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  1. Analyzing the Effects of Temporal Wind Patterns on the Value of Wind-Generated Electricity at Different Sites in California and the Northwest

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    Fripp, Matthias; Wiser, Ryan


    by the California Power Exchange for the NP15 and SP15 hubsmarginal price set by the Power Exchange after accepting the

  2. IntroductiontoMA15910(sp15).ppt

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    Bailey, Charlotte M

    A TI-30XA basic scientific calculator is the only calculator allowed on quizzes or exams. ... There are 2 textbooks on reserve in the MATH library (3rd floor of MATH). ... for the current semester and discuss your accommodations as soon as possible. ... and grading percentages are subject to changes that may be necessitated...

  3. Snake River Steelhead Straying Risk To Oregon Mid-C Steelhead Populations and

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    ). Snake River hatchery strays are considered a primary threat to Deschutes River and John Day River Migration In-River Transport Year # Adults Failed # Adults Failed 1999 51 25% 46 43% 2000 1098-River 22% Migration In-River Transport Year # Adults Failed # Adults Failed 1999 188 27% 187 38% 2000 426

  4. I can do this --I am doing this--I am getting better at this SP `15 Imagination

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    up Google+ Hangouts for class questions I. Course Prerequisites You must be willing to risk and innovation. II. Course Overview This Course is for entrepreneurs building a courage to create, and risk economic and social transformations swirl around us. Creating and innovating are supplanting physical labor

  5. Dynamic Pricing, Advanced Metering, and Demand Response in Electricity Markets

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    Borenstein, Severin; Jaske, Michael; Rosenfeld, Arthur


    CAISO) California Power Exchange (CalPX) California Publicand SP15 California Power Exchange (CalPX) day-ahead zonaldesign, a California Power Exchange (CalPX) existed which

  6. Publisher's Note: Asymptotic normalization coefficients for N-14+p -> O-15 and the astrophysical S factor for N-14(p,gamma)O-15 (vol 67, art no 065804, 2003)

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    Mukhamedzhanov, AM; Bem, P.; Brown, BA; Burjan, V.; Gagliardi, Carl A.; Kroha, V.; Novak, J.; Nunes, FM; Piskor, S.; Pirlepesov, F.; Simeckova, E.; Tribble, Robert E.; Vincour, J.


    : Asymptotic normalization coefficients for 14N?p\\15O and the astrophysical S factor for 14N?p ,g?15O ?Phys. Rev. C 67, 065804 ?2003?? A. M. Mukhamedzhanov, P. Be?m B. A. Brown, V. Burjan, C. A. Gagliardi, V. Kroha, J. Nova?k, F. M. Nunes, S? . Piskor?, F...

  7. Microsoft Word - BPA analysis summarizing PT block contract ...

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    proceeding. 1 BPA established its forecast of Mid-C 1 Refer to section 2.4 of the Risk Analysis and Mitigation Study in the WP-10 rate proceeding for a more complete description...

  8. Microsoft Word - DSI Block 12_05_08.doc

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    in addition to payment under IP rate, pay BPA the amount by which the market price for power at the Mid-C trading hub exceeds the original acquisition price under the defaulted...

  9. Bill Bradbury Jennifer Anders

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    ) with a benchmark power price for heavy and low load hours at the Mid C; assuming average hydro generating, 2014 MEMORANDUM TO: Council members FROM: Steven Simmons SUBJECT: Draft Plan Wholesale Power Price Forecast Range BACKGROUND: Presenter: Steven Simmons Summary: A 20-year forecast range of wholesale power

  10. Further Discussion on Proposed Approach for Assessing Balancing

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    requirements for each BA can be met by resources within each BA (with exception of long term Mid-C hydro Power Capable Resources: In Region BA Hydro Q1 Non-Hydro Q1 Avista Corporation 71% 29% Idaho Power Company 70 Characteristics of the Power System Ability of the system to respond to changes in supply and demand of power

  11. Fundamental Drivers of Pacific Northwest Power Markets

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    , utilities, power marketers, investors, and others on wholesale electricity and natural gas markets. Experts Load Transmission Thermal Hydro Wind (2005) #12;Natural Gas Capacity 6 5,000 MW of Natural Gas;Natural Gas Power Plant Production is Significantly Down 2010 to 2012 13 #12;Mid C Peak Heat Rates 14

  12. 851 S.W. Sixth Avenue, Suite 1100 Steve Crow 503-222-5161 Portland, Oregon 97204-1348 Executive Director 800-452-5161

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    , the role of Columbia Grid in facilitating the project, and how the parties settled on a cost/Vantage Substation north through Wenatchee to Wells Dam Parties involved in the Joint Project 2 #12;3 #12;TimelineGrid System Assessment 2010 ColumbiaGrid Northern Mid-C Final Technical Report Published 2011 Determine cost

  13. Solar neutrinos and the solar composition problem

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    Carlos Pena-Garay; Aldo Serenelli


    Standard solar models (SSM) are facing nowadays a new puzzle: the solar composition problem. New determinations of solar metal abundances lead SSM calculations to conflict with helioseismological measurements, showing discrepancies that extend from the convection zone to the solar core and can not be easily assigned to deficiencies in the modelling of the solar convection zone. We present updated solar neutrino fluxes and uncertainties for two SSM with high (old) and low (new) solar metallicity determinations. The uncertainties in iron and carbon abundances are the largest contribution to the uncertainties of the solar neutrino fluxes. The uncertainty on the ^14N+p -> ^15O+g rate is the largest of the non-composition uncertainties to the CNO neutrino fluxes. We propose an independent method to help identify which SSM is the correct one. Present neutrino data can not distinguish the solar neutrino predictions of both models but ongoing measurements can help to solve the puzzle.

  14. Predictability of price movements in deregulated electricity markets

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    Uritskaya, Olga Y


    In this paper we investigate predictability of electricity prices in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Ontario, as well as in the US Mid-C market. Using scale-dependent detrended fluctuation analysis, spectral analysis, and the probability distribution analysis we show that the studied markets exhibit strongly anti-persistent properties suggesting that their dynamics can be predicted based on historic price records across the range of time scales from one hour to one month. For both Canadian markets, the price movements reveal three types of correlated behavior which can be used for forecasting. The discovered scenarios remain the same on different time scales up to one month as well as for on- and off- peak electricity data. These scenarios represent sharp increases of prices and are not present in the Mid-C market due to its lower volatility. We argue that extreme price movements in this market should follow the same tendency as the more volatile Canadian markets. The estimated values of the Pareto indi...