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  1. Essays in Environmental Economics

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    Brandes, Julia


    , Finch, Komor, & Mignogna, 2012; Wiser & Barbose, 2008; Wiser, Namovicz, Gielecki, & Smith, 2007), economic analysis (e.g. Chen, Wiser, Mills, & Bolinger, 2009; Cappers & Goldman, 2010), specifically, electricity rate impacts (e.g. Kung, 2012; Morey...

  2. The Buddhist princess and the woolly turban: non-Buddhist others in a 15th century biography

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    Diemberger, Hildegard


    of this family is described in the Shel dkar chos ‘byung (folio 4a- 8a). 7 De’i tshe na ‘jig rten la grags pa ltar du sa spyod tshe dbang bkra shis kyi tshem che dkar po cig ‘khor gsum gshen rabs kyi sgrol zhwa cig rnam gsung pa so nams khyer te/ sgo mangs... -in-law is extremely beautiful and has great power and honor (dbu 'phang mtho)!” Later she heard this and thought: ‘This is a good omen!’ (rten ‘brel)! (folio 16a-17a)10 8 These turquoise cloaks were possibly similar...