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    Information Administration (EIA) Coal Data Contacts Fax: 202-287-1944 Annual Distribution Sundar Thapa 202-586-3836 Annual Production JenAlyse Arena 202-586-4866 Coal Reserves JenAlyse Arena 202-586-4866 Coal Transportation (Rates, Trends, Analysis) Vlad Dorjets 202-586-3141 Coke Plants Brian Park 202-586-5661 Manufacturing Plants and Commercial and Institutional Users: Consumption,

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    Wirman 202-586-5356 Solar: Utility Scale Photovoltaic Suparna Ray 202-586-5077 Solar Distributed Generation Marc Harnish 202-586-5309 ...

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    7, 2013 MEMORANDUM TO: John Conti Assistant Administrator for Energy Analysis Alan Beamon Director, Office of Electricity, Coal, Nuclear, and Renewables Analysis FROM: Coal and Uranium Analysis Team SUBJECT: AEO2014 Coal Working Group Meeting II Summary Attendees (31) Name Affiliation Greg Adams (Moderator) US DOE: EIA Vlad Dorjets Bob Eynon Elias Johnson (W) Ayaka Jones Diane Kearney Jim Diefenderfer Mike Mellish Carrie Milton Sikander Khan US DOE: FE/HQ Ehsan Khan US DOE: FE/HQ Jose Benitez US