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2014 Electricity Forms Reclearance: Renewable Electricity  

U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Collect Number of Microturbines Along with Number of Wind Turbines, ... Add questions on characteristics of solar and wind equipment. Author: Chris Namovicz


Forecasting Wind Markets  

U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Emerging Technologies, Data, and NEM Modeling Issues in Wind Resource Supply Data and Modeling Chris Namovicz ASA Committee on Energy Statistics


DOE/EIA-0383(2009) Annual Energy Outlook 2009  

E-Print Network (OSTI)

; A. Michael Schaal (michael.schaal@eia.doe.gov, 202/586-5590), Director, Oil and Gas Division; Glen E. Namovicz (chris.namovicz@eia.doe.gov, 202/586-7120) Oil and Natural Gas Production . . . Eddie L. Thomas, Jr. (eddie.thomas@eia.doe.gov, 202/586-5877) Natural Gas Markets . . . . . . . . . Philip M. Budzik

Laughlin, Robert B.


Overview of Levelized Cost of Energy in the AEO  

U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) Indexed Site

Presented to the EIA Energy Conference Presented to the EIA Energy Conference June 17, 2013 Chris Namovicz Assessing the Economic Value of New Utility-Scale Renewable Generation Projects Overview * Levelized cost of energy (LCOE) has been used by planners, analysts, policymakers, advocates and others to assess the economic competitiveness of technology options in the electric power sector * While of limited usefulness in the analysis of "conventional" utility systems, this approach is not generally appropriate when considering "unconventional" resources like wind and solar * EIA is developing a new framework to address the major weaknesses of LCOE analysis


Analysis of the Clean Energy Standard Act of 2012  

Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update (EIA)

Analysis of the Clean Energy Analysis of the Clean Energy Standard Act of 2012 May 2012 Independent Statistics & Analysis www.eia.gov U.S. Department of Energy Washington, DC 20585 U.S. Energy Information Administration | Analysis of the Clean Energy Standard Act of 2012 ii Contacts This report, Analysis of the Clean Energy Standard Act of 2012, was prepared under the general guidance of John Conti, Assistant Administrator for Energy Analysis, J. Alan Beamon at 202/586-2025 (email, joseph.beamon@eia.gov), Director, Office of Electricity, Coal, Nuclear, and Renewable Analysis, and Robert T. Eynon at 202/586-2392 (email, robert.eynon@eia.gov), Leader, Renewable Electricity Analysis Team. Technical information concerning the content of the report may be obtained from Chris Namovicz at


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U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) Indexed Site

Portfolio Portfolio Standards Costs and Benefits Energy Information Administration 2008 Energy Conference 30 years of Energy Information and Analysis Washington, DC April 7- 8, 2008 Chris Namovicz Operations Research Analyst Energy Information Administration EIA Analyses of RPS Policy * AEO 2008 - Includes state RPS program * Other scenarios are based on AEO 2007 - Bingaman RPS - 15 percent national RPS by 2020 - 25 X 25 Proposal - 25 percent national RPS by 2025 plus 25 percent biofuels * Other renewable policy - Leiberman/McCain - 1990 emissions by 2030 - PTC extension - Wind ONLY, permanent extension Many policies can increase renewable generation 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 2005 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030 Wind PTC Federal RPS AEO 2008 25x25 Carbon Cap AEO 2007 Utility-Sector Renewable Generation 2005-2030, billion kilowatthours


La premiere somme philosophique du bouddhisme tibetain. Origines litteraires, philosophiques et mythologiques des Neuf etatpes de la Voie (theg pa rim pa dgu)  

E-Print Network (OSTI)

/ 'dul ba dgongs pa gsang ba dang/ rang bzhin gsang ba'i donrnams ni/ zhes gsung te/ rtsal 'phang mtho dman gyi khyad par gyis/ so so'i blo'i rtogs tshod kyi don'di rnams kyang phyin ci ma log pa'i don rtogs pa'i man ngag gi gzhi yin pas/ de bas na man... 'en haut (tib. lha) et d'en bas (tib. klu). Cf. Stein, 1996 : 141. Les Neuf Etapes de la Voie 97 d’origine céleste et munis de capacités surhumaines, descendaient etremontaient au ciel par le moyen d'une échelle qui se trouvait sur le sommetd'une montagne...

Mestanza, Ferran