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  1. SensorGrid: Integrating Sensor Networks and Grid Computing Chen-Khong Tham1

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    Melbourne, University of

    SensorGrid: Integrating Sensor Networks and Grid Computing Chen-Khong Tham1 and Rajkumar Buyya2 Keywords: Sensors, Sensor Networks, Grid computing, SensorML, SensorWeb. 1. Introduction Recent advances in electronic circuit miniaturization and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) have led to the creation


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    VISUAL WORDS, TEXT ANALYSIS CONCEPTS FOR COMPUTER VISION By Wang-Juh Chen, Hoi Tin Kong, Minah Oh Report: Visual Words, Text Analysis Concepts for Computer Vision Wang-Juh Chen Hoi Tin Kong Minah Oh

  3. T thong tin ve chat lng khong kh trong nha

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    T thong tin ve chat lng khong kh trong nha Chat lng khong kh khong tot trong c song khoe manh. Neu muon biet them thong tin ve chat lng khong kh va sc khoe

  4. Consensus analysis via integral quadratic constraints Sei Zhen Khong, Enrico Lovisari and Anders Rantzer

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    Como, Giacomo

    are intended to collectively reach an agreement on object of interest, have been studied exten- sively a feedback interconnection whose stability implies that of the original one [4], [5] -- a related idea- connected on a possibly time-varying graph. In the case where the network interconnection matrix is normal

  5. Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Klong Luang, Pathumthani, Thailand The Small Earth Nepal (SEN), Kathmandu, Nepal

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    Walter, M.Todd

    Earth Nepal (SEN), Kathmandu, Nepal Center of Research for Environment Energy and Water (CREEW), Kathmandu, Nepal International Research Center for River Basin Environment-University of Yamanashi (ICRE). Kathmandu Valley Groundwater Outlook. Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), The Small Earth Nepal (SEN

  6. TM TT TNG QUAN Vo khong ngy 20 thng 4 nm 2010, n v khoan lu ng ngoi khi Deepwater Horizon, tng

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    ng ph vi lng du trn). Ngoi ra, hn 1 triu gallon cc cht phn tn c dng cho vng bin thuc khu vc du trn nhm phn tn du.1 H qu ca s c trn du ny l mt lng kh gas t nhin cha nh lng thi vo mi trng. Lc lng Bo v b bin Hoa K ng ph v ch o cc n lc lin bang nhm ngn chn v lm sch du trn. Phm

  7. eSeeTrack Visualizing Sequential Fixation Patterns Hoi Ying Tsang, Melanie Tory, and Colin Swindells, University of Victoria

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    Tory, Melanie

    , human computer interaction (HCI), and sport training. Typically, their research focuses on understanding with "sales promotion". In the tree visualization, labels with colors other than grey belong to store 1 of this paper. Index Terms--H.5.1 [User / Machine Systems]: Human factors, H.5.2 [Information Interfaces

  8. Conjugated Polymer Design and Engineering for Organic Electronics

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    Woo, Claire Hoi Kar


    Design and Engineering for Organic Electronics By Claire Hoi Kar Woo Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical

  9. Journal of Coastal Research 22 6 15651572 West Palm Beach, Florida November 2006 Hypereutrophication in Ngau Mei Hoi Bay, Hong Kong

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    Maine, University of

    (6), 1565­1572. West Palm Beach (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208. Investigations into eutrophication of Ngau Mei at the bottom layer were observed. This typical phenomenon of eutrophication resulted from nutrient enrichment and both wild and cultured stocks of animals. A primary cause of red tides is believed to be eutrophication

  10. P-127: Stabilization of Azodye Alignment Layer for Liquid Crystal Display Lishuang Yao, Tao Du, Vladimir Chigrinov, and Hoi Sing Kwok

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    LED light (450nm, 70mW/ cm2 ) and UV lamp (oriel 6925NS, 365nm, 9mW/ cm2 ) for two steps with 1 minute is injected. Cell with half twisted mode and half parallel mode was fabricated. Strong blue LED light


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    Richner, Heinz

    i COMPARATIVE HEALTH IMPACT ASSESSMENTS ON FECAL SLUDGE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES: A CASE STUDY OF KLONG Fecal sludge (FS) is widely acknowledged as a major source of infectious pathogens. However, the proper

  12. An Unusual Effect of Liquid Crystal Host on the Absorption Properties of ``GuestHost'' Mixture Vladimir CHIGRINOV, Elena PRUDNIKOVA, Kwan Wah NG, Alexander DRUSHLYAK and Hoi Sing KWOK

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    was a molecule of the anthraquinone dye AD-1 with a negative dichroism, which contains four large-wave electron transition oscillator (LETO) of the anthraquinone molecule oriented almost parallel to the X-axis1 investigated the behavior of the anthraquinone guest dye in different GH-LC mixtures: ZLI-5800-000 (Merck

  13. amoco sulfur recovery process: Topics by E-print Network

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    on deformable object tracking is closely related to problems such as image (b) Cluttered enviroment (c) Waveform (d) Sharply folded surface Figure 1. Recovering highly Hoi, Steven...

