaces, progressed to moduli measurements on partially filled single cracks, to measurements in ''clean'' and ''contaminated'' porous rocks and finally to a feasibility study in the field. For the experiments with the simple geometries we were able to measure fundamental physical properties such as contact angles of the meniscus and time dependent forces required to get the meniscus moving and to keep it moving at various velocities. From the data thus gathered we were able to interpret the complex elastic moduli data we measured in the partially saturated single cracks. While the geometry in real rocks is too complex to make precise calculations we determined that we had indeed identified the mechanisms responsible for the changes in the moduli we had measured. Thus encouraged by the laboratory studies we embarked on a field experiment in the desert of Arizona. The field site allowed for controlled irrigation. Instrumentation for fluid sampling and water penetration were already in place. The porous loosely consolidated rocks at the site were not ideal for finding the effects of the attenuation mechanism we had identified in the lab, but for logistic and cost constraint reasons we chose to field test the idea at that site. Tiltmeters and seismometers were installed and operated nearly continuously for almost 3 years. The field was irrigated with water in the fall of 2003 and with water containing a biosurfactant in the fall of 2004. We have indications that the biosurfactant irrigation has had a notable effect on the tilt data.

Harmut Spetzler




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;2 D. KHOSHNEVISAN, D. A. LEVIN, AND P. M´ENDEZ functions f C(R+) that satisfy f(1) = 0 (Fukushima events of full Wiener measure do hold q.s. A notable example is a theorem of M. Fukushima (1984). We can(R+), (1.5) lim inf t supu[0,t] |f(u)| t/ ln ln t = 8 . Fukushima's method can be adapted to prove

Levin, David Asher


Large eddy simulation of wind turbine wake dynamics in the stable boundary layer using the Weather Research and Forecasting Model  

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Recently an actuator disk parameterization was implemented in the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model for large eddy simulation (LES) of wind turbine wakes. To thoroughly verify this model simulations of various types of turbines and atmospheric conditions must be evaluated against corresponding experimental data. In this work numerical simulations are compared to nacelle-based scanning lidar measurements taken in stable atmospheric conditions during a field campaign conducted at a wind farm in the western United States. Using several wake characteristics—such as the velocity deficit centerline location and wake width—as metrics for model verification the simulations show good agreement with the observations. Notable results include a high average velocity deficit decreasing from 73% at a downwind distance x of 1.2 rotor diameters (D) to 25% at x?=?6.6D resulting from a low average wind speed and therefore high average turbine thrust coefficient. Moreover the wake width expands from 1.4D at x?=?1.2D to 2.3D at x?=?6.6D. Finally new features—namely rotor tilt and drag from the nacelle and tower—are added to the existing actuator disk model in WRF-LES. Compared to the rotor the effect of the tower and nacelle on the flow is relatively small but nevertheless important for an accurate representation of the entire turbine. Adding rotor tilt to the model causes the vertical location of the wake center to shift upward. Continued advancement of the actuator disk model in WRF-LES will help lead to optimized turbine siting and controls at wind farms.

Matthew L. Aitken; Branko Kosovi?; Jeffrey D. Mirocha; Julie K. Lundquist



Scale Matters: An Action Plan for Realizing Sector-Wide"Zero-Energy" Performance Goals in Commercial Buildings  

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It is widely accepted that if the United States is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions it must aggressively address energy end use in the building sector. While there have been some notable but modest successes with mandatory and voluntary programs, there have also been puzzling failures to achieve expected savings. Collectively, these programs have not yet reached the majority of the building stock, nor have they yet routinely produced very large savings in individual buildings. Several trends that have the potential to change this are noteworthy: (1) the growing market interest in 'green buildings' and 'sustainable design', (2) the major professional societies (e.g. AIA, ASHRAE) have more aggressively adopted significant improvements in energy efficiency as strategic goals, e.g. targeting 'zero energy', carbon-neutral buildings by 2030. While this vision is widely accepted as desirable, unless there are significant changes to the way buildings are routinely designed, delivered and operated, zero energy buildings will remain a niche phenomenon rather than a sector-wide reality. Toward that end, a public/private coalition including the Alliance to Save Energy, LBNL, AIA, ASHRAE, USGBC and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) are developing an 'action plan' for moving the U.S. commercial building sector towards zero energy performance. It addresses regional action in a national framework; integrated deployment, demonstration and R&D threads; and would focus on measurable, visible performance indicators. This paper outlines this action plan, focusing on the challenge, the key themes, and the strategies and actions leading to substantial reductions in GHG emissions by 2030.

Selkowitz, Stephen; Selkowitz, Stephen; Granderson, Jessica; Haves, Philip; Mathew, Paul; Harris, Jeff



An investigation of the views and perceptions of external users of corporate annual reports in emerging economies: the case of Egypt  

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The purpose of this paper is to examine how users of company annual reports in the emerging market of Egypt view those reports, and to compare the results with the findings of Mirshekary and Saudagaran (2005) in Iran. Each study is based on a survey of different but comparable user groups in the respective country. The data reported in this study were collected through a questionnaire survey, covering six user groups. The 72 responses received were analysed using the Kruskal-Wallis one-way ANOVA test. The results reveal that most use annual reports for obtaining information for financial decisions. The paper also reveals that, in comparison with developed markets, Egyptian users depend more on annual report information than on advice from stockbrokers and friends or on tips and rumours. The respondents, in general, ranked the auditors' report, notes to the financial statements and the balance sheet as the three most important parts of the annual report. However, the respondents differed in their rating of the importance of different sections of the annual report. Despite the lack of access to these reports by the general public and lack of trust in information, the majority of users view annual reports as the most important source of company information. The results further indicate that the ranking reported by users in Egypt is notably different from that reported in Iran. This supports the research stream that aims to study accounting at single-country levels. It also sends the message that developing countries are different and face different problems from developed ones. Therefore, there might be a need to reconsider the one-size-fits-all standards that are recommended by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). There is an important level of adjustment which a country that imports accounting standards must make to ensure that they do not conflict with the local socioeconomic culture.

Khaled Dahawy; Khaled Samaha



Potential for Higher Treatment Failure in Obese Patients: Correlation of Elevated Body Mass Index and Increased Daily Prostate Deviations From the Radiation Beam Isocenters in an Analysis of 1,465 Computed Tomographic Images  

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Purpose: Recent clinical outcome studies on prostate cancer have reported the influence of patient's obesity on the biochemical failure rates after various treatment modalities. In this study, we investigated the effect of patient's physical characteristics on prostate shift in external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) and hypothesized that there maybe a correlation between patient physique and tumor shift. Methods and Materials: A retrospective analysis was performed using data for 117 patients who received image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) for prostate cancer between January 2005 and April 2007. A total of 1,465 CT scans were analyzed. The standard deviations (SDs) of prostate shifts for all patients, along with patient weight, body mass index (BMI), and subcutaneous adipose-tissue thickness (SAT), were determined. Spearman rank correlation analysis was performed. Results: Of the 117 patients, 26.5% were considered normal weight, 48.7% were overweight, 17.9% were mildly obese, and 6.9% were moderately to severely obese. Notably 1.3%, 1.5%, 2.0%, and 21.2% of the respective shifts were greater than 10 mm in the left-right (LR) direction for the four patient groups, whereas in the anterior-posterior direction the shifts are 18.2%, 12.6%, 6.7%, and 21.0%, respectively. Strong correlations were observed between SAT, BMI, patient weight, and SDs of daily shifts in the LR direction (p < 0.01). Conclusions: The strong correlation between obesity and shift indicates that without image-guided radiation therapy, the target volume (prostate with or without seminal vesicles) may not receive the intended dose for patients who are moderate to severely obese. This may explain the higher recurrence rate with conventional external beam radiation therapy.

