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  1. Cato, Wisconsin: Energy Resources | Open Energy Information

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  2. Modeling 3D Facial Shape from DNA Peter Claes1

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    Noble, William Stafford

    ┤s-GraduacŞa~o em Cie^ncias Geno^micas e Biotecnologia, Universidade Cato┤lica de Brasi┤lia, Brasilia, Brasil, 10

  3. Decentralization and Environmental Quality: An International Analysis of Water Pollution

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    Sigman, Hilary


    D. Political institutions and pollution control, Review ofAccounting Of?ce. Water Pollution: Differences in IssuingReal Story of the War on Air Pollution. Washington, DC: Cato

  4. Reimagining Federalism in India: Exploring the Frontiers of Collaborative Federal Architecture

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    Sharma, Chanchal Kumar


    Economic freedom of the States of India. New Delhi: EconomicFreedomIndia-E. (2003). Political economy of Indiaĺs fiscal and financial

  5. A review of "Reading, Society and Politics in Early Modern England." by Kevin Sharpe and S. N. Zwicker eds.á

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    Jeffrey Johnson


    learning, that liberate opinion from knowledge, and that translate wit from the very synonym of learning and wisdom into mere virtuosity? (299). The volume concludes with Kirstie M. McClure?s ?Cato?s retreat: fabula, historia and the question... distinction between fabula and historia. By doing just that, McClure concludes that she has ?tried to unsettle a few of the ideological complacencies and antagonisms that dominate contemporary readings of the Treatise,? ?called into question the Treatise?s...

  6. Variation in physical rock properties determined from sonic logs at a South Texas lignite mine

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    Cato, Kerry Don


    VARIATION IN PHVSICAL ROCK PROPERTIES DETERMINED FROM SONIC LOGS AT A SOUTH TEXAS LIGNITE MINE A Thesis by KERRV OON CATO Submitted to the Graduate College of Texas A&M University in Partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree... of MASTER OF SCIENCE May 198S Major Subject: Geolooy VARIATION IN PHYSICAL ROCK PROPERTIES DETERMINED FROM SONIC LOGS AT A SOUTH TEXAS LIGNITE MINE A Thesis by KERRY DON CATO Approved as to style and content by: Christ pher C. Mathewson (Chairman...

  7. Photo: Gerard Kuster "Transboundary Environmental Problems: Facts and

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    :// #12;The Future Coal or Natural Gas Power Plant Shown here: After 10 years of operation of a 1000 MW coal plant, 60 Mt (90 Mm3) of CO2 have been injected, filling a horizontal area of 40 km2

  8. Worm-IT A wormhole-based intrusion-tolerant group communication system

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    Neves, Nuno

    , Departamento de Informa┬┤tica, Campo Grande, Bloco C6, Piso 3, 1749-016 Lisboa, Portugal b Programa de Po┬┤s-Graduac┬Şa~o em Informa┬┤tica Aplicada, Pontifi┬┤cia Universidade Cato┬┤lica do Parana┬┤, Rua Imaculada Conceic

  9. Mapping the evolutionary twilight zone: molecular markers, populations and

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    SolÚ-Cava, Antonio M.

    ┤rio de Gene┤tica & Biodiversidade, Departamento de Zootecnia, MCAS/MGENE, Universidade Cato┤lica de Goia Alegre, 4 Departamento de Gene┤tica, Instituto de Biocie^ncias, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul Horizonte, MG, 6 Laborato┤rio de Biodiversidade Molecular, Departamento de Gene┤tica, Instituto de Biologia

  10. SPECIAL ISSUE TECHNIQUES Embryogenesis and Laboratory Maintenance of

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    Ryan, Michael J.

    ). Moreover, the hardened sur- face of the nest may reflect solar radi- ation, decreasing heat absorption Ecuador, Quito, Ecuador 2 Museo de Zoologi┤a, Seccio┤n de Herpetologi┤a, Escuela de Ciencias Biolo┤gicas, Pontificia Universidad Cato┤lica del Ecuador, Quito, Ecuador 3 Section of Molecular Cell and Developmental

  11. Straordinario esempio di incontro fra cultura accademica e prassi politica, Arnold J. Toynbee

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    De Cindio, Fiorella

    Straordinario esempio di incontro fra cultura accademica e prassi politica, Arnold J. Toynbee (1889 of International Affairs che, con caden- za annuale, produceva un'analisi completa della situazione politica mondiale, sulla politica, salvo essere, in seguito, gradualmente dimenti- cato. Eppure profondi continuano

  12. Poplar Terrace University Rd

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    Jiang, Jiancheng

    Grigg Hall Garinger Fretwell Facilities Operations & Parking Services 52 Grounds BelkTower 65Millan Greenhouse 4 Cato Hall 62 Wallis Hall 43 Motorsports Research Robert & Miriam Hayes Stadium 58 1009 Lot CRI 2 Lot 7A Lot 18 Lot 8A Lot 4A Lot 5A EPICLot Lot MSU Lot 16A Lot 6 Lot 27 Lot 29 Lot 7 Lot 28 Lot 5 Lot

  13. Analysis of water and soil from the wetlands of Upper Three Runs Creek. Volume 2A, Analytical data packages September--October 1991 sampling

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    Haselow, L.A.; Rogers, V.A. [Westinghouse Savannah River Co., Aiken, SC (United States); Riordan, C.J. [Metcalf and Eddy, Inc. (United States); Eidson, G.W.; Herring, M.K. [Normandeau Associates, Inc. (United States)


    Shallow water and soils along Upper Three Runs Creek (UTRC) and associated wetlands between SRS Road F and Cato Road were sampled for nonradioactive and radioactive constituents. The sampling program is associated with risk evaluations being performed for various regulatory documents in these areas of the Savannah River Site (SRS). WSRC selected fifty sampling sites bordering the Mixed Waste Management Facility (MWMF), F- and H-Area Seepage Basins (FHSB), and the Sanitary Landfill (SL). The analytical results from this study provided information on the water and soil quality in UTRC and its associated wetlands. The analytical results from this investigation indicated that the primary constituents and radiological indicators detected in the shallow water and soils were tritium, gross alpha, radium 226, total radium and strontium 90. This investigation involved the collection of shallow water samples during the Fall of 1991 and the Spring of 1992 at fifty (50) sampling locations. Sampling was performed during these periods to incorporate high and low water table periods. Samples were collected from three sections along UTRC denoted as Phase I (MWMF), Phase II (FHSB) and Phase III (SL). One vibracored soil sample was also collected in each phase during the Fall of 1991. This document is compiled solely of experimental data obtained from the sampling procedures.