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A Connecticut jury array challenge David Pollard  

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A Connecticut jury array challenge by David Pollard Yale University david.pollard@yale.edu http a detailed statistical study of the system used for summon- sing jurors to serve in the State of Connecticut's Superior Courts. The study was made at the request of the Connecticut Public Defender's Office, to provide

Pollard, David


Nuclear Proliferation and the Deterrence of Conventional War: Justin Pollard  

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Nuclear Proliferation and the Deterrence of Conventional War: A Proposal Justin Pollard April 2009) Introduction It seems counterintuitive to think that the spread of nuclear weapons could make the world a safer of ubiquitous nuclear armament is a more dangerous and unstable one. Certainly, a weapon of the nuclear

Sadoulet, Elisabeth


Some thoughts on Le Cam's statistical decision theory David Pollard  

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Some thoughts on Le Cam's statistical decision theory by David Pollard Statistics Department Yale theory of statistical inference and decision theory. A short, self- contained proof of a key result developed a general theory for handling asymptotic problems in statistical decision theory. At the core

Pollard, David



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Nolen and Pollard 1 6/17/2008 STRUCTURE AND BIOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF FISSION YEAST ARP2/3 COMPLEX-mail:bradley.nolen@yale.edu Running title: Arp2 Arp2/3 complex Arp2/3 (Actin-related protein 2/3) complex is a seven-subunit complex of the Arp2 subunit in the function of Arp2/3 complex by isolating a version of the complex lacking Arp2 (Arp


Carol G. Cokely's recent Presentations Cokely, C. (2007). Incorporating Service Learing in to the AuD Curriculum. Invited  

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Carol G. Cokely's recent Presentations Cokely, C. (2007). Incorporating Service Learing in to the AuD Curriculum. Invited speaker, Teaching the Management of Hearing Loss, Pittsburgh, PA. Cokely, C, Pittsburgh, PA. Kricos, P.B., Weinstein, B., Lesner, S., Cokely, C., Milstein, D., & Chisolm, T. (2006) How

O'Toole, Alice J.


Comparaison paléocognitive des niveaux moustérien et magdalénien de la grotte Tournal (Bize, Aude)  

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Résumé Nous analysons la chaîne opératoire de traitement des grands mammifères identifiée sur les niveaux magdalénien et moustérien du site de Tournal (Bize, Aude). Les résultats comportementaux sont exploités à l’aide de la méthode de psychologie cognitive des actions mentales finalisées, dont les éléments d’analyse sont d’une part les objets manipulés par les Préhistoriques et d’autre part les propriétés qui leur ont été attribuées par ces hommes. Objets et propriétés sont liés par relations binaires. Ces relations sont traitées par SIMBOL, un logiciel développé à l’IPH (Institut de paléontologie humaine) à partir d’un algorithme, STONE, publié initialement au Laboratoire de psychologie expérimentale de Paris-8. SIMBOL produit un graphe de la représentation de la tâche en mémoire, pour chaque niveau, autorisant ainsi une comparaison rigoureuse des activités cognitives aux deux époques. Nous observons que les graphes moustérien et magdalénien sont très similaires. Nous pouvions y voir l’indice de la très grande proximité cognitive des deux types d’hommes ayant utilisé le site à ces périodes différentes. De plus la complexité cognitive apparaît comparable d’un graphe à l’autre, c’est-à-dire du niveau moustérien au niveau magdalénien. La fluidité cognitive augmente sensiblement du graphe moustérien au graphe magdalénien, les glissements de sens, les analogies, semblant être favorisés en contexte magdalénien. Peut-on y voir un l’indice de capacités cognitives plus complexifiées chez les magdaléniens que chez les néandertaliens ? Des résultats ultérieurs doivent venir valider ou infirmer ces hypothèses, et augmenter le corpus de données potentielles ouvert par cette nouvelle approche. We analyse the functional processing chain of large mammals acquired at the mousterian and magdalenian levels of the Tournal cave (Bize, Aude). Palethnologic results are analysed through a method from experimental psychology of goal oriented activities. The elements are the objects used by prehistoric man and their properties. Objects and properties are linked by binary relationships. These relationships are processed by software, SIMBOL, developed at the IPH, based on an algorithm initially published by the Laboratoire de psychologie expérimentale of Paris-8. SIMBOL returns the cognitive graph of the task representation for the mousterian and the magdalenian layer, allowing a rigorous comparison of the cognitive activities on both periods. The main result is that the logical structure is preserved when passing from one level to the other. This could be interpreted as a due to the noticeable cognitive similarity of the men from the different periods, along with the fact that cognitive complexity seems to be the same on both graphs. Cognitive fluidity improves from mousterian to magdalenian suggesting that cognitive mechanisms such as sense sliding and analogies could be easier at the magdalenian level. Could we interpret this result as a due to a greater creativity at the magdalenian level than at the mousterian one? Further investigations are needed to state this, as well as enhanced data volume, potentially allowed by this entirely new method.

I Saillot; M Patou-Mathis



Appendix AUD: Audits and Surveillances  

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- Carlsbad Operations LCNDE Large Container Non-Destructive Examination LOTO LockoutTagout M marginal M&O managment and operating NA not applicable NABC Nondestructive...


Generalizing Demonstrated Manipulation Nancy S. Pollard1,3  

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Information Science Laboratories, Kyoto 619-0288, Japan Abstract. Captured human motion data can provide demonstrations is appeal- ing because of the variety of strategies that can be observed in human motion and to constrain the roles of those contacts. These constraints can be powerful, and we show how they can be used

Pollard, Nancy


Women executed by the state of Connecticut / Heather Pollard.  

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??The Purpose of this thesis was to add to the general information about the women executed by the state of Connecticut. It also sought to… (more)

Pollard, Heather Ann, 1977-



Aude-Clmence Doix Neuromuscular activation strategies of  

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University of Science and Technology, NTNU Trondheim Laboratory of Human Motricity Education Sport and Health personnes saines ou vulnérables tels que des enfants atteints d'infirmité motrice cérébrale (IMC) et des compenser la fatigue musculaire par le recrutement de nouvelles unités motrices comme le font les enfants

Boyer, Edmond


WE?C?AUD A?04: Beyond FMEA: Summary and Future Developments  

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Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a useful tool for deepening understanding of the radiation therapy (RT) delivery process flow and for identifying specific process steps that are likely to result in patient harm in the event of errors. Developing an RT process tree can in itself can lead to improved efficiency and safety. FMEA encourages the treatmentdelivery team to view RT delivery holistically as it requires the team not only to catalogue possible errors at each process tree step but to assess their frequency clinical impact and potential for propagation without detection into downstream processes. Thus an FMEA helps focus physics attention on relatively low probability process errors with potential for inflicting catastrophic harm on patients. The AAPM FMEA IMRTanalysis raises many questions and issues:

J Williamson



n Christy Monczynski Hopson, Au.D. has been named Director of Audiology at Strong Hospital.  

