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  1. Wind Climatology Literature Review Jake Crouch October 12, 2010

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    Wind Climatology Literature Review Jake Crouch ­ October 12, 2010 The National Centers and climate forecast models and to monitor atmospheric phenomenon such as atmospheric winds, temperature dataset, including atmospheric winds, and set a precedent for using the dataset in a climate monitoring

  2. Mesoscale modelling for an offshore wind farm Jake Badger*, Rebecca Barthelmie, Sten Frandsen, Merete Bruun Christiansen

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    Mesoscale modelling for an offshore wind farm Jake Badger*, Rebecca Barthelmie, Sten Frandsen for an offshore wind farm in a coastal location. Spatial gradients and vertical profiles between 25 m and 70 m offshore wind farms tend to be placed within the coastal zone, the region within around 50km from

  3. 888 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMMUNICATIONS, VOL. 50, NO. 6, JUNE 2002 Second-Order Statistical Properties of the WSS Jakes' Fading Channel Simulator

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    Xiao, Chengshan

    888 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMMUNICATIONS, VOL. 50, NO. 6, JUNE 2002 Second-Order Statistical's 2-D isotropic scattering theory, some de- sired second-order statistics for fading simulators, second-order statistical properties of the improved Jakes' simu- lator are analyzed. Consistent with Pop

  4. Parasitic Power Collection in Shoe Mounted Devices Clyde Jake Kendall

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    Possibilities for the "parasitic" collection of power from human walking motion are explored. The focus into the problem of capturing power "parasitically" from normal human-body-motion for use in personal electronics will present some background and perspective on the problem of capturing power parasitically from human motion


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    Del Vecchio, Domitilla

    atmospheric circulation patterns push the storms away from the eastern seaboard of the United States. When practical consequence, as hurricanes that remain offshore cause few deaths and do little damage to human- have had to be a glacial ocean similar to the seas in Earth's polar regions. Calculations of the rate

  6. Baby Lauren and the Kool-Aid First the good news. Jake, our son's first child and our third grandchild, has a baby sister. Jake

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    Hansen, James E.

    the cheapest nor most expensive system, but it received good references when we visited several installations collapsed more than 75% and seems likely to go lower. Our electric bills did decrease more than half for itself, because of the large subsidies and the fact that electric rates are going up fast (10% last year

  7. Jerry Niles with Jake Grohs of VT Engage AndreaBrunais

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    Buehrer, R. Michael

    research outlined in "Virginia Tech's big Arlington footprint" (page 6). The university's new building, have matured and are thriving at Virginia Tech as our faculty and students reach out and engage new As you read about Virginia Tech's impact on the lives of citizens of Virginia and the world, I invite you

  8. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics -AIAA Advisor: Kitts President Jake Tierney

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    Maurer,. Edwin P.

    of Computing Machinery - ACM Association of Computing Machinery - Women Association of General Secretary Josh Baculi Santa Clara Innovation & Design Club - SCID Adviser: Kitts President

  9. PHENOMENOLOGY Wireless Channel Modeling

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    Giridhar, K.

    PHENOMENOLOGY Wireless Channel Modeling Clarke's, Jakes' and modified Jakes' models Koyalkar Raman? What is channel modeling? Wireless channel modeling Modeling Fading ­ Rayleigh Clarke's, Jakes, they are short ranged, motion restricted. Channel Wired - Single Path - Motion Restricted Wireless - Multipath

  10. JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY, Dec. 2004, p. 82078212 Vol. 186, No. 24 0021-9193/04/$08.00 0 DOI: 10.1128/JB.186.24.82078212.2004

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    Matin, A.C.

    -conferred resistance is also rele- vant to controlling infectious disease on this planet. The SMG effect resembles

  11. Promoting Successful Restoration through Effective Monitoring in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

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    Gruner, Daniel S.

