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  1. SwanTurbines | Open Energy Information

    Open Energy Info (EERE)

    SwanTurbines Jump to: navigation, search Name: SwanTurbines Place: United Kingdom Product: SwanTurbines is developing a tidal stream turbine. The company is currently working on a...

  2. SNL-SWAN (Sandia National Laboratories - Simulating WAves Nearshore...

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    Safety, Security & Resilience of the Energy Infrastructure Energy Storage Nuclear Power & ... and Tidal Energy Conference, Nantes, France, 2015. SNL-SWAN Application 1 Grace ...

  3. SNL-SWAN (Sandia National Laboratories - Simulating WAves Nearshore)

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    SWAN (Sandia National Laboratories - Simulating WAves Nearshore) - Sandia Energy Energy Search Icon Sandia Home Locations Contact Us Employee Locator Energy & Climate Secure & Sustainable Energy Future Stationary Power Energy Conversion Efficiency Solar Energy Wind Energy Water Power Supercritical CO2 Geothermal Natural Gas Safety, Security & Resilience of the Energy Infrastructure Energy Storage Nuclear Power & Engineering Grid Modernization Battery Testing Nuclear Fuel Cycle

  4. Development Verification and Application of the SNL-SWAN Open Source Wave Farm Code

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    DEVELOPMENT, VERIFICATION AND APPLICATION OF THE SNL-SWAN OPEN SOURCE WAVE FARM CODE EWTEC 2015 Sept 9, 2015 Sandia is a multiprogram laboratory operated by Sandia Corporation, a Lockheed Martin Company, for the United States Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration under contract DE-AC04-94AL85000. 1 K. Ruehl #1 , A. Porter 2* , C. Chartrand 3# , H. Smith 4+ , G. Chang 5^ , J. Roberts 6 SAND2015-7463C Outline * Intro * Background * New Code Features * Example WEC-Module


    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Combi, M. R.; Lee, Y.; Maekinen, J. T. T.; Bertaux, J.-L.; Quemerais, E.


    The SWAN all-sky camera on the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft detected the hydrogen Lyman-alpha (Ly{alpha}) comae of comets 2001 Q4 NEAT and 2002 T7 LINEAR for large portions of their perihelion apparitions in 2003 and 2004. C/2001 Q4 NEAT was observed from 2003 September 14 through 2004 November 2, covering heliocentric distances from 3.23 AU before perihelion to 2.75 AU after, and C/2002 T7 LINEAR was observed from 2003 December 4 through 2004 August 6, covering heliocentric distances from 2.52 AU before perihelion to 2.09 AU after. We combined the full set of comet specific and full-sky observations and used our time-resolved model (TRM), which enables us to extract continuous values of the daily-average value of the water production rate throughout most of this entire period. The average power-law fit to the production rate variation of C/2001 Q4 NEAT with heliocentric distance, r, gives 3.5 x 10{sup 29} r {sup -1.7} and that for C/2002 T7 LINEAR gives 4.6 x 10{sup 29} r {sup -2.0}. Both comets show roughly a factor of 2 asymmetry in activity about perihelion, being more active before perihelion. C/2001 Q4 NEAT showed a production rate outburst about 30 days before perihelion (2004 April 15) and then a large extended increase above the nominal trend from 50 to 70 days after perihelion (2004 July 5-July 25)

  6. Idaho_SmithSwanLake

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    Steve Smith, Swanlake Site 0603 Latitude: N. 42 deg. 29.804' Longitude: W. 112 deg. 01.934' Elevation: 6950' Anemometer Height: 20 Meters Placed in service: September 17, 2004...

  7. SNL-SWAN Open Source Wave Farm Code K. Ruehl

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    1 , A. Porter 2* , C. Chartrand 3 , H. Smith 4+ , G. Chang 5 , J. Roberts 6 Sandia ... + University of Exeter Exeter, UK 4 Integral Consulting Inc. ...

  8. Search for: All records | SciTech Connect

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    ... ; Schmidt, Fabian ; Senatore, Leonardo ; Smith, Kendrick M ; Whiteson, Daniel Aspen ... (Stanford University), and Kendrick Smith (Princeton University). less Full Text ...

  9. Sandia Energy - SNL-SWAN Beta Code Development: Frequency-Dependent...

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    module was verified. This was accomplished by comparing the shape of the incident energy spectrum (before the WEC) to the lee energy spectra (after the WEC), and noting varying...

  10. Sandia Energy - SNL-SWAN Beta Code Development: Frequency-Dependent...

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    environmental effects created by changes in wave climates associated with the deployment of various sizes and configurations of wave farms in the ocean. Energy spectra at...


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    England SAND2015-8377C

  12. U.S. Department of Energy Carlsbad Field Office Waste Isolation...

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    Joe Baca; and Chauncey Ortega. The WIPP Red Team included: Matt Ridgway, team captain; Curtis Sanders; Kirk Nance; Mark Long; Fabian Carrasco; Doug Pitzer; and Nico Dominguez. Both...

  13. Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences (CNMS) - Publications

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    ... Zutic, "Semiconductor Spintronics," Acta Physica Slovaca, 57, 565-907 (342 pages) (2007). ... Zutic, I., J. Fabian, and S. C. Erwin, "Bipolar Spintronics: from Spin injection to ...

  14. ARM - Facility News Article

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    George Duffy, University of Illinois Andrew Dzambo, University of Oklahoma Jonathan Edwards-Opperman, University of Oklahoma Fabian Hoffmann, Leibniz University, Germany Zhiyuan...

  15. Wave Energy Converter Effects on Wave Fields: Evaluation of SNL-SWAN and Sensitivity Studies in Monterey Bay CA.

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Roberts, Jesse D.; Chang, Grace; Magalen, Jason; Jones, Craig


    A modified version of an indust ry standard wave modeling tool was evaluated, optimized, and utilized to investigate model sensitivity to input parameters a nd wave energy converter ( WEC ) array deployment scenarios. Wave propagation was investigated d ownstream of the WECs to evaluate overall near - and far - field effects of WEC arrays. The sensitivity study illustrate d that wave direction and WEC device type we r e most sensitive to the variation in the model parameters examined in this study . Generally, the changes in wave height we re the primary alteration caused by the presence of a WEC array. Specifically, W EC device type and subsequently their size directly re sult ed in wave height variations; however, it is important to utilize ongoing laboratory studies and future field tests to determine the most appropriate power matrix values for a particular WEC device and configuration in order to improve modeling results .

  16. Search for: All records | SciTech Connect

    Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI)

    ... Elvis, M. (2) Fabian, A. C. (2) Fuerst, F. (2) Grefenstette, B. W. (2) Hailey, C. J. (2) Harrison, F. A. (2) Madejski, G. (2) Madsen, K. K. (2) Marinucci, A. (2) Matt, G. (2) ...

  17. Browse by Discipline -- E-print Network Subject Pathways: Engineering --

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    Energy, science, and technology for the research community -- hosted by the Office of Scientific and Technical Information, U.S. Department of Energy X Y Z Waleffe, Fabian (Fabian Waleffe) - Department of Engineering Physics, University of Wisconsin at Madison Weingarten, Leonid (Leonid Weingarten) - Department of Particle Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science Wright, John C. (John C. Wright) - Plasma Science and Fusion Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Wurtele, Jonathan

  18. Testing at Cryogenic Temperatures: Engineering, Materials, and Testing Support

    Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Indexed Site

    DOE Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Advanced Composite Materials for Cold and Cryogenic Hydrogen Storage Applications in Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles By Pat Hipp,, x128 Paul Fabian,, x103 October 29, 2015 Testing at Cryogenic Temperatures Engineering, Materials, and Testing Support 2600 Campus Drive, Suite D * Lafayette, Colorado 80026 * Phone: 303-664-0394 * 2 Agenda * CTD Introduction * CTD

  19. EA-1882: U.S. Department of Energy Loan Guarantee to Littlerock Solar Power Gen 1, LLC for the Littlerock Solar Power Gen 1, LLC Project and to Swan Solar Power Gen Station 1, LLC for the Swan Solar Power Gen Station 1, LLC Project

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    DOE prepared an Environmental Assessment for the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Stand-Off Experiment (SOX) Range.  The objective of the EA was to evaluate the potential environmental impacts of...

  20. Bonneville County, Idaho: Energy Resources | Open Energy Information

    Open Energy Info (EERE)

    Inc Places in Bonneville County, Idaho Ammon, Idaho Idaho Falls, Idaho Iona, Idaho Irwin, Idaho Ririe, Idaho Swan Valley, Idaho Ucon, Idaho Retrieved from "http:...


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    ... of wave energy depending upon device efficiency, device geometry, array configuration, ... and WEC array deployment location depth contour) was investigated. 2.1. SWAN Model As ...


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    Wave Fields: Evaluation of SNL-SWAN and Sensitivity Studies in Monterey Bay, CA Grace Chang, Jason Magalen, Craig Jones, Jesse Roberts Prepared by Sandia National Laboratories...

  3. Life-Cycle Assessment of Energy and Environmental Impacts of...

    Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI)

    Hollomon, Brad; Dillon, Heather E.; Snowden-Swan, Lesley J. LED; light-emitting diode; CFL; incandescent; halogen; lamp; bulb; TCLP; STLC; TTLC; WET; hazardous waste; electronic...

  4. Sandia Energy - Understanding Seasonal Effects of WEC Operation...

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    Understanding Seasonal Effects of WEC Operation using the SNL-SWAN Wave Model Application Home Renewable Energy Energy Water Power News News & Events Systems Analysis Computational...

  5. EIS-0267: BPA/Lower Valley Transmission System Reinforcement Project, Wyoming

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    This EIS analyzes BPA and LVPL proposal to construct a new 115-kV line from BPAs Swan Valley Substation near Swan Valley in Bonneville County, Idaho about 58 km (36 miles) east to BPAs Teton Substation near Jackson in Teton County, Wyoming.

