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Installation of reactive metals groundwater collection and treatment systems  

SciTech Connect

Three groundwater plumes contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and radionuclides at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site are scheduled for remediation by 1999 based on the Rocky Flats Cleanup Agreement (RFCA) (DOE, 1996). These three plumes are among the top 20 environmental cleanup sites at Rocky Flats. One of these plumes, the Mound Site Plume, is derived from a previous drum storage area, and daylights as seeps near the South Walnut Creek drainage. Final design for remediation of the Mound Site Plume has been completed based on use of reactive metals to treat the contaminated groundwater, and construction is scheduled for early 1998. The two other plumes, the 903 Pad/Ryan`s Pit and the East Trenches Plumes, are derived from VOCs either from drums that leaked or that were disposed of in trenches. These two plumes are undergoing characterization and conceptual design in 1998 and construction is scheduled in 1999. The contaminants of concern in these plumes are tetrachloroethene, trichloroethene, carbon tetrachloride and low levels of uranium and americium.

Hopkins, J.K.; Primrose, A.L. [Rocky Mountain Remediation Services, LLC, Golden, CO (United States). Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site; Vogan, J. [EnviroMetal Technologies, Inc., Guelph, Ontario (Canada); Uhland, J. [Kaiser-Hill, LLC, Golden, CO (United States). Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site



Tests to determine effect of humidity on high-efficiency filters when installed horizontally  

SciTech Connect

The object of tests is to determine effect of high-humidity air on the physical characteristics of filter media and separators when the filter is mounted in the horizontal position. Usual installation is with the filter mounted vertically.

Palmer, J.H.



Model for determining modular heat recovery incinerator feasibility on air force installations. Master's thesis  

Science Conference Proceedings (OSTI)

This study constructed a model to determine the feasibility of building municipal solid waste (MSW) fired modular heat recovery incinerators (HRIs) on Air Force installations. The model consisted of three gates. Gate one identified current federal regulatory air emission requirements for various HRI pollutants. It also specified two air pollution control configurations with emission reduction efficiencies capable of achieving these requirements. Gate two presented a life-cycle cost (LCC) economic analysis methodology. Operational and cost data for existing modular HRIs located in the United States facilitated the development of regression equations that estimate capital and annual operating costs for a modular HRI. Actual cost and operational information from a central heating plant at Wright-Patterson AFB, along with cost data from the regression equations, provided the basis for an example LCC analysis involving modular HRIs Results of this hypothetical evaluation showed that the LCC for the modular HRI alternatives were both less than the LCC of replacing the existing boiler. Gate three presented a Likert-scale survey to evaluate the sociopolitical acceptability of the proposed HRI. The survey results indicate the level of effort to process the HRI proposal in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act. Heat recovery, Incinerators, Waste management, Waste treatment.

Anderson, A.H.; Munnell, P.R.



Method and apparatus for determining weldability of thin sheet metal  

DOE Patents (OSTI)

A fixture is provided for testing thin sheet metal specimens to evaluate hot-cracking sensitivity for determining metal weldability on a heat-to-heat basis or through varying welding parameters. A test specimen is stressed in a first direction with a load selectively adjustable over a wide range and then a weldment is passed along over the specimen in a direction transverse to the direction of strain to evaluate the hot-cracking characteristics of the sheet metal which are indicative of the weldability of the metal. The fixture provides evaluations of hot-cracking sensitivity for determining metal weldability in a highly reproducible manner with minimum human error.

Goodwin, Gene M. (Lenoir City, TN); Hudson, Joseph D. (Knoxville, TN)



CX-005606: Categorical Exclusion Determination | Department of...  

Energy.gov (U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)) Indexed Site

CX-005606: Categorical Exclusion Determination Install Metal Jacketing, Insulation, and Safety Labels CX(s) Applied: B1.5 Date: 04122011 Location(s): Morgantown,...


CX-001586: Categorical Exclusion Determination | Department of...  

Energy.gov (U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)) Indexed Site

CX-001586: Categorical Exclusion Determination Install Metal Jacketing, Insulation, and Safety Labels CX(s) Applied: B1.4 Date: 04152010 Location(s): Morgantown,...