    Contributors: Laura Craig Catherine Febria Jake Hosen Kristin Fisheries (IGB), Brian Laub (University of Maryland) and Jerry Miller (Western and functions (e.g., nutrient cycling or

  12. Plenary Session

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    Loiudice, Berkeley Lab 9:35 AM Silver Nanoparticle Solubility Enhancement via Heuristic Optimization Jake Sadie, University of California, Berkeley 10:00 AM Refreshment Break...

  13. UBC Social Ecological Economic Development Studies (SEEDS) Student Report An Investigation into Sustainable Energy Storage Systems for Buildings

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    into Sustainable Energy Storage Systems for Buildings Jiries Al-Shomali, Jake Davis, Jianxing Niu University;1 An Investigation into Sustainable Energy Storage Systems for Buildings by Jiries Al-Shomali, Jake Davis Paterson #12;2 ABSTRACT This report documents the research that has been done on the use of Energy Storage

  14. Performance of Biofuels and Biofuel Blends

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    study (over 140 samples) to examine effects of several variables on Cloud Point (CP): Saturated Monoglyceride (SMG) Effects on Biodiesel Blend Low-Temperature Performance...

  15. MA 153 - Quiz 6 (10 minutes) Solution Statistics (out of 10): Section ...

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    MA 153 - Quiz 6 (10 minutes). Solution. Statistics (out of 10): Section. 36. 42. Average 8.12 8.78. Max. 10. 10. Min. 4. 2. 1. (5 points) Jake has 3 meters of wire,


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    ElAarag, Hala

    USING NEURAL NETWORKS FOR WEB PROXY CACHE REPLACEMENT by JAKE COBB Advisor HALA ELAARAG A senior................................................................................................... 10 4. NEURAL NETWORK PROXY CACHE REPLACEMENT .................................. 12 5. SIMULATION replacement is developed. Unlike previous approaches, this research utilizes neural networks for replacement

  17. The Fiscal Impact of Extending Marriage to Same-Sex Couples in New Mexico

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    Fitzgerald, Erin; Homer, Steven K.


    and, given the range of New Mexico State Statutes, (2006). “Jake, (2013). “How New Mexico Legalized Gay Marriage - For 82006). The Impact on New Mexico’s Budget of Allowing Same-

  18. Number Sec CRN Days Time Room Instructor Office 10800 001 ...

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    ... MWF 10:30AM-11:20AM SMTH 201 Nicholas Morris MATH G136 15300 065 .... Jake Desmond MATH 701 16500 141 42956 R 02:30PM-03:20PM UNIV 219 ...

  19. Microsoft PowerPoint - APPALACHIAN_STATE_Presentation 4 27 2015...

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    Built Environment APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY 19 April 2015 2 The App State Team Jake Smith Chris Schoonover A.J. Smith Josh Brooks Chase Ambler Brad Painting Harrison Sytz...

  20. The neural correlates of social attention: automatic orienting to social and nonsocial cues

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    Greene, Deanna J.; Mooshagian, Eric; Kaplan, Jonas T.; Zaidel, Eran; Iacoboni, Marco


    and Arrow cues Table 2 Coordinates (MNI) and peak activationSMG, supramarginal gyrus Table 3 Coordinates (MNI) and peak2009) 73:499–511 Table 4 Coordinates (MNI) and peak

  1. National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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    Guattery, Steve

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration Langley Research Center Hampton, Virginia 23681, Hampton, VA 23681­0001 (email: This research was supported by the National Aeronautics

  2. Preprint for the EWEC 2006 in Athens A Coordination Action on the

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    Paris-Sud XI, Université de

    , Wakes and Offshore Wind Gregor Giebel, Rebecca Barthelmie, Jake Badger, Risø National Laboratory Torben in the fields of short-term forecasting of wind power, offshore wind and wave resource prediction, and offshore wakes in large wind farms. The purpose of this Action is to co-ordinate the activities in these related

  3. Montana State University 1 Undergraduate Programs

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    Maxwell, Bruce D.