  6. COER Hydrodynamic Modeling Competition: Modeling the Dynamic Response of a Floating Body Using the WEC-Sim and FAST Simulation Tools

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    COER HYDRODYNAMIC MODELING COMPETITION: MODELING THE DYNAMIC RESPONSE OF A FLOATING BODY USING THE WEC-SIM AND FAST SIMULATION TOOLS Michael Lawson Braulio Barahona Garzon Fabian Wendt Yi-Hsiang Yu National Renewable Energy Laboratory Golden, Colorado, USA Carlos Michelen Sandia National Laboratories Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA ABSTRACT The Center for Ocean Energy Research (COER) at the University of Maynooth in Ireland organized a hydrodynamic modeling competition in conjunction with OMAE2015.

  7. High Temperature, High Pressure Devices for Zonal Isolation in Geothermal

    Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Indexed Site

    Wells | Department of Energy High Temperature, High Pressure Devices for Zonal Isolation in Geothermal Wells High Temperature, High Pressure Devices for Zonal Isolation in Geothermal Wells High Temperature, High Pressure Devices for Zonal Isolation in Geothermal Wells PDF icon fabian_ctd_ zonal_isolation_peer2013.pdf More Documents & Publications High Temperature, High Pressure Devices for Zonal Isolation in Geothermal Wells track 3: enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) | geothermal 2015

  8. User Data Forum Presentations

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    M01: Perspectives from DOE June 16, 2014 | Author(s): Laura Biven, Ph.D. Senior Science and Technology Advisor, DOE Office of the Deputy Director for Science Programs | Download File: M01-2014JuneNERSCBIVEN.pdf | pdf | 2.6 MB M05: In situ Visualization with the Sierra Simulation Framework Using ParaView Catalyst June 16, 2014 | Author(s): Jeff Mauldin, Thomas Otahal, David Karelitz, Alan Scott, Warren Hunt, Nathan Fabian, Sandia National Laboratories | Download File:

  9. NVO-1229-105 Part I

    Office of Legacy Management (LM)

    9-105 Part I jyl).($z- 1 EVALUATION OF THE PROJECT SHOAL SITE FALLON, NEVADA FOR DISPOSITION, INCLUDING IDENTIFICATION OF RESTRICTIONS -- D -----. April 1970 Contract AT(29.2j.1229 ". S. ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION NEVADA OPERATIONS OFFICE LAS VEGAS, NEVADA HYDROGEOLOGY #? ISOTOPES PALO ALTO LABORATORIES 4062 Fabian Street Palo Alto, California 94303 LEGAL NOTICE This report was prepared as an account of Government sponsored work. Neither the United States, nor the commission, nor any person

  10. CX-006777: Categorical Exclusion Determination

    Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)

    Swan Valley-Goshen Concrete Box Culvert at Granite CreekCX(s) Applied: B1.3Date: 08/24/2011Location(s): Bonneville County, IdahoOffice(s): Bonneville Power Administration

  11. Search for: All records | SciTech Connect

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    Water pollution control in low density areas Jewell, W.J. ; Swan, R. Twenty-eight papers are included on water pollution in the rural environment. The book is divided into six ...

  12. CX-012364: Categorical Exclusion Determination

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    Swan Lake Point Radio Station Project CX(s) Applied: B1.19 Date: 05/22/2014 Location(s): Oregon Offices(s): Bonneville Power Administration

  13. CX-006482: Categorical Exclusion Determination

    Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)

    Swan Valley - Palisades Communication UpgradeCX(s) Applied: B1.7, B4.6Date: 08/05/2011Location(s): IdahoOffice(s): Bonneville Power Administration

  14. CX-011174: Categorical Exclusion Determination

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    Swan Valley-Teton Number 1 and Number 2 Access Road Maintenance CX(s) Applied: B1.3 Date: 09/16/2013 Location(s): Idaho Offices(s): Bonneville Power Administration

  15. CX-012232: Categorical Exclusion Determination

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    Swan Valley-Teton Overhead Fiber Line Install CX(s) Applied: B4.6 Date: 06/02/2014 Location(s): Idaho Offices(s): Bonneville Power Administration

  16. BPA-2015-01485-FCorrespondence

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    FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT PROGRAM In reply refer to: FOIA BPA-2015-01485-F Arlene Montgomery Friends of the Wild Swan PO Box 103 Bigfork, MT 59911 Ms. Montgomery: The Department...


    Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI)

    Jason R Hollomon Brad Dillon Heather E Snowden Swan Lesley J LED light emitting diode CFL incandescent halogen lamp bulb TCLP STLC TTLC WET hazardous waste electronic waste e...

  18. CX-004259: Categorical Exclusion Determination

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    Funding the Acquisition by the State of Montana of Habitat in the West Swan ValleyCX(s) Applied: B1.25Date: 10/21/2010Location(s): Lake County, MontanaOffice(s): Bonneville Power Administration

  19. CX-012404: Categorical Exclusion Determination

    Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)

    Palisades-Swan Valley Transmission Line Rebuild CX(s) Applied: B4.13 Date: 06/30/2014 Location(s): Idaho Offices(s): Bonneville Power Administration

  20. SAND2014-18207

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    ... Wind input was not used in SWAN because of the short fetch (Garca-Medina et al. 2013). In addition, ocean currents were not modeled or included as input data. The IEC TS on Wave ...

  1. 2011 LLNL Template

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    4341 This work was performed under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Energy by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under contract DE-AC52-07NA27344. Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC ATLAS Users Meeting 2014 May 15, 2014 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory LLNL-PRES-654341 2  Upgrade funded by DOE/SC/NP  Collaboration between U. of Rochester and LLNL  D. Cline and A. Hayes (U. of Rochester)  I.Y. Lee (LBNL)  B. DiGiovine, J. Anderson (ANL)  D. Swan (Swan

  2. CX-009709: Categorical Exclusion Determination

    Broader source: [DOE]

    Wood Pole Replacements Along the Drummond-Macks Inn, Macks Inn-Madison, and Swan Valley-Teton 115-kilovolt Transmission Line Rights-of-Way CX(s) Applied: B1.3 Date: 11/29/2012 Location(s): Idaho, Idaho Offices(s): Bonneville Power Administration


    Office of Legacy Management (LM)

    9-12 8 (Preliminary) EFFECTS EYALUATION POST-SHOT RE-ENTRY PROJECT RULISON ( u ) November 1 1 , 1969 Contract A~(29-2)-1229 U .S . Atomic Energy Commission Nevada Operations O f f i c e Las Vegas, Nevada Hydrogeology S e c t i o n ISOTOPES, A TELEDYNE C O M P A V Y P a l o A l t o L a b o r a t o r i e s 4062 Fabian S t r e e t P a l o A l t o , C a l i f o r n i a 94303 I. INTRODUCTION Post-event d r i l l b a c k a t P r o j e c t RULISON w i l l r e s u l t i n t h e r e l e a s e o f

  4. Ethanol from biomass: A status report

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Walker, R.


    Programmatic and technical activities of SWAN Biomass, a company formed by Amoco Corporation and Stone & Webster, to convert non-grain biomass material to ethanol, are highlighted in this presentation. The potential ethanol markets identified are: (1) fuel oxygenate and octane additive, and (2) waste reduction in the agricultural and forestry industries and in municipal waste streams. Differences in the SWAN process from that used in corn-based ethanol facilities include more intense pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass, different enzymes, hydrolysis and fermentation of sugar polymers is performed in the same vessel, and a typical solid residue of lignin. The major market and technical risks have been assessed as being manageable. 8 figs., 8 tabs.

  5. Investigation of Wave Energy Converter Effects on Near-shore Wave Fields: Model Generation Validation and Evaluation - Kaneohe Bay HI.

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Roberts, Jesse D.; Chang, Grace; Jones, Craig


    The numerical model, SWAN (Simulating WAves Nearshore) , was used to simulate wave conditions in Kaneohe Bay, HI in order to determine the effects of wave energy converter ( WEC ) devices on the propagation of waves into shore. A nested SWAN model was validated then used to evaluate a range of initial wave conditions: significant wave heights (H s ) , peak periods (T p ) , and mean wave directions ( MWD) . Differences between wave height s in the presence and absence of WEC device s were assessed at locations in shore of the WEC array. The maximum decrease in wave height due to the WEC s was predicted to be approximately 6% at 5 m and 10 m water depths. Th is occurred for model initiation parameters of H s = 3 m (for 5 m water depth) or 4 m (10 m water depth) , T p = 10 s, and MWD = 330deg . Subsequently, bottom orbital velocities were found to decrease by about 6%.


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    60 Unlimited Release Printed Month and Year Wave Energy Converter Effects on Wave Fields: Evaluation of SNL-SWAN and Sensitivity Studies in Monterey Bay, CA Grace Chang, Jason Magalen, Craig Jones, Jesse Roberts Prepared by Sandia National Laboratories Albuquerque, New Mexico 87185 and Livermore, California 94550 Sandia National Laboratories is a multi-program laboratory managed and operated by Sandia Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation, for the U.S. Department

  7. News Item

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    4, 2014 Time: 11:00 am Speaker: Bruce Cohen, Molecular Foundry Title: Zapping Ugly Ducklings into Swans: Weakly Luminescent Nanocrystals that Make Exceptional Single-Molecule Imaging Probes Location: 67-3111 Chemla Room Abstract: Imaging complex materials at the single-molecule level reveals heterogeneities that are lost in ensemble imaging experiments. An ongoing challenge is the development of probes with the photostability, brightness, and continuous emission necessary at higher

  8. Collaborative Research. Damage and Burst Dynamics in Failure of Complex Geomaterials. A Statistical Physics Approach to Understanding the Complex Emergent Dynamics in Near Mean-Field Geological Materials

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Rundle, John B.; Klein, William


    We have carried out research to determine the dynamics of failure in complex geomaterials, specifically focusing on the role of defects, damage and asperities in the catastrophic failure processes (now popularly termed Black Swan events). We have examined fracture branching and flow processes using models for invasion percolation, focusing particularly on the dynamics of bursts in the branching process. We have achieved a fundamental understanding of the dynamics of nucleation in complex geomaterials, specifically in the presence of inhomogeneous structures.

