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  1. The structure of Tagalog : specificity, voice, and the distribution of arguments

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    Rackowski, Andrea


    This thesis examines the syntax of Tagalog with a particular focus on argument structure and its implications for clause structure. Through cross-linguistic comparison I show that Tagalog syntax is not as exotic as is often ...

  2. Fragments of a Liturgical World: Syriac Christianity and the Dutch Multiculturalism Debates

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    Bakker, Sarah Aaltje


    and Society in Crisis John of Ephesus and the Lives of theEmpire by the Council of Ephesus in 431 C.E, and fled to the

  3. AutoCor: A Query Based Automatic Acquisition of Corpora of Closely-related Languages *

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    Builder are actually documents in other closely-related Philippine languages. AutoCor used the query generation method of closely-related Philippine languages and Tagalog. The performance of the system using with and without) like Tagalog and other Philippine languages. Unfortunately, to manually collect and organize a language

  4. Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Asian Language Resources, pages 29, Chiang Mai, Thailand, November 12 and 13, 2011.

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    the notation of Language Tool. The expressive power of Language Tool's notation is analyzed and checked if Tagalog linguistic phenomena are captured or not. The system was tested using a collection of sentences, an error message is shown to the user. Currently, LanguageTool supports Belaru- sian, Catalan, Danish

  5. Lesser victories: a study of the Philippine Constabulary and Haitian Gendarmerie 

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    Mihara, Robert Yoshio


    insurgents, brigands and guerrillas dominated the towns by intimidation, propaganda, and securing the cooperation of the landed elite or principales in spite of the U.S. conventional victory. Initially, the Army high command did not recognize... balanced civic and military campaign to end the insurrection and lawlessness. 20 Substantial antagonism towards the U.S. occupation persisted amongst the Tagalog elite in Luzon, and banditry, mixed with religious fanaticism, sustained 19. George Y...