    ) · College of Arts and Architecture (p. 1) · Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship (p. 1/agriculture/plant-science) · Crop Science Option · Plant Biology Option · Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Food & Bioenergy Systems (http:// bioenergy

  4. Deans' List Spring 2014 Semester

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    Kathleen Isgro David Itoafa J Esha Jain Monique Jenkinson Stephen Jensen Natalie Jersak Debra Johnson K Eric Kaarstad Christopher Kaddo Salim Kaddo Mouawad Melanie Kalesse Jake Kalil Allison Kearing Kerry Maria Rocco Jennifer Roche Paige Rodack Melany Rodriguez Emily Roehl Elizabeth Rogan Jack Roger

  5. Algorithms for Identifying Protein Cross-links via Tandem Mass Spectrometry

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    Church, George M.

    Algorithms for Identifying Protein Cross-links via Tandem Mass Spectrometry Ting Chen Jake Ja e y mass spectrum. We designed fast and space-e cient algorithms for these two steps, and implemented-protein interactions and solving protein structures. We focus on new algorithms for interpretation of complex

  6. October 15, 2004 / Vol. 29, No. 20 / OPTICS LETTERS 2393 Experimental synchronization of chaos in diode lasers with

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    Sukow, David W.

    , Allison R. Spain, Katherine J. Babcock, and Jake V. Bennett Department of Physics and Engineering, close matching of such material- dependent parameters might not be accomplished with economic efficiency to the semiconductor laser is available. Furthermore, the basic bifurcation structure for the transmitter is described

  7. Research Description Darren B. Parker

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    Parker, Darren

    , the initial label of each vertex is either "on" or "off". We play the game by toggling a vertex. Each time the game when each vertex is labeled "off". Two of my students, Alexander Giffen and Jake Trochelman . For instance, suppose we label each vertex in V as either odd or even. We say that S is a parity dominating set

  8. Eos, Vol. 91, No. 1, 5 January 2010 complex in the Jemez Mountains, New Mex-

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    . Stix (2007), Multi-university Internet video-conferencing course provides novel approach to student of Earth and Planetary Sciences,Uni- versity of New Mexico,Albuquerque; and JAKE ROSS and MATT ZIMMERER,Department of Earth and Envi- ronmental Science,New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology,Socorro Directional

  9. Wireless Control of Magnetic Helical Microrobots using a Rotating-Permanent-Magnet Manipulator

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    Bamberg, Stacy Morris

    ]. Helical propulsion using magnetic fields is particularly promising for medical microrobots. HelicalWireless Control of Magnetic Helical Microrobots using a Rotating-Permanent-Magnet Manipulator Thomas W. R. Fountain, Prem V. Kailat, and Jake J. Abbott Abstract-- Magnetic helical medical microrobots

  10. Owning and Belonging: Southern Literature and the Environment, 1903-1979 

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    Beilfuss, Michael J.


    Branham fixed my computer and provided technical support free of charge. He also shares my love for Deutschland and provided an escape from literary discourse when I needed it the most. Jake Heil was an early mentor at Texas A&M and always provided a...


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    Stone, Don

    -forward to analyze and interpret as the more conventional uniaxial creep experiment, the indentation test1 ANALYSIS OF INDENTATION CREEP D.S. Stone,1,2 J.E. Jakes,2,3 J. Puthoff,2 and A.A. Elmustafa4 1 of Materials Research #12;2 ABSTRACT Finite element analysis is used to simulate cone indentation creep

  12. Report on the use of stability parameters and mesoscale

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    Report on the use of stability parameters and mesoscale modelling in short-term prediction Jake Nielsen, Henrik Madsen, John Tøfting Title: Report on the use of stability parameters and mesoscale. Mesoscale modelling has been carried out using KAMM at this location. The characteristics of the measured


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    Petta, Jason

    AN EXPLORATION INTO BATTERY CHEMISTRY IONIC FLOW, INTERCALATION AND CRYSTAL LATTICES JAKE GARCIA ALLA ZAMARAYEVA ADVISOR: DAN STEINGART #12;A PROBLEM IN SOCIETY! · The energy problem · Batteries-cost and environmentally friendly battery? #12;BACKGROUND · Different Common Battery types: Galvanic "Wet" Cell Dry Cell