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TO TELL News briefs and events from URMC's Otolaryngology Department: LEARNING TO LISTEN. URMC. Testing for special needs populations. Tinnitus counseling and device fitting. From common hearing loss a lot of time helping our patients develop listening strategies in conjunction with hearing aid and

Goldman, Steven A.



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simulates a neutral or even slightly unstable boundary layer to a depth of 200 m over the city. In contrast LEMONSU AND VAL´ERY MASSON One of the consequences of contrasting surface energy fluxes between cities of the UHI is due to the release of the heat stored in the buildings during the day (or produced by domestic

Ribes, Aurélien


Haptic molecular simulation based on force control Aude Bolopion, Barthelemy Cagneau, Stephane Redon and Stephane Regnier  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

to manipulate the molecules, with major stability concerns. These two control modes are compared in terms of adequacy with the molecular simulator. Stability with respect to the scaling coefficients introduced of the haptic handle), to the Bubble technique (combination of position and rate control) [5]. As an alternative

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Snowball Earth: A thin-ice solution with flowing sea glaciers David Pollard and James F. Kasting  

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optical properties of sea ice and with the equatorward flow of sea glaciers. Here we use a coupled energy processes beyond the scope of zonal mean energy-balance models may significantly affect the solutions and (2 today's value. This is approximately the value of the solar constant predicted at 600 Myr ago [Gough



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??Although craving is a new criterion to the DSM-5, craving has an extensive history with the International Classification of Diseases (ICD). Several models of craving… (more)

[No author



TH?D?AUD A?09: An Error Reporting and Tracking Database Tool for Process Improvement in Radiation Oncology  

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Patient and employee safety is a critical concern in radiation therapy (RT). Current QA practices and operation processes in RT are typically developed based on rather prescriptive task group reports and regulatory agency requirements. Typically these programs are not developed with the goal of process optimization and safety but are brute?force efforts to prevent catastrophic errors. Other industries have been developing processes to improve quality and safety of their operations and products since the 1940s. These processes have become quite sophisticated and the result is that numerous industries have much better performance records than healthcare and RT. Recently the National Academy of Engineering and the Institute of Medicine recommended the systematic application of systems engineering approaches for reforming our health care delivery system. The AAPM subsequently formed a task group charged with developing a structured systematic QA program approach for RT based on industrial principles and practices. Optimization of RT processes and implementation of industrial techniques requires the acquisition of data regarding performance statistics and failure or error rates of individual departments. Most facilities do not have the infrastructure to effectively collect and analyze such data. We have developed an efficient and effective process for collecting storing and analyzing the failure rate data in individual RT facilities that will support process improvement in patient care and safety. The process is based on a web?based tool for reporting events. The tool is designed so individual events can be reported in as little as two minutes. Events are categorized based on function area type and severity of failure. All events are systematically processed using web?based tools and stored for future analysis and evaluation of failure methods and process improvement and prioritization of efforts in an individual RT facility.

S Mutic; P Parikh; E Klein; R Drzymala; J Michalski; D Low



MO?C?AUD B?01: Technology and the Crisis in the U.S. Health Care System  

Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

New developments in physics?based technology are greatly improving medical diagnosis and treatment. But they are also contributing to the current crisis in the U.S. health care system—i.e. its intolerable cost. Our health care expenditures are about twice as high per capita as those of other advanced countries and are rising at a rate that will soon threaten the viability of the federal budget and already imperils the survival of employer?based insurance. Rising costs prevent extension of coverage to the uninsured whose numbers continue to increase. Despite exorbitant expenditures we are not getting our money's worth. Even insured people often don't receive optimal treatment and our public health statistics place us only in the middle of our international peers who spend much less.

A Relman



Herpetological Review, 2001, 32(3), 156-157. ( 200 I by Society for the Study of Amphibiaus aud Reptiles  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

Reptiles Overwintering Tadpoles in the California Red-legged Frog (Rana aurora draytonii) GARY M. FELLERS Western Ecological Research Center, USGS Point Reyes National Seashore, Point Reyes, California 94956, USA Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305, USA e-mail: aelaunerÃ?! leland.stanfard.edu GALEN RATHBUN


Large Scale Matching for Position Weight Aude Liefooghe, Hel`ene Touzet and Jean-Stephane Varre  

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.8 1.9 -2.3 -2.3 2 0.4 1.26 -2.3 -1.8 3 -2.3 -2.3 2 -2.3 4 -2.3 -2.3 2 -2.3 5 2 -2.3 -2.3 -2.3 6 1.1 -0.94 -2.3 0.4 7 0.11 0.07 1.42 -2.3 8 -1.8 0.4 0 1.1 Transcription Factors : Control transcriptional by Position Weigth Matrices #12;PWM Matching Problem A C G T -1.8 1.9 -2.3 -2.3 0.4 1.26 -2.3 -1.8 -2.3 -2.3 2

Lonardi, Stefano

Note: This page contains sample records for the topic "mc-212 pollard aud" from the National Library of EnergyBeta (NLEBeta).
While these samples are representative of the content of NLEBeta,
they are not comprehensive nor are they the most current set.
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Epigenetic Effects of Ethanol.  

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??Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is prevalent and associated with significant mortality and socioeconomic costs globally. Despite the tremendous burden of AUD, mechanisms of alcohol (ethanol)… (more)

Finegersh, Andrey




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. Pollard Ph.D. Educational Psychology & Counseling Kelsey R. Shanklin M.S. Nutrition Utsala Shrestha M

Tennessee, University of


InstruCtIon This list includes for each course the catalog number,  

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...................................................... ASTR Audio Technology............................................AUD Automotive Engineering ................................................ BCHM Biosystems Engineering .......................................BE Bioengineering................................................BIOE Biology ............................................................BIOL Biomolecular Engineering

Stuart, Steven J.


Courses of Instruction InstruCtIon  

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.....................................................................ART Astronomy...................................................... ASTR Audio Technology............................................AUD Automotive Engineering.................................. AUE Animal and Veterinary Sciences....................... AVS Biochemistry ................................................ BCHM Biosystems Engineering

Stuart, Steven J.


E-Print Network 3.0 - atpase rate-limiting adp Sample Search...  

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and step 2 is a rate-limiting isomerization to a state of enhanced pyrene... that ATP hydrolysis is rate limiting, previous ... Source: Pollard, Thomas D.- Department of...


E-Print Network 3.0 - aging techniques applied Sample Search...  

Broader source: All U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office Webpages (Extended Search)

Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Fishery Bulletin Collection: Environmental Sciences and Ecology 7 Aykroyd, R.G.; Lucy, D.; Pollard, A.M; Solheim, T. Title:...


Bibliography and Index of the Literature on Gas Chromatography—1964 November 1, 1963 to November 1, 1964  

Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

......OGENIC TEMPERATURE GAS CHROMATOG- RAPHY, Merritt, Charles, Jr., Walsh, J. T., Issenberg...OF RETENTION DATA, Pollard, F. H., Nick- Iess, F., and Uden, P. C. J. Chromatog...EARTH DICARBIDES, Pollard, F. H., Nick- less, G., and Evered, S. J. Chromatog......

Mignon Gill; Seaton T. Preston; Jr.



