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    the exception of the parking garage, which Summary: the West: Take Hwy 412 east via Cherokee Turnpike from Tulsa, Okla., to I-540 South. See directions from Source: Brye,...

  2. James N. Leiker and Ramon Powers, The Northern Cheyenne Exodus in History and Memory (Norman, Okla.: University of Oklahoma Press, 2011).

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    Luckett, Matthew


    Okla. : University of Oklahoma Press, 2011). The story ofCheyenne brethren in Oklahoma, and which continues today

  3. Homa Hills, Wyoming: Energy Resources | Open Energy Information

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    AFDC Printable Version Share this resource Send a link to EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page to someone by E-mail Share EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Facebook Tweet about EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Twitter Bookmark EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Google Bookmark EERE: Alternative Fuels Data CenterFranconia, Virginia: Energy Resources Jump to: navigation,Ohio:GreerHi Gtel JumpHoard, Wisconsin:Holiday59.Holyoke, MA) Jump to:Homa

  4. assesstment homa fundamento: Topics by E-print Network

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    of modern sta- tistical signal processing. The EM Mignotte, Max 19 Fundamentos y Arquitectura de Computadores Diego R. Llanos Ferraris Computer Technologies and Information...

  5. Carboniferous and Permian Bactritoidea (Cephalopoda) in North America

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    Mapes, Royal H.


    Delaware Creek Mem- ber, Caney Formation (?lower Chesterian). The label reads "E. side of Highway 48, sec. 1, T.2 N., R.6 E., Pontotoc County, Okla- homa." This section is bordered by Hwy. 99, not by Hwy. 48. There is a locality at the SW1/4NW 1/4NW 1... of Oklahoma, and the locality is given as "South of Ada, Oklahoma." (Reference: Girty, 1909.) 13 6 The University of Kansas Paleontological Contributions ēM-15.óSand Branch Member, Caney Formation (middle Chesterian). Shale outcrop with fossiliferous...

  6. Proc. Okla.Acad. Sci. 83:1-6(2003) MUSSEL FAUNA OF THE GLOVER RIVER

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    Vaughn, Caryn

    ). Riparian areas are mixed pine and oak forest historically harvested for timber by private companies. SinceAcademyofScience the watershed has come under the manage- ment of the US Forest Service and timber harvesthasdecreased

  7. ORNL technology transfer continues strong upward trend | ornl...

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    help utilities achieve deeper and broader energy savings from their energy efficiency and demand-response programs. Dry Surface Technologies of Guthrie, Okla, licensed Barrian, a...

  8. Strategic Petroleum Reserve Contractor to Receive 2005 Malcolm...

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    Schools, Jenks, Okla. (education); and Bronson Methodist Hospital, Kalamazoo, Mich. (health care). Additional information can be found at the two web sites below:

  9. Textures and conditions of formation of Middle Pennsylvanian coal balls, central United States

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    Perkins, T. W.


    ball zones is given in Table 1. TABLE 1.óList of Localities Sampled. [Locations shown in Figure 1.] LOCALITY NO. ZONE AND DESCRIPTION 1 Welch Locality 1 (Mineral Coal); NW1/4 SW1/4 sec. 27, R. 20 E., T. 28 N., Craig Co., Okla.; 4.5 mi (6 km) west..., R. 20 E., T. 28 N., Craig Co., Okla.; 5 mi (7 km) northwest of Welch. Active strip pit. 4 Vinita Locality (Iron Post Coal), Peabody Coal Company. Tipple area: sec. 5, R. 18 E., T. 25 N., Craig Co., Okla. Strip pits: sec. 31, R. 18 E., T. 26 N...


    Annual Energy Outlook 2013 [U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)]

    5. Natural Gas Plant Net Production and Stocks of Petroleum Products by PAD and Refining PAD District I PAD District II Commodity East Appalachian Minn., Wis., Okla., Kans., Coast...

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    John McDonnell Field. From the North: After Bella... the West: Take Hwy 412 east via Cherokee Turnpike from Tulsa, Okla., to I-540 South. See directions ... Source: Brye,...

  12. Rock Chalk Report, May 15, 2013

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    in the process . . . Read more ? Baseball NCAA Championships May 22-26 Oklahoma City, Okla. Event Info ? Kansas Football Preview Party May 14-22 St. Louis, Chicago, Kansas Event Info ? Track NCAA West Preliminary May 23...