  14. Behavioral/Systems/Cognitive The Inferior Parietal Lobule and Recognition Memory

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    Wagner, Anthony

    the retrieval success pattern, a larger inferior parietal lobule (IPL) region tracked the validity of the memory.Theinvalidcueingresponseoccurredevenforcorrectlyidentifiednewitemsunlikelytotriggersubstantiveepisodic retrieval. Within the IPL, although supramarginal and angular gyrus (SMG; AG) regions both demonstrated of a primary role in recollection, fMRI activation in the angular gyrus (AG) region tracks subjective reports

  15. Records Management Policy 1. Introduction

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    Daley, Monica A.

    Records Management Policy 1. Introduction 2. Definition 3. Scope of the Policy 4. Policy Statement asset and the records of the RVC are important sources of administrative, evidential and historical by the College's Senior Management Group (SMG) on 26th November 2007. It will be reviewed in September 2012

  16. Proposal for New Module Module Title: Photonic Materials

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    Molinari, Marc

    Information Academic Unit responsible for the module ORC Core/Compulsory/Optional Compulsory Programme, Dr. S. M. Ganapathy, Dr. G. Brambilla Contact (email ID);; Will the module be subject to external accreditation? No If yes, by which body

  17. Quality Assessment of Feeder Cattle and Processes Based on Available Background Information 

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    Franke, Jake


    . These results indicate beef cattle producers must manage cows and calves to facilitate effective passive transfer of immunity. Similarly, Zimmerman et al. (2006) reported that a single dose of a modified live vaccine containing BVDV administered to calves...-1 QUALITY ASSESSMENT OF FEEDER CATTLE AND PROCESSES BASED ON AVAILABLE BACKGROUND INFORMATION A Dissertation by JAKE ANDREW FRANKE Submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies of Texas A&M University in partial fulfillment...

  18. Fracture and Creep in an All-Tungsten Divertor for ARIES

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    Fracture and Creep in an All- Tungsten Divertor for ARIES Jake Blanchard University of Wisconsin by these designs Fracture Thermal creep #12;The Design #12;Major Input Parameters Parameter Value Units Surface c/a=10 Fracture Results 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 StressIntensity(MPa-m1/2) Crack Depth (mm) c

  19. HerMES: Candidate Gravitationally Lensed Galaxies and Lensing Statistics at Submillimeter Wavelengths

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    Wardlow, Julie L; De Bernardis, Francesco; Amblard, A; Arumugam, V; Aussel, H; Baker, A J; Béthermin, M; Blundell, R; Bock, J; Boselli, A; Bridge, C; Buat, V; Burgarella, D; Bussmann, R S; Calanog, J; Carpenter, J M; Casey, C M; Castro-Rodríguez, N; Cava, A; Chanial, P; Chapman, S C; Clements, D L; Conley, A; Cox, P; Dowell, C D; Dye, S; Eales, S; Farrah, D; Franceschini, A; Frayer, D T; Frazer, C; Fu, Hai; Gavazzi, R; Glenn, J; Griffin, M; Gurwell, M A; Harris, A I; Hatziminaoglou, E; Hopwood, R; Ibar, E; Ivison, R J; Kim, S; Lagache, G; Levenson, L; Marchetti, L; Marsden, G; Negrello, M; Neri, R; Nguyen, H T; O'Halloran, B; Oliver, S J; Omont, A; Page, M J; Panuzzo, P; Papageorgiou, A; Pearson, C P; Pérez-Fournon, I; Pohlen, M; Riechers, D; Rigopoulou, D; Roseboom, I G; Rowan-Robinson, M; Schulz, B; Scott, D; Scoville, N; Seymour, N; Shupe, D L; Smith, A J; Symeonidis, M; Trichas, M; Vaccari, M; Vieira, J D; Viero, M; Wang, L; Xu, C K; Yan, L; Zemcov, M