E-Print Network 3.0 - ao planejamento dos Sample Search Results  

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45 Universidade de Braslia Relatrio Anual de Gesto Summary: Comunicao Social ACS Rodrigo Caetano Auditoria AUD Jos Avelar dos Santos Centro de Planejamento CEPLAN... ,...


E-Print Network 3.0 - auditoria dos programas Sample Search Results  

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Planejamento Estratgico e Ttico Summary: Rocco 2. Assessoria de Comunicao Social ACS Rodrigo Caetano 3. Auditoria AUD Jos Avelar dos Santos 4... individual dos Programas...


The Effect of a Neuroactive Steroid Analog and an Extrasynaptic GABA[subscript A] Receptor Agonist on Ethanol Consumption and Seeking in Mice.  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

?? Alcohol use disorders (AUDs) are a group of heterogenous disorders of which no single animal model can capture the entirety of the disease. This… (more)

Ramaker, Marcia Jean



Conus consors Snail Venom Proteomics Proposes Functions, Pathways, and Novel Families Involved in Its Venomic System  

Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

Adrijana Leonardi †, Daniel Biass ‡, Dušan Kordiš †, Reto Stöcklin ‡, Philippe Favreau ‡, and Igor Križaj *†§? ... Violette, Aude; Biass, Daniel; Dutertre, Sebastien; Koua, Dominique; Piquemal, David; Pierrat, Fabien; Stocklin, Reto; Favreau, Philippe ... Violette, Aude; Leonardi, Adrijana; Piquemal, David; Terrat, Yves; Biass, Daniel; Dutertre, Sebastien; Noguier, Florian; Ducancel, Frederic; Stocklin, Reto; Krizaj, Igor; Favreau, Philippe ...

Adrijana Leonardi; Daniel Biass; Dušan Kordiš; Reto Stöcklin; Philippe Favreau; Igor Križaj



Comparing position and force control for interactive molecular simulators with haptic feedback  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

, transparency and stability sensitivity with respect to environmental conditions. Based on their specificity, transparency, stability 1. Introduction The conception of new medicines, the synthesis of alloys: +33144275145 Email address: aude.bolopion@isir.upmc.fr (Aude Bolopion) of the haptic handle), to the Bubble

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


An Engineering Approach to Laboratory Ergonomics  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

E L b Lab t furniture & design Ergonomics i Martin PollardEnvironment Goals • The ergonomics p g problem at LBNL/JGI •in the context of an ergonomics program • Review examples of

Pollard, Martin J.



Tendon Arrangement and Muscle Force Requirements for Humanlike Force Capabilities in a Robotic Finger  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

Finger Nancy S. Pollard and Richards C. Gilbert Brown University Abstract Human motion can provide a rich hand has strong asym- metry in these directions: flexion forces ­ the forces needed to form a power

Pollard, Nancy


Preliminary Agenda  

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Pure Boron Nitride Nanotubes at Low Temperatures" 4:30 pm CNMS tour (optional, bus transportation, includes walking the floors) 7-9 pm Buffet Dinner and CNMS poster EXPO Pollard...


Titles of Projects for April 2007 (With Supervisors in Parenthesis) "Comparison of Control Strategies for a Nonlinear System"  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

(A. Pollard) "Impingement Cooling of Rotating Gas-Turbine Blades by: Dave Millar, Jeremy Owen) "Design of an Aligning Algorithm for the Radio Solar Telescope Network" by: Ereth Mc

Linder, Tamás


Communication Sciences and Disorders  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

. In Audiology, you'll treat and measure hearing loss with hearing aids and assistive listening devices's post-baccalaureate for the AuD. YOU SHOULD ENJOY... helping people; talking, but especially listening

Saldin, Dilano


Positron emission tomography with selected mediastinoscopy compared to routine mediastinoscopy offers cost and clinical outcome benefits for pre-operative staging of non-small cell lung cancer  

Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

The true cost of a whole-body FDG-PET scan in this environment is difficult to ascertain. Keith et al. [6...], in the setting of solitary pulmonary nodules, used the Australian Medicare rebate of AUD$950 plus cap...

Kelvin K. Yap; Kenneth S. K. Yap…




E-Print Network [OSTI]

OF THE UNITED STATES FISH COMMISSION. 353 unlike the fields,barns, aud grainaries,could not be burned rise in theriver, and iinmediately following it came the large roe-weighted females in great schools


BPA-2012-01716-FOIA Request  

Broader source: All U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office Webpages (Extended Search)

aude@law.stanford.edu LOG 7J Description of Request: I hereby request copies of all records containing information about the amount of eminent domain or condemnation proceedings...

Note: This page contains sample records for the topic "mc-212 pollard aud" from the National Library of EnergyBeta (NLEBeta).
While these samples are representative of the content of NLEBeta,
they are not comprehensive nor are they the most current set.
We encourage you to perform a real-time search of NLEBeta
to obtain the most current and comprehensive results.


ORISE: History  

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History History The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) is a national leader in science education and research, with programs dating back to 1946 and having served as an official U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) institute since 1992. The institute that eventually became what is known today as ORISE was the brainchild of University of Tennessee (UT) physics professor Dr. William G. Pollard. Aware of the valuable assets on hand in Oak Ridge, Tenn., as part of the Manhattan Project, Pollard talked about the possibility of aligning regional universities with the scientific resources and state-of-the-art equipment in Oak Ridge. On Oct. 17, 1946, Pollard's vision became a reality when the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies (ORINS) received a charter of incorporation


Probing articular cartilage damage and disease by quantitative magnetic resonance imaging  

Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

...Chandnani, RA McGhee, Jr, and S Kursunoglu-Brahme...98 Li, W , H Du, R Scheidegger, Y Wu...U , S Kudchodkar, R Reddy, and JS Leigh...Menezes, NM , ML Gray, JR Hartke, and D Burstein...PC , O Irrechukwu, R Roque, B Hancock...128 Pollard, TC , EG McNally, DC Wilson, DR Wilson...



INTRODUCTION Greenhouse Gas Emissions in an Urban Environment  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

INTRODUCTION Greenhouse Gas Emissions in an Urban Environment L. Pollard,1 M. Sampson,1 M. Palta,1 M. Bernstein,2 T. Combs,1 X. Dong,1 S. Earl,2 N. Grimm, R. Hale, A. Handler, C. Kochert, J. Mc) are less well understood. Cities are potential hot spots for greenhouse gas (GHG) production. We sought

Hall, Sharon J.



E-Print Network [OSTI]

RENEWAL THEOREMS FOR RANDOM WALKS IN RANDOM SCENERY NADINE GUILLOTIN-PLANTARD AND FRAN�OISE P�NE)n is recurrent) where h is some complex-valued function defined on R or Z. 1. Introduction Renewal theorems variables, renewal theorems were proved by Erdös, Feller and Pollard [11], Blackwell [1, 2], Breiman [6

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Sensitivity of Cenozoic Antarctic ice sheet variations to geothermal heat flux  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

Sensitivity of Cenozoic Antarctic ice sheet variations to geothermal heat flux David Pollard a sheet to geothermal heat flux is investigated, using a coupled climate­ice sheet model with various prescribed values and patterns of geothermal heat flux. The sudden growth of major ice across the Eocene



E-Print Network [OSTI]

M. Alston-Garnjost, R. W, Kenney, D. L. Pollard, R. R. Ross,Gidal A C Helmholz o o FI, W Kenney P Oc/done Ivl Prips/einO. 1. Dahl, R. A. Johnson, R. W. Kenney, M. Pripstein, A. V.

