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  1. The Mixed Carload in Distribution of Vegetables from the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

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    Paulson, W. E. (William E.)


    Chemistry: Farm and Ranch Economics: G. S. Fraps, Ph. D., Chief; State Chemist L. P. Gabbard, M. S.. Chief S. E. Asbury, 31. S., Chemist W. E. Paulson, Ph. D., Marketing J. F. Fudge, Ph. D., Chemist C. A. Bonnen, M. S., Farm Management E. C. Carlyle, M..., since it facilitates shipments of new vegetables to the markets of the United States and Canada. Furthermore, after the production of a wide variety of vegetables had been established, the mixed carload offered and continues to offer the means...

  2. http://wwwdev/cneaf/coal/special/waybill/waybill.html

    Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update (EIA)

    AFDC Printable Version Share this resource Send a link to EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page to someone by E-mail Share EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Facebook Tweet about EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page on Twitter Bookmark EERE:1 First Use of Energy for All Purposes (Fuel and Nonfuel), 2002; Level:5 TablesExports to3,1,50022,3,,0,,6,1,Separation 23 362 334 318 706Production% of41.1 381.7 48,703.2 14,861.2 385.3 4,317.741Destination State,Home >

  3. Estimating the variable cost for high-volume and long-haul transportation of densified biomass and biofuel

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    Jacob J. Jacobson; Erin Searcy; Md. S. Roni; Sandra D. Eksioglu


    This article analyzes rail transportation costs of products that have similar physical properties as densified biomass and biofuel. The results of this cost analysis are useful to understand the relationship and quantify the impact of a number of factors on rail transportation costs of denisfied biomass and biofuel. These results will be beneficial and help evaluate the economic feasibility of high-volume and long-haul transportation of biomass and biofuel. High-volume and long-haul rail transportation of biomass is a viable transportation option for biofuel plants, and for coal plants which consider biomass co-firing. Using rail optimizes costs, and optimizes greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions due to transportation. Increasing bioenergy production would consequently result in lower GHG emissions due to displacing fossil fuels. To estimate rail transportation costs we use the carload waybill data, provided by Department of Transportation’s Surface Transportation Board for products such as grain and liquid type commodities for 2009 and 2011. We used regression analysis to quantify the relationship between variable transportation unit cost ($/ton) and car type, shipment size, rail movement type, commodity type, etc. The results indicate that: (a) transportation costs for liquid is $2.26/ton–$5.45/ton higher than grain type commodity; (b) transportation costs in 2011 were $1.68/ton–$5.59/ton higher than 2009; (c) transportation costs for single car shipments are $3.6/ton–$6.68/ton higher than transportation costs for multiple car shipments of grains; (d) transportation costs for multiple car shipments are $8.9/ton and $17.15/ton higher than transportation costs for unit train shipments of grains.

  4. Methods and Cost of Handling Texas Citrus, 1946-51.

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    Sorensen, H. B.; Baker, C. K.


    54 carloads were ' shipped. The following year, 142 carloads were shipped.The number of boxes shipped increased rapidly to 1,420,388 in the 1933-34 season and a peak of 17,465,868 boxes during the 194'6-47 ~eason.~ +Respectively, assistant..., associate professor, Department of Agricultural Economics and Sociology, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station ; H. M. Mayes, Jr., resigned, technical assistant, Department of Agricultural Economics and Sociology, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station...

  5. Future Impacts of Coal Distribution Constraints on Coal Cost

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    McCollum, David L


    EIA), 2007, Coal Transportation Rate Database, http://The EIA then organizes this information into a databaseEIA ratios to go into the BASE CASE Waybill forecast database

  6. RAILROAD STRATEGY FOR CRUDE OIL TRANSPORT: Considering Public Policy and Pipeline Competition

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    Entekhabi, Dara

    RAILROAD STRATEGY FOR CRUDE OIL TRANSPORT: Considering Public Policy and Pipeline Competition S.M. Candidate Transportation and Engineering Systems S. Joel Carlson MOTIVATIONS While crude oil is mainly 9,500 carloads in 2008 to 234,000 in 2012 (AAR 2013) The explosion of a crude oil unit-train in Lac

  7. The Irish Potato (second report). 

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    Price, R. H; Ness, H.


    . The machine we have used has disc covers and they can be widened or closed in, then made to throw the dirt in a broad, flat ridge, or in a high, sharp one. The tlspin- THE IRISH POTATO. 125 wall Manufacturing Co. catalogues this planter with disc covers..., in carload lots." THE IRISH POTATO. 123 IRISH POTATO MACHINERY. Growing large areas of Irish potatoes for market has created some demand in the State for special potato machinery. There are now a number of such machines on the market, designed te...

  8. Small Grains and Rye Grass for Winter Pasture. 

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    Stansel, R. H. (Roy Harrison); Dunkle, P. B. (Paul Burtch); Jones, D. L. (Don L.)


    ~E:;E, CAJTPUS R69-237-12m TEXAS AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION A. B. CONNER, DIRECTOR COLLEGE STATION, BRAZOS COUNTY, TEXAS - - BULJAFA~IN NO. 539 APRIL, 1937 DIVISION OF AGRONOMY SMALL GRAIN AND RYE GRASS FOR WINTER PASTURE C1 IEI RVCRX; A... the rye grass witllont getting too much. dry grass. The sod aids in holding np the animals in \\vet weather. 021 this account, rye gi-ass is becoming the popular winter grazing crop of the Gulf Coast area, and rye grass seed is being solcl by the carload...

  9. Improved ultrasonic testing of railroad rail for transverse discontinuities in the rail head using higher order Rayleigh (M{sub 21}) waves

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    Grewal, D.S. [Texas A and M Univ., College Station, TX (United States)


    Railroads are a very efficient and economical way of moving bulk commodities over large distances. However, like any other mode of transportation, this mode has its fair share of problems. It can be seen from the data (AAR, 1993) that over a period of time the average carload and trainload tonnage has gone up substantially. The average length of haul has also increased. However, the amount of new rail laid has actually decreased significantly. This presents a challenging opportunity to research better and more efficient ways of keeping the current railroad rail track in service and to find better ways of testing those rails to pre-empt any causes for accidents. An important factor to be considered here is the testing of the railroad rail for the amount of cold work in the top layer and the presence of microcracks in that layer. This article describes a surface guided acoustic mode with several inherent characteristics that make it particularly useful for detecting subsurface transverse flaws in railroad rail. These flaws have been previously in the blind spot of other ultrasonic NDT techniques.