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    (EIA) Justine Barden (EIA) Phyllis Martin (Self) Chetha Phang (EIA) Jennifer Lee (DOE PI) Michael Scott (EIA) Joe Benneche (EIA) Tom White (DOE) John Staub (EIA) Aloulou...

  2. Psychology's Role in Mathematics and Science Nora S. Newcombe Temple University

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    Klahr, David

    Psychology's Role in Mathematics and Science Education Nora S. Newcombe Temple University Nalini in the United States has been a matter of national concern for over half a century. Psychology has a vital role to play in this enterprise. In this article, the authors review the kinds of contributions that psychology

  3. Quick Anomaly Detection by the Newcomb--Benford Law, with Applications to Electoral Processes Data from the USA, Puerto Rico and Venezuela

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    Pericchi, Luis; 10.1214/09-STS296


    A simple and quick general test to screen for numerical anomalies is presented. It can be applied, for example, to electoral processes, both electronic and manual. It uses vote counts in officially published voting units, which are typically widely available and institutionally backed. The test examines the frequencies of digits on voting counts and rests on the First (NBL1) and Second Digit Newcomb--Benford Law (NBL2), and in a novel generalization of the law under restrictions of the maximum number of voters per unit (RNBL2). We apply the test to the 2004 USA presidential elections, the Puerto Rico (1996, 2000 and 2004) governor elections, the 2004 Venezuelan presidential recall referendum (RRP) and the previous 2000 Venezuelan Presidential election. The NBL2 is compellingly rejected only in the Venezuelan referendum and only for electronic voting units. Our original suggestion on the RRP (Pericchi and Torres, 2004) was criticized by The Carter Center report (2005). Acknowledging this, Mebane (2006) and The...

  4. Southeastern Naturalist K.C. Newcomb, A.P. Monroe, J.B. Davis, and M.J. Gray

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    Gray, Matthew

    not only produce water, but also can produce hydroelectric power due to the high elevation from which

  5. The College of Business celebration of

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    . Newcomb Foundation | Jon A. Masterson, Wallboard Tool Company, Inc. | elise F. Mcclure, retired (Starbucks

  6. The effects of resist strip processing on a porous low k dielectric , K Buchanan1

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    Dunin-Borkowski, Rafal E.

    , R E Dunin-Borkowski2 and S B Newcomb3 1 Trikon Techologies, Ringland Way, Newport, Gwent NP6 2TA, UK

  7. Curriculum Vitae for Richard E. Nisbett Address: Department of Psychology

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    Lustig, Cindy

    Curriculum Vitae for Richard E. Nisbett March 2004 Address: Department of Psychology The University- Theodore M. Newcomb Distinguished University Professor, 1992- Theodore M. Newcomb Professor of Psychology Scientist, Research Center for Group Dynamics, 1978-1997. Professor of Psychology, 1976-. Associate

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    3. R. W. Newcomb, "The Semistate Description of Nonlinear Time-Variable Circuits," IEEE Itans. on Circuits and System, CAS-28, No. 1 , pp.62-71, (1981). 4. N. Orlandea, hi. A....

  9. The Astrophysical Journal, 583:L83L86, 2003 February 1 2003. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved. Printed in U.S.A.

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    Novak, Giles

    . T. Chuss,1 T. Renbarger,1 G. S. Griffin,2 M. G. Newcomb,2 J. B. Peterson,2 R. F. Loewenstein,3 D fields -- polarization 1. INTRODUCTION Beginning with the discovery of the first examples of Ga- lactic

  10. NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY Mapping Magnetic Fields in the Cold Dust at the Galactic Center

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    Novak, Giles

    , Prashant Malhotra, Jen Marshall, Tim O'Brien, Sharon Loverde, and Sarah Williams. For their work at the South Pole operating, I would like to acknowledge the Viper team: John Ruhl, Bill Holtzapfel, Jeff Peterson, Matt Newcomb, Mark Thoma, Chao-Lin Kuo, Mike Daub, Jon Goldstein, Marcus Runyan, and John Davis

  11. Abstract A positional cloning strategy is being imple-mented in Populus for the isolation of the dominant

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    Bradshaw, Toby

    its role in both natural and plantation forests, and to genetically engineer susceptible Communicated by M.A. Saghai Maroof B. Stirling · H.D. Bradshaw Jr. () Center for Urban Horticulture, Box 354115. Stirling · G. Newcombe · J. Vrebalov · I. Bosdet H.D. Bradshaw, Jr. Suppressed recombination around the MXC