Wong, James R. [Department of Radiation Oncology, Carol G. Simon Cancer Center, Morristown Memorial Hospital, Morristown, NJ (United States)], E-mail: jackie.vizoso@atlantichealth.org; Gao Zhanrong; Merrick, Scott; Wilson, Paula [Department of Radiation Oncology, Carol G. Simon Cancer Center, Morristown Memorial Hospital, Morristown, NJ (United States); Uematsu, Minoru [Radiation Oncology, Uematsu-Atsuchi-Serendipity Oncology Center, Terukuni, Kagoshima (Japan); Woo, Kevin; Cheng, C.-W. [Department of Radiation Oncology, The Carol G. Simon Cancer Center, Morristown Memorial Hospital, Morristown, NJ (United States)



Neutrino fluxes from constrained minimal supersymmetric standard model lightest supersymmetric particle annihilations in the Sun  

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We evaluate the neutrino fluxes to be expected from neutralino lightest supersymmetric particle (LSP) annihilations inside the Sun, within the minimal supersymmetric extension of the standard model with supersymmetry-breaking scalar and gaugino masses constrained to be universal at the grand unified theory scale [the constrained minimal supersymmetric standard model (CMSSM)]. We find that there are large regions of typical CMSSM (m{sub 1/2},m{sub 0}) planes where the LSP density inside the Sun is not in equilibrium, so that the annihilation rate may be far below the capture rate. We show that neutrino fluxes are dependent on the solar model at the 20% level, and adopt the AGSS09 model of Serenelli et al. for our detailed studies. We find that there are large regions of the CMSSM (m{sub 1/2},m{sub 0}) planes where the capture rate is not dominated by spin-dependent LSP-proton scattering, e.g., at large m{sub 1/2} along the CMSSM coannihilation strip. We calculate neutrino fluxes above various threshold energies for points along the coannihilation/rapid-annihilation and focus-point strips where the CMSSM yields the correct cosmological relic density for tan{beta}=10 and 55 for {mu}>0, exploring their sensitivities to uncertainties in the spin-dependent and -independent scattering matrix elements. We also present detailed neutrino spectra for four benchmark models that illustrate generic possibilities within the CMSSM. Scanning the cosmologically favored parts of the parameter space of the CMSSM, we find that the IceCube/DeepCore detector can probe at best only parts of this parameter space, notably the focus-point region and possibly also at the low-mass tip of the coannihilation strip.

Ellis, John [TH Division, Physics Department, CERN, 1211 Geneva 23 (Switzerland); Olive, Keith A. [William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455 (United States); Savage, Christopher [Oskar Klein Centre for Cosmoparticle Physics, Department of Physics, Stockholm University, AlbaNova, SE-10691 Stockholm (Sweden); Spanos, Vassilis C. [Department of Physics, University of Patras, GR-26500 Patras (Greece)



Study of diphoton decays of the lightest scalar Higgs boson in the Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model  

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The CMS and ATLAS experiments at the LHC have announced the discovery of a Higgs boson with mass at approximately 125 GeV/c2 in the search for the Standard Model Higgs boson via, notably, the ?? and ZZ to four leptons final states. Considering the recent results of the Higgs boson searches from the LHC, we study the lightest scalar Higgs boson h1 in the Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model by restricting the next-to-lightest scalar Higgs boson h2 to be the observed to the 125 GeV/c2 state. We perform a scan over the relevant NMSSM parameter space that is favoured by low fine-tuning considerations. Moreover, we also take the experimental constraints from direct searches, B-physics observables, relic density, and anomalous magnetic moment of the muon measurements, as well as the theoretical considerations, into account in our specific scan. We find that the signal rate in the two-photon final state for the NMSSM Higgs boson h1 with the mass range from about 80 GeV/c2 to about 122 GeV/c2 can be enhanced by a factor of up to 3.5 when the Higgs boson h2 is required to be compatible with the excess from latest LHC results. This motivates the extension of the search at the LHC for the Higgs boson h1 in the diphoton final state down to masses of 80 GeV/c2, particularly with the upcoming proton-proton collision data to be taken at center-of-mass energies of 13–14 TeV.

Fan Jia-Wei (???); Tao Jun-Quan (???); Shen Yu-Qiao (???); Chen Guo-Ming (???); Chen He-Sheng (???); S. Gascon-Shotkin; M. Lethuillier; L. Sgandurra; P. Soulet



Controls of oil family distribution and composition in nonmarine petroleum systems: A case study from Inner Mongolia Erlian basin, Northern China  

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Abstract The Erlian basin is a continental rift basin located in Inner Mongolia, Northern China. It is a typical representative of Cretaceous Northeast Asian Rift System, which includes many small petroliferous basins in Mongolia Republic and Northern China. Although Lower Cretaceous source rocks are understood to be most important in the Erlian petroleum systems, the precise identification of these source rock intervals and their determination on oil families distribution and composition are poorly understood in this tectonically complicated, nonmarine basin. New bulk data have been gathered from source rock intervals, oil sands and crude oil samples in eight main oil-producing subbasins. Geochemical analyses indicate that Lower Cretaceous Aershan formation (K1ba) and Tengger 1 formation (K1bt1) are two main source intervals in the Erlian basin and their source rock facies vary from profundal lacustrine to marginal lacustrine according to biomarker and trace elements calibration, the profundal lacustrine facies is characterised by brackish water and anoxic environment, which is similar to their correlative oils (Family 1 oils). The marginal lacustrine facies is characterised by freshwater and suboxic environment, which sourced the most common Family 2 oils. Meanwhile, different maturation processes exercise the second control on oil groups and their compositions, the profundal lacustrine source rocks characterised by their sulphur-rich kerogens lead to two oil groups (group 1 and group 2 oils), whose maturity range from low to normal; while, the marginal lacustrine source rock only lead to normal-maturity oils. At last, biodegradation affected the composition of a certain oils and formed group 4 heavy oils. In addition, short migration distance in small subbasins made the contamination or fractionation less notable in the Erlian basin.

Zhelong Chen; Guangdi Liu; Zhilong Huang; Xuejun Lu; Qiang Luo; Xiujian Ding



Understanding Trends in Wind Turbine Prices Over the Past Decade  

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Understanding Trends in Wind Turbine Prices Over the Past Decade Understanding Trends in Wind Turbine Prices Over the Past Decade Title Understanding Trends in Wind Turbine Prices Over the Past Decade Publication Type Report Refereed Designation Unknown Year of Publication 2011 Authors Bolinger, Mark, and Ryan H. Wiser Pagination 46 Date Published 10/2011 Publisher LBNL City Berkeley Keywords electricity markets and policy group, energy analysis and environmental impacts department Abstract Berkeley Lab has gathered price data on 81 U.S. wind turbine transactions totaling 23,850 MW announced from 1997 through early 2011. Figure ES-1 depicts these reported wind turbine transaction prices (along with the associated trend line), broken out by the size of the transaction (in MW). Figure ES-1 also presents average (global) turbine prices reported by Vestas for the years 2005 through 2010, as well as a range of reported pricing (among various turbine manufacturers) for transactions signed in 2010 and so far in 2011 (with 2011 prices generally lower than 2010 prices). After hitting a low of roughly $750/kW from 2000 to 2002, average wind turbine prices doubled through 2008, rising to an average of roughly $1,500/kW. Wind turbine prices have since declined substantially, with price quotes for transactions executed in 2010 and to date in 2011 ranging from $900-$1,400/kW depending on the manufacturer and turbine model. For example, turbines designed for lower wind speed sites - deploying higher hub heights and larger rotor diameters for a given nameplate capacity - are priced at the higher end of this range. These quotes suggest price declines of as much as 33% or more since late 2008, with an average decline closer to perhaps 20% for orders announced in 2010 (as opposed to in 2011, which has seen further price declines). These two substantial and opposing wind turbine price trends over the past decade - and particularly the doubling in prices in the 2002-2008 period - run counter to the smooth, gradually declining technology cost trajectories that are often assumed by energy analysts modeling the diffusion of new technologies, including wind power. Understanding and explaining this notable discrepancy between theory and historical reality is the primary motivation for this work. Taking a bottom-up approach, this report examines seven primary drivers of wind turbine prices in the United States, with the goal of estimating the degree to which each contributed to the doubling in turbine prices from 2002 through 2008, as well as the subsequent decline in prices through 2010 (our analysis does not extend into 2011 because several of these drivers are best gauged on a full-year basis due to seasonality issues).