Birge, Robert W.



Control of Parallel Robots: Towards Very High Accelerations  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

parallel robot (for automated spray painting) to be built was patented by W. Pollard in 1942. A few yearsControl of Parallel Robots: Towards Very High Accelerations Ahmed Chemori, Guilherme Sartori-redundant parallel manipulators, where we are interested in control of PAR2 robot for 2D pick-and- place trajectories

Boyer, Edmond


Water Resources Center, Desert Research Institute Annual Technical Report  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

Studies on Lake Mead, Nevada, Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies, University of Nevada-Las Vegas Research Program Basic Information Title: Lake Mead Indocrine Disruption in Wildlife Study Project Number Publication 1. Pollard, James and Valerie Sheppe, 2000, Final Fish Scale Report - USGS Lake Mead Endocrine


Outline for a course in oil production accounting  

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susbbtug tools 3Rb4rQ3. tcols 33&fXioe farniture. aud fixtures 3~orb in progress (k, FQ or fob order) ledger 3~rk tu progress (aaae ~aunt ~ as fer Produoing Properties eroept Lease hold Ces~ll, 61 aud Material Lose aud M guataeut 311. ZQ 3~tangible.../o l ?See/ Depar fin?n CasA ge conds /ler oun f?nip A'?comb 7ax +econ?/a Di oynbufron Geoloq ical Deparfrn?nf Insurance A?co rnCt Vouc/?ers Paya b/e, @racy? Lease Deparfm ac fsib'e /n fereof isce/lance s iO/ao??ri'a / ?or/ /lccoun frnr...

White, Eugene Marshall, Jr



From DSM-IV to DSM-5 alcohol use disorder: An overview of epidemiological data  

Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

AbstractIntroduction The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) has made several changes to criteria for alcohol use disorder (AUD). The objective of this systematic review is to assess if new DSM-5 diagnostic criteria will increase the prevalence rates of AUD in clinical and non-clinical samples as compared with DSM-IV criteria. Methods We searched PubMed, Scopus, and PsycINFO (via ProQuest) electronic databases, with no language restrictions. We included studies with data available on both DSM-IV (and DSM-IV-TR) and DSM-5 AUD in samples of adults, estimating from each study an expected increase in prevalence rates with relevant 95% confidence intervals (CIs). Results Twelve studies were included in this review. Seven studies showed an increase, two no substantial difference, and three a decrease in AUD prevalence according to DSM-5 diagnostic criteria, with differences in rates (95% CIs) varying between ? 12.4% (? 27.4 to + 5.6%) and + 61.3% (+ 46.7 to + 77.3%). Additional analyses provided confirmatory results. Conclusions DSM-5 diagnostic criteria seem to inflate prevalence rates of AUD as compared with DSM-IV. The increasing likelihood of a DSM-5 AUD diagnosis may be explained by the amount of DSM-IV ‘diagnostic orphans’ which are more prevalent than DSM-IV single-criterion alcohol abuse individuals. Further research should be aimed to study if similar trends are detectable also for other substance use disorders that experienced similar changes in DSM-5 diagnostic criteria.

Francesco Bartoli; Giuseppe Carrà; Cristina Crocamo; Massimo Clerici



Deterministic progenitor behavior and unitary neuron production in the neocortex  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

of Biomedical Informatics, and Electrical and Computer Engineering, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210, USA; 7 College of Software, Nankai University, 94 Weijin Road, Tianjin, 300071, P. R. China; 8 Wellcome Trust- Medical Research Council Stem Cell... of the size of asymmetric neurogenic clones located in different neocortical areas (SS, 7.9±0.3, n=44; MO, 8.1±0.7, n=10; AUD, 7.3±0.6, n=15; VISal, 9.0±1.0, n=2; PTLp, 8.8±0.7, n=5; Medial, 7.6±1.2, n=10). SS, somatosensory cortex; MO, motor cortex; AUD...

Gao, Peng; Postiglione, Maria P.; Krieger, Teresa G.; Hernandez, Luisirene; Wang, Chao; Han, Zhi; Streicher, Carmen; Papusheva, Ekaterina; Insolera, Ryan; Chugh, Kritika; Kodish, Oren; Huang, Kun; Simons, Benjamin D.; Luo, Liqun; Hippenmeyer, Simon; Shi, Song-Hai



Growth, spore germination and infection studies on a peanut leaf-spot fungus  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

?~ oaoh in solid and ~ foxm (with or wLthout egarc resyooti~) ~ Patri 4Lsh oulturoe wexw used, each in ooulato& with 4xuy of a suspension of cuFcialial fragments aud oonidiac as desoribed aboxw STCo s ~ce c QeCe ag Sh'cg Sca S 1, SL~d water Ri Iinere...

Das, Gopinath



Geology of the Smoothingiron Mountain-North area, Llano and San Saba counties, Texas  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

and Son Saba Counties, Texas REPROOUCEO FROM TEXAS STATE INGNWAY DEPARTMENT COUNTY MAPS REVISED TO JANUARY I, lee 1 soIOE ~ PEEC Most of ths fie14 work was conducted between June 10& aud August 21& 1961~ but short trips were ma4e into the area...

Greenwood, Bobby Marcum



REPORT NO. 2015-042 NOVEMBER 2014  

E-Print Network [OSTI]

REPORT NO. 2015-042 NOVEMBER 2014 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Financial Audit For the Fiscal Year inquiries regarding this report to James R. Stultz, CPA, Audit Manager, by e-mail at jimstultz@aud.state.fl.us or by telephone at (850) 412-2869. This report and other reports prepared by the Auditor General can be obtained

Meyers, Steven D.


SUBJECT CODES Legacy Abbreviation Subject New Subject Code  

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History AAH ASTR Astronomy ASTR A L Athletic Leadership AL AUDIO Audio Technology AUD AU E Automotive Engineering AUE BIOCH Biochemistry BCHM BIO E Bioengineering BIOE BIOL Biology BIOL BMOLE Biomolecular Engineering BMOL B E Biosystems Engineering BE B T Biosystems Technology BT BUS Business BUS M B A Business

Stuart, Steven J.