  9. HTL Model Development

    Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Indexed Site HTL Model Development MARCH 24, 2015 ALGAE Sue Jones Yunhua Zhu, Lesley Snowden-Swan, Dan Anderson, Rich Hallen, Karl Albrecht, Doug Elliott, Andy Schmidt Pacific Northwest National Laboratory This presentation does not contain any proprietary, confidential, or otherwise restricted information Goal Statement for HTL Model 2 GOAL: Enable R&D to produce sustainable, economic liquid fuels through targeted research coupled with techno-economic analysis (TEA) leading to optimized algal

  10. Dynamics Simulation in a Wave Environment

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    Coupled Dynamic Simulation in a Wave Environment (Navatek, AEGIR, and WECs) Marine and Hydrokinetics Instrumentation Workshop 9 July 2012 David Kring, Navatek Ltd. Presentation Overview * Introduction to Navatek * AEGIR brief: resistance, seakeeping, global and local loads a 3D, NURBS-based, high-order, Rankine boundary element method ... from same lab as at MIT as WAMIT and SWAN, with pFFT acceleration coupling with controls, structures, aerodynamics, power take-offs * Some WEC applications at

  11. Marine Energy Technology Symposium METS2014

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    FURTHER DEVELOPMENT OF SNL-SWAN, A VALIDATED WAVE ENERGY CONVERTER ARRAY MODELING TOOL Aaron Porter Coast and Harbor Engineering Edmonds, WA, U.S.A Kelley Ruehl Sandia National Laboratories Albuquerque , New Mexico, U.S.A Chris Chartrand Sandia National Laboratories Albuquerque , New Mexico, U.S.A ABSTRACT Commercialization of wave energy will lead to the necessary deployment of Wave Energy Converters (WECs) in arrays, or wave farms. In order for projects in the United States to be approved,

  12. Optimizing Hydronic System Performance in Residential Applications, Ithaca, New York (Fact Sheet), Building America Case Study: Technology Solutions for New and Existing Homes, Building Technologies Office (BTO)

    Energy Savers [EERE]

    Optimizing Hydronic System Performance in Residential Applications Ithaca, New York PROJECT INFORMATION Project Name: Condensing Boiler Optimization Location: Ithaca, NY Partners: Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services,; Appropriate Designs,; HTP,; Peerless,; Grundfos,; Bell & Gossett,; Emerson Swan, Consortium for Advanced Residential Buildings,

  13. Hydronic Systems: Designing for Setback Operation, Ithaca, New York (Fact Sheet), Building America Case Study: Technology Solutions for New and Existing Homes, Building Technologies Office (BTO)

    Energy Savers [EERE]

    Hydronic Systems: Designing for Setback Operation Ithaca, New York PROJECT INFORMATION Project Name: Condensing Boilers- Optimizing Efficiency and Response Time During Setback Operation Location: Ithaca, NY Partners: Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services, Appropriate Designs, HTP, Peerless, Grundfos, Bell & Gossett, Emerson Swan, Consortium for Advanced

  14. Integration of Sustainability Metrics into Design Cases and State of Technology Assessments

    Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Indexed Site

    This presentation does not contain any proprietary, confidential, or otherwise restricted information DOE Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) 2015 Project Peer Review Integration of Sustainability Metrics into Design Cases and State of Technology Assessments NREL PNNL Mary Biddy On behalf Eric Tan, Abhijit Dutta, Ryan Davis, Mike Talmadge NREL Lesley Snowden-Swan On behalf of Sue Jones, Aye Meyer, Ken Rappe, Kurt Spies PNNL Goal Statement 2 Support the development

  15. Search for: All records | SciTech Connect

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    Switch to Detail View for this search SciTech Connect Search Results Page 1 of 1 Search for: All records Creators/Authors contains: "Swan, R" × Sort by Relevance Sort by Date (newest first) Sort by Date (oldest first) Sort by Relevance « Prev Next » Everything2 Electronic Full Text1 Citations1 Multimedia0 Datasets0 Software0 Filter Results Filter by Subject environmental impacts (1) environmental sciences (1) ground water (1) hydrogen compounds (1) inorganic, organic, physical and

  16. Efficient utilization of red maple lumber in glued-laminated timber beams. Forest Service research paper

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Janowiak, J.J.; Manbeck, H.B.; Hernandez, R.; Moody, R.C.; Blankenhorn, P.R.


    The feasibility of utilizing cant-sawn hardwood lumber, which would not usually be desired for furniture manufacture, was studied for the manufacture of structural glue-laminated (glulam) timber. Two red maple beam combinations were evaluated. Test results of 42 red maple glulam beams showed that it was feasible to develop structural glulam timber from cant-swan lumber. The glulam combinations made from E-rated lumber exceeded the target design bending stress of 2,400 lb/in 2 and met the target modulus of elasticity (MOE) of 1.8 x 106 lb/in 2.

  17. Process Design and Economics for the Conversion of Algal Biomass to Hydrocarbons: Whole Algae Hydrothermal Liquefaction and Upgrading

    Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Indexed Site

    PNNL-23227 Process Design and Economics for the Conversion of Algal Biomass to Hydrocarbons: Whole Algae Hydrothermal Liquefaction and Upgrading S Jones R Davis Y Zhu C Kinchin D Anderson R Hallen D Elliott A Schmidt K Albrecht T Hart M Butcher C Drennan L Snowden-Swan March 2014 NOTICE This report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by an agency of the United States government. Neither the United States government nor any agency thereof, nor the Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC,

  18. Laser scattered images observed from carbon plasma stagnation and following molecular formation

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Nishimura, K.; Shibata, R.; Yabuuchi, T.; Tanaka, K. A.; Sunahara, A.


    Two carbon targets were irradiated to create plasma plumes to collide at right angle with two UV laser pulses each other at 10?J/cm{sup 2}/pulse. The collision results in carbon plasma stagnation. Laser scattered imaging indicates that the carbon large molecular formation takes place much later in time after the laser irradiation and stagnation. Compared with the temporal history of electron density (n{sub e}), ion density (n{sub i}), and plasma self-emission dominated by carbon Swan band, it is estimated that the carbon large molecular formation has been initiated with the ion collision followed by the C{sub 2} formation.

  19. Ultrafast Dynamic Response of Single Crystal PETN and Beta-HMX (Conference)

    Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI)

    | SciTech Connect Conference: Ultrafast Dynamic Response of Single Crystal PETN and Beta-HMX Citation Details In-Document Search Title: Ultrafast Dynamic Response of Single Crystal PETN and Beta-HMX Authors: Zaug, J M ; Armstrong, M R ; Crowhurst, J C ; Feranti, L ; Swan, R ; Gross, R ; Teshlich, N E ; Wall, M ; Austin, R A ; Fried, L E Publication Date: 2014-06-30 OSTI Identifier: 1149550 Report Number(s): LLNL-CONF-656341 DOE Contract Number: DE-AC52-07NA27344 Resource Type: Conference

  20. Laser ablation molecular isotopic spectrometry of carbon isotopes

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Bol'shakov, Alexander A.; Jain, Jinesh; Russo, Richard E.; McIntyre, Dustin; Mao, Xianglei


    Quantitative determination of carbon isotopes using Laser Ablation Molecular Isotopic Spectrometry (LAMIS) is described. Optical emission of diatomic molecules CN and C2 is used in these measurements. Two quantification approaches are presented:empirical calibration of spectra using a set of reference standards and numerical fitting of a simulated spectrum to the experimental one. Formation mechanisms of C2 and CN in laser ablation plasma are briefly reviewed to provide insights for implementation of LAMIS measurements. A simulated spectrum of the 12C2 Swan system was synthesized using four constituents within 473.5–476.5 nm. Simulation included three branches of 12C2 (1-0), branches R(0-0) and R(1-1), and branch P(9-8) of 12C2. Spectral positions of the tail lines in R(0-0) and R(1-1) were experimentally measured, since they were not accurately known before. The Swan band (1-0) of the isotopologue 13C12C was also simulated. Fitting to the experimental spectrumyielded the ratio 13C/12C = 1.08% in a good agreement with measurements by isotope ratio mass spectrometry. LAMIS promises to be useful in coal, oil and shale exploration, carbon sequestration monitoring, and agronomy studies

  1. Investigation of Spatial Variation of Sea States Offshore of Humboldt Bay CA Using a Hindcast Model.

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Dallman, Ann Renee; Neary, Vincent Sinclair


    Spatial variability of sea states is an important consideration when performing wave resource assessments and wave resource characterization studies for wave energy converter (WEC) test sites and commercial WEC deployments. This report examines the spatial variation of sea states offshore of Humboldt Bay, CA, using the wave model SWAN . The effect of depth and shoaling on bulk wave parameters is well resolved using the model SWAN with a 200 m grid. At this site, the degree of spatial variation of these bulk wave parameters, with shoaling generally perpendicular to the depth contours, is found to depend on the season. The variation in wave height , for example, was higher in the summer due to the wind and wave sheltering from the protruding land on the coastline north of the model domain. Ho wever, the spatial variation within an area of a potential Tier 1 WEC test site at 45 m depth and 1 square nautical mile is almost negligible; at most about 0.1 m in both winter and summer. The six wave characterization parameters recommended by the IEC 6 2600 - 101 TS were compared at several points along a line perpendicular to shore from the WEC test site . As expected, these parameters varied based on depth , but showed very similar seasonal trends.

  2. Investigation of Wave Energy Converter Effects on the Nearshore Environment: A Month-Long Study in Monterey Bay CA.

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Roberts, Jesse D.; Chang, Grace; Magalen, Jason; Jones, Craig


    A modified version of an indust ry standard wave modeling tool, SNL - SWAN, was used to perform model simulations for hourly initial wave conditio ns measured during the month of October 2009. The model was run with an array of 50 wave energy converters (WECs) and compared with model runs without WECs. Maximum changes in H s were found in the lee of the WEC array along the angles of incident wave dire ction and minimal changes were found along the western side of the model domain due to wave shadowing by land. The largest wave height reductions occurred during observed typhoon conditions and resulted in 14% decreases in H s along the Santa Cruz shoreline . Shoreline reductions in H s were 5% during s outh swell wave conditions and negligible during average monthly wave conditions.

