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Cato, Wisconsin: Energy Resources | Open Energy Information  

Open Energy Info (EERE)

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Arthur Heights Baldwin City  

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Carona Castleton Catherine Cato Cedar Centropolis Chanute Chapman Chardon Charleston Cheney Cherokee


Wickerhamomyces arborarius f.a., sp. nov., an ascomycetous yeast species found in arboreal  

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), Centro Neotropical para Investigacio´n de la Biomasa, Pontificia Universidad Cato´lica del Ecuador

Harrington, Thomas C.


Children's physical activity and parents' perception of the neighborhood environment: neighborhood impact on kids study  

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parents in Seattle/King County, WA and San Diego County, CA.to participate, and in Seattle/King County, 372 consented (

Tappe, Karyn A; Glanz, Karen; Sallis, James F; Zhou, Chuan; Saelens, Brian E



Decentralization and Environmental Quality: An International Analysis of Water Pollution  

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D. Political institutions and pollution control, Review ofAccounting Of?ce. Water Pollution: Differences in IssuingReal Story of the War on Air Pollution. Washington, DC: Cato

Sigman, Hilary



General introduction, discussion and conclusions Chapter 1  

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in the Dutch context is available on the website of CATO, the Dutch research program on carbon dioxide capture this thesis is "the largescale implementation of a novel technology of carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) in the Netherlands". In short, CCS involves the capture of carbon dioxide in power

van den Brink, Jeroen


Here is the list of names of people from the class of 1982 for whom we have no contact details. We are aware that sadly some of these people will no longer be alive, but we have not yet had this confirmed. We would be grateful if  

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Van Barthold Pascale Bigley Sian Birch Gillian Ruth Blake Suzanne Janet Carne Kamjin Chan Richard Lesley Williamson Gary Michael Willrad A T Wilson June Anne Wright Parvin Yavari Karen Joy Young #12 Ancient History and Classical Civilisation Paul Gregory Ayres Kim Blake David Neil Cato Kathryn Mary Cole

Li, Yi


Tests for tissue residues of hormone-like substances fed for improvement of weight gains and market quality of poultry  

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(~as~ lg~&g J. "n~"~ lgh2). Infect af khiaarccil~ o ~ e ' . "ra~~ en . m'. at 4g cnd ~citron of Wturc geo~ Carcce . ". . zLt ~Ai s The fcedin? of dicnestrol Qccoteta h~ t e lity of cat~o raasters (Tc&lo 3). 2his irprav~t of ~mt ~~" i. =s ~parent...

Lane, Richard P



Managing the earth's resources for today  

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involving TU Delft, Shell and TNO. This project was established for the purpose of boosting oil production by improving the flow of oil and water in oil reservoirs. TU Delft is also a participant in CATO, a consortium description and drilling techniques to field management and project economics. · Reservoir Geology covers

Langendoen, Koen


The Semantics of -mentum, -bulum, and -culum  

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oorduin, sicila- menta de prato, ea arida condito, Cato, R. R. 5. Testamentum (testor) is not necessarily the means of bearing witness nor of making a will—a particular significance which this verb stem sometimes has, —but is the document itself.... Nutrimentum (nutrio)likealimentum, is a means of nourishment or support, but it is not found meaning food for the body: educata huius generis nutrimentis eloquentia, Orat. 4tf; arida circum [igni] nutrimenta dedit, Aen. 1, 176. Pigmentum (pingo) is paint...

Cressman, Edmund Dresser



Morphological variation among cytotypes of deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) from the Pacific northwest (United States and Canada)  

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given his continual support through all phases of this project and whose day to day guidance, assistance, and financial support has contributed substantially to my education and the completion of this project. Many thanks are also given to Dr. David J.... Many museum personnel have assisted me during this project including Paisley S. Cato and George D. Baumgardner of the Texas Cooperative Wildlife Collections; Dr. Brine Kessel, Gordon H. Jarrell, and Stephen 0, MacDonald, who are associated...

Allard, Marc William



Variation in physical rock properties determined from sonic logs at a South Texas lignite mine  

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or underburden units which were identified as potential problem units. S1gn1ficance of Study In the planning and design of a Gulf Coast lignite mi ne, a need exists to deter nine the variability of phys1cal rock properties within strati graphic units...VARIATION IN PHVSICAL ROCK PROPERTIES DETERMINED FROM SONIC LOGS AT A SOUTH TEXAS LIGNITE MINE A Thesis by KERRV OON CATO Submitted to the Graduate College of Texas A&M University in Partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree...

Cato, Kerry Don



Analysis of water and soil from the wetlands of Upper Three Runs Creek. Volume 2A, Analytical data packages September--October 1991 sampling  

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Shallow water and soils along Upper Three Runs Creek (UTRC) and associated wetlands between SRS Road F and Cato Road were sampled for nonradioactive and radioactive constituents. The sampling program is associated with risk evaluations being performed for various regulatory documents in these areas of the Savannah River Site (SRS). WSRC selected fifty sampling sites bordering the Mixed Waste Management Facility (MWMF), F- and H-Area Seepage Basins (FHSB), and the Sanitary Landfill (SL). The analytical results from this study provided information on the water and soil quality in UTRC and its associated wetlands. The analytical results from this investigation indicated that the primary constituents and radiological indicators detected in the shallow water and soils were tritium, gross alpha, radium 226, total radium and strontium 90. This investigation involved the collection of shallow water samples during the Fall of 1991 and the Spring of 1992 at fifty (50) sampling locations. Sampling was performed during these periods to incorporate high and low water table periods. Samples were collected from three sections along UTRC denoted as Phase I (MWMF), Phase II (FHSB) and Phase III (SL). One vibracored soil sample was also collected in each phase during the Fall of 1991. This document is compiled solely of experimental data obtained from the sampling procedures.

Haselow, L.A.; Rogers, V.A. [Westinghouse Savannah River Co., Aiken, SC (United States); Riordan, C.J. [Metcalf and Eddy, Inc. (United States); Eidson, G.W.; Herring, M.K. [Normandeau Associates, Inc. (United States)