Seyfert galaxies in the local Universe (z$\\leq$ 0.1): the average X-ray spectrum as seen by $BeppoSAX$  

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The $BeppoSAX$ archive is currently the largest reservoir of high sensitivity simultaneous soft and hard-X ray data of Seyfert galaxies. From this database all the Seyfert galaxies (105 objects of which 43 are type I and 62 are type II) with redshift lower than 0.1 have been selected and analyzed in a homogeneous way (Dadina 2007). The X-ray data so collected allow to infer the average spectral properties of nearby Seyfert galaxies included in the original sample and, most notably: the photon index ($\\Gamma$$\\sim$1.8), the high-energy cut-off (Ec$\\sim$290 keV), and the relative amount of reflection (R$\\sim$1.0). The data have been also used to test some assumptions of the unified scheme for the AGN. The distributions of the isotropic indicators (photon index, relative amount of reflection, high-energy cut-off and narrow FeK$\\alpha$ energy centroid) are similar in type I and type II objects while the absorbing column and the iron line equivalent width significantly differ between the two classes of active galactic nuclei. Confirming previous results, the narrow FeK$\\alpha$ line is consistent, in Seyfert 2, with being produced in the same matter responsible for the observed obscuration. These results, thus, support the basic picture of the unified model. Moreover, the presence of a X-ray Baldwin effect in Seyfert 1 has been here measured using the 20-100 keV luminosity (EW$\\propto$L(20-100)$^{-0.22\\pm0.05}$). Finally, the possible presence of a correlation between the photon index and the amount of reflection is confirmed thus indicating thermal Comptonization as the most likely origin of the high energy emission for the active galactic nuclei included in the original sample.

Mauro Dadina



Assessment of the neurotoxic potential of exposure to 50 Hz extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF) in naïve and chemically stressed PC12 cells  

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Abstract Increasing exposure to extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF), generated by power lines and electric appliances, raises concern about potential adverse health effects of ELF-EMF. The central nervous system is expected to be particularly vulnerable to ELF-EMF as its function strongly depends on electrical excitability. We therefore investigated effects of acute (30 min) and sub-chronic (48 h) exposure to 50 Hz ELF-EMF on naïve and chemically stressed pheochromocytoma (PC12) cells. The latter have higher levels of iron and/or reactive oxygen species (ROS) and display increased vulnerability to environmental insults. Effects of ELF-EMF on Ca2+-homeostasis, ROS production and membrane integrity were assessed using Fura-2 single cell fluorescence microscopy, H2-DCFDA and CFDA assays, respectively. Our data demonstrate that acute exposure of naïve PC12 cells to 50 Hz ELF-EMF up to 1000 ?T fails to affect basal or depolarization-evoked [Ca2+]i. Moreover, sub-chronic ELF-EMF exposure up to 1000 ?T has no consistent effects on Ca2+-homeostasis in naïve PC12 cells and does not affect ROS production and membrane integrity. Notably, in chemically stressed PC12 cells both acute and sub-chronic ELF-EMF exposure also failed to exert consistent effects on Ca2+-homeostasis, ROS production and membrane integrity. Our combined findings thus indicate that exposure to 50 Hz ELF-EMF up to 1000 ?T, i.e. 10,000 times above background exposure, does not induce neurotoxic effects in vitro, neither in naïve nor in chemically stressed PC12 cells. Though our data require confirmation, e.g. in developing neuronal cells in vitro or (developing) animals, it appears that the neurotoxic risk of ELF-EMF exposure is limited.

Martje W.G.D.M. de Groot; Marjolijn D.M. Kock; Remco H.S. Westerink



Persistence of gamma-H2AX and 53BP1 foci in proliferating and nonproliferating human mammary epithelial cells after exposure to gamma-rays or iron ions  

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To investigate {gamma}-H2AX (phosphorylated histone H2AX) and 53BP1 (tumour protein 53 binding protein No. 1) foci formation and removal in proliferating and non-proliferating human mammary epithelial cells (HMEC) after exposure to sparsely and densely ionizing radiation under different cell culture conditions. HMEC cells were grown either as monolayers (2D) or in extracellular matrix to allow the formation of acinar structures in vitro (3D). Foci numbers were quantified by image analysis at various time points after exposure. Our results reveal that in non-proliferating cells under 2D and 3D cell culture conditions, iron-ion induced {gamma}-H2AX foci were still present at 72 h after exposure, although 53BP1 foci returned to control levels at 48 h. In contrast in proliferating HMEC, both {gamma}-H2AX and 53BP1 foci decreased to control levels during the 24-48 h time interval after irradiation under 2D conditions. Foci numbers decreased faster after {gamma}-ray irradiation and returned to control levels by 12 h regardless of marker, cell proliferation status, and cell culture condition. Conclusions: The disappearance of radiation induced {gamma}-H2AX and 53BP1 foci in HMEC have different dynamics that depend on radiation quality and proliferation status. Notably, the general patterns do not depend on the cell culture condition (2D versus 3D). We speculate that the persistent {gamma}-H2AX foci in iron-ion irradiated non-proliferating cells could be due to limited availability of double strand break (DSB) repair pathways in G0/G1-phase, or that repair of complex DSB requires replication or chromatin remodeling.

Groesser, Torsten; Chang, Hang; Fontenay, Gerald; Chen, James; Costes, Sylvain V.; Barcellos-Hoff, Mary Helen; Parvin, Bahram; Rydberg, Bjorn



Strong-Field Quantum Electrodynamics and Muonic Hydrogen  

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We explore the possibility of a breakdown of perturbative quantum electrodynamics in light muonic bound systems, notably, muonic hydrogen. The average electric field seen by a muon orbiting a proton is shown to be comparable to hydrogenlike Uranium and, notably, larger than the electric field achievable using even the most advanced strong-laser facilities. Following Maltman and Isgur who have shown that fundamental forces such as the meson exchange force may undergo a qualitative change in the strong-coupling regime, we investigate a concomitant possible existence of muon-proton and electron-proton contact interactions, of nonperturbative origin, and their influence on transition frequencies in light one-muon ions.

U. D. Jentschura



Strong-Field Quantum Electrodynamics and Muonic Hydrogen  

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We explore the possibility of a breakdown of perturbative quantum electrodynamics in light muonic bound systems, notably, muonic hydrogen. The average electric field seen by a muon orbiting a proton is shown to be comparable to hydrogenlike Uranium and, notably, larger than the electric field achievable using even the most advanced strong-laser facilities. Following Maltman and Isgur who have shown that fundamental forces such as the meson exchange force may undergo a qualitative change in the strong-coupling regime, we investigate a concomitant possible existence of muon-proton and electron-proton contact interactions, of nonperturbative origin, and their influence on transition frequencies in light one-muon ions.

Jentschura, U D



Mechanical energy profiles of the combined ankle–foot system in normal gait: Insights for prosthetic designs  

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Abstract Over the last half-century, the field of prosthetic engineering has continuously evolved with much attention being dedicated to restoring the mechanical energy properties of ankle joint musculatures during gait. However, the contributions of ‘distal foot structures’ (e.g., foot muscles, plantar soft tissue) have been overlooked. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to quantify the total mechanical energy profiles (e.g., power, work, and work-ratio) of the natural ankle–foot system (NAFS) by combining the contributions of the ankle joint and all distal foot structures during stance in level-ground steady state walking across various speeds (0.4, 0.6, 0.8 and 1.0 statures/s). The results from eleven healthy subjects walking barefoot indicated ankle joint and distal foot structures generally performed opposing roles: the ankle joint performed net positive work that systematically increased its energy generation with faster walking speeds, while the distal foot performed net negative work that systematically increased its energy absorption with faster walking speeds. Accounting for these simultaneous effects, the combined ankle–foot system exhibited increased work-ratios with faster walking. Most notably, the work-ratio was not significantly greater than 1.0 during the normal walking speed of 0.8 statures/s. Therefore, a prosthetic design that strategically exploits passive-dynamic properties (e.g., elastic energy storage and return) has the potential to replicate the mechanical energy profiles of the NAFS during level-ground steady-state walking.

