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  1. Courtship Behavior of Captive American Kestrels (Falco sparverius) Exposed to Polychlorinated Biphenyls

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    Bortolotti, Gary R.

    (geometric mean). There was no difference between treatment and control birds in the circulat- ing levels as well as a greater number of completely infertile clutches. Due to their lipophilic nature

  2. A morphological comparison of the eyes of some falconiform and passeriform birds with special reference to: Passer domesticus, Mimus polyglottos, Sturnella magna, Falco sparverius, Cathartes aura, and Buteo jamaicensis 

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    Lord, Rexford D


    ae to vivant ea attsatiaa, The eye Xsogth ie the% dietae? Rom the eyes af eureature of the cornea, te the eyyaeite ?pea of egmtgye of the eels' ia the oeatee o? th? fedora The men tavern'el disesteem is the distance fne the earn% ?ide of the ego...

  3. Sex-specific recruitment and brood sex ratios of Eurasian kestrels in a seasonally and annually fluctuating

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    Laaksonen, Toni

    Sex-specific recruitment and brood sex ratios of Eurasian kestrels in a seasonally and annually-ordinating editor: J. Tuomi Abstract. Timing of birth and food availability may select for biased offspring sex in brood sex ratio during the breeding season in a long-term data from 8 years. As far as we know

  4. Effects of corticosterone pellets on baseline and stress-induced corticosterone and corticosteroid-binding-globulin

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    Alvarez, Nadir

    Effects of corticosterone pellets on baseline and stress-induced corticosterone and corticosteroid-degradable corticosterone pellets (implanted under the skin) in elevating plasma corticosterone levels. We monitored to handling in Eurasian kestrel Falco tinnunculus and barn owl Tyto alba nestlings. Corticosterone pellets

  5. Kestrel: An Interface from Modeling Systems to the NEOS Server

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    4er PowerMac G4


    Supply[i].dual and prob[S] * Demand[j].dual are saved in parameters denoted supply_price[i ... The “gap” between these bounds can thus be used as a criterion

  6. Thermodynamics of a Bose-Einstein condensate with weak disorder G. M. Falco, A. Pelster, and R. Graham

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    Pelster, Axel

    perturbatively in the strength of the disorder after diagonalizing the Hamiltonian by means of a Bogoliu- bov

  7. Factors influencing farmland habitat use by shorebirds wintering in the Fraser River Delta, Canada

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    jamaicencis Gmelin), and peregrine falcons (Falco pere- grinus Tunstall). Winter field cover ranges from bare

  8. "Title","Creator/Author","Publication Date","OSTI Identifier...

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    T. Kestrel Geoscience, Littleton, CO (United States); Sundberg, K. Phillips Petroleum Co., Bartlesville, OK (United States); Ortoleva, P. Indiana Univ., Bloomington, IN...

  9. Chronic OVA allergen challenged Siglec-F deficient mice have increased mucus, remodeling, and epithelial Siglec-F ligands which are up-regulated by IL-4 and IL-13.

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    human eosinophil apoptosis. Blood 12. Vitale C, Romagnani C,Falco M, Ponte M, Vitale M, Moretta A, Bacigalupo A, Moretta

  10. Crowd-scale Interactive Formal Reasoning and Analytics Ethan Fast1

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    Aiken, Alex

    Crowd-scale Interactive Formal Reasoning and Analytics Ethan Fast1 , Colleen Lee1 , Alex Aiken1 , Michael Bernstein1 , Daphne Koller1 , Eric Smith2 Stanford University1 , Kestrel Institute2 {ethan

  11. Pseudo-kaposi sarcoma (acroangiodermatitis): occurring after bullous erysipelas

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    H, Holzmann H, Braun-Falco O. [Mali's acroangiodermatitis (WS. Acroangiodermatitis of Mali in protein C deficiency dueG. Pseudo-Kaposi’s sarcoma (Mali type). Int J Dermatol 1998;

  12. Lifecycle Verification of the NASA Ames K9 Rover Executive Dimitra Giannakopoulou1, 3

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    Pasareanu, Corina

    Lifecycle Verification of the NASA Ames K9 Rover Executive Dimitra Giannakopoulou1, 3 Corina S. Pasareanu2, 3 Michael Lowry3 and Rich Washington4 (1) USRA/RIACS (2) Kestrel Technology LLC (3) NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000, USA {dimitra, pcorina, lowry} (4) Google