  14. actinide recovery process: Topics by E-print Network

    Broader source: All U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office Webpages (Extended Search)

    on deformable object tracking is closely related to problems such as image (b) Cluttered enviroment (c) Waveform (d) Sharply folded surface Figure 1. Recovering highly Hoi, Steven...

  15. nh Gi Thit Hi Ti Nguyn Thin Nhin Do S C Trn Du Deepwater Horizon

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    DnQunHtWakulla D Tho Phc Hi Sm Giai on III M T D N CHI PH C LNG Ban Qun Tr nh Gi Thit Hi Ti Nguyn Thin. Chiu di c c lng cho bi bin ny l mt dm vi din tch khong 4,5 acre. xut d n ci thin Cng Vin

  16. Thng 9, 2010 Xut bn bi Office of International Affairs

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    Wu, Yih-Min

    Loan, thng bo cc chng trnh o to cp bng cht lng cao vi chi ph hp l (khong t 3200~4500 USD mt nm cht lng. Bn cnh cc chng trnh cp bng, NTU cn c 2 trung tm ngoi ng tuyt vi cho nhng ai thch th.v...) c trao cho cc sinh vin t yu cu cht lng. Bn cnh cc chng trnh cp bng, NTU cn c 2 trung tm

  17. BioMed Central Page 1 of 12

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    Crasto, Chiquito

    , Nian Liu2,3, Chiquito Crasto2,4, Thomas Morse4, Susie Stephens11 and Kei- Hoi Cheung*2,3,6,7 Address:; Nian Liu -; Chiquito Crasto -; Thomas Morse -; Susie Stephens -; Kei-Hoi Cheung* - * Corresponding author

  18. Real-Time Characterization of Biogeochemical Reduction of Cr(VI) on Basalt Surfaces

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    -FTIR Imaging HOI-YING N. HOLMAN DALE L. PERRY Center for Environmental Biotechnology E. O. Lawrence Berkeley C. HUNTER-CEVERA Center for Environmental Biotechnology E. O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for Environmental Biotechnology, E.O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA 94720, USA. E

  19. Advances in Web-based GIS, Mapping Services and Applications Li, Dragicevic & Veenendaal (eds)

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    Tsou, Ming-Hsiang

    and geospatial scientists with a powerful tool to conduct on-line spatial analysis and GIS simulation modelsGrid-enabled geospatial web portal: A demonstration of geospatial cyberinfrastructure Ming Hsiang Tsou & Ick-Hoi Kim a prototype of geospatial web portals, which can enable complicated GIS simulation models in a grid

  20. Design and analysis of multiphase DC-DC converters with coupled inductors

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    Shi, Meng


    to thank my committee members, Dr. Chanan Singh, Dr. Sunil Khatri, Dr. Sing-Hoi Sze, for their help, time and concern. Also, I would like to thank all my fellow students working in the Power Electronics and Fuel Cell Power Conditioning Laboratory... coupling methods...........................................................42 3.8 Application to fuel cell system ........................................................................49 3.9 Conclusions...


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    Gerstein, Mark

    . Key words: RDF database, integration. Semantic Web, molecular biology. INTRODUCTION The success of the Human Genome Project (HGP) [1] together with the popularity of the Web (or World Wide Web) [2] has madeChapter 1 SEMANTIC WEB APPROACH TO DATABASE INTEGRATION IN THE LIFE SCIENCES Kei-Hoi Cheung

  2. Company Background Aluminum rod manufacturer based in Jakarta,

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    Sun, Yu

    Next Steps Current: higher inventory incurs greater holding costs Future: average total cost reduction & Electricity Depreciation Figure 1 - Cost categories excluding aluminum Alex (Kwun Hang) Chan Keith (Hoi Ki, annual net profit margins of ~1%, leading to cost reduction initiatives Problem How to reduce the cost

  3. 1282 IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS, VOL. 33, NO. 9, SEPTEMBER 2012 Top-Gate GaN Thin-Film Transistors Based

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    is to deposit high-quality GaN thin films using inexpensive substrate under low temper- ature. Recently1282 IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS, VOL. 33, NO. 9, SEPTEMBER 2012 Top-Gate GaN Thin-Film Transistors Based on AlN/GaN Heterostructures Rongsheng Chen, Wei Zhou, Meng Zhang, and Hoi Sing Kwok Abstract