  13. MESA Products, Inc. MESA Products, Inc. is a small, privately held business

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    Magee, Joseph W.

    MESA Products, Inc. MESA Products, Inc. is a small, privately held business that designs in underground and submerged structures, such as pipelines and tanks. MESA sells products and materials and production facility are based in Tulsa, Okla.; branch offices are in Houston, Texas; Tallahassee, Fla

  14. Mechanics of Jointed and Faulted Rock, Rossmanith (ed) 0 1995 Balkema, Rotterdam. ISBN 90 54 10 54 7 0 Seismic properties of a general fracture

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    Edinburgh, University of

    7 0 Seismic properties of a general fracture E. Liu British Geological Survey Edinburgh, UK J Inc., Ponca Cig Okla., USA ABSTRACT: In modelling the wave behaviour through fractured and jointed rocks, different models have been proposed to describe the fractures. A fracture can be modelled (1

  15. Bermudagrass Production and Management in East Texas.

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    Holt, Ethan C.; Lancaster, J. A.


    states. Jour. Amer. Soc. Agron. 39551-559. 3. Harlan, J. R., G. W. Burton and W. C. Elder. 1954. Mid- land Bermudagass, a new variety for Oklahoma. Okla. Agri. Exp. Sta. Bul. 416. 4. USDA News Release-Suwannee Bermudagrass thrives on deep sand. Nov...

  16. Contribution de la syntaxe et traitement des mtaphores dans deux traductions de Causerie en anglais Jean-Marie Merle & Richard Trim

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    Paris-Sud XI, Université de

    traduction du poème en chinois, de Homa Lessan Pezechki sur une traduction du poème en persan, et de Sylvain

  17. Fossil crinoid studies

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    Strimple, H. L.; Moore, R. C.; Allison, R. C.; Kline, G. L.; Horowitz, A. S.; Boardman, D. R., II; Miller, J. F.


    PART I. THE FAMILY DIPHUICRINIDAE (Harrell L. Strimple, Raymond C. Moore) 2 PART 2. PENNSYLVANIAN CRINOIDS FROM ALASKA (Harrell L. Strimple, Richard C. Allison, Gary L. Kline) 9 PART 3. THE OCCURRENCE OF HYDRIOCRINUS IN OKLAHOMA AND RUSSIA...144982) de- scribed as paratype of Palmerocrinus cornptos, Burgner Fm., Mo. 3. D. croneisi MOORE & PLUMMER, hypotype (OU 7121), Bloyd Fm., Okla. 4. D. typos (KNAPp), n. comb. (UM14805), holotype, Burgner Fm., Mo. 5. D. patina STRIMPLE & KNAPP (SUI11900...

  18. Energy Efficiency: Marketing and Service Potential for Energy Utilities' Industrial Markets

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    Russel, C.; Tate, R.; Tubiolo, A.

    to serve a specific customer segment. Example companies: ? Kansas Gas Service (Kansas City & Wichita, KS) ? Public Service Gas &Electric (Newark, NJ) ? NW Natural (Portland, OR) ? Reliant Minnegasco (Minneapolis, MN) ? Oklahoma Natural Gas (Okla... information or links to other sites that do. A collaboration of New England based utilities have developed the GasNetworks website for both marketing and customer service purposes. Other examples: ? NW Natural (Portland, OR); ? Piedmont Natural Gas...

  19. FES Review 2013 Presentations

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    Time Stepping for Particles Movie March 19, 2013 | Author(s): Homa Karimabadi, UCSD | Download File: dtpic.mpg | mpg | 5.5 MB Time Stepping for Fields Movie March 19, 2013 |...

  20. Substrate Analogues for an RNA-Editing Adenosine Deaminase: Mechanistic Investigation and Inhibitor Design

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    Beal, Peter A.