    We present a list of 13 candidate gravitationally lensed submillimeter galaxies (SMGs) from 95 square degrees of the Herschel Multi-tiered Extragalactic Survey, a surface density of 0.14\\pm0.04deg^{-2}. These sources have 500um flux densities (S_500) greater than 100mJy. Follow-up observations confirm gravitational lensing in 9 of the 13 systems (70%); the lensing status of the four remaining sources is undetermined. We also present a supplementary sample of 29 (0.31\\pm0.06deg^{-2}) gravitationally lensed SMG candidates with S_500=80--100mJy, which are expected to contain a higher fraction of interlopers than the primary candidates. The number counts of the candidate lensed galaxies are consistent with a simple statistical model of the lensing rate, which uses a foreground matter distribution, the intrinsic SMG number counts, and an assumed SMG redshift distribution. The model predicts that 43--83% of our S_500>100mJy candidates are strongly gravitationally lensed, with the brightest sources being the most ro...

  20. Gaines folio, Pennsylvania-New York 

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    Fuller, Myron L.


    , Wiseoasia for supplyiag tbs glass-liood silas ead ~ great-Calid ia partial support of this work. Hugh pstercoa, Qallas, Tease for his escouregeoeat aad support ie coaductieg this research. Jake gchru?sed gugsrlaad Iedustries 1sc ~ ~ gugarleadg Tease for... sCerags of tbe viltsd silage vere& $. 62 yor seat of ths 4ry asttor, 2. 60 per oeat ~ f cbs proceeds, 1$. 97 yor seat of tbo aitregsa free oatraec, 76. $L per oeac of tbo sugar, ead 52. 6$ per seat ef tbs esroceas. Losses ia tbs belfry silage...

  1. The politics of self-help: The Rockefeller Foundation, philanthropy and the 'long' Green Revolution

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    Nally, David; Taylor, Stephen


    to Jake Hodder, Mike Heffernan and Steve Legg for their comments. Steve Legg suggested we make one further addition; namely we made clear the ‘international geography’ of the Green Revolution i.e. it began in the US South before being applied to Mexico... that rural stagnation, if left unaddressed, could lead to the outward migration of cheap labour and ultimately culminate in XUEDQ?UHYROW??µ7KH?QRUWKZDUG?H[RGXV?RI?QHJUR?IDUPHUV?¶?ZURWH J. A. Evans (1925, 7) RI?WKH?86'$¶V?2IILFH...

  2. ALMA imaging of gas and dust in a galaxy protocluster at redshift 5.3: [C II] emission in 'typical' galaxies and dusty starbursts ?1 billion years after the big bang

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    Riechers, Dominik A.; Carilli, Christopher L.; Capak, Peter L.; Yan, Lin; Scoville, Nicholas Z.; Smol?i?, Vernesa; Schinnerer, Eva; Yun, Min; Cox, Pierre; Bertoldi, Frank; Karim, Alexander


    We report interferometric imaging of [C II]({sup 2} P {sub 3/2}?{sup 2} P {sub 1/2}) and OH({sup 2}?{sub 1/2} J = 3/2?1/2) emission toward the center of the galaxy protocluster associated with the z = 5.3 submillimeter galaxy (SMG) AzTEC-3, using the Atacama Large (sub)Millimeter Array (ALMA). We detect strong [C II], OH, and rest-frame 157.7 ?m continuum emission toward the SMG. The [C II]({sup 2} P {sub 3/2}?{sup 2} P {sub 1/2}) emission is distributed over a scale of 3.9 kpc, implying a dynamical mass of 9.7 × 10{sup 10} M {sub ?}, and a star formation rate (SFR) surface density of ?{sub SFR} = 530 M {sub ?} yr{sup –1} kpc{sup –2}. This suggests that AzTEC-3 forms stars at ?{sub SFR} approaching the Eddington limit for radiation pressure supported disks. We find that the OH emission is slightly blueshifted relative to the [C II] line, which may indicate a molecular outflow associated with the peak phase of the starburst. We also detect and dynamically resolve [C II]({sup 2} P {sub 3/2}?{sup 2} P {sub 1/2}) emission over a scale of 7.5 kpc toward a triplet of Lyman-break galaxies with moderate UV-based SFRs in the protocluster at ?95 kpc projected distance from the SMG. These galaxies are not detected in the continuum, suggesting far-infrared SFRs of <18-54 M {sub ?} yr{sup –1}, consistent with a UV-based estimate of 22 M {sub ?} yr{sup –1}. The spectral energy distribution of these galaxies is inconsistent with nearby spiral and starburst galaxies, but resembles those of dwarf galaxies. This is consistent with expectations for young starbursts without significant older stellar populations. This suggests that these galaxies are significantly metal-enriched, but not heavily dust-obscured, 'normal' star-forming galaxies at z > 5, showing that ALMA can detect the interstellar medium in 'typical' galaxies in the very early universe.

