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  1. Janice C. Haith Director, Department of Navy

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    Janice C. Haith Director, Department of Navy Deputy Chief Information Officer (Navy) (DDCIO (N)) Ms Haith became Director, Deputy Department of Navy Chief Information Officer (Navy) (formerly. In this position, she is responsible for all Chief Information Officer (CIO) matters related to the US Navy

  2. Janice Bryant Howroyd | Department of Energy

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    AFDC Printable Version Share this resource Send a link to EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page to someone by E-mail Share EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Facebook Tweet about EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Twitter Bookmark EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Homesum_a_epg0_fpd_mmcf_m.xls" ,"Available from WebQuantityBonneville Power Administration would likeUniverseIMPACT EVALUATIONIntroducing theActivation byIsJagJames ANos.Janice

  3. High Energy Forages for Grass-Finishing Beef Kim Cassida, Jason Rowntree, Matt Raven, Janice Harte, Jeannine Schweihofer, and Sarah

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    High Energy Forages for Grass-Finishing Beef Kim Cassida, Jason Rowntree, Matt Raven, Janice Harte phase of the research will be conducted by Matt Raven, Janice Harte, Jeannine Schweihofer, and Sarah

  4. Training and Technology … Janice Smiths story

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    AFDC Printable Version Share this resource Send a link to EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page to someone by E-mail Share EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Facebook Tweet about EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Twitter Bookmark EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Homesum_a_epg0_fpd_mmcf_m.xls" ,"Available from WebQuantityBonneville Power AdministrationRobust,Field-effectWorking With U.S.Week DayDr.Theories81TowardsTrackingCarbon DioxideJanice

  5. Writing for the Web--Some Guidelines Recommended reading: Letting Go of the Words: Writing Web Content that Works by Janice

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    Cantlon, Jessica F.

    Writing for the Web--Some Guidelines Recommended reading: Letting Go of the Words: Writing Web Content that Works by Janice (Ginny) Redish Web content

  6. Employee Spotlight: Janice Lovato

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  7. Employee Spotlight: Janice Lovato

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    AFDC Printable Version Share this resource Send a link to EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page to someone by E-mail Share EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Facebook Tweet about EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Twitter Bookmark EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Homesum_a_epg0_fpd_mmcf_m.xls" ,"Available from WebQuantityBonneville Power Administration would like submitKansas NuclearElectronic StructureEly M.EmilioDave Keller June 2, 2014 It's

  8. MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY Janice A. Beecher, Ph.D. (2014)

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    pumpage (2009-2014) #12;} 14Beecher NARUC 2014 Falling water usage Aggregate, per-connection, and per-capita-register (minor role) } Effects of recession on economy and income (temporary?) } Cost-driven price effects on discretionary use (elasticity) Per-capita or per-function } Efficiency standards (EPAct 1992), codes

  9. Janices start at Training & Technology

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    AFDC Printable Version Share this resource Send a link to EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page to someone by E-mail Share EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Facebook Tweet about EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Twitter Bookmark EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Homesum_a_epg0_fpd_mmcf_m.xls" ,"Available from WebQuantityBonneville Power Administration would likeUniverseIMPACT EVALUATIONIntroducing theActivation byIsJagJames

  10. The newsletter of the CAMBRIDGE QUATERNARY ISSUE 36 LENT 2007

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    de Gispert, Adri

    are in western Finland, north- eastern Russia and East Anglia. He will be conducting sedimentological, tectonic


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    Paris-Sud XI, Université de

    directly excited from the ground state, then a cascade decay. Within a radiofrequency field, the resonant appartenant a des niveaux differents (voir [5]) ; si un champ de radiofrequence 6tablit des transitions aligni, ni orienti et que le seul temps de relaxation dans l'itat exciti est la durée de vie radiative

  12. GENERAL INDEX aPP6l'ent, deflnition of-._._. _. _"'" ._____ __ 385

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    . __ __ ____________ _____ 2G8 lengtb-frequency records___ ____ _ __ _ __ ____ ___ 317 marking experiments_

  13. Eawag: l'ente dei Politecnici federali per la ricerca nel campo dell'acqua berlandstrasse 133

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    Wehrli, Bernhard

    di una coo- perazione fra l'Eawag, l'Ufficio federale dell'ambiente UFAM e la Fede- razione Svizzera'ambiente (UFAM) e la Fede- razione Svizzera di Pesca (FSP) gestiscono insieme l'Ufficio di consulenza per la

  14. JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY, Dec. 2004, p. 82078212 Vol. 186, No. 24 0021-9193/04/$08.00 0 DOI: 10.1128/JB.186.24.82078212.2004

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    Matin, A.C.

    -conferred resistance is also rele- vant to controlling infectious disease on this planet. The SMG effect resembles

  15. --No Title--

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    Janice Ishee, Sally A. Jaunsen, Miriam Elaine Kelmers, Robert G. Martin, Pamela B. Thomas, and Renee M. Tucker, Business and Information Services; Computing, Information,...

  16. Ambassadors of the Minorities in Energy Initiative | Department...

    Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Indexed Site

    More about Michelle L. Holiday Freeman Hrabowski President, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) More about Freeman Hrabowski Janice Bryant Howroyd Founder, ACT-1 More...

  17. US-EU-Japan Working Group on Critical Materials

    Energy Savers [EERE]

    Rare Earth Elements - feeding the global supply chain Janice Zinck, Manager, Natural Resources Canada -Mine Waste Management and Processing Research Program 12:50 The current...

  18. Performance of Biofuels and Biofuel Blends

    Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Indexed Site

    study (over 140 samples) to examine effects of several variables on Cloud Point (CP): Saturated Monoglyceride (SMG) Effects on Biodiesel Blend Low-Temperature Performance...

  19. UK's Distinguished Alumni College of Agriculture and School of Human

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    MacAdam, Keith

    . Taylor '83 College of Dentistry J. Gary Maynard Jr. '67 College of Education Terry L. Birdwhistell '74 Janice Orienda Burdette Blythe '74 Steve Gaskins '87 Gerald A. White Jr. '78 College of Law Karen K

  20. QBR Template

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    McConnell, Cheryl Hargin, Kathy Rehmer 10:40 30 Slice Reporting 22-37 Janice Johnson 11:10 20 Accounting Treatment for LGIA Credits 38-53 Harriet Tsen 11:30 20 Depreciation Study...

  1. UBC Social Ecological Economic Development Studies (SEEDS) Student Report Increasing Education, Awareness, Participation and Effectiveness In Composting on

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    , Awareness, Participation and Effectiveness In Composting on Campus Ali Boyle, Janice Elliott, Mary Ann Security Project (UBCFSP) Increasing Education, Awareness, Participation and Effectiveness In Composting............................................................................................................7 Review of 2006 Reports Compost Social Marketing Plan for UBC Food Services Visual assessment

  2. Analysis of Alternative Extensions of the Existing Production Tax Credit for Wind Generators

    Reports and Publications (EIA)


    Requestor: Ms. Janice Mays, Chief Counsel, Committee on Ways & Means, U.S. House of Representatives This is a letter response requesting analysis of alternative extensions of the existing production tax credit (PTC) that would apply to wind generators only.


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    Blumstein, Daniel T.

    ; Janice, Ken Armitage, Chris Evans, Joe Macedonia, and Alexander Nikol'skii for recent discussions about & Shalter, 1984; Macedonia & Evans, 1993; Hauser, 1996). Situationally variable calls can be produced in at

  4. Hoddle & Van Driesche: Bemisia control with Encarsia formosa 1 EVALUATION OF ENCARSIA FORMOSA (HYMENOPTERA

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    Hoddle, Mark S.

    Gahan por planta no pudieron controlar una baja densidad poblacional (inicia- lente, 0.51 ninfas y pupas

  5. The neural correlates of social attention: automatic orienting to social and nonsocial cues

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    Greene, Deanna J.; Mooshagian, Eric; Kaplan, Jonas T.; Zaidel, Eran; Iacoboni, Marco


    and Arrow cues Table 2 Coordinates (MNI) and peak activationSMG, supramarginal gyrus Table 3 Coordinates (MNI) and peak2009) 73:499511 Table 4 Coordinates (MNI) and peak

  6. National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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    Guattery, Steve

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration Langley Research Center Hampton, Virginia 23681, Hampton, VA 236810001 (email: This research was supported by the National Aeronautics

  7. The Availability and Price of Petroleum and Petroleum Products...

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    oil producing countries in the Middle East and North Africa, amid low global surplus crude oil production capacity, has also lent support to crude oil prices. A framework...

  8. Increasing subsurface water storage in discontinuous permafrost areas of the Lena River basin, Eurasia, detected from GRACE

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    Velicogna, I.; Tong, J.; Zhang, T.; Kimball, J. S


    materials, U.S. Geol. Surv. Water Supply Pap. , 1662-D, 74.the global terrestrial water budget using satellite remotepassive microwave-derived snow water equiva- lent estimates

  9. Evaluation of PC-ISO for customized, 3D printed, gynecologic 192Ir HDR brachytherapy applicators

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    equiva- lent to water within the energy range of interest,properties to water at 192 Ir energies to be compatible with

  10. The CITRIS-LBNL-CIEE i4Energy Center focuses on the

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    Yoo, S. J. Ben

    of a Frequency Response Metric to Assess the Planning and Operating Requirements for Reliable Integration KEVIN DASSO [PG&E] 5.3.13 Advanced Energy Storage JANICE LIN [Strategen] 5.10.13 Design for Change LabThe CITRIS-LBNL-CIEE i4Energy Center focuses on the development of IT systems that facilitate

  11. F A C U L T Y Kay Clapp, Donna Fisher-Rhinesmith, Lou Ann Gilchrist,

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    Gering, Jon C.