    Design Eduardo A. Ve¬īliz, LaHoma M. Easterwood, and Peter A. Beal* Contribution from the Department of Chemistry, UniVersity of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112 Received December 13, 2002; E-mail: beal

  1. A discussion of the relationship between the tidal influence of the moon and the periodical flow of an oil well /

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    Stillwell, Jerry Edward.

    additional investigations may be conducted. Bartlesville, Okla. February 1919. Ill TABLE OF 00 FT EFTS. Title Page I Preface IX Table of Contents III List of Gurve Sheets IV List of Tables j The Text 1-16 History of Shriver Ho. 3 1-8 Explanation... LIST OF CURVE SHEETS Page Ho. 1 Hov. 4, 1917 to Hov. 5, 1917 17 Hov 2 Hov. 6, 1917 to Hov. 7, 1917 18 Ho. 3 Hov. 7, 1917 to Hov. 9, 1917 19 Ho. ' 4 Hov. 9, 1917 to Hov. 10, 1917 20 Ho. 5 Hov. 10, 1917 to Hov. 12, 1917 21 Ho. 6 Hov. 12, 1917...

  2. Benchmark West Texas Intermediate crude assayed

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    Rhodes, A.K.


    The paper gives an assay of West Texas Intermediate, one of the world's market crudes. The price of this crude, known as WTI, is followed by market analysts, investors, traders, and industry managers around the world. WTI price is used as a benchmark for pricing all other US crude oils. The 41[degree] API < 0.34 wt % sulfur crude is gathered in West Texas and moved to Cushing, Okla., for distribution. The WTI posted prices is the price paid for the crude at the wellhead in West Texas and is the true benchmark on which other US crudes are priced. The spot price is the negotiated price for short-term trades of the crude. And the New York Mercantile Exchange, or Nymex, price is a futures price for barrels delivered at Cushing.

  3. Geomorphology, stability and mobility of the Currituck slide Jacques Locat a,

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    ten Brink, Uri S.

    Geomorphology, stability and mobility of the Currituck slide Jacques Locat a, , Homa Lee b , Uri S: Currituck submarine slides mobility stability yield strength flow Over the last 100,000 years, the U trigger caused a major submarine mass movement off the coast of Virginia: the Currituck slide which

  4. Calcium signaling differentiation during Xenopus oocyte maturation Wassim El-Jouni, Byungwoo Jang, Shirley Haun, Khaled Machaca *

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    Peterson, Ellengene

    studied to date, from plants to humans (Stricker, 2000; Antoine et al., 2000). The fertilization and initiate embryonic development (Stricker, 2000; Homa et al., 1993). This specialized Ca2+ signal takes the form of a single, or multiple Ca2+ transients depending on the species (Stricker, 2000). For example

  5. Partial Cranium of Cercopithecoides kimeui Leakey, 1982 From Rawi Gully, Southwestern Kenya

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    Plummer, Thomas

    Partial Cranium of Cercopithecoides kimeui Leakey, 1982 From Rawi Gully, Southwestern Kenya Stephen The Rawi Gully, located on the Homa Peninsula in southwestern Kenya, has produced several fossil elements habitat than the other occurrences of C. kimeui at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania, and Koobi Fora, Kenya

  6. Research needs to maximize economic producibility of the domestic oil resource

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    Tham, M.K.; Burchfield, T.; Chung, Ting-Horng; Lorenz, P.; Bryant, R.; Sarathi, P.; Chang, Ming Ming; Jackson, S.; Tomutsa, L. (National Inst. for Petroleum and Energy Research, Bartlesville, OK (United States)); Dauben, D.L. (K and A Energy Consultants, Inc., Tulsa, OK (United States))


    NIPER was contracted by the US Department of Energy Bartlesville (Okla.) Project Office (DOE/BPO) to identify research needs to increase production of the domestic oil resource, and K A Energy Consultants, Inc. was subcontracted to review EOR field projects. This report summarizes the findings of that investigation. Professional society and trade journals, DOE reports, dissertations, and patent literature were reviewed to determine the state-of-the-art of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and drilling technologies and the constraints to wider application of these technologies. The impacts of EOR on the environment and the constraints to the application of EOR due to environmental regulations were also reviewed. A review of well documented EOR field projects showed that in addition to the technical constraints, management factors also contributed to the lower-than-predicted oil recovery in some of the projects reviewed. DOE-sponsored projects were reviewed, and the achievements by these projects and the constraints which these projects were designed to overcome were also identified. Methods of technology transfer utilized by the DOE were reviewed, and several recommendations for future technology transfer were made. Finally, several research areas were identified and recommended to maximize economic producibility of the domestic oil resource. 14 figs., 41 tabs.