Kenyan Shilling KES Stanbic Bank, Nairobi Namibian Dollar NAD Standard Bank Namibia, Ltd, Windhoek  

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Chartered Bank, Tokyo Singapore Dollar SGD The Bank of New York Mellon Thai Bhat THB HSBC Bank, Bangkok Australian Dollar AUD HSBC Bank, Sydney Fiji Dollar FJD Westpac Banking Corporation, Suva New Zealand Dollar, Port Vila British Pound GBP HSBC Bank PLC, London Czech Republic Koruna CZK Ceskoslovenska Obchodni

Qian, Ning


Clean Cities: Tulsa Clean Cities coalition  

Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center [Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)]

Tulsa Clean Cities Coalition Tulsa Clean Cities Coalition The Tulsa Clean Cities coalition works with vehicle fleets, fuel providers, community leaders, and other stakeholders to reduce petroleum use in transportation. Tulsa Clean Cities coalition Contact Information Adriane Jaynes (918) 579-9494 ajaynes@incog.org Eric Pollard 918-579-9434 epollard@incog.org Coalition Website Clean Cities Coordinators Coord Adriane Jaynes Coord Coord Eric Pollard Coord Photo of Adriane Jaynes Adriane Jaynes is the Co-Coordinator for Tulsa Area Clean Cities at Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG). Jaynes joined the Tulsa Area Clean Cities as Communications Specialist in March 2011 and has been Co-Coordinator since 2012. She has a Master's Degree in Social Work with an emphasis in Administration and Community Practice from the University of


Digital transcriptome profiling of normal and glioblastoma-derived neural stem cells identifies genes associated with patient survival  

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 associated  with  patient  survival    Pär  G.  Engström,  Diva  Tommei,  Stefan  H.  Stricker,  Christine  Ender,  Steven  M.  Pollard  and  Paul  Bertone    Assignment  of  tags  to  genes  To  assign... 2012) R E S E A R C H Open Acces s Digital transcriptome profiling of normal and glioblastoma-derived neural stem cells identifies genes associated with patient survival Pär G Engström 1 , Diva Tommei 1 , Stefan H Stricker 2 , Christine Ender 2 , Steven...

Engström, Pär G; Tommei, Diva; Stricker, Stefan H; Ender, Christine; Pollard, Steven M; Bertone, Paul




Office of Legacy Management (LM)

si si :ri; .-.- ..~ -- The Orrk R&e Ins@@& for Science aud EduWion (ORISE) was established by the U.S. Department of Energy to undertake national aud international programs in science and engineering education, training and management systems, energy and environment systems, and medical sciences. ORISE and its programs are operated by Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) through a management and operating contract with the U.S. Department of Energy. Established in 1946, ORAU is a consortium of 65 colleges and universities. NOTICES The opinions expresssd herein do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the sponsoring institutions of Oak Ridge Associated Universidss. This report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by the United States Government. Neither the United States


This refers to tbe%aspectioa cooducted,ooMlny 2 - 5, 1961. of  

Office of Legacy Management (LM)

refers to tbe%aspectioa cooducted,ooMlny 2 - 5, 1961. of refers to tbe%aspectioa cooducted,ooMlny 2 - 5, 1961. of activities at your~&tyhevbWorlce, Pitteburg, Kaaaas, licensed under Source Material Liaemee.Plo~~~C-4352 and Special Nuclear Meteriel License boos. SX+l% and SW-329. ~. .:. :Y: ,_,(, ..s,; . . : ~~ .: I& appears that certain of yuu~actikities were not &mdu&ed & full ccapliance with a condition of a license and.the requirements of the ASC'a "Standards for Protection Against Radiation," Part.20, Title 10, .Code Of Pederd %QUhtfOW.. in. that: .,: : ;. .:. :: ..,_, : ;I. hzrvep cmduetd~pursuant to Section 20.201(b), "' ._; .' . " ' "-==P l ' I were insufficient as follows: :..: a. ,_. m oetoppnc~-studies aud.&e wei.$ited ; -:. ..~ ,'.;;- 'expoeure evaluations had not been made to

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FRA, LLC Internal Audit Charter  

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I. In I. In A. M policies a office wh Laborator FRA Aud the Board performan Prime Co B. O FRA and Practice Auditors, 1 2 3 4 5 C. A the FRA access to their miss full and p concerns nternal Aud Mission. All and controls hich reports a ry, works in dit Committe d of Directo nce of the in ontract betwe Objectives. T d Laboratory of Internal , that: . Internal a protecting . Internal ac unallowab . Operation i.e., opera . Appropria . Internal co assure effi security. Authority. Th President an all FRA per sion to the ex private acces and findings dit Charter: Fermi Resea are subject t administrativ consultation ee. This prov ors, with an nternal contro een FRA and The objective managemen Auditing an accounting c g the assets of ccounting co ble costs.


Prediction of turbulent flow and local heat transfer in internally cooled turbine airfoils: the leading edge region  

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; Normalized pressure contours at the stagantion region for H/D = 2 and Ren = 23, 000 41 ~nste i' 1~1'W 1. 0@I 0. 066 ' 01ST i 4f64 0. 171 0, 086 Figure 6. 5! Normalized velocity magnitude contours at the stagnation region aud wall jet region for H/D...; Normalized pressure contours at the stagantion region for H/D = 2 and Ren = 23, 000 41 ~nste i' 1~1'W 1. 0@I 0. 066 ' 01ST i 4f64 0. 171 0, 086 Figure 6. 5! Normalized velocity magnitude contours at the stagnation region aud wall jet region for H/D...

Pontaza, Juan Pablo



Universidade de Braslia Relatrio Anual de Gesto  

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Comunicação Social ACS Rodrigo Caetano Auditoria AUD José Avelar dos Santos Centro de Planejamento CEPLAN Ribeiro ­ Secretário do DEX Profa. Maria Angela G. Feitosa ­ Diretora do IP Profa. Nilce Santos de Melo Felipe Tarelho ­ Decano de Assuntos Comunitários Rogério Luiz Alves dos Santos ­ Coordenador de Análise

Maier, Rudolf Richard


Feeding ecology of subadult green sea turtles in south Texas waters  

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monthly air and surface water temperature (C) aud salinity (ppt) in the South Padre Island study area i'rom April 1991 - March 1993. . . . . . . . 29 Figure 16 17 18 Percent composition of sea grasses, epiphytic algae, and bryozoans at habitat... of which contain complex structural carbohydrates such as glucan, mannan, xylan, agar, carrageenan, alginic acid, and uronic acid (Chapman and Chapman, 1973). However, it has been suggested that gut microflora may change over time allowing for long term...

Coyne, Michael Scott



The measurement of heat transfer rates in contaminated, high enthalpy flows  

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&' platinum "as suspe:;idedi conic. o:=id I&', c. &. ni, & & le;v'n;, a film of plati&&um m ta . . The fi &. i&s t1&, , t &'iere obta$ n?cd us! ]&g thc a&cove m. . -: t 1'&on wn re f au?d to bc stron&g'I y bnn, "cd to the pyt'cv. ba c&1il...

Muniz, Edelmiro



A comparison of the initial and conditional probabilities for dry-day sequences in Texas  

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improves with increasing threshold. I rom this ir formation a romngram was constructed for th& purpose of graph Lcaily estimating the conditional probability given a value of the initial probability (for. any day t). Original. regression equations were... modified such that the modified regression lir ca conformed to theoretically correct con liticns and parsed through point (1, 1) of t' he. nomogram. The nocitivc r . latior el, ip is maintained bctwccn t!. e initial aud conc!itionai probabilities...