    F A C U L T Y DEAN Sam Minner PROFESSORS Kay Clapp, Donna Fisher-Rhinesmith, Lou Ann Gilchrist, Janice Grow, Barbara K. Heard, John Hoffmann, Christopher Maglio, Robert J. Martin, Patricia A. Miller.75 or higher. G e n e r a l c a t a l o g Education 2005-2007 73 #12;STAT 190 Basic S

  12. The conservation status of the world's reptiles Monika Bhm a,

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    Hedges, Blair

    .M. Baillie b , Philip Bowles c , Janice Chanson d,e , Neil Cox c,d , Geoffrey Hammerson f , Michael Hoffmann Aguilar s , Rastko Ajtic t , Ferdi Akarsu u , Laura R.V. Alencar v , Allen Allison w , Natalia Ananjeva x , Rosamma Mathew ex , Nixon Mathews ey , Gregory Mayer ez , James R. McCranie fa , G. John Measey fb

  13. University of Washington's Eleventh Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium

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    Reh, Thomas A.

    University of Washington's Eleventh Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium Celebrating or send an email to URP maintains a listing of currently available research projects and other resources for students and faculty at: Janice De

  14. Libraries with Copies of Documents and Reports Related to FEMA Temporary Housing Units Final Report

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    -4251 (228) 388-1633 Attn: Sharon Davis St. Martin Public Library 15004 Lemoyne Boulevard Biloxi, MS 39532-5205 (228) 392-3250 Attn: Janice Zuleeg Pass Christian Public Library 324 East Second Street Pass Christian, MS 39571-4515 (228) 452-4596 Attn: Sally James D'Iberville Public Library 10391 Auto Mall

  15. American Journal of Primatology 74:11061127 (2012) RESEARCH ARTICLE

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    Lehman, Shawn M.




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    New South Wales, University of

    in turning around and building up the GMO through some rocky periods and shepherding us through a period. As an interim arrangement, when Janice leaves, Daniel Owens will take on the role of Acting Director of the GMO and Warwick Dawson will take on the role of overseeing the GMO as an Executive Director. This arrangement

  17. Carbonate clumped isotope variability in shallow water corals: Temperature dependence and growth-related vital effects

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    -related vital effects Casey Saenger a, , Hagit P. Affek a , Thomas Felis b , Nivedita Thiagarajan c , Janice M in the winter growth of a hermatypic coral provided early evidence for possible D47 vital effects. Here, we mechanisms as the leading cause for this apparent D47 vital effect including: salinity, organic matter

  18. (CANCER RESEARCH 50, 393-399. January 15. 1990] Characterization of Micronuclei Induced in Human Lymphocytes by Benzene

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    California at Berkeley, University of

    Lymphocytes by Benzene Metabolites1 Janice W. Yager, David A. Eastmond,2 Moire L. Robertson, William M Division, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, California 94550 fD. A. E.] ABSTRACT Benzene is an established human leukemogen. Workers occupational!) exposed to benzene exhibit increased frequencies of both

  19. Behavioral/Systems/Cognitive The Inferior Parietal Lobule and Recognition Memory

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    Wagner, Anthony

    the retrieval success pattern, a larger inferior parietal lobule (IPL) region tracked the validity of the memory.Theinvalidcueingresponseoccurredevenforcorrectlyidentifiednewitemsunlikelytotriggersubstantiveepisodic retrieval. Within the IPL, although supramarginal and angular gyrus (SMG; AG) regions both demonstrated of a primary role in recollection, fMRI activation in the angular gyrus (AG) region tracks subjective reports

  20. Records Management Policy 1. Introduction

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    Daley, Monica A.

    Records Management Policy 1. Introduction 2. Definition 3. Scope of the Policy 4. Policy Statement asset and the records of the RVC are important sources of administrative, evidential and historical by the College's Senior Management Group (SMG) on 26th November 2007. It will be reviewed in September 2012

  1. Proposal for New Module Module Title: Photonic Materials

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    Molinari, Marc

    Information Academic Unit responsible for the module ORC Core/Compulsory/Optional Compulsory Programme, Dr. S. M. Ganapathy, Dr. G. Brambilla Contact (email ID);; Will the module be subject to external accreditation? No If yes, by which body

  2. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) Fine Arts Loan Agreement

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    Zallen, Richard

    : _________________________________________________________________ Responsible Dept. and person: ______________________________________________________ Title of work and value: ______________________________________Date of work: __________________ Medium objects lent will be insured under the University's fine arts all-risk, wall-to-wall coverage

  3. A Priori vision : the transcendence of pre-ontological sight : the disparity of externalizing the internal architecture of creation

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    Lawson, Matthew Everett


    The completion of any visual work is not an arrival, but furthered from the origin, the inner plane of perspective, which is so readily lent from the context of communicating the seemingly coded space from which I am ...

  4. Anomalous electron-ion energy coupling in electron drift wave turbulence

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    Zhao, Lei

    and thermal diffusivity will be determined by the colli- sionless energy transfer processesthermal energy will not be lost only via electron transport processes.thermal energy will not only be lost via turbu- lent transport processes[

  5. The Costs and Benefits of Compliance with Renewable Portfolio Standards: Reviewing Experience to Date

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    Heeter, Jenny


    Mexico Public Regulatory Commission; Will Lent and Rick Umoff, Solarsolar renewable additions caused revenue At the opposite end are Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico,Mexico, where rules specify that cost cap calculations shall not include annualization. upfront solar

  6. Proceedings of the Ninth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation, pages 362367, Baltimore, Maryland USA, June 2627, 2014. c 2014 Association for Computational Linguistics

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    the reference length len(R), using this equation: BP(T, R) = min 1.0, exp 1 - len(R) len(T) (4) 2.2 Smoothing

  7. Telecommunications business venturing in China : identification of investment orientations using deal reporting

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    Lim, Tony Whey Yit


    China's recent entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) in December 2001 has lent speed to an ongoing series of market reforms that has opened up the massive Chinese domestic market to the world. The thought of China ...

  8. DOI: 10.1126/science.1194442 , 1503 (2010);330Science

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    Lewison, Rebecca


    . Carpenter,2,5,11 Janice Chanson,5,12 Ben Collen,6 Neil A. Cox,5,13 William R. T. Darwall,3 Nicholas K. Dulvy Ian J. Burfield,10 James A. Burton,35,36 David R. Capper,37 Fernando Castro,38 Gianluca Catullo,39. Derocher,52 Arvin C. Diesmos,53 John S. Donaldson,54 J. W. Duckworth,55 Guy Dutson,56 S. K. Dutta,57

  9. DOI: 10.1126/science.1165115 , 225 (2008);322Science

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    Lewison, Rebecca


    ,2 * Janice S. Chanson,1,2 Federica Chiozza,3 Neil A. Cox,1,2 Michael Hoffmann,1,2 Vineet Katariya,1 John,16 Patricia Ann Black,17 J. Julian Blanc,18 Thomas M. Brooks,2,19,20 James A. Burton,21,22 Thomas M. Butynski. Cooke,28 Gustavo A. B. da Fonseca,29,30 Andrew E. Derocher,31 Holly T. Dublin,32 J. W. Duckworth,33

  10. ENS Lyon, Amphi C 46 allee d'Italie, Lyon 7`eme

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    Dauxois, Thierry

    GDR PHENIX ENS Lyon, Amphi C 46 all´ee d'Italie, Lyon 7`eme M´etro Stade de Gerland, T´el : 04 72 72 80 00 Lundi 16 Juin 2008­ Advection chaotique 14h00-15h20 P. CARRIERE (Lyon) et F. RAYNAL (Lyon) M ­ Dynamique Lente dans les fluides 9h30-10h10 JF. PINTON (Lyon) Dynamiques lentes dans l'exp´erience de dynamo

  11. HerMES: Candidate Gravitationally Lensed Galaxies and Lensing Statistics at Submillimeter Wavelengths

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    Wardlow, Julie L; De Bernardis, Francesco; Amblard, A; Arumugam, V; Aussel, H; Baker, A J; Bthermin, M; Blundell, R; Bock, J; Boselli, A; Bridge, C; Buat, V; Burgarella, D; Bussmann, R S; Calanog, J; Carpenter, J M; Casey, C M; Castro-Rodrguez, N; Cava, A; Chanial, P; Chapman, S C; Clements, D L; Conley, A; Cox, P; Dowell, C D; Dye, S; Eales, S; Farrah, D; Franceschini, A; Frayer, D T; Frazer, C; Fu, Hai; Gavazzi, R; Glenn, J; Griffin, M; Gurwell, M A; Harris, A I; Hatziminaoglou, E; Hopwood, R; Ibar, E; Ivison, R J; Kim, S; Lagache, G; Levenson, L; Marchetti, L; Marsden, G; Negrello, M; Neri, R; Nguyen, H T; O'Halloran, B; Oliver, S J; Omont, A; Page, M J; Panuzzo, P; Papageorgiou, A; Pearson, C P; Prez-Fournon, I; Pohlen, M; Riechers, D; Rigopoulou, D; Roseboom, I G; Rowan-Robinson, M; Schulz, B; Scott, D; Scoville, N; Seymour, N; Shupe, D L; Smith, A J; Symeonidis, M; Trichas, M; Vaccari, M; Vieira, J D; Viero, M; Wang, L; Xu, C K; Yan, L; Zemcov, M