  7. Targeted Technology Transfer to US Independents

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    E. Lance Cole


    The Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC) was established by domestic crude oil and natural gas producers, working in conjunction with the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA), the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and selected universities, in 1994 as a national not-for-profit organization. Its goal is to transfer Exploration and Production (E&P) technology to the domestic upstream petroleum industry, in particular to the small independent operators. PTTC connects producers, technology providers and innovators, academia, and university/industry/government research and development (R&D) groups. From inception PTTC has received federal funding through DOE's oil and natural gas program managed by the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL). With higher funding available in its early years, PTTC was able to deliver well more than 100 workshops per year, drawing 6,000 or more attendees per year. Facing the reality of little or no federal funding in the 2006-2007 time frame, PTTC and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) worked together for PTTC to become a subsidiary organization of AAPG. This change brings additional organizational and financial resources to bear for PTTC's benefit. PTTC has now been 'powered by AAPG' for two full fiscal years. There is a clear sense that PTTC has stabilized and is strengthening its regional workshop and national technology transfer programs and is becoming more entrepreneurial in exploring technology transfer opportunities beyond its primary DOE contract. Quantitative accomplishments: PTTC has maintained its unique structure of a national organization working through Regional Lead Organizations (RLOs) to deliver local, affordable workshops. During the contract period PTTC consolidated from 10 to six regions efficiency and alignment with AAPG sections. The number of workshops delivered by its RLOs during the contract period is shown below. Combined attendance over the period was approximately 32,000, 70% of whom were repeat attendees. Participant feedback established that 40% of them said they had applied a technology they learned of through PTTC. Central/Eastern Gulf Univ. of Alabama, LSU Center for Energy Studies 77 Eastern West Virginia University, Illinois Geological Survey, W. Michigan Univ. 99 Midcontinent University of Kansas, University of Tulsa, Okla. Geological Survey (past) 123 Rocky Mountains Colorado School of Mines 147 Texas/SE New Mexico Bureau of Economic Geology, U. of Texas at Austin 85 West Coast Conservation Committee of California O&G Producers, Univ. So. Cal. (past) 54 At the national level HQ went from an office in Houston to a virtual office in the Tulsa, Okla. area with AAPG providing any physical assets required. There are no employees, rather several full time and several part time contractors. Since inception, PTTC has produced quarterly and mailed the 16-page Network News newsletter. It highlights new advances in technology and has a circulation of 19,000. It also produces the Tech Connections Column in The American Oil & Gas Reporter, with a circulation of 13,000. On an approximate three-week frequency, the electronic Email Tech Alert goes out to 9,000 readers. The national staff also maintains a central website with information of national interest and individual sections for each of the six regions. The national organization also provides legal and accounting services, coordinates the RLO activities, exhibits at at least major national and other meetings, supports the volunteer Board as it provides strategic direction, and is working to restore the Producer Advisory Groups to bolster the regional presence. Qualitative Value: Three qualitative factors confirm PTTC's value to the domestic O&G producing industry. First, AAPG was willing to step in and rescue PTTC, believing it was of significant interest to its domestic membership and of potential value internationally. Second, through a period of turmoil and now with participant fees dramatically increased, industry participants 'keep coming back' to wo

  8. Biring and plethory structures on integer-valued polynomial rings

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    Elliott, Jesse


    Let $A$ and $B$ be commutative rings with identity. An {\\it $A$-$B$-biring} is an $A$-algebra $S$ together with the structure on $S$ of a $B$-algebra object in the opposite category of the category of $A$-algebras; equivalently, an $A$-$B$-biring is an $A$-algebra $S$ together with a lift of the functor $\\Hom_A(S,-)$ from $A$-algebras to sets to a functor from $A$-algebras to $B$-algebras. An {\\it $A$-plethory} is a monoid object in the monoidal category, equipped with the composition product, of $A$-$A$-birings. We show that $Int(D)$ has such a structure if $D = A$ is a domain such that the natural $D$-algebra homomorphism $\\theta_n: {\\bigotimes_D}_{i = 1}^n Int(D) \\longrightarrow Int(D^n)$ is an isomorphism for $n = 2$ and injective for $n \\leq 4$. This holds in particular if $\\theta_n$ is an isomorphism for all $n$, which in turn holds, for example, if $D$ is a Krull domain or more generally a TV PVMD. In these cases we also examine properties of the functor $\\Hom_D(Int(D),-)$ from $D$-algebras to $D$-alge...