  3. Emission spectra analysis of arc plasma for synthesis of carbon nanostructures in various magnetic conditions

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Li Jian; Kundrapu, Madhusudhan; Shashurin, Alexey; Keidar, Michael


    Arc discharge supported by the erosion of anode materials is one of the most practical and efficient methods to synthesize various high-quality carbon nanostructures. By introducing a non-uniform magnetic field in arc plasmas, high-purity single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) and large-scale graphene flakes can be obtained in a single step. In this paper, ultraviolet-visible emission spectra of arc in different spots under various magnetic conditions are analyzed to provide an in situ investigation for transformation processes of evaporated species and growth of carbon nanostructures in arc. Based on the arc spectra of carbon diatomic Swan bands, vibrational temperature in arc is determined. The vibrational temperature in arc center was measured around 6950 K, which is in good agreement with our simulation results. Experimental and simulation results suggest that SWCNT are formed in the arc periphery region. Transmission electronic microscope and Raman spectroscope are also employed to characterize the properties of carbon nanostructures.

  4. Where are the mini Kreutz-family comets?

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Ye, Quan-Zhi; Wiegert, Paul A.; Hui, Man-To; Kracht, Rainer


    The Kreutz family of sungrazing comets contains over 2000 known members, many of which are believed to be under ?100 m sizes (mini comets) and have only been studied at small heliocentric distances (r {sub H}) with space-based SOHO/STEREO spacecraft. To understand the brightening process of mini Kreutz comets, we conducted a survey using CFHT/MegaCam at moderate r {sub H} guided by SOHO/STEREO observations. We identify two comets that should be in our search area but are not detected, indicating that the comets have either followed a steeper brightening rate within the previously reported rapid brightening stage (the brightening burst), or the brightening burst starts earlier than expected. We present a composite analysis of the pre-perihelion light curves of five Kreutz comets that cover to ?1 AU. We observe significant diversity in the light curves that can be used to grossly classify them into two types: C/Ikeya-Seki and C/SWAN follow the canonical r{sub H}{sup ?4} while the others follow r{sub H}{sup ?7}. In particular, C/SWAN seems to have undergone an outburst (?m > 5 mag) or a rapid brightening (n ? 11) between r {sub H} = 1.06 AU and 0.52 AU, and shows hints of structural/compositional differences compared to other bright Kreutz comets. We also find evidence that the Kreutz comets as a population lose their mass less efficiently than the dynamically new comet, C/ISON, and are relatively devoid of species that drive C/ISON's activity at large r {sub H}. Concurrent observations of C/STEREO in different wavelengths also suggest that a blueward species such as CN may be the main driver for brightening bursts, instead of sodium as previously thought.

  5. 2012 Aspen Winter Conferences on High Energy and Astrophysics

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Campbell, John; Olivier, Dore; Fox, Patrick; Furic, Ivan; Halkiadakis, Eva; Schmidt, Fabian; Senatore, Leonardo; Smith, Kendrick M; Whiteson, Daniel


    Aspen Center for Physics Project Summary DE-SC0007313 Budget Period: 1/1/2012 to 12/31/2012 The Hunt for New Particles, from the Alps to the Plains to the Rockies The 2012 Aspen Winter Conference on Particle Physics was held at the Aspen Center for Physics from February 11 to February 17, 2012. Sixty-seven participants from nine countries, and several universities and national labs attended the workshop titled, The Hunt for New Particles, from the Alps to the Plains to the Rockies. There were 53 formal talks, and a considerable number of informal discussions held during the week. The weeks events included a public lecture-Hunting the Dark Universe given by Neal Weiner from New York University) and attended by 237 members of the public, and a physics cafe geared for high schoolers that is a discussion with physicists conducted by Spencer Chang (University of Oregon), Matthew Reece (Harvard University) and Julia Shelton (Yale University) and attended by 67 locals and visitors. While there were no published proceedings, some of the talks are posted online and can be Googled. The workshop was organized by John Campbell (Fermilab), Patrick Fox (Fermilab), Ivan Furic (University of Florida), Eva Halkiadakis (Rutgers University) and Daniel Whiteson (University of California Irvine). Additional information is available at Inflationary Theory and its Confrontation with Data in the Planck Era The 2012 Aspen Winter Conference on Astroparticle physics held at the Aspen Center for Physics was Inflationary Theory and its Confrontation with Data in the Planck Era. It was held from January 30 to February 4, 2012. The 62 participants came from 7 countries and attended 43 talks over five days. Late mornings through the afternoon are reserved for informal discussions. In feedback received from participants, it is often these unplanned chats that produce the most excitement due to working through problems with fellow physicists from other institutions and countries or due to incipient collaborations. In addition, Shamit Kachru of Stanford University gave a public lecture titled The Small (and Large) Scale Structure of Space-Time.There were 237 members of the general public in attendance. Before the lecture, 65 people attended the physics cafe to discuss the current topic with Matthew Kleban (New York University) and Chao-Lin Kuo (Stanford University). This workshop was organized by Olivier Dore (Jet Propulsion Lab), Fabian Schmidt (Caltech), Leonardo Senatore (Stanford University), and Kendrick Smith (Princeton University).

  6. Motivation deficit in ADHD is associated with dysfunction of the dopamine reward pathway

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Volkow, N.D.; Wang, G.; Volkow, N.D.; Wang, G.-J.; Newcorn, J.H.; Kollins, S.H.; Wigal, T.L.; Telang, F.; Folwer, J.S.; Goldstein, R.Z.; Klein, N.; Logan, J.; Wong, C.; Swanson, J.M.


    Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is typically characterized as a disorder of inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity but there is increasing evidence of deficits in motivation. Using positron emission tomography (PET), we showed decreased function in the brain dopamine reward pathway in adults with ADHD, which, we hypothesized, could underlie the motivation deficits in this disorder. To evaluate this hypothesis, we performed secondary analyses to assess the correlation between the PET measures of dopamine D2/D3 receptor and dopamine transporter availability (obtained with [{sup 11}C]raclopride and [{sup 11}C]cocaine, respectively) in the dopamine reward pathway (midbrain and nucleus accumbens) and a surrogate measure of trait motivation (assessed using the Achievement scale on the Multidimensional Personality Questionnaire or MPQ) in 45 ADHD participants and 41 controls. The Achievement scale was lower in ADHD participants than in controls (11 {+-} 5 vs 14 {+-} 3, P < 0.001) and was significantly correlated with D2/D3 receptors (accumbens: r = 0.39, P < 0.008; midbrain: r = 0.41, P < 0.005) and transporters (accumbens: r = 0.35, P < 0.02) in ADHD participants, but not in controls. ADHD participants also had lower values in the Constraint factor and higher values in the Negative Emotionality factor of the MPQ but did not differ in the Positive Emotionality factor - and none of these were correlated with the dopamine measures. In ADHD participants, scores in the Achievement scale were also negatively correlated with symptoms of inattention (CAARS A, E and SWAN I). These findings provide evidence that disruption of the dopamine reward pathway is associated with motivation deficits in ADHD adults, which may contribute to attention deficits and supports the use of therapeutic interventions to enhance motivation in ADHD.

  7. Plasma flows in the heliosheath along the Voyager 1 and 2 trajectories due to effects of the 11 yr solar cycle

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Provornikova, E.; Opher, M.; Izmodenov, V. V.; Richardson, J. D.; Toth, G. E-mail: E-mail:


    We investigate the role of the 11 yr solar cycle variations in the solar wind (SW) parameters on the flows in the heliosheath using a new three-dimensional time-dependent model of the interaction between the SW and the interstellar medium. For boundary conditions in the model we use realistic time and the latitudinal dependence of the SW parameters obtained from SOHO/SWAN and interplanetary scintillation data for the last two solar cycles (1990-2011). This data set generally agrees with the in situ Ulysses measurements from 1991 to 2009. For the first ?30 AU of the heliosheath the time-dependent model predicts constant radial flow speeds at Voyager 2 (V2), which is consistent with observations and different from the steady models that show a radial speed decrease of 30%. The model shows that V2 was immersed in SW with speeds of 500-550 km s{sup 1} upstream of the termination shock before 2009 and in wind with upstream speeds of 450-500 km s{sup 1} after 2009. The model also predicts that the radial velocity along the Voyager 1 (V1) trajectory is constant across the heliosheath, contrary to observations. This difference in observations implies that additional effects may be responsible for the different flows at V1 and V2. The model predicts meridional flows (VN) higher than those observed because of the strong bluntness of the heliosphere shape in the N direction in the model. The modeled tangential velocity component (VT) at V2 is smaller than observed. Both VN and VT essentially depend on the shape of the heliopause.

  8. Stark broadening for diagnostics of the electron density in non-equilibrium plasma utilizing isotope hydrogen alpha lines

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Yang, Lin; Tan, Xiaohua; Wan, Xiang; Chen, Lei; Jin, Dazhi; Qian, Muyang; Li, Gongping


    Two Stark broadening parameters including FWHM (full width at half maximum) and FWHA (full width at half area) of isotope hydrogen alpha lines are simultaneously introduced to determine the electron density of a pulsed vacuum arc jet. To estimate the gas temperature, the rotational temperature of the C{sub 2} Swan system is fit to 2500??100?K. A modified Boltzmann-plot method with b{sub i}-factor is introduced to determine the modified electron temperature. The comparison between results of atomic and ionic lines indicates the jet is in partial local thermodynamic equilibrium and the electron temperature is close to 13?000??400?K. Based on the computational results of Gig-Card calculation, a simple and precise interpolation algorithm for the discrete-points tables can be constructed to obtain the traditional n{sub e}-T{sub e} diagnostic maps of two Stark broadening parameters. The results from FWHA formula by the direct use of FWHM?=?FWHA and these from the diagnostic map are different. It can be attributed to the imprecise FWHA formula form and the deviation between FWHM and FWHA. The variation of the reduced mass pair due to the non-equilibrium effect contributes to the difference of the results derived from two hydrogen isotope alpha lines. Based on the Stark broadening analysis in this work, a corrected method is set up to determine n{sub e} of (1.10??0.08)??10{sup 21}?m{sup ?3}, the reference reduced mass ?{sub 0} pair of (3.30??0.82 and 1.65??0.41), and the ion kinetic temperature of 7900??1800?K.