Kota Z. Takahashi; Steven J. Stanhope



Ringwoodite, Natural (Mg,Fe)2SiO4 Spinel in the Tenham Meteorite  

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... The X-ray diffraction pattern (Table 2, column 2) resembles that of synthetic MgAl2O4 spinel (Table 2, column 1) with rather different intensities and several weak lines, notably ... of the purple ringwoodite are close to those observed2'3 for synthetic (Mg,Fe)2SiO4 spinel with the observed Mg,Fe content (see Fig. 1). The density calculated for ...




Analysis of a Defected Dissimilar Metal Weld in a PWR Power Plant  

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During the refueling outage 2000, inspections of the RC-loops of one of the Ringhals PWR-units, Ringhals 4, indicated surface breaking defects in the axial direction of the piping in a dissimilar weld between the Low alloy steel nozzle and the stainless safe end in the hot leg. In addition some indications were found that there were embedded defects in the weld material. These defects were judged as being insignificant to the structural integrity. The welds were inspected in 1993 with the result that no significant indications were found. The weld it self is a double U weld, where the thickness of the material is ideally 79,5 mm. Its is constructed by Inconel 182 weld material. At the nozzle a buttering was applied, also by Inconel 182. The In-service inspection, ISI, of the object indicated four axial defects, 9-16 mm deep. During fabrication, the areas where the defects are found were repaired at least three times, onto a maximum depth of 32 mm. To evaluate the defects, 6 boat samples from the four axial defects were cut from the perimeter and shipped to the hot-cell laboratory for further examination. This examination revealed that the two deep defects had been under sized by the ISI outside the requirement set by the inspection tolerances, while the two shallow defects were over sized, but within the tolerances of the detection system. When studying the safety case it became evident that there were several missing elements in the way this problems is handled with respect to the Swedish safety evaluation code. Among these the most notable at the beginning was the absence of reliable fracture mechanical data such as crack growth laws and fracture toughness at elevated temperature. Both these questions were handled by the project. The fracture mechanical evaluation has focused on a fit for service principal. Thus defects both in the unaffected zones and the disturbed zones, boat sample cutouts, of the weld have been analyzed. With reference to the Swedish safety evaluation system in accordance to the regulatory demands, a safety evaluation was performed using the R6-method. The failure assessment diagram is modified by the addition of the ASME XI safety factors both for limit load analysis and fracture assessment. This results in a very high conservatism since the secondary stresses such as residual stresses are high in the area. In order to quantify this effect an analysis in accordance to ASME IWB-3640, App. C was performed. This analysis provides the decision-makers with a sensitivity study; important to have to value the real risk of any missed defects in the area. (authors)

Efsing, P. [Barseback Kraft AB, P.O. Box 524, Loddekopinge SE-246 25 (Sweden); Lagerstrom, J. [Vattenfall AB, Ringhals, 430 22 Vaeroebacka (Sweden)


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La plastie d'agrandissement du ligament annulaire antérieur du carpe dans le traitement du syndrome du canal carpien  

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Summary In the treatment of the carpal tunnel syndrome the simple division of the transverse carpal ligament sometimes causes a certain weakness of the grip strength, which takes a very long to recover. In order to avoid this inconvenience, a new technique is described consisting in an enlargement plasty of the transverse carpal ligament. The procedure is simple but precise : its consists in a zigzag incision making two flaps and suturing them over a gauge. It needs a great attention during the first stage not to accidentally wound the thenar branch of the median nerve. The division of the subcutaneous part of the ligament and the measuring of the enlargement is facilitated by a new instrument, the «Cat-Tongue Gauge which is described there. If necessary, a pre-operative CT scan and another one performed three months later confirm the reconstruction of the ligament and the enlargement of the carpal tunnel. In 46 wrists, we observed no complications and rapid rehabilitation. Some rare painful scars can be avoided by a good location of the incision in the vertical hypothenar crease and by a precise dissection of the subcutaneous tissues. The strength of the grip seems to be recovered sooner than with the classical technique ; a prospective study is started to confirm this point.

A.I. Kapandji



ac susceptibility measurements on toroid shaped samples of CdCr2x In2?2x S4 (0.85  

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At low temperature CdCr2x In2?2x S4 spinel solid solutions show a ferromagnetic?spin?glass transition. In the present work the ac susceptibility measurements (130 Hzin the transition temperature region (4 Knotably with respect to the influence of porosity; a precise comparison should take into account the actual density of samples. Just below T c (?40–85 K) ?’ does not depend on frequency but we observe in the transition temperature region a decrease of ?’ when ? increases. ?‘ presents two well?defined peaks around T g and T c . The latter maximum does not depend on frequency while the first one shifts as a function of ? which indicates dynamical effects (as an example for x=0.95 T g =10.5 K at 130 Hz and T g =13.0 K at 100 kHz).

A. Saifi; V. Cagan; J. L. Dormann; M. Nogues



Suzaku And Multi-Wavelength Observations of OJ 287 During the Periodic Optical Outburst in 2007  

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Suzaku observations of the blazar OJ 287 were performed in 2007 April 10-13 and November 7-9. They correspond to a quiescent and a flaring state, respectively. The X-ray spectra of the source can be well described with single power-law models in both exposures. The derived X-ray photon index and the flux density at 1 keV were found to be {Lambda} = 1.65 {+-} 0.02 and S{sub 1keV} = 215 {+-} 5 nJy, in the quiescent state. In the flaring state, the source exhibited a harder X-ray spectrum ({Lambda} = 1.50 {+-} 0.01) with a nearly doubled X-ray flux density S{sub 1keV} = 404{sub -5}{sup +6} nJy. Moreover, significant hard X-ray signals were detected up to {approx} 27 keV. In cooperation with the Suzaku, simultaneous radio, optical, and very-high-energy {gamma}-ray observations of OJ 287 were performed with the Nobeyama Millimeter Array, the KANATA telescope, and the MAGIC telescope, respectively. The radio and optical fluxes in the flaring state (3.04 {+-} 0.46 Jy and 8.93 {+-} 0.05 mJy at 86.75 Hz and in the V-band, respectively) were found to be higher by a factor of 2-3 than those in the quiescent state (1.73 {+-} 0.26 Jy and 3.03 {+-} 0.01 mJy at 86.75 Hz and in the V-band, respectively). No notable {gamma}-ray events were detected in either observation. The spectral energy distribution of OJ 287 indicated that the X-ray spectrum was dominated by inverse Compton radiation in both observations, while synchrotron radiation exhibited a spectral cutoff around the optical frequency. Furthermore, no significant difference in the synchrotron cutoff frequency was found between the quiescent and flaring states. According to a simple synchrotron self-Compton model, the change of the spectral energy distribution is due to an increase in the energy density of electrons with small changes of both the magnetic field strength and the maximum Lorentz factor of electrons.

