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  1. Crosslinguistic influence on the syntax/pragmatics interface: the grammatical subjects in the languages of an adult bilingual speaker of Macedonian and English 

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    Veloska Lynch, Ljupka


    The present study is an experimental study on the grammatical subjects in the languages of an adult bilingual speaker of English and Macedonian. Three structures are tested in order to verify the existence of crosslinguistic influence claimed...

  2. Implementation of EU Waste Recycling Regulation in Macedonia: The Challenges of Policy Integration and Normative Change

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    Ilievska Kremer, Jannika Sjostrand


    No. 34. USAID Plastic Recycling Project. Accessed March Recycling Regulation in Macedoniathe Macedonian waste and recycling regulatory framework with

  3. Languages of the World Kevin Duh

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    Duh, Kevin

    is a dialect with an army and navy" ­ Max Weinreich ­E.g. Chinese "dialects Sprachbund: Albanian, Greek, Romanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian ŕ verb-Not-verb, post-ar?cle,

  4. Nadge RagaRu The Political Uses and Social Lives of "National Heroes"

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    Paris-Sud XI, Université de

    , the reshaping of albanian identities and solidarities across the Balkans, and Macedonian post-2001 politics have into the Balkan peninsula and is perceived by albanians as a national hero. The ceremony is at tended by several Western diplomats (including an eu representative and a u.S. Ambassador), as well as by Daut Haradinaj