  13. Inconspicuous Lizards Evolved To Blend In Jeff Mitton

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    Mitton, Jeffry B.

    on and digging in sand. It grows to a length of about six inches and it is prey to a variety of visual predators predators, such as kestrels, hunt them as well. If avoidance of predators is a matter of blending in, prey

  14. Journal of Animal Ecology 2004

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    Laaksonen, Toni

    Journal of Animal Ecology 2004 73, 342­352 © 2004 British Ecological Society Blackwell Publishing, reproductive value, sex allocation, sex-dependent mortality, varia- ble environment. Journal of Animal Ecology manipulation in kestrels © 2004 British Ecological Society, Journal of Animal Ecology, 73, 342­352 van

  15. to appear in Calculational System Design, Proceedings of the International Summer School Marktoberdorf, Ed. M. Broy, NATO ASI Series, IOS Press, Amsterdam, 1999.

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    Smith, Douglas R.

    presents a mechanizable framework for representing these various sources of information, and for composing Douglas R. Smith Kestrel Institute 3260 Hillview Avenue Palo Alto, California 94304 20 December 1998. The framework is based on a category of specifications. The key idea is rep­ resenting knowledge about

  16. The unreasonable ineffectiveness of security engineering

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    Pavlovic, Dusko

    of security does not apply only to software, as we also speak of bank security, national security, secureThe unreasonable ineffectiveness of security engineering: An overview Dusko Pavlovic Kestrel" [32]. After several decades of security research, we are tempted to ask the opposite question: Are we

  17. es of special conc e special concern (GSC), protected (P), or gered (E) in Idaho; species con ed (E), threatened (T), or protected (P) by

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    7 App es of special conc e special concern (GSC), protected (P), or gered (E) in Idaho; species con ed (E), threatened (T), or protected (P) by ecial status species and USFS Region 4 sens (S) spe r falcon Falco peregrinus anatum E E T3 American white pelican Pelecanus erythrorhynchos SC/P P T2 Bald

  18. Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 46(4), 2010, pp. 13211324 # Wildlife Disease Association 2010

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    Figuerola, Jordi

    Prevalence of Neutralizing Antibodies to West Nile Virus in Eleonora's Falcons in the Canary Islands Laura (Falco eleonorae) migrate to the Canary Islands annually from WNV-endemic regions. To investigate migration. Key words: Canary Islands, Eleonora's Falcon, louse flies, neutralizing antibodies, West Nile

  19. An Improved Understanding of the Natural Resonances of Moonpools...

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    doi:10.1017S0022112082000263 Evans, D.V., 1978. The Oscillating Water Column Wave-energy Device. IMA J. Appl. Math. 22, 423-433. doi:10.1093imamat22.4.423 Falco, A.F.O.,...

  20. This article appeared in a journal published by Elsevier. The attached copy is furnished to the author for internal non-commercial research

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    Mora, Miguel A.

    Chihuahua and Veracruz, Mexico M.A. Mora a,*, C. Baxter a , J.L. Sericano b , A.B. Montoya c , J.C. Gallardo Neuroetología, Universidad Veracruzana, Xalapa, Veracruz 91190, Mexico a r t i c l e i n f o Article history falcon PBDEs PCBs DDE Mexico a b s t r a c t Eggs from aplomado falcons (Falco femoralis septentrionalis

  1. Galaxy alignment as a probe of large-scale filaments

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    Rong, Yu; Zhang, Shuang-Nan


    The orientations of the red galaxies in a filament are aligned with the orientation of the filament. We thus develop a location-alignment-method (LAM) of detecting filaments around clusters of galaxies, which uses both the alignments of red galaxies and their distributions in two-dimensional images. For the first time, the orientations of red galaxies are used as probes of filaments. We apply LAM to the environment of Coma cluster, and find four filaments (two filaments are located in sheets) in two selected regions, which are compared with the filaments detected with the method of \\cite{Falco14}. We find that LAM can effectively detect the filaments around a cluster, even with $3\\sigma$ confidence level, and clearly reveal the number and overall orientations of the detected filaments. LAM is independent of the redshifts of galaxies, and thus can be applied at relatively high redshifts and to the samples of red galaxies without the information of redshifts. We also find that the images of background galaxies ...