  3. High resolution transcriptome maps for wild-type and NMD mutant C. elegans through development

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    Ramani, Arun K; Nelson, Andrew C; Kapranov, Philipp; Bell, Ian; Gingeras, Thomas R; Fraser, Andrew G


    -8 S eq Ti lin g Figure S3. Structural changes in SR gene transcripts leading to NMD. Normalized probe intensities derived from N2 L4 stage animals is in blue and smg-1(r861) L4 animals in red. The top lanes correspond to the sequence data while... with our sequence data and sequence data from Hillier et al. #12;Table S7.  #7;L4.TilingRatio#7;L4.Seq.Ratio#7;YA.TilingRatio#7;YA.Seq.Ratio#7;#7;SR#7;1.67#7;1.93#7;1.44#7;1.11#7;#7;hnRNP#7;1.54#7;1.87#7;1.34#7;1.62#7;#7; Table S7. Gene intensities...

  4. The relationships between weather, mast production, and the breeding ecology of eastern wild turkeys in South Carolina

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    Carlisle, William, D.


    Carlisle, W.D. 2003. The relationship between weather, mast production, and the breeding ecology of eastern wild turkeys. MS Thesis. Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina. 41 pp. From 1998 to 2001, 134 wild turkeys were captured, including 2 recaptures. Hens were fitted with radio transmitters to monitor nesting, brooding and movement activities. Of 37 known nests, including 6 renests, overall nest success was 28%. Causes of nest failure included abandonment, depredation, and fire. Mean clutch size was 11. Mean date of nest initiation was April 9 for first nests and May 14 for renests. Mean annual poult to hen ratios were determined for 1990 to 2000 from a South Carolina Department of Natural Resources roadside survey and ranged from 0.6 to 4.0 poults per hen. Soft mast and hard mast production data were provided by D.J. Levey, Univ. of Florida. Rainfall and temperature data were collected at 12 weather stations on Savannah River Site. Notable correlations were found between hard mast production and jake weight, and June rainfall and poult to hen ratio.

  5. Karl G. Jansky very large array observations of cold dust and molecular gas in starbursting quasar host galaxies at z ? 4.5

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Wagg, J.; Carilli, C. L.; Lentati, L.; Maiolino, R.; Hills, R.; Aravena, M.; Cox, P.; McMahon, R. G.; Riechers, D.; Walter, F.; Andreani, P.; Wolfe, A.