  12. Some Effects of Mt. St. Helens Volcanic Ash on Juvenile Salmon Smolts

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    Some Effects of Mt. St. Helens Volcanic Ash on Juvenile Salmon Smolts TIMOTHY W. NEWCOMB and THOMAS. Helens, which was completely decimated with vol- canic ash and mud slides. Heavy sediment loads smolts were exposed to various concentrations ofairborne volcanic ash from the 18 May 1980 eruption


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    Pääbo, Svante

    Class, Republic of Estonia. Gorjanovic-Kramberger Medal, Zagreb, Croatia. Honorary Professor, Graduate, Croatian Anthropological Society, Zagreb, Croatia. 2011 Newcomb-Cleveland Prize, AAAS, Washington, D and Arts, Zagreb, Croatia. Heisse Kartoffel, Leipzig, Gemany. 2013 Gruber Genetics Prize, New Haven, CT

  14. The Buddhist princess and the woolly turban: non-Buddhist others in a 15th century biography

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    Diemberger, Hildegard


    of Magadha leave the Buddha in the dwelling of the Anath?pin-dikavih?ra and worship the heretical Jain teachers in the town of Buram shing phel. The princess said, “We can’t stand this! Chase them away throwing stones!” Her retinue did accordingly... mdzad pas spyan cer gzigs par gyur ba na/ slar de dag gis blta bar ma yod de kha cig na re bag ma ni rnam pa ‘char dbu ‘phang mtho zhes gleng par byed cing/. 11 de nas rgyal mo’i khang bzangs su phyogs te bon pos lha ‘dogs bgyid par ‘dod pa na/ kho...

  15. Memories of Our Lost Hands: Searching for Feminine Spirituality and Creativity 

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    Toyoda, Sonoko


    , G. D.j and Kuntz, R. E., 1969 ? all from Far East Elbel, R. E.j and Price, R. D., 1973 a Liukuei and Tzepeng, Taiwan Elbel, R. E.j and Price, R. D., 1973 a Thailand: Khao Soi Dao, Chanthaburi; Thapput, Phang- nga; Trang; Ubon; Laos: Ban...; Trang; Ubon; Laos: Ban- tion; India: Khasia Hills, Assam; Garo Hills, Assam; Malaysia: Malacca Accipiter trivirgatus lay- ardi Degeeriella storeri n. sp. Elbel, R. E.j and Price, R. D., 1973 a Walgama, Ceylon Accipiter trivirgatus pala- Elbel, R...

  16. Program Information for Undergraduate

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    Menasco, William

    /s,st) Bookstore Lot John James Audubon Pkwy. Paid Parking Mud Pit Newcomb Terrace Moody Terrace Gane Terrace Lot C Lot (f/s,st) Alumni A Lot (f/s,st) Bookstore Lot John James Audubon Pkwy. Paid Parking Mud Pit A Lot (f/s,st) Red Jacket Lot (f/s,st) Alumni B Lot Richmond B Lot Alumni C Lot (f/s,st) Alumni A Lot (f

  17. The Ghost in the Quantum Turing Machine

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    Scott Aaronson


    In honor of Alan Turing's hundredth birthday, I unwisely set out some thoughts about one of Turing's obsessions throughout his life, the question of physics and free will. I focus relatively narrowly on a notion that I call "Knightian freedom": a certain kind of in-principle physical unpredictability that goes beyond probabilistic unpredictability. Other, more metaphysical aspects of free will I regard as possibly outside the scope of science. I examine a viewpoint, suggested independently by Carl Hoefer, Cristi Stoica, and even Turing himself, that tries to find scope for "freedom" in the universe's boundary conditions rather than in the dynamical laws. Taking this viewpoint seriously leads to many interesting conceptual problems. I investigate how far one can go toward solving those problems, and along the way, encounter (among other things) the No-Cloning Theorem, the measurement problem, decoherence, chaos, the arrow of time, the holographic principle, Newcomb's paradox, Boltzmann brains, algorithmic information theory, and the Common Prior Assumption. I also compare the viewpoint explored here to the more radical speculations of Roger Penrose. The result of all this is an unusual perspective on time, quantum mechanics, and causation, of which I myself remain skeptical, but which has several appealing features. Among other things, it suggests interesting empirical questions in neuroscience, physics, and cosmology; and takes a millennia-old philosophical debate into some underexplored territory.