    We present a list of 13 candidate gravitationally lensed submillimeter galaxies (SMGs) from 95 square degrees of the Herschel Multi-tiered Extragalactic Survey, a surface density of 0.14\\pm0.04deg^{-2}. These sources have 500um flux densities (S_500) greater than 100mJy. Follow-up observations confirm gravitational lensing in 9 of the 13 systems (70%); the lensing status of the four remaining sources is undetermined. We also present a supplementary sample of 29 (0.31\\pm0.06deg^{-2}) gravitationally lensed SMG candidates with S_500=80--100mJy, which are expected to contain a higher fraction of interlopers than the primary candidates. The number counts of the candidate lensed galaxies are consistent with a simple statistical model of the lensing rate, which uses a foreground matter distribution, the intrinsic SMG number counts, and an assumed SMG redshift distribution. The model predicts that 43--83% of our S_500>100mJy candidates are strongly gravitationally lensed, with the brightest sources being the most ro...

  12. F A C U L T Y Sam Minner, PhD

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    Gering, Jon C.

    F A C U L T Y DEAN Sam Minner, PhD FACULTY Josephine Agnew, EdD Dale Blesz, PhD Kay Clapp, PhD Darl Davis, EdS Donna Fisher-Rhinesmith, EdD Lou Ann Gilchrist, EdD Janice Grow, PhD Barbara K. Heard, EdD John Hoffmann, PhD Peter Kelly, PhD Christopher Maglio, PhD Robert J. Martin, PhD Patricia Miller, PhD

  13. T-Negative Issue 25

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    Multiple Contributors


    bacover: Majel Barrett as Number One ("Cage"); as Nurse Christine Chapel in "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" (with Roger Korby) and "Naked Time" (with McCoy and Spock) lllos: Alan Andres p. 3; Gennle Summers p. 5; Janice p. 6; Connie Faddis p. 8...; Deborah Collins p. 12 why this really ought to get through a delivery to you: C"")1 felt like sending it Q^JYou contributed Q~~^ It seemed the therapeutically proper thing to do You paid money at the rate of 50^/one or $2/flve, and your subscription...

  14. T-Negative Issue 21

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    Multiple Contributors


    Herring, opposite p. 8; Rosalind Oberdieck, p. 11; Ricky Pearson, pp. 13, 21, 24, 28; Janice, p. 34. lino: Mary Himmelbach. Reasons why your mailbox ate this: 8r felt like sending it 8You contributed ,----") \\.--lYou paid money at the rate of 50?/one... -that starships are grounded, too. Since the elec trical current runs from the upper pIa tform to the lower; the l,?wer pla tform is positive. The floor, bein?: groundE~d, is negat~ve. Were anyone to touch both the "ground' and the ener gized lower...


    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Braun, Elizabeth V.


    to lend itself particularly appropriately to Kuhn's concept of the "or Lent.atLonal, other ;" See Hanford H. Kuhn, liThe Reference Group Reconsdde red;" in Hanf,s and Meltzer, Ope cLt; , p p , 171-184, especially pp. 181-1820 12. Hall, op. cit., p. 600 13... to lend itself particularly appropriately to Kuhn's concept of the "or Lent.atLonal, other ;" See Hanford H. Kuhn, liThe Reference Group Reconsdde red;" in Hanf,s and Meltzer, Ope cLt; , p p , 171-184, especially pp. 181-1820 12. Hall, op. cit., p. 600 13...

  16. How Letters of Credit Operate in International Commercial Transactions: An Introduction to the UPC

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    Head, John W.


    iines." ... a confirming bank acted properly in re- - .., fusing to pay a seller in England that The defendant bank [in this case] had submitted documents relating to a were told by their Danish prin- lent of nuts that were t' go t' a cipals... iines." ... a confirming bank acted properly in re- - .., fusing to pay a seller in England that The defendant bank [in this case] had submitted documents relating to a were told by their Danish prin- lent of nuts that were t' go t' a cipals...


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    SAN FRANCISCO ESTUARY INSTITUTE CONTRIBUTION NO. 663 OCTOBER 2012 4911 Central Avenue, Richmond, CA on the Margins of San Francisco Bay Final Report An RMP Technical Report by Craig Jones Sea Engineering, Inc. Donald Yee Jay A. Davis Lester J. McKee Ben K. Greenfield Aroon R. Melwani Michelle A. Lent San Francisco


    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    SAN FRANCISCO ESTUARY INSTITUTE CONTRIBUTION NO. 663 APRIL 2012 4911 Central Avenue, Richmond, CA on the Margins of San Francisco Bay Draft Report by Craig Jones Sea Engineering, Inc. Donald Yee Jay A. Davis Lester J. McKee Ben K. Greenfield Aroon R. Melwani Michelle A. Lent San Francisco Estuary Institute #12

  19. A' Brief. History of the Tower Shielding Facility and Tower Shielding Facility

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    Equipment and Material Used for Experiments Waste Generation and Disposal Future #12;TOK?ZR SHIELDING Nuclear Propulsion Project 0 Requirements: Research in region free from ground and structure scattering COPPER RIDGE #12;#12;SERMT LINES - TOWER 4lWANGE4lENT SEE FIG. 6 GUY trerts Two-`4-h.&.TYf? 6+1.-41 w

  20. PhD Student Guide for the Universit de Lyon

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    PhD Student Guide for the Universit de Lyon 2014 edition #12;#12;editorial Congratulations, you are beginning your doctoral studies at the Universit de Lyon! By choosing the Lyon-Saint-tienne site, you have of each Universit de Lyon laboratory, doctoral school and institution, and is lent concrete form

  1. Toric Fano Varieties and Convex Polytopes

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    Sankaran, Gregory R.

    for consultation within the University Library and may be photocopied or lent to other libraries for the purposes. It is then possible to "grow" these minimal poly- topes in order to obtain a complete classification. Critical part of this thesis is dedicated to attempting to understand these building blocks. A classification

  2. Toric Fano Varieties and Convex Polytopes

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    Sankaran, Gregory R.

    for consultation within University Library may photocopied lent other libraries the purposes consultation'' these minimal poly topes order obtain a complete classification. Critical this method is ability minimal. A classification of toric Fano threefolds with worst terminal singularities is given. The threedimensional minimal

  3. A Re nery Immobot for Abnormal Situation Management Kurt D. Krebsbach and David J. Musliner

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    Krebsbach, Kurt D.

    economicdisaster in U.S. history wasa $1.6 billionexplosion at a petrochemical plant in 1989. This accident represents an extreme case within the spec- trum of major industrial process disruptions, collec- tively in the petrochemical industry alone. Systemsfor controllingoilre neries provide anexcel- lent example of what Williams

  4. Global Imbalances and the U.S. Trade Deficit Robert A. Blecker

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    Carlini, David

    incomes of working-class and middle- class households and creating a latent deficiency of aggregate demand domestic demand and lent the U.S. the funds required to finance the resulting trade imbalances. Those U. The author alone is responsible for the views expressed here and any remaining errors. #12;2 to compete

  5. Global Imbalances and the U.S. Trade Deficit

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    Lansky, Joshua

    of aggregate demand in both the U.S. and many other countries (see von Arnim, 2010; Cripps et al., 2011 is responsible for the views expressed here and any remaining errors. #12;1 1. Introduction As the U to augment weak domestic demand and lent the U.S. the funds required to finance the resulting trade

  6. Seasonal Plasticity in the Copulatory Neuromuscular System of Green Anole Lizards

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Wade, Juli

    : The copulatory system of green an- oles is highly sexually dimorphic. Males possess bilateral copulatory organs carolinensis; androgen; hemipene; sex- ual dimorphism; reproduction INTRODUCTION Sexually dimorphic it are regulated by androgens in fish, frogs, and birds (e.g., Brantley et al., 1993a; Breno- witz and Lent, 2002

  7. Boron nanowires for flexible electronics Jifa Tian, Jinming Cai, Chao Hui, Chendong Zhang, Lihong Bao, Min Gao,

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Gao, Hongjun

    %. Importantly, simultaneous electrical measurement reveals that the corresponding electrical conductance is very electrical performance even under large mechanical strain. Recently, significant efforts have been ap- plied cova- lent molecular compounds, but differs dramatically from car- bon in having one less valence

  8. Research Article Broadband Spectroscopic Thermoacoustic Characterization of

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Witte, Russell S.

