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  1. Dealing with data from West Nilotic languages

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    Remijsen, Bert


    Since 2005, the author has been involved in several projects aimed at investigating and documenting the Western Nilotic languages Dinka and Shilluk. Over the years he has come to distinguish primarily between two types of data, a distinction which...

  2. Understanding in Philosophical Anthropology

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    Hanson, Allen F.


    Pritchard. 1937: 476). Y vi lj, lt 7~ : s f l vi , . wit ' wit apoasi ~ O' , of 1fi d , t, . ri t . wit , , f b - 6z In his book on the Azande Evans-Pritchard takes the position that Zande notions apout.../Ylt with our second Western postulate we find a sharp differenoe. Africans do not think that these forces act with mechanioal regularity, Many ,of them are thought to have volition, . as is seen in the Dinka idea that Divinity mayor may no,t respond to a...