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Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update (EIA)

Renewable Energy/Alternate Fuels Data Experts Renewable Energy/Alternate Fuels Data Experts Fax: (202) 586-3045 Alternative-Fueled Vehicle Suppliers & Users Cynthia Amezcua 202-586-1658 cynthia.amezcua@eia.gov Biodiesel Production Chris Buckner 202-586-6670 chris.buckner@eia.gov Biofuels Resources Anthony Radich 202-586-0504 anthony.radich@eia.gov Biomass: Land Fill Gas Ron Hankey 202-586-2630 ronald.hankey@eia.gov Biomass: Municipal Solid Waste Chris Cassar 202-586-5448 chris.cassar@eia.gov Geothermal Fred Mayes 202-586-1508 fred.mayes@eia.gov Geothermal Heat Pump Peter Wong 202-586-7574 peter.wong@eia.gov Hydroelectric (Conventional) Tyson Brown 202-586-3672 michael.brown@eia.gov Solar Technology (Thermal, Photovoltaic (PV), Commercial Buildings PV, Residential Solar) Peter Wong Suparna Ray 202-586-7574