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MARINE PALEOENVIRONMENTS OF MIOCENE­PLIOCENE FORMATIONS OF NORTH-CENTRAL FALCO´ N STATE, VENEZUELA Venezuela, were used in determinations of the marine paleoenvironments of the Urumaco, Codore, Caujarao, La sequences of Falco´n are compared to other formations of Venezuela and Colombia with similar

Bermingham, Eldredge


PBDEs, PCBs, and DDE in eggs and their impacts on aplomado falcons (Falco femoralis) from Chihuahua and Veracruz, Mexico  

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Eggs from aplomado falcons (Falco femoralis septentrionalis) nesting in Chihuahua and Veracruz, Mexico, were analyzed for organochlorine pesticides, PCBs, and PBDEs. p,p?-DDE was the only organochlorine found in all eggs at concentrations ranging from 0.13 to 7.85?g/g wet weight. \\{PCBs\\} ranged from 0.04 to 2.80?g/g wet weight and \\{PBDEs\\} from 62 to 798ng/g lipid weight. DDE concentrations in eggs were not significantly different among regions; however, \\{PCBs\\} were significantly greater (P=0.015) in Tinaja Verde, Chihuahua than in the other three regions. Also, \\{PBDEs\\} were significantly higher (PChihuahua. DDE concentrations in eggs were much lower than those associated with eggshell thinning. \\{PBDEs\\} and \\{PCBs\\} were lower than those reported in raptors from industrialized countries. Overall, contaminant concentrations observed suggest no likely impact on hatching success. The PBDE concentrations are among the first to be reported in raptor species in Mexico.

M.A. Mora; C. Baxter; J.L. Sericano; A.B. Montoya; J.C. Gallardo; J.R. Rodrguez-Salazar



Breaking news: Biological control agent for Thaumastocoris peregrinus to be released in South Africa  

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milestone in terms of ensuring sustainable plantation forestry in South Africa was safe to release in South Africa as a biological control agent. The release strategy for C. noackae in South Africa must still be finalized. But


Joseph Falco, MD MPH Manager, Occupational Medicine Clinic  

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& Health (NIOSH) estimates claimant's total workplace radiation dose and the probability that this dose highest estimate supported by the medical literature as to the potency of a given dose of radiation, the program gives the benefit of the doubt to the claimant - Where gaps exist in radiation dose data

Homes, Christopher C.


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and Lincer ... Source: Bortolotti, Gary R. - Department of Biology, University of Saskatchewan Collection: Environmental Sciences and Ecology 8 Journal of Toxicology and...


Thyroid Hormone Suppression and Cell-Mediated Immunomodulation in American Kestrels (Falco sparverius) Exposed to PCBs  

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in avian (Fairbrother 1994; Smits and Bortolotti 2001) and mammalian species (Poland and Knutson 1982; Ross

Bortolotti, Gary R.


Author's personal copy Immunological development in nestling American kestrels Falco sparverius  

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of quality and fitness (Fairbrother et al., 2004; Grasman, 2002; Norris and Evans, 2000; Fairbrother

Bortolotti, Gary R.


Accidental Hospital Deaths  

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appropriately (Comninel, Hospitals must adopt a standardBhat. Falco, M. (2010). Hospital-acquired infections lead toBills That Aim to Reduce Hospital Infections. California

Bhat, Prashant



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Captive American kestrels (Falco sparverius) were bred for one... . EMF exposure affected reproductive success of kestrels, increasing fertility, egg size, embryonic Source:...


A morphological comparison of the eyes of some falconiform and passeriform birds with special reference to: Passer domesticus, Mimus polyglottos, Sturnella magna, Falco sparverius, Cathartes aura, and Buteo jamaicensis  

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c~ g, pe vhilc in g, gggg@fgg, sad g, ~ it is inter@edicts f eeo Plate II ) ihe eyes of the havhs esca to shiv e relatively longer eye then tlat other fo. u species vhioh exhihit s tondencgr tousrd flattening in an, enters posterior divest... c~ g, pe vhilc in g, gggg@fgg, sad g, ~ it is inter@edicts f eeo Plate II ) ihe eyes of the havhs esca to shiv e relatively longer eye then tlat other fo. u species vhioh exhihit s tondencgr tousrd flattening in an, enters posterior divest...

Lord, Rexford D



TrekISM Issue 11  

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successful in eradicating this affliction. The following Starho(l)tsnl'l.vebeen perpetrated by one of our newer members I Mike Koenigsberg (P.O.Box 272, Hibbing, MN 55746) * What is the Horta's favorite occupation? ??Hortaculture, naturally. *Wha t is a...'s in diameter (AU=Astronomical unit the distance from E~th t~_the su~) 10=Chief DiFalco l~=wh~n Kirk m~es an entry in the' Captain's Log 12= Kirk 13-a securJ.ty guard 14=a commumcatJ.ons stahon 15-,Kirk, "Thataway" 16=Chief DiFalco 17: McCoy ~8=ma...



The radial velocity profile of the filament galaxies in the vicinity of the Virgo cluster as a test of gravity  

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The radial velocities of the galaxies in the vicinity of a massive cluster shows deviation from the pure Hubble flow due to their gravitational interaction with the cluster. According to a recent study of Falco et al. with a high-resolution N-body simulation based on General Relativity (GR), the radial velocity profile of the galaxies located at distances larger than three times the virial radius of a neighbour cluster has a universal shape and could be reconstructed from direct observables provided that the galaxies are distributed along one dimensional filament. Analyzing the narrow filamentary structure identified by Kim et al. in the vicinity of the Virgo cluster from the NASA-Sloan-Atlas catalog, we reconstruct the radial velocity profile of the Virgo filament galaxies and compare it with the universal formula derived by Falco et al. It is found that unless the virial mass of the Virgo cluster exceeds $10^{15}\\,h^{-1}M_{\\odot}$ the universal formula fails to describe the reconstructed radial velocity pro...

