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    (EIA) Justine Barden (EIA) Phyllis Martin (Self) Chetha Phang (EIA) Jennifer Lee (DOE PI) Michael Scott (EIA) Joe Benneche (EIA) Tom White (DOE) John Staub (EIA) Aloulou...

  2. The Buddhist princess and the woolly turban: non-Buddhist others in a 15th century biography

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    Diemberger, Hildegard


    of Magadha leave the Buddha in the dwelling of the Anath?pin-dikavih?ra and worship the heretical Jain teachers in the town of Buram shing phel. The princess said, “We can’t stand this! Chase them away throwing stones!” Her retinue did accordingly... mdzad pas spyan cer gzigs par gyur ba na/ slar de dag gis blta bar ma yod de kha cig na re bag ma ni rnam pa ‘char dbu ‘phang mtho zhes gleng par byed cing/. 11 de nas rgyal mo’i khang bzangs su phyogs te bon pos lha ‘dogs bgyid par ‘dod pa na/ kho...

  3. Memories of Our Lost Hands: Searching for Feminine Spirituality and Creativity 

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    Toyoda, Sonoko


    , G. D.j and Kuntz, R. E., 1969 ? all from Far East Elbel, R. E.j and Price, R. D., 1973 a Liukuei and Tzepeng, Taiwan Elbel, R. E.j and Price, R. D., 1973 a Thailand: Khao Soi Dao, Chanthaburi; Thapput, Phang- nga; Trang; Ubon; Laos: Ban...; Trang; Ubon; Laos: Ban- tion; India: Khasia Hills, Assam; Garo Hills, Assam; Malaysia: Malacca Accipiter trivirgatus lay- ardi Degeeriella storeri n. sp. Elbel, R. E.j and Price, R. D., 1973 a Walgama, Ceylon Accipiter trivirgatus pala- Elbel, R...