  4. Microscopic simulations of molecular cluster decay: Does the carrier gas affect evaporation?

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    Ford, Ian

    the sys- tems in question. An example of a practical problem is the behavior of steam in turbines, whereMicroscopic simulations of molecular cluster decay: Does the carrier gas affect evaporation? Hoi Yu water droplets produced through condensation in the transition from dry to wet steam can lead

  5. Released upon receipt but intsnded f o r use

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    of an instrument for meamring the speed Or force of the wind *peared i n the year 1667, though it is not certain?, -4uthority on Meteorology. HOI I"ON MPASURED THE WIND. The e a r l i e s t published description died, and when he himself had just entered h i s sixteenth year. In order t o determine the force

  6. The moderating effect of vested interest on heuristic salience in a resource sharing task

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    Lane, John Albert Schwaab


    ; Harris & Joyce, 1980; Hoffinan k Spitzer 1985; Messick, 1993; Rutte, Wilke, 4 Messick, 1987; De Vries k Wilke, 1992), Additionally, it has been recognized that heuristic use is sensitive to minor shifts in the decision environment (Sarnuelson k Allison... rely on that heuristic in deciding how much to request from a common resource pool (Allison & Messick, 1990; Allison et al. , 1992; Harris & Joyce, 1980; HoI5nan & Spitzer 1985; Messick, 1993; Rutte et al. , 1987; De Vries & Wilke, 1992...

  7. 502 IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS, VOL. 19, NO. 12, DECEMBER 1998 High-Performance Polycrystalline SiGe Thin-Film

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    SiGe Thin-Film Transistors Using Al O Gate Insulators Zhonghe Jin, Hoi S. Kwok, and Man Wong Abstract--The use of aluminum oxide as the gate insulator for low temperature (600 C) polycrystalline SiGe thin that the direct interface between the Al2O3 and the SiGe channel layer is sufficiently passivated to make Al2O3

  8. Features and nongaussianity in the inflationary power spectrum

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    James M. Cline


    I summarize recent work on (1) constraining spike-like features in the cosmic microwave background and large scale structure; (2) nonstandard Friedmann equation in stabilized warped 6D brane cosmology, with applications to inflation; and (3) nonlocal inflation models, motivated by string theory, which can yield large nongaussian CMB fluctuations. Work in collaboration with N. Barnaby, T. Biswas, F. Chen, L. Hoi, G. Holder and S. Kanno.

  9. Einstein's Philosophy of Science

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    Holmer, Bruce

    EINSTEIN'S PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE Bt'uce Hoi me i" Consider a beginning scientist who pJans to perform a series of experiments. Before he can begin he must have a philosophical basis from which he will plan his activity. For instance, why does... interest, not only because of his contributions to science, but also because he spoke in great detail about his own philosophy, is Albert Einstein. This paper will cover only three main aspects of Einstein's philosophy of science: the nature...

  10. Relationship of the serum protein-bound iodine to rates of gain in beef cattle

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    Stokes, David Kershaw


    to03 Go ?H -P CO HOI PQ Hto01 oto H O to rH O CD... tOO to02to o o Oi01to ?00101 ?01 to H rH 05 O 01 01 to rH tO rH O ? 00toe'? en 00 01*0001to 001 01 ao 05 01 !>?> tOa> 01lO #oto!> IDtoo 01* 00to rH 01 COo ? ID H oo> 0> 05 c?to GO Hto...

  11. Diagnosis and Therapy According to the rGyud-bzi

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    Finckh, Elizabeth


    , lack of sleep, sleepless nights, hard work, long conversations when hungry, worry and sorrow. Bile: sleep ing during the afternoon, excessive strain when lifting heavy ob jects, too much movement in every respect - especially when the weather... M) : wind reddish-yellow (dmar ser), much vapour (rfans eM), hoI smell (dri ma dugs) white (dIalr), little odour (dri chuil). Iinle vapour (rtans chuir.) : bile ; phlegm 6 leaves TRUNK tv (14-16) (14) Feeling the pulse of the vein (reg pa) 3...

  12. Waste To Energy -Strategies and Payoffs

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    Gilbert, J. S.


    :lIlior There has been a tremendous interest over the past few years in gas turbine based systems. Aircraft derivative engines are now available that can rival utility electric generation heat rates. We have even heard of hardware designed to run on gas ified... of system is a combined cycle power generation system. An example is shown in Figure 4. Gas-Turbine-Based System Schematic _lng_ G?? or 0" Domestic Unheated W.ler _S.!!~J Hoi W.ler I I~Coollng IHoIElthllust -~ - W.let AI, N.tur.1 Otis or Fuel OM...