    Research Article Broadband Spectroscopic Thermoacoustic Characterization of Single-Walled Carbon electromagnetic radiation in the optical and microwave regions. This study applies thermoacoustic (TA) imaging SWNTs excel- lent candidates in contrast to agents for thermoacoustic imag- ing (TAI) [1719]. In TAI

  9. Publication 426-042

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Liskiewicz, Maciej

    such as water hyacinth (Eichhornia) and water lettuce (Pistia) are excel- lent additions to the compost pile, adding nutrients and water, and degrading quickly. Other aquatic plants such as water celery (Oenanthe) and water pennywort (Hydrocot- yle), which overwinter well, root easily, and spread by underground stems


    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Kevlahan, Nicholas

    .g. turbu- lent flow over the wings and fuselage of airplanes), in off-shore drilling (e.g. water flow around riser tubes transporting oil from the sea bed to the surface), and in the wind engineering re- duced number of modes with a well-controlled error. Furthermore, the computational cost

  11. he global energy crisis has increased awareness of the

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Jovanovic, Mihailo

    disturbances, flow around an aerodynamically perfect aircraft wing or wind turbine would remain laminar all the drag force imposed by the turbulent flow. Similarly, in wind farms, turbulence reduces the aerodynamic around an aircraft wing, or a wind turbine blade, becomes complex and disordered (turbu- lent

  12. Enforcement of the MFCMA: An Economist's Perspective

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    of vessels or gear; 3) Prohibitions, or other controls, on specified types and quantities of fishing gear limitations are the most preva lent of the above regulations, followed by time-area closures and gear with others-e.g., catch limitations and gear restrictions. Gear restrictions appear to be slightly less common

  13. Development of ZnNiCd coatings by pulse electrodeposition process Prabhu Ganesan, Swaminatha P. Kumaraguru, Branko N. Popov

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Popov, Branko N.

    Development of ZnNiCd coatings by pulse electrodeposition process Prabhu Ganesan, Swaminatha P indicated that ZnNiCd alloys exhibit superior barrier properties when compared to Cd or ZnNi coatings of corrosion resistant coating in aerospace, electrical, and fastener industries due to its excel- lent

  14. New Class of Bacterial Membrane Oxidoreductases Mikhail F. Yanyushin, Melissa C. del Rosario, Daniel C. Brune, and Robert E. Blankenship*,

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Wraight, Colin A.

    unrecognized protein complex involved in energy metabolism in bacteria. Electron transport chains of many bacteria contain com- mon features. Lipophilic quinones transfer reducing equiva- lents along the energy (7) and reaction centers of purple (8) and green nonsulfur bacteria or indirectly with possible

  15. A Comparative Study of Dolomite Dissolution in Simple Organic Acids and Chelating Agents

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Adenuga, Olusegun O


    into the formations. Alternative fluids such as acetic and formic acid have lent themselves to retarded reaction rates, low corrosivity and reduced tendency to form acid/oil sludge in asphaltene-rich crudes but for high reaction rate problems. Chelating agents...

  16. 42 MaxPlanckForschung 4 | 13 Turbulence is omnipresent: it plays an important role during planet formation, mixes fuel and air

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Falge, Eva

    formation, mixes fuel and air in the cylinder of an engine, but also increases the energy needed for pumps vortices also stir in the weather factory of our atmosphere. "Fluid turbulence is probably the most efficient without the thorough turbu- lent mixing of the injected fuel. And when we stir milk into our

  17. Cost Effective Storage using Extent Based Dynamic Tiering Jorge Guerra, Himabindu Pucha, Joseph Glider, Wendy Belluomini, Raju Rangaswami

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Rangaswami, Raju

    of its design. A Con- figuration Adviser EDT-CA determines the adequate mix of storage devices to buy control the overhead due to extent migration. Our results us- ing production workloads show that EDT-tier systems from IBM [29], EMC [17], 3PAR [23] and Compel- lent [24] provide performance gains and cost

  18. Improved thermal stability of LiCoO2 by nanoparticle AlPO4 coating with respect to spinel Li1:05Mn1:95O4

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Cho, Jaephil

    secondary batteries has rapidly expanded due to their applicability to mobile electron- ics batteries use LiCoO2 as a cathode material due to the higher volumetric energy density and excel- lent, resulting in oxygen generation [7]. In addition, the deposited lithium on the graphite anode increases

  19. to damage the ozone layer in the stratosphere and are banned in developed countries. They are used as refrigerants, propellants,

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Huybrechts, Philippe

    CO2 from land-use change is not significant (see Table 1). Concentrations and GWPs for the six gases can be combined to yield one value expressed as million metric tons of CO2 equiva- lent to make as refrigerants, propellants, and foaming agents for plastics. Perfluorocarbons (PFCs), GWP 7

  20. ARTIGO INTERNET Raio laser faz amanh 50 anos

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    Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica

    , a equipa utiliza lentes para focar os potentes impulsos de luz, at ficarem concentrados num volume muito o que acontece matria quando bombardeada com uma quantidade colossal de luz num volume to projecto, os portugueses coordenam a linha de investigao sobre a gerao e aplicao das fontes de luz

  1. Nitroxide Side-Chain Dynamics in a Spin-Labeled Helix-Forming Peptide Revealed by High-Frequency (139.5-GHz) EPR Spectroscopy

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Griffin, Robert G.

    Nitroxide Side-Chain Dynamics in a Spin-Labeled Helix-Forming Peptide Revealed by High-Frequency High-frequency electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spec- troscopy has been performed on a nitroxide sulfur. The spin sensitivity of high-frequency EPR is excel- lent with less than 20 pmol of sample

  2. "PriceDispersionandInformationalFrictions: EvidencefromSupermarketPurchases"

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    information is indeed important and that local market power is potentially high. We also show that a full may be too strong. Unannounced sales are a common supermarket practice. As we show, retailers retailers'assortment decisions.1 To verify whether price information frictions are indeed preva- lent, we

  3. Mechanical behavior of sandwich panels with hollow AlSi tubes core construction Jian Xiong a

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Vaziri, Ashkan

    tubes and was used to form the casting cav- ities in the sand mold. The AlSi alloy was melted in the fSi alloy tubes were fabricated using precision casting and were bonded to the face sheets using an epoxy to their low weight, excel- lent casting properties and corrosion resistance [24]. The details


    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Vasilyev, Oleg V.

    .g. turbu- lent flow over the wings and fuselage of airplanes), in off-shore drilling (e.g. water flow). In this paper we propose combining two mathematical approaches to calculate fluidstructure interaction re- duced number of modes with a well-controlled error. Furthermore, the computational cost

  5. Amino Triazole : A New Abscission Chemical and Growth Inhibitor.

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Leinweber, C. L. (Charles Lee); Johnson, S. P. (Samuel Park); Hall, Wayne C. (Wayne Clark)


    died. 1 - 'emf Anplication e experiments were conducted on the ab- c 7rptlon and movement of AT by dipping the leaf 3 lades in a 0.01M solution. The first two experi- r .lents consisted of four young and four mature 3 \\ants each. Only the four...

  6. Comparative Chlorophyll and Energy Studies of Prairie, Savanna, Oakwood, and Maize Field Author(s): J. D. Ovington and D. B. Lawrence

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Thomas, David D.

    inci(lent solar radiation. The results are (liscusse(l in relationi to the factors affecting. weighltby drying to a constant weight in an oven at 800C, anidthe other for chlorophyll determina- tioni oven- clrying. The weiglht of chlorophyll per unit area of land surface can be calculated then from

  7. To appear in the ACM SIGGRAPH conference proceedings Modular Bases for Fluid Dynamics

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Treuille, Adrien

    : mov- ing vehicles will splash through puddles as buildings leave turbu- lent eddies in the wind buildings drawn from a comparatively small set. New creatures and vehicles can be assembled from component techniques. Our modular approach allows the user to rearrange building tiles at runtime. Abstract We present

  8. Problem of the Week Problem Six

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    Arnold, Elizabeth A.

    which rose to some prominence shortly after the fall of the Roman Empire. In the fifth century CE," and they lent their name to what we now call "England." That's right! Angles were central to the formation courses you are taking, in the upper right corner of the front of the page. One weekly winner will receive

  9. Serial Defaults, Serial Profits: Returns to Sovereign Lending in Habsburg Spain, 1566-1600*

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    show that lending to the king was profitable even under worst-case scenario assumptions. Lenders earliest days, lenders put their fate into the hands of princes. Many lost capital, property, and some to have lent at all' (Wallich 1943). Why lenders should offer funds to countries with a distinguished

  10. An Economic Model for Pricing Tiered Network Services

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    An Economic Model for Pricing Tiered Network Services Qian Lv, George N. Rouskas Department networks offering tiered services and corresponding price structures, a model that has become preva- lent-) optimal service tiers, we then employ game-theoretic techniques to find an optimal price for each service

  11. BEM 105 "OPTIONS" Instructor: Jaksa Cvitanic; 319 Baxter, 395-1784,

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Low, Steven H.

    - but please report them; no col- laboration allowed on the final exam. Homeworks and final are open-book, open probabilities (a.k.a. Equiva- lent Martingale Measure or risk-neutral probabilities): binomial model (3.1, 3.3, 7.4, 7.5) 13. & 14. Stochastic volatility (7.2.4, 7.6.3, 7.6.4, 7.8) 15. Portfolio risk; Hedging (5

  12. STAG UK Newsletter Issue 6

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    on snle,I'L ct~rtain tho.t thura 1Jvill be plenty 18ft for tho vast Lcjority of you who cDulc! not COLe. 'fo those of you vlho ,HllE cOLinE; ... YIPPflm Arrane;eLents for the 1st British star Trek Convention are now well in lionel, mill, as you will see...