Lightning and Surge Protection of Photovoltaic Installations  

Science Conference Proceedings (OSTI)

... installed at the site, for safety, surge protection ... the cells were described as "melted near the metallic ... horizontal distance from the nearest air terminal ...



Military installations  

Science Conference Proceedings (OSTI)

This report has reviewed the use of U.S. coal at DOD installations in West Germany. DOD reported that between April 1, 1988, and December 31, 1988, it had between 306,000 and 419,000 tons of U.S. coal stored in Germany. About two-thirds of that was anthracite coal. GAO visited six coal-handling locations that accounted for 72 to 79 percent of the total U.S. coal between April and December 1988. This report could not verify the official inventory records at five locations - two Air Force and three Army - for several reasons, including a lack of required physical inventories of coal for recent years. DOD's coal consumption data for fiscal year 1988 appeared to be accurate since it matched the data reported on source documents maintained at the installations and their commands. According to reported DOD coal inventory and consumption data, as of September 30, 1988, DOD had enough anthracite coal on hand to satisfy projected demands through at least fiscal year 1993, given that no additional heating plant conversions other than those already approved occur and no additional shipments of coal occur. DOD said that as of September 30, 1988, it facilities in Germany had enough anthracite coal on hand to last a minimum of five years.

Not Available




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TRACE METAL CONTENT OF COAL AND ASH AS DETERMINED USING SCANNINGELECTRON MICROSCOPYWITE WAVELENGTH Grand Forks, ND 58202-9018 Keywords: scanning electron microscopy, trace metals, coal analysis ABSTRACT Scanningelectron microscopy with wavelength-dispersive spectrometry has been used to measure trace metals in coal

Laughlin, Robert B.


Trace Metals Determination in Flue Gas Desulfurization Water  

Science Conference Proceedings (OSTI)

Flue gas desulfurization (FGD) scrubbers are used on coal-fired power plants to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions to air. While effective for this purpose, wet FGD scrubbers produce an aqueous blowdown stream that contains trace levels of metals adsorbed from flue gas. Power plant owners need to measure concentrations of these metals for purposes of process control, discharge monitoring, or design and operation of wastewater treatment systems. FGD water has proven to be a very difficult matrix to analyze a...



Determination of the toxicity characteristic for metals in soil: A comparison of the toxicity characteristic leaching procedure and total metal determination  

Science Conference Proceedings (OSTI)

A comparison is made of the concentrations of metals extracted from soils using the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) and a total determination method. This information is of interest in two ways. First, it is hoped that a relationship might be established between the amount of each metal determined after extraction by the TCLP and the amount determined using a total determination method. And second, data are also presented which indicate the general extractability of various metals in soil samples using the TCLP. This study looks specifically at inorganic elements (Sb, As, Ba, Cd, Cu, Cr, Pb, Mg, Hg, Se, Ag, Sn, and Zn) in soils from a firing range. Results show that total determination methods for metals can not generally be used for heterogeneous samples, such as soil samples from a firing range. Some correlation between a total determination method and TCLP was observed when Ba and Cd were present in the samples at lower concentrations (less than 80 mg/kg for Ba and less than 25 mg/kg for Cd); however, additional data are necessary to verify this correlation.

Bass, D.A.; Taylor, J.D.



PETSc: Documentation: Installation  

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Installation Home Download Features Documentation Manual pages and Users Manual Citing PETSc Tutorials Installation AMS Changes Bug Reporting Code Management FAQ License Linear...


NIST Net installation instructions  

Science Conference Proceedings (OSTI)

... Xaw3d, and neXtaw; Build and install the nistnet module, API library, and user interface make make install; Try things out ...



Active Interrogation Observables for Enrichment Determination of DU Shielded HEU Metal Assemblies with Limited Geometrical Information  

SciTech Connect

Determining the enrichment of highly enriched uranium (HEU) metal assemblies shielded by depleted uranium (DU) proves a unique challenge to currently employed measurement techniques. Efforts to match time-correlated neutron distributions obtained through active interrogation to Monte Carlo simulations of the assemblies have shown promising results, given that the exact geometries of both the HEU metal assemblies and DU shields are known from imaging and fission site mapping. In certain situations, however, it is desirable to obtain enrichment with limited or no geometrical information of the assemblies being measured. This paper explores the possibility that the utilization of observables in the interrogation of assemblies by time-tagged D-T neutrons, including time-correlated distribution of neutrons and gammas using liquid scintillators operating on the fission chain time scale, can lead to enrichment determination without a complete set of geometrical information.