  13. The Effect of Cottonseed Meal and Other Feeds on the Storage Quality of Eggs.

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    Sherwood, R. M. (Ross Madison)


    for layinq llens. The cottonseecl meal used in tlles~ stlulies ~vaq 42 per cent piotein cottonseed meal, prime quality, unless otlierwise stated. The meat anil hoi~e scraps use~l ~vas .50 per ccnt proteiil meat ancl hone scraps. So serious discolora- tion... produced by a hen receiving meat and bone scraps, ancl Chart 2 shows the curve for a dark yolk classed as a green yolk and produced by a hen receiving cottonseed nieal. This would indicate that the difference in color between the yolks of the storage...

  14. Mortas-te-Kaase General Information and Instructions

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    I ,'" 0l 1 ?? ,,1\\ He I.U ,'" "z .11 ,'" Ae .HOI CIt, '.l ,'" "ZO ." ,'" COz .nn u '.Z' p," 0) ., ,'" HlO ' .... nl .tt CO I.OJ ,'" "e .ll ,," ~ Dl.tance re_ Herak ... a..h .80 An,? ?? t 1.15 r.rl .... d 2087 Ita. are 1.90 At,d 20.21 !'t'tt,n 44... ...... - ... . Mein Gravitic .... . .. - -.. Disruptor Mount ~ - PIS ------ Mein Torpedo Tube ~ L.~ __ ~~~ P/S-F/A ~ Command Module Emergency Torpedo Tube Cannon (12) SPECIFICATIONS '*Length ????????????????????? 1600 *Width ??.?????????.?????????? 950...

  15. Equilibria in aqueous iodine solutions

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    Burger, Joanne Denise


    determined at several temperatures and the values of bH, AG, and aS have been calculated. 0 0 0 Ki x 10 was 0, 586 at 0, 5. 04 at 25, 18. 9 at $8 41. 2 at 50 , and 67. 6 at 56 , This equilibrium constant had never before been determined above 25... dependence of K . The enthalpy found in this work was 3. 65 kcal/mole, which agrees with the literature value of 3, 6 kcal/mole, The dissociation constant for iodine I2(aq) + was estimated as 3 HO=HOI +I x 10 . It was not possible to estab- "9 lish...

  16. Larval survival in mixed infections of trichostrongylidae in calves

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    Shaikh, Hefazuddin


    t =ltl. ough he?irc icbm, 'er'e! s feH sliglnl & in infected animals there was ro cori?tati n br'rvrc - anc~?ta pi?du-ed and thc larval dose egg ccu . t, and ii&e ivcims rr r:oveicd post-met ten;, Porter (66) ir dicated that it;. c ild i&e possible... it may indicate hoi! ma ', ' p?i! 1? it' - . ! c "'ago ''ed to pr L duce the patholoaical c cn litic-= !n !h. -ca', - . -. , ". ', m ir y c! ! rie origin?al infective staoe larvae . =. , r; ice i- !!-e hear a il tr ti za reg iree fcr t;e pa! a:. i...

  17. Effects of coupled atomic states on the resonance scattering of radiation

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    Srivastava, Rajendra P.; Fontana, Peter R.


    of equations which are the Fourier transforms of the Weisskopf and Wigner (1930) equations. By defining 914 R P Srivastava and P R Fontana and 1 2 k, --f(E) = 1 [HoiVi jHj0 + H j o V ~ , H i , + IHoilZ(E- E>+(i/2)yjj)+ IHojI2(E- E; +(i/2)iii)] x [ (E... the ground state and the average energy of the excited states. (26). The result is where K = k , - ( E b . + E 9 / 2 + E b (34) and the matrix elements Ptm are defined as This probability has two maxima, one at K = + ( A 2 + 4 V 2 ) l I 2...

  18. Comparative analysis of Nigerian international oil marketing model (NIOMM) and the models of four selected OPEC members; and a proposed new model for Nigeria

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Udeke, O.O.


    This study demonstrates that NIOMM has deficiencies and, as a result, has affected the progress of Nigeria's political and socio-economic development. One finding is that Nigeria is beset with ineffective planning, lack of marketing expertise, and inadequate marketing strategies. Other findings show that: (1) the Nigerian oil industry (HOI) is suffering from mismanagement stemming from corruption, tribalism, Federal Character Policy, and lack of dedication and patriotism by the Nigerian workers; (2) there is inefficiency in the Nigerian national petroleum corporation (NNPC) but, at the same time, the inefficiency is partly because of the government policies, conflicts, interference by high government officials and politicians, and the enormous size of the oil industry; (3) oil revenues are improperly utilized; (4) neither the multinational oil corporations (MNOCs) nor multinational corporations (MNCs) are assisting the oil producing nations (OPNs) or developing countries (DCs) in their economic development, and MNOCs and MNCs are interested in profit maximization; and (5) MNCs do not transfer the type of technology that meets the needs of DCs, and sometimes the technology creates problems for DCs which ultimately results into conflicts between MNCs and DCs. The inverse of these problems has been a sine qua non for success in the IOMMs of the four OPEC member, especially in Saudi Arabia.