  13. A review of "Literature and Domestic Travel in Early Modern England" by Andrew McRae

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Aune, M. G.


    Rae. Literature and Domestic Travel in Early Modern England. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009. xi + 247 pp. + 9 illus. $90.00. Review by ?.?. ????, ?? ??????? ?????????? ?? ?????? ?????. ?e work of Andrew McRae, professor of English... latest work, adding travel narratives, maps, and travel guides. McRae uses mobility as his access point into domestic travel, writing in the introduction that ?mobility lent shape to some of the de?nitive transformations of the era: from the shift...

  14. Estado Solido Posgrado en Ciencias Fisicas 2012-2

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Noguez, Cecilia

    . El modulo de bulto esta defino por la segunda derivada de la energia total con respecto al energia total es equiva- lente a la energia cinetica del gas de Fermi. 2. El gas de electrones libres volumetrica p y sp. 3. Muestra que cerca del minimo de la banda (k = 0) la energia del electron en

  15. Microfracturing in Westerly granite experimentally extended wet and dry at temperatures to 800C? and pressures to 200 MPa

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Hopkins, Theodor William


    in progress. His expertise and views lent much to the committee discussions. I would like to thank Steve Bauer for experimentally deforming the specimens used in this study. I would also like to thank Dr. Dennis S. Wood for kindling my interest...; Bauer et al. , 1981; Handin et alee 1981; Friedman et al. , 1982 and Bauer, 1982;1983). The principal purpose of this work is to gain a better understanding of why, in the brittle regime, rock strength decreases with increasing temperature...

  16. MMaasstteerr EEIIFFII EEttuuddeess IInntteerrccuullttuurreelllleess FFrraannccoo--IIttaalliieennnneess

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Sart, Remi

    bibliothque du 1er cycle. Carnot : Salle H8 et E14 (salle Multimdia pour les cours). #12;2 Certaines de ces Master EIFI Nelly ARCIS Rez de jardin - Bureau A15 34, avenue Carnot, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand Tl. : 04 73 identifiant et mot de passe qui vous permettent d'accder l'ENT (voir point 3 ci-dessus). Carnot - Btiment

  17. Contigedad y ambigedad en La secreta obscenidad de cada da

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Gilmore, Elsa M.


    cosas encuentra ecos en el ya clsico estudio de Giles Deleuze y Felix Guattari Anti-Edipo. Capitalismo y esquizofrenia} Visto a travs del lente "esquizoide" de Deleuze y Guattari, el comportamiento humano en la sociedad contempornea slo puede... las intenciones que les llevaron a elaborar sus teoras y a la total tergiversacin de stas en el contexto social. Los dos visionarios retratados por de la Parra se asemejaran a los primeros inventores del gnero humano, imaginados por Frederic...

  18. Neighborhood Progress Through Organized Action.

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Newman, Eula; Cox, Bonnie; Martin, E. C.


    -measure of a people's civilization is their ability to work together." - Calvin Coolidge ;T OF US WANT to live in the best possible community. lroblem is getting together and working om an improve- rogram. - --- r-- ment p ning a intere munil "L... coord: lent r peo plt 1. mmunity organization is successful when all families erested groups participate. Such an organization may inate interest in the community and provide an excel- neans for channeling most programs. The interest...

  19. Fragmentos de Sombra: Una Biografa Intelectual de Fernando Gonzlez

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Palacios Perez, Jose


    mundo acadmico. De este trnsito nacen elementos nuevos que son los que desarrollo en estas pginas, miradas alternativas, y marcos de juicio diferentes a las lecturas que otros autores han emprendido usando otros lentes. Este estudio va a seguir tres... disputa poltica sobre la ctedra no tena nada que ver con pedagoga, sino con la posibilidad de adoctrinar: Examinando, por ejemplo, la enseanza, encontramos que nunca ha existido la escuela: unas veces, los textos, maestros y prcticas, sometidos al...

  20. ALMA imaging of gas and dust in a galaxy protocluster at redshift 5.3: [C II] emission in 'typical' galaxies and dusty starbursts ?1 billion years after the big bang

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Riechers, Dominik A.; Carilli, Christopher L.; Capak, Peter L.; Yan, Lin; Scoville, Nicholas Z.; Smol?i?, Vernesa; Schinnerer, Eva; Yun, Min; Cox, Pierre; Bertoldi, Frank; Karim, Alexander


    We report interferometric imaging of [C II]({sup 2} P {sub 3/2}?{sup 2} P {sub 1/2}) and OH({sup 2}?{sub 1/2} J = 3/2?1/2) emission toward the center of the galaxy protocluster associated with the z = 5.3 submillimeter galaxy (SMG) AzTEC-3, using the Atacama Large (sub)Millimeter Array (ALMA). We detect strong [C II], OH, and rest-frame 157.7 ?m continuum emission toward the SMG. The [C II]({sup 2} P {sub 3/2}?{sup 2} P {sub 1/2}) emission is distributed over a scale of 3.9 kpc, implying a dynamical mass of 9.7 10{sup 10} M {sub ?}, and a star formation rate (SFR) surface density of ?{sub SFR} = 530 M {sub ?} yr{sup 1} kpc{sup 2}. This suggests that AzTEC-3 forms stars at ?{sub SFR} approaching the Eddington limit for radiation pressure supported disks. We find that the OH emission is slightly blueshifted relative to the [C II] line, which may indicate a molecular outflow associated with the peak phase of the starburst. We also detect and dynamically resolve [C II]({sup 2} P {sub 3/2}?{sup 2} P {sub 1/2}) emission over a scale of 7.5 kpc toward a triplet of Lyman-break galaxies with moderate UV-based SFRs in the protocluster at ?95 kpc projected distance from the SMG. These galaxies are not detected in the continuum, suggesting far-infrared SFRs of <18-54 M {sub ?} yr{sup 1}, consistent with a UV-based estimate of 22 M {sub ?} yr{sup 1}. The spectral energy distribution of these galaxies is inconsistent with nearby spiral and starburst galaxies, but resembles those of dwarf galaxies. This is consistent with expectations for young starbursts without significant older stellar populations. This suggests that these galaxies are significantly metal-enriched, but not heavily dust-obscured, 'normal' star-forming galaxies at z > 5, showing that ALMA can detect the interstellar medium in 'typical' galaxies in the very early universe.

  1. High resolution transcriptome maps for wild-type and NMD mutant C. elegans through development

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Ramani, Arun K; Nelson, Andrew C; Kapranov, Philipp; Bell, Ian; Gingeras, Thomas R; Fraser, Andrew G


    -8 S eq Ti lin g Figure S3. Structural changes in SR gene transcripts leading to NMD. Normalized probe intensities derived from N2 L4 stage animals is in blue and smg-1(r861) L4 animals in red. The top lanes correspond to the sequence data while... with our sequence data and sequence data from Hillier et al. #12;Table S7. #7;L4.TilingRatio#7;L4.Seq.Ratio#7;YA.TilingRatio#7;YA.Seq.Ratio#7;#7;SR#7;1.67#7;1.93#7;1.44#7;1.11#7;#7;hnRNP#7;1.54#7;1.87#7;1.34#7;1.62#7;#7; Table S7. Gene intensities...

  2. Suppression of automotive radio frequency interference

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    McLaughlin, Cleon Crosby


    of the spark plug and dlstribijtor gap brcakdo'sns is r epr educed by sc'ri tchi ng from an equiva- lent capacj cor befo'. gap Lreakdo'sn to an equivalent gap res j stance aiel:i ndu'':!nce dur. , nrJ b i akdo~sn This capa- bil i tV i ' . &ne &of the major... into lumped clem!'. nts and by providing equiva. 'ent cir uits for the disirib!!tor and spark plug gapa in both co! ducting and non ? conducti. ng states. Unfor unatcly, the state variable rr. odel recuires a grea. i deal of computer time in order...

  3. Special Publication No. 6, Subject: Nematoda and Nematode Diseases, Part 5: Supergenera, Genera, Species, and Subspecies: Sp-Z.

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Doss, Mildred A.; Rayburn, Jane D.; Shaw, Judith H.; Kirby, Margie D.


    Spectatus [sp.] Travassos, L.P.; and Teixeira de Freitas, J.F., 1943 a, 412 Myletes sp.: Estrada de Ferro Noroeste do Brasil Spectatus spectatus n.g., n. sp. (tod) Travassos, L.P., 1923 ?, 29-30, figs. 1-4 Piaractus brachypomus: Rio Chijaba, Porto de... Sao Joao, Brasil Spectatus spectatus Travassos, 1923 Baylis, H.A.; and Daubney, R., 1926 a, 20 Spectatus spectatus Teixeira de Freitas, J.F.; and Lent, ?., 1941 a, 32-33 Piaractus brachypomus: Brasil Spectatus spectatus Travassos, L.P., 1945 a...

  4. Controlling the Pecan Nut Casebearer (Spanish)

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Knutson, Allen E.; Ree, Bill


    entre 5 y 8 d?as. Los huevecillos tienen forma oval y son aplana- dos y peque??simos, de un tama?o que apenas per- mite distinguirlos a simple vista. Cuando se ovipositan los huevecillos son blancos, o blancos con un tono verdoso. Poco tiempo despu...?as hojas (s?palos) en la parte superior de la nuececilla. Se requiere de una buena lente de bolsillo para identificar los huevecillos y determinar su etapa de desarrollo (eclosionados, blancos o rosados). Busque tambi?n da?o por alimentaci?n debajo del...