  9. In situ optical emission study on the role of C{sub 2} in the synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Motaung, David Edmond; Moodley, Mathew Kisten; Manikandan, E.; Coville, Neil J.


    In situ optical emission spectroscopy was used to study the temporal and spatial behavior of laser induced plasmas in the laser-furnace synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs). A graphite composite target located within a sealed quartz tube with a chemical stoichiometric composition of 95:4:1 at. wt % of carbon, yttrium, and nickel, respectively, was ablated by a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser delivering colinear, focused laser pulses of 1064 and 532 nm temporarily separated by 20 ns. The ablation process was done at a furnace temperature of 1273 K in a flow of argon gas at either 150 or 200 SCCM (SCCM denotes cubic centimeter per minute at STP). The pressure was varied (100, 400, and 600 Torr) for each gas flow setting. The temporal and spatial behavior of the emission intensity associated with C{sub 2} Swan bands (d {sup 3{Pi}}{sub g}-a {sup 3{Pi}}{sub u}) was investigated and found to be influenced by the pressure and flow rate of the argon gas. At conditions optimal to SWCNT production, a sharp drop in C{sub 2} intensity followed by a rise in C{sub 2} intensity was observed. The temporal and spatial behavior of the electron density was determined by the Stark broadening profile of the CII emission peak at 283.7 nm and was found to decrease with the adiabatic expansion of the plume. We propose that the sharp drop in C{sub 2} intensity and the rise in electron density and electron temperature observed in this study are due to the accompanying rapid nucleation and growth of SWCNTs.

  10. 11,23,1,1,,19,10,"BANGOR HYDRO ELECTRIC CO","ELLSWORTH",0,,1179,"0A",1294,,,95,2941,0,0,3518,0,0,4870,0,0,1732,0,0,3252,0,0,2193,0,0,134,0,0,447,0,0,465,0,0,538,0,0,4295,0,0,3601,0,0,1469,6,50159,"WAT","HY"