    We present Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) observations of 44 GHz continuum and CO J = 2-1 line emission in BRI 1202–0725 at z = 4.7 (a starburst galaxy and quasar pair) and BRI 1335–0417 at z = 4.4 (also hosting a quasar). With the full 8 GHz bandwidth capabilities of the upgraded VLA, we study the (rest-frame) 250 GHz thermal dust continuum emission for the first time along with the cold molecular gas traced by the low-J CO line emission. The measured CO J = 2-1 line luminosities of BRI 1202–0725 are L{sub CO}{sup ?}=(8.7±0.8)×10{sup 10} K km s{sup –1} pc{sup 2} and L{sub CO}{sup ?}=(6.0 ± 0.5)×10{sup 10} K km s{sup –1} pc{sup 2} for the submillimeter galaxy (SMG) and quasar, respectively, which are equal to previous measurements of the CO J = 5-4 line luminosities implying thermalized line emission, and we estimate a combined cold molecular gas mass of ?9×10{sup 10} M {sub ?}. In BRI 1335–0417 we measure L{sub CO}{sup ?}=(7.3±0.6)×10{sup 10} K km s{sup –1} pc{sup 2}. We detect continuum emission in the SMG BRI 1202–0725 North (S {sub 44} {sub GHz} = 51 ± 6 ?Jy), while the quasar is detected with S {sub 44} {sub GHz} = 24 ± 6 ?Jy and in BRI 1335–0417 we measure S {sub 44} {sub GHz} = 40 ± 7 ?Jy. Combining our continuum observations with previous data at (rest-frame) far-infrared and centimeter wavelengths, we fit three-component models in order to estimate the star formation rates. This spectral energy distribution fitting suggests that the dominant contribution to the observed 44 GHz continuum is thermal dust emission, while either thermal free-free or synchrotron emission contributes less than 30%.

  6. Modeling of the HERMES J105751.1+573027 submillimeter source lensed by a dark matter dominated foreground group of galaxies

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    Gavazzi, R; Conley, A; Aguirre, J E; Amblard, A; Auld, R; Beelen, A; Blain, A; Blundell, R; Bock, J; Bradford, C M; Bridge, C; Brisbin, D; Burgarella, D; Chanial, P; Chapin, E; Christopher, N; Clements, D L; Cox, P; Djorgovski, S G; Dowell, C D; Eales, S; Earle, L; Ellsworth-Bowers, T P; Farrah, D; Franceschini, A; Fu, H; Glenn, J; Solares, E A González; Griffin, M; Gurwell, M A; Halpern, M; Ibar, E; Ivison, R J; Jarvis, M; Kamenetzky, J; Kim, S; Krips, M; Levenson, L; Lupu, R; Mahabal, A; Maloney, P D; Maraston, C; Marchetti, L; Marsden, G; Matsuhara, H; Mortier, A M J; Murphy, E; Naylor, B J; Neri, R; Nguyen, H T; Oliver, S J; Omont, A; Page, M J; Papageorgiou, A; Pearson, C P; Pérez-Fournon, I; Pohlen, M; Rangwala, N; Rawlings, J I; Raymond, G; Riechers, D; Rodighiero, G; Roseboom, I G; Rowan-Robinson, M; Schulz, B; Scott, Douglas; Scott, K S; Serra, P; Seymour, N; Shupe, D L; Smith, A J; Symeonidis, M; Tugwell, K E; Vaccari, M; Valiante, E; Valtchanov, I; Verma, A; Vieira, J D; Vigroux, L; Wang, L; Wardlow, J; Wiebe, D; Wright, G; Xu, C K; Zeimann, G; Zemcov, M; Zmuidzinas, J


    We present the results of a gravitational lensing analysis of the bright $\\zs=2.957$ sub-millimeter galaxy (SMG), HERMES J105751.1+573027 found in {\\it Herschel}/SPIRE Science Demonstration Phase data from the Herschel Multi-tiered Extragalactic Survey (HerMES) project. The high resolution imaging available in optical and Near-IR channels, along with CO emission obtained with the Plateau de Bure Interferometer, allow us to precisely estimate the intrinsic source extension and hence estimate the total lensing magnification to be $\\mu=10.9\\pm 0.7$. We measure the half-light radius $R_{\\rm eff}$ of the source in the rest-frame Near-UV and $V$ bands that characterize the unobscured light coming from stars and find $R_{\\rm eff,*}= [2.0 \\pm 0.1]$ kpc, in good agreement with recent studies on the Submillimeter Galaxy population. This lens model is also used to estimate the size of the gas distribution ($R_{\\rm eff,gas}= [1.1\\pm0.5]$) kpc by mapping back in the source plane the CO (J=5-4) transition line emission. Th...