Pena, Kirsten E [ORNL; McConchie, Seth M [ORNL; Crye, Jason Michael [ORNL; Mihalczo, John T [ORNL



Glovebox enclosed dc plasma source for the determination of metals in plutonium  

Science Conference Proceedings (OSTI)

The direct current plasma source of a Beckman Spectraspan IIIB emission spectrometer was enclosed in a glovebox at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in December 1982. Since that time, the system has been used for the routine determination of alloy and impurity metals in plutonium. This paper presents the systematic steps involved in developing the glovebox and gives information regarding performance of the plasma in the glovebox and the effectiveness of containment of plutonium. 8 refs., 9 figs., 3 tabs.

Morris, W.F.



Reflectivity software installation  

Science Conference Proceedings (OSTI)

... First download and unpack the reflectometry source tree. You may need to build and install Tcl/Tk, BLT, TkTable, BWidget and TkCon. ...


HVAC Installed Performance  

Energy.gov (U.S. Department of Energy (DOE))

This presentation was given at the Summer 2012 DOE Building America meeting on July 25, 2012, and addressed the question HVAC proper installation energy savings: over-promising or under-delivering?"


HVAC Installed Performance  

Energy.gov (U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)) Indexed Site

HVAC Installed Performance HVAC Installed Performance ESI, Tim Hanes Context * The building envelope has historically been the focus in residential homes. * The largest consumer of energy in residential homes is typically the HVAC system. * Testing the performance of the HVAC system has not been pursued to its full potential. Technical Approach * Currently very little performance testing is being done to the HVAC system. * The only way to know if a HVAC system is operating correctly is to measure the Btu/h. * This should be done at the equipment and at the the system. Recommended Guidance * Training of HVAC technicians, installers, and salespeople is a must. * If only the technician is trained than implementing the change will not happen. * Public awareness of proper installation and its


Curating performance installations  

Science Conference Proceedings (OSTI)

In this paper we will examine the use of the digital screen display as a primary form of accessing information within the museum context. We will argue that this mode of dissemination, achieved primarily through a Graphic User Interface (GUI) though ... Keywords: GUI, becoming, being, content, dissemination, exhibition, experience, form, information, installation, interactivity, interpretation, materiality, museum, nothing, objecthood, performance, performative, re-enactment, screen, technology, trajectory

Daniel Felstead; Kate Bailey



Low pressure turbine installation  

SciTech Connect

Low-pressure turbine installation is described comprising a casing, at least two groups of turbine stages mounted in said casing, each turbine stage having blades so arranged that a flow of steam passes through the respective turbine stages in contraflow manner, partition means in said casing for separating the opposed final stages of said turbine stages from each other, and steam exhausting means opened in the side walls of said casing in a direction substantially perpendicular to the axis of said turbine, said steam exhausting means being connected to condensers.

Iizuka, N.; Hisano, K.; Ninomiya, S.; Otawara, Y.


Note: This page contains sample records for the topic "determination install metal" from the National Library of EnergyBeta (NLEBeta).
While these samples are representative of the content of NLEBeta,
they are not comprehensive nor are they the most current set.
We encourage you to perform a real-time search of NLEBeta
to obtain the most current and comprehensive results.


Installation Restoration Program (IRP) site investigation for IRP site number 1. 101st ACS, Worcester ANGs. Volume 1  

SciTech Connect

A Site Investigation (SI) was conducted at the Old Embankment/Vicinity of the old Waste Holding Area at Installation Restoration Program (IRP) Site No. 1 located at the 101 st Air Control Squadron (ACS) and the 212th Engineering Installation Squadron (EIS), Massachusetts Air National Guard (MASS ANG), Worcestor, MA. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) concentrations detected did not exceed Massachusetts Soil Standards and PCBs were not detected. However, semivolatile organic compound, metals, and petroleum hydrocarbons were detected above reportable concentrations. Additional background sampling and a Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study (RI/FS) were recommended to determine the nature and extent of contamination.