    U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) Indexed Site

    NAD_UTIL","FILLER","EFFDATE","STATUS","MULTIST","YEAR","GEN01","CON01","STK01","GEN02","CON02","STK02","GEN03","CON03","STK03","GEN04","CON04","STK04","GEN05","CON05","STK05","GEN06","CON06","STK06","GEN07","CON07","STK07","GEN08","CON08","STK08","GEN09","CON09","STK09","GEN10","CON10","STK10","GEN11","CON11","STK11","GEN12","CON12","STK12","PCODE","NERC","UTILCODE","FUELDESC","PMDESC" 11,23,1,1,,19,10,"BANGOR HYDRO ELECTRIC CO","ELLSWORTH",0,,1179,"0A",1294,,,95,2941,0,0,3518,0,0,4870,0,0,1732,0,0,3252,0,0,2193,0,0,134,0,0,447,0,0,465,0,0,538,0,0,4295,0,0,3601,0,0,1469,6,50159,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,19,15,"BANGOR HYDRO ELECTRIC CO","HOWLAND",0,,1179,"0A",1294,,,95,772,0,0,858,0,0,1012,0,0,727,0,0,1061,0,0,917,0,0,385,0,0,118,0,0,0,0,0,657,0,0,905,0,0,820,0,0,1472,6,50159,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,19,30,"BANGOR HYDRO ELECTRIC CO","MEDWAY",0,,1179,"0A",1294,,,95,2116,0,0,1715,0,0,1459,0,0,1821,0,0,1946,0,0,2134,0,0,2157,0,0,1797,0,0,1745,0,0,1829,0,0,2224,0,0,2386,0,0,1474,6,50159,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,3,2,19,30,"BANGOR HYDRO ELECTRIC CO","MEDWAY",0,"LIGHT OIL",1179,"0A",1294,,,95,0,0,553,181,307,419,0,0,593,31,55,538,66,120,418,219,399,383,324,598,481,313,579,614,97,178,575,1,2,573,0,0,608,98,171,611,1474,6,50159,"FO2","IC" 11,23,1,1,,19,35,"BANGOR HYDRO ELECTRIC CO","MILFORD",0,,1179,"0A",1294,,,95,3843,0,0,3348,0,0,4177,0,0,3759,0,0,4855,0,0,4740,0,0,2971,0,0,2432,0,0,1786,0,0,1561,0,0,3510,0,0,4606,0,0,1475,6,50159,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,19,45,"BANGOR HYDRO ELECTRIC CO","ORONO",0,,1179,"0A",1294,,,95,895,0,0,836,0,0,966,0,0,576,0,0,624,0,0,736,0,0,684,0,0,464,0,0,408,0,0,616,0,0,849,0,0,896,0,0,1476,6,50159,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,19,55,"BANGOR HYDRO ELECTRIC CO","STILLWATER",0,,1179,"0A",1294,,,95,1191,0,0,844,0,0,939,0,0,1021,0,0,1114,0,0,1181,0,0,1170,0,0,878,0,0,818,0,0,880,0,0,923,0,0,950,0,0,1478,6,50159,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,19,60,"BANGOR HYDRO ELECTRIC CO","VEAZIE A",0,,1179,"0A",1294,,,95,4314,0,0,3855,0,0,5043,0,0,5153,0,0,6053,0,0,5342,0,0,3542,0,0,2651,0,0,2281,0,0,3932,0,0,5128,0,0,3842,0,0,1479,6,50159,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,19,62,"BANGOR HYDRO ELECTRIC CO","VEAZIE B",0,,1179,"0A",1294,,,95,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,7199,6,50159,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,3,2,19,68,"BANGOR HYDRO ELECTRIC CO","BAR HARBOR",0,"LIGHT OIL",1179,"0A",1294,,,95,42,73,538,379,659,574,0,0,574,73,128,446,69,125,512,225,420,440,312,579,556,449,813,455,32,60,586,49,89,497,6,10,487,152,264,571,1466,6,50159,"FO2","IC" 11,23,1,3,2,19,75,"BANGOR HYDRO ELECTRIC CO","EASTPORT",0,"LIGHT OIL",1179,"0A",1294,,,95,39,70,576,80,139,412,0,0,586,10,18,557,32,58,494,111,204,464,172,317,495,182,334,509,19,36,472,0,0,470,15,29,429,67,117,460,1468,6,50159,"FO2","IC" 11,23,1,1,,37,5,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","ANDROSCOG 3",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,2536,0,0,2573,0,0,2732,0,0,2703,0,0,2639,0,0,2235,0,0,2379,0,0,2201,0,0,1657,0,0,2352,0,0,2282,0,0,2805,0,0,1480,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,10,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","BAR MILLS",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,2420,0,0,1389,0,0,2414,0,0,2364,0,0,2584,0,0,1195,0,0,623,0,0,586,0,0,293,0,0,1310,0,0,2401,0,0,2056,0,0,1481,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,20,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","BONNY EAGLE",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,6041,0,0,3654,0,0,5858,0,0,5255,0,0,4575,0,0,2217,0,0,1233,0,0,1084,0,0,592,0,0,3323,0,0,7098,0,0,4100,0,0,1482,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,40,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","CATARACT",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,5330,0,0,4194,0,0,4953,0,0,4656,0,0,4888,0,0,5331,0,0,818,0,0,662,0,0,102,0,0,2232,0,0,5064,0,0,4090,0,0,1486,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,42,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","CONTINENTAL",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,-14,0,0,-15,0,0,322,0,0,72,0,0,147,0,0,12,0,0,3,0,0,13,0,0,15,0,0,109,0,0,555,0,0,-18,0,0,1487,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,50,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","DEER RIP 1",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,2694,0,0,2434,0,0,4080,0,0,3776,0,0,4034,0,0,2023,0,0,686,0,0,215,0,0,83,0,0,1916,0,0,3984,0,0,3453,0,0,1488,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,60,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","FT HALIFAX",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,959,0,0,424,0,0,1026,0,0,961,0,0,925,0,0,526,0,0,51,0,0,5,0,0,155,0,0,380,0,0,977,0,0,659,0,0,1490,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,75,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","GULF ISLAND",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,10764,0,0,9131,0,0,13512,0,0,13282,0,0,13485,0,0,8299,0,0,5537,0,0,4070,0,0,2892,0,0,9130,0,0,15549,0,0,11464,0,0,1491,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,80,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","HARRIS",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,14325,0,0,24479,0,0,22937,0,0,6538,0,0,5448,0,0,21283,0,0,13285,0,0,11928,0,0,12813,0,0,10770,0,0,19708,0,0,26783,0,0,1492,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,85,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","HIRAM",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,5791,0,0,3447,0,0,5873,0,0,6762,0,0,6516,0,0,2778,0,0,1397,0,0,1182,0,0,155,0,0,2992,0,0,7160,0,0,4285,0,0,1493,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,90,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","MESALONSK 2",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,1280,0,0,585,0,0,1625,0,0,606,0,0,869,0,0,350,0,0,2,0,0,-1,0,0,9,0,0,710,0,0,1668,0,0,745,0,0,1497,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,95,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","MESALONSK 3",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,753,0,0,330,0,0,977,0,0,349,0,0,507,0,0,180,0,0,0,0,0,-6,0,0,0,0,0,414,0,0,1038,0,0,416,0,0,1498,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,100,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","MESALONSK 4",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,405,0,0,183,0,0,451,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1499,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,105,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","MESALONSK 5",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,699,0,0,292,0,0,0,0,0,378,0,0,0,0,0,203,0,0,13,0,0,9,0,0,4,0,0,408,0,0,923,0,0,390,0,0,1500,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,110,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","NO GORHAM",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,1215,0,0,963,0,0,842,0,0,520,0,0,455,0,0,503,0,0,595,0,0,604,0,0,413,0,0,340,0,0,740,0,0,1180,0,0,1501,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,125,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","SHAWMUT",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,5226,0,0,5495,0,0,6547,0,0,5776,0,0,5295,0,0,4910,0,0,3475,0,0,2346,0,0,2571,0,0,3529,0,0,4803,0,0,6066,0,0,1504,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,130,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","SKELTON",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,13276,0,0,8614,0,0,12134,0,0,11304,0,0,11550,0,0,5199,0,0,2833,0,0,2610,0,0,687,0,0,6731,0,0,13037,0,0,9456,0,0,1505,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,145,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","WEST BUXTON",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,4424,0,0,2556,0,0,4381,0,0,3723,0,0,3292,0,0,1602,0,0,798,0,0,745,0,0,418,0,0,1944,0,0,4334,0,0,3045,0,0,1508,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,150,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","WESTON",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,8095,0,0,8443,0,0,9513,0,0,8520,0,0,7843,0,0,7850,0,0,5819,0,0,4618,0,0,4257,0,0,5361,0,0,7925,0,0,9347,0,0,1509,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,155,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","WILLIAMS",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,9171,0,0,9162,0,0,10255,0,0,6585,0,0,7543,0,0,8658,0,0,6098,0,0,5593,0,0,5308,0,0,5891,0,0,8857,0,0,10646,0,0,1510,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,160,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","WYMAN HYDRO",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,30298,0,0,37016,0,0,38382,0,0,18735,0,0,24745,0,0,31774,0,0,20433,0,0,17564,0,0,16353,0,0,19735,0,0,40234,0,0,38504,0,0,1511,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,4,2,37,175,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","CAPE",0,"LIGHT OIL",3266,"0M",1294,,,95,40,282,7937,40,336,7601,-57,44,7557,-40,24,7533,5,162,7371,38,208,7316,611,1872,6581,497,1571,5887,-24,32,5855,-32,27,5828,-45,25,5803,-25,145,5552,1484,6,50491,"FO2","GT" 11,23,1,2,2,37,200,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","WYMAN STEAM",0,"LIGHT OIL",3266,"0M",1294,,,95,707,1587,1149,810,1542,1579,117,264,1534,980,1825,1680,366,883,1468,854,1640,1807,783,1460,2327,653,1307,1677,115,266,1410,20,76,1335,486,1282,2039,604,1177,2212,1507,6,50491,"FO2","ST" 11,23,1,2,3,37,200,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","WYMAN STEAM",0,"HEAVY OIL",3266,"0M",1294,,,95,47051,97029,319010,122493,214459,275338,22777,47240,228098,127804,222606,207728,22560,50003,278752,79660,140051,253816,153893,263859,173676,74046,134076,202289,16596,35140,288543,3258,10955,197963,18538,44437,353526,107031,192190,308382,1507,6,50491,"FO6","ST" 11,23,1,3,2,37,204,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","ISLESBORO",0,"LIGHT OIL",3266,"0M",1294,"S",,95,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1494,6,50491,"FO2","IC" 11,23,1,3,2,37,206,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","PEAK IS",0,"LIGHT OIL",3266,"0M",1294,"S",,95,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1502,6,50491,"FO2","IC" 11,23,1,1,,37,210,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","BRUNSWICK",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,7964,0,0,6898,0,0,11266,0,0,10237,0,0,10095,0,0,6009,0,0,3698,0,0,2974,0,0,2429,0,0,6541,0,0,12216,0,0,8541,0,0,1483,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,215,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","W