  5. Variations on a Theme Issue 6

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Piacentini, Valerie; Clark, Sheila


    of the Effeot ??? but it \\>Iould not be exactly tactful for a Captain Hho bad never served in tbe science department of a ship to absent himself at this timo for a scientific exploration, no. raatter ho,1 brief. Certainly, if he >lent, he could expect Uncle...." "Not as long as we 1 re grounded." He glanced over at Charlene r1asters. "Fortunately, we have an excellent engineer ,;i th us." It took all of Spock' s willpower to make him 8i t still. Not that pacine: up and down ever did anyone any good...

  6. Wrinkling of Stiff Films on Stretched Compliant Films: Experimental and Theoretical Studies

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Yang, Yi


    due to applied ten- sion is restored and released along the longitude direction. The selection of wrinkle wavelength is balanced between the bending energy and the stretching energy. The stretching energy presented in their paper has the form of Us = 1... be considered as a composite beam resting on a virtual elastic foundation. The equiva- lent bending modulus Ec and bending rigidity Bc of the composite beam are obtained as Ec = 1 +m2n4 + 2mn(2n2 + 3n+ 2) (n+ 1)3(1 +mn) Ef (3.22) and Bc = Ec W (hs + hf )3 12...

  7. Climate change: Clinton affirms binding emissions reduction policy

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Fairley, P.


    In Australia last month President Clinton called for an international agreement to negotiate {open_quotes}legally binding commitments to fight climate change.{close_quotes} His comments affirmed the line the Administration adopted in July and lent prominence to the effort to bring about a treaty by December 1997. Environmentalists welcomed Clinton`s comments, but industry response is divided. The Global Climate Coalition (Washington), of which CMA is a member, has tried to slow negotiations by questioning the scientific consensus on climate change and suggesting {open_quotes}serious damage to the American economy{close_quotes} could result from emissions reduction.

  8. Interview of Stephan Feuchtwang

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Feuchtwang, Stephan


    had become interested in archaeology and anthropology; he became a kind of early mentor in anthropology; he was already interested in 'The Elementary Structures of Kinship' and had done his own translation and summary of it which he lent me; I had... , and was for agrarian extension and development, at the most senior level of government; I went on a trip with them to find a field site; there was a strange moment one evening in Puli, right in the centre of Taiwan in the mountains; we were walking down a street...

  9. Thymus-dependent (T) lymphocyte response in experimental tuberculous pleuritis

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Wolff, Susan Wyatt


    . Using this model of tuberculous pleuritis, comparative studies were made of thymus-dependent (T) lymphocytes obtained from pleural effusions and peripheral blood in BCG- vaccinated guinea pigs both noninfected and infected by the Eir tog o te tn lent... M. t~n 1 . n ing E rosette assay, it was shown that there was a significant compartmentalization of CD2+ T lymphocytes in the pleural effusions with a concomitant reduction of CD2+ T lymphocytes in the peripheral blood of the same experimental...

  10. Estimation of Nitric and Nitrous Nitrogen in Soils

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Fraps, G. S. (George Stronach); Sterges, A. J.


    . The use of both reagents was abandoned, after considerable work, which will not be detailed. The use of 2 cc. of strong caustic soda in the preliminary distillation love the ammonia as insufficient, giving high results in the lent reduction.... This was probably due to the incomplete decom- 2 of organic compounds which yield ammonia. The use of 10 to of strong caustic soda (1.43 sp. gr.), followed by distillation to the ammonia, then by reduction 01 the nitrates, and distilla- the ammonia produced from...

  11. The Expansion of the Autonomy of Youth: Responses of the Secondary School to Problems of Order in the 1960s

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Meyer, John W; Chase-Dunn, Chris; Inverarity, James


    . 2 I I We are indebted to a number of people for help in conducting the study: A large number of Bay Area school and district administrators, who must for reasons of anonymity remain nameless, gave generously of their time and attention..., drug use, attacks on teachers, vandalism and theft, and racial conflicts; (2) Discovering the degree to which each of these problems had increased in magnitude in the recent turbu- lent period; and (3) Finding out the types of high schools in which...

  12. Gilbert and Sullivan; papers

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Helyar, James


    MANHEIM 107 D'Oyly Carte and the Pirates: The Original New York Productions of Gilbert and Sullivan. By COLIN PRESTIGE 113 W. S. Gilbert and the London Pantomime Season of 1866. By TERENCE REES 149 The Hymn Tunes of Arthur Seymour Sullivan. By SAMUEL... and the exhibit of printed books and ephemera in Watson Library. The drawings and posters in the former exhibit were graciously lent by the Victoria and Albert Museum and the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company. Enthusiastic audiences gave a warm reception to four...

  13. Karl G. Jansky very large array observations of cold dust and molecular gas in starbursting quasar host galaxies at z ? 4.5

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Wagg, J.; Carilli, C. L.; Lentati, L.; Maiolino, R.; Hills, R.; Aravena, M.; Cox, P.; McMahon, R. G.; Riechers, D.; Walter, F.; Andreani, P.; Wolfe, A.


    We present Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) observations of 44 GHz continuum and CO J = 2-1 line emission in BRI 12020725 at z = 4.7 (a starburst galaxy and quasar pair) and BRI 13350417 at z = 4.4 (also hosting a quasar). With the full 8 GHz bandwidth capabilities of the upgraded VLA, we study the (rest-frame) 250 GHz thermal dust continuum emission for the first time along with the cold molecular gas traced by the low-J CO line emission. The measured CO J = 2-1 line luminosities of BRI 12020725 are L{sub CO}{sup ?}=(8.70.8)10{sup 10} K km s{sup 1} pc{sup 2} and L{sub CO}{sup ?}=(6.0 0.5)10{sup 10} K km s{sup 1} pc{sup 2} for the submillimeter galaxy (SMG) and quasar, respectively, which are equal to previous measurements of the CO J = 5-4 line luminosities implying thermalized line emission, and we estimate a combined cold molecular gas mass of ?910{sup 10} M {sub ?}. In BRI 13350417 we measure L{sub CO}{sup ?}=(7.30.6)10{sup 10} K km s{sup 1} pc{sup 2}. We detect continuum emission in the SMG BRI 12020725 North (S {sub 44} {sub GHz} = 51 6 ?Jy), while the quasar is detected with S {sub 44} {sub GHz} = 24 6 ?Jy and in BRI 13350417 we measure S {sub 44} {sub GHz} = 40 7 ?Jy. Combining our continuum observations with previous data at (rest-frame) far-infrared and centimeter wavelengths, we fit three-component models in order to estimate the star formation rates. This spectral energy distribution fitting suggests that the dominant contribution to the observed 44 GHz continuum is thermal dust emission, while either thermal free-free or synchrotron emission contributes less than 30%.

  14. Modeling of the HERMES J105751.1+573027 submillimeter source lensed by a dark matter dominated foreground group of galaxies

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Gavazzi, R; Conley, A; Aguirre, J E; Amblard, A; Auld, R; Beelen, A; Blain, A; Blundell, R; Bock, J; Bradford, C M; Bridge, C; Brisbin, D; Burgarella, D; Chanial, P; Chapin, E; Christopher, N; Clements, D L; Cox, P; Djorgovski, S G; Dowell, C D; Eales, S; Earle, L; Ellsworth-Bowers, T P; Farrah, D; Franceschini, A; Fu, H; Glenn, J; Solares, E A Gonzlez; Griffin, M; Gurwell, M A; Halpern, M; Ibar, E; Ivison, R J; Jarvis, M; Kamenetzky, J; Kim, S; Krips, M; Levenson, L; Lupu, R; Mahabal, A; Maloney, P D; Maraston, C; Marchetti, L; Marsden, G; Matsuhara, H; Mortier, A M J; Murphy, E; Naylor, B J; Neri, R; Nguyen, H T; Oliver, S J; Omont, A; Page, M J; Papageorgiou, A; Pearson, C P; Prez-Fournon, I; Pohlen, M; Rangwala, N; Rawlings, J I; Raymond, G; Riechers, D; Rodighiero, G; Roseboom, I G; Rowan-Robinson, M; Schulz, B; Scott, Douglas; Scott, K S; Serra, P; Seymour, N; Shupe, D L; Smith, A J; Symeonidis, M; Tugwell, K E; Vaccari, M; Valiante, E; Valtchanov, I; Verma, A; Vieira, J D; Vigroux, L; Wang, L; Wardlow, J; Wiebe, D; Wright, G; Xu, C K; Zeimann, G; Zemcov, M; Zmuidzinas, J


    We present the results of a gravitational lensing analysis of the bright $\\zs=2.957$ sub-millimeter galaxy (SMG), HERMES J105751.1+573027 found in {\\it Herschel}/SPIRE Science Demonstration Phase data from the Herschel Multi-tiered Extragalactic Survey (HerMES) project. The high resolution imaging available in optical and Near-IR channels, along with CO emission obtained with the Plateau de Bure Interferometer, allow us to precisely estimate the intrinsic source extension and hence estimate the total lensing magnification to be $\\mu=10.9\\pm 0.7$. We measure the half-light radius $R_{\\rm eff}$ of the source in the rest-frame Near-UV and $V$ bands that characterize the unobscured light coming from stars and find $R_{\\rm eff,*}= [2.0 \\pm 0.1]$ kpc, in good agreement with recent studies on the Submillimeter Galaxy population. This lens model is also used to estimate the size of the gas distribution ($R_{\\rm eff,gas}= [1.1\\pm0.5]$) kpc by mapping back in the source plane the CO (J=5-4) transition line emission. Th...