Fresh, Herman Elwood



A study of acceleration noise as a measurement of the quality of freeway operation  

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A STUDY OF ACCELERATION NOISE AS A MEAS~ OF THE QUALITY OF FREEWAY OPERATION A Thesis CONRAD LOUIS DUDEK Submitted to the Graduate College of the Texas Al&l University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER... offered many constructive criticisms during the course of this study. Special acknowledgment is made to Dr, Donald R. Drew, His initial conception of the importance aud relative merits of the application of' acceleration noise as a measurement...

Dudek, Conrad L



Significant economic changes in Texas agriculture from 1930 to 1950  

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in the Siss aud Number of Farms 17 17 Charaoteristios and Shifts in the population of Texas . 23 The Grovth of Industry and Its Effeot Upon the Eoonomp of Texas ~ ~ ~ , ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 2S Trends in the Status of Farm Operators... ~. . . . . . . . 35 Shift from Horses and Mules to Traotors . . . . ~ . . ~ 43 Trends in Farm Eleotrification. . . . . . . . . . . ~ ~ 53 III. L"i'iU US. . C'1ANGES IN TEXAS AGPICULTURE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 5S land Use Changes in Crops...

McHaney, John Grover



Yield enhancement of VLSI/WSI array systems  

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single wafer, tllils avoiding lugli manufacturing costs. In this research, vield enhancement of two typical VLSI/IVSI array systems, PLAs aud Pipeline 4rrays, is considered Yield enhancement of PLAs tluough reconfiguration is an important issue... is fault-toleriuice for multi-pipelnie structures in the presence cf t'aulty cells A reconfiguration approach, which offers a siniple algonthm and in- terconnection network, small average intercell pipeline clelay and 100~i harvesting. is presented...

Koo, Peter Yunemo



Neural network approaches to tracer identification as related to PIV research  

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code ivas capable of extracting, the centroids of all of the syntlie?c spots This network wns tlieu apl&lied to nn &uiage taken fro&n n previous expenment It perfornied as well as a global thresholdrng algor&thm The cellular network was the lenst... elec!inc H wever, tlie pronf given by !Bi?sky ivas nnly for single-laver per. eptrnns, and did nnt apply tc multi-layer network. Several researc!icis, :ca&ca& ivhoni were Ivohouen f'ros)bm" A?dere&?i, aud Hop- f&elcl, niauitaiued their enthusiasui f...

Seeley, Charles Henry



Effects of gamma and mixed gamma-neutron fields on copper-constantan thermocouples  

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group at 200, 400, aud 600 F before irradiation was compared to that generated after irradiation, and it was i'ound that 3 . $8 x 10 R of 1 . 17 MeV gsssna rays, 1 x 10 nvt of high energy (-20 MeV) neutrons, and $. 5 x 10 nvt of reactor neutrons had... of metals are changed through their irradiation, the effects often go unnoticed because of the annealing that occurs below room temperature. For example, copper irradiated at 10 K exhibited changes in the lattice constant which were 55$ reversed at 42 K...

Forbes, Jerre Lynn



The effect of timing of fertilizer application on mineral composition of leaf tissue, fruit quality, and cold hardiness of Webb Red Blush grapefruit trees Citrus paradisi  

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of 28~800s000 boxes in 19&5-h6 (22) ~ After the 19(9 aud 'L951 frer&zesv howevers citr!. . oroductiou decrsaseo to 500vOOG boxes of fruit in 1952 (22) ~ Citrus production for thv 1961&2 season was osti!rated to GQ 1OJO'&0~000 box bofo e the "res... the fall had low levels of nitrogen during spring~ suxxxerx and fall, The nest efficient use of nitrogen was achieved by applying all ths fertiliser at bled Reuther and Saith (43) have notedx howeverx that the nitrogen ocntent of eleve~~id spring leaves...

Madden, George Dee



Baroclinic tides in an axially symmetric basin  

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Energetics Returning to the governing equations (66) through (6&7) and multiplving (66) by phu?, (66) by phv?, and (67) by php?gives the result; phu?? f v?~ ? ~ ~ p S? m=O 0(, = phu?g h?o, c3 T f&hv?g o'j r SH (96) (96) aud ap? 1 a I au? I ~ ah.... Rowe (Head of Department) December 1989 ABSTRACT Baroclinic Tides in an Axially Symmetric Basin. (December 1989) Edward Paul Dever. B. S. , Texas Ag-XI University Chair ol' Advisory Committee: Prof. Robert 0. Reid A. coupled normal mode model...

Dever, Edward Paul



Mathematical modeling of air pollution emissions and dispersion near intersections  

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are calculated by approximating the crosswind finite line source equation with: 10 N c- Q2x u I - (z - E + 2kL) CNT 2 P o k~CN 2o 2 z. z. I (z + E + 2kL) I 2 + exp 2o z. (6) where: n " total number of elements CNT = number of multtple reflections... 142 142 143 145 145 145 149 158 C. Explanation aud Location of Files D. TEXIN Model Computer Listing 166 VITA 243 LIST OF TABLES Table Passenger car equivalency (PCE) values for left turn effects Page 36 Lane-use factors 38 Level...

Nelli, James Patrick



A study of the cost of producing peanuts in the western cross timbers farming area of Texas  

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' requirements, a fact which constitutes an important part of the cost of yroducing the crop. The labor snd poser required per acre to produce yeanuta lp the usual operations with tractor aud. -horse poser is presented in Table $. The total labor requirement... is 16 V2 mcn hours per acre on farms with t~w tractor power. With-one row horse4rawn oquipmsnt, it is RV 98 houxs. On faxms with t~ traotor p'ower, 5 33 tractor hours are required for all operations ' The horse hour ~uireaont is 31 20 hours on farms...

McArthur, Wilmoth Charles



Responses of native grasses to soil applications of fenuron (3-phenyl-1, 1-dimethylurea) and T B A (2,3,6-trichlorobenzoic acid  

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, 1957 to June 1, 1958 in 1nches at Rmterwood Airport, College Station, Texas Mean total density of pe~ herbaceous vegetation in var1ous fenurcm and TBA. treatment plots as of June 1, 1958 on the prairie upland site. . . . . . . . . . . ~ . 14... Analysis of variance for total density on the prairie upland site and a sepsamtion of significant amans. ~ ~. . . . ~ 1, 5 5 ~ Tuitial an4 termLnsl densities aud percentage change in three 4omtnmts of the prairie upland site for the period, December 15...