Seta, Hiromi; /Saitama U.; Isobe, N.; /Kyoto U.; Tashiro, Makoto S.; /Saitama U.; Yaji, Yuichi; /Saitama U.; Arai, Akira; /Hiroshima U.; Fukuhara, Masayuki; /Tokyo U. /Grad. U. for Adv. Stud., Nagano; Kohno, Kotaro; /Tokyo U.; Nakanishi, Koichiro; /Grad. U. for Adv. Stud., Nagano; Sasada, Mahito; /Hiroshima U.; Shimajiri, Yoshito; /Tokyo U. /Grad. U. for Adv. Stud., Nagano; Tosaki, Tomoka; /Grad. U. for Adv. Stud., Nagano; Uemura, Makoto; /Hiroshima U.; Anderhub, Hans; /Zurich, ETH; Antonelli, L.A.; /INFN, Rome; Antoranz, Pedro; /Madrid U.; Backes, Michael; /Dortmund U.; Baixeras, Carmen; /Barcelona, Autonoma U.; Balestra, Silvia; /Madrid U.; Barrio, Juan Abel; /Madrid U.; Bastieri, Denis; /Padua U. /INFN, Padua; Becerra Gonzalez, Josefa; /IAC, La Laguna /Dortmund U. /Lodz U. /Lodz U. /DESY /Zurich, ETH /Munich, Max Planck Inst. /Padua U. /INFN, Padua /Siena U. /INFN, Siena /Barcelona, IEEC /Munich, Max Planck Inst. /Barcelona, IEEC /Madrid U. /Zurich, ETH /Wurzburg U. /Zurich, ETH /Madrid U. /Munich, Max Planck Inst. /Zurich, ETH /Madrid U. /Barcelona, IFAE /IAC, La Laguna /Laguna U., Tenerife /INFN, Rome /Dortmund U. /Udine U. /INFN, Udine /INFN, Padua /Udine U. /INFN, Udine /Barcelona, IEEC /Madrid U. /Udine U. /INFN, Udine /Udine U. /INFN, Udine /Udine U. /INFN, Udine /IAC, La Laguna /Madrid, CIEMAT /Sierra Nevada Observ. /Zurich, ETH /Padua U. /INFN, Padua /Wurzburg U. /Barcelona, IFAE /UC, Davis /Barcelona, IFAE /Barcelona, IFAE /Madrid U. /Barcelona, Autonoma U. /Munich, Max Planck Inst. /IAC, La Laguna /Laguna U., Tenerife /Barcelona, IFAE /IAC, La Laguna /Munich, Max Planck Inst. /Barcelona, Autonoma U. /Munich, Max Planck Inst. /SLAC /IAC, La Laguna /Laguna U., Tenerife /Zurich, ETH /Wurzburg U. /Munich, Max Planck Inst. /Munich, Max Planck Inst. /Munich, Max Planck Inst. /Zurich, ETH /INFN, Rome /UC, Davis /Siena U. /INFN, Siena /Turku U. /Padua U. /INFN, Padua /Udine U. /INFN, Udine /Padua U. /INFN, Padua /Zurich, ETH /Munich, Max Planck Inst. /DESY /Sofiya, Inst. Nucl. Res. /Udine U. /INFN, Udine /Wurzburg U. /INFN, Rome /Padua U. /INFN, Padua /Barcelona, IFAE /Barcelona, IFAE /Siena U. /INFN, Siena /Wurzburg U. /Madrid U. /Munich, Max Planck Inst. /Munich, Max Planck Inst. /Barcelona, IEEC /Sierra Nevada Observ. /Barcelona, IFAE /Madrid U. /Turku U. /Munich, Max Planck Inst. /Munich, Max Planck Inst. /UC, Santa Cruz /Madrid U. /Siena U. /INFN, Siena /Barcelona, IEEC /Turku U. /Padua U. /INFN, Padua /Zurich, ETH /Siena U. /INFN, Siena /Sierra Nevada Observ. /Udine U. /INFN, Udine /INFN, Trieste /Padua U. /INFN, Padua /Sierra Nevada Observ. /Padua U. /INFN, Padua /Barcelona, IFAE /Barcelona, IFAE /Dortmund U. /Barcelona, IEEC /ICREA, Barcelona /Barcelona, IFAE /Zurich, ETH /Barcelona, Autonoma U. /Wurzburg U. /Padua U. /INFN, Padua /Munich, Max Planck Inst. /INFN, Rome /Sierra Nevada Observ. /DESY /Padua U. /INFN, Padua /Udine U. /INFN, Udine /Munich, Max Planck Inst. /Munich, Max Planck Inst. /Pisa U. /INFN, Pisa /Barcelona, IFAE /Barcelona, IEEC /Turku U. /Munich, Max Planck Inst. /Lodz U. /Lodz U. /Wurzburg U. /Siena U. /INFN, Siena /Zurich, ETH /Turku U. /INFN, Rome /Sofiya, Inst. Nucl. Res. /Barcelona, IFAE /Munich, Max Planck Inst. /DESY /ICREA, Barcelona /Barcelona, IEEC /Siena U. /INFN, Siena /Sofiya, Inst. Nucl. Res. /Munich, Max Planck Inst. /Munich, Max Planck Inst. /Barcelona, IEEC /Sierra Nevada Observ. /Barcelona, IFAE /Barcelona, Autonoma U.



DisClose: Discovering Colossal Closed Itemsets via a Memory Efficient Compact Row-Tree  

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Itemset mining has recently focused on discovery of frequent itemsets from high-dimensional datasets with relatively few rows and a larger number of items. With exponentially in-creasing running time as average row length increases, mining such datasets renders most conventional algorithms impracti-cal. Unfortunately, large cardinality closed itemsets are likely to be more informative than small cardinality closed itemsets in this type of dataset. This paper proposes an approach, called DisClose, to extract large cardinality (colossal) closed itemsets from high-dimensional datasets. The approach relies on a memory-efficient Compact Row-Tree data structure to represent itemsets during the search process. The search strategy explores the transposed representation of the dataset. Large cardinality itemsets are enumerated first followed by smaller ones. In addition, we utilize a minimum cardinality threshold to further reduce the search space. Experimental result shows that DisClose can complete the extraction of colossal closed itemsets in the considered dataset, even for low support thresholds. The algorithm immediately discovers closed itemsets without needing to check if each new closed itemset has previously been found.

Zulkurnain, Nurul F.; Keane, John A.; Haglin, David J.



Characteristics of atmospheric gravity waves observed using the MU (Middle and Upper atmosphere) radar  

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in 1970s.6) In order to explain this weakening *1 Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere (RISH for Sustainable Humanosphere (RISH), Kyoto Univer- sity, Uji, Kyoto 611-0011, Japan (e-mail: tsuda processes of atmospheric gravity waves was proposed.7),8) In the 1980s a notable advance was made

Takada, Shoji


The Economics of Manufacturers’ Rebates  

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In Chap. 9, we noted how many product prices advertised in Fry’s Electronics full-page multicolor newspaper ads ended with 9, such as in $2.99 or $299. What is also notable about Fry’s ads is how many of the prod...



During the past several days, we have seen the  

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, and at SPring-8, the Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute. Our great sympathy goes out to all our and tsunami in Japan. Please join me in offer- ing our thoughts and condolences for those affected, including long had close ties with scientists and scientific institutions in Japan. Notably, the major


Herbein et al. Retrovirology 2010, 7:34 http://www.retrovirology.com/content/7/1/34  

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functions in viral pathogenesis, notably by modulating cell signaling. The role of HIV-1 proteins (Nef, Tat Nef, Tat, Vpr, and gp120 proteins have been detected in the serum of HIV-1 infected patients. Possibly-1 pro- teins such as Nef, Tat, and Vpr have been detected in serum of HIV-1 infected patients

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Any correspondence concerning this service should be sent to the repository administrator: staff-oatao@inp-toulouse.fr  

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with ethanol (also called ethanolysis) in order to substitute fossil fuels. In this work, the batch ethanolysis a better control of heat and mass transfers. Various parameters were studied, notably the initial ethanol the transesterification reaction of high oleic sunflower oil with ethanol in microreactors (circular PFA tube 1/16" OD, 0

Mailhes, Corinne


Single proteins that serve linked functions in intracellular and extracellular microenvironments  

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Maintenance of organ homeostasis and control of appropriate response to environmental alterations requires intimate coordination of cellular function and tissue organization. An important component of this coordination may be provided by proteins that can serve distinct, but linked, functions on both sides of the plasma membrane. Here we present a novel hypothesis in which non-classical secretion can provide a mechanism through which single proteins can integrate complex tissue functions. Single genes can exert a complex, dynamic influence through a number of different processes that act to multiply the function of the gene product(s). Alternative splicing can create many different transcripts that encode proteins of diverse, even antagonistic, function from a single gene. Posttranslational modifications can alter the stability, activity, localization, and even basic function of proteins. A protein can exist in different subcellular localizations. More recently, it has become clear that single proteins can function both inside and outside the cell. These proteins often lack defined secretory signal sequences, and transit the plasma membrane by mechanisms separate from the classical ER/Golgi secretory process. When examples of such proteins are examined individually, the multifunctionality and lack of a signal sequence are puzzling - why should a protein with a well known function in one context function in such a distinct fashion in another? We propose that one reason for a single protein to perform intracellular and extracellular roles is to coordinate organization and maintenance of a global tissue function. Here, we describe in detail three specific examples of proteins that act in this fashion, outlining their specific functions in the extracellular space and in the intracellular space, and we discuss how these functions may be linked. We present epimorphin/syntaxin-2, which may coordinate morphogenesis of secretory organs (as epimorphin) with control of protein secretion (as syntaxin-2), amphoterin/high mobility group box-1 (HMGB1), which may link inflammation (as amphoterin) with regulation of gene expression (as HMGB1), and tissue transglutaminase, which affects delivery of and response to apoptotic signals by serving a related function on both sides of the plasma membrane. As it is notable that all three of these proteins have been reported to transit the plasma membrane through non-classical secretory mechanisms, we will also discuss why coordinated inside/outside functions may be found in some examples of proteins which transit the plasma membrane through non-classical mechanisms and how this relationship can be used to identify additional proteins that share these characteristics.

