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  1. Crosslinguistic influence on the syntax/pragmatics interface: the grammatical subjects in the languages of an adult bilingual speaker of Macedonian and English 

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    Veloska Lynch, Ljupka


    The present study is an experimental study on the grammatical subjects in the languages of an adult bilingual speaker of English and Macedonian. Three structures are tested in order to verify the existence of crosslinguistic influence claimed...

  2. Languages of the World Kevin Duh

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    Duh, Kevin

    is a dialect with an army and navy" ­ Max Weinreich ­E.g. Chinese "dialects Sprachbund: Albanian, Greek, Romanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian à verb-Not-verb, post-ar?cle,

  3. The identity and construction of Wreck Baker: a War of 1812 era Royal Navy frigate 

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    Walker, Daniel Robert


    on the smoldering resentment on June 22, 1807 when Captain Salusbury P. Humphreys of the HMS Leopard of 50 guns intercepted the 38-gun frigate Chesapeake and demanded that she be searched for deserters from the British squadron. The request was refused... Macedonian encountered the frigate United States under the command of Commodore Stephen Decatur. They too began the encounter at long range, with the Americans using their long guns to great effect. Carden realized Macedonian was getting the worst...


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    Seyitoğlu, Gürol

    problem for the Greek cities and Macedonian Kingdom following a policy close to Greek culture was Persians who controlled the Greek cities at theAnatolian coasts and limited trade between the Greek colonies in theAegean and Black Seas. Philip II had succeeded in bringing the Greek city states together