  15. Intercorrelations of certain variables of the Lee-Thorpe Occupational Interest Inventory with certain variables measured by the How Well Do You Know Your Interests inventory

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Thompson, Stephen Michael


    CQ IPTmRCQR'b'', , ATIQjl$ QP C R 'j)IN I'AR Lj il', I'P~ QR T', C I K', -". ". ICOSI Z GCC UPA IONAT. INTA'~ 4'HT INVI. 'is'TCR Y ITl Ci"''RTA IN 7j RIALD 3 11ZAE JRED 751 Thi' llQM 'r&'LD DO YG~J ~'Q&J YOUR I'?;TERFCI'S IIuViNTORY A Thesis... u si orj 2j' gl III &iFTPOD Sample . ~ GroIIP s Treat. :lent of Data $4 $6 IV. o4SUITS AND DISCUSSION HIP)LIOGP~I-'iP'. VITA. 57 60 LIST OF TABIEH Kaf e in ens Stand "i"d Dev atj on. and RenHe oz Subtests for Each Group: Jerikins...


    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Stephen Benson, David Douglas, George Neil, Michelle D. Shinn, Gwyn Williams


    We describe a dual free-electron laser (FEL) configuration on the UV Demo FEL at Jefferson Lab that allows simultaneous lasing at FIR/THz and UV wavelengths. The FIR/THz source would be an FEL oscillator with a short wiggler providing nearly diffraction-limited pulses with pulse energy exceeding 50 microJoules. The FIR source would use the exhaust beam from a UVFEL. The coherent harmonics in the VUV from the UVFEL are out-coupled through a hole. The FIR source uses a shorter resonator with either hole or edge coupling to provide very high power FIR pulses. Simulations indicate excel-lent spectral brightness in the FIR region with over 100 W/cm-1 output.

  17. General Relativistic Binary Merger Simulations and Short Gamma Ray Bursts

    E-Print Network [OSTI]

    Joshua A. Faber; Thomas W. Baumgarte; Stuart L. Shapiro; Keisuke Taniguchi


    The recent localization of some short-hard gamma ray bursts (GRBs) in galaxies with low star formation rates has lent support to the suggestion that these events result from compact object binary mergers. We discuss how new simulations in general relativity are helping to identify the central engine of short-hard GRBs. Motivated by our latest relativistic black hole-neutron star merger calculations, we discuss a scenario in which these events may trigger short-hard GRBs, and compare this model to competing relativistic models involving binary neutron star mergers and the delayed collapse of hypermassive neutron stars. Distinguishing features of these models may help guide future GRB and gravitational wave observations to identify the nature of the sources.

  18. Submillimeter galaxies as progenitors of compact quiescent galaxies

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Toft, S.; Zirm, A.; Krogager, J.-K.; Man, A. W. S.; Smol?i?, V.; Krpan, J.; Magnelli, B.; Karim, A.; Michalowski, M.; Capak, P.; Sheth, K.; Schawinski, K.; Wuyts, S.; Lutz, D.; Staguhn, J.; Berta, S.; Sanders, D.; Mccracken, H.; Riechers, D.


    Three billion years after the big bang (at redshift z = 2), half of the most massive galaxies were already old, quiescent systems with little to no residual star formation and extremely compact with stellar mass densities at least an order of magnitude larger than in low-redshift ellipticals, their descendants. Little is known about how they formed, but their evolved, dense stellar populations suggest formation within intense, compact starbursts 1-2 Gyr earlier (at 3 < z < 6). Simulations show that gas-rich major mergers can give rise to such starbursts, which produce dense remnants. Submillimeter-selected galaxies (SMGs) are prime examples of intense, gas-rich starbursts. With a new, representative spectroscopic sample of compact, quiescent galaxies at z = 2 and a statistically well-understood sample of SMGs, we show that z = 3-6 SMGs are consistent with being the progenitors of z = 2 quiescent galaxies, matching their formation redshifts and their distributions of sizes, stellar masses, and internal velocities. Assuming an evolutionary connection, their space densities also match if the mean duty cycle of SMG starbursts is 42{sub ?29}{sup +40} Myr (consistent with independent estimates), which indicates that the bulk of stars in these massive galaxies were formed in a major, early surge of star formation. These results suggest a coherent picture of the formation history of the most massive galaxies in the universe, from their initial burst of violent star formation through their appearance as high stellar-density galaxy cores and to their ultimate fate as giant ellipticals.

  19. 70 Gy Versus 80 Gy in Localized Prostate Cancer: 5-Year Results of GETUG 06 Randomized Trial;Prostate cancer; Dose escalation; Conformal radiotherapy; Randomized trial

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Beckendorf, Veronique, E-mail: [Centre Alexis Vautrin, Vandoeuvre les Nancy (France); Guerif, Stephane [Centre Hospitalier Universitaire, Poitiers (France); Le Prise, Elisabeth [Centre Eugene Marquis, Rennes (France); Cosset, Jean-Marc [Institut Curie, Paris (France); Bougnoux, Agnes [Hopital Bretonneau Tours (France); Chauvet, Bruno [Institut Sainte-Catherine, Avignon (France); Salem, Naji [Institut Paoli-Calmette, Marseille (France); Chapet, Olivier [Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud, Pierre-Benite (France); Bourdain, Sylvain [Centre Rene Gauducheau, Saint Herblain (France); Bachaud, Jean-Marc [Centre Claudius Regaud, Toulouse (France); Maingon, Philippe [Centre George-Francois Leclerc, Dijon (France); Hannoun-Levi, Jean-Michel [Centre Antoine Lacassagne, Nice (France); Malissard, Luc [La Chaussee Saint Victor (France); Simon, Jean-Marc [Hopital de la Pitie-Salpetriere, Paris (France); Pommier, Pascal [Centre Leon Berard, Lyon (France); Hay, Men [Centre Val D'Aurelle, Montpellier (France); Dubray, Bernard [Centre Henri Becquerel, Rouen (France); Lagrange, Jean-Leon [Hopital Henri-Mondor, Creteil (France); Luporsi, Elisabeth [Centre Alexis Vautrin, Vandoeuvre les Nancy (France); Bey, Pierre [Institut Curie, Paris (France)


    Purpose: To perform a randomized trial comparing 70 and 80 Gy radiotherapy for prostate cancer. Patients and Methods: A total of 306 patients with localized prostate cancer were randomized. No androgen deprivation was allowed. The primary endpoint was biochemical relapse according to the modified 1997-American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology and Phoenix definitions. Toxicity was graded using the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group 1991 criteria and the late effects on normal tissues-subjective, objective, management, analytic scales (LENT-SOMA) scales. The patients' quality of life was scored using the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire 30-item cancer-specific and 25-item prostate-specific modules. Results: The median follow-up was 61 months. According to the 1997-American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology definition, the 5-year biochemical relapse rate was 39% and 28% in the 70- and 80-Gy arms, respectively (p = .036). Using the Phoenix definition, the 5-year biochemical relapse rate was 32% and 23.5%, respectively (p = .09). The subgroup analysis showed a better biochemical outcome for the higher dose group with an initial prostate-specific antigen level >15 ng/mL. At the last follow-up date, 26 patients had died, 10 of their disease and none of toxicity, with no differences between the two arms. According to the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group scale, the Grade 2 or greater rectal toxicity rate was 14% and 19.5% for the 70- and 80-Gy arms (p = .22), respectively. The Grade 2 or greater urinary toxicity was 10% at 70 Gy and 17.5% at 80 Gy (p = .046). Similar results were observed using the LENT-SOMA scale. Bladder toxicity was more frequent at 80 Gy than at 70 Gy (p = .039). The quality-of-life questionnaire results before and 5 years after treatment were available for 103 patients with no differences found between the 70- and 80-Gy arms. Conclusion: High-dose radiotherapy provided a better 5-year biochemical outcome with slightly greater toxicity.