Radisky, Derek C.; Stallings-Mann, Melody; Hirai, Yohei; Bissell, Mina J.



The effects of a Severn Barrage on wave conditions in the Bristol Channel  

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Abstract The study investigates the impact that construction of a Severn Barrage in the Severn Estuary, on the west coast of the UK, might have on local wave conditions. Implementation of a barrage will impact on tidal currents and water elevations in the wider region. There is strong tidal modulation of wave conditions under the natural regime and therefore barrage-induced changes to tidal conditions could affect wave modulation in the region. This paper uses Swan, an open source 3rd generation spectral wave model, to investigate the possible impacts of construction of a barrage on tidal modulation of the wave conditions. It is found that current variations, rather than water level variations, are the dominant factor in tidal modulation of wave conditions. Barrage implementation does not substantially change the modulation of the wave period or direction. However, barrage implementation does affect the tidal modulation of wave heights in the area of interest. The tidal modulation of the wave heights is generally reduced compared to the natural case; the peaks in the wave heights on an incoming tide are slightly lowered and there is lesser attenuation in wave heights on the outgoing tide. This modulation leads to net changes in the wave heights over one tidal cycle. For all of the tested wave conditions, this net change is small for the majority of the tested domain, namely to within ±5% of the no barrage case. There are some areas of greater change, most notably larger net increases in the wave heights near the North Somerset coast where the post-construction net wave height increase over a tidal cycle approach 20% of the pre-construction conditions. These changes do not impact coastal flooding because the wave height increase is not co-incident with high tide. Importantly, the maximum wave height is not increased and thus the likelihood of extreme events is not increased. The area of greatest reduction is between Swansea and Porthcawl. Changes over a neap tidal cycle show similar patterns of net change, but the modulation over the tidal cycle is different; primarily the magnitude of modulation is half that for the spring tide case and the shape is altered in some locations.

I. Fairley; R. Ahmadian; R.A. Falconer; M.R. Willis; I. Masters



DOI: 10.1002/cbic.201000368 A Fluorescence Selection Method for Accurate Large-Gene  

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a way to construct desired genetic material in a rapid and facile manner. The length of synthetic DNA sequences has dramati- cally increased over time. Notable recent synthetic DNA con- structions include with large synthetic DNA molecules, a two-cycle assembly process[10­12] is often used. In the two

Bang, Duhee


JOURNAL DE PHYSIQUE JY Colloque C5, supplkment au Journal de Physique II,Volume 5,juin 1995  

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-cementation process has been developed in order to produce S i c coating on carbon materials. At high temperature shock resistance associated with low thermal expansion behaviour. A notable drawback consists in the limited resistance to oxidation of carbonaceous materials which react with oxygen to formvolatile

Boyer, Edmond


MML Inference of Decision Graphs with Multi-way Joins  

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A decision tree is a comprehensible representation that has been widely used in many machine learning domains. But in the area of supervised learning, decision trees have their limitations. Two notable problems are those of replication and fragmentation. ... Keywords: MDL, MML, decision graphs, decision trees, machine learning, minimum message length, probabilistic prediction, supervised learning

Peter J. Tan; David L. Dowe



Quantitative 3-D Elemental Mapping by LA-ICP-MS of a Basaltic Clast from the Hanford 300 Area, Washington, USA  

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Quantitative 3-D Elemental Mapping by LA-ICP-MS of a Basaltic Clast from the Hanford 300 Area collected from the Hanford 300 Area in south-central Washington State, United States. A calibration method and riparian quality in many locations, most notably at the Hanford, Savannah River, Oak Ridge, and Nevada Test

Hu, Qinhong "Max"


From Minimal Logical Forms for Answer Extraction to Logical Graphs for Question  

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and grammar system implemented in the C programming language and that is easily customisable [Sleator, notably by Jerry Hobbs [Hobbs, 1985]. Similar approaches were used in practical implementations of Question Answering (QA) systems such as Lasso [Moldovan et al., 1999], a system that obtained the best

Aliod, Diego Mollá


Solution-based thermodynamic modeling of the NiAlMo system using first-principles calculations  

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function with appropriate treatment of the chemical ordering contribution. In addition, notable in current and future power generation and transportation technologies. Moreover, the refrac- tory metal Mo-base super- alloys [1­6]. Despite its widespread use, quantitative guidelines for future alloy development

Chen, Long-Qing


Institute for Fusion Studies, Final Technical Report, December 1, 1995 - February 29, 2004  

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During the 2001-2003 grant period, Institute for Fusion Studies (IFS) scientist made notable progress in a number of research areas. This report summarizes the work that has been accomplished in the following areas: (1) Magnetohydrodynamics; (2) Burning plasma and energetic particle physics; (3) Turbulent transport; (4) Computational physics; (5) Fundamental Theory; (6) Innovative confinement concepts; and (7) Plasma applications.

Dr. James Van Dam



Garnet: Common Mineral, Uncommonly Useful:  

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...possible because 29Si's nuclear quantum states and their energy splittings...and others may follow in the future. The more notable garnets and...findings are expected in the future. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: I thank...Science Fund and the Toyota Motor Corporation are gratefully acknowledged...

Charles A. Geiger


Late-Glacial Deposits on the Chalk of South-East England  

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...Folkestone and the Medway Valley, that the climate of...widely, most notably the West European and Alpine snail...open sea to the south-west, the climate of zone...zone I b) of north-west Europe. The Late-glacial...fine-grained rubble found in dry valleys in the Cretaceous Chalk...


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Salzburg ii rEcommEndationS  

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as the basis of the reforms for doctoral education. In the half decade that has passed since then, Europe's universities have carried out wide-ranging reforms in this area, most notably by establishing doctoral schools achieved recognition as a key part of this process. For this reason, reform of doctoral education has been

Breu, Ruth


September 5, 2012 CLASS OF 2012  

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Burgess is the pre-eminent historian of the Later Roman Empire in Canada. He is especially notable for his that led to the fall of the Western Roman Empire. CAMERON, Christina - School of Architecture, Faculty authority on the ancient Latin poet Ovid, and broken new ground in the understanding of Roman literature

Sankoff, David


Goal-based Composition of Stateful Services for Smart Homes  

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- ning techniques 1 Introduction The promise of Web services (WSs) and of Service Oriented Architectures together with their pre- and post-conditions (a notable extension is [2]), and specify the over- all in [4], often referred to as Roman Model, in w

De Giacomo, Giuseppe


Openness to accept medical technology - a cultural view  

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Technology acceptance is a widely acknowledged key player in explaining technology adoption. However, there is a notable knowledge gap concerning the impact of cultural factors on technology acceptance, especially in the medical sector. It is evident ... Keywords: acceptance barriers, cardiac illness, cross-cultural survey, medical technology, technology acceptance

Firat Alagöz; Martina Ziefle; Wiktoria Wilkowska; André Calero Valdez



Flight Projects 2 Technology and Space Program Development 13  

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, notably in support of solar-electric technology development and aspects of enhanced coal utilization and electric and hybrid automobile development. In the photovoltaics area of solar-electric technology, we are steadily approaching the goal of providing solar cell arrays at a cost com- petitive with other energy

Waliser, Duane E.