Hughes, Eugene Earl



Ecological Study of the East Fork Ridge Mesic Forest Area  

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Appalachian Regional Commission/Oak Ridge National Laboratory Appalachian Regional Commission/Oak Ridge National Laboratory 2005 Math-Science-Technology Institute Oak Ridge, Tennessee Ecological Study of the East Fork Ridge Mesic Forest Area ARC Participants Darin Baugess Ben Mordan Debi Owens Yvonne Shafer Mentors Larry Pounds Harry Quarles Final Presentations Pollard Auditorium July 22, 2005 Ecological Study of the East Fork Ridge Mesic Forest Area Introduction: The Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR) consists of approximately 33,000 to 36,000 acres. This large forested area of land contains numerous unique habitats and communities that are disappearing from other areas in Tennessee and the Southeast US. In 2004 John Devereux Joslin, Jr. investigated one community in the north end of the Oak Ridge Reservation called the East



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Climate Consultant | Open Energy Information  

Open Energy Info (EERE)

form form View source History View New Pages Recent Changes All Special Pages Semantic Search/Querying Get Involved Help Apps Datasets Community Login | Sign Up Search Page Edit with form History Facebook icon Twitter icon » Climate Consultant Jump to: navigation, search Tool Summary Name: Climate Consultant Agency/Company /Organization: United States Department of Energy Sector: Energy Focus Area: Buildings, Energy Efficiency, Solar, Wind Resource Type: Dataset, Software/modeling tools User Interface: Desktop Application Website: www.energy-design-tools.aud.ucla.edu/ Cost: Free Language: English References: http://apps1.eere.energy.gov/buildings/tools_directory/software.cfm/ID=123/pagename=alpha_list Logo: Climate Consultant Free, easy-to-use, graphic-based computer program that displays climate



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BEGIN VCALENDAR BEGIN VCALENDAR METHOD PUBLISH PRODID aps anl gov NONSGML iCalcreator VERSION X WR TIMEZONE America Chicago BEGIN VEVENT UID T152245CST wfNso0 aps anl gov DTSTAMP T212245Z DESCRIPTION DTEND TZID America Chicago T130000 DTSTART TZID America Chicago T120000 LOCATION A1100 SUMMARY User Science Seminar resumes END VEVENT BEGIN VEVENT UID T152245CST bNeb1D aps anl gov DTSTAMP T212245Z DESCRIPTION DTEND TZID America Chicago T090000 DTSTART TZID America Chicago T080000 SUMMARY Run Begins END VEVENT BEGIN VEVENT UID T152245CST C7VJtG aps anl gov DTSTAMP T212245Z DESCRIPTION Anthony Cugini DOE NETL DTEND TZID America Chicago T120000 DTSTART TZID America Chicago T110000 LOCATION Y AUD SUMMARY Application of Computational Science for Fossil Fuel Conversion

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Chapter 70.4 (March 2004) Chapter 70.4 (March 2004) 1 Cooperative Audit Strategy Reference: DEAR 970.5203-1, entitled, Management Controls ; DEAR 970.5232-3, entitled, Accounts, Records and Inspection; Chapter 4 of the Accounting Handbook, and Chapter 18 of the Inspector General Aud it Manua l. Overview This chapter provides guidance to contracting officers (CO) in their review of (1) INTERNAL AUDIT IMPLEMENTATION DESIGN, sub mitted within 30 days of contract award and at each 5 th year of contract performance or upon the exercise of an option or any contract extension; (2) the ANNUAL AUDIT PLAN, the plan for audit activities during the next fiscal year; (3) the ANNUAL AUDIT REPORT, a summary of the audit activities undertaken during the previous fiscal year, and the plans for resolution of audit findings; and (4) the annual submission of the


Carlsbad Field Orfice P. O. Box 3090 Carlsbad, New Mexico 88221  

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Orfice Orfice P. O. Box 3090 Carlsbad, New Mexico 88221 APR 2 4 2 012 Mr. John Kieling , Acting Bureau Chief Hazardous Waste Bureau New Mexico Environment Department 2905 Rodeo Park Drive East, Bldg . 1 Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505-6303 Subject: Transmittal of the Recertification Audit Report for Audit A-12-02 of the Savannah River Site Central Characterization Project Dear Mr. Kieling : This letter transmits the final audit report for Carlsbad Field Office Audit A-12-02 of the Savannah River Site Central Characterization Project for processes performed to characterize and certify waste in accordance with the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Hazardous Waste Facility Permit. Th e report contains the results of the recertification aud it co nducted Novembe r 14 - 17, 2011



Office of Legacy Management (LM)

J. A. QuigUy, M.D. J. A. QuigUy, M.D. NATIONALLPADCW~ OF oliI0 Cincbnati 39, Ohio September 23, 1960 TRIP RBPCRT TO PIONRBR DIVISION, BENDIX AVI4TIONC~ ION, DAVBNPQRT, SOWA,oNSEPTEMBR6-9,196O F. J. Klein CENTRAL FILE The purpose of this trip was tot (1) determine if a Bendix ronic energy cleaning system can clean uranium-contaminated drums to the extent of rcduciug the @ha ccmtazuinatiou level belav that required for sale as %oa-contaminatecl** by AEC Manual Chapter 5182-0s UOOO a dMlOO& average and at peak not more than 25,OOO a d~lOOcm2, and (2) observe . the health and safety aspects of the wotk and insure the adequate decontauimtiou of the machinery, tools, equi~t, aud teat area. This waa a wet operation Md the tauk waa not ventilated; hawever, should


A new approach to teaching factory layout using closed-circuit television  

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HNT ~ III. D. Vl&OP". "!'. NT 0! TH'": SYST'i:N ~ ~ ~ c ~ I'V. USING Tll"-' S1ST":N IN FACTOH': LAYOUT Vc BY-PPOBUCTS C!F TH"' S5'STHlf c 31 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 38 VI. CONC1USION ~ ~ BIBB IOGHAPHY ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ c ~ ~ c ~ 45 LIST OF' TABLES 1. Table of lnit...- 'coals an&1 sounds t;o his aud1ence. CCTV has b ien used. 1!& many cases as a su?&s&iitui fox an inst;rucbor. n this use, t;he instructor makes a video recol-ding of hi&& lecture. The. tsoo is t:hen "played bac&&" to s u;. el!i;oi 1n the appro...

Britain, Jack Chancellor



Algorithm for leader election in a synchronous network of the order three  

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, ) Definition of NW(u, d;), NE(u, d;), aud North(u, d, ) 12 Processor ro in North(r, d;) Processor q with ID(q) & ID(r) in SE(r, d;) U S W(r, d;) 14 Proof for the Lemma 5. 4 38 15 Proof for the Lemma 5. 5 Definitions of N(u, q, q), SE(u, q, q), SW(u, q, q... clock. We assume all the processors in the network are identical except that each pro- cessor P has a unique identifier ID(P) chosen from a totally ordered set. Initially every processor neither knows the identifier of any other processors nor...

Zaman, Afsar Uz



An investigation of the load-deflection characteristics of certain modified Belleville springs  

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yeas@i?ally no leal ??aditi?ns and also nader a lead ef apywahato3g throe garb?ra of 4bo obsersod br?shing load f?r this design ?f eyeing+ Those appear in tbo appon&Lx (figaro? 31, Q~ 33, and 3d) and are ~ csaarisod bp figaro 1& To shook qc... lese tban b, then tbs fcroo vouM cucoood sero, A study of eqcntim (1) sill rsroal tbat suuh a point osists for each tbeoroticml sures and an cucaainatiaa of figures 9 aud 15 vD1 shear tjnt it is roaameble to suppose that such a point my ocd, st f?r...

