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Javanese power : silent ideology and built environment of Yogyakarta and Surakarta   

E-Print Network [OSTI]

Yogyakarta and Surakarta are two cities on the island of Java, Indonesia, which are considered as the centres of Javanese culture. That identity has resulted from the existence of the royal court or kraton in each of ...

Purwani, Ofita



Interpreting and Treating Autism in Javanese Indonesia  

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Historical atlas of Indonesia. Richmond: Curzon Press.mental illness in Indonesia. [DVD]. Elemental Productionstaburan mutiara. Jakarta, Indonesia: Qanita Mizan. Quinn,

Tucker, Anne Currier



Reading the Lontars: Endangered Literary Practices of Lombok, Eastern Indonesia  

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The Sasaks of Lombok island, eastern Indonesia, have a literary tradition of writing manuscripts on palm leaves (lontar) in a manner similar to that of the Balinese (Rubinstein 2000), and historically, the Javanese. Lombok today remains only one...

Austin, Peter