A ~200 ka Pollen record from Okinawa Trough: paleoenvironment reconstruction of glacial-interglacial cycles  

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5 Universit de Perpignan Via Domitia, 66860 Perpignan, France 6 Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat that the percentage of Cyperaceae was extremely abundant in the glacial stages with the notably increasing of solar radiation and monsoonal hal-00929941,version1-17Jan2014 Author manuscript, published in "Science


The Field Columbian Museum  

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... Chicago resolved '' to establish in Chicago a great museum that shall be a fitting memorial of the World's Columbian Exposition, and a permanent advantage and honour to the ... in the same division includes several very large specimens, notably the meteoric stone from Phillips County, Kansas, weighing 1184 Ibs.; two masses weighing respectively 465 and 344 Ibs., ...



Shale Play Politics: The Intergovernmental Odyssey of American Shale Governance  

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Most notably, this involves refinement of the practice of hydraulic fracturing (more commonly known as “fracking”) and the related maturation of horizontal drilling techniques. ... (16) Twenty-four states considered legislation in 2013 to either amend an existing tax or create a new one, with significant changes approved in Illinois, North Dakota, and Mississippi and more modest adjustments approved elsewhere. ...

Barry G. Rabe



Kinetics of self-interstitial cluster aggregation near dislocations and their influence on hardening  

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­depinning motion of dislocations in irradiated materials; and (3) estimation of the radiation hard- ening effects of SIA clusters in the cloud region are studied for a variety of neutron displacement damage dose levels, most notably their influence on void swelling [2] and radiation hardening [3,4]. The interaction

Ghoniem, Nasr M.


Supersonic Transport: Senator Proxmire Takes Off  

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... were notable for the absence of staunch defenders of the SST. (Officials of the Boeing Company, now building the supersonic prototypes, declined to appear.) In a dissenting statement ... end of the prototype phase in 1973) and providing some 20,000 jobs at the Boeing plant at Seattle would be a needlessly expensive way of mounting a public works programme ...



Magnetism of spiral galaxies  

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... magnetic fields of spiral galaxies has taken a special place in the study of cosmic magnetism, but magnetic fields are a universal property of all galactic-type objects, as is ... . The past ten years have been notable for rapid, qualitative progress in understanding the magnetism of spiral galaxies, a result of both theoretical and observational developments. A few decades ...

Alexander Ruzmaikin; Dmitry Sokoloff; Anvar Shukurov



Hummocky stratification: Significance of its variable bedding sequences  

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...Stratification in the Elkton Siltstone. Unusual...beneath the Coaledo Formation (Fig. 9...in the upper Elkton is notable for...Depositional Regime. Dott and Bird...high-energy storm regime, fair- weather...Of all of the formations described here...sequences. (Upper Elkton Siltstone, South...



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on their visible racial characteristics, most notably skin color and facial features. F. Treatment or consideration that race accounts for differences in human characteristic or ability and that a particular race is superior resources made available to faculty and student (eg, posted on intranet, provided in seminars

Southern California, University of


Potential Public Health Hazards, Exposures and Health Effects from Unconventional Natural Gas Development  

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(23) The September 2013 catastrophic flood in northeastern Colorado, for example, resulted in 13 notable releases of oil, totaling 43?134 gallons, and 17 releases of produced water, totaling 26?385 gallons. ... It includes numerous case studies on perception and social behavior dealing with floods, droughts, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, wild fires, and landslides. ...

John L. Adgate; Bernard D. Goldstein; Lisa M. McKenzie



Chemistry at York has had another fantastic year and we are very proud  

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Chemistry at York has had another fantastic year and we are very proud of all our notable achievements in both teaching and research, and of the numerous prizes awarded to our Chemistry staff for their outstanding successes. As part of a £29 million investment in Chemistry, we have recently completed

Joshi, Manoj


156 IEEE JOURNAL OF OCEANIC ENGINEERING, VOL. 22, NO. 1, JANUARY 1997 The Structure of Ocean-Surface  

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engineering applications, notably in the design of ocean outfalls [2] and in the design of tidal power156 IEEE JOURNAL OF OCEANIC ENGINEERING, VOL. 22, NO. 1, JANUARY 1997 The Structure of Ocean extracted and found to be basically the same, although the first two modes were reversed between the two

Miami, University of


Effective passivation of In{sub 0.2}Ga{sub 0.8}As by HfO{sub 2} surpassing Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} via in-situ atomic layer deposition  

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High {kappa} gate dielectrics of HfO{sub 2} and Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} were deposited on molecular beam epitaxy-grown In{sub 0.2}Ga{sub 0.8}As pristine surface using in-situ atomic-layer-deposition (ALD) without any surface treatment or passivation layer. The ALD-HfO{sub 2}/p-In{sub 0.2}Ga{sub 0.8}As interface showed notable reduction in the interfacial density of states (D{sub it}), deduced from quasi-static capacitance-voltage and conductance-voltage (G-V) at room temperature and 100 Degree-Sign C. More significantly, the midgap peak commonly observed in the D{sub it}(E) of ALD-oxides/In{sub 0.2}Ga{sub 0.8}As is now greatly diminished. The midgap D{sub it} value decreases from {>=}15 Multiplication-Sign 10{sup 12} eV{sup -1} cm{sup -2} for ALD-Al{sub 2}O{sub 3} to {approx}2-4 Multiplication-Sign 10{sup 12} eV{sup -1} cm{sup -2} for ALD-HfO{sub 2}. Further, thermal stability at 850 Degree-Sign C was achieved in the HfO{sub 2}/In{sub 0.2}Ga{sub 0.8}As, whereas C-V characteristics of Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}/p-In{sub 0.2}Ga{sub 0.8}As degraded after the high temperature annealing. From in-situ x-ray photoelectron spectra, the AsO{sub x}, which is not the oxidized state from the native oxide, but is an induced state from adsorption of trimethylaluminum and H{sub 2}O, was found at the ALD-Al{sub 2}O{sub 3}/In{sub 0.2}Ga{sub 0.8}As interface, while that was not detected at the ALD-HfO{sub 2}/In{sub 0.2}Ga{sub 0.8}As interface.

Chang, Y. H.; Chiang, T. H. [Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu 30013, Taiwan (China); Lin, C. A.; Liu, Y. T.; Lin, H. Y.; Huang, M. L.; Kwo, J. [Department of Physics, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu 30013, Taiwan (China); Lin, T. D.; Hong, M. [Graduate Institute of Applied Physics and Department of Physics, National Taiwan University, Taipei 10617, Taiwan (China); Pi, T. W. [National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Hsinchu 30076, Taiwan (China)



Degradation in urban air quality from construction activity and increased traffic arising from a road widening scheme  

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Abstract Road widening schemes in urban areas are often proposed as a solution to traffic congestion and as a means of stimulating economic growth. There is however clear evidence that new or expanded roads rapidly fill with either displaced or induced traffic, offsetting any short-term gains in eased traffic flows. What has not been addressed in any great detail is the impact of such schemes on air quality, with modelled impact predictions seldom validated by measurements after the expansion of road capacity. In this study we made use of a road widening project in London to investigate the impact on ambient air quality (particulate matter, NOX, NO2) during and after the completion of the road works. PM10 increased during the construction period up to 15 ?g m? 3 during working hours compared to concentrations before the road works. A box modelling approach was used to determine a median emission factor of 0.0022 kg PM10 m? 2 month? 1, three times larger than that used in the UK emission inventory (0.0007 kg PM10 m? 2 month? 1). Peaks of activity released 0.0130 kg PM10 m? 2 month? 1, three and eight times smaller than the peak values used in the European and US inventories. After the completion of the widening there was an increase in all pollutants from the road during rush hour: 2–4 ?g m? 3 for PM10; 1 ?g m? 3 for PM2.5; 40 and 8 ?g m? 3 for NOX and NO2, respectively. NO2 EU Limit Value was breached after the road development illustrating a notable deterioration in residential air quality. Additionally, PM10, but not PM2.5, glutathione dependent oxidative potential increased after the road was widened consistent with an increase in pro-oxidant components in the coarse particle mode, related to vehicle abrasion processes. These increased air pollution indices were associated with an increase in the number of cars, taxis and LGVs.

