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  1. Quick Anomaly Detection by the Newcomb--Benford Law, with Applications to Electoral Processes Data from the USA, Puerto Rico and Venezuela

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    Pericchi, Luis; 10.1214/09-STS296


    A simple and quick general test to screen for numerical anomalies is presented. It can be applied, for example, to electoral processes, both electronic and manual. It uses vote counts in officially published voting units, which are typically widely available and institutionally backed. The test examines the frequencies of digits on voting counts and rests on the First (NBL1) and Second Digit Newcomb--Benford Law (NBL2), and in a novel generalization of the law under restrictions of the maximum number of voters per unit (RNBL2). We apply the test to the 2004 USA presidential elections, the Puerto Rico (1996, 2000 and 2004) governor elections, the 2004 Venezuelan presidential recall referendum (RRP) and the previous 2000 Venezuelan Presidential election. The NBL2 is compellingly rejected only in the Venezuelan referendum and only for electronic voting units. Our original suggestion on the RRP (Pericchi and Torres, 2004) was criticized by The Carter Center report (2005). Acknowledging this, Mebane (2006) and The...

  2. PROVOST EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION COUNCIL (PECC) December 8, 2009 Newcomb Hall, Room 481

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    Whittle, Mark

    SESSION Guest Speaker - Ms. Caroline Walters, University Records Manager, Information Security, Policy management at UVA that included defining public records, confidential records, destruction steps, records management coordinators and administrators, University records management, application phases, special

  3. Southeastern Naturalist K.C. Newcomb, A.P. Monroe, J.B. Davis, and M.J. Gray

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    Gray, Matthew

    .P. Monroe, J.B. Davis, and M.J. Gray 2014 Vol. 13, No. 4 recreation, create hydroelectric power, and control

  4. The College of Business celebration of

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    . Newcomb Foundation | Jon A. Masterson, Wallboard Tool Company, Inc. | elise F. Mcclure, retired (Starbucks

  5. Synthetic Peptides Use the Force to Influence Cell Survival

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    that either support cell survival or cause cell death by simply changing how cohesive the material is," said Northwestern's Christina J. Newcomb, lead author of the Nature...

  6. Binghamton University Libraries Special Collections

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    Suzuki, Masatsugu

    Binghamton University Libraries Special Collections The Josiah T. Newcomb Collection Finding Aid begun 1985, Richard Gannon Completed 2011, Jean L. Green, Head of Special Collections and Elizabeth A Science in 1937 at Colorado State College of Education and the Bachelor of Science in Library Science


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    Boll, Susanne

    , MHEG (ISO/IEC, 1997; ISO/IEC, 1996; ISO/IEC, 1995), SMIL (Hoschka et al., 1998), and doc- ument models constructed by applying HyTime (ISO/IEC, 1992; Newcomb 1 #12;2 et al., 1991), SGML (ISO/IEC, 1986), or XML

  8. The Buddhist princess and the woolly turban: non-Buddhist others in a 15th century biography

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    Diemberger, Hildegard


    of this family is described in the Shel dkar chos ‘byung (folio 4a- 8a). 7 De’i tshe na ‘jig rten la grags pa ltar du sa spyod tshe dbang bkra shis kyi tshem che dkar po cig ‘khor gsum gshen rabs kyi sgrol zhwa cig rnam gsung pa so nams khyer te/ sgo mangs... -in-law is extremely beautiful and has great power and honor (dbu 'phang mtho)!” Later she heard this and thought: ‘This is a good omen!’ (rten ‘brel)! (folio 16a-17a)10 8 These turquoise cloaks were possibly similar...

  9. Program Information for Undergraduate

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    Menasco, William

    /s,st) Bookstore Lot John James Audubon Pkwy. Paid Parking Mud Pit Newcomb Terrace Moody Terrace Gane Terrace Lot C Lot (f/s,st) Alumni A Lot (f/s,st) Bookstore Lot John James Audubon Pkwy. Paid Parking Mud Pit A Lot (f/s,st) Red Jacket Lot (f/s,st) Alumni B Lot Richmond B Lot Alumni C Lot (f/s,st) Alumni A Lot (f

  10. The synthesis of a new class of macropolycyclic polyether ligands / by Robert Martin Holdar

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    Holdar, Robert Martin


    ). Analogous procedures could give the substituted crowns, 15 (eq 3a and 3b). Conversion of the subst1tuents to bromomethyl g1ves 16 wh1ch can then be closed to give type B compounds (eq 4). 10 SCHEME I Br Br 0 0 0 OH HO 12 QH (2b) 13 Br Br Na...O ONa s Br 0 15 Br (3a) BX' OH 14 0 OH Br 15 ~ ~ (3b) 0 Br ~B (4) 16 RESULTS ~Stets is Newcomb obtained 5-bromo-1, 3-bi s(bromomethyl ) benzene, 14, by a multistep and low yield route which involved aromatic bromination of 4-amino...