Lee, Jounghun; Rey, Soo-Chang



Contact Info | Occupational Medicine Clinic  

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Occupational Medicine Clinic Occupational Medicine Clinic Promoting optimal physical and emotional health through quality care that is convenient, confidential & individualized. Home Health Promotion Program Employee Assistance Program Contact Contact Info Occupational Medicine Joseph Falco, M.D. 344-3666 OMC Manager/Supervising Physician Staff Physicians Carol Davis, D.O. 344-3667 Board Certified - Occupational Medicine Eva Erens, M.D. 344-3668 Board Certified - Internal Medicine Jaishree Subramani, M.D. MPH 344-3669 Board Certified - Internal Medicine Health Promotion Program Michael Thorn, RN, MBA 344-8612 Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Program Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Nancy Losinno, LCSW, CEAP 344-4567 EAP Manager Linda DiPierro 344-2733 Senior Occupational Medicine Assistant


Potential highwall use by raptors in coal mine reclamation  

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In 1982, Western Energy Company`s Rosebud Mine, located in southeastern Montana, received legal exception, {open_quotes}a first{close_quotes} in Montana to leave a standing mine highwall extending a native bluff. This bluff extension stands 110 feet high and 900 feet long. Normally, all highwalls by law are reduced to a 5:1 slope. This legal exception was accomplished with the support of several governmental agencies and was justified on the highwalls potential value for raptors. Enhancement measures undertaken on the highwall included the construction of three artificial eryies and the release of young prairie falcons (Falco mexicanus) employing hacking methods of the Peregrine Fund. The hack is now in its fourth year with a total of 46 young falcons having been released. Opportunities exist for creating a more diverse habitat for raptors and other cliff obligate species on reclaimed mine lands in the west. It is believed that this practical approach should be explored.

Waage, B. [Western Energy Co., Colstrip, MT (United States)



Quantum-corrected drift-diffusion models: Solution fixed point map and finite element approximation  

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This article deals with the analysis of the functional iteration, denoted Generalized Gummel Map (GGM), proposed in [C. de Falco, A.L. Lacaita, E. Gatti, R. Sacco, Quantum-Corrected Drift-Diffusion Models for Transport in Semiconductor Devices, J. Comp. Phys. 204 (2) (2005) 533-561] for the decoupled solution of the Quantum Drift-Diffusion (QDD) model. The solution of the problem is characterized as being a fixed point of the GGM, which permits the establishment of a close link between the theoretical existence analysis and the implementation of a numerical tool, which was lacking in previous non-constructive proofs [N.B. Abdallah, A. Unterreiter, On the stationary quantum drift-diffusion model, Z. Angew. Math. Phys. 49 (1998) 251-275, R. Pinnau, A. Unterreiter, The stationary current-voltage characteristics of the quantum drift-diffusion model, SIAM J. Numer. Anal. 37 (1) (1999) 211-245]. The finite element approximation of the GGM is illustrated, and the main properties of the numerical fixed point map (discrete maximum principle and order of convergence) are discussed. Numerical results on realistic nanoscale devices are included to support the theoretical conclusions.

Falco, Carlo de [School of Mathematical Sciences, Dublin City University, Glasnevin, Dublin 9 (Ireland); Jerome, Joseph W. [Department of Mathematics, Northwestern University, 2033 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60208-2730 (United States); Sacco, Riccardo [Dipartimento di Matematica 'F.Brioschi', Politecnico di Milano, via Bonardi 9, 20133 Milano (Italy)], E-mail: riccardo.sacco@polimi.it



Emission-Line Galaxy Surveys as Probes of the Spatial Distribution of Dwarf Galaxies. I. The University of Michigan Survey  

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Objective-prism surveys which select galaxies on the basis of line-emission are extremely effective at detecting low-luminosity galaxies and constitute some of the deepest available samples of dwarfs. In this study, we confirm that emission-line galaxies (ELGs) in the University of Michigan (UM) objective-prism survey (MacAlpine et al. 1977-1981) are reliable tracers of large-scale structure, and utilize the depth of the samples to examine the spatial distribution of low-luminosity (M$_{B} > $ -18.0) dwarfs relative to higher luminosity giant galaxies (M$_{B} \\leq$ -18.0) in the Updated Zwicky Catalogue (Falco et al. 1999). New spectroscopic data are presented for 26 UM survey objects. We analyze the relative clustering properties of the overall starbursting ELG and normal galaxy populations, using nearest neighbor and correlation function statistics. This allows us to determine whether the activity in ELGs is primarily caused by gravitational interactions. We conclude that galaxy-galaxy encounters are not the sole cause of activity in ELGs since ELGs tend to be more isolated and are more often found in the voids when compared to their normal galaxy counterparts. Furthermore, statistical analyses performed on low-luminosity dwarf ELGs show that the dwarfs are less clustered when compared to their non-active giant neighbors. The UM dwarf samples have greater percentages of nearest neighbor separations at large values and lower correlation function amplitudes relative to the UZC giant galaxy samples. These results are consistent with the expectations of galaxy biasing.

Janice C. Lee; John J. Salzer; Jessica Rosenberg; Daniel Law