Anna Font; Timothy Baker; Ian S. Mudway; Esme Purdie; Christina Dunster; Gary W. Fuller



Improving long-term production data analysis using analogs to pressure transient analysis techniques  

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In t, D er iva tiv e ( ps ia- 1) PI ([psia]-1) PI int. ([psia]-1) Derivative ([psia]-1) Figure 2.5: Blasingame Plot Other references have been developed for the application of the work cited for the advanced decline type curve. Notable works...

Okunola, Damola Sulaiman



POLLAN, MICHAEL Nicolas Larchet  

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­ it was dubbed by its editor as "a modern Walden." Pollan notably argued here that the soil benefits of compost experience in a 1987 essay for Harper's, "Cultivating Virtue: Compost and Its Moral Imperatives", which "don't account for the halo of righteousness that has come to hover over compost and those who make it

Recanati, Catherine

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ii Colorado Climate Table of Contents  

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#12;ii Colorado Climate Table of Contents An Unusually Heavy Snowfall in North Central Colorado . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 A Brief History of Colorado's Most Notable Snowstorms" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Colorado Climate Water Year 2003 Vol. 4, No. 1-4 If you have a photo or slide that your would like


Considering RTM... 1 Considering Resin Transfer Molding?  

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, vacuum infusion molding, requires very low capital investment, but produces cycle times similar or slower, vacuum infusion methods use vacuum as the motive force, and the pressure in the mold cavity is lower than was vacuum infusion molding. One historically notable project was vacuum infusion molding of 40' Coast Guard

Colton, Jonathan S.


Our Planetary System Earth, as viewed by the Voyager spacecraft  

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(and other Dwarf Planets) · Much smaller than major planets · Icy, comet-like composition · Pluto and icy comets populate the solar system Notable Exceptions · Several exceptions to the normal patterns s surface Probes or Landers · Land on surface of another world · Explore surface in detail Sample Return

Crenshaw, Michael


Description of the Bioregion Physical Geography  

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in California is bounded on the west by the Sacramento Valley and the Kla- math Mountains, and on the east foothills adjacent to the Sacramento Valley to 4,317 m (14,162 ft) at the summit of Mt. Shasta. Other notable topographic fea- tures include Mt. Lassen, the Medicine Lake Highlands, Butte Valley, Hat Creek

Taylor, Alan


1920 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MICROWAVE THEORY AND TECHNIQUES, VOL. 46, NO. 11, NOVEMBER 1998 Injection-and Phase-Locking Techniques  

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in the wireless communications, imaging, and automotive electronics markets for active, "smart" antenna array, these wireless applications will likely suffer the same constraints as the automotive radar electronics. Most notably, these are: cost, size, and efficiency. For automotive-collision avoidance or blind

York, Robert A.


Fcp1 Dephosphorylation of the RNA Polymerase II C-Terminal Domain Is Required for Efficient Transcription of Heat Shock Genes  

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...Notably, the loss of Pol II signal...to examine the distribution of Pol II on Hsp70...cells under non-heat shock (NHS...be due to the loss of the Fcp1 phosphatase activity or loss of the protein...examined Pol II distribution in untreated cultures...Pol II levels on heat shock-induced...

Nicholas J. Fuda; Martin S. Buckley; Wenxiang Wei; Leighton J. Core; Colin T. Waters; Danny Reinberg; John T. Lis




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Imperial Valley was noted during the aftershock se- quence, in an area recognized as notably aseismic seismicity affecting the central Imperial Valley. Although three small events near the incipient epicenter were observed. INTRODUCTION The Imperial Valley earthquake of October 15, 1979, was the largest

Tai, Yu-Chong


The tropics have generally the most benign climates found on Earth, with gentle breezes and small daily and seasonal  

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by clouds or the surface, and an additional small per- centage is directly absorbed by atmospheric water and by trace amounts of certain gaseous components of the atmosphere, notably water vapor, carbon dioxide generate entropy, and the vast majority of that entropy is pro- duced in the atmosphere, mainly through

Emanuel, Kerry A.


Distributed Compressive Wide-Band Spectrum Ying Wang , Ashish Pandharipande , Yvan Lamelas Polo and Geert Leus  

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-band spectrum sensing, Cognitive radio, Spectrum estimation. I. INTRODUCTION Efficient utilization of radio and services and the dearth of available spectrum for licensed allocation [13]. Recent spectrum measurements have shown that large portions of licensed spectrum, notably in the VHF-UHF bands licensed

Leus, Geert


Automated Construction of Fast and Accurate System-Level Models For Wireless Sensor Networks  

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Automated Construction of Fast and Accurate System-Level Models For Wireless Sensor Networks Lan S are evaluated via simulation. Notably, one such automatically produced model outperforms the most advanced design decisions. The modeling work in this paper is part of a project on automated synthesis of sensor

Dick, Robert


Optimal control of interbank contagion under complete information  

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infusions. This problem is motivated by the government interventions during the recent crisis, which took and the gain from these equity infusion programs is an important topic of notable research in the finance), Bayazitova and Shivdasani (2012), Philippon and Schnabl (2009). Several possible reasons for equity infusion


On Digital Philosophy (Discrete Physics) and the Cellular Automaton: A Mathematical Deterministic Structure for Reality (as a Huge Computer Simulation)  

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In this note we overview some notable definitions, works and thoughts concerning digital philosophy - that mainly, suggests a finite and discrete characteristic for the real world - and the cellular automaton which, definitely, could be a more (or maybe the one most) perfect mathematical deterministic model for physical world than other models.

Zahedi, Ramin




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) The distribution and abundance of any species on Earth is governed most notably by: (a) the physical nature of the surrounding landscape (b) the presence of predators (c) the temperature (d) the availability of water (2 of the above (5) The shape of the Earth is important in determining the amount of energy received by the sun

Kah, Linda


Alex Davies ajd74@cam.ac.uk  

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from JVM bytecode were all completed successfully. In addition, I wrote tools to help me to achieve. The implementations on a desk- top and microcontroller device (Altera DE2 board), some examples, and the translator the core aims, notably an assembler and a tool to organise the routines that emulate instructions. Also

Ghahramani, Zoubin


Reionization of the Universe  

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......and came earlier from high energy cosmic rays interacting with...understood by known high-energy physics. Most notably, nucleosynthesis...metallicity level of 10-4 in solar units). At this point the...reionization may be relatively economical, because the fraction of mass......

Renyue Cen




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...plain or constricted tube, or sand in a Smith fermentation tube...subgtances, notably carbo- hydrates. A correspondence between...des alcalis dilues sur les hydrates de carbone. I. Rec. trav...CLOSSEN 1905 The physiological behavior of methylene blue and methylene...

Ivan C. Hall



Adsorbed state of thiophene on Si(100)-(2 1) surface studied by electron spectroscopic techniques and semiempirical methods  

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indicate that the adsorption behavior of thiophene depends on the reactivity of the silicon surfaces with the experimental facts. The proposed adsorption geometry is notably different from that of thiophene on the Si 111 were performed in an ion-pumped Per- kin Elmer UHV system which has a typical base pressure of 2 10 10

Kim, Sehun


Genome-wide scans for footprints of natural selection  

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...selection in populations, notably humankind. Genomic variation develops...may have another exon at the 3 end encoding 65 amino acids, but...formative evolutionary history of humankind and those modern species with...Multiple transcripts with 5-end heterogeneity, dual promoter...



School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology Building on 20 years of excellence and innovation  

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and accounts for 30% of the overhead generated at UH M¯anoa. SOEST offers a world-class undergraduate The Dean of SOEST humans have added to the atmosphere more than one quarter of its carbon dioxide since- ing intensity of the strongest tropical cyclones, notably in the Atlantic. For the first time

Wang, Yuqing


Secure data storage for mobile data collection systems  

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Wireless network infrastructures, notably cellular networks, are becoming a vital element for exchanging electronic data in low income countries. Several key sectors are already leveraging on cellular networks: mobile financial transactions have already ... Keywords: Delphi theory, J2ME, OWASP, RMS, mhealth, mobile data collection systems, mobile security, secure mobile data storage

Samson Gejibo; Federico Mancini; Khalid A. Mughal; Remi A. B. Valvik; Jørn Klungsøyr