CHANNEL",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,0,0,0,-33,0,0,-20,0,0,-22,0,0,-1,0,0,-1,0,0,-1,0,0,-21,0,0,-1,0,0,19,0,0,-11,0,0,-22,0,0,695,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,220,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","BATES UPPER",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,-41,0,0,-34,0,0,610,0,0,144,0,0,273,0,0,15,0,0,1,0,0,15,0,0,18,0,0,217,0,0,4223,0,0,-30,0,0,7044,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,225,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","BATES LOWER",0,,3266,"0M",1294,"S",,95,-17,0,0,-16,0,0,-8,0,0,-2,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,-1,0,0,-3,0,0,-17,0,0,7045,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,235,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","ANDRO LOWER",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,23,0,0,-11,0,0,21,0,0,-2,0,0,12,0,0,0,0,0,-1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,5,0,0,38,0,0,-14,0,0,7047,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,240,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","HILL MILL",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,-3,0,0,-2,0,0,183,0,0,-6,0,0,60,0,0,2,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,1,0,0,105,0,0,467,0,0,-6,0,0,7048,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,245,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","C E MONTY",0,,3266,"0M",1294,,,95,11840,0,0,10124,0,0,14280,0,0,13297,0,0,13808,0,0,8324,0,0,5496,0,0,4271,0,0,3199,0,0,9333,0,0,15686,0,0,12247,0,0,805,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,1,,37,250,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","SMELT HILL",0,,3266,"0M",294,"A",,95,0,0,0,400,0,0,352,0,0,239,0,0,180,0,0,162,0,0,191,0,0,178,0,0,-608,0,0,766,0,0,224,0,0,283,0,0,7514,6,50491,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,2,"B",37,255,"CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO","AROOSTOOK V",0,"WOOD",3266,"0M",294,"A",,95,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,165,0,0,134,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,7513,6,50491,"WD","ST" 11,23,1,1,,94,5,"MAINE PUBLIC SERVICE CO","CARIBOU",0,,11522,"0M",1294,,,95,454,0,0,469,0,0,519,0,0,451,0,0,454,0,0,410,0,0,48,0,0,1,0,0,-2,0,0,178,0,0,536,0,0,504,0,0,1513,6,51747,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,2,3,94,5,"MAINE PUBLIC SERVICE CO","CARIBOU",0,"HEAVY OIL",11522,"0M",1294,,,95,343,903,9375,592,1410,7984,-32,0,8005,-29,0,7995,-26,6,8015,-27,4,8057,-26,0,8067,222,644,7448,-28,0,7396,-29,0,7390,857,1841,5557,2237,4973,2370,1513,6,51747,"FO6","ST" 11,23,1,3,2,94,5,"MAINE PUBLIC SERVICE CO","CARIBOU",0,"LIGHT OIL",11522,"0M",1294,,,95,50,251,1746,5,143,1693,-65,0,1583,78,225,1932,-18,17,1865,-9,6,1829,38,115,1683,233,500,1802,86,210,1776,-6,65,2071,-56,28,1948,244,599,2098,1513,6,51747,"FO2","IC" 11,23,1,1,,94,10,"MAINE PUBLIC SERVICE CO","SQUA PAN",0,,11522,"0M",1294,,,95,115,0,0,363,0,0,152,0,0,-10,0,0,-7,0,0,-3,0,0,-3,0,0,-4,0,0,-6,0,0,-7,0,0,3,0,0,223,0,0,1516,6,51747,"WAT","HY" 11,23,1,3,2,94,23,"MAINE PUBLIC SERVICE CO","FLOS INN",0,"LIGHT OIL",11522,"0M",1294,,,95,27,115,314,19,82,232,-29,0,232,19,79,373,-23,2,371,-16,0,371,13,80,290,124,284,232,74,135,323,-3,51,272,-25,8,264,217,451,388,1514,6,51747,"FO2","IC" 11,23,1,3,2,94,25,"MAINE PUBLIC SERVICE CO","HOULTON",0,"LIGHT OIL",11522,"0M",1294,,,95,6,28,13,-8,1,12,-8,2,10,-8,0,10,-6,0,10,-3,0,10,-2,0,10,-3,0,10,-3,0,10,-4,0,11,-4,2,8,14,34,6,1515,6,51747,"FO2","IC" 11,23,1,2,1,97,1,"MAINE YANKEE ATOMIC PWR C","MAIN YANKEE",0,"NUCLEAR",11525,"0M",1294,,,95,197577,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1517,6,51748,"UR","ST" 11,23,1,3,2,116,10,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","SWANS FALLS",0,"LIGHT OIL",15472,"0M",1294,"R",180,95,-7,0,2,-7,0,2,-6,0,2,-3,0,2,-2,0,2,-1,0,2,-1,0,2,-1,0,2,-1,0,2,-1,0,2,-3,0,2,0,0,0,1518,6,52411,"FO2","IC" 11,23,5,1,,525,1,"LEWISTON (CITY OF)","ANDRO UPPER",0,,10963,"0A",1294,,,95,296,0,0,378,0,0,310,0,0,424,0,0,264,0,0,390,0,0,256,0,0,258,0,0,304,0,0,270,0,0,342,0,0,324,0,0,7046,6,54168,"WAT","HY" 11,23,5,1,,566,1,"MADISON (CITY OF)","NORRIDGEWCK",0,,11477,"0A",1294,,,95,306,0,0,241,0,0,261,0,0,291,0,0,379,0,0,277,0,0,75,0,0,0,0,0,26,0,0,121,0,0,197,0,0,224,0,0,6701,6,51737,"WAT","HY" 11,23,8,3,2,835,5,"EASTERN MAINE ELEC COOP","PORTABLE",0,"LIGHT OIL",5609,"0A",1294,"S",,95,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,6366,6,50848,"FO2","IC" 11,23,8,3,2,940,1,"SWANS ISLAND ELEC COOP","MINTURN",0,"LIGHT OIL",18368,"0A",1294,"S",,95,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1550,6,52863,"FO2","IC" 12,33,1,1,,106,5,"NEW ENGLAND POWER CO","COMERFORD",0,,13433,"0M",1294,,90,95,34273,0,0,19125,0,0,43429,0,0,11874,0,0,22700,0,0,13853,0,0,5565,0,0,11061,0,0,5412,0,0,30636,0,0,45527,0,0,18948,0,0,2349,6,52007,"WAT","HY" 12,33,1,1,,106,10,"NEW ENGLAND POWER CO","MCINDOES",0,,13433,"0M",1294,,90,95,4420,0,0,3434,0,0,6350,0,0,3330,0,0,4648,0,0,2664,0,0,1453,0,0,2497,0,0,1353,0,0,4755,0,0,7050,0,0,3740,0,0,6483,6,52007,"WAT","HY" 12,33,1,1,,106,13,"NEW ENGLAND POWER CO","S C MOORE",0,,13433,"0M",1294,,90,95,29434,0,0,15866,0,0,34014,0,0,9521,0,0,19359,0,0,12124,0,0,4787,0,0,9805,0,0,4357,0,0,27013,0,0,40020,0,0,16551,0,0,2351,6,52007,"WAT","HY" 12,33,1,1,,106,15,"NEW ENGLAND POWER CO","VERNON",0,,13433,"0M",1294,,90,95,7120,0,0,5523,0,0,9186,0,0,7993,0,0,7582,0,0,3197,0,0,1355,0,0,2525,0,0,19,0,0,5912,0,0,9702,0,0,7342,0,0,2352,6,52007,"WAT","HY" 12,33,1,1,,106,20,"NEW ENGLAND POWER CO","WILDER",0,,13433,"0M",1294,,90,95,1974,0,0,3326,0,0,18722,0,0,7773,0,0,8911,0,0,4713,0,0,4047,0,0,5176,0,0,2849,0,0,9330,0,0,12667,0,0,7471,0,0,2353,6,52007,"WAT","HY" 12,33,1,2,1,123,1,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","SEABROOK",0,"NUCLEAR",15472,"0M",1294,,180,95,857441,0,0,778373,0,0,863021,0,0,832472,0,0,865152,0,0,495425,0,0,690261,0,0,805711,0,0,800410,0,0,828658,0,0,60958,0,0,501494,0,0,6115,6,52411,"UR","ST" 12,33,1,1,,123,4,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","AMOSKEAG",0,,15472,"0M",1294,,180,95,10690,0,0,7028,0,0,11425,0,0,749,0,0,15769,0,0,4245,0,0,2251,0,0,3257,0,0,434,0,0,5760,0,0,11044,0,0,6264,0,0,2354,6,52411,"WAT","HY" 12,33,1,1,,123,6,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","AYERS IS",0,,15472,"0M",1294,,180,95,3909,0,0,2249,0,0,4743,0,0,3555,0,0,4487,0,0,1520,0,0,1448,0,0,1727,0,0,380,0,0,3303,0,0,5711,0,0,2632,0,0,2355,6,52411,"WAT","HY" 12,33,1,1,,123,16,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","EASTMAN FLS",0,,15472,"0M",1294,,180,95,2843,0,0,1293,0,0,2781,0,0,2587,0,0,2725,0,0,1214,0,0,1763,0,0,10079,0,0,-9794,0,0,1729,0,0,3266,0,0,1701,0,0,2356,6,52411,"WAT","HY" 12,33,1,1,,123,20,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","GARVIN FLS",0,,15472,"0M",1294,,180,95,5209,0,0,3143,0,0,5693,0,0,4388,0,0,3956,0,0,2019,0,0,755,0,0,1667,0,0,350,0,0,3233,0,0,6336,0,0,3913,0,0,2357,6,52411,"WAT","HY" 12,33,1,1,,123,22,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","GORHAM",0,,15472,"0M",1294,,180,95,989,0,0,1031,0,0,1249,0,0,885,0,0,1193,0,0,756,0,0,568,0,0,530,0,0,580,0,0,864,0,0,1116,0,0,1202,0,0,2358,6,52411,"WAT","HY" 12,33,1,1,,123,28,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","HOOKSETT",0,,15472,"0M",1294,,180,95,787,0,0,865,0,0,912,0,0,1164,0,0,1141,0,0,791,0,0,156,0,0,317,0,0,43,0,0,751,0,0,952,0,0,776,0,0,2359,6,52411,"WAT","HY" 12,33,1,1,,123,30,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","JACKMAN",0,,15472,"0M",1294,,180,95,1997,0,0,535,0,0,1239,0,0,236,0,0,557,0,0,305,0,0,191,0,0,722,0,0,-8,0,0,1339,0,0,2326,0,0,864,0,0,2360,6,52411,"WAT","HY" 12,33,1,1,,123,50,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","SMITH STA",0,,15472,"0M",1294,,180,95,8143,0,0,9737,0,0,11648,0,0,6108,0,0,8349,0,0,6172,0,0,4454,0,0,4871,0,0,3742,0,0,6861,0,0,10860,0,0,10308,0,0,2368,6,52411,"WAT","HY" 12,33,1,4,2,123,57,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","LOST NATION",0,"LIGHT OIL",15472,"0M",1294,,180,95,-15,0,2159,79,306,1853,-15,0,1853,-12,0,1853,42,125,1728,50,140,1587,209,595,1527,275,828,1235,-11,0,1235,-11,0,1235,-10,0,1235,111,338,1076,2362,6,52411,"FO2","GT" 12,33,1,2,2,123,59,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","MERRIMACK",0,"LIGHT OIL",15472,"0M",1294,,180,95,27,45,275,16,29,156,22,38,180,23,38,218,0,0,0,29,52,151,6,14,205,30,55,180,52,96,222,62,108,185,57,96,176,20,35,176,2364,6,52411,"FO2","ST" 12,33,1,2,6,123,59,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","MERRIMACK",0,"BIT COAL",15472,"0M",1294,,180,95,266403,101539,253077,274308,103830,266334,256612,98157,263978,216443,80934,278945,76504,17154,315133,246563,95683,297713,281671,111493,247571,263463,95839,235114,181335,71786,264069,207269,81066,275589,253852,96425,269715,287608,108204,247069,2364,6,52411,"BIT","ST" 12,33,1,4,2,123,59,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","MERRIMACK",0,"LIGHT OIL",15472,"0M",1294,,180,95,-47,0,3032,411,1048,3032,-21,0,1984,-18,0,1984,112,282,1702,122,334,1367,613,1576,1494,582,1554,2033,-14,0,2033,-11,20,2013,-20,0,2013,242,603,1411,2364,6,52411,"FO2","GT" 12,33,1,2,3,123,63,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","SCHILLER",0,"HEAVY OIL",15472,"0M",1294,,180,95,1350,2702,31413,820,1554,92325,2073,4352,187620,1454,2823,184796,1826,3479,189663,2478,4626,184835,4062,7903,176932,2011,4193,53637,1321,2911,170000,1885,4329,165671,5233,10859,154812,3538,6785,118334,2367,6,52411,"FO6","ST" 12,33,1,2,6,123,63,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","SCHILLER",0,"BIT COAL",15472,"0M",1294,,180,95,53534,27148,87087,68779,32692,50318,47008,24972,52027,65230,33724,53967,55312,27020,32185,49976,24400,75043,55074,26887,62380,30313,18396,42154,18241,9931,51974,16092,9642,54786,30357,16856,90418,65541,32424,72200,2367,6,52411,"BIT","ST" 12,33,1,4,2,123,63,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","SCHILLER",0,"LIGHT OIL",15472,"0M",1294,,180,95,-13,0,804,95,260,723,-12,0,723,-9,0,723,57,118,604,-7,0,604,90,262,723,242,963,714,-7,0,714,0,0,714,-9,0,714,120,301,794,2367,6,52411,"FO2","GT" 12,33,1,4,9,123,63,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","SCHILLER",0,"NAT GAS",15472,"0M",1294,,180,95,19,240,0,12,140,0,24,310,0,25,300,0,22,264,0,17,210,0,219,2700,0,121,2803,0,14,190,0,15,220,0,24,320,0,22,260,0,2367,6,52411,"NG","GT" 12,33,1,4,2,123,70,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","WHITE LAKE",0,"LIGHT