  20. Concordant plutonium-241-americium-241 dating of environmental samples: results from forest fire ash

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Goldstein, Steven J; Oldham, Warren J; Murrell, Michael T; Katzman, Danny


    We have measured the Pu, {sup 237}Np, {sup 241}Am, and {sup 151}Sm isotopic systematics for a set of forest fire ash samples from various locations in the western U.S. including Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and New Mexico. The goal of this study is to develop a concordant {sup 241}Pu (t{sub 1/2} = 14.4 y)-{sup 241}Am dating method for environmental collections. Environmental samples often contain mixtures of components including global fallout. There are a number of approaches for subtracting the global fallout component for such samples. One approach is to use {sup 242}/{sup 239}Pu as a normalizing isotope ratio in a three-isotope plot, where this ratio for the nonglobal fallout component can be estimated or assumed to be small. This study investigates a new, complementary method of normalization using the long-lived fission product, {sup 151}Sm (t{sub 1/2} = 90 y). We find that forest fire ash concentrates actinides and fission products with {approx}1E10 atoms {sup 239}Pu/g and {approx}1E8 atoms {sup 151}Sm/g, allowing us to measure these nuclides by mass spectrometric (MIC-TIMS) and radiometric (liquid scintillation counting) methods. The forest fire ash samples are characterized by a western U.S. regional isotopic signature representing varying mixtures of global fallout with a local component from atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons at the Nevada Test Site (NTS). Our results also show that {sup 151}Sm is well correlated with the Pu nuclides in the forest fire ash, suggesting that these nuclides have similar geochemical behavior in the environment. Results of this correlation indicate that the {sup 151}Sm/{sup 239}Pu atom ratio for global fallout is {approx}0.164, in agreement with an independent estimate of 0.165 based on {sup 137}Cs fission yields for atmospheric weapons tests at the NTS. {sup 241}Pu-{sup 241}Am dating of the non-global fallout component in the forest fire ash samples yield ages in the late 1950's-early 1960's, consistent with a peak in NTS weapons testing at that time. The age results for this component are in agreement using both {sup 242}Pu and {sup 151}Sm normalizations, although the errors for the {sup 151}Sm correction are currently larger due to the greater uncertainty of their measurements. Additional efforts to develop a concordant {sup 241}Pu-{sup 241}Am dating method for environmental collections are underway with emphasis on soil cores.

  1. An Integrated Solid-State LED Luminaire for General Lighting

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Kevin Dowling; Fritz Morgan Ihor Lys; Mike Datta; Bernd Keller; Thomas Yuan


    A strong systems approach to designing and building practical LED-based replacement lamps is lacking. The general method of taking high-performance LEDs and marrying them to standard printed circuit boards, drivers and a heat sink has fallen short of the promise of LED lighting. In this program, a top-down assessment of requirements and a bottom-up reinvention of LED sources, electronics, optics and mechanics have resulted in the highest performance lamp possible. The team, comprised of Color Kinetics, the leaders in LED lighting and Cree, the leaders in LED devices took an approach to reinvent the package, the driver and the overall form and aesthetic of a replacement source. The challenge was to create a new benchmark in LED lighting - the resultant lamp, a PAR38 equivalent, met the light output, color, color quality and efficacy marks set out in the program as well as being dimmable, which is important for market acceptance. The approach combined the use of multiple source die, a chip-on-board approach, a very efficient driver topology, the use of both direct emission and phosphor conversion, and a unique faceted optic to avoid the losses, artifacts and hotspots of lensed approaches. The integral heat sink provided a mechanical base and airflow using a chimney-effect for use in a wide variety of locations and orientations. These research results led to a much better understanding of the system effects of component level technologies. It was clear that best-of-breed sub-system results do not necessarily result in the best end result for the complete system. In doing this work, we did not neglect the practical aspects of these systems. These were not rarified results and commercially impractical but lent themselves to eventual commercial products in the marketplace. The end result - a high performance replacement lamp - will save significant energy while providing a high-quality light source.

  2. Late Patient-Reported Toxicity After Preoperative Radiotherapy or Chemoradiotherapy in Nonresectable Rectal Cancer: Results From a Randomized Phase III Study

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Braendengen, Morten, E-mail: [Oslo University Hospital, Ulleval, Cancer Centre, Oslo (Norway); Department of Oncology and Pathology, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm (Sweden); Tveit, Kjell Magne [Oslo University Hospital, Ulleval, Cancer Centre, Oslo (Norway); Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, Oslo (Norway); Bruheim, Kjersti [Oslo University Hospital, Ulleval, Cancer Centre, Oslo (Norway); Cvancarova, Milada [Department of Clinical Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital, Radiumhospitalet, Oslo (Norway); Berglund, Ake [Department of Oncology, Radiology and Clinical Immunology, University of Uppsala, Uppsala (Sweden); Glimelius, Bengt [Department of Oncology and Pathology, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm (Sweden); Department of Oncology, Radiology and Clinical Immunology, University of Uppsala, Uppsala (Sweden)


    Purpose: Preoperative chemoradiotherapy (CRT) is superior to radiotherapy (RT) in locally advanced rectal cancer, but the survival gain is limited. Late toxicity is, therefore, important. The aim was to compare late bowel, urinary, and sexual functions after CRT or RT. Methods and Materials: Patients (N = 207) with nonresectable rectal cancer were randomized to preoperative CRT or RT (2 Gy Multiplication-Sign 25 {+-} 5-fluorouracil/leucovorin). Extended surgery was often required. Self-reported late toxicity was scored according to the LENT SOMA criteria in a structured telephone interview and with questionnaires European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) Quality of Life Questionnaire (QLQ-C30), International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF), and sexual function -vaginal changes questionnaire (SVQ). Results: Of the 105 patients alive in Norway and Sweden after 4 to 12 years of follow-up, 78 (74%) responded. More patients in the CRT group had received a stoma (73% vs. 52%, p = 0.09). Most patients without a stoma (7 of 12 in CRT group and 9 of 16 in RT group) had incontinence for liquid stools or gas. No stoma and good anal function were seen in 5 patients (11%) in the CRT group and in 11 (30%) in the RT group (p = 0.046). Of 44 patients in the CRT group, 12 (28%) had had bowel obstruction compared with 5 of 33 (15%) in the RT group (p = 0.27). One-quarter of the patients reported urinary incontinence. The majority of men had severe erectile dysfunction. Few women reported sexual activity during the previous month. However, the majority did not have concerns about their sex life. Conclusions: Fecal incontinence and erectile dysfunction are frequent after combined treatment for locally advanced rectal cancer. There was a clear tendency for the problems to be more common after CRT than after RT.

  3. Final Project Report for project titled "Fluoroalkylphosphonic-acid-based proton conductors"

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Stephen Creager


    The overall objective of this research was to create new proton-conducting polymer electrolytes for use in energy conversion devices including hydrogen fuel cells that could operate at high temperatures (95-130 C) and under low relative humidity (< 50% RH) conditions. The new polymers were based on the fluoroalkylphosphonic and phosphinic acid (FPA) groups (see illustration below) which offer prospects for rapid proton transport by a proton-hopping mechanism similar to that which operates in phosphoric acid, a well-known proton-transporting electrolyte that is used in a class of hydrogen fuel cells that work well under the conditions noted above and are already commercially successful. The two specific project objectives were as follows: (1) synthesize and characterize new proton-conducting electrolytes based on the fluoroalkylphosphonic and phosphinic acid (FPA) functional groups; and (2) create and apply new computer models to study protonic conduction in FPA-based electrolytes. The project was successful in creating the desired polymer electrolytes and also a series of molecular model compounds which were used to study proton transport in FPA electrolytes in general. Computer models were created to study both structure and proton-transport dynamics in the electrolytes, particularly the molecular model compounds. Rapid proton transport by a hopping mechanism was found in many of the model compounds and correlations with transport rates with molecular structure were identified. Several polymeric analogs of FPA model compounds were prepared and studied, however FPA-based polymeric materials having very high protonic conductivities under either wet or dry conditions were not obtained. Several possible reasons for the failure of polymeric materials to exhibit the expected high protonic conductivities were identified, including a failure of the polymers to adopt the phase-separated secondary structure/morphology necessary for high proton conductivity, and an unexpected polymer crosslinking effect of acidic groups having two P-OH groups. The project has lent insight into how FPA groups transport protons in both liquid and polymeric forms, which provides guidance to future efforts to design and prepare future generations of proton-conducting polymer electrolytes for hydrogen fuel cells and other types of electrochemical energy conversion and storage devices.

  4. Geothermal Exploration in Hot Springs, Montana

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Toby McIntosh, Jackola Engineering


    The project involves drilling deeper in the Camp Aqua well dri lled in June 1982 as part of an effort to develop an ethanol plant. The purpose of the current drill ing effort is to determine if water at or above 165???????????????????????????????°F exists for the use in low temperature resource power generation. Previous geothermal resource study efforts in and around Hot Springs , MT and the Camp Aqua area (NE of Hot Springs) have been conducted through the years. A confined gravel aquifer exists in deep alluvium overlain by approximately 250???????????????¢???????????????????????????????? of si lt and c lay deposits from Glacial Lake Missoula. This gravel aquifer overlies a deeper bedrock aquifer. In the Camp Aqua area several wel l s exist in the gravel aquifer which receives hot water f rom bedrock fractures beneath the area. Prior to this exploration, one known well in the Camp Aqua area penetrated into the bedrock without success in intersecting fractures transporting hot geothermal water. The exploration associated with this project adds to the physical knowledge database of the Camp Aqua area. The dri l l ing effort provides additional subsurface information that can be used to gain a better understanding of the bedrock formation that i s leaking hot geothermal water into an otherwise cold water aquifer. The exi s t ing well used for the explorat ion is located within the ???????????????¢????????????????????????????????center???????????????¢??????????????????????????????? of the hottest water within the gravel aquifer. This lent i t sel f as a logical and economical location to continue the exploration within the existing well. Faced with budget constraints due to unanticipated costs, changing dril l ing techniques stretched the limited project resources to maximize the overa l l well depth which f e l l short of original project goals. The project goal of finding 165???????????????????????????????°F or hotter water was not achieved; however the project provides additional information and understanding of the Camp Aqua area that could prove valuable in future exploration efforts