  7. Submillimeter galaxies as progenitors of compact quiescent galaxies

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Toft, S.; Zirm, A.; Krogager, J.-K.; Man, A. W. S.; Smol?i?, V.; Krpan, J.; Magnelli, B.; Karim, A.; Michalowski, M.; Capak, P.; Sheth, K.; Schawinski, K.; Wuyts, S.; Lutz, D.; Staguhn, J.; Berta, S.; Sanders, D.; Mccracken, H.; Riechers, D.


    Three billion years after the big bang (at redshift z = 2), half of the most massive galaxies were already old, quiescent systems with little to no residual star formation and extremely compact with stellar mass densities at least an order of magnitude larger than in low-redshift ellipticals, their descendants. Little is known about how they formed, but their evolved, dense stellar populations suggest formation within intense, compact starbursts 1-2 Gyr earlier (at 3 < z < 6). Simulations show that gas-rich major mergers can give rise to such starbursts, which produce dense remnants. Submillimeter-selected galaxies (SMGs) are prime examples of intense, gas-rich starbursts. With a new, representative spectroscopic sample of compact, quiescent galaxies at z = 2 and a statistically well-understood sample of SMGs, we show that z = 3-6 SMGs are consistent with being the progenitors of z = 2 quiescent galaxies, matching their formation redshifts and their distributions of sizes, stellar masses, and internal velocities. Assuming an evolutionary connection, their space densities also match if the mean duty cycle of SMG starbursts is 42{sub ?29}{sup +40} Myr (consistent with independent estimates), which indicates that the bulk of stars in these massive galaxies were formed in a major, early surge of star formation. These results suggest a coherent picture of the formation history of the most massive galaxies in the universe, from their initial burst of violent star formation through their appearance as high stellar-density galaxy cores and to their ultimate fate as giant ellipticals.

  8. Concordant plutonium-241-americium-241 dating of environmental samples: results from forest fire ash

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Goldstein, Steven J; Oldham, Warren J; Murrell, Michael T; Katzman, Danny


    We have measured the Pu, {sup 237}Np, {sup 241}Am, and {sup 151}Sm isotopic systematics for a set of forest fire ash samples from various locations in the western U.S. including Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and New Mexico. The goal of this study is to develop a concordant {sup 241}Pu (t{sub 1/2} = 14.4 y)-{sup 241}Am dating method for environmental collections. Environmental samples often contain mixtures of components including global fallout. There are a number of approaches for subtracting the global fallout component for such samples. One approach is to use {sup 242}/{sup 239}Pu as a normalizing isotope ratio in a three-isotope plot, where this ratio for the nonglobal fallout component can be estimated or assumed to be small. This study investigates a new, complementary method of normalization using the long-lived fission product, {sup 151}Sm (t{sub 1/2} = 90 y). We find that forest fire ash concentrates actinides and fission products with {approx}1E10 atoms {sup 239}Pu/g and {approx}1E8 atoms {sup 151}Sm/g, allowing us to measure these nuclides by mass spectrometric (MIC-TIMS) and radiometric (liquid scintillation counting) methods. The forest fire ash samples are characterized by a western U.S. regional isotopic signature representing varying mixtures of global fallout with a local component from atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons at the Nevada Test Site (NTS). Our results also show that {sup 151}Sm is well correlated with the Pu nuclides in the forest fire ash, suggesting that these nuclides have similar geochemical behavior in the environment. Results of this correlation indicate that the {sup 151}Sm/{sup 239}Pu atom ratio for global fallout is {approx}0.164, in agreement with an independent estimate of 0.165 based on {sup 137}Cs fission yields for atmospheric weapons tests at the NTS. {sup 241}Pu-{sup 241}Am dating of the non-global fallout component in the forest fire ash samples yield ages in the late 1950's-early 1960's, consistent with a peak in NTS weapons testing at that time. The age results for this component are in agreement using both {sup 242}Pu and {sup 151}Sm normalizations, although the errors for the {sup 151}Sm correction are currently larger due to the greater uncertainty of their measurements. Additional efforts to develop a concordant {sup 241}Pu-{sup 241}Am dating method for environmental collections are underway with emphasis on soil cores.