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  1. Highly Insulating Glazing Systems using Non-Structural Center Glazing Dariush Arasteh, Howdy Goudey, and Christian Kohler

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    units with two low-e coatings and an effective gas fill are known to be highly insulating, with center technological routes have emerged: - Aerogel is a micro-porous insulating material currently under R&D worldwide

  2. Performance Criteria for Residential Zero Energy Windows Dariush Arasteh*, Howdy Goudey, Joe Huang, Christian Kohler, and Robin Mitchell

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    be achieved with three layers of glass, two low-e coatings and a low-conductivity gas fill. Vacuum units and aerogel are other alternatives under R&D. Spacer and frame effects can be expected to degrade

  3. Science is a BLAST Thank you, Shari, for that kind introduction. Howdy. I am

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    here. Those five elements are Balance, Listening, Alliances, Self- confidence and Tenacity. #12;As neat, the importance of alliances. Not only do you need to form alliances with mentors but also with peers, with #12 was not yet ready for graduate school. So I ended up in the oil patch, based in New Orleans, and that is when

  4. Research Needs: Glass Solar Reflectance and Vinyl Siding

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    Hart, Robert


    and Vinyl Siding R. Hart*, C. Curcija, D. Arasteh, H.and Vinyl Siding Robert Hart*, Charlie Curcija, Dariush

  5. November 2001 Program Description

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    LBNL-44789 November 2001 Program Description A PC Program WINDOW 5.0 User Manual For Analyzing November 2001 WINDOW 5.0 User Manual Robin Mitchell, Christian Kohler, and Dariush Arasteh Windows, California Dragan Curcija Carli, Inc Amherst, Massachusetts November 2001 © Regents of the University

  6. Performance of Exterior Envelopes of Whole Buildings VIII: Integration of Building Envelopes Proceedings

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    Envelopes Proceedings This work was supported by the Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable.34 and 0.37 quads are required for heating and cooling respectively (DOE Core Data Book, 2000 Improving Information Technology to Maximize Fenestration Energy Efficiency Dariush Arasteh, Robin Mitchell

  7. Texas A&M University Request for a Change in Curriculum

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    Bermúdez, José Luis

    Texas A&M University Request for a Change in Curriculum Undergraduate Graduate Professional sure that all information is included. 7. a. Proposed curriculum attached. Yes No b. Current catalog curriculum with handwritten edits attached. Yes No c. Current Howdy degree evaluation with handwritten edits


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    Floss, Christine

    -EXPOSED AEROGEL. F. J. Stadermann 1,2 and C. Floss 1,3 , 1 Laboratory for Space Sciences, 2 Physics Department, Introduction: Aerogel is the medium of choice for the intact capture of small particles in space, because of their component materials [1, 2]. After space-exposed aerogel is returned to the laboratory, the first step