Windows Installation Notes for EXPGUI  

Science Conference Proceedings (OSTI)

... These notes describe how GSAS & EXPGUI are installed using separate distribution files for GSAS, EXPGUI and Tcl/Tk. ...


CX-004840: Categorical Exclusion Determination | Department of Energy  

Energy.gov (U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)) Indexed Site

0: Categorical Exclusion Determination 0: Categorical Exclusion Determination CX-004840: Categorical Exclusion Determination MetalZorb Best Management Practice for Storm Water Outfall K-02 CX(s) Applied: B1.8 Date: 12/13/2010 Location(s): Aiken, South Carolina Office(s): Savannah River Operations Office This proposed activity will install MetalZorb, which is a high ion absorption media used to capture dissolved metals which are then held in the media so they won't leach out. MetalZorb is contained in a cube-sized, sponge-like material, that will be filled into mesh booms, and installed in the Outfall K-02 drainage ditches. DOCUMENT(S) AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD CX-004840.pdf More Documents & Publications CX-002207: Categorical Exclusion Determination CX-000820: Categorical Exclusion Determination



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??The determination of the enrichment of uranium is required in many safeguards and security applications. Typical methods to determine the enrichment rely on detecting the… (more)

Crye, Jason Michael



HTAR Client Configuration and Installation  

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Configuration and Installation Configuration and Installation HTAR Configuration and Installation HTAR is an archival utility similar to gnu-tar that allows for the archiving and extraction of local files into and out of HPSS. Configuration Instructions This distribution has default configuration settings which will work for most environments. If you want to use the default values (recommended) you can skip to the section labeled INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. In certain environments, for example if your installation is on a machine which has more than one network interface, you may want to change some of these default settings. To help with this, an interactive Configure script is provided. To use it do $ ./Configure prior to installing. Configure will provide a description of the options


Guidelines for solar energy installations  

SciTech Connect

Guidelines for solar energy installations are presented. The guideline is published in code form so that it can be used directly as the text of an ordinance to regulate the installation of solar systems. An index contains cross references to sections of existing model codes that are applicable to solar installations. Wind energy systems, passive solar space conditioning systems, photovoltaic systems, and systems involving mechanical compression of refrigerants are not included.



ASHRAE Installs New Officers, Directors DENVER ASHRAE has installed  

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ASHRAE Installs New Officers, Directors DENVER ­ ASHRAE has installed new officers and directors for 2013-14 at its Annual Meeting held here June 22-26. The ASHRAE Presidential Address is viewable on You is William P. "Bill" Bahnfleth, Ph.D., P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, ASME Fellow, a professor of Architectural

Maroncelli, Mark


WebCAT: Installation Instructions for Windows  

Science Conference Proceedings (OSTI)

... WebCAT. Note: Windows ME does not ship with a webserver; Apache can be installed. Download and Install, Download ...


Task analysis for solar installers  

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The process focused on the sequential identification and field validation of the tasks actually performed. This method provides an accurate picture of what happens on the roof. Forty-six solar firms were identified as the population; 29 (63%) participated in the validation project. We identified 8 duty areas and 46 tasks. The overall response rate for the occupational task list is 100% except for tasks under the duty of constructing solar collectors. Only eight of the twenty-nine respondents (28%) indicated that solar installers fabricate collectors. This shows that solar installers do not manufacture collectors and only perform tasks directly related to installation. Additional findings from our study indicate that instructional materials designed for solar installers need to be standardized and made task-specific. The tasks identified in this research should form the foundation for a competency-based curriculum for solar water heater installers.

Harrison, J.; LaHart, D.



Determining the Behavior of RuO(x) Nanoparticles in Mixed-Metal Oxides:  

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Mechanism of Ethanol Synthesis from Syngas on Rh(111) Understanding of Mechanism of Ethanol Synthesis from Syngas on Rh(111) Understanding of ethanol decomposition on Rh(1 1 1) from density functional theory and kinetic Monte Carlo simulations Theoretical perspective of alcohol decomposition and synthesis from CO2 hydrogenation