OIL",15472,"0M",1294,,180,95,-17,0,2383,97,350,2033,-14,4,2029,-7,0,2029,48,94,1935,136,341,1595,147,405,1763,357,924,1410,-3,0,1410,-3,0,1410,-13,0,1410,-6,129,1281,2369,6,52411,"FO2","GT" 12,33,1,2,2,123,72,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","NEWINGTON",0,"LIGHT OIL",15472,"0M",1294,,180,95,2141,4247,1577,1729,3274,1766,1111,2327,1824,1584,4149,1209,1580,3072,1209,1589,3168,1640,1162,2239,1856,1703,3313,1598,1134,2258,1388,173,817,1751,1894,3703,1630,507,3096,1651,8002,6,52411,"FO2","ST" 12,33,1,2,3,123,72,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","NEWINGTON",0,"HEAVY OIL",15472,"0M",1294,,180,95,73391,138116,328850,119485,206586,321529,32827,62816,434361,89003,159420,245596,100291,177704,321055,73382,134661,317462,125529,216497,100965,57182,118647,2305699,45699,82009,405756,1560,6611,399144,100544,177099,222046,136392,231245,388270,8002,6,52411,"FO6","ST" 12,33,1,2,9,123,72,"PUB SERV CO OF NEW HAMP","NEWINGTON",0,"NAT GAS",15472,"0M",1294,,180,95,1463,17053,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,35353,394385,0,45744,527451,0,57696,624462,0,48968,544320,0,10747,122302,0,57,1545,0,742,8312,0,0,0,0,8002,6,52411,"NG","ST" 13,50,1,1,,22,2,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","ARNOLD FLS",0,,3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,112,0,0,27,0,0,168,0,0,290,0,0,100,0,0,18,0,0,33,0,0,37,0,0,17,0,0,172,0,0,245,0,0,135,0,0,3707,6,50503,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,22,10,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","CAVENDISH",0,,3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,534,0,0,309,0,0,847,0,0,607,0,0,267,0,0,83,0,0,0,0,0,134,0,0,-3,0,0,391,0,0,928,0,0,383,0,0,3710,6,50503,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,22,11,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","CLARKS FLS",0,,3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,1404,0,0,1026,0,0,1689,0,0,1865,0,0,1729,0,0,855,0,0,596,0,0,1076,0,0,567,0,0,1648,0,0,1970,0,0,1412,0,0,3711,6,50503,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,22,15,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","FAIRFAX",0,,3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,1873,0,0,1589,0,0,2321,0,0,2516,0,0,2499,0,0,1241,0,0,878,0,0,1432,0,0,744,0,0,2114,0,0,2573,0,0,2233,0,0,3712,6,50503,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,22,16,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","GAGE",0,,3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,221,0,0,24,0,0,244,0,0,307,0,0,290,0,0,73,0,0,85,0,0,38,0,0,48,0,0,305,0,0,523,0,0,226,0,0,3713,6,50503,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,22,18,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","GLEN",0,,3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,1041,0,0,605,0,0,731,0,0,367,0,0,238,0,0,98,0,0,83,0,0,323,0,0,183,0,0,629,0,0,1307,0,0,401,0,0,3714,6,50503,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,22,22,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","LW MIDLEBRY",0,,3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,725,0,0,534,0,0,1054,0,0,920,0,0,550,0,0,286,0,0,79,0,0,150,0,0,104,0,0,524,0,0,1220,0,0,492,0,0,3716,6,50503,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,22,26,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","MILTON",0,,3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,3538,0,0,2446,0,0,4215,0,0,4336,0,0,3864,0,0,1806,0,0,1204,0,0,2514,0,0,1210,0,0,4046,0,0,4879,0,0,3192,0,0,3717,6,50503,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,22,28,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","PASSUMPSIC",0,,3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,315,0,0,97,0,0,378,0,0,435,0,0,415,0,0,90,0,0,51,0,0,150,0,0,94,0,0,370,0,0,434,0,0,44,0,0,3718,6,50503,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,22,30,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","PATCH",0,,3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,107,0,0,58,0,0,59,0,0,21,0,0,7,0,0,5,0,0,5,0,0,28,0,0,7,0,0,42,0,0,158,0,0,30,0,0,3719,6,50503,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,22,34,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","PIERCE MLS",0,,3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,113,0,0,81,0,0,121,0,0,180,0,0,161,0,0,59,0,0,47,0,0,47,0,0,17,0,0,102,0,0,181,0,0,116,0,0,3721,6,50503,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,22,36,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","PITTSFORD",0,,3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,1275,0,0,941,0,0,158,0,0,47,0,0,-2,0,0,9,0,0,0,0,0,489,0,0,354,0,0,726,0,0,1999,0,0,679,0,0,3722,6,50503,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,22,38,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","SALISBURY",0,,3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,325,0,0,210,0,0,191,0,0,62,0,0,141,0,0,65,0,0,25,0,0,72,0,0,111,0,0,88,0,0,-6,0,0,303,0,0,3724,6,50503,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,22,40,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","SILVER LAKE",0,,3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,800,0,0,508,0,0,722,0,0,405,0,0,402,0,0,227,0,0,103,0,0,275,0,0,84,0,0,500,0,0,973,0,0,535,0,0,3725,6,50503,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,22,41,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","TAFTSVILLE",0,,3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,150,0,0,135,0,0,208,0,0,200,0,0,119,0,0,12,0,0,0,0,0,17,0,0,-1,0,0,55,0,0,175,0,0,162,0,0,3727,6,50503,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,22,44,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","WEYBRIDGE",0,,3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,1391,0,0,616,0,0,1819,0,0,1459,0,0,991,0,0,370,0,0,156,0,0,354,0,0,167,0,0,1042,0,0,2031,0,0,856,0,0,3728,6,50503,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,22,45,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","PETERSON",0,,3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,2522,0,0,1281,0,0,3601,0,0,3092,0,0,2335,0,0,1090,0,0,702,0,0,1605,0,0,681,0,0,2814,0,0,4021,0,0,1742,0,0,3720,6,50503,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,4,2,22,48,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","RUTLAND",0,"LIGHT OIL",3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,13,125,4525,45,327,4198,40,218,3979,19,143,3836,20,127,3709,101,381,3328,272,898,2430,277,932,1498,34,167,3475,-8,46,3429,32,195,3234,152,651,2583,3723,6,50503,"FO2","GT" 13,50,1,4,2,22,49,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","ASCUTNEY",0,"LIGHT OIL",3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,27,136,2572,77,326,2246,69,300,1946,18,96,1851,8,65,1786,41,144,1641,268,895,2175,226,765,1409,-1,38,3277,-15,0,3277,-3,71,3206,88,353,2853,3708,6,50503,"FO2","GT" 13,50,1,3,2,22,60,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","ST ALBANS",0,"LIGHT OIL",3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,-14,0,89,5,38,214,-11,4,210,-10,5,205,7,17,188,21,40,148,72,149,234,59,123,111,-1,2,110,-3,0,110,-6,0,108,9,42,236,3726,6,50503,"FO2","IC" 13,50,1,1,,22,65,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","SMITH",0,,3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,361,0,0,154,0,0,495,0,0,658,0,0,519,0,0,163,0,0,121,0,0,123,0,0,72,0,0,258,0,0,692,0,0,170,0,0,3709,6,50503,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,22,70,"CENTRAL VT PUB SERV CORP","EAST BARNET",0,,3292,"0A",1294,,350,95,595,0,0,399,0,0,900,0,0,1046,0,0,922,0,0,325,0,0,322,0,0,358,0,0,203,0,0,790,0,0,1148,0,0,702,0,0,788,6,50503,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,24,5,"CITIZENS UTILITIES CO","CHARLESTON",0,,3611,"0A",1294,,,95,339,0,0,244,0,0,393,0,0,445,0,0,409,0,0,252,0,0,154,0,0,192,0,0,90,0,0,382,0,0,461,0,0,314,0,0,3729,6,50560,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,24,10,"CITIZENS UTILITIES CO","NEWPORT",0,,3611,"0A",1294,,,95,1625,0,0,946,0,0,1961,0,0,1655,0,0,1645,0,0,917,0,0,474,0,0,1107,0,0,331,0,0,1614,0,0,2652,0,0,1235,0,0,3731,6,50560,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,3,2,24,15,"CITIZENS UTILITIES CO","NEWPORT DSL",0,"LIGHT OIL",3611,"0A",1294,,,95,0,0,377,16,33,290,0,0,259,0,0,229,0,0,206,0,0,206,0,0,206,7,12,194,8,16,177,0,0,177,0,0,137,0,0,85,3730,6,50560,"FO2","IC" 13,50,1,1,,24,20,"CITIZENS UTILITIES CO","TROY",0,,3611,"0A",1294,,,95,150,0,0,72,0,0,150,0,0,267,0,0,209,0,0,71,0,0,28,0,0,30,0,0,3,0,0,74,0,0,244,0,0,128,0,0,3733,6,50560,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,47,10,"GREEN MOUNTAIN POWER CORP","ESSEX 19",0,,7601,"0M",1294,,,95,2888,0,0,2870,0,0,4338,0,0,3931,0,0,3261,0,0,980,0,0,333,0,0,1531,0,0,936,0,0,2161,0,0,3540,0,0,2964,0,0,3737,6,51169,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,3,2,47,10,"GREEN MOUNTAIN POWER CORP","ESSEX 19",0,"LIGHT OIL",7601,"0M",1294,,,95,0,0,311,11,27,284,1,1,283,0,0,283,7,16,267,28,61,385,45,85,300,33,65,235,9,19,394,0,0,394,0,0,394,12,25,369,3737,6,51169,"FO2","IC" 13,50,1,1,,47,15,"GREEN MOUNTAIN POWER CORP","GORGE NO 18",0,,7601,"0M",1294,,,95,901,0,0,986,0,0,1573,0,0,1661,0,0,1125,0,0,122,0,0,113,0,0,692,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,6475,6,51169,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,47,20,"GREEN MOUNTAIN POWER CORP","MARSHFIELD6",0,,7601,"0M",1294,,,95,891,0,0,1188,0,0,245,0,0,107,0,0,0,0,0,3,0,0,2,0,0,54,0,0,53,0,0,604,0,0,1300,0,0,430,0,0,3739,6,51169,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,47,25,"GREEN MOUNTAIN POWER CORP","MIDDLESEX 2",0,,7601,"0M",1294,,,95,1134,0,0,848,0,0,1580,0,0,1697,0,0,1156,0,0,150,0,0,111,0,0,717,0,0,45,0,0,1158,0,0,2061,0,0,1133,0,0,3740,6,51169,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,47,40,"GREEN MOUNTAIN POWER CORP","VERGENNES 9",0,,7601,"0M",1294,,,95,972,0,0,799,0,0,1171,0,0,1224,0,0,968,0,0,441,0,0,247,0,0,499,0,0,318,0,0,590,0,0,1307,0,0,899,0,0,6519,6,51169,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,3,2,47,40,"GREEN MOUNTAIN POWER CORP","VERGENNES 9",0,"LIGHT OIL",7601,"0M",1294,,,95,15,27,282,68,118,164,15,24,319,5,8,311,4,25,465,108,264,200,174,319,417,163,302,294,20,35,437,3,2,436,2,4,432,35,62,370,6519,6,51169,"FO2","IC" 13,50,1,1,,47,53,"GREEN MOUNTAIN POWER CORP","WATRBRY 22",0,,7601,"0M",1294,,,95,2101,0,0,2029,0,0,1441,0,0,318,0,0,823,0,0,444,0,0,464,0,0,1190,0,0,485,0,0,2251,0,0,2609,0,0,1566,0,0,6520,6,51169,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,1,,47,55,"GREEN MOUNTAIN POWER CORP","W DANVIL 15",0,,7601,"0M",1294,,,95,445,0,0,146,0,0,507,0,0,509,0,0,301,0,0,77,0,0,87,0,0,220,0,0,103,0,0,544,0,0,661,0,0,151,0,0,3743,6,51169,"WAT","HY" 13,50,1,4,2,47,58,"GREEN MOUNTAIN