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    52,6088017,6166795,5672036,5355546,5993918,5932999,6549285,5846411,5793800,71764111 "Anthracite",400356,355236,352396,358130,362765,239871,116199,125846,118958,129848,120223,137893...

  2. EXPORT COMPLIANCE OFFICE Last Updated: 2013-May-02 Office Research Compliance Page 1 of 4

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    Shyu, Mei-Ling

    EXPORT COMPLIANCE OFFICE Last Updated: 2013-May-02 Office Research Compliance Page 1 of 4 TERM to export controls is technical information related to items that have a potential military application (ITAR), as well as controlling the export and temporary import of defense articles and defense services

  3. Eagle Mountain Watershed: Calibration, Validation, and Best Management Practices 

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    Lee, Taesoo; Narasimhan, Balaji; Srinivasan, Raqhavan


    ) from each WWTP. Figure 6. Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTPs) Table 1. Daily discharge from WWTP of Alvord Daily Loads Flow (m3) TN (kg) TP (kg) Jan-02 230.90 1.83 0.53 Feb-02 204.40 1.90 0.44 Mar-02 234.68 3.17 0.30 Apr-02 200.61 1... of Azle Daily Loads Flow (m3) TN (kg) TP (kg) Jan-02 2882.03 15.10 2.01 Feb-02 2654.35 6.19 1.24 Mar-02 2916.47 10.63 1.00 Apr-02 3536.10 8.08 3.13 May-02 3443.56 3.97 0.86 Jun-02 2428.19 13.26 0.61 Jul-02 1631.41 17.87 0.81 Aug-02 2250.28 3...

  4. SME Annual Meeting Feb. 27-Mar. 02, 2011, Denver, CO

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    to be installed and must meet certain requirements. The MINER act states: "POST ACCIDENT COMMUNICATIONS.--... a plan shall, to be approved, provide for post accident communication between underground and surface

  5. SME Annual Meeting Feb. 27-Mar. 02, 2011, Denver, CO

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    , VA Z. Ali, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA M. Akram, UET, Lahore, Pakistan E. Westman, Virginia Tech south of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. It is the second largest salt mine in the world

  6. Original Paper Cell Physiol Biochem 2003;13:271-284 Accepted: May 02, 2003

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    cardiomyocytes · Intracellular recording Abstract Background: Extracellular recordings of electrical activity]. In contrast to the current interpretation of FPs recorded from cardiac cells, models have been developed Recordings in Multicellular Mouse Cardiac Myocyte Cultures Marcel D. Halbach1 , Ulrich Egert2 , Jürgen

  7. Notice Type: Presolicitation

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    : 334 -- Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing/334419 -- Other Electronic Component Manufacturing Synopsis: Added: Jul 02, 2014 1:54 pm The Naval Research Laboratory has a requirement for 1 each No: 12072-2-RFB. (Microsoft IE required). Additional specifications and opening and closing dates


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    Carlson, Anders

    , Robock) Apr. 25 Possible BOV meeting May. 02 May. 09 Scot Krueger BP Goodwin JOB OPENINGS: · Two graduate


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    Carlson, Anders

    , Robock) Apr. 25 Possible BOV meeting May. 02 May. 09 Scot Krueger BP Goodwin JOB OPENINGS: · Washington


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    Carlson, Anders

    Univ. A&O (April 17, Robock) Apr. 25 Possible BOV meeting May. 02 May. 09 Scot Krueger BP Goodwin #12

  11. NDA BATCH 2002-02

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    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


    QC sample results (daily background checks, 20-gram and 100-gram SGS drum checks) were within acceptable criteria established by WIPP's Quality Assurance Objectives for TRU Waste Characterization. Replicate runs were performed on 5 drums with IDs LL85101099TRU, LL85801147TRU, LL85801109TRU, LL85300999TRU and LL85500979TRU. All replicate measurement results are identical at the 95% confidence level as established by WIPP criteria. Note that the batch covered 5 weeks of SGS measurements from 23-Jan-2002 through 22-Feb-2002. Data packet for SGS Batch 2002-02 generated using gamma spectroscopy with the Pu Facility SGS unit is technically reasonable. All QC samples are in compliance with established control limits. The batch data packet has been reviewed for correctness, completeness, consistency and compliance with WIPP's Quality Assurance Objectives and determined to be acceptable. An Expert Review was performed on the data packet between 28-Feb-02 and 09-Jul-02 to check for potential U-235, Np-237 and Am-241 interferences and address drum cases where specific scan segments showed Se gamma ray transmissions for the 136-keV gamma to be below 0.1 %. Two drums in the batch showed Pu-238 at a relative mass ratio more than 2% of all the Pu isotopes.

  12. Aerosol Impacts on California Winter Clouds and Precipitation during CalWater 2011: Local Pollution versus Long-Range Transported Dust

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    Fan, Jiwen; Leung, Lai-Yung R.; DeMott, Paul J.; Comstock, Jennifer M.; Singh, Balwinder; Rosenfeld, Daniel; Tomlinson, Jason M.; White, Allen B.; Prather, Kimberly; Minnis, Patrick; Ayers, J. K.; Min, Qilong


    Mineral dust aerosols often observed over California in winter and spring, associated with long-range transport from Asia and Sahara, have been linked to enhanced precipitation based on observations. Local anthropogenic pollution, on the other hand, was shown in previous observational and modeling studies to reduce precipitation. Here we incorporate recent developments in ice nucleation parameterizations to link aerosols with ice crystal formation in a spectral-bin cloud microphysical model coupled with the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model, to examine the relative and combined impacts of dust and local pollution particles on cloud properties and precipitation type and intensity. Simulations are carried out for two cloud cases with contrasting meteorology and cloud dynamics that occurred on February 16 (FEB16) and March 02 (MAR02) from the CalWater 2011 field campaign. In both cases, observations show the presence of dust and biological particles in a relative pristine environment. The simulated cloud microphysical properties and precipitation show reasonable agreement with aircraft and surface measurements. Model sensitivity experiments indicate that in the pristine environment, the dust and biological aerosol layers increase the accumulated precipitation by 10-20% from the Central Valley to the Sierra Nevada Mountains for both FEB16 and MAR02 due to a ~40% increase in snow formation, validating the observational hypothesis. Model results show that local pollution increases precipitation over the windward slope of the mountains by few percent due to increased snow formation when dust is present but reduces precipitation by 5-8% if dust is removed on FEB16. The effects of local pollution on cloud microphysics and precipitation strongly depend on meteorology including the strength of the Sierra Barrier Jet, and cloud dynamics. This study further underscores the importance of the interactions between local pollution, dust, and environmental conditions for assessing aerosol effects on cold season precipitation in California.


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    Sinnamon, Gordon J.

    chemical users in their respective areas have attended a "Hazardous Waste Management SeminarThe UNIVERSITY of WESTERN ONTARIO POLICIES and PROCEDURES 1.31 HAZARDOUS CHEMICAL WASTE POLICY Classification: General Effective Date: 09MAY02 Supersedes: (NEW) PURPOSE 1.00 The purpose of the Hazardous