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  1. Transitivity Alternations in Sorani Kurdish

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    Gharib, Hiba Esmail


    Guerssel et al. propose Lexical Conceptual Structures to account for the syntactic properties of verbs in four languages. The Lexical Conceptual Structures reference a universal set of semantic components to predict the ...

  2. a monthly publication of outreach and international affairs volume 2, issue 12

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    with the Islamic State had taken surprise aim at the region's capital and more than 1,700 people had been killed IRAQ SYRIA Baghdad Irbil Kirkuk Mosul IRAN TURKEY Iraqi Kurdistan Region #12;common across Iraq, but we group from Iraq's northern Kurdish region traveled to study at Virginia Tech this summer, their home

  3. Ogmios 37

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    Ostler, Nicholas D M


    to appear again in early 2009, due for launch on International Mother Tongue Day (21st February). This third edition, much more comprehensive than the previous two, will be available on-line for the first time, as well as in print. There is a strong FEL... of attention devoted to languages spoken in diaspora communities, whether it be Yiddish, Kurdish, Malayalam of Rotuman. As a FEL member I found this contrast between home-country education of minorities and language maintenance in expatriate communities...

  4. Interview of Antony Gormley

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    Gormley, Antony


    by the border guards on my way to see the leader of the Kurdish resistance; spent an uncomfortable ten days in the hands of the police being interrogated, ending up in a high-security prison in Baghdad; a very unpleasant experience; then went on into Iran... that somehow one is ever in control is an illusion; the arising of an object has to do with the exercise of will, a very good plan, but what makes things interesting and gives them energy is the fact that you are responding the whole time to the thing...