Thompson, John George Hatch



The location of polynomial zeros by a combination of Bernoulli's Method and iterative factorization  

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'icients of powers of z in (14). If the exponent on the left is zero or less, then or n n+p i~1 i nap-i let q~~. Then n S e Q a S q il i@i This agrees with (12) for q~n. For p~n, from (3k) the coefficient on the left for z is pa aud the right is n p a S i... n-i-p np pan-p ~ i n-i-p pa g aS ko or S opa - aS n-p n-p g i n-i-p Iet n-p q. Then q~n and ~1 S -qa - a S ik iq This is exactly the recursion equations given by (12) ~ Por multiple roots this means essentiaLly that K ~ ~ 0, J~1 i )ee rei...

Ary, James Alfred



APS Today: Calendar of Events  

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aps.anl.gov/News/APS_Today Upcoming events at the Advanced aps.anl.gov/News/APS_Today Upcoming events at the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory. en-us Argonne National Laboratory http://www.aps.anl.gov/Images/argonne_header_logo_white.jpg http://www.aps.anl.gov/News/APS_Today 227 100 Engineering the Elasticity of Soft Colloidal Materials Through Surface Modification and Shape Anisotropy posted 2014-01-08 @ 3:57pm 2014-01-13 11:00:00 401-A1100 XSD Presentation Wave Propagation Through Random Media: Branched Flow from Acoustics to Ocean Waves http://www.aps.anl.gov/News/Meetings/APS_Colloquium/ posted 2014-01-09 @ 12:40pm 2014-01-15 15:00:00 402-AUD APS Colloquium User Science Seminar http://www.aps.anl.gov/News/Meetings/User_Seminars/ posted 2013-12-05 @ 2:20pm 2014-01-31 12:00:00 401-A1100 APS Seminar User Science


Overview of mercury radionuclides and nuclear model calculations of 195Hgm,g and 197Hgm,g to evaluate experimental cross section data  

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Theoretical studies of isomers through nuclear reaction model calculations significantly assist the estimation of the different experimental data reported from different databases. In this paper, the production methods and the applications of mercury radionuclides are reviewed with special attention to the feasibility of the cyclotron production of mercury radionuclides, including 195Hgm,g and 197Hgm,g. First, talys and empire codes were employed to illustrate the formation of both the isomeric and the ground states of the mercury radionuclides. Then the excitation function was calculated via a variety of nuclear processes using the codes and the data taken from the TENDL database. Then we compared the data with the reported experimental measurement. The mercury radionuclide production yield was evaluated with concentration on the excitation function calculations and the stopping powers of the projectiles in the targets. Last, the 197Au(d,2n) and 197Au(p,3n) reactions were selected as the best reactions to produce 197Hgm,g and 195Hgm,g, respectively.

M. Sadeghi; M. Bakhtiari; M. K. Bakht; M. Anjomrouz; L. Mokhtari




Office of Legacy Management (LM)

Reports Reports . . . . , Book -1. Service Open File Information for Project Rulison, Production Testing Phase, . , August 28,1970 : . "; DISCLAIMER Portions of this document may be illegible in electronic image products. Images are produced from the best available original document. DESCRIPTION O F PU1:T41C I-l!lkI,T;-1 SE1:VICh: 0P:SN F I L E INPOPt4ATION i[ ' 7 S&u-~%uestcrn E a d i o l o g i c a l H e a l t h 1,aboratol-p r? U. S. Depaieraent o f I l e a l t h ,. E d u c a t i o n aud Welfa,re i i I t - - . L-J~ub-l-ic H e a l t h ' ~ c r v i c e : Y T h i s s u r v e i l l a ~ l c e p e r f o r m e d u n d e r r e , a Memorandum o f ~ n d e k s t a n d i n ~ (No. SF 5 1 & L A U. S . . A t o m i c E n e r g y Commission i hk, ! i ilYo.,jh,asic g r o u p s o f i n f o r m a t i o n a r e p l a c e d i n t h e P u b l i c H e a l t h i k e l ~ e r v i k e , \ ~ o u t h w e s t c r n R a t i i o l o g i c a l H


Analysis of flash flood-triggering rainfall for a process-oriented hydrological model  

Science Journals Connector (OSTI)

Abstract We propose an extended study of recent flood-triggering storms and resulting hydrological responses for catchments in the Pyrenean foothills up to the Aude region. For hydrometeorological sciences, it appears relevant to characterize flash floods and the storm that triggered them over various temporal and spatial scales. There are very few studies of extreme storm-caused floods in the literature covering the Mediterranean and highlighting, for example, the quickness and seasonality of this natural phenomenon. The present analysis is based on statistics that clarify the dependence between the spatial and temporal distributions of rainfall at catchment scale, catchment morphology and runoff response. Given the specific space and time scales of rainfall cell development, we show that the combined use of radar and a rain gauge network appears pertinent. Rainfall depth and intensity are found to be lower for catchments in the Pyrenean foothills than for the nearby Corbières or Montagne Noire regions. We highlight various hydrological behaviours and show that an increase in initial soil saturation tends to foster quicker catchment flood response times, of around 3 to 10 h. The hydrometeorological data set characterized in this paper constitutes a wealth of information to constrain a physics-based distributed model for regionalization purposes in the case of flash floods. Moreover, the use of diagnostic indices for rainfall distribution over catchment drainage networks highlights a unimodal trend in spatial temporal storm distributions for the entire flood dataset. Finally, it appears that floods in mountainous Pyrenean catchments are generally triggered by rainfall near the catchment outlet, where the topography is lower.

P.A. Garambois; K. Larnier; H. Roux; D. Labat; D. Dartus



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f9e-1f94-413b-befb-ed87309790cf f9e-1f94-413b-befb-ed87309790cf No revision has been approved for this page. It is currently under review by our subject matter experts. Jump to: navigation, search Loading... 1. Basic Information 2. Demand 3. Energy << Previous 1 2 3 Next >> Basic Information Utility name: Northern Virginia Elec Coop Effective date: 2010/10/01 End date if known: Rate name: Schedule HV-1 Large Power Dedicated Distribution Service Sector: Commercial Description: [[OpenEI/UtilityRate/Description::Applicable upon request to large commercial or industrial meeting the following conditions: 1) The consumer must be served from the Cooperative's high voltage facilities of 115 kV or greater, and at a delivery voltage of 125 kV or greater; and, 2) The consumer's load must beŕnew or additional separately meterable load of at least 5,000 kW; and, 3) The consumer must maintain an average annuaì load factor of at least 70%; and, 4) The consumer must contract for demand and an annual load factor to protect the financial investment made by the Cooperative; and, 5) The consumer must execute an Electric Service Agreement (ESA) for electric distribution service and delivery with an initial effective date not later than 12 months prior to the date of desired service; unless otherwise agreed to by the Cooperative; and,. 6) The ESA term for distribution service :shall be negotiable between the customer and the Cooperative, but the term shall be structured to recover the full cost of distribution aud/or sub-rransmíssíon pìant írwesrrzlenr1 maintenance and operation; and, 7) This